because i just played with textures and colors

i really really love twilight princess, but listen to this

its fucking amazing right, of course it is. the music in twilight princess is fantastic. 

and yet, breath of the wild seems so much grander and, i hate to use this word but “”epic”” even though the counterpart to that song is this

which is so so much more quiet and slow. 

the songs taken out of context is like, “yea of course twilight princess is more grand just listen to it” but, it’s almost like if botw had that kind of soundtrack it’d just be overwhelming because there is SO MUCH in the world. like how they kept the art style of botw relatively simple, with flat colors and gradients and didn’t mess about with complex or realistic textures. 

every minute more i play this game im amazed by its perfect subtleties

Quick Colored Sketch Tutorial

So, I get asked quite a bit about how I color these traditional sketches. I’m going to give a quick step-by-step process for anyone who wants to give it a shot. It’s actually fairly easy. Also, for this tutorial, I won’t be doing shading / highlighting. This is just a simple tutorial on flat colors.

Step #1: Upload the image:

I use Photoshop to color these sketches, but I think any image program that allows for layers will do the trick. So, first I upload my sketch. Usually I set the image to black and white because I like the results, but playing around with colored/textured paper is fun too; it’s up to you and what you prefer. First thing I do is create a duplicate layer of the sketch and set it as the top layer. I then change that layer setting to mulitply. It will make your sketch appear darker, but don’t worry, that’s normal. You can set a white background if you prefer not to have the sketch so dark.

Step #2: Add colors:

Now for the fun part: adding colors. As you can see in my image, I use a lot of color layers. If you’re comfortable using only one or two color layers, then go for it! :) I take the original brush tool (one of the default brushes on Photoshop) and color on each layer. I typically use a mouse to color these, but you can use a tablet too. I prefer my tablet when I have it. Make sure you set the color layers underneath the top sketch layer! Feel free to experiment with the layers, brushes, opacity and colors. Whatever suits you best.

Step #3: Final touches:

The last thing I do is go over the top sketch layer with the burn tool. This darkens the sketch and helps it stand out among the colors. (I had already used the burn tool on the previous picture, so you won’t see any difference between the two images.) You can use the burn tool at any time, so you don’t have to save it for the end. That’s just how I go about it. I typically have the brush tool set on Shadows with a 50% Exposure:

Also, if there are areas that are too dark, try using the dodge tool (connected to the burn tool). Just be careful not to overdo it and wash out or over expose the sketch. And that’s it! Pretty straight forawrd and easy, I think. I hope this was helpful. Good luck, everyone! Keep on drawing.

art things i gotta recommend

modding your own brushes

you don’t gotta DOWNLOAD or BUY or INSTALL all those nice/expensive brush packs when the real deal is RIGHT HERE!

just click on a brush that you like the feel of (i’ve been doing a lot of pencilly stuff recently, so for this example I’ve got the charcoal pencil, but the lineart in this one is technically the wet flat thing at the bottom of the list)

then just pick a random textured thing (there’s plenty of default ones; the square shape is wonderfully realistic to draw with) and go to town!

if you need extra precision, just turn on shape dynamics! go to town, play with stuff! save brushes you like and keep at it

aNOTHER thing:

while i’ve been trying to move away from using palettes as a whole (because this kinda looks. bad) this is a method i use when i want to keep the values of a character consistent but also unify the colors and play with lighting more

this looks a lot nicer, doesn’t it?

just pop on a screen layer on top and it does all that FOR you!!! (the darker and more saturated the color the more subtle it is……unless it’s black of course)

it’s overall a really easy way to pick colors without having to try too hard (it’s a good crutch is what i’m saying…it’s really fun to play with and creates some neat palettes)

here’s a little meatier one with multiple modifier layers on it

the original (too pale, sort of emaciated looking, the blues and pinks and oranges don’t really blend):

overlay layer (it’s a dark brown), unifies colors and adds a little glow to it all:

SCREEN GRADIENT (dark blue to red, original lineart color). creates a little more depth and more lighting illusion

multiply layer (purple) with erased bits for pushing lighting 

another overlay layer (light blue and orange) for more atmospheric lighting

finally, a final screen layer (dark purple) to give a purple cast to the purple shadows because i thought it would look cool and it did

Fidget Toys And Where To Find Them Part 3!

Part 1
Part 2

Fidget toys are fun little distraction toys to play with when you need to avoid self harming, occupy your brain for a bit to stop negative or obsessive thoughts, or just do something monotonous to relax. These fidgets are a little more expensive than past ones, and are highly recommended among the stim community!

1. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty!
It comes in insanely pretty colors. I love the Super Illusions because they are the perfect texture for me, and very glittery.

2. Plasticine Transparent Slime
While I haven’t tried it myself, it comes VERY hiighly recommended!

3. Lava Lamps!
These are my FAVORITE visual stims, I adore them. And this listing has a bunch of color options.

4.Glitter Lamps
Similar to lava lamps, but the lava is replaced with glitter! I love these too. I had trouble finding a listing with many colors, so this one CHANGES colors!

5. Floam
I’m not a huge fan of Floam. It’s basically putty/slime, but the pieces of foam give is a crunchy texture that a lot of people like, but I don’t.

anonymous asked:

i know that a lot of negative information re: richard iii comes as a result of tudor propagandists for obvious reasons, but it seems to me people have a similarly negative opinion on henry vii. where do you think this comes from? was he just seen as cold and suspicious by the people, and that's where we get it?

i’m a little loath to answer this because even if i don’t tag it; it’ll turn up in the tags (the names in the ask make it turn up on mobile if anyone searches those names, the more you know~)…

also, i’m not sure if you mean people in like, tumblr circles (which i’m more familiar w/), history/academic circles (less so), or people in…general. 

and idw to make this personal; but some of his fans (some…not all) have already made it personal. and i’ve blocked them accordingly. 

when my friends are getting asks like this, it kind of just makes me shake my head. (apparently if you don’t like h7 you’re a ‘ricardian’– i don’t really ‘like’ either figure myself; although i think they’re both interesting and certainly believe they both had their merits and flaws, both as rulers and people. but if you asked me ‘r3 or h7??’ i would answer edward iv.)

i’m tempted to get into it, but unless someone specifically asks me about i think i’m just gonna let that one lie. (why mention it @ all, you might wonder? well, sometimes the behavior of irl fans of a figure can influence what you think about the figure; whether you want it to or not, and i’m willing to admit this is probably part of the bias for me)

anyway, all that aside:

honestly, i think the negative opinion comes from a number of factors. popular depictions in the media such as twp, both the novel and tv adaptation, certainly don’t help. and we’re all influenced by the court of public opinion whether we want to be or not. and to a certain extent i think he was viewed that way by the people: when he came to the throne, he had spent the majority of his life in wales and france. the last two kings the people remembered were plantagenets; and i think there was possibly a certain ‘what even is a tudor?’ vibe going on.  

even in nonfiction, the ‘cold, suspicious’ view, as you said, is reiterated:

“The change from the cold suspicious Henry VII to such a king as this was inevitably greeted with a burst of rapturous enthusiasm.”

although, earlier in the passage it praises him:

“The courts of Star Chamber and Requests were developed to keep in order his powerful subjects and give poor men protection against them. Their civil law procedure, influenced by Roman imperial maxims, served to enhance the royal power and dignity.”

and also admits that h8 had certain advantages coming to the throne that his father did not:

“…advantages to which his father was completely a stranger. His title was secure, his treasury overflowed, and he enjoyed the undivided affections of his people…From both his parents he inherited grace of mind and person. His father in later years was broken in health and soured in spirit, but in the early days of his reign he had charmed the citizens of York with his winning smile.” (*the book doesn’t cite a source on this and a friend just told me that york rebelled against him so…idk, but this was there…here’s a link about henry vii & yorkshire)

which is funny because like…which is it? i guess it implies that the cold/suspicious perception came into play in the later years of h7’s reign and not the early years.

even the yale course available on this era characterizes him as such:

“Obviously, the monarch stood at the head of the structure of power. This is still an age of personal monarchy and the personalities of individual monarchs colored and gave a particular texture to particular reigns:

Henry VII was a man who seems by all accounts of him to have been of a cold, somewhat detached, calculative, suspicious, temperament. His son, Henry VIII, in contrast, was energetic, muscular, vain; a mixture of largesse on the one hand but prone to bursts of terrifying wrath on the other, and the personalities of different kings gave something of the flavor to their reigns.  Henry VII for example was only twenty-eight when he won the crown at Bosworth Field. He was only fifty-two when he died, and yet it’s been said we never think of him as a young man. His personality was such that one doesn’t think of him that way, in contrast to his flamboyant son, the young Henry VIII. 

The various institutions of government of course embodied the authority of the monarch. They gave stability and continuity, but the actual exercise of power and the maintenance of the authority of government depended very much upon the personality of the king and the way in which the kings interacted with various important groups of people, communities of interest within the realm.  

so, this is the second time in a quick internet search that h7 is mentioned as cold and suspicious– in contrast to his son. 

or, perhaps to put it more accurately: in contrast to his son in the more golden, earlier years of his reign rather than his nadir years. 

the philosopher francis bacon says:

He was a prince, sad, serious, and full of thoughts and secret observations; and full of notes and memorials of his own hand, especially touching persons; as whom to employ, whom to reward, whom to inquire of, whom to beware of, what were the dependencies, what were the factions, and the like; keeping (as it were) a journal of his thoughts.

but we have to wonder what accounts he draws this from– he wasn’t born until 1561. 

and a bit on propaganda, since you mentioned it in the ask, again from the yale course:

 “So then, how did the early Tudors handle their relationships with the various institutions and groups on whom the effectiveness of their rule depended?

I think one can suggest four ways. They did it by propaganda, by patronage, by consultation and, when necessary, by simple coercion.  Two P’s, two C’s: propaganda, patronage, consultation, and coercion. “

tsilk  asked:

Hi! I just saw your post with your background and the 3D layout. They look fantastic! Could you talk about your process making these? Do you do gumroad/patreon tutorials?

Thanks a lot :) 

The process is pretty simple to understand.

I do a simple 3D model of my scene (in Maya but the soft doesn’t really matters), which will be my rough design. It’s easier and faster than doing it fully 2D. 
The good thing about 3D is that you can easily move your camera and the different props to make it look exactly like in your mind.

When I’m ok with the composition, I set up the lighting. I use Mental Ray for the render because it’s easy to set up and the sun/sky environnement is just what I need. I use the sun directional light to play with light and shadows. I try to make shapes with the shadows and lights, and enforce my composition and add more dramatic look :) 
For me lighting isn’t a step to make your piece realistic, but to make it more intense.

When the render is done (no texture, no shaders) I go on Photoshop.
I use my 3D render as a rough layout, so the perspective and lights are perfects (thank you 3D <3 ). I rotoscope the main objects and stuff, with uniform colors. I also add some mural patterns, tiny details etc.. which are not in my 3D render. And when my base colors are ok, I work on shadows (with multiply layers) and light (with overlay or soft light layers). 
The trickiest part is to choose the colors, because an environment needs more different tints than a character. 

And at the very end of my painting I use some color correction and levels layers to make it looks better :)

I will think about doing some tutorials, but it requires a lot of time, and I don’t have it right now ^^ One day maybe ;) 

arken-stones  asked:

if this doesn't bother you do you mind sharing what kind of brushes do you use or an old tutorial? i just really love the texture in your 0812 studies and kinda wanted to see how you did that

I used default Photoshop flat brush for my 081216 study. You can play with the Opacity and Flow, but make sure to do some tweaking with your Tool Preset (It is under your brush icon, next to Mode at the upper left corner of your Photoshop window, Toggle the Brush Panel. It looks like this):

  • - Shape Dynamics: Change the Control under Angle Jitter from “Off” to “Rotation.”
  • - Color Dynamics: You don’t have to turn this on, but I just have it on because I am too lazy to mix my own color palette. It creates texture too.
  • - Transfer: Make sure to allow your Pen Pressure to control your Flow Jitter.
  • - Smoothing: Turn it on.

This is probably the quickest way to make your own customized brushes, but you can also buy Kyle Webster’s Mega digital brush set. It is worth it.

Some good tutorials and online art schools:

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Under the cut you will find #219 bordered and textured icons of Dylan O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf episode 5x11 (The last chimera), all of them made by me. I also added a few of young Stiles just because (played by Anthony Lapenna). Please like/reblog if using and don’t claim them as your own. 

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HEY! Okay, so… I’m sure you all recognize these shoes. They’re @theslyd‘s updated versions of the Greta and Charlene shoes, SLYD updated these shoes to now work with morph sliders! As most of you probably noticed by now I am 100% maxis match and if things don’t look 100% cartoon I can’t have it in game. So, I was playing around in PS one day and was trying to see if I could get these shoes to look good for me, because of the awesome work slyd does (the amount of work they put into their textures is incredible!!! I was unable to get them smooth enough) so I gave up with the smudge tool. The next day on a whim I decided to see if I just messed around with filters if I could get it to work and BAM! it worked, only problem is - after I recolored both shoes (146 recolors) I realized I included the mesh.. I honestly was just playing around. I didn’t think they would go anywhere.. so here my question, before I go and export/import 146 colors would anyone even be interest in these?

These are the colors. They come in my ThisisSoManyColors palette 


Save Yo' Worbla Scraps or How to Do Something Other Than Sandwiching Craft Foam with Worbla or Why Do I Have This Bag of Worbla Scraps That Everyone Thinks is Broken Tortilla Chips?

So, Worbla is like really cool. The coolest. You literally don’t need to waste any of it. Yeah, it’s really expensive, but you’ll use every cent of that investment as long as you prepare for it. Case and point.

Save that stuff. Save every last bit of it. Even the teeny tiny pieces. They’re all still usable. But first you gotta gather up a bunch and make a pile. 

Now that it’s in a pile, heat it up with your heat gun. Typically, I warm a little, flip it, and warm the other side. Lather, Rise, Repeat. 


It’s starting to look like a gross colored bit of chewed gum. Perfect! Keep heating it up. Also, cover your fingers with asbestos (Note: Don’t cover your fingers with asbestos. It’s real bad for you.)

I’m working on armor for my Warrior Squirrel Girl costume, so I’m gonna make some acorn tops. You can make other stuff, but you’ll have to suffer through my project too. Out of that long hot dog pile of worbla, I cut off a small piece for the acorn top and just shaped it up a little. Then things get fun because worbla can be pressed into and given texture!

Yes, I literally used a cheap plastic comb. I pressed it into the warm worbla. It leaves an awesome texture so make fun of my crappy tools if you will. Press it in one direction and then the opposite direction. Think of all the things you can use for texture. There’s lots of cool stuff that’ll make texture. Mesh and combs and bottle caps. Dead serious. Think outside the box. 

See? Cool looking. Use all the properties of worbla. Stop just sandwiching craft foam with it (I’m not knocking that; it’s a great technique. Just let yourself play more. These are scraps anyways!)

Ignore all my Sharpie marks, but there’s the finished little acorn. The scrap bits I used for the acorn tops not only allowed me to add texture, but it also allowed me to make them stick out a little further and depth is cool. 

There’s my finished leg and arm armor. If anyone is confused as to why the base of my armor is black and not worbla-colored, it’s because it’s not worbla. It’s another, cheaper thermoplastic called kydex. I’ll be writing up a tutorial about it eventually so check back with me. I’ll give you all the pros, cons and tips. But basically, what I want to say, is don’t let the price of worbla scare you away from trying new things. Sculpt that crap. Melt it down and start again. Make cool stuff. Always. 


Mmm I dont think there is much use in saying much about my technique / process. I have a specific taste that I am pursuing. In such a way I’m using any and no technique to get my results. I did a small tutorial on drawing which is an exercise I do everyday.

Attached are a few colorplates. These are what I do to both practice color and also texture. Digital is an infinitely flexible medium and the only way to realize its capabilities is to try everything. They are all in similar value ranges so I can mixmatch “textureplates” within different paintings to imply different materials. I started thinking of textureplates after seeing a small tutorial by @theonides (link) where you see him recycling old paintings to get a “start” the difference is that I make these paintings specifically to turn into bases for paintings. Therefore I am much more free to just explore “arrangements”. Sometimes the rorschach idea comes in handy and I just “see a piece” but more often I do a sketch for a piece then do a texture plate that has the “mood” I’m after. And abstractly play with it’s arrangement before commiting to more detail. The textureplate is then saved on it’s own high-res jpeg file (I have a bit more than a hundred texture/color-plates now) to be used for drag-and-drop starts later.

How do I make my textureplates? Well the fun in them is that they are done while exploring different tools and techniques. Because they are abstract in nature they don’t have to “be” anything. Try color dodge, sharpening at 100% (for super noise), the clone stamp tool (a tool which @tomscholes uses a lot) Try anything! Try those tools you’d never use in any other place make completely broken pictures. 

I don’t want to deprive you that pleasure of discovery!
So sit down and work with it in an honest and true way and don’t go for a certain “goal” take the pieces you already have and play :)

smoppet  asked:

my man, what brushes do you use i've been dicking around for some shit to use other than my beloved basic brushes

ahh it took a really long time but i think i figured out where i got my brushes from!! ((i’ve been trying to figure out where i found them for awhile bc LOTS OF PEOPLE HAVE ASKED !! ))

[jonasdero brushes]

theyre in that!! i use a brush called “oil pastel large” and the only change i made to the brush is that i turned off color dynamics to give it a more chalky look. i use it entirely for blending/painting/blocking/lines/erasing/sketching because it’s just really dynamic and satisfying!! even if ya dont like that brush that’s still a really rad brush set to play with!! i use abunch of textures in this brush set as well for lazy backround jobs 

i used this brush 90% of this drawing for example  

and my commissions and almost all my drawings unless i drew them in pchat first or iscribble


anonymous asked:

Okay, I am definetely in love with your art, your talent almost makes me cry I swear. It's so inspiring and I'd really love if you could show what brushes/settings/technique you use to like colour your Thorinduil fanarts? Plus you shipping those two and drawing them is the /greatest/ thing, thank you so much for being real.

i fear this day would come lmao
first of all thank you for liking my thorinduil ? yes, art! but i have to tell you that i use many, many brushes when it comes to draw people. i like to experiment and learn new stuff, playing around with brush opacity, textures and stabilizer. because screw art style! i dont give a damn about style consistency when i draw people! i want to be free! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

there are some brushes i continue to use though,

make sure your stabilizer is at 7 or higher ;)

as for technique.. i honestly dont have any =p i just draw. sketch first, then color, shade, just the usual.


fast & loose

here is a look that’s comfortable and stylish. both shirts are oversized here to give a semi shlubby kind of look. Even the pants i have on here are a little looser than i typically where which can sometimes make the look seem TOO baggy but i think the high cuffs that taper the jean above the ankle reel it in pretty well and make it work. You can see i did the same with the sleeves of the shirt to again, give the loose/ ill fitting garment a bit of a fitted look in a certain area. a few styling moves like that can really spruce up some clothes you may think don’t fit you very well.

the heavily torn jeans also helps showcase the raggedness of the whole outfit. Pairing the torn denim with the oversized, ill fit style of the tops ties it all together as an intentional “look”. Even the small details of HOW the cuffs of the jeans and shirts are done more wrinkled and messy instead of clean add to the theme in the outfit. To further indicate this, i kept the color blue running throughout the look. For the shirt underneath, i wore an off white instead of a clean white to again, play into that “worn in” look. the shirt has a big bold “X” on it made of zippers which adds a bit of texture and dare i say…intrigue to the look as well? (by the way i’m a huge dork)

I kept the shoes looking clean (non distressed) because i just feel like footwear should almost always look on point.

-nik hampshire

pants: Diesel Sleenker
t-shirt: Diesel
plaid: kr3w
shoes: vans

Last sketch that I did today.  Yet another one that I spent much more time coloring than I initially planned.  I just really wanted to make the yellow bits more golden, which led to everything else getting more texture and vague shading.

Those of you who follow my little text posts should know that I got a PS3 and a copy of Journey for my birthday, and that I loved it and was not just moved to tears, as I often am, but was grossly sobbing over it.  I’m not sure when I’ll next pick it up to play again, simply because it was so emotional for me.  Maybe I’ll pick it up again in a month, maybe I won’t pick it up again until my next birthday.  Who knows, but I sincerely recommend it to anyone who likes beautifully visualized emotional stories without dialogue.  The controls are easy and you can play it all in one sitting.


Who’s That Vans Girl: Shannon Chase

If you need proof that food and fashion mix—and mix well—look no further than Shannon Chase. Shannon spends her days working in fashion and her free hours exploring her hometown of Oakland in search of all things delicious. We caught up with Shannon to talk about her favorite fashion trends this spring, her blog Food Fabrics, and how her hard work has paid off.

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5sos: hair preference

|note: this is what i think the boys would like, I don’t actually accurately know|

Ashton: |blonde| I think ashton would like blonde hair, the way it shadowed over each strand making it seem different shades yet it was the same color. He would also enjoy playing with it like it was gold in his hands, he would watch you flip it around and play with it and it would make him do his famous giggle, you guys would lay together and just admire each other’s hair.

luke: |brunette| it is a simple color but luke adores it. He can stare and play with it for hours. He would love it when you fake mustache your hair, it would make him scrunch up his nose and laugh. He finds it adorable and when he holds it in his hands he admires over it,he loves the texture and you guys would be really serious about maintaining your hair and he would always look after it, combing it and deep conditioning it 😂. I think he loves this color because it’s warm and just cute.

Calum: |ginger| calum would adore the color of your hair, he would literally stare at it for hours, its just a wonderful color. He could twist and turn it and sometimes he would call you ‘pumpkin’ and you would get so pissed. He would brush it like he would literally fight you over brushing your hair, he would just watch over it to see its many wonders, cause ginger hair is like awesome (I really want ginger hair 😘😂)

Michael: |multi-color| of course, I think Michael would peer pressure his girlfriend to die her hair, I think he would wait till she fell asleep and do it for her. He would change it every other month so that you guys would match, like red in December, green in January, he would use the phrase “if I’m going to end up bald, your gonna have to end up bald with me, you ain’t got a choice” he would just adore the fact that you guys can do this together and everyone would just awee about the entire situation.

Rihanna's PUMA Interview:

WWD: What’s the first thing that pops to your mind when you hear Puma?

Rihanna: My childhood. Some of the first sneakers I owned were Puma, and I wore them to death, until they had holes in them. They were sleek running shoes, I had them in pink with the black Puma stripes on the side. They also made them in Jamaican colors and so in the Caribbean it was like: What? Jamaican colors? That was the it-shoe in Barbados — if you didn’t have those, [that was it]. You know how kids are.

WWD: How many pairs of sneakers do you own, and do they outnumber your stilettos?

Rihanna: I have too many [sneakers] if that’s even possible; they are mostly in storage now. [Rihanna catalogues all her performance looks in a 4,000-square-foot storage unit, of which roughly 1,000 square feet is dedicated to shoes.] They are probably on par with my stilettos. I love a heel but recently I’m tending more to sneakers. Being in the studio, traveling, touring — you cannot do that in heels, unless you are Posh Spice [she laughs]. She is in the airport with four kids and she gets it done. She is so legit’.

WWD: How does music, your core activity, relate to fashion?

Rihanna: Music and fashion go hand in hand. I think music inspires all types of arts; it inspires life, emotion, mood, and all of those things are reflected in my fashion and my style. One doesn’t go without the other.

WWD: How serious are you about your designing career? Are you ready to take it deeper?

Rihanna: I love designing. I’ve always enjoyed it. The thing I love most is the unexpected result between my brand and theirs, the combination, the marriage — it’s like having a baby, you put two things together and all of the sudden it bursts into a new thing. It’s life. At River Island I was able to see stuff come to life, draw up an idea from scratch, and that made me want to take on a bigger challenge. And MAC was an amazing experience — from creating packaging to going through textures. I would love to do cosmetics, because I love beauty: choosing colors, creating shapes. It’s like painting, you just get to play. The same way I treated MAC, I will attack Puma.

WWD: What’s next for Rihanna in 2015?

Rihanna: Releasing an album. I don’t know when exactly, but you will know when I know it.