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Thoughts on SQ hug from a multi shippers POV

I’ve had a day or so to be happy, sad, up, down and all over the place and I have finally reached a standing point I think. 

My first reaction was to be very happy for Swen and also rather shocked if I’m honest that after so many years it finally happened. But then I saw everyones disappointment and heartbreak and I was confused, after so many years it finally happened but then I watched the actual Sneak Peek and I was rather… upset myself.

It was so short, and the way it was filmed just briefly focusing on Emma, no real body shot just a quick 3 second hug. If we think back to so many other ships first hug it is always longer and just…more? If that makes sense. It felt rushed. 

I personally am not against it being because of the proposal and that may hinge solely because I am a multi shipper, but I acknowledge SQ’rs have a right to feel upset over the circumstances, personally I think it was a natural progression to their relationship at this point to hug over a happy moment for Emma. 

HOWEVER and it is a pretty massive however, why now? after so long?? was this their first on-screen hug?? this particular moment??

What would have been a better “first” moment, Morgan, you might ask?

After Emma found out about what happened to Daniel and Regina was in tears maybe? I guess not though.

Or when Regina had to say goodbye to her son, a moment and feeling Emma knows very well how hard it is to do, and yet no hug.

After Emma saves Regina and then asks for it in return? A scene where idk she hugged her entire fam except for Regina? 

After this long and heartbreaking scene where Emma tells Regina she believes in her. Nope not then either.

There are so many times it could have happened for the first time and I can’t understand why this was the one chosen…

*sigh* I’d love to know everyone else’s thoughts!

2nd survey statements!

Took awhile, but…here are the statements! Once again, they are organized by type for your convenience. Enjoy!

*Also, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. I was really happy with everyone’s responses, and it just goes to show how annoying MBTI stereotypes can be.


~Having intense emotions does not make us irrational crybabies. It does, however, make us highly analytical of everyone around us. Also, Fi is not necessarily selfish! Stop assuming we only care about our own feelings, because that is just so not true. In fact, Fi actually allows us to understand and analyze the emotions of others on a deep level since we’ve done it so many times to ourselves. We are not selfish - we just internalize our emotions!

~INFPs are always represented as really open minded and kind, but a lot of most of my INFP friends (and I have a lot) are some of the most judgemental people I know (I’m so sorry for being salty!!)

~We’re not really as soft and fluffy as many think we are

~I’m an INFP, and we’re often types as pathetic, whiney sad sacks. That may be true for some, but not all. I am a cheerful person, and people often say I’m quite funny! Enough with the puddle of tears already!

~INFPs are represented as creative types, but many INFPs find their strengths in the art of academics.

~I Ann an INFP and I wish people wouldn’t think we’re just selfish. Yes, staying true to our values is extremely important to us and we must frequently check in with ourselves but I also love to give and encourage self honesty and introspection with others. Also the weak stereotype thing upsets me sometimes don’t get me wrong I don’t enjoy fighting one bit but if it’s out of defense whether it’s someone I love or a barrier I have I’ll fight til the end.

~INFP-good at planning; can be pretty outgoing

~Infps don’t cry all the time! We are often consider weak but we are not. What makes infps so strong is their ability to be idealistic, focus on the brightside, no matter what traumatic things they have been through or selfish people they have seen. Also they have the ability to make logical decisions based off of moral codes.

~We aren’t doormats nor unable to be organised

~This emo/crybaby trope is getting old. Yes, we have emotions. No, we don’t cry every time we see a dead ladybug, nor do we moan about how lonely we are 24/7. 


~I like making people happy because I can’t seem to make myself happy. I figure the best I can do is make others feel good so they don’t ever feel the emptiness I feel sometimes.

~I like making people happy because I can’t seem to make myself happy. I figure the best I can do is make others feel good so they don’t ever feel the emptiness I feel sometimes.

~Just because we act ‘childish’ doesn’t mean we’re 'stupid’ or 'naive’

~I think that enfp is often misrepresented as 'dumb but sweet’. I have many enfp friends who are very smart, and quick thinkers. The intp stereotype of being a robot is pretty easy to recognize as false, but we (and entps) aren’t ALWAYS making puns or ALWAYS forgetful and disorganized. Yes it is true we can be oftentimes but pretty much all types are just generalized.

~ENFP (my type): often displayed as lovey dovey cuddly types that are very scatterbrained and directionless. However, while we’re enthusiastic, vibrant, and have great people skills, we struggle revealing our own emotions and can be very private about things. In addition, we’re not always cheery- many can appear a little more cold and aloof but still retain that “magnetic” quality ENFPs have.

~I’m an ENFP and what I’d like others to understand about our type is that when we put out minds to something we are the most driven people you’ve ever seen! Also, were not dumb… that’s a common one, we just learn a little differently.

~I think ENFP are extremely empathetic to a fault, in danger often because of it, way more introverted then they are that to be obviously still extroverted though, and vastly more intuitive and intelligent, and absolute at inauthenticity of any kind


~Every type has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, but INFJs tend to be broadcast as perfect.

~just because an infj doesn’t always easily let people in doesn’t mean they don’t want to with all their might

~I’m an infj, I think often my type is misrepresented as very openly emotional. While that can be on occasion, it is more characteristic of, say, the infp. Most infjs aren’t in tune with their own emotions and we can be emotionally immature because of this. Thanks for reading!

~In terms of INFJ I feel like people think we care so much and on some level we do but often I’m just exhausted and being nice for the sake of it/because I don’t know anything else, not because I enjoy it.

~I think infjs are given a bad wrap. Theyre talked about as if they are all unhealthy or completely negative and stuck in their ways and are portrayed to be unable to hold down a friendship. This is of course completely off and many/most infjs are some of the most kindhearted understanding people around.

~INFJ. I want people to understand that I just can’t live just for my self cause I care more about other people.

~I am an infj, and everything that I read and see about my type always mentions how much we care about other people and their feelings/problems. We are seen as one of the more empathetic types probably because of higher Fe. While this conclusion might make sense in theory, I think that Ni gets in the way of that pretty often. People need to remember that the cognitive functions work with each other, not independently meaning my Fe might not work the same way as someone with dominant Fe (enfj or esfj). Even if their Fe is auxiliary like mine, their dominant function might cause its manifestation to be quite different. Naturally, I have not met many other infjs in person, but I do have one really close friend who shares my type. He agrees with this statement that we are not all that overtly caring individuals. Rather, we have come to a conclusion that Fe tends to give our Ni some data to work with. It’s funny, the definition of empathy is that you can easily understand and feel what others are feeling, but this somehow happens in an extremely detatched manor. For example, I find it exceedingly easy to read people and know what they are feeling, how they will react, what’s bothering them, etc. However, I don’t actually care all that often. It’s a phenomenon that my infj friend and I constantly kind of joke about. I realize of course that this could simply be an isolated case where two infjs just happen to use their functions in this way, but I thought it was worth mentioning. What I said earlier about functions working together is very important though. Everything is relative, there is no isolation, there are no coincidences.


~I am an enfj and isrespect of myself and others is just something that poses my buttons as well as other enfjs i know. I would also like people o know that enfjs are cabab l e if being manipulative but at least for me in terrified of being manipulative as it would hurt people and be selfish. Which i think is an interesting contrast between the dark and light of an enfj

~my type is enfj, and the biggest stereotype for us is that we just don’t get nervous about publicly speaking or socializing at all. We’re just care free and social, which is true, but people don’t realize that we do in fact get nervous. Its human.

~This may just be me but as an ENFJ, I see a lot of 'motherly instinct’ posts despite having no interest in children or really any such instincts??

~ENFJ-usually only represented as a mom friend always trying to take care of people. ENFJs have huge dreams and personalities. No one seems to talk about that side of us. Maybe because if you’re not close enough to an ENFJ you may not realize this, but it seems like it should be represented more.


~we are fun and we have emotions and we’re not just sarcastic little hermits! :)

~I’m an INTJ, and people always associate coldness and sassiness on this type. In fact, INTJs can be in touch with their feelings, since Fi is third in their cognitive functions stack. If an INTJ believe that it’s okay to be nice to other people (due to Fi) they can act as an INFJ in the eyes of others. I just want to conclude that not all INTJs are acting stereotypically, sometimes they just have another well-developed functions that makes them act differently based on their stereotypes.

~Please don’t think all INTJs are cringy ass edgelords who talk like Marvel villains.

~INTJs are said to be extreme neat-freaks, but most of the INTJs I know are actually pretty messy (but I don’t mind!)

~INTJs are extremely loyal, caring and committed towards those they love and respect. They don´t always know how to show it but their love runs deep and if you violate that love it hurts them like hell.

~INTJ - I’m not always shut off and reserved. i have my social and loud moments, even with strangers (just not on a deep level)

~Hey ! First of all, English isn’t my native language, so I apologize if I make some mistakes. So, let’s start. I’m an INTJ woman, and I praise everyday people to understand that before being an INTJ, I’m human… I have emotions ! I can cry, scream, love people around me… There is so many clichés about MBTI types, not only mine (cause ENTJ aren’t dictators, ESFp aren’t labradors, IFP aren’t crying babies…). Please, stop clichés ! (Preach!)

~INTJ-We actually have feelings! We’re not on a Vulcan level or even Spock, even though we don’t always show it (or choose to show it) we do actually feel very deeply.

~As an INTJ, I think people often forget our sensitive, creative side. INTJs are not cold robots! We love our friends and family, and often times are very interested in the arts.


~I’m an ENTJ,and most of the times people find me extremely arrogant and rude. They feel scared of talking to me and feel like I’m an asshole. I’m just as good as any other person.ENTJ people are not always rude and arrogant unless and until you irritate them with your lethargy

~ENTJs are often represented as emotionless. This is untrue. Everyone has emotions; it’s the way we handle them that matters. As an ENTJ, it is most important to me to be able to discern when revealing my emotion works to my advantage or disadvantage. So yes, if I see it as useful, I do reveal what I’m feeling.

~Not all ENTJs are overly aggressive, inconsiderate of others’ feelings, and immoral.

~Everyone assumes we are cold hearted, money-making-maniacs, with no feelings. On the contrary we do have feelings, lots of the, we just are bad at showing them! We also are very bad at taking emotional clues and can be very upfront. Sorry if we offend you!!


~I feel like most people think INTP’s enjoy math and science. It’s a common pattern with our type, but quite honestly, I’m awful at math.

~I’m an INTP and I want people to understand that an important part of an INTPs personality is creativity. We’re always represented as academic, logical people with no room for creative self-expression, but this stereotype just isn’t true!

~INTP here. Much of my “intelligence” is falsified, in the sense that sometimes I’m making projected leaps without having even considered the conclusion.

~INTP: I have fairly developed Fe even though I’m an INTP. I can read people and situations and decrease stress within a group of people with a joke. I just don’t know how to respond in normal conversation or if someone needs to be comforted.

~That we are not always cold and that even though we sometimes hate people we do like to be around people we consider likeable ~INTP

~I am an INTP. I have this weird theory in my head that INTPs feel emotion as strongly as other types, if not more strongly, but we don’t know what to do with all of that non-logic business. So we do the classic INTP “bottle it up, robot” sorta thing. So then we just feel everything inwardly and don’t express it to anyone, and that’s why we give off the impression that we’re cold and impassive robots.

~INTPs so are definitely not always passive-aggressive. I get revenge swiftly.


~I think ENTPs are misrepresented when people say they have no empathy skills, all the ENTPs I know have a very good capability of understanding others’ feelings, they just often choose to ignore this ability slightly.

~ENTP is my type. One of the only problems I have with the stereotypes of it is that we can be super great in making friends. I make maybe future friends but they are never fully my friends though it could be depending on my enneagram (6w5) but my Fe is weak and so is my Fi and Si/Se.

~ENTPs aren´t necessarily loud, annoying or always out to get people. They can be intensive when it comes to their dearest interest but in general most ENTPs are more easygoing and calm than people give them credit for.

~ENTP female : I have write this with a very heart that the dynamics of entps set tardiness responsibility organisational skills are exhausting to us; the inferior si fucks us up; and our ne might make us look chaotic but you can trust us 1000% ;we might not set in your box now and probably ever dont expect us to act maturely or be responsible and as whole dont lose hope on us

~I’m an ENTP, and I feel like Fe is either not shown at all or shown to much when describing our type.

~ENTPs are often perceived as inconsiderate and cunning. Let me tell you that they are the sweetest shits ever (wow that came out weird). They would sit by you all day as you rant about whatever and they just say some deep stuff off the top of their heads that somehow actually calms you down. it’s great :)


~there’s a sort of misconception that we’re pushovers/weak since we like to make decisions that will benefit others but my isfj grandmother (and me too I guess!) was one of the stubbornest, most headstrong people I’ve ever known when it came to her morals and her loved ones.


~ESFJ are often represented as shallow and petty. As an ESFJ, I say that this is far from the truth.


~ISFP seems to be a type that is often very heavily stereotyped. As with every stereotype, there are always some cases in which they hold true, however there are a few key stereotypes that I’d like to point out that aren’t universal. 

1) Not all ISFPs are artists. Due to their dominant Fi and auxiliary Se functions, they often express a strong appreciations for aesthetics as well as emotional depth. Because of this it’s true that art can be a great medium of self-expression for this type, allowing an aesthetic emotional outlet. However it is not the only career/hobby that can be enjoyable to this type. Feeling a strong connection to nature, they can often be found doing outdoor- or animal-related work. Surprisingly enough to some, many science-related jobs are often taken up by this type as well, such as various type of therapy, medical work, and more. It all depends on the individual and their unique interests. 

2) Not all ISFPs are rebellious. Being an introverted type, it’s not uncommon for them to be seen as lone wolves. Additionally, they are often seen as “different” and ones to separate themselves from the crowd due to an often-high sense of individualism. However, a very common trait demonstrated by this type that may contradict said stereotype is a strong desire to avoid conflict. If the desire to rebel against “the system” or someone important to them creates too much upset, it may be overridden by their will to keep the peace. Again, it depends on the individual. 

3) Not all ISFPs are obsessed with their appearance. Referring back to their aesthetic appreciation, looking their best can be an appealing and/or satisfying means of self-expression for this type. Being perceivers, however, they tend to live in the moment and prefer to do what “feels right” at the time, so if they don’t feel like putting in the extra effort to give their appearance that refined edge, they simply won’t do it. Not feeling the need to blend in with the crowd, they may not place a whole lot of emphasis on what others think of them and their appearance, knowing their opinion of themselves matters more, as does their rich inner life (which is not simply exclusive to intuitives, another common stereotype/misunderstanding). *These are solely my own observations and opinions, and are not by any means fact. Additionally, they are all variable and dependent on the individual, NOT universal to all ISFPs. That’s all, and sorry this was so long!

~I feel ISFPs are grossly misrepresented and confined to a more limited stereotypes than the other types. Too often they are confused with ISFJs or INFPs. For example, the typical “artist” trope got old a long time ago, I wish people would expand their perspective of what art really is and how an ISFP expresses it. Also, there is a common generalized notion that ISFPs are some hopeless romantics which I believe is false. The idea of spending our time dreaming of an “other half” to find is so counter intuitive to how fiercely independent ISFPs are. I could go on more but this submission format is weird on my phone.

~I’m an ISFP, and just because I have Fi as my dominant function, that doesn’t mean I go wild everytime someone supposedly tramples on my morals. It depends on the individual, since no Fi user probably thinks the same. (Fi, right?!) We actually are capable of sympathizing with what others have to say, to take time and listen to other’s point of view, and not impose ours on them. Meanwhile in the case of an ISFP’s emotional intensity, the very term doesn’t necessarily mean that all we do is make art and cry. We actually use them to be in tune with the world. It is a function we are very comfortable with, just like how an INTP uses his Ti to form theories and an INTJ uses her Ni to plan ahead.


~Im an esfp and i cant tolerate the bad words to me.I could be rly shy in some situation or some groups.Im very sensitive.

~Se-heavy types aren’t the brawn to intuitives’ brains - it’s a really harmful stereotype. Most people drawn to MBTI are academic types and to imply that sensors’ value does not lie in their intellect isn’t just harmful but stupid. Se and Si are both important parts of cognition.

~I’m an ENFP and while I’m incredibly independent I really do need help sometimes. Just don’t push us. But we do love help, just not when it’s being implied as 'We can’t do it’


~An ISTJ I know is one of the most goofy and easygoing person I´ve ever met. They´re a pleasure to be around, they can maintain an intelligent conversation about any subject and they´re extremely handy too.


~as an ESTJ I understand that I an close minded and very sensible but I don’t like it when people expect me to be that way. I like to have fun and talk about weird situations too but there is a time and a place


~ESTPs are probably the most street smart people but there are also ESTPs who are extremely smart and knowledgable academically speaking. They seem to know how to succeed and get ahead, and most importantly, how to do so while living life to the fullest.

~ESTPs are much more intelligent than stereotypes imply

~Se-heavy types aren’t the brawn to intuitives’ brains - it’s a really harmful stereotype. Most people drawn to MBTI are academic types and to imply that sensors’ value does not lie in their intellect isn’t just harmful but stupid. Se and Si are both important parts of cognition.

Bonus: Enneagram Type 7

~Enneagram 7 is not a permanently happy dumb party animal who wouldn’t know what to do with a book. Firstly, 7 is a thinking type (567). Although 7s are undeniably the least stereotypically intellectual head type, we’re still thinkers! Some 7s (784s in particular) are often negative and introspective, competing with 584s for the darkest type (7s have a dark inner world). I think Naranjo was close: the 7 is a bullshit artist, not a party animal (more sx/so 8w7-6w7-2w3). 7s are very strong extroverts, but theoretical and often ENxP, rather than ESxP (more often 8w7).

B.A.P Seoul Party Baby!

Hi loves. Admin V Here.

I’m normally not one to leave fan accounts (with the exception of B2st/Highlight this past summer)mostly because I tell everything to Admin Tam and feel good enough about it, but I’m also lazy. And you know, I live in Seoul and go to many concerts, and it’s just a lot of work, you know.

But, I’m still really hyped from tonight’s concert. Aaaaaaaaaand because of something awesome from the concert I HAVE SO MANY PICTURES TO SHARE WITH YOU!

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No matter how many panels of genji and mercy kissing or how many voice lines they have together because of chu it will never feel real or make sense. It can't erase the fact that mercy and pharah were basically made to work perfectly together. Making gen////cey feel so forced that I don't think anyone will really ever feel like its truly great writing

I just…can’t see any kind of chemistry?
like neither in the fanarts or fanfics or comics they have that have crossed my dash. There was 0 chemistry between them

also yeah Pharah and Mercy were made to be together

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I feel super shitty right now. My housemates have made a collage of all of us who live there, but there's only one picture of me while there's several of each of them. They say it's because I pictures of me and selfies "all looks the same" and that I have the same face in all of them. Which is possible because I'm autistic and facial expressions never translate how I'm feeling on my face. But I can't help but worry that it's because I'm trans, and I just feel mega paranoid and depressed now...

I’m so sorry that they did that. Having many pictures of them but only one of you, when there were multiple other pictures available (regardless of how similar they looked), is a shitty and unfair thing to do.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you for certain why they did it, as I can’t look inside their thoughts. But if they told you that the reason there’s only one picture of you is because a lot of your pictures “looks the same”, I’d personally probably choose to at least try to trust that. As shitty of a reason as it is, it is still a reason I can imagine would make sense to someone who is a bit of an insensetive jerk.

So I don’t say this much anymore and no I haven’t reached any following goal I just feel like saying this. Thank you all, every single one of you for following me, liking my stuff, reblogging it and so on. It’s been around more than 2 years since I’ve been here and you all have kept me going because you show you care and all the people I’ve met here? All amazing every one of them. Skilled in their own unique way. Now I may sound sarcastic at times when thanking, but it’s really hard to say thank you in so many ways so for now I’ll give the original, thank you.

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I have a secret to tell. I'm in a relationship with a girl and we've been together for the better part of a year. We are poly but neither of us have another partner right now. I'm not sure I love her the way she loves me. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but I'm not sure it's romantic love?? It's not like I don't want to date her, I just don't know if what I feel is romantic. I don't know what to do about it, any advice?

So this can be difficult, because emotions are wack, but here’s what I’d do:

Stick it out for a little bit. Something toooooo many people in our generation forget is that the honeymoon phase is just a phase. Sometimes you won’t feel head over heels for your SO, but if you truly love them you’ll feel it every so often. Relationships aren’t always full of love and I feel like that’s something that’s not taught anymore. Love is friendship, and it’s okay to feel platonic sometimes.

But, if after some time (let’s say…2.5+ weeks?) you still feel that way, just tell her! Don’t say it like ‘let’s just be friends’ but more like you’re only feeling platonic attraction now. If you’re positive on that, it does more harm than good to lead her on in a relationship that ultimately won’t last.

Break a leg, anonnie!!
-Mod Wonderland

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Just an FYI, i'm perfectly ok with you changing the rating of "21"...


I’ve had to have conversations about this where @gmwpluto and @katdvs had to talk me down from it because I was SO there for that. SO SO SO there for that…especially with some things that are about to happen.  GAHHHHHHH….

I have to be strong.  I have to be strong.  I’ve had so many M fics lately! I really feel like most people are over the intimate thing.

Well holy shit. I finally saw you. Just a glimpse but it was really, truly, unmistakably you. And no, it wasn’t the best circumstances I could have hoped for, but I actually teared up and smiled a little because I was just so happy to see the you that I knew (or close enough) still alive and kicking. Goddamnit I fuckin love you. I don’t even need to be with you and I don’t even care what you think of me, I know how I feel because all of a sudden, in like, the span of ten seconds, after so many months, I can breathe a little easier and the world looks a little brighter and clearer just knowing you’re still in it and still out there fighting & up to your old shenanigans. I do still miss you awfully bad & I hope you’re genuinely happy and don’t think too terribly of me if you think of me at all but, yeah…it’s like a massive weight just lifted, I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time & closer to being able to truly let go.

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I just read your "20 steps" post and I just want to say that I'm so happy you're being published. This might seem weird since I don't know you but I'm feeling proud of you, because I've been following you for a long time, I've seen how hard-working you are and knowing that your novel will be read by many people makes me excited and so happy. You really deserve it, M. And I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. And thank you for sharing your experience with us. Have a nice day <3

Thank you for your kind words! It’s been a very long journey and I’ve been lucky to share it with so many people who have been so invested in my work and supportive of my success. I hope the book is everything you hoped it would be! 

Facebook stresses me out because so many people talk about their problems on there and I can’t ‘cause I’ll stress out my family and so I feel like people think I’m doing just fine and I’m not buuuut I don’t talk about it and that doesn’t make me any less not fine and idk I get anxiety over the idea that maybe I’m just being over dramatic and other people obviously have it worse 'cause look it’s Right There!

Combine this with the fact that any time I bring up how fucked my head is in person people are shocked and surprised (every time I stg) and it just… Like, this is a permanent thing. It’s not going away. Yes, I’m still disabled, no it hasn’t magically gotten better.

Same with my knee, too.

So between those + how 'ADHD isn’t that serious it just means you suck at concentrating’ I feel like no one irl realizes how not functioning I am?

I know there’s a new movement of like… Not faking that you’re okay, about talking about shit like this. And that’s awesome! But I don’t feel comfortable doing that on a platform where I get most of my work. Does that mean I have things easier? No, of course not.

Idk this is a pointless rant sorry I just constantly feel like no one listens when I say that I’m not doing well 'cause I appear to be functioning.

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I'm proud of you! Admitting that you need help and acting on it is a very big step!

Thank you so much :/

Reaching out and getting additional help beyond weekly therapy has been such a saga for the past month that I’m having trouble wanting to try again.  It’s just been really exhausting and distressing to get jerked around so much and then get denied treatment for insurance reasons.  Maintaining the motivation to seek help has been SO HARD and I just want to give up.  I have been really grouchy about nutrition therapy for the last 6 months because I find it really frustrating having gone for so many years and feeling like I don’t always know what I’m gaining from it.  And that it’s not covered by my insurance EVER.  I definitely need some structure and reassurance about my food right now though.  I think it will maybe be good and if not I guess it’s still worth a try.

Andromodo update - I loooooove this gaaaaame it makes me happy

The exploration is SO MUCH FUN. It’s clear it’s the same engine as Inquisition. But yanno with guns and jet packs and spACE and it’s beautiful. I love all the characters. It feels like you’re forming a family on the Tempest and it’s adorable. You can talk to so many people. The Angara are very interesting and I love them. Same with the Kett. 

I already know I’ll be replaying it like 50 times much like the original trilogy. I have characters planned

Ryder is a bean. Noah in particular is just the sweetest thing and it’s so different from Shepard. Shepard was a badass. No matter how you played, Shepard was a badass. Ryder. Ryder is just a constant “WAIT WHAT” and trying to look cool in front of their friends. I like it.

I have no idea how much more I have to do but there is A LOT. I think I’m almost at 30%? I’m sure you could speed through if you just did main story but I really like running around doing side things cause the combat is actually really fun. And I haven’t really tried any biotics or tech (beyond a thing peebee gave me). My next Ryder I wanna try out biotics.

I love the Nomad. It’s basically the Mako and gives zero fucks and I can drive up mountains.

and I’m not trying to say it’s perfect. I’m disappointed in a few things that have less to do with gameplay and more choices bioware made that make me go 8\ and a few gameplay things. like. SAM. Please shut the fuck up. I know it’s cold. Stop telling me.

Overall it’s feeling like a solid game. I’m not done yet though, I don’t know how the story is going to play out yet. but yeh. If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, I’d say give it a chance. And you do not have to have played any Mass Effect games to play this one, so if you’re wanting to try it, go for it. (though you should play the original trilogy cause A++++++)

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Okay, so I decided I’m gonna stick with this account, only because I have so many friends and stuff on here. This is the last text post imma make because I feel it gets really annoying just seeing OOC stuff going down your timeline. I COMPLETLY changed Eli and Jade’s story. They are now dating and they live in an apartment together (I will soon show how they met soon) I’m sorry for the confusion, and yall prolly like… “He’s said this before” I mean it this time lol. I will be also following more ts3 accounts, And I’m unfollowing these annoying bots. But I’ve been lazy for a while because I NEEDED to focus on school. Now that I’m doing better and I got my head straight imma be less lazy.


Sometimes a bad mood hit me like a truck. Sometimes I doubt myself too hard. And it’s so scary to wake up and go through the day and go to sleep. And all my thoughts are just this scary memories. Sometimes it’s too hard to think about tomorrow and about any other day of my future.
But I always have this little light of hope, because I’m already survived so many days, I won a lot of battles. And I know - this feelings will go away and I will be alive again.
But not today… Today I doubt too much…

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Yesterday my friends and I were talking about food and how we all eat so many protein bars and I usually feel kind of bad for eating more than one but my friends were saying how they usually have like two or three a day most of the time and it honestly just made me realize like who gives a shit? We are young and busy and they are yummy and convenient!

True!!!! I would still say to make sure you’re eating enough whole foods because they’re more nutrient-dense but protein bars are delicious and convenient for sure!

“For the last eight years I’ve been the head of communications for the UN Refugee Agency. My job is to make people care about the sixty million displaced people in the world. I wish I could tell every single one of their stories. Because if people knew their stories, I don’t think there would be so many walls. And there wouldn’t be so many people drowning in the seas. But I don’t think I anticipated how difficult it would be to make people care. It’s not that people are selfish. I just think that people have a hard time caring when they feel insecure. When the world is unstable, people feel vulnerable. And vulnerable people focus on protecting what they have. They focus on their own families. They focus on their own communities. It can be very hard to welcome strangers when you’re made to feel threatened. Even if those strangers are more vulnerable than you.”


This is my friend Melissa Fleming, who I think is one of the most important people in the world, and who was so instrumental in helping organize the HONY refugee series. Tomorrow at 7pm we will be in conversation at the Union Square Barnes and Noble, to celebrate the launch of her new book: A Hope More Powerful Than The Sea, which tells the powerful story of a young woman who survived a shipwreck while fleeing the war in Syria. If you can’t make the signing, you can get the book here:

“What I say about being happy is that I am ‘also happy.’ I’m happy among other things. Happy is one of the many feelings or experiences that I will have throughout a day. I think happy has been sort of made into this Hallmark card of a word, and I don’t know what that means. So I will just say that I enjoy my life, I make choices, I do what I want to do. I am a strong person, I’m not afraid of almost anything, and that’s a lot because of your example.”