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Summary: You got braces but don’t like them at all so Peter comes over to your place and tries to make you smile again

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: language,but otherwise it’s just fluff

A/N: This is my very first Peter Parker fic and I really hope I did him justice because I really enjoyed writing this one! Also this was requested by anon here. :)

“I’m never, never, never going to leave the house again”, you complained, your voice still sounding a little weird because you were still adjusting to speak with braces. You were standing in front of the little mirror above the dresser in your bed room and stared at the braces which now had the task to straighten your front teeth. 

It wasn’t like you hated people with braces. You knew a lot of people and even had friends with braces. One of your closest friends was wearing them and she looked absolutely beautiful with them. You couldn’t imagine her smile without them. But that didn’t meant you would have to like them on yourself. 

You tried to smile at yourself in the mirror and made a grimace. Not only did it still hurt because your entire mouth was sore, you  also hated how it looked and you’d already decided at the orthodontist that you were never going to smile again. Ever.

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