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Hope this isn't ~problematic~ but what's your theory (and what you want to happen/headcanons/etc) on MV verse Yoonkook???

thank you for asking me this, i love talking about mv verse yoonkook :’)

it’s obvious they were close with yoongi doting on jungkook and all

they loved each other but i think yoongi viewed it as strictly platonic however somewhere along the way jungkook developed another kind of affection towards his hyung. in ‘i need u’ mv we don’t see them intercating a lot but it’s mostly yoongi: yoongi hugging jungkook, yoongi looking at jungkook

in ‘prologue’ jungkook is the one who initiates almost everything:

‘yoongi wants to take picture with hoseok?????!!”

‘not on my watch’

in public yoongi’s detached

but in private, while everyone else is asleep:

i think maybe yoongi noticed the slight shift in their relationship and isn’t ready/doesn’t want to acknowledge it because it would only complicate everything. that’s why he’s trying to detach himself from jungkook

jungkook isn’t scared of his feelings, he is open about them

meanwhile yoongi is uncomfortable, he turns away from jungkook’s loving gaze and immediately stands up to wake up the others 

i believe at some point jungkook confronts him about it (at the motel)

i think maybe yoongi would say something like ‘i only see you as my younger brother’ so obviously it doesn’t end well. they agree to pretend it never happened and just stay friends tho. jungkook leaves, yoongi’s overwhelmed with his own feelings 

they self destruct. but they can’t stand seeing each other like that so 

jungkook tries to calm yoongi down in his drunken rage

maybe yoongi wants to show jungkook just how messed up he is, how bad he’d be as anything more than a friend. throwing chairs, breaking things.. it almost feels theatrical  

doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt jungkook tho. he decides to show yoongi he’s messed up too and drinks until he gets sick. yoongi finds him like this and is angry at jungkook because ‘are you stupid or something? what are you doing??!’ 

i hope in the soon future they realize that they’re both being stupid and just sit down and talk about their feelings. in vcr wings we see them playing the piano together so it gives me hope whatever misunderstanding happened between them is going to be resolved in the end

  • what she says: i'm fine
I look for you everywhere. Even in places I know you won’t be. I still look because i keep hoping that maybe one day you just might come back to me.
—  D…

…Consider me an official Osamu Fan™

This is candy for me, finally getting to see how he acts. I have this theory (prove me wrong, Furudate) that Osamu is the “least talented” of the twins, but only just a bit. And he has to live with the constant pressure and frustration of having to see his twin being the “best” one, the most popular, etc. The one who was invited to that elite training camp, while he wasn’t. 

I might be becoming too weak for Osamu, but I just really want to protect him if this ends up being true.

I’m so, so, so curious, so interested to learn more about him. We’re seeing snippets of his personality so far, but I will treasure every single chance we get to see him.

(That “hnn, right at the libero”. I’m in love.)

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I just keep imagining pirate McCree thinking his attraction to Merhanzo is only because of some siren shit and Hanzo lets him believe that for a while until eventually he's like "You know, I'm not actually a siren, I'm a dragon. I can't magic you into liking me, you think I'm hot all on your own." And Jesse is just "Well then I'm right fucked."

This is very plausible and may or may not happen.

i just want seven to bee happy

based off of this

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Sorry it's late and I can't sleep because that new video ruined my life BUT imagine Anxiety and Prince not dating but flirting the whole Get Together Fiasco as Morality dubbed it. It's Christmas time and Prince is baking cookies and Anxiety is sitting on counters eating fresh out of the oven cookies and then Prince comes over to scold him (1)

But Anxiety getting this burst of courage and grabbing Prince by the shoulders and kissing him even though they’re both coveted in flour and it tastes like too much sugar in sugar cookies and Morality just watches from the kitchen doorway and sighs happily because FINALLY (2)

My heart has officially exploded, this needs to be a fic like Now, but it’s two am and I cannot write properly this late at night

To my utter delight, Tangled: Before Ever After seems to have writers who want to look into the flaws and traumas of the characters and show a deep, nuanced story about how Eugene and Rapunzel made it to the wedding. The most important and promising addition the writers made to this plot line is the character of Cassandra.

“Rapunzel” is a slightly squicky fairy tale. Even in the sanitized versions, it’s a bit creepy that she marries literally the first man she’s ever seen. To really convince us that Rapunzel and Eugene belong together, we need to know that Rapunzel has other friends aside from the man who brought her out of the tower.

Cassandra is just the type of friend that Rapunzel needs. She knows palace life and can help Rapunzel navigate the etiquette and routine. She’s blunt and a bit of a rule-breaker, and can provide a break from the prim-and-proper princess routine with some straightforward talk or an adventure outside the castle.

Most importantly–she hates Eugene. I don’t care about the exact motive–for whatever reason, she cannot stand the man formerly known as Flynn Rider. Rapunzel needs to have friends who don’t think that Eugene is the greatest person ever. It gives her a different perspective on his character and personality. Cassandra challenges her first impressions and forces Rapunzel to consider Eugene’s flaws and decide for herself if he’s a person she wants as a friend.

Now, if Rapunzel marries Eugene, it won’t be because of lack of experience with other people. It’ll be because she’s been around other people–some of whom don’t like him–and still come to the conclusion that he’s the sort of person worth marrying. It makes Rapunzel into a more well-rounded person, and gives the romance a much stronger foundation.

au where yousef is a pizza delivery boy who keeps making excuses to deliver to the bakkoush household after getting the death glare from sana when he was late with her pizza meeting sana. eventually he gets so desperate that he just randomly brings her pizzas that she didn’t order, because how else will he get to see the beautiful girl who lowkey intimidates the shit out of him?

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Dating punk/bad boy shawn headcannon??? 😩😍

  • Shawn purposely leaving hickeys on your neck and collarbones
  • “Because you’re mine.”
  • Shawn having his septum pierced
  • And wearing beanies all the time
  • Always showing up late to pick you up
  • Never telling his parents where he is
  • Always acting like he’s tough
  • But you’re his soft spot
  • “Shawn, I can’t go home smelling like alcohol, again.”
  • A lot of people are afraid of him
  • But you’re not because you know he’d never hurt you
  • Him literally fighting anyone who says anything bad about you
  • Breaking curfew because you’re always out late with Shawn
  • Him being fiercely protective of you
  • Just driving around with him in the middle of the night
  • Fighting over what station to listen to
  • “Shawn, I’m tired of alternative music.”
  • Him always making plans and dragging you along with him
  • Him holding your hand a little tighter if the place is sketchy
  • If one of his drunk friends tries to touch you
  • It’s all over
  • “Shawn, just let it go.”
  • “We’re leaving. Go wait in the car.”

So my brain is doing a scene mashup. It’s mind palace Molly urgently asking Sherlock when he’s been shot, “what’s going to kill you?” and then it cuts to Sherlock breaking down and losing his mind at Sherringford and destroying the coffin and ending up in a pile of feelings on the floor. Idk it just feels so fitting. Because in a sense it did look like that moment almost killed him.

And with that I’ll just take my imaginary fan video and put myself to bed. Because apparently I’ve stayed up too late and watched too much (beautiful) sherlolly on YouTube. XD


Merlin appreciation post. I’m in love with this gorgeous man, and so are Eggsy and Harry.

This man looked like Merlin, but Eggsy was sure as hell that he had never seen this person before. 

No clipboard. Cunning smile with a tricky glance. A casual black suit. A black polo with few undone buttons. A polo, which fabric stretched across his chest each time he moved, widening the edges of its collar and showing even more of an outlined collarbone with each move. And, of course, the jawline of a hunting dog. 

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Even though I was secretly hoping that there would be a little Yoonseok in today’s Run BTS episode I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS MUCH. Like, the way Hobi just gently moved his hand to Yoongi’s neck and then pulled him in a little closer? UGH

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Imagine if Yusaku is always tired and hungry because he stays up really late planning the many details of his revenge plan. And he rarely realizes just how tired and hungry he is because he’s so busy planning and hacking stuff that he forgets to eat and sleep most of the time.

His main source of nourishment is Shoichi’s hotdogs, since he broods with Shoichi often and he always makes sure he eats at least one hotdog while he’s there. Shoichi is very concerned about Yusaku’s health.

And since Yusaku barely sleeps at night, he can be found passed out pretty much anywhere at completely random intervals. In the cafeteria? He’s snoozing. At a park? Sleeping on a bench. At home? On the floor, probably. At Shoichi’s hotdog stand? Completely crashes after a straight hour of brooding and hotdogs.

…Yeah, Shoichi is VERY concerned.

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Can I get some late night calls headcanons for (separate) Shinsou and Shindou ? Their s/o can't fall asleep because of a nightmare. ps. I sometimes get sleep paralysis and it's a really frightening experience but for the request lets just leave it as a nightmare haha

Ahh, I’ve actually experienced sleep paralysis before so I know how incredibly scary it can be! I hope it won’t be a reoccurring thing for you anytime soon.

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • Shinsou actually has a special ringtone that he has set under your contact name so he always knows if it’s you calling or texting him. When he hears the familiar sound pulling him out of his sleep he reaches for his phone and answers it right away instead of putting it on silent like he normally would if it had been someone else. He doesn’t become annoyed or anything when you’re the one that calls him in the middle of the night but if it had been anyone else then he does get a little irritated at them.
  • You can hear the faint sleep in his voice when he answers your call and when you apologize for waking him up and calling him at an indecent time he lies and says that he had already been up so you wouldn’t feel too bad. He then proceeds to ask why you were up in the middle of the night because you both have school the next day. When you explain your situation and the nightmare that you had he attempts to comfort you by telling you that there’s nothing to be afraid of because it’s only a dream.
  • Shinsou knows that it doesn’t offer you much comfort when he says that but it’s most definitely a start. He tries to distract you from the nightmare as much as possible by asking you a bunch of random things and talking about literally anything that comes to mind. He stays on the line with you until you’re the first one to fall asleep and could hear your adorable snores through his phone because he wouldn’t feel right if he’d let you go without making you feel okay and safe again knowing that you’re terrified to the bone from dreaming of something scary.

Shindou You

  • When his eyes flutter open to the sound of his phone ringing he takes a quick glance at the clock and quietly mumbles who on earth could it be calling him at this ungodly hour. Once he realizes that it’s you he almost instantly picks up before it could reach his voicemail. Shindou would then open with a joke by saying something along the lines of, “You miss me so much that you couldn’t wait until it’s morning to call me?”
  • He knows something is wrong when you don’t laugh or giggle like you usually would do when he says something of that nature, and you only utter his name with a sound of terror trembling in your voice. He immediately pulls himself upright and asks you what’s wrong and if you’re okay. After being told that you had a nightmare that scared you so much that you couldn’t fall back to sleep he’s already out of his bed and on his way to your house still dressed in his pajamas while staying on the line with you. He doesn’t tell you that he’s coming because he knows what you’d say so he keeps it a secret until his arrival.
  • You suddenly hear a pebble hit your window and it frightens you initially, but Shindou tells you to calm down because it’s your guardian angel calling out to you. You tell him to stop joking and somehow work up the courage to see who’s outside only to find out that it had been Shindou all along. He’d come a long or short way (depending on how far you live away from him) just to be with you and watch over you while you fall asleep so you can get some rest because morning is approaching quickly.

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I feel you on the whole drarry being hard to read lately because of everything happening politically and socially. Like a few years ago, I realized that if I knew Draco in real life I would seriously hate him because of his blood purity shit and everything but I adore him as a fictional character??? I know fantasy doesn't equal reality but that stuff is just way too similar to what's going on lmao every time I read something that glosses over Draco's racism now I can't do it

Yeah, same p much. I would find him really hard to forgive.

On one hand, that’s so much of what can make drarry fic interesting. How on earth can you come back from that? What can one do to earn forgiveness? What would even inspire someone to seek it?  The ethical questions underpinning H/D fic can be extraordinary and rich and amazing. Which in turn can make for amazing, moving, compelling stories.

It’s just that a lot of people ignore them? I think (and some other v wise folks have suggested to me) that that’s worse on tumblr, and I think there’s something to that. The prevelance of aesthetics and fan art and the popularity of fluffy headcanons make it seem at times like everyone’s forgotten where they came from and what their history is about, and how deep and really really justified and well-founded their mutual antipathy was.


  • Draco tried to kill Harry’s teammate
  • Draco almost accidentally killed Harry’s best friend while trying to intentionally kill Harry’s mentor
  • Draco didn’t intervene in the torture of Harry’s other best friend
  • Draco was a bully and a jerk, and was protected and motivated by his privilege in doing that
  • Draco genuinely believed that Harry and his best friends were inferior on account of their blood status and/or class status
  • Draco faked an injury that almost resulted in the death of one of Harry’s mentors’ pets
  • Draco’s father did something that led to deep psychological trauma for Harry’s best friend’s sister/Harry’s girlfriend
  • Draco’s aunt killed Harry’s godfather
  • Harry put Draco’s father in jail 
  • Harry tried to upset the larger sociopolitical order that assured Draco’s privilege (y’all know how privileged people panic and lash out about that)
  • Draco and Harry were on opposite sides of a war

Those are not things you can gloss over. I know they were children at the time, but still. Those are not things you forget. Those are not things you ignore. Those are not things that two people could fall in love with without addressing. They aren’t.

And yet.

So when people do - which is a lot of the time - I have a lot of trouble reading it too, and it’s become so common that I’m pretty much taking a wholesale break from it. 

(and I don’t know that I can even begin to verbalize how it feels to run across a great larry fictional war AU which, in the notes, lists among its influences “a certain feeling of nostalgia for old school HP fics,” and to realize that, as hard as I’d looked in HP, I can’t find anything new like that there - that other fandoms, with other source material, are doing a better job of this than we are.)

It’s not that I don’t want to read drarry. I do; part of why I’m taking a break is so that it doesn’t start to feel like homework, and I can pick back up, probably with draco tops, with a bit of space and perspective and less frustration.

But for Merlin’s sake, y’all.

Don’t forget who these characters are.


“so, does this mean I won’t need to do secrets anymore?”
“a shame. I liked hunting for Luto.”

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I am so incredibly in love with my boyfriend that it hurts. I love him so so much and he makes me feel so good and everything. I'm so in love that it's almost disgusting. Anyways, i'm just really scared of that though because if he leaves me i'm literally going to feel so Empty. i don't wanna lose myself in him but i can't help it. Do you have any advice on how to not be so ABSOLUTELY in love with him to a point where I can't live without him???? idk if this makes sense, but thank you anyways!!

Honestly like, you guys have been asking things lately that are actually me. Like I think about this literally all the time. 

Basically, I have anxiety and my boyfriend helps me through a lot of it so i often worry that I won’t be able to function without him. 

However, I have been in a relationship once before where I honestly lost a lot of myself giving and giving so much love to him, that when he broke up with me (after a few years) I felt like I couldn’t go on. I was sick and anxious and a complete mess. But slowly but surely, and with a lot of strength, i persevered and had a great life and came out stronger and way smarter.

So the moral of that story is that you will be okay without this person if it comes down to that. 

However, something I learned from that first relationship. Is that you have to love yourself above him or anyone at all. And one way to gauge this is like, are all your hopes and dreams about him? or are they about you? Make them about you. Give yourself so much love, live life for yourself, and just like be your own person. Don’t let the relationship consume you. Do hobbies and spend time with your friends as much as possible. After I lost my ex, I realized I had been neglecting my friends. And I loved my friends! So don’t neglect any part of your life for this person, and live in a way taht makes you so happy. live a life for yourself. 

That’s my advice on how to be in a relationship but not lose yourself. You are a whole and complete human being, and you happen to have found someone worth letting into your life. 

good luck love