because i imagine him like this

BTS reaction: finding their s/o asleep with their solo song playing because he/she wants to hear their voice *requested*

This one was really cute! i hope you like it!


When Jin saw you curled in a ball on the sofa with headphones on he’d feel sad. You had stayed up waiting for him and you were so tired you fell asleep.

So he placed his things down and walked over to your sleeping form. He took your headphones if of you and heard a familiar voice singing. His.

Your were listening to Awake on repeat, because you missed his voice. He sighed and pause the song before picking you up and kissing your forehead. I’m sorry for keeping you waiting Love

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Yoongi was beyond tired when he came home in the early hours of the morning. He was so tired he nearly walked right past you pass out on the floor. (You had fallen off the couch) 

He raised an eyebrow before wallowing over to you, lifting you up slowly. That’s when your headphones fell off and he could hear First Love playing through the device. 

He carried you to bed before coming back to the living room to grab your phone and headphones. He felt bad as he saw First Love on repeat. Did you miss him that much? You must have. He made a mental note to try and call you or get home earlier from now on.

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Dance practice had run very very late. And by late it was almost 4am. So when Hobi snuck into the house only to see you passed out on the couch he’d feel awful. As he walked closer he saw you were fast asleep with headphones on.

Slowly he lifted them off your head, not wanting to wake you. But as he did he heard Mama ring through them. Aww baby i’m so sorry for keeping you waiting. He would mentally kick himself for not coming home sooner. So you could hear his voice instead of the recording.

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Namjoon walked into your shared apartment at 3 am exactly. With the comeback soon her had to stay late at the studio to produce more tracks. He figured you would be asleep (and you were) but not where he was expecting.

You were asleep on half on the sofa and half on the floor. To be honest it looks like you slipped off in your sleep. God you’re as clumsy as i am.

He picked you up with ease but did not see your headphones and they fell off and landed with a loud clatter. Dammit Namjoon but to his surprise you were a heavy sleeper. But he was curious to what you were listening to and saw that you had Reflection on repeat.

He pouted, you must have had it on repeat cause you missed him i’m sorry baby girl.

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Jimin got home late… or well early technically. It was 5am. He was practicing so much he lost track of time. That was the third time this week. So when he opened the door to your share room to see you cuddling his pillow with headphone on his heart fluttered and sunk. 

Fluttered cause how cute you looked and that you were holding his pillow. Sunk because you were cuddling his pillow which meant you missed him. He quickly showered and came back to the room and over to you. He lifted your headphones off and heard Lie blaring through them. God you missed me that much kitten . He’d tuck you into bed before crawling in himself and pulling you close

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Tae had stayed late at the studio to record for one of their new tracks. He’d felt bad because he hadn’t seen you much in these past few weeks. With the comeback soon and different photo shoots you- much to his sadness- were put on the back burner.

He walked into your shared home, hoping you would be asleep. And you were in fact you were passed out at the kitchen table with your phone next you you. Stigma was playing softly through the speaker. Aww Y/N baby, i’m so sorry. Ill spend the rest of the week with you ok?”

He didn’t get an answer cause you were still asleep. He turned off the speaker and picked you up and brought you to bed.

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He had stayed late at the studio and then went to the practice room after. By the time he was done there he decided to work out at the gym for a bit. By the time he left he was not only exhausted but it was 4:30am.

He walked into your shared room after taking a shower. Expecting you to be snug under the cover. But instead he found you passed out on the floor a bunch of pictures of you and him, some with the boys some with your friends. Begin playing through your speaker and just as the song ended it started again.

He felt guilty for keeping you waiting that long. And slowly picked you up and tucked you and himself into bed.

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I hope you liked it!

Date Me?

Summary: How about a fic where you’re super popular and Peter has a massive crush on you but never pursues you because you’re popular and gorgeous but you see him every night as his nurse as Spidey and he tells you he likes you (as Spidey) only for you to be like I have to know who you are to date you. So he goes to you the next day at school and you’re like hi Peter and he wants to tell you but can’t so you’re about to leave and he just webs you over and that’s how you know and he just days, “Date me?”

Warnings: brief mention of feeling nauseous

Word count: 964

“You’ve really gotta stop fighting lawn mowers, Spidey.”

He gives a small chuckle beneath his mask as you finish up, tossing cotton balls into the nearby trash can.

Looking back up into his mechanical eyes, you can’t help but worry. You don’t even know the person behind the mask, or anything about them, but somehow, you care.

“I’m serious. You must have people who care about you a lot, and it’d suck if you just died on them.” you say, eyes trailing back to meet Spider-Mans’.

Silence fills the room. Both of you are still.

Then you break it.

“Including me.”

Peter’s heart clenches in his chest before tossing itself against his ribcage. Your words echo in his head for a few seconds before he scoots toward the edge of your bed, grunting in pain before he grabs your hands with his gloved ones.

Your heart begins to race.

“Since the first day I came to your window – covered in bruises, I have…” he pauses before continuing. “felt for you. In a way I don’t think words can express. Even before that night, I saw you in my normal life-”

“Wait, do I know you?” you question, suddenly feeling queasy. Oh god, was he a creepy stalker?

Seeing the worry in your voice he gives a small laugh before wincing, his bruised ribs protesting. “Yes, you do. And I’m not sure if you’d ever think of saying yes to me without this suit, so…will you go out with me?”

Your eyebrows furrow as your grip on his hands loosen. “I’m sorry but, I’d rather know who’s asking me to date them,” feeling his hands leave yours, you cup his masked face with one hand. “but I’m sure you’re a hell of a guy. Putting other people’s lives over yours…”

Of course she’d reject you, Peter. Even as Queen’s personal superhero. Peter thought bitterly.

You feel your heart sink when he doesn’t answer. By his body language, you can tell he’s thinking deeply. Just before you can apologize, he’s hobbling across your room to the window.


But it’s too late. The humming of cars peeling by and blinking streetlights is all that answers where Spider-Man once stood. A cold breeze comes in through your window and you shiver before closing it, feeling somewhat guilty.

After pulling the curtains over the window, you sit in bed, in the dark, pondering. You couldn’t pinpoint the spiderling’s voice to anybody you knew, but of course, he’d want to keep his identity hidden; no wonder he had such a deep voice that was filled to the brim with the thickest New York accent you had ever heard.

Before sleep could take you over, you couldn’t help but think of your crush. Closing your eyes, you smiled as the image of him filled your brain.

The whole day of school goes by in a blur, making you beyond exhausted. That is, until your crush (who you’ve hardly talked to) approaches you.

Your heart feels like it’s going to fall out of your butt as your heart races.

Oh god what if I look hideous right now?! What if I can’t speak? What if I forget how to breathe? Does my breath smell?

Exhaling slowly, you try acting as if you don’t notice him coming your way, rearranging your locker. Once he stops beside you, you glance over and smile, as if you just noticed him.

Your voice comes out so relaxed that it surprises you.

“Oh hey, Peter.”

He presses his lips together in a nervous smile. “I uh,” he clears his throat, looking away before meeting your eyes again. His cheeks begin to flush lightly.

You slowly close your locker before facing him again, seeing his face is scorching and eyes are locked on the floor.

His mouth opens, but before he could say anything, a voice calls you from down the empty hall. Turning around, you see your friend peeking her head in through the school doors.

She spots Peter and smugly smiles before saying, “Nevermind. Take your time.”

Your cheeks then burn as she disappears back outside. With a sigh you look back at Peter. “I really don’t want to rush you but my mom’s going to kill me if I’m not home in twenty minutes.”

“O-oh,” Peter stammers, hand scratching at the back of his neck. “I won’t keep you waiting then.”

With a forced smile, you don’t let your disappointment show before you turn around. Peter feels a breath catch in his throat. No. He can’t let you go. Not again.

With a small thwip Peter launches a small amount of webbing before tugging you back, catching you before you can collide with his chest.

“W-wha?” you glance down at the webbing, seeing it lead to Peter’s wrist before looking at his face. “Y-you’re…?”

You being so close to him never felt so right. His hands gently held your hips. A new wave of courage takes him over. “Date me?”

Without hesitation, you do the one thing you’ve daydreamed since middle school. His lips are softer and warmer than you ever imagined. His grip loosens as he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling your body against his.

Lingering for a few seconds, you stroke the hairs at the nape of his neck before pulling away with a smile. “I’d be honored to,” you lean in with a smirk. “Hey um, Peter? How do you take this off?” you ask, pulling at the webbing before turning around. “Peter?”

The hallways were empty.

Instead of feeling frustration, you shake your head in disbelief with a smile.

“I just kissed Spider-Man…”

Thinking about jealous!Cas is so angsty though. Like, I imagine Cas being of such pure heart that he would be genuinely happy for Dean finding something more with somebody, but there’d also be that nagging, more human part of him that would feel very conflicted because that somebody isn’t him and he’d hate that feeling because his happiness for Dean’s happiness shouldn’t be that tainted

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idk if you've already said this but why did blake break dallas' nose? how did he (blake) feel once he realized he did?

Blake’s always been kind of mean to Dallas..before Malek, Dallas kept to himself a lot.
He just chews gum, sits on the benches and plays when he’s needed. He didn’t like talking because he was scared his voice didn’t “pass”.
He started getting just a bit more talkative when Ben complimented how deep his voice was getting. (The kids just assumed he was a squeaky guy.)

Anyway. Dallas was bullied a lot as a kid and he got called ugly a lot and you know, bigots will always exist.. so he /knows/ when to grit his teeth and turn the other cheek when Blake was being an ass to him (like, you know how he just says Sorry to Blake last chapter?)
But I imagine Dallas had a really bad day, failed a Math test and everything.. and Blake was saying shit about his (Dallas’ dad) and I guess it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. So to be fair. Dallas was the one who threw the first punch. Blake reciprocated with another punch.
That fight nearly tore the baseball team in half. Tyler leaving Dallas’ side to say he was in the wrong. Still.

Favorite Sweater

A/N: This is from the point of view from a reader with chronic migraines inspired by something posted earlier about not seeing many sick readers in the fluff department and because I just watched Kingsmen tonight. Hope this is something like you had in mind.

“Go on. Give it a go.” He bit his lip in anticipation. You eyed him and the dog before beginning to speak.

“JB, fetch my favorite sweater.” The dog leaped off the bed and scurried out to the living room. You could hear the scrap of his nails and tap or his paw pads tracking through the house. Then there was a pause followed by the noise returning. JB came to the edge of your side of the bed holding Eggsy grey sweater you loved to steal when you missed him or your headaches got the best of you. Accepting the sweater your lips pulled up in a tight smile. You didn’t like crying especially even if they were happy tears. “You taught him that just for me?” Your boyfriend was beaming at this point.

“That’s not all! He can also fetch your pills or a water bottle and he can bring the phone over or push the speed dial I installed should you ever need me.” There was no way you could hold back the tears any longer. “Oi, why are you crying? It ya head again?”

“No. No. Nothing of the sort. You just…” He gently wiped the tears as you marveled at him. “I love this sweater.” You both burst into chuckles.

“I know you do and you’ll always have it, aight?” He peered into your eyes earnestly and you nodded back at the bright blues. You pulled him down for a heated kiss that you didn’t break until you heard a small whine. “Oh bugger off JB.” He whined back making you laugh again. Patting the spot on the bed for him the small pug leaped back up to get comfy.

“Thank you.” You whispered cuddling into his chest.

“Anything for you, love.” He murmured into your hair as he rubbed your back until you fell asleep.

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Daddy kink with Ethan/Grayson would include ♡

A/N: Hi babes ♡ I’m aware that this isn’t the happiest of Tuesdays, but I still wanted to post something since I’ve been very unactive and I want to make everyone who reads this smile! I received a request for a ‘daddy kink with Ethan would include' and this is how it turned out, but if you’re a Grayson girl (like me) you can imagine him with this if you like. I KNOW they both have a secret kink (don’t fight me on this) so I feel that this would apply for the both of them. I hope you enjoy xxx

➼ Daddy kink with him would definitely include really rough but passionate sex

➼ Him begging you to call him “daddy” because it turns him on (and you know it)

➼ Him being extremely dom

➼ Smirking and lip biting when he sees you come undone

➼ Dirty talk

❥ “I’m going to make you come so hard you won’t be able to walk tommorow”

❥  ’'That’s my girl’’

❥ “Such a good girl for daddy”

➼ Him enjoying to make you do things you have never done or showed before to anyone, and remembering them the next day when he sees you acting innocent

➼ Him guiding your hips whenever you would ride him and spontanously spanking you whenever you would try to take the control from him

➼ Scratches and bruises (but in the sweetest way)

➼ Him moaning your name and him begging you to call his

➼ Teasing, teasing and TEASING till your panties are soaked lmao

➼ Lots and lots of foreplay because something tells me they’d be SO good at that (I mean look at them hands)

➼ Fingering you in public because he’s a horny little boy, and gets turned on when he sees the look on your face when you realize his hands are between your legs

❥ “Oh my God, stop it!”

❥ “Only if you call me daddy tonight”

❥ “You can’t do this right now”

❥ “I’ll take you anywhere, anytime”

➼ You guys would try to do roleplays with handcuffs, tying up, blind folds and toys, and ending up laughing about it because you both can’t take each other serious (which makes it ten times more fun)

➼ Butt and hip grabbing

➼ Kissing every inch of your beautiful body and showing you how much he loves you and that you belong to him

➼ Spankinggg omg

➼ CHOKING lol idk but it’s so hot for some reason

➼ Him trying to make you squirt (*faints*)

➼ Sweet massages afterwards

➼ Him wanting to make you orgasm multiple times a night

➼ Calling you baby girl

➼ Him always giving you a look whenever he’s hinting at you for what to come for the night and you getting turned on by the thought of it

➼ Making it clear that in bed he’s your “daddy” and telling you to not even think of calling anyone else that way

➼ Him calling you his bad little girl just to make your knees go weak

➼ Him sometimes forbidding you to touch yourself during sex or during the day, saying that only he can do so and make you feel so good

➼ You purposely breaking that rule just so he could “punish” you and have way too much fun with it

➼ Him always smirking and looking at the parts where he left some hickies the next day

➼ Him loving to take you from behind while looking at you in the mirror, making you realize how much he enjoys looking at you as you moan

➼ You purposely getting on his nerves to excite him and hear him say things like “Do you want to repeat that?” and “Excuse me?” knowing EXACTLY to what it would lead

➼ Him enjoying to tease you with his member by stroking it against your crotch, just to hear you beg him to enter

➼ Him tugging your hair to have control and making you understand that you’re his

➼ Him always sweet talking you and treating and making you feel like a real princess before getting down and dirty with you

➼ Him being all soft and gentle after your fun to reassure you that he truly cares for you

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Hi! I was rereading the Last Olympian & I forgot that Percy mentions not killing demigods during the battle but instead knocking them out, and now I cant get out of my head the idea that there are probably a few demigods harboring a lot of resentment towards Percy because they feel that him choosing not to kill ultimately led to the death of their loved ones but none of them would ever admit it aloud, like imagine them looking at him and trying to feel gratitude but only feeling bitterness

That’s a super interesting point! Part of what made that conflict so fun to read was that it was grounded in a complex issue of family and acceptance that a lot of kids can relate to and then when you add in the high stakes world of being a demigod it gets that more interesting. 

Percy’s understanding of Luke’s side being enticing and his understanding of the complexities of being a demigod in general are part of what make him such a great hero. He wasn’t willing to punish any kids for just doing their best to play with the hand they were dealt, even if he disagreed with their choice. But I completely see what you mean, like if your sibling got taken out by a demigod on the other side who Percy could have taken out, would your sibling have survived? And no one can know the answer to that. That’s some deep shit, anon! It’s a hard knock life. 

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Can we just take the time to imagine Fionn trying to take you away from your study because he wants attention! Like he's been doing promo for a while, so you've been separated and now he's home and he wants allllll your attention! And he's so whingey and cheeky about it! Omg! I need you to write something to fulfil these Fionn feels!

Pestering you with kisses and cuddles from behind until you scold him and ask him to go and make dinner for the both of you. Him singing, obnoxiously loud, to put you off to only receive a balled up piece of paper being thrown in his direction. Stealing your highlighters that you’ve set out in a neat pattern to remind you of the order you’ve colour-coded your notes in. Writing you cute notes on your sticky-notes and passing them towards you when he takes the seat opposite. Hiding important notes so that you have to talk to him to see if he’s seen them anywhere in the mess of papers at the table. Pulling faces over the lid of your laptop when you’re busy looking at Powerpoints and internet websites about a topic you don’t quite understand. 

You only give him attention for a short 20 minutes whilst you eat dinner before you’re back to writing down notes and possible starts to essay questions which only makes him whine out and tap his fingers against the table. Playing footsie underneath the table until you give him a kick in the shin for being annoying. Him constantly asking if you’re finished, only to be told to go and watch some telly or catch up on his telly shows. 

And when you do eventually finish and you pile all of your papers up on top of your laptop, you go to spend time with him but he’s spark-out on the sofa with his whole body sprawled out upon the sofa and his arms folded across his chest. You leave him there as you go and get yourself ready for bed before waking him up with kisses around his face, whispering that it’s probably time to go to bed and helping him up off the sofa. Stumbling over his own feet as he slumps against you as you help him into the bedroom.

“Take a break of’a studying tomorrow,” he slurs out, head bumping against yours, “got’a day off from everything. Spend it with me, please?” xx

sagelyliberation replied to your postHeadcanon: Lusamine has internet acquaintances…

(ghetsis cannot use the internet to save his life he ends up opening like twenty five tabs at the same time and panics when his screen stalls)

oh my fucking god

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Mmmmmmm that oviposition was great! Maybe more but with 2017 BH being a whiny tsundere about it(secretly liking it of course). Bonus- him being whiny and frustrated at Flug while hes uh "getting them out"

hehe thx! and u I hope u like this.. 

HAHA..uh.. I got no imagination

note: Flug is naked because BH felt uncomfortable being only him just like that.

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concerning clinginess: i like to think that because Phoenix never looks annoyed or tells her to stop, he secretly likes when Maya grabs him. he will make fun of her or roll his eyes at her antics or whatever, but he NEVER looks annoyed when she touches him. not in the anime or in plvsaa. :')

m       f           w



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also pxz2 gave us the original butt grab:

the touching happens so often that i cant help but imagine them being a really touchy feely pair, which would explain people assuming they’re in that kind of relationship

oh my love / part two

part one

word count: 811

summary: she usually leaves him speechless, but not like this.

before you read: reader uses female pronouns. i write in third because second is too personal for me to be comfortable with, but “she” is “you” essentially! if you enjoy this please let me know / if you want a part three let me know!! i love feedback it makes me so happy

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Oooh but imagine faeformer Megatron! He falls in love with a human(it takes him a while to come to terms with that) and he decides to disguise himself as a hansome gentlemanly older man and manages to lure the human out of their village and into his domain. They get to a certain area where they've already crossed into his fairy ring and the human has no idea and then Megatron offers them like an apple growing on one of the trees. (part 1)

(Part 2 Megatron faeformer) The human eats the apple and Megatron turns back and tells them that since they’ve just had fae food they can’t leave! Human is of course distraught and is beating themselves up cause they should’ve known better than to trust an out of town stranger but gosh he was so handsome,and still is! He’d probably be some kind of fae king so he’d make the human his queen/duke/prince/etc. The human would definitely be spoiled and given the finest gifts! (cont)

(part 3 of fae Megatro) But they do miss their home sometimes and Megs notices this and despite never wanting them to leave he decides to make a deal,if they promise to return on time he will allow them to visit their village for 1 month every 3 months,but if they are late getting back he will hunt them down and bring them back to his kingdom and never let them leave again. Human takes the deal of course. Kind of like a fae Hades and Persephone AU kind of thing!

Oh my gosh!  YES!!!  I love this so much!  I’m screaming!  :D :D :D  I’m in love with the Hades/Persephone aesthetic!  This is so good!  It ties in perfectly with my faeformer Megs headcanons too!  Holy Frag!  <3 <3 <3

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imagine Alex getting a job at monets and everytime Justin goes in there and orders Alex gets him his drink with a napkin that he wrote a really cheesy pickup line on but Justins dumb "geez they should really get different napkins these are bad" and Alexs like "...." one day justin and his bros go in and Justin asks what their napkins say and he's really confused because their napkins are blank but his isn't and it takes him a whole five minutes before he slaps his forehead because he's an IDIOT

How cute I love this

Dear Evan Hansen Headcanons: Connor Murphy

;; I’ve decided to do one where reader is on their period, because let me tell you, being a trans dude I still get my period and it sucks (I’m on it currently l m a o ) So enjoy!

• He honestly was chill about you being on your period

• I mean he grew up having a sister, so he knew what to do

• but he always throws those hussy fits when you hold him he had to buy more pads.

• “ but I’m a guy, what are they gonna think seeing me out buying pads-”

• “ my vagina is b l e e d i n g Connor, and your worried about your reputation? Selfishness!”

• “…….. Okay which ones do you need-”

• he always buys you chocolate

• which wins you over and makes you just wanna cuddle with him

• at first he was like ’ yikes no your vaginal blood will leak on me, ’ but seeing you starting to cry cause he refused to cuddle you made him feel bad, so he did it anyways

• but after he pushed the thought of you leaking on him away, he gently nuzzled the crook of your neck and gave you small kisses

• he’d also rub your abdomen when you got cramps, gently massaging it whenever he heard you whimper.

• and he would play with your hair, seeing you always fell asleep when he did that

• and your whole week consists of chocolates, movies, and cuddled. You weren’t complaining though

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Noah hates cold, right?. But, would he drink ice or eat ice cream? Or maybe baby Noah ever ete snow in the past and it felt so cold. So since then he started to hate cold?. I'm imagining him did it and he would look so adorable. The cutest baby ever

OH NO this is so cute, imagine him rying to eat snow….. with masu screaming like when dogs eat things from the ground and chris laughing until noah starts to cry because it’s too cold!!

anyway noah can’t stand cold on his body, but i think he’s okay with eating cold things! maybe not too cold ahah

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It's been mentioned before that yoongi's weak spot is his neck and tbh I can just imagine hoseok using his special expensive lipstick for nights he gets super jealous and wants to leave several marks in his own way on yoongi's throat to stake his claim and as hot as yoongi thinks it is initially he wishes hoseok would just bite him because that lipstick is IMPOSSIBLE to wash off and it leaves his neck looking like an art nouveau piece for at least two weeks before it starts to fade

SHIT OH MAN OH GOD IM HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THIS CONCEPT!!!!!!!!!! yoongi wearing really stiff and tall collars he can barely turn his head in and hoseok being the most satisfied on the planet

In a a nightmare.....

What really frazzles me is that Rey has always had dreams.(confirmed in TFA novelizations) it couldn’t be her parents because she has no memory of them. But the fact that “in a daydream. In a nightmare” line (when describing Rey’s first encounter with Ren and when describing a eerily familiar voice.) She’s never met him before, but his voice is familiar. She’s obviously had dreams about Kylo Ren, most definitely of Ben Solo. You can also imagine that Kylo has these dreams too. His line from TFA “what girl?!” “the girl I heard so much about” this kind hints that he’s had dreams about her too. Hopefully TLJ touches more on this “dream” subject. It most likely will since why would they include her having dreams without it having an explanation. It would be a major plot hole.👀🌚 comment your thoughts! I’d love to hear!

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what if tddk adopt a child (like, idk, 6-7 years old-ish) who happen to be a huge Endeavor fan? (he must have some somewhere, i mean, not everyone knows he's a piece of shit).

ohmanohman i can imagine shouto not wanting to say anything to their child b/c the tddkiddo admires endeavor so much, only for the tddkiddo to find out what a shitbag endeavor is on his own accord. 

funnily enough it’s because the tddkiddo overhears endeavor refer to shouto as that/my masterpiece/thing. the tddkiddo is so ashamed of themself for ever liking endeavor and not admiring the true heroes–their parents–and starts blubbering apologies to shouto for making him uncomfortable with their endeavor-worship moments.

For the Anon who asked for Angst Winteriron! Well I tried my best but it actually ended up turning really fluffy, so here’s some i tried to be angsty and ended up in a fluffy situation story by janay winteriron

From what Bucky knows about the actual Bucky, he used to be a player of some sorts. And it’s kind of funny really because even as he watches Tony pour a bowl of cereal something as mundane, something as Human as that, he feels like an extinguished star watching the moon from far, he can’t imagine being anywhere else or even, thinking of someone else.

He didn’t think he had it in him anymore, he didn’t think he ever had it in him.

And besides he doubted that Old Bucky ever would contemplate such a thing, it wouldn’t even be in his grasp. So yeah, maybe New Bucky is the very little remains of Old Bucky, which sucks because in the end, all he does have is Old Bucky, and even Hydra managed to strip that away too. (But he has Tony, or he guesses no one really has Tony, as more than Tony has him.)

“Something on your mind, Robocop?” And Tony’s laying two bowls of cereal in between the both of them, and even New Bucky knows eating cereal at two in the morning is such a bad, horrible idea. But no one’s really up for heavy leftovers, and no one’s in the mood to eat Steve’s vegetable dish (or whatever Sam called it) So it leaves cereal. “You look like one of those people when they tell them, Hey you won the lottery, Congrats.”

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