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So, is either Yuuri or Viktor a blanket hog? I like imagining that Viktor is, and they get into silly fights about it.

I always imagined that Yuuri was the blanket hog. Because Viktor is used to Makkachin sleeping on his bed so he tends not to move around much to avoid knocking him off but Yuuri has been sleeping on his own for years so when he’s asleep he just burritos himself in the blanket subconsciously and so Viktor wakes up in the middle of the night freezing with no covers like ‘goddamnit Yuuri!’

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Taking naps with Tom? If you still take requests of course 😊

I bet Tom is secretly a lazy little shit when he isn’t working. The only time he gets out in the day if he doesn’t have to do something, is to walk Tessa, because she goes crazy if she doesn’t use up all the energy she has in her adorable.

So, naturally, it wasn’t uncommon to walk into his home and see him asleep on the sofa. The Tv would still be on, most likely another repeat of FRIENDS on Comedy Central, or maybe a bit of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

His hair would be completely windswept, the small curls you loved all over the place and his cheeks a bit rosy from the cold. He was wrapped up in his hoodie that he loved, a gift from a fan, with the spider-web on that back. One arm under the pillow his head was resting on and the other over the edge still holding the remote.

Chuckiling a bit, you grabbed a blanket from a basket in the corner, lifted Tom’s arm and rolled in next to him, his arm going around you.

You didn’t think Tom had woken up until he pulled you closer to his chest, and kissing you on the forehead, not opening his eyes once. 

“Morning, love.”

“More like afternoon.”

Tom opened one eye, frowning playfully, as a scouted toddler would.

“Sorry little Miss Perfect.”

You simply pressed your lips onto his own, then cuddled into his chest, closing your eyes for a well earned nap. 

Tom didn’t go to sleep straight away, he watched you snuggle into him, and fall asleep. Only knowing you were dreaming when you scrunched your nose.

Looking down at you then, Tom smiled, and could only wonder how on earth he ever got so lucky.

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Taking care of Harry's when he's sick tho 🙊 He'd want to be babied and stuff and he'd say he's dying cause u know how men are when they're sick

Him being overly dramatic because he needs your attention, frowning when you walk away.

“Harry I’m going to get water,” you’d giggle, his tummy on the mattress, head turned to look at you, his hand in yours.

“Donnnnnttt” he groans and wriggles like a toddler.

“I’ll bring you some juice,” you squeeze his hand and he smiles, dropping his hand from yours dramatically.

“S'nice” he yawns in a drugged up daze, “I like juice.“

There have been headcanons and speculations that Harry may have amnesia. I’m totally down for this because it seems like a very likely thing and if you look at it from an angst point of view, it really hurts the heart. 

I mean, imagine Eggsy finally being able to talk to Harry and is so happy to see him but then Harry looks at him, slightly confused, before going:

“I’m sorry but I don’t believe we’ve ever met.”

And Eggsy’s heart just sinks and his blood goes cold. 

Imagine: Having a werewolf son and Derek loving you both

Request: Can you do a Derek Hale imagine where either him or the reader had a child from a previous relationship and the other falls in love with them and the child even more when they see how amazing they are with the child and eventually they to get together? - @julieanncupcake

A/N: Okay, so I wrote this very late at night because I wanted to try and keep a consistent post schedule, but now that I’ve gone through and read this I think I’ll try and focus on quality instead of rushing out posts. 

I am currently re-writing this request because I feel like I haven’t given it the justice is deserves. I’ll put a link Here

Everyone thought she was crazy when she said she wanted a child at 19. But 9 months later they all went quiet on the subject. She didn’t care, and neither did her fiancé. They were in love and now their family was complete with a beautiful baby boy. But no matter how good, or bad things get, everything must stay in balance, and return to the middle.

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try again {part vi}



word count: 1,033

A/N: Ahhh last part!! I hope you guys liked this series

“Baby, just breathe.” Shawn encouraged. My face scrunched up in pain every five minutes or so because of contractions. We had finally made it to the hospital and Shawn looked relieved. I wouldn’t let him drive to the hospital until my contractions were ten minutes apart. By the time I changed into the hospital gown with Shawn’s help, the IV was stuck into my hand, and I got comfortable in the stiff hospital bed, my contractions were already just five minutes apart. Shawn had finally calmed down enough to attempt to soothe me, and for that, I was thankful.

My fingers were laced between Shawn’s and I only squeezed when I felt a tight cramping in my stomach. Shawn repeatedly asked me if I was alright, to which I replied with, “No, but he’s worth the pain.” He, referring to our baby, was most certainly worth the pain. This was what I had wanted for so long. Having a baby is what I had longed for. I wasn’t going to complain during labor because a baby was what Shawn and I wanted and this was part of having a baby.

“What do you think he will look like?” I asked Shawn, trying to take my mind off the pain. Shawn traced my hand with his thumb while thinking for long while about it.

“I think he’ll look like me, but with your cute nose and your eyes.” Shawn finally spoke. I smiled at his words and thought about what Shawn said. I imagined what he thought he would look like and felt my heart gushing over in adoration already.

“Well, I hope he looks exactly like you.” I told Shawn. He disagreed.

“Nope, he has to look at least a little bit like his momma.” Shawn said. Seconds later, another contraction caused my lower abdomen to cramp with pain. I squeezed hard on Shawn’s hand. To pass the time, I asked Shawn to bring my makeup to me. I knew Shawn would be making pictures later so I wanted to look slightly presentable.

I patted foundation on and put a few coats of mascara on while Shawn sat in the chair beside me, shaking his head and laughing. I shot my eyes over at him.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You’re in labor and putting makeup on. I can’t believe you’re doing this.” He chuckled.

“Well, I’m sorry that I don’t want our son’s first glimpses of his mother to be horrifying.” I said sarcastically.

“You’re beautiful, especially right now.” Shawn cooed. He held my hand again and kissed my fingers and knuckles softly. I knew what he had just said was a lie, but he was trying to make sure I was in the best mood possible today. I knew my face was probably swollen from all the pain medications I was being given at the moment. The fact that Shawn would think I’m beautiful right now made me love him even more. I handed him my makeup bag and he walked across the room to put it away.

“Ma'am, we need to do a c-section, it appears you won’t be able to naturally birth the baby.” A nurse said while bursting through the door.

“A c-section? Why?” Shawn quickly replied.

“Your baby is breech and it’d be safer to deliver him via c-section.” The doctor who finally entered the room spoke. I looked at all the nurses and the doctor in front of me, then to Shawn. I must have looked nervous because everyone in the room tried to calm me. “But we need you to stay relaxed. The more stressed you are, the more stressed the baby will be. Okay?”

I waited for Shawn to return after leaving with a nurse. Since I was no longer doing a natural birth, he would have to put on scrubs just like everyone else. When Shawn came back into the room, he walked over to me. He held my left hand in his hand while he stood above me. He whispered encouraging words to me and kissed my forehead occasionally. The surgery was beginning and I looked up at Shawn to take my mind off of things.

Soon after our baby was born weighing a healthy seven pounds and three ounces, I found myself struggling to stay awake. Shawn was also tired, as we had been up since two this morning timing my contractions. The nurses took our baby boy to the nursery after seeing how exhausted we both were, despite Shawn begging for him to stay. As much as I wanted him to stay, we both needed rest.

I awoke hours later to a soft cry and then Shawn’s voice trying to calm the cry, telling me our baby was in the room. I opened my eyes to see Shawn holding our child close to his chest, rocking him back and forth.

“We can’t wake up mommy. She’s tired.” Shawn spoke lowly. I pretended to still be asleep just so I could listen to Shawn talking to our little boy. “Shh, don’t cry. It’s okay, little guy. It’s okay.” Shawn said in response to another almost silent cry. I opened my eyes finally and turned towards Shawn. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to wake me up.”

“It’s okay, Shawn.” I assured. I was happy that Shawn’s voice had woken me up. I already loved seeing him spend time with our son.

“I asked the nurses to bring him in here. I mean, what if they get him mixed up with another baby?” Shawn sounded genuinely concerned and it was amusing.

“Oh, yes. I’m sure the only baby in the nursery that looks just like Shawn Mendes will get sent home with another family. I can see the news headlines now.” I said, laughing, but stopping as soon as I realized how much it hurt.

“Are you okay, love?” Shawn asked. I nodded, trying to let the pain disappear before speaking again.

Shawn and I sat in the hospital room for the rest of the night, taking turns holding him. Miraculously, he didn’t wake up even with all the movement. Shawn and I admired him while he slept so peacefully.

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What do you think the girls favorite movies are? I can imagine Yang being a HUGE Bruce Lee fan so anything with him, or fighting movies in general.

A really good fanfic called Something Borrowed gave me the idea that Ruby just loves shit movies. Like crappy horror/action movies with stuff like “Zombies vs Aliens” and she drags Weiss to all of them.

Yang is thankful because Weiss took her spot.

I could see Yang liking fighting movies but she also likes big budget super hero movies and has a TON of fan art she’s done of her favorites that she’s never shown anyone.

Blake loves documentaries and movies from other cultures. If it has subtitles, she is there. Also anything animated.

Weiss loves romance, but it has to have a good female lead. If they’re written poorly or just a prop for the male lead, she’s out and on her scroll leaving a scathing review.

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I rewatched DGHDA (because what else am I going to do with my life) and the first time we see Dirk he's sleeping. I can't help but feel like Dirk sleeps dead straight on his bed in whatever clothes he has on because he grew up in a clinical lab cell with a really narrow cot and no comfy pajamas. Why do I keep making myself sad?


I mean, probably accurate, but ouch. I imagine he’s very into pyjamas, because he never had little indulgences like that when he was younger. But I think you’re right - his time at Blackwing has made him pretty good at sleeping in his clothes when he needs to. He seems pampered but he’s actually totally unused to luxury.

I’m sorry you made yourself sad. Would it help at all to picture Todd, at the end of a long case, patiently helping Dirk to get undressed and put his pyjamas on, because Dirk is too sleepy to do it himself, and Todd won’t let him sleep fully clothed? 

Dirk would be incredibly grateful of course, but not surprised, because Todd is an excellent assistant. But a little surprised, because he’s occasionally still struck dumb by the mere fact of Todd’s existence, and it always catches him slightly off guard when Todd pushes him towards the bathroom to brush his teeth, or reminds him to take his vitamins, or carries an extra pair of gloves for him. 

There are a lot of habits from Blackwing that he never managed to shake, despite trying so very hard to do–and own, and be–all of the bright, silly things they always disapproved of him doing. He still instinctively hoards information and deflects questions, because information is currency and it’s the only one he has. He still flinches whenever anyone uses the word “experiment”, or talks about his “abilities”. And he still sleeps on his back, arms neatly by his sides, even though he generally has more room to maneuvre now.  

Todd has, seemingly without realising, been breaking Dirk of these habits one by one since they first met. Todd pushes Dirk to be honest with him, to let him in on his process, not to hold things back until he’s managed to figure everything out himself. He teases him about being a crappy psychic, but smiles while he does it, so that Dirk doesn’t even mind him using the Silent P Word. And now that their friendship has been… promoted to something more, and they’re sharing a bed, Todd has made it his mission to help Dirk relax and sprawl out a little, because it’s unnerving to sleep next to someone who’s basically posed like a corpse.

Of course, this doesn’t really take effect until Dirk discovers the optimal cuddling position–Todd’s head on his shoulder, Todd’s arm around his waist–and then he really gets on board. The fact that he sleeps better now, and has fewer nightmares, is an unexpected bonus.

These days Dirk almost never wakes up cold and uncomfortable and fully dressed. He wakes up wearing a Mexican Funeral t-shirt, with a Mexican Funeral frontman draped all over his front. It’s a decided improvement.

Let me say that if there is a on-screen “I love you” from kim to jimmy can you imagine how jimmy would feel about that?

Can you imagine how long he has ever heard those words being said to him? Like, the last person to ever say that (and really mean it) was probably his mother.

I half expect him to just cry right there on the spot because he’s never really in charge of his emotions when it comes to kim.. poor guy had a fit and kicked doors and cried when she had to decline his initial proposal for her to work with him.

And the fact that jimmy probably wouldn’t believe it at first because, he thinks he’s a failure and he knows it. But not to kim, she belives in him and I j u st?

Sing me a song-BalemxReader

A/N: This piece of cheese was requested. So, here it is. The song is Let’s stay together by Al Green because I’m old school, and adore a good sappy romance song, like Balem ;)

Imagine: Balem singing.

Balem was a very closed off individual, something you had grown accustomed to over the months. Even now you were still trying to figure the First Primary out, yet no matter what he was always full of surprises. However, you were thankful for those candid moments you shared with him, even when he wasn’t aware you were listening.

His fingers walked up your arm, caressing your smooth skin as he hummed a song you had been listening to earlier in the day. It was a classic one, something your parents used to listen to, it reminded you of home whenever you felt particularly homesick. Being so far, literally planets away, you often wondered how they were doing. You really should’ve come up with a better excuse than ‘I’ll be traveling the globe’, but you didn’t think you could explain leaving earth to shack up with a space overlord would’ve sat well with them. Even thinking it sounded crazy.

You were snuggled into Balem’s side, your hand resting over his bare chest as you slept. Unbeknownst to the emperor, you were awake, but he didn’t need to know that. You just wanted to enjoy this rare moment of cuddling before he had to leave to conduct his business. Not to mention listening to his soothing voice as he sang. If he found out you heard him, you were positive he’d be scrambling to get up and pretend none of this happened.

“I’m so in love with you…”

You fought back a giggle as he sang, but you had to admit he was rather good at it. You wondered what other hidden talents this enigma of a man held.

Balem tugged you closer to his warmth, nuzzling into your hair as he hummed and sang, disturbing the quiet atmosphere of his chambers.

“Cause you make me feel so brand new…”

His lips slid over your forehead, kissing you gently, a stark contrast to his usual roughness when it came to intimacy.

“And I…want to spend my life with you…”

He hummed the lyrics he clearly didn’t know, and you had to fight to keep a straight face now. This was just far too good to be true, because you would’ve never guessed Balem even paid your music any mind. Yet here he was, softly singing the tune like it was his favorite sound in the world.

“Loving you forever…”


That’s all I got!!! Lol

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Liam- As Long As You’re There

Request-  hi I love your writing!could you write a Liam one where the reader is tutoring him and she’s like really shy and awkward but she likes him a lot and Liam is super oblivious to it so she asks Lydia to help her be like more appealing to him but when she shows up all made up he makes a weird comment so she gets sad and runs away and then someone tells him he’s dumb and she likes him so he goes to her and tells her he liked her just the way she was before her makeover and it’s all cute and stuff?

A/N- Last imagine in the ask! I’ll be opening it up soon.

You stood in front of the stained bathroom mirror, quickly combing through your hair with your fingers. Maybe it was a little ridiculous to be worrying about your appearance when all you were doing was tutoring someone, but today was different. Liam made you worry, because between all the joking and the laughing and the algebra, you realized that he wasn’t just a dumb lacrosse player.
He was sweet, and unlike some of the other kids you were assigned to help, he actually treated you like a human being, and not some smart freak. Maybe you didn’t care so much about makeup or fashion. Those just hadn’t been your priorities, but you figured the kind of girls Liam dated weren’t exactly the kind that cared about grades and extracurriculars that weren’t cheerleading.
That’s stupid, you suddenly thought. I barely even know him and I’m already judging his taste in girls.
You shook off the thought, telling yourself you shouldn’t assume anything about him, and went back to brushing your hair out of your face.
“Now who are you trying to look pretty for?”
You jumped at the voice, and glanced back to find Lydia Martin leaning against the wall behind you. You blushed furiously, and stood up a little straighter. You hadn’t even noticed her in the mirror.
She was a teacher’s assistant for your English class, and one of the only people you even talked to. The problem with being the weird smart kid was that when you took a regular class to get a break, everyone treated you like you had some kind of disease. The only moments when you weren’t contagious just happened to be when someone needed to copy a homework assignment.
Lydia had been your saving grace throughout that class, and while you were grateful to her, she still kind of scared you.
“No one,” you lied quickly. “I’m just-”
Lydia rolled her eyes, causing you to pause. She peeled herself away from her post on the wall and walked toward you, pursing her glossed lips. “Y/n, it’s okay to want to look pretty for someone. It doesn’t make you any less intelligent.”
“No, I-I know. I just…”
You sighed and looked back at yourself in the mirror. “He’d never feel the same way.”
“Does this he just happen to be Liam?”
You flushed, and had the lovely opportunity to watch yourself turn beet red in the mirror. “How’d you know?”
“You tutor him on Wednesdays and Fridays don’t you?” she asked. “Besides, I see the way you look at him. Total heart eyes.”
“But he’s so popular,” you protested. “And I’m just…I’m not.”
“That doesn’t matter at all,” Lydia told you firmly. “Take it from someone who learned the hard way. If you like him, and he likes you, nothing else counts. It took me way too long to realize that, and I don’t want you missing out.”
“But that’s only  if he even likes me back.”
“I think you’d be surprised just how much he likes you. In my opinion, Liam just hasn’t learned the art of being proactive.”
“So what do I do?”
“You be the proactive one,” she began, but when she saw your frightened face, she rolled her eyes. “Or you do something that turns him into the proactive one.”
“Like what?”
Lydia sighed. “I don’t know, Y/n. Maybe make him jealous?”
“Jealous?” you repeated. “Lydia, have you seen me with guys? What about…what about a makeover?”
“A makeover?” she asked with a frown.
“Yeah!” you told her. “You’re amazing with makeup. You could make me beautiful.”
“Y/n,” she said, her face softening. “You are beautiful.”
“But not Liam’s kind of beautiful,” you pressed.
“Y/n, if that’s not who you are-”
“It’s who I can be,” you cut her off. “I mean, I have potential, right?”
She sighed once more. “You have loads of potential. More than you think, but I just-”
“Please,” you begged. “Please, Lydia. This might be the only way to get his attention.”
She pursed her lips and stared at your face for a while, taking in your serious expression. “Fine…but I’m only doing this to prove that he’d like you with or without the makeup.”
“Okay, whatever,” you agreed. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”
“Yeah, yeah. Don’t thank me yet. How about Friday morning? I can pick you up and do your makeup before school.”
“Yes!” you breathed. “That’s perfect.”
“Good, now get to the library. You don’t want to be late to meet Liam do you?”
You froze, and quickly pulled your phone from the pocket of your jeans. You cursed when you looked at the time, and quickly rushed out of the bathroom.
“Thanks, Lydia!” you called, sparing her one last glance before you rushed out of the bathroom.
She watched you go with a tiny frown, hoping she wasn’t making a mistake by helping you out with this. Makeup and fashion weren’t everything, and she certainly didn’t condone transforming yourself for a guy. She knew Liam was on the lacrosse team, and she knew you didn’t think you were his type, but she also knew that he didn’t really care about that. She just hoped that you’d get the picture before you turned into someone you weren’t.
Outside of the bathroom, you rushed back down the hall to the library. When you pushed open the doors, Liam was already sitting at your usual table, scanning his algebra textbook and frowning.
You hurried over and slipped into your usual seat, causing him to raise his eyebrows at your haste. “Hey, sorry I’m late!”
Liam smiled. “Y/n, you’re only five minutes late.”
“Still,” you continued. “You look like you’re having trouble.”
He shrugged, casting his blue eyes down toward the book. “A little. Mr. Bryant didn’t finish the lesson, so he told us to look in the book, but I don’t understand how any of that has to do with what he taught us.”
“Hm,” you said, leaning over the table to take a closer look.
You rose to your feet and walked over to stand beside him, examining the page before you. “Notes?”
“Oh yeah,” he said, pulling a handful of crumpled papers from his backpack.
You stared at them with pursed lips, and then looked back at Liam. “What?”
“Nothing,” you told him with a smile, smoothing them out on the edge of the table and then placing them beside his textbook.
You leaned in to take a closer look, and Liam was all too aware of how close your shoulder was to his. The scent of your shampoo filled the space around him, like coconut and vanilla, and he fought the urge to lean in closer.
“Okay, so it looks like it’s the same thing,” you began to explain. “And they only call it something different. It’s the same technique. Do you want me to show you?”
You looked over at Liam, and while he was looking at you, he didn’t seem to hear you.
“What?” he asked, his face going bright red at the fact you had caught him staring.
“Do you want me to show you?” you repeated.
“Oh, uh, no…no I think I got it. It’s just the same technique, right?”
“Yeah,” you told him slowly, almost sure that he hadn’t been listening. “So you’ve got it from here?”
He nodded. “Yeah. But I think you should stick around, just in case I need more help with the homework.”
You shrugged and went back over to sit in your normal seat. “That’s what I’m here for.”
Liam frowned. “So, uh, are you doing anything fun this weekend?”
“Nope, not really,” you told him, rooting through your bag. “Aren’t you supposed to be getting started on your homework?”
Liam swallowed, and quickly glanced away. “Yeah. Yeah, you’re right.”
You looked back up at him, but he was diligently working through the worksheet on the table. You frowned slightly, realizing that maybe you had said the wrong thing, but you didn’t know what to say to remedy the situation.
You cursed yourself for being so oblivious, and it occurred to you that Liam might have been trying to show some interest. It didn’t matter, you decided, because on Friday, Lydia would make you look so amazing that you wouldn’t be able to do anything to mess it up.

“Pout your lips,” Lydia ordered as you sat in the parking lot. “More…okay, there you go.”
You were sitting in the backseat of Lydia’s Toyota, perched on the seat as she brushed, curled, and painted what she claimed to be a masterpiece. Your stomach was twisting with excitement, and maybe a little something else, because while you trusted her, this was totally new to you.
“You can look,” she informed you, pulling a mirror out of her purse and holding it up to you.
A soft gasp left your throat as you gazed at yourself in the mirror. The girl before you looked alien, foreign, and even though she was you, it seemed as if she was an entirely different person. You trailed your fingers along the intricate fishtail braid Lydia had woven your hair into, and smiled.
“Lydia, you made me look gorgeous.”
She shot you a look. “You always look good, Y/n. It’s just enhanced now.”
You closed the mirror and shot her a look, but your lips were wobbly from keeping your smile in check. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “Now all you have to do is wow Liam…though it’s not like he isn’t already.”
You smiled and grabbed your bag, then reached out to open the door, shooting her one last glance. “You’re my hero, Lydia.”
“Go be your own hero,” she promptly told you, before rolling her eyes once more.
You grinned as you headed toward the school, ready to do exactly what she said.

You were rifling through your bag when Liam walked into the library later that day, trying to find some of your algebra notes. Your heart was hammering in your chest as you fumbled with the zipper, and it took you so long that by the time you finally got the bag closed, you had already heard the grating of chair legs on the floor.
“Y/n?” Liam asked, raising his eyebrows as he looked down at your ducked head.
“Yeah?” you asked, picking your head up.
Instead of replying, his mouth fell open and he let out a sort of choking noise. His blue eyes were wide with surprise, and you smiled at him. “Do I look good?”
“You…you definitely look different,” he told you, his voice strained.
You frowned. “Lydia did it this morning. I thought…you don’t think it looks good?”
“It’s just so…it’s so weird,” he said thoughtfully.
He came around the other side of the table and reached out to touch the end of your braid. “I mean, you just don’t look like…you. That’s all.”
Your heart began to sink in your chest, dragging all your self confidence down with it. You had been so sure that Liam would love the makeup and the hair, but now, as he stared at you with a frown on his face, it occurred to you that maybe no amount of makeup would ever make him feel the way you dreamed he would.
“You’re right,” you muttered, rising from your seat and grabbing your things. “It’s stupid. I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”
Liam blinked those baby blue eyes in confusion, and you just couldn’t stand them on you anymore. You turned away, walking as quickly as you could toward the doors and trying to fight the tears about to fall.
“Y/n, wait!” Liam called, but you burst out of the library before he could decide what to do, and soon all he could see was your back through the small windows in the doors.
You bitterly wiped your cheek, hating the fact that you were crying over a boy, but you couldn’t help it. Maybe this is why Lydia didn’t want to do it in the first place, you thought angrily. Maybe she knew and didn’t want to get my hopes up.
You darted into the bathroom, not even caring enough to glance around and make sure the coast was clear. You simply let your backpack fall to the ground, and rushed into one of the empty stalls. After you locked the door, you finally let yourself cry without holding back.
Tears dripped onto your cheeks as you cursed yourself for being so silly, and so naive. How could you think that some mascara and a braid would make a boy fall in love with you?
A knock on the door of your stall suddenly startled you, causing you to pause your sniffling.
“It’s taken,” you called out, your voice already hoarse.
“I know that,” a sharp voice informed you. “Why else would I be knocking on a stall when there are three empty ones right near me?”
You blinked, and straightened up. “Lydia?”
“Open up.”
You stood up and reached for the lock,only to slightly crack the door. You were met with one green eye peeking into the stall, and part of an eyebrow that you knew was arched.
“What do you want?”
“What do you think?”
“He hated it, Lydia.”
She rolled her eyes. “Did he say he hated it?”
“Well…no,” you said hesitantly. “But you were in the library. You heard him. He said it was weird.”
“It is weird,” she countered. “The definition of weird is something uncanny or out of place. You don’t normally wear makeup, so yeah I’d say it’s weird. That doesn’t always equal bad.”
“It does to me,” you muttered.
“Then maybe you should change the way you think,” Lydia fired. “Y/n, how can you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself? I guarantee you that Liam is into you. The only reason I didn’t want to give you a makeover was because I didn’t want you thinking you needed something else to make him like you.”
“Well he clearly doesn’t like me at all.”
“Bullshit,” she breathed, giving an exasperated sigh.
She reached forward and shoved open the door of the stall, causing you to stumble back in shock. “Lydia-”
“Listen to me,” she ordered, staring straight into your eyes. “Love is not about looking a certain way, or being something you’re not. Love is about seeing a person for who they are, for what they are, and knowing that whatever that is, being with it everyday makes you happy. And if you keep trying to fight who you are, you might be fighting someone who’s going to give that to you.”
You pursed your lips. “What do I do? I just…I stormed out on him.”
“Go back there and talk to him,” she suggested, staring at you like it was obvious. “Besides, he might not be as far as you think.”
“What?” you asked, but she gave no response other than the raise of her eyebrows. “Fine.”
You grabbed your bag from the floor and headed out of the bathroom, but you barely made it two feet before you almost slammed right into Liam himself. You took a step back and glanced up at him, not having a clue what to say. Luckily, you didn’t have to say anything.
“I never meant to hurt your feelings,” he blurted. “I mean, you look good in the makeup. Really good. I was just surprised, cause I’ve never seen you look like that.”
“Yeah,” you said slowly.
“And, don’t get me wrong, I liked you before. I really liked you…and I still like you.”
“You like me?” you repeated softly.
He nodded. “As more than my tutor. A lot more. I was trying to ask you out last time I saw you…but you didn’t seem interested.”
“No!” you blurted out. “Liam I-I was distracted. I was so worried about this makeover, and I thought you would like it.”
“Y/n,” he said softly. “I’ll like you no matter what.”
“Yeah?” you asked.
“Yeah,” he promised. “So maybe, instead of you tutoring me today, maybe I could take you out?”
You grinned. “Yeah. Yeah that’d be great.”
“And you can look however you want,” he assured you. “Makeup, no makeup, whatever. As long as you’re there, I don’t care.”
A light blush covered your cheeks. “Okay.”
Liam broke into a wide grin, and he held out a hand that you gladly took. His fingers were warm in yours, and slightly sweaty, but you didn’t care that he was nervous. You let him lead you down the hall, and after a few moments, he spoke.
“You look really beautiful by the way.”
They were the words you had been waiting to hear all day, and while you were flattered, they didn’t seem to matter so much anymore.
“Thanks Liam,” you said with a grin. “I just don’t think it’s me.”
He shrugged. “You’d still be beautiful if you took it off.”
You smiled to yourself as you followed him out to the parking lot, thinking that you would have to thank Lydia later. Not only had she been right all along, but she insisted on helping you figure out what mattered when you were too stubborn to face it.
In the end, you still had Liam, and you knew now that he didn’t care about hair, or makeup, or clothes. He simply cared about you, and he always had, and nothing as trivial as that was going to change it.

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Terushima Yuuji with a bf aka S/O thats generally cool and suave, but is so weak to Teru's tongue piercing, like a simple kiss with it and Yuuji might as well be able to commit murder and get away with it. Also bf low-key wants him to get nipple piercings MAYBE even a dic one he's iffy on that though.

I just, I can’t resist writing this omfg - Hope

With a boyfriend with such high energy people were surprised that (Y/N) could even keep up with him at times. (Y/N) was a chill and very laid back kind of guy which is probably why the two worked so well together. Yet although that (Y/N) was so laid back he also had his moment where he couldn’t just melt in Yuuji’s hands. 

Terushima usually just ate lunch with the team and (Y/N) didn’t really ever feel like sitting with his over enthusiastic boyfriend when he could relax and catch up with some new manga and listen to music while he enjoyed his lunch. 

Yuuji knew very well what he could do to his boyfriend and how he could get him so worked up with just a single kiss. Ever since he got his tounge piercing it definitely added so much more to his ‘bad boy look’ even though he wasn’t anything like that. 

Terushima walked into his boyfriend’s homeroom and took out the earphones that were in his ears. (Y/N) sighed putting down his food before looking over at a grinning Terushima.

“Yes Yuuji?” He asked but before he could even take another breath Terashima pressed his lips on his boyfriends. (Y/N)’s eyes widened as Terushima slipped his tounge inside of his mouth. (Y/N) began to blush like a madman melting at the feeling of that silver ball that was on his boyfriend’s tounge. It probably wasn’t the best idea for Terushima to just start to make out with his boyfriend because yes it did have risks, but for the most part he didn’t care.

“Yu-Yuuji.” (Y/N) moaned as Terushima pulled away from his aggressive kiss. “Damn it you can’t just do that to me, give me a little prep time would you?” (Y/N) complained rubbing at his temples his face probably still a light pink. 

“You know you love it.” Terushima smirked resting his arm down on (Y/N)’s desk. 

“But at school really? You couldn’t wait till we got back to my house?” (Y/N) asks leaning back in his chair glaring up at Terushima.

“No I couldn’t, I mean the locker room is always open.” He teases and (Y/N) shoves him away as the bell rings. 

“Go back to class you dumbass.” He says rolling his eyes picking up his book. As Terushima presses a kiss to his cheek. 

“See you after practice.” He waves walking out of (Y/N)’s classroom. 

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Murdoc coming home after a late show to a S/O who made him dinner

Was this supposed to be angst because it turned into fluff. I’m also listening to Halloween ASMRs. 

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He was exhausted and all he wanted was to go to the nearest fast food place and eat almost everything on the menu.
  • He realized he left his wallet back at the studio so he had to run back and get it before they closed. 
  • When he walked into the studio, it smelled like food had just been made and all he wanted to do was find the source. 
  • When he walked into the kitchen he seen you passed out on the table with empty plate like you were about to eat. 
  • He smiled and shook you awake. 
  • You explained to him that you had made him food for when he got back and all he wanted to do was kiss you but the food sounded really good so he asked you if you wanted to eat even though it was really late. 
  • You nodded and handed him an empty plate and served him a large amount knowing that he was hungry. 

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Imagine link playing with the kids at different villages and stables and Zelda just watching him without him noticing but all she can think is the fact that he's so perfect and how the heck did she ever land a guy like him and they sometimes talk about kids IM RAMBLING

some little kid trips and link helps them get up. they start crying because they just hurt their knee and Pure And Precious Boy Link™ just picks them right up from the ground and carries them to some place where they can sit on, and starts treating the little kid’s wound. zelda has been watching the whole time and this is when she realizes that goddamn this is the perfect specimen to procreate with, hylia bless his soul

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i would KILL for a HITA part 2. like. really. maybe years down the line, maybe like late 80s/early 90s. the start of indie/grunge. i would die they would be in like what their 30s? omg what is that decade of harry and louis like do you think? or are they still stuck in their 70s ways? how does harry feel about mick and the stones now? does he think mick has lost it? what's louis listening to? nirvana? or is he more of a smiths/R.E.M guy? I NEED ANSWERS

omg i feel like early 90s h+l from HITA would be super into the indie/grunge scene, louis especially, and he’d totally be into both nirvana and the smiths. harry would so be all indignant about it and stick to his beloved bands from when he was growing up, but also secretly be totally in love with the smashing pumpkins much to louis’ delight. i think they’d still be stuck on their time in the 70s because of what it meant for them, but also they’d be happily moving with the times because that’s how i imagine their characters would react with each other?? still completely head over heels for each other, but in a much calmer and simpler way, i feel as though they’d be so comfortable with each other that everything about their relationship would feel easy. i imagine them in their 30′s to still be super goofy and adorable with each other, have their own little house or apartment, louis running a youth group or a safe space for lgbt+ teens in SF, harry holding a regular saturday slot at teddy’s bar with niall, freelance writing and performing. they’d own a second gen chevy camaro, bright orange and totally beat up but it’s harry’s 70s baby and he drives it everywhere, they’ve had it since their twenties, and he picks louis up from work in it and they go cruising in the afternoons together, listening to early green day and chili peppers, guns ‘n’ roses and the cranberries, and then harry will pop on the rolling stones because he refuses to let them go, he’s still entirely in love with mick of course, and they sing along like they did when they were back in idaho. still just as in love, if not more. hope this fulfils your questions love xxxx

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Hello! Which style of Mikleo do you like best? Anime or manga, or ingame animation? I personally prefer the manga adaptation, not for the storyline, but simply the art. Mikleo looks more feminine, which is how I imagine him when reading fanfics and stuff;) It's almost like the animators of the train wreck (we shall not speak their names!) tried for a more catlike, pointed chin look, rather than the soft and angelic. Your thoughts?

Damn this is a really hard choice, haha.  Because I like him in all 3 styles, haha.  But I think I’d have to go with the original, in game one, just because that’s the version I got attached to first if that makes sense?  Although Mangaleo makes some of the cutest faces I’ve ever seen.  And for just the sheer “sit there and stare” factor, the anime is just really good at it.  But for the version I always mentally default to while I’m reading/writing fic, it’s definitely the game version.  Especially if I’m throwing around descriptions of what his cape is doing.

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Since i wanna cry myself to sleep for a few nights, tell me your saddest headcannon :)

My saddest headcanon? Well, for me it was one of the first one’s i posted. It was about how Bendy was once a human child who committed suicide, after his successful, high society, wealthy parents abused him for being ‘strange and fae’ (he had autism, but such a thing was unknown at the time). Because his death was not natural, he went to hell and became a demon and swore to protect all children, abused, and oppressed (note, most demons stay the age they died and only transform into a demon. If they are a soul brought to hell by another demon, and not by judgement, they turn into a baby and must be raised again, as they have lost their human memories).

I like yo imagine that later on, he would be called upon by two parents whose child is also autistic, named Benjamin. They feel that he is ‘imperfect’, 'strange and fae’, and that fate has robbed them of their 'perfect child’. All of this gets him very, and i mean VERY angry (livid). So, he decides to punish them in a very cruel way. They ask for him to 'fix’ their son, and he makes a contract stating that he will give them their 'perfect’ child, in exchange for Benjamins soul. This shocks Boris and disgusts Alice, as both thought he would never bring any demonic harm towards a child. The parents agree to the conditions, and he leaves, telling Alice and Boris that they will understand soon enough.

Later he gets summoned by those parents once more, claiming the deal is of, since he has not kept his end of the bargain. He lashes out at them, telling them he did. He very angrily states “that that child before you IS your perfect child! With all his faults ad quirks! It is YOU, as his parents, have failed to love your son unconditionally! I did not change whom he was, because he already IS perfect! Just the way he is!”.

The parents now call upon Alice to come help break this contract they have with Bendy, and so that their son may keep his soul. As Alice wonders whether she should help Bendy or the parents, Bendy states that when he receives the child’s soul, he will love and protect him more than they ever could. At this point, Alice states that she is unable to do anything about this contract, as it is legal binding, and already signed. As they leave, Bendy tells the parents that they should love their boy whilst they can, and maybe it will clear them of their sins.

Boris is glad to see Bendy did not intend to harm a child, and Alice apologizes for not trusting him, and for also being rude to him. Bendy just gives out his signature smile and hugs both his friends, telling them not to worry. As they walk home to their shared apartment, Bendy accidentally states that Benjamin will die in five years in a car accident (he knows everything about him now that he owns his soul).

This next part is kind of the same as another headcanon i got from an anon, so imma steal it -3-

And so, fives years and one car accident later, Benjamin dies, and is given to Bendy as a baby soul. He has probably never been happier in his life. And so, Bendy goes on his many adventures and wacky antics, (such as making contracts, reaping damned souls, and taking should to the judgment train). I also like to think he would sing “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit to him as a nap time song.

But same as anons HC, it doesn’t last. He receives a visit from a demon friend, congratulating him, and also telling him that Benjamin will be sent to a 'baby training camp’ soon. Bendy freaks out, as he did not know about this, and begins to worry for his new son.

In the end, unable to find a way out of it, he gives the boy to Alice, so that she may take him to heaven, and spare him. He gives him one more kiss on the fore head, and says goodbye. Forever.

Later, he walks into Benjamins old room, and walks past the scattered toys with no owner, and sits by the now empty crib. He sing one more line from “Rockabye”, only slower, sadder, and with a teary cracked voice.

“… she tells h-him “ooh, love, no-nobodies gonna hurt y-y-you, love.”

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angsty Kunikida lamenting another unpaid restaurant tab bc Dazai is a moocher, but he loves him anyway bc scrawny bandage man holds him like he's glass when kuni's sad :(

I’m imagining Kunikida having a really rough day, and then he gets the bill for a restaurant Dazai and him visit every so often on dates, and it drives him over the edge just a little bit, and they have a fight about it. 

Dazai apologizes, because he really did mean to pay the tab, and hadn’t expected them to just send a bill. So he loops his arms around Kunikida from behind and just gently holds him while whispering nice things in his ear like, “I’ll make dinner tonight if you’re still upset…” and just starts talking about how he’s going to make Kunikida’s favorite, and just other really squishie domestic fluffy kinda things…

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Duck! Do a Got7 mtl likely to get drunk and skinny dip. Pretty please ❤❤❤

A/N: OH. MY. GOSH!!!! Lets do this!


  • Jackson and Bam Bam: Okay these two are tied for the most likely to because honestly … these two are crazy enough even with out the alcohol. I’m sure those two boys wouldn’t need a drop of liquor in their system to be talked into skinny dipping  
  • Jaebum: To be honest Jaebum would be such a party animal (In my head at least) like I feel that Bummie would be the third person to jump in that pool butt naked … it’s not like he hasn’t seen the other members naked anyways.
  • Yugyeom: This maknae could get talked into anything … sober, just imagine what shenanigans that his hyungs could get him into while he is under the influence
  • Youngjae: Now Youngjae is supposedly an emotional drunk so maybe seeing majority of his members in the water would make him feel left out and eventually join them after he downed a few more drinks
  • Mark: In my eyes I don’t see Mark as a big drinker in general but maybe after the members poked and prodded at their eldest he would finally strip his clothes and join them … only after a few drinks of course (And since he is so smol, it would only take a few beverages to get him intoxicated)
  • Jinyoung: Much like Mark, I don’t see Jinyoung as a huge drinker (he probably has been sipping on the same glass of wine all night while the other members are getting shitfaced) Jinyoung would just sit back and watch his members make a fool of themselves as they horse-played in the pool together and listen in on their slurred drunken conversations.