because i imagine him like this

ok but louis probably changes his whatsapp icon quite often and im dying over here thinking about all his soft pictures we are never gonna see

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I just looked up blind marksmen and was super excited to get a lot of search results showing real life examples because 1) that's hella awesome and b) blind!Lance could still realistically be the team's sharpshooter!

ok but….imagine despite being blind, Lance is a scary good sharpshooter. like, he never misses. can you imagine?? how cool that would be?? but also how terrifying that would be. because you’d think he wouldn’t be able to hit you because he’s blind…..but then you see him not missing any of his targets and you’re like…………….shit

Imagine Eleven going to a petting zoo for the first time and feeding apple slices to a baby goat and hugging an alpaca while Mike looks on nervously because a llama once spit on him when he was younger and he’s terrified of it happening again. Eventually El convinces him to get closer—she has a way with animals—and Mike ends up hugging the alpaca too. 

BTS Reaction When You Ask Them To Call You Noona

Request: “Can I request a reaction of BTS when you ask them to call you Noona because you’re older even though you don’t look the part? Thank you!”  

Thank you for requesting! I’m a little late with this, but I hope you like it :)


Originally posted by boguming

He’d be really surprised that you were is Noona. I think it would take some time for him to get used to it, but when he finally did he’d be full of questions, like why didn’t you tell him before and how can you look so young.

“Noona please tell me what’s your secret to looking young like that?”


Originally posted by nnochu

He would be confused. He spent all that time thinking he was your Oppa only to find out that you were his Noona. He wouldn’t thibk you were being serious at first so he’d stare at you for a few seconds waiting for you to say you weren’t serious, but that didn’t happen.

“Well, but can you at least still call me Oppa?”


Originally posted by bangthebae

I think he’d just be a little surprised, but wouldn’t have any problems calling you Noona. I think he’d actually like that very much. I think you being his Noona would kinda bust his ego and make him feel way cooler.

“So, Noona wanna come to the studio later?”


Originally posted by chimneytaels

I think he also wouldn’t have problems calling you Noona. But of course he would take some time for him to get used to it. So at first he’e be calling you by your name and then correcting himself the next second.

“Y/N-ah! Oh sorry, Noona!”


Originally posted by yoonmin

He would be very surprised and probably would laugh in embarassement because he called you by your name so many times before thinking you were younger than him, based on your looks.

“Noona! Why didn’t you tell me before?!”


Originally posted by taehanstic-baby

Nope. He wouldn’t accept this fact, he would be stubborn and tell you that because he looks older than you he’s clearly your Oppa. If you insisted he’d pretend he didn’t understand what you said. But after a while you’d be noticing him calling you Noona.

“Y/N Noona, let’s go eat.”


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Not surprised at all, also would hve no problems clling you Noona, but would still tease you because you looked younger than him.

“Noona? Okay, but I still need to check your ID!”

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Prompt idea! Betty's sick and Jughead dotes on her like the good boyfriend he is (e.g skips school to take care of her, runs around town picking up comfort foods and watching rom-coms because Betty likes them, and other *omgthey'resocute* stuff). At the end Jughead leans in to kiss her, Betty leans away 'cause he doesn't want him to get sick, but he kisses her anyway 'cause kissing her is worth more than getting sick

I imagine jughead being the adorably protective boyfriend!

As beautiful as Betty Cooper was, she was about ten times as stubborn.

It wasn’t always a bad thing , her stubbornness had gotten him out of a lot sticky situations, and her inability to back down was one his favorite traits

But this was not the time to be stubborn.

Standing in her doorway glaring at him was his incredibly adorable, sick girlfriend.

“What are you doing here juggie, shouldn’t you be in Chem class right now?”

It was hard to take her grumpy glare too seriously when she sounded like a stuffed up chipmunk.

He gently pushed her back and led her to the couch.

“Well, schools kind of a drag when the only person worth going for isn’t there.” He shrugged

Betty’s eyes softened before she shook her head

“No, juggie I’m fine, it’s a cold, I’m not gonna let you miss school because I have a cold.” She shivered involuntarily

Jughead was immediately on his feet digging in her spare closet for the thick wool blanket he knew the coopers kept in there.

Carrying it back to the couch he placed it over his girlfriend and tucked her in gently.

“Bets, I wanna be here, with you, you’re sick you shouldn’t be alone.. and why aren’t you wearing socks? You’re just gonna make yourself more sick, don’t move.” He ordered, running up the stairs to retrieve her fluffy socks.

She sunk back into the couch smiling at her amazing, considerate, all around perfect boyfriend.

Who would have thought jughead jones would be running around getting socks for a girl.

As he came back down the stairs, he ran into the kitchen for a second before coming out empty handed causing her to raise a brow.

“I was just checking for something” he said handing her the socks which she happily placed on her feet. She was cold.

“You should sleep. You have to get rest or you won’t get better at all, think of how much school I’ll miss.” He smirked at her

She rolled her eyes, before reaching her arms out for him.

“Sleep here with me just for a little.”
She said in a tiny voice.

It was not humanly possible to say no to those puppy dog eyes and pouty lips.

He laid with her until he heard her breathing even out before slowly sliding out from under the covers and heading to the store.

On the way to the store he mentally catalogued everything he would need to make his girlfriend feel better.

It was weird caring about someone like this.

He had no one before Betty.

His mom was gone, jelly bean was gone, and his dad… well his dad was definitely not in the picture.

But Betty she gave him someone to care about, someone who cared about him.

She had gotten him a job at her moms paper,

She was helping him fix his relationship with Archie, while introducing him to new friends.

And she was the biggest support system he had ever had.

It was different, good different.

So that’s why he was currently on his way back to the beautiful blondes house with an armful of groceries and a smile on his face.

Opening the door with the spare key they kept under the gnome, he tiptoed to the kitchen noticing Betty still asleep on the couch.

As he put together the soup for her he pulled the chocolate milk out of the bag and poured two glasses.

He heard a sleepy voice behind him.

“Is that chocolate milk?” Betty was leaning against the door wrapped up in the huge quilt, smiling drowsily.

“Yep, and you can have it as long as you eat your soup” he smiled faux sternly.

“Alright dad.” Betty laughed

As jughead put the glasses down he moved towards Betty wrapping his arms around her waste

“Ooh, daddy? A new nickname? I like it” he grinned evilly

“Ew juggie that’s gross” she giggled smacking his arm.

He laughed attempting to move away from her before he felt the skinny arms wrap around his waist, the blanket falling to the ground.

“ I love you jughead.”

He felt his heart ache as he looked down at the love of his life.

“I love you too Bets ” he tilted his head down for a kiss before she wiggled away.

“Jughead! I’m sick you’re gonna catch it”

He caught her around the waist again, quickly putting his lips to hers.

Pulling away he smiled.

“Totally worth it.”

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Omg I momentarily confused ayzere with a different sisterbek headcanon and well basically now I imagine Ayzere as 9. Like, she and her bf are just like.. fourth graders giving eachother flowers on the playground and pushing eachother on the swings and??¿ it's so pure???? (ofc, this makes otabek's overprotectiveness all the more cute)


Jealous Brother Otabek™ absolutely hates this kid. Who does he think he is? His sister is too little to be dating anyone. And she seems to be ignoring him more and more every day because of him. Before he appeared Otabek would invite her to the Ice Rink and she would be super happy and say yes in an instant, but now SHE’S ALWAYS WITH THAT BOY  and she ignores him, and he doesn’t want to admit it but it hurts because they’ve always been partners and now she pretty much forgot about him.

But everything goes back to normal in two weeks or so because she misses spending time with her brother too (And honestly he can’t hide his moping as well as he thinks)

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-Ethan asks Tyler if he wants to help him find a house or whatever because he values Tyler’s sensibility and stuff

-because honestly if Ethan went to look for a house by himself he’d end up not thinking about the pRacTicaLity of it

-Tyler’s like.. hey, i’ve been meaning to ask if you maybe wanted to move in with me?? and puppy eyes yes

-Tyler immediately backs up his request with logic to convince Eth like “it’ll be easier” and “you won’t have to cook all the time”

-tbh did Ethan ever need convincing

-of course he says yes because it’s the perfect solution and he already spends a lot of his time there

ok but.. imagine lance breaking his leg while he’s out on a mission?? by himself?? imagine him having to drag himself back to blue while he’s trying to hold back his screams so no one else has to hear him over the comms?? because he doesn’t want to bother them???? and then when he finally gets back to the castle nobody’s there because they’re all out on their own missions, so he has to drag himself to the med bay and just. wait for them to get back?????? and THEN when they FINALLY come they find him passed out next to a cryopod????????

and let’s just say that the cryopods are conveniently broken or smthn (because let’s be honest, they’re really fucking annoying). so cue the rest of the team panicking because they don’t know how to set a broken bone

somehow they figure out how to do it but at this point lance is awake and he can feel e v e r y t h i n g and it’s really, r e a l l y painful.

but then!! after all of that, imagine lance hobbling around w/ crutches and feeling super shit abt himself because he can’t train or help out cause of his leg

okay i’m gonna stop bc this turned out way longer than expected but still
i love making my son suffer what can i say

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No but like james arthur is an actual sexist homophobic piece of shit

That’s not why they’re mad today, they care about this:

“Chav” is slang for a really laddy type person, a very working class type person, and I KNEW the Larries would throw a hissy fit over that word.

Classist Larries want Louis to be dressed in Gucci and YSL like Harry. They want him to hang out at posh eateries with superstar celebs like Harry does. They want to wank off to his perceived status and power and glamour. They do NOT want him associated or connected to ordinary lad things like football, Adidas, Jamie Vardy (another self professed chav) or someone like Arthur who says they’re both chavs. That to them is a smear campaign being run by Cowell against him. This for them is Cowell’s punishment in effect. 

It doesn’t matter who Arthur is or what he’s said/done, to them they’re gonna cry for hours about how their fave was jokingly called a “chav” because they hate working class people and working class things so much.

Fun Times

Request: 5. What the fuck does that mean?!? 16. I find your lack of faith disturbing. 17. No one likes your sorry ass anyway.

Everyone was at the club, laughing and relaxing as you and your Old Man, Tig, at the bar with a few of out of state Sons. Although you sat with you man’s arm wrapped around you, one man was flirting heavily with you. You weren’t answering back just smally smiling at him. TIg was getting very angry with the guy and you could tell because the grip on your waist grew tighter and tighter as the night went on.

It was getting close to midnight when the man decided to make a very bold move. He had decided to blatantly ask you to blow him.

You stared at him with your eyes wide before the statement finally registered into you and Tig’s head. You glared at the man for a second before your body reacted before your mind could catch up. Next thing you knew was that he was on the floor and his nose bleeding and your hand hurting like hell.

“TIG!! Come on man. Your girl has already taken care of the douche.” You heard Jax’s voice coming from behind you as you shook your hand, trying but failing to lessen the pain in your fist.

“Yeah-“ then man spoke up from the floor. Hiccupping as he went. “Go back to your…*hiccup*what’s that word again..” the man asked himself as he unsteadily stood up. “I don’t know! But it was a very bad name.”

The boys were holding Tig back as he yelled insults at the man. “What the fuck does that mean?!? You need to be far away from here before you end up being a new body in Charming!”

“No one likes your sorry ass anyway! Get the fuck out!” Chibs yelled at the man as he pushed him towards the door.

You sighed as Tara came over and looked at your hand, that was slowly growing numb. You let the boys slowly calm down as the man finally left.

“It should be okay after you ice it, Y/N. It’s only a little bruising.” Tara told you as she patted your arm that was injured. “Good punch, though.” She laughed.

Tig came back to your side and cradled your body as he questioned you. “You okay, baby? You need anything? I should go get you some ice. Man, that punch. I’m glad I taught you something. I didn’t expect you to hit him.”

You laughed at Tig as he kept changing the subject. You looked up at the man that held you as you spoke to him. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Maybe the amount of drinks had you giggly cause you couldn’t stop laughing at your joke.

You heard Juice laughing like a hyena on the side of you as Tig shook his head at you. He smiled at you before telling you, “You and those freaking quotes.”

You laughed harder as you buried your head into his neck.


Ok so Baz likes reading. I am 99.9% sure about that. So all I can think about is how he must read a lot. I just imagine him one time just sitting on the couch reading *insert sad book here* and trying so hard not to cry because Simon is also in the room and Baz is thinking there’s no way he’s going to see me cry and he’s trying so hard cuz he knows it’s going to happen in the book and he’s just waiting for it to happen. He’s expecting it so that he doesn’t feel the shocked heartbreak. But the sad part happens in the book and even though he expects it, he can’t hold it in and he just starts full on sobbing. Simon is next to him in a matter of seconds asking him what’s wrong and Baz falls into his chest just crying and telling Simon that the character in the book dies (or something equally as tragic). And Simon is so happy. Not because Baz is crying, but because he trusts Simon enough to cry in front of him because Simon knows that Baz is kind of standoffish when it comes to feelings, but he trusts Simon enough to cry in front of him. And I honestly get so happy when I think of this.

Okay, I’m going to be a bit mean here, but all these soulmates AUs. Imagine a soulmate AU where when you meet your soulmate you see the moment they die. 

Len meets Ray and he sees him dying in Oculus and Ray sees Len dying on an old age.  Because that’s what currently set in time. That’s the time stream that’s currently going to happen. 

I’m just wondering how Ray would feel when he woke up after being dragged off, when he hears that Len died at Oculus when it wasn’t supposed to be like that. 

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I love your krypto headcanons! But what if krypto was gigantic? Like polar bear sized? I imagine hilarity would ensue

i love my boy krypto so much.

oh wow, that’d be a pickle (and honestly, then they really couldn’t all the cute stuff like walking him in the park because can you imagine the people gawking at him) but yes hilarity

-kara invites lena to game night and right before she opens the door- lena insisted she drive them over, kara sends alex text after text to please clean up for me, please- and the door shakes

-krypto may be learning how to control his strength but he’s excited and oh, kara’s definitely going to have to reinforce her door

-lena freezes and kara’s just okay, so i maybe forgot to mention, i have a. .dog
and lena’s thinking yikes-she’s not used to animals- but okay. it’s kara and her dog, it’s probably the tiniest thing and cute. lena can totally handle it

-kara opens the door and that’s a bear, kara



-lena almost walks right out. kara being supergirl? it’s fine. she gets to see kara’s arms a lot more, it’s great. but this massive bear barely being held back by kara? nope

-you think lena gets one step away without a hello from krypto? no. he wriggles right out of kara’s grip-you try holding on to a dog that big winn, superstrength doesn’t matter- and lena disappears under a mass of white

-she can’t breathe. she can’t breathe and her last sight will be kara’s wonderful smile as she shoves krypto off before being tackled herself

-cue winn being dragged around by this giant, happy dog who just wants pats

-omfg, you know those big dogs who don’t know they’re big? times that by ten and you got krypto

-maggie has entirely too much fun

okay, i love huge krypto while i’m having major korrasami and naga flashbacks

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Please do Tendou Satori Imagines

finger guns
this is my second time trying to write this because i scrapped my first one

Why couldn’t you go a study session without Tendou being needy for attention? Honestly, the amount of times he’d sit behind you and rub his head on your back like a cat was too much.

It always started out like a good, simple study session, but it was quick to turn into Tendou wanting attention and becoming a cat while you did your work. “[Name]-chan!” He whined, putting his chin on your shoulder, a pout on his face.

You ignored the red head as you wrote down an answer to a question you were stuck on, the page of the maths book being flicked all the way to the back of the book to see if you had gotten it right.

“It’s wrong.”

You pressed your lips together ignoring the red head behind you, you knew he was just taking a wild guess at the answer on your sheet. It would always be like this when you would study, he’d need attention and you’d try to ignore him.

You clicked your tongue when you found out Tendou had guessed right about the answer you had written down, “If you knew that then why don’t you do your work and help me study.” You stated simply flicking the pages back to the page you were on before.

The red head let out a small hum and shrug before putting his chin on your shoulder and looked at your work, “Because studying is boring.” He stated simply, almost like it was the easiest question in the world.

You let out a sigh and scribbled the next equation out, “Well, yeah.” You agreed, “But we still have to do it.” You added, not even bothering to look at the red head male behind you while you wrote. “Besides if you were helping me it would get done quicker.” You muttered with a small shrug, though you knew that wouldn’t make him move.

Tendou hardly ever moved when he was like this; arms wrapped around your waist, chin on your shoulder, chest against your back.

Did you say hardly?

You meant never. Tendou would never move from this position once he was in it there was no way you’d get out of it and make him move away from you, and this happened almost every time when you two studied; a lot of the time you’d cave in to and ditch your school work which only led you to studying the night before and cramming all your work into your head for that important test and other work.

Though this time, you really tried to not cave in to Tendou’s need to cuddle, you really tried to not do that. But it was really hard not too, Tendou was super warm and it wasn’t helping that he was sitting behind you and distracting you like it was his job.

“But it’s so boring, [Name]-chan.” He whined with a pout, you let out a small sigh and nod in agreement, of course you knew that school work was boring.

Who didn’t?

Sometimes you thought that your teachers were actually trying to kill you with how much studying and work they wanted you to do… It was such a damn pain.

“[Name]-chan if we stop studying now I promise we’ll do it tomorrow.” That made your attention perk slightly as you stopped writing you work, your eyes glancing over at the red head, there was a grin on his face as he said those words.

“Do you promise?” You asked making sure that Tendou would be completely sure about it, “Promise.” He nodded, you looked at him fully and narrowed your eyes.

“Pinky promise?” You asked holding out your pinky making the red head chuckle and nod before bringing up his own pinky and wrapping it around yours. “Pinky promise.”

“Cross your hea– Satori! Put me down!”

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hello!! i really really love your writing, especially how you portray saeran from mystic messenger! i was wondering, could i request a saeran x reader where the reader comforts him after a bad nightmare? thank you so much!!

[MysMe] — Saeran Choi x Reader

A/N: I would love to do this because I absolutely adore Saeran. I actually like his character a lot in the game and I’m more than happy to do this!

Rated: SFW

WARNINGS: Nightmares

He constantly tossed and turned, sweat pooling down his forehead and his hands were gripping the bed sheets. His light whimpering was audible throughout the dark room, the hint of a frustrated aroused state was taking over the bed and you jolted from your position.

You widened your eyes at his twitching formation. Saeran was mumbling your name under his breath, almost as if your own name was taking away the last few moments of his breath. It seemed as if smoke was filling his lungs; he was losing it, and then he nearly fell off the bed with a twist.

“Saeran!” you shouted out loud, holding your hands out. His eyebrows were plucked and furrowed; he was deep in his nightmare, and you placed your palms on his shaky shoulders. “Saeran, wake up!”

“No, no, no!” he groaned audibly, reaching his palms up to you, and your heart was sinking.

“Hey, it’s okay, Saeran,” you whispered calmly, trying to lean closer to him. You shook him slightly as he arched his body to move forward. “Wake up, Saeran. Please!”

“Y/N!” he yelled out loud your name, voice drenched in fear, and within seconds, his face was deep on your shoulder. His chin nearly stabbed your skin and he panted heavily; you could hear the exhaustion coming out from his mouth. He was in another world, almost as if he tried to get himself away from the terrifying dream he was swallowed in.

Saeran pushed himself away from you and stared deep into your eyes. His mouth quivered, eyes drenched in frightening fear, his hands were glued to your own shoulders and he gritted his teeth. The sight horrified you; seeing your own love has escaped the nightmare he was lost in. You weren’t sure what happened, and now, all you could do is hope that he was trying to get back to reality.

You kissed his forehead, wiping away the damp strands of his hair. “You’re okay, honey, I’m here,” you spoke cautiously, trying not to make him uncomfortable in any way. “It was only a bad dream.”

“Something happened to you,” Saeran said, his eyes darting back and forth from you to his hands on your shoulders. “You left me. You were gone. And I just—I couldn’t help you in time. I thought I lost you.”

“No, you could never lose me,” you said, pulling him close for a tight hug. He felt warm in your arms, and suddenly, he was safe and comforted. “I’m here, Saeran. I’m not going anywhere. I love you.”

“I—I love you too, Y/N.”

“I’m not leaving you,” you said softly. “I don’t plan on leaving.”

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Im just imagining these two in middle school. like, there would be an unspoken rule NOT TO PICK ON THE SMALL NERD because mitch gets exclusive rights and will probably mess you up

HAHA I think this is more in high school but absolutely!! That’s Mitch’s boy……. No one else can pick on him……..

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Talking about Fluffy- Monday... Because I went through such a phase just recently... Can you imagine, like see or feel that Harry is uncomfortable? Not even in a specific situation, but just feeling insecure about, maybe a job decisions he made or, even about his body? I mean, he's a human, as perfect he might seem for all of us, we all struggle with our own looks from time to time. Just imagine, you being the one who makes him feel better again. Stroking his hair and all that fluffy things :)

He doesn’t get insecure very often, and he definitely tries not to show it, but you’ve started to pick up on the signs. He’s a little less confident about decisions - even minuscule ones like where to eat for dinner - because he’s questioning something much bigger, like picking one record company over the other or tying to decide which movie script is the best option.

He doesn’t need much from you when he gets this way. He’s told you that extra voices telling him he made the right call or not just confuse him even more, so he really just wants non-verbal comfort from you.

He wants to sit or lay with you while he holds his arms around your waist, feeling your fingers running through his hair and your lips resting on his forehead while you say nothing at all, just letting him know that you’re there and you’ll support him no matter what.

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Hay! I love your blog! Can I request a scenario where Yamaguchi thinks the new and shy/quiet girl wants to ask him about Tsukki when really she just wants to talk to him because she really likes him? (Sorry for my bad englisch!)

Your english is fine no worries! - Admin Hope

Yamaguchi Tadashi x Fem!Reader

Yamaguchi saw you slowly walk past the room and peer inside. You were new and had just transferred to Karasuno. He sighed thinking that you were just another girl that wanted to talk to Kei. You walked away your cheeks blushing when you saw him glancing over at you.

You thought he was just adorable, with his freckles and one piece of hair that stuck up made him even more cute in your eyes. Yet you were far to scared to talk to him, not knowing his name and seeing that he didn’t look all that interested in you.

You were eating lunch in your classroom and scrolling through your phone looking at photos that other people had posted. “Hey.” You heard a voice say and you look up from your phone seeing that a very tall blonde boy loomed in front of your desk. 

“Can I help you?” You asked softly, slightly raising an eyebrow at him.

“My friend told me that you wanted to talk to me about something. What do you want to talk to me about? Are you trying to confess?” He asks and your eyes widened. 

“No I-I don’t even know who you are. I like a boy with freckles and like olive colored hair, I-I don’t know what his name is though.” You stuttered out putting your phone down and the boys eyes widened. A smirk takes over his face and he nods. 

“I’ll be right back.” The blonde boy spoke and walked out of your classroom. Your cheeks were dusted with pink as you took a sip from your lemonade can. Soon after the blonde boy was pushing through the door the boy who you have described and the other boy seemed to be panicking a bit. “Just go and tell her your name dumbass.” You heard the blond say before walking out of your room. 

“I-I’m Yamaguchi Tadashi! I thought you liked Tsukki but I was wrong and you like me! Which hasn’t happened before.” He exclaims bowing in front of you and you stand from your seat.

“You don’t need to bow!” You say trying to get him to stand up straight. He did and looked at you a small blush on his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his head. “I just thought you were really cute is all.” You say softly looking down at your feet.

“I know that now. I feel kind of dumb sending Tsukki over when you wanted to talk to me.” He says and you nod assuming that ‘Tsukki’ was the blonde boy. “So uh, sorry.” He mutters and you tilt you look up at him.

“No you don’t need to be, I should have just came up to talk to you in the first place. I’m (L/N) (Y/N) by the way.” You replied and he nodded. “Do, do you think I could have your number? I don’t know how busy you are normally but I would like to hang out sometime if that is okay.” You added getting your phone off of the desk and handing it to him.

Yamaguchi took it and began to put in his number. “I’m in the volleyball club so afterward if you want to walk home together we can.” He informed and you nodded.

“Yeah that’d be great.” You beamed, a huge smile spreading over your face and he couldn’t help but smile at you. 


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So like obviously Jeremiah is a giant softy but like imagine him giving Maggie a sofft shovel talk but then at the end he's like "Alex isn't the only danvers with DEO training" and Kara in the background giggling because Jeremiah literally wouldn't (he could tho) hurt a fly

I accept this as canon.