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Take It Slow

Pairing : Jeon Jungkook x reader

Rating : M

Warnings:its not really a warning, but there’s no daddy kinks or bondage/tying up here. Just sex with normal Jungkook. LOT’S OF CUTE FLUFF THOUGH, ALSO unprotected sex but like imagine you’re on the pill yknow or else WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT GUYS

Request : OKAY AS A REQUEST I like Jungkook when he isnt all…overly experienced? And I know that isnt a thing, but a lot of people make Jungkook this super burly “come here kitten” kinda guy and I cringe so hard! Because I dont see him as this slut calling dom type of dude. Idk. Cant the reader do fun things to him too?!?! Cant he be loved and innocent?? Some times its more sexy to take care of each other and not one over powering the other hahahha. ANYWAYS SORRY thisnis more of a complaint…but thanks


Thank you for the request, but I’ve no idea if it turned out how you wanted it to.I didn’t know if you wanted a sub jungkook when you mentioned the reader “taking care of him” so like idkfbcjjskdkd but still, i hope you enjoy this fiction full of love and fluff

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 “Come on!” Yoongi scoffed while laughing “I bet you guys haven’t even fucked yet”

It was true, you hadn’t, it’s been over a year and you haven’t done anything sexual together.It’s not like you were virgins, you’ve obviously had sex before, just not with each other.You didn’t really notice, or cared about it till Yoongi mentioned it, which might i add, made you uncomfortable in the spot. The ride home was silent and Jungcook wouldn’t even look at you.

Just as Jungkook parked the car you jumped out and headed straight for the door, hearing a loud sigh coming from him, as he followed you.Fondling with the keys, you finally found the right one and unlocked the door, leaving it wide open while you quickly started taking off your shoes. Stumbling down on your now, taken off, shoes you started making your way to the living room just as Jungkook grabbed you by the wrist and turned you to face him.

He was confused that’s an understatement. His lips were pressed into a thin line, and his eyebrows were furrowed and you couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in his head.

“We need to talk” he finally spoke and looked at you straight in the eyes while you avoided eye-contact with him. “There’s nothing to talk about Kook, I’m tired” you said dramatically as you freed your hand from his grasp and fake yawned. He looked at you for a second before chuckling and leaning down to press a soft kiss on your lips, slightly tugging at your bottom one while his hands snaked around your waist. “You’re such a bad liar ” he exhaled and you opened your mouth in protest but he quickly cut you off.

“Look about what Yoongi said..” you gently pushed him off of you when you heard his words and stepped in “There’s nothing to `look, for Kookie! People have sex all the time which is normal.. we’re just….” you trailed off not knowing what the answer was yourself.

“Just taking our time” he nodded and grabbed your hands, rubbing your knuckles with his thumb. “There’s nothing else going on here Y/N,i want you and you know that, i just need you to feel comfortable with me as well, i dont want to push you into something if you’re not ready” he quickly added, his right hand coming to cup your cheek.

Your lips parted at his words. You always admired how Jungkook was so gentle in everything, taking his time and always trying to make sure you were okay with anything he was doing. He always tried to understand how you were feeling at times which literally made your heart swell. You loved each other more than anything, but he never failed to surprise you everytime.

“What if I’m ready?” you whispered and bit your bottom lip, your eyes locking. He looked at you for a second before taking a quick step closer to you and grabbing you by the thighs lifting you app, and starting to walk upstairs to your bedroom.

“Then we’re having sex” he grinned leaving you speechless “That’s it? That’s all it takes?” you questioned him while holding his shoulders, scared you’d fall. “That’s all it takes babe” he repeated your words, panting a bit as he got up the last stair and heading straight for the bedroom nearly smashing you against a wall once.

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Heart and Head

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Summary:  Do you think you could write something where Jason has the biggest crush on the reader but doesn’t know what to do about it because she is the total opposite of him, like shy but always friendly, sweet, bubbly, caring and he thinks she deserves better. Maybe with the other batkids trying to set them up somehow. Please?

Author’s Note: Sorry I’ve been away for so long, I just haven’t had the time, nor the creative energy to try and write. But I’m back babyyyyyyy…..sorta. We’ll see.

Key: Y/N= your name, L/N= your last name

Jason peaked around the corner like a stalker. He had overhead Y/N was sitting down in the BatCave doing some research for Bruce. Jason, like a middle schooler, had a secret crush on you that wasn’t a secret to anyone except for you. He couldn’t help but sneak a peak into whatever room you’d happen to be in.

“Yo creep,” Jason spun around quickly to come face to face with Dick, “My guess is Y/N is in there.” Dick took his own quick peak into the room. Jason watched as he gave a quick wave, then spoke from the corner of his mouth, “Jay, come say hi,” then in a quieter voice, “you have to sometime.”

Jason shook away his shyness and moved toward the door. Nonchalantly, he gave a quick flick of his wrist as a wave to Y/N and swaggered to the nearby weapon shelf to play with some daggers. He heard the tail end of Dick’s short conversation with Y/N.

“Y/N, I’m serious. You need to get out more,” Dick stated, eyebrows raised in a slightly worried look. “Locking yourself up in the BatCave all the time isn’t exactly the height of luxury.”

Jason heard you chuckle then say, “Dickie, I’m not one who can…talk to people easily. This place is my heaven. With you boys and the most amazing computer system known to man, and no strangers around, yeah. This is my happy place.”

Jason stood silently, twiddling a knife between his fingers, thinking about your words. He knew how it felt to be uncomfortable when it came to being around people, but he never let it bother him. He’d never feel the need to lock himself in a cave. He turned to look at you, trying to bring himself to say something, but you were walking up the stairs. And he had lost his chance. Again.

You knew Jason was a hot shot, high confidence, and a no nonsense kind of guy. Making him basically completely the opposite of you. Well okay maybe he wasn’t exactly no nonsense, he knew how to have a good laugh, but he never seemed to be as easy going as he’d be with his brothers as he is around you.

It seemed as though whenever you entered the same room as Jason, he would clam up, shut down, and walk away to do something that was as far away from you as possible. You always felt a slight pang in your chest and you could feel your smile slightly droop whenever he walked away.

Still, your heart seemed to beat only for him. In a way that you truly couldn’t understand. This stand-offish, brooding, handsome man had a grip so tight on your heart, and he didn’t even know it.

You looked back at Jason as you shuffled up the step towards the manor. He noticeably looked sadder withing those few moments you had began to climb the stairs. You ceased your ascent, no longer willing to just walk away from Jason. You needed to talk to him, even if it was amazingly out of your comfort zone. Slowly, but surely, you receded down back to the last spot you had seen Jason.

He had made his way into the training room and was wailing on a punching bag like there was no tomorrow. He obviously hadn’t heard you enter the room, he was so focused on beating that punching bag. You stepped behind him and tapped his shoulder.

Jason swung around ready to strike whoever had snuck up on him. Surprised to see Y/N, with a look of horror on her face, behind him, he stumbled backwards and fell to his butt.

“Oh, oh my god! Jason, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” Y/N stammered out, offering her hand to the man upon the ground.

“No,” Jason halfheartedly laughed, “You didn’t scare me, per se, more just startled me. I thought I was alone.” Jason took your hand and hoisted himself back on his feet. “Not that ,your company is uninvited, I-I-I don’t mind you here. Uh…yeah.” He mentally face palmed himself for the next few seconds until Y/N spoke up. 

“Uh, well, actually. I kinda had a question for you if you have minute.” Y/N looked shyly up at Jason, her hair sweeping in front of her eyes. Nervously, she tucked the strands behind her ear and her eyes skipped over his face ferociously, waiting for his response.

It took him a second before he could think. He was spending so much time trying to calm his racing heart. A question? A question! Jason’s brain was running faster than the Flash. He slapped a smile on his face after the split second of internal battle and cheerfully chirped, “Yeah, absolutely, of course!”

He could tell you were looking right through his smile, but started slowly anyway. “Well…I was wondering. I mean I just was going to ask if…” Y/N breathed a huge sigh, the stood taller and looked right into Jason’s eyes. “Do you want tacos or burgers for lunch?”

Why did you say that? What were you thinking? Obviously you weren’t thinking. Obviously you were dumb enough to lose the only opportunity you may ever have to talk Jason how hard you’ve fallen for him, but no, you had to go and ask him if he wanted tacos or burgers for lunch. You could feel the blush creeping into your cheeks, the embarrassment overwhelming you.

But, Jason just chuckled and replied, “Tacos sound great.”

You nodded and dashed back to the stairs, taking them two at a time to get up to the manor. Once you exited the cave, you pressed your back against the wall and heaved deep breaths trying to calm yourself down after that incredibly stupid moment of weakness. Yup, you weren’t good at talking to people, and the one person you really wanted to talk to was the person it was the hardest to talk to.

Unluckily for you, Tim happened to be going down to the cave at that moment. He stared wide eyed at you, a little surprised and royally screwed in how to approach this sudden encounter. You picked yourself off the wall as fast as you could once you noticed him and tried to play it off so nonchalantly.

“Oh, hiya Timmy! Just taking a second to catch my breath,” you motioned to the staircase that hid within the wall, “lotta stairs.”

Tim nodded slowly, “Yeah, uh, you’ve walked those stairs quite a bit, but yeah it can be…a lot of steps if you’re not ready. I guess.” He tried to play off his original comment.

“Okay Tim, you don’t want to ask me about,” you motioned to your mess of a person, “this, and I don’t want to talk about it. Soooooo, we’ll both be on our ways.” You saluted him in a slightly mocking way and marched out of the room towards the kitchen. You had tacos to make.

Tim didn’t really want to just drop the subject, but when you exited the room, he knew that was the end of whatever exchange had just occurred. His original task of going to the BatCave for some research had to be put on hold. He needed to talk to Dick.

Tim found Dick in his room doing handstand push ups with his pump up music on. At the mention of Y/N over the music, Dick immediately stopped and turned his music off. Tim told him about the bizarre encounter he had just had with you and waited anxiously as Dick worked his people magic, and figured out what was wrong with you.

Dick snapped his fingers, “I got it! It was Jason! She had to have talked to Jason.”

Tim cocked his head in a confused manner. “Why Jason? What about him would make Y/N so… flustered?”

“Tim, you’re as observant as a rock. She’s obviously in love with him. And Jason’s obviously in love with her. So if we were to go down and talk to Jay, we’d probably find another flustered fool!” Dick snatched Tim’s arm. “Let’s go test my hypothesis!”

Tim exclaimed as he was dragged out of the room, “Dick I don’t think that’s really a hypothesis!”

Dick was to busy muttering plans to himself to care.

Dick and Tim entered the training room, after giving very specific instructions to Damian, to find Jason humming something that sounded suspiciously like a love song as he did pull ups. Dick marched over behind him and cleared his throat, causing Jason to lose his grip and hit the ground for the second time that day.

“What!” Jason had cried as he got back to his feet, turning to look at Dick’s face.

Dick raised his eyebrow, “You wouldn’t have happened to be humming ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift just now, were you?”

Jason face glowed red in a mixture of embarrassment and anger. “It’s stuck in my head. That’s all. Why? Is my accidental song of choice bothering you and Tim from sparring.” Jason gave a nod to Tim.

Dick’s face broke out into a wild smile, “No! And you totally don’t just have that song stuck in your head! It’s because Y/N talked to you.” 

“Jay, is that true?” Tim questioned as he stepped next to Dick.

“Is what true?” Damian interrogated as he walked into the room. “What are you all talking about?”

“Nothing demon,” Jason shouted, “go away!”

“Well that just does not sound like nothing, now does it,” Damian retorted, a sly smirk spreading across his lips.

Jason sighed defeated, he was caught and he couldn’t get out of it, not this time. He was cornered. There was nothing else to say. “Yes. Okay? I’m head over heels in love with Y/N L/N.”

A plate clattered on the floor.

Jason looked up to find you standing in the doorway, staring wide eyed at him.

He felt like exploding.

You and Alfred had been having a grand ole time making tacos, and trying to make guacamole (you were only good at mashing the avocados), when Damian sauntered into the kitchen.

“L/N, Myself and the others will be training in the cave,” he stated.

You gave a confused look to Alfred, who shrugged, then turned back to Damian, “Uh, okay? Well just tell the guys to come up for lunch when they’re done.”

Damian shook his head, “No, you don’t understand. I’m asking you to bring lunch down.”

“Oh! Sure, okay. We’ll be finished in a couple minutes, so I’ll be down soonish.” You waved to Damian as he nodded, then turned to continue down to the BatCave. You then looked at Alfred, “What was that about?”

“I don’t know miss. those boys are truly one step short of insanity.”

You and Alfred finished up and you began to make your way to the cave’s stairs. “I’ll be back up once I bring this tray down to grab the rest Alfred!”

As you made the final descent down the steps, you heard a loud shout come from the training room that sounded like Jason. You just shook your head and entered the room.

“Yes. Okay? I’m head over heels in love with Y/N L/N.”

Jason’s words smacked you across the face. Frozen in shock, the tray in your hands fell to the floor.

Everyone turned to look at you, but your eyes were locked with Jason’s. You could see the regret in his face. You could feel the panic building in your stomach, spreading up to your chest. Your heart beating over a mile a minute. You knew what was about to happen.

You had to run. You didn’t want to, but you had to.

Jason watched as you sprinted away. He ran out after you, but he lost you before he could catch you. He turned back into the training room. In a situation like this he should’ve been embarrassed or nervous, but he was furious instead.

He went charging at Damian, the closet of the boys, but before he could strangle him, Dick grabbed his shoulders. “Let me go,” Jason screamed, “Let me go!”

Dick spoke soothingly, “Jay. Stop. You need to calm down.” Jason stared Dick in the eyes, trying to calm his breathing. As Jason seemed to return to his less angry state, Dick told him what he had done.

“Why…why would you do that?” Jason held his head in his hands. “She obviously doesn’t feel the same, you saw her run.”

Dick shook his head, “No Jay, she does feel that way. She’s just not good with people, you know that. Listen, I know this isn’t exactly where you feel comfortable, but you’re emotions are important. Find Y/N, talk to her, and let her know.”

“Yeah Jay, I can tell you from first hand experience, she’s just as uncomfortable with her emotions as you are with your’s,” Tim said.

Jason, feeling anxious, went looking for you. He had run into Alfred, who pointed him in the direction he had taken you. He followed his feet towards the gardens.

After taking a moment to let the warm wind breeze over his face, Jason followed the lighted pathway that lit up the darkening day. He wound and twisted to the depth of the gardens, where a fountain stood. The waters of the fountain being the only thing to disrupt the night. Your back was facing Jason as he approached the fountain.

“Ehem,” Jason cleared his throat, provoking you to turn around. He looked over you. You looked like you had been crying and your hands were shaking. He carefully approached you, sat next to you, and took your hands in his. “Hey, are you okay?”

He watched as you began to nod, but then it turned into you shaking your head, verging on tears. He pulled you into an embrace and your arms slithered around his waist, squeezing tightly.

After a couple deep breath, Jason heard you whisper, “Do you really love me?”

Jason pulled you in closer, your head against his chest. “Do you hear my heart? Hear how it’s beating so fast? That’s because I’m freaking out at how close you are to me. That’s because when you’re in love, the one you love has the weirdest effects on you. That’s because I love you Y/N.”

The silence after those words was peaceful. Like a weight had been taken from the world.

You pulled away from him, pushing tears away from your eyes. “I’m sorry I ran. I thought you didn’t mean it. I thought Damian had goaded you into saying you did. It…it made my emotions so confused.” You looked into Jason’s eyes and saw no malice or fear. His eyes shined with compassion and love. You grazed Jason lips with yours, in a simple kiss.

With Jason smiling down at you, you’d made peace with your heart and head.   “I love you, too.”

Gael has compared Hector to Baloo, in one of his interviews.

Now, can you imagine him and Miguel singing “The Bare Necessities” together? With Imelda not too far away shaking her head in disbelief just like Bagheera does?

Because I can! ;p

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Oh but imagine a chubby Hanzo being insecure about his weight and his cute boyfriend comforting him and giving him cute tummy kisses. I just love Chubby Hanzo and Mccree too much sorry

I did imagine~ And I like it.

I personal pictured Hanzo and McCree start dating and McCree introducing his typical cuisine (Fried foods, Southern Comfort, Mexican, etc-etc.) to his new boyfriend. Hanzo takes a liking to it and maybe he likes it too much as he starts putting on weight~ McCree being used to the diet or he just has a metabolism like a beast he doesn’t gain anything and stays ab-tastic~ Hanzo starts refusing to get intimate with him because he feels ashamed and stuff. But Cowboy Casanova reassures him he loves him no matter what~

Yes… I like.  

“Vulnerable” Sweet Pea imagine part five (final part)

A/N: Hey guys, this is the final part and I just want to thank everyone who read, liked, reblogged and messaged me about it. The response of my first imagine was greater than I ever hoped for! <3

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Y/N sighed as she approached Sweet Peas house. She didn’t feel ready for this. She couldn’t take more boyfriend drama in her life. Not since last time. Either they’d figure it out… or it’d be over before it even began. The first alternative seemed more tempting than the last. Because she had actually began to feel something for him. That was hard to accept. Through all the drama and not so much joy, she realized that the only reason why she cared… was because he meant something to her.

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Héctor is such a Feminist

And I’d love to imagine that, at a time when women really didn’t read or write, he was the one who actively helped Imelda through her studies. Staying up late after performances to go over books with her since he, unlike her, was given a more formal education. Without question (especially when her frustration over the unfairness of her forced situation becomes almost too great) he steps in and says, yes, that’s unfair, let’s rectify it. 

And I’d also love to imagine that he had every intention of doing the same for Coco. 

And I’d triply like to imagine that when Miguel tells him, at another Day of the Dead, that not only can women go to school, but they can be doctors and scientists and teachers, Héctor flat out cries. Because that means new baby Coco can be whatever she wants to be. And she wont need to have a secret, kitchen table education. 

Héctor only wanted the best for Imelda and Coco, and now he can watch his grandchildren get what his wife and child were so wrongfully denied. 

(@arting-titans I know we were talking about this, so I wanted to write it out!)

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hellooo!!~ can I request a nct 127 reaction to you being really clingy and wanting to hug them? thank you so much, I hope you have a nice day!

{A/N} I had another request where someone asked how they would react to you being affectionate/clingy so I merged them lovely^^ enjoy!


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  • Okay but he’s honestly not mad about it. He’s super hype that you’re clingy like that because even though he’ll never ever in this or the next life admit that he likes pda, he loves it. He loves that you are comfortable showing him love like that. He’d chuckle and pat your head and comment on how cute you are. He’s a blushing and laughing mess.


Originally posted by isabelle-c-r

  • Imagine the greatest blush of all time. Great, now picture Taeyong. There you have it. He is blushing x100. He can not contain his giddiness when you wrap your arms around his waist. Taeyong is going to gasp a little every time even though you show him affection often. He would say something like, “You scared me” and cover his face because he’s totally freaking out inside.


Originally posted by taesyong

  • He’d probably smile widely and kiss your forehead. He’d quickly catch onto the fact that you’re really clingy and he’d definitely love it. Whenever other members bring it up, he’d smile proudly. I feel like affection is a must in his relationships, he’s a pretty sweet guy. So seeing how much you loved it would make him really confident in the relationship. 


Originally posted by ceohan

  • Okay so I really think he would be so damn happy mainly because I see Doyoung as really needing someone to love and cherish him. Physical affection and clinginess towards him reassures him that you’re 100% into him. He would be vocal about how good it made him feel and would be affectionate with you too, although he’d always be nervous. 


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  • Vocal af about how much he loves it. In fact, if you didn’t hug him one day he’d be super worried that you didn’t feel well or didn’t like him or something along those lines. He would tell you all the time that he loved when you held his hands and hugged him. He would just adore the fact that you were open about pda because he would be totally into it. 


Originally posted by stal777

  • Super blushy like Jaehyun. I think Mark likes his personal space and not super over the top pda. He’d definitely feel more comfortable with it as the relationship grows of course. At first, Mark would visibly stiffen if you showed him a lot of affection. Him tensing up or pulling away would leave you taken aback but he doesn’t hate it, he’s just awkward about such close contact. 


Originally posted by haecha

  • Expect affection back as your relationship progresses. Haechan would tense alot at first like Mark but he would fall for your clingy antics eventually. He is open to talking to you about it if you feel worried about bothering him. Leaning on his shoulder or clutching his arm would definitely have him stuttering over his words and have his heart beating loudly. 


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  • Oh my God, this kid is sooooo cute. He’d tease you or go, “Why are you so cute all of a sudden?” or “What do you want to be acting this cutely?” to mask his surprise and happiness. I see this guy really loving skinship in general. he would never admit it in front of the hyungs or you but he’s a sucker for your kisses and back hugs. He would blush but use jokes or teasing as a facade. 


Originally posted by withsuh

  • Okay so he wouldn’t tell you how much he loved it but he would show it through his smiles. I see Johnny falling for you even more when you show him a lot of physical affection. He would love it about you. Although, in public you would notice he’s not too big on pda. That doesn’t stop him from wanting it all the time when you two are alone. 

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007 with Taehyung please😍😊

“i dreamt about you last night.” + clairvoyant!taehyung

There was something different in the way he grinned and acted around you the moment he entered the book shop that you two were working at. Taehyung was a naturally bubbly and friendly kid, so him being all smiles and all was not something you were unfamiliar with, you just couldn’t seem to pinpoint on why he was just being so extra and being very clingy for that particular day. It wasn’t like you hated it — because you loved it very much — but you’d be lying if you said that you didn’t find it at least weird.

“I’m heading out for my lunch break, okay?” you announce, slinging your purse over your shoulder but before you can push the door open, a hand wraps around your wrist to stop you from doing so.

“Wait,” Taehyung pulls you back, “I’ll come with you.”

You snort. “That won’t be necessary. Besides, who’d watch over the shop?”

Hoseok suddenly appears over the counter. “It’s fine. You two can get along. There aren’t going to be many customers today anyway.”

You sigh while Taehyung grins, excusing himself to get his wallet.

Once he was back, the both of you proceeded on going out of the store to find a place where you can eat together. You were searching for a restaurant in your phone while Taehyung walked beside you silently, the first for that day. Finally, after minutes of just comfortable silence, he looks over to you and speaks.

“I dreamt about you last night,” he says with a rather shy tone.

“Really?” you look back at him. “What was it about?”

Taehyung grins. “Well, I’m not going to tell you obviously. Ever heard of the saying that if you tell someone of your dream, it’s not going to come true? And just so you know, mine comes true most of the time.”

“I’m assuming it’s something good then?”


You laugh lightly before your gaze goes over his shoulder, the barbeque place that you have been trying to find finally visible after walking around the streets for a considerably long amount of time. Taehyung turns to where you were staring at and a grin goes back to his lips.

“That’s where we’re eating, right?”

You don’t remember telling him it was but you don’t bother questioning him about it anyways due to your hunger. Instead, you hold his arm and drag him towards the street so that you can cross the road quickly.

What happened next played exactly the way it had in his dream, where your hand that was on his arm slowly slipped in his own hand, where you two sat on the very same seat inside the restaurant, when you ordered the same menu — and Taehyung couldn’t wait for the next events to come because he knew that when you finish eating and propose to get ice cream, it would be the time when the both of you would share your first kiss.

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Imagine being in a crowd at a concert at night and Shawns arms are around your waist and whispers in your ear “I’m so happy you wore this shirt” and you get confused because it’s his shirt and it’s baggy but it smells like him and you’re comfy but before you could ask what he meant you feel him tuck his hands under the shirt and his hand slides into your shorts and well I think you get where this is going

oh my god oh my my god hsadhjfjfhsdjkafhdja please please never stop

Imagine The8 lovingly looking at you and thinking about how amazing of a person you are and how lucky he is to be with you.

I like to imagine Supreme Leader Ren going AWOL to re-form the Knights of Ren, and he takes a dark BB8 with him. You know, because you need a droid sidekick. Hell, he could take a page from his mamma and send a message in it…hmmm…a warning perhaps?… An announcement? Plus, if BB8 and dark BB8 could get along, can’t everyone else?

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Daisy Im crying in the gay club because Im imagining baby Rory being terrified about coming out as a trans boy to Amy and her protecting him with her life then doing research using shitty late 90s dial up internet and finding words like Neutrois and genderqueer and being like "Fuck I can relate to that"

im cryin omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hc that after being showed so many Disney movies Cas quotes them whenever he can.

Saaame.  I like to imagine him and Jack singing the songs to old Disney films when they’re walking around too. I knooow you, I walked with you once upon a dream

And I do mean Jack and Cas not Dean and Sam, because another part of the headcanon is that Castiel actually does love to sing but lies about it because Dean makes fun of him, i.e. the harp and stuff

But little does he know what he missing out on

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Of course here Cas would be the Great Prince of the Forest watching over everyone and Jack is the graceful Bambi

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theglitterbombsystem replied to your photo “THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING He has to suddenly hide Marvin…”

And like I can imagine Jackie just asking Marvin rapid fire questions about being a fairy and stuff and Marvin’s just “Just because I have big ears doesn’t mean I can hear faster, moron.”

“doesn’t mean i can hear faster” I’M WHEEZING

i feel like fairies have a reputation for being assholes so most ppl don’t dare mess with them but Jackie somehow found a very sarcastic but otherwise friendly one so hell yes he’s gonna bother him with questions as much as he can

but also: “wow look at that your ears are so big and…funny lookin” “SAYS YOU?? HOW DO YOU EVEN HEAR WITH THOSE THINGS?? THEY’RE T I N Y”

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okay I'm down for the natural hair, but imagine little iwa-chan starting to use gel because he wanted to look spiky like godzilla


OR!!! What if one time when they were kids Oikawa told him “Your hair reminds me of Godzilla!” and little Iwa-chan’s eyes light up 😍😍😍

DRV3 Boys React To Built S/O

Shuichi Saihara

  • ~”Like what you see, Shuichi”~
  • He got caught looking a few times.
  • He so flustered when he gets caught.
  • Is it wrong to feel my girlfriend this hot.
  • Would shyly ask to feel your muscles.
  • Kinda ironic
  • A Girly Boy with a Boyish Girl
  • (Yes,I went there)
  • S/o would lowkey carry him bridal style and embarrass him more.
  • So cute

Rantaro Amami

  • Would still treat you like a lady.
  • Just because you’re ripped af doesn’t mean you can’t have fabulous nails.
  • You’re still his princess.
  • Always good to bring you to explore with him.
  • Would do a flex pose with him.
  • (S/o, you’re Muscle are bigger than mine)
  • Such a great avocado

Ouma Kokichi

  • Oh boy
  • Would probably start showing you out to every.
  • “My girlfriend can’t be you’re girlfriend and you anyday!”
  • Pls stahp Ouma
  • Would lowkey randomly jump in your arms excepting to be catch.
  • You do (most of the time)
  • “She’s always there to catch me.”
  • Drop him
  • Would use you’re strength for epic pranks.
  • Would still tease.
  • “Excuse me sir, have you seen my girlfriend- Oh it’s you, S/O.
  • (Oh I see you got Jokes,Kokichi)

Kaito Momotao

  • Honestly Kinda Jealous of you.
  • I’m mean, is my girlfriend supposed to be more ripped than me?
  • Would challenge you to arm wrestles.
  • Would win some and lose some.
  • Mostly lose
  • “No way, you cheated.”
  • Sure I did.
  • Would probably want to flex with you.
  • Flex contest.


  • “From my research, it seems that your body is not the ideal female body type. Did you get a upgrade?”
  • …wut
  • Honestly wouldn’t really mind.
  • But would have to reboot when he sees the whole image.
  • It took 8 minuets to reboot.
  • Would occasionally pick him up too.
  • His reaction is too funny.
  • (It’s not like you’re throwing him,calm down Kiibo)

Gonta Gokuhara

  • …(Money on Gonta)
  • Both of you would be SHSL Power Couple
  • Gonta still Gentlemen
  • Gonta would still love you and treat you like a lady.
  • “ A True Gentleman treats all women with respect and like a queen.”
  • Would still be the one to carry you.
  • He’s still a Giant compared side by side.

Ryoma Hoshi

  • Lowkey doesn’t care.
  • He just doesn’t see the problem.
  • Okay, maybe one problem .
  • Gets annoyed by how many times he’s got picked up.
  • S/O stahp
  • “Sorry Ryoma, But you’re just so cute.”
  • He then pull down his hat to cover up his burning face.

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • Such Beauty.
  • “As Beautiful and powerful as Athena.”
  • Would praise you on your ripped body.
  • Would feel your abs when cuddling with each other.
  • Such a smooth talker
  • Loves everything single shape of you.
  • Doesn’t even hide it.
Change || Harry Styles - Chapter Four: Memories that Fade Like Photographs

Originally posted by ohbabyyeah

“And he just… Left? Just like that?” Harry asked over the phone. “Didn’t even pay for his coffee?”

Since Alex was out, I wasn’t worried about him hearing us, so I put the phone on speaker as I searched for clothes for the day. “Didn’t even take his coffee. All because I said we talked shit on him after he told me he loved me. But, like, what did he expect? He waited until the night before he was supposed to leave before he told me.”

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anonymous asked:

based ONLY on the movie (because i’m going to start reading the book this week), in the last scene where Marzia appears and talks to Elio (at the end), she acknowledges that he and Oliver had a relationship, right? or was i imagining things?

Hi! I believe in that scene she realises that Elio didn’t like her as much as she initially thought or had hoped for. The acknowledgement of Elio’s relationship with Oliver likely came after that; Elio wearing billowy makes things quite self-explanatory for anyone who sees him. 🍑

anonymous asked:

“His eyes on his long term plan” which is? His songs not getting played on the radio? The next stunt pap walk? Getting over the kid’s third birthday next year? Because it doesn’t seem like any of this shit is ending anytime soon.

Hi anon, that’s not a long term plan, that’s a short term worry session. Which is what we all do sometimes, but other than us, Louis knows what’s going on and why it’s happening. I think his long term plan entails ending BG, getting rid of Syco and possibly Sony, a coming out at some stage, with Harry I hope, and a great career in which he is in control, within the limits of an awful industry of course. I think he’s ambitious, he’s a fighter, and he is very much planning to come out on top. (HAHAHAHA that was a pun by accident.)