because i honestly don't think you have

my friend is studying for the mcat and was just trying to explain to me about heat transfer and she said ‘you know, like the reason you get cold when you go outside on a freezing day is that your tiny human body is trying to warm up the entire universe’ and i think that’s the best thing i have ever heard

Honestly I wanna just say, you don’t need to feel guilty about not knowing a kpop group as well as some other fans. It’s totally okay to just like a group because of their music, no one is forcing you to like them as people. I mean, they’re mainly in the music industry because they want people to hear their music. Of course, if you end up liking them as people, that’s just an extra bonus. Also fuck the fans who judge you for that, you don’t need to know every detail about your bias, it doesn’t mean you’re a fake fan

You know what?

Actually I’m fine with this.

I was having the “oh god oh god I WILL JUST HOLD MY JUDGEMENT TILL NEXT WEEK” feeling but after talking it out, you know what? Nope. It’s completely fine. 

Yuuri’s been like this the whole time. Victor truly has no idea how fucking ridiculous his boyfriend is because he’s not the neurotic one in this relationship. This is literally the same misunderstanding that has been building the whole time. Yuuri has probably reached peak neuroticism by now. Peak stress = peak anxiety, thus his near panic attack after his skate because he doesn’t realize how hard he’s been trying to hold it together this whole time and how much anxiety he’s been supressing (he’s been spending a lot of energy convincing himself he’s fine with something that he isn’t actually fine with at all; see 2) below).

Victor is sweet and WANTS to be supportive and he’s really trying but he literally has NO FUCKING CLUE IN HIS HEAD about how Yuuri’s brain works, like, at all, because he’s kind of the opposite of neurotic. It’s not that he’s insensitive, he just has no frame of reference for how Yuuri processes things - likewise, Yuuri has no frame of reference for understanding that he, himself, just as he is, could be “enough” to make someone else happy because he’s never internalized that idea. I almost think the idea that he can make other people happy through anything other than skating well or “succeeding” by competitive standards - by just being himself and being around another person who likes spending time with him - may have never even crossed Yuuri’s mind in his life, honestly. (No, this isn’t an extreme assumption - I may have just cried writing this because I was nearly in my 30′s when I really started realizing that in most areas of my life I had a problem with *internalizing* the idea that other people might actually get something valuable and enjoyable out of my existence regardless of my “successes” or “failures”)

This “opposite” personality type thing is, of course, both bad and good for their relationship - it’s why they are complementary to each other but at the same time, these completely different viewpoints is probably the biggest difference between them and that is why it’s going to be the biggest and last hurdle standing between them and the mutual understanding necessary for a healthy relationship. And that’s exactly why I think it’s obvious that they WILL work it out.

1) Narratively, this show has been VERY solid and reliable. Everything in the narrative points to this as Yuuri being neurotic and Victor being clueless. If there were something to be gained by them breaking up, then I would be a little worried. However, no matter how I look at it, the only things that could be gained from a breakup are:

a) Victor would “be able to go back to skating” or whatever it is that Yuuri is “keeping him from” …except it’s clear by now that he literally doesn’t want to, he’s ENTIRELY happy with what he has right now, and Yuuri and everyone else wanting him to “return” to the past won’t change that.

b) If Yuuri wanted to continue his skating career or had some other goal but feels that he needs to develop his confidence on his own without “depending” on Victor for his self-worth, this might be a sensible reason to break up. It’s honestly the only one I could kind of see happening. Except that… we KNOW that his his breakup ideas are literally tied into his plans to retire from skating. He’s said it so many times that he plans for this to be his last season. So breaking up with Victor WOULDN’T “give him the chance to develop as a skater on his own” or whatever because that’s not even a thing he’s thinking about. Also, Victor’s earlier narration about spending so long trying to succeed alone and find strength alone also speaks to the fact “going it alone” and “the importance of not depending on anyone, ever” are definitely not meant to be the moral of the story for anyone here; after dependence and independence is interdependence; interdependence = healthy relationships.

c) Victor gets butthurt by Yuuri’s inability to believe in his feelings for him, thinks that Yuuri is somehow cheapening his feelings and doesn’t understand it as fear of rejection and self-deprication on Yuuri’s part, and they’d break up because of of failure to actually have a REAL CONVERSATION about it - but this is not a productive ending for any series; pretty much no story ends like that. The only case where I could see this happening is cheesy romance like BL manga, where after this scene they’d be apart for a couple of months until they ran into each other again, then one would realize he couldn’t live without the other, force the conversation, cry and have makeup sex *~the end*~ But that’s a lame convoluted narrative - not the style of this series - and takes way more than one or two episodes to deal with and still ends up with them together in the end. So it clearly won’t be that either.

So, honestly, there’s really nothing to be gained narratively by Yuuri winning the “let’s break up” argument, because all of his reasons are flawed and based on neurotic worries and assumptions about Victor but not actually knowing what Victor thinks. So far, everything in this show has made perfect narrative sense, so I’m not worried there.

2) Do you have anxiety? If you do, please tell me you are not familiar with the whole “JUST GIVE UP WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO FAIL” feeling? But then you justify it like “No, see, I’ve come up with lots of reasons (i.e. neurotic worries) why this is the ‘realistic’ and ‘pragmatic’ thing to do, I’m not ‘running away’, I’m doing what makes sense! D:”. See, that’s obviously where Yuuri is at. This is a huge case of “Give up Victor now while all of your memories are perfect and good (and make an effort to make those memories as perfect and good as possible! re: the date in episode 10) so that you have something beautiful to hold onto but you don’t have to deal with losing him later - no, no, I’m not being cowardly, seriously, this is best for both of us! Really! Victor can go back to skating and everyone will be happy and I’ll go live the life I deserve (whatever that is, but 8 months with Victor was more than I ever thought I would get in the first place it would be ridiculously greedy to ask for more, there is a limit to how much I can ask for, I’m going to stop asking before the answer is “no” because I couldn’t deal with the thought of that. Better to push him away myself than to wait until he’s annoyed with me and be pushed away by him!” If you’re not familiar with this thought process I’m not sure you’re familiar with anxiety because that’s… basically the crux of it. And the more I look at it the more I can’t see it any other way.

The end of this episode is just a confirmation of my feelings after episode 9;  In a way, I think episode 10 was meant to make you feel like maybe he’d solved that worry when actually he hadn’t: episode 10 actually just pushed him and Victor’s viewpoints even further apart, in a way:

Victor was feeling closer to a future together with Yuuri

Yuuri was feeling closer to being able to convince himself that he could end this memory on a good note; now he knew that he’d played an important part in Victor’s life and that was enough; he wanted to be able to end it without regrets that he hadn’t made the best of it.

This show is way too narratively clean to do something that doesn’t make sense now - and if by some wild chance they do break them up at the end it’s going to be in some romantic twist where they ARE still happy and love each other, (or else worst case scenario some cavalier move that relies on the hope of a second season but I seriously doubt that they won’t wrap this up, since all the metanarratives are already in place).

If you’re still worried, Here is a good thing someone else wrote

3) I know there’s going to be a ton of “NOO IT WAS QUEERBAITING ALL ALONG” bullshit because my friends have already been complaining about seeing a bunch of it (I’ve been covering my eyes) - but that’s what it is: bullshit. Sorry, but it is.

Guys, don’t be swayed by that doubt; You see, even if the unthinkable happens and they break up, you know what? This still wasn’t queerbaiting. Why? Because they were in love and are in love and when you break up with someone you loved does that you never loved them? No. It means you were in love and then you broke up - that’s what people do so guess what, QUEER PEOPLE DO THAT TOO. Let’s say a bisexual girl breaks up with a boyfriend she loved, and then a couple years later she falls in love with a girl - does that mean she is not bisexual or that she never loved that other boy? Obviously not. I would like it if people could stop thinking that breaking up means that somehow “it was never real to begin with”. That kind of thinking makes no sense. You can love more than one person in your life and if this show has made one thing clear it’s that these two love each other and have spent probably more than 8 months loving each other, and that their entire character arc was about falling in love - so even if they find some batshit crazy reason to break them up it doesn’t mean that this was queerbaiting because they fucking loved each other and breaking up won’t change the fact that those 8 months were real, okay? Seriously. I really don’t want to see any “it was queerbaiting” posts so I might just kind of be careful around tumblr for the next week.


Garrison AU where Lance confronts Keith because of their rivalry.  Keith thinks Lance is talking about the kitten Keith has hidden in his jacket.

Lance: I know what you’re up to and you won’t get away with it.
Keith: Oh god. I know I’m not supposed to have it in here but it’s so cold outside and I panicked -
Lance: Wait, what? 
Kitten: *peeks head out of jacket*

Lance almost explodes from how cute it is and insists on helping Keith take care of it (because Lance is convinced it won’t survive to adulthood with just Keith raising it)

Cue bonding moments:

  • Lance and Keith holing up together in the library and whispering fervently as they figure out how to raise it 
  • Lance hanging out a lot with Keith in his room because that’s where they’ve decided to keep it (Keith is the only one of the two with a single room)
  • Keith and Lance taking turns cradling the kitten in their arms or using their shoelaces to play with it
  • Lance setting up loud distractions in the mess hall so Keith can sneak into the kitchens for supplies
  • Lance teasing Keith because “the kitten takes better care of grooming itself than you do" as he tries to get Keith to cut his hair
  • Bickering over what to name it:
      Lance: I wouldn’t expect you to know a good name when you hear              considering your name is Keith but -
      Keith: Says the guy whose name is Lance 
      Lance: Lance is a perfectly good name I’ll have you know!
    (It takes a while for them to agree on anything)

Bonus:  Lance accidentally referring to Keith as the father of his child in front of Pidge and Hunk

Eventually one of the staff finds the kitten in Keith’s room.  When he’s called in to the disciplinary office Keith never implicates Lance in hiding the kitten. This is the final reason for Keith being kicked out due to “disciplinary reasons”. 

When anyone tries to tell me how much better education was “in the good old days”.

I really wish everyone had someone to have deep conversations with on the phone at 3am when you’re smashed out of your mind and the only thing they care about is that you’re doing okay. I wish more people would be open about their feelings because I’m certainly not- and I know how hard that is for people. It sucks. I honestly know, depression isn’t a joke and some people just think its a punchline which is probably how other people get worse…speaking from experience. 


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

y’all, if you don’t have permission to- do not repost someone’s fanfic elsewhere. (i.e. wattpad, when the original work was on ao3.)

I’m honestly so disgusted. I write for free, and for fun. I share my fics because i think it’s a fun way to contribute to fandom and to make friends. However, to see something I worked months on just reposted without my knowledge? The fact that I found out through a fucking google search?

 “All credit to the author” is a slap in the face. 

I’m not unreasonable, i’d let someone share my story so long as permission was asked, where my original fic was post was linked to, and all.

Please, do not share things without permission.

You shouldn’t repost art without the artist’s explicit, you shouldn’t repost fic without the author’s explicit permission. It’s not fair to them. 

TL;DR: don’t repost people’s stuff if you don’t have permission.

Aries is honestly such a transparent sign… We have to be notoriously aggressive and angry because we gotta protect ourselves somehow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

People aren’t trustworthy and we will call you out for violating! us! when! we! have! nothing! to! hide! How dare you!!

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ok so from what I read it seems like almost everyone think malec won'have sex,am I the only one ready for the thing because is starting to seem as if we are the ones not ready instead of alec, but if nothing happens when do you think they'll have sex in the rest of 2a o in 2b?because honestly those two are too thirsty and attrattecd to eacother to wait an entire season

Anon, I think you just might have a point here. Apparently the Malec fandom is indeed not ready for Magnus and Alec having sex when they both kinda are.  I mean, we all know that these two were attracted to each other from the very first day they met and are so thirsty for each other. They went from strangers to acquaintances to friends and now to lovers. Their relationship is built upon honesty and trust. So them having sex is not something which is out of the blue at this point.

Which might be the thing some people don’t really understand. Yes, Alec is inexperienced when it comes to being sexually involved with someone. Yes, he is a virgin. Yes, he never had a relationship before. True. But can these people stop acting like he doesn’t know what sex is? (He grew up with Izzy and Jace, jfc.) Or that he is unsure of his feelings for Magnus? Alec even said it himself, he is only “innocent in some ways”, so stop treating a grown up man like a baby. If he wants to have sex now with this beautiful man, who closed himself off for over a century, then let him act on it. Alec is more than confident enough to know what he wants and what he doesn’t. But especially after the last ep, him lowkey asking Magnus if they have a relationship now, telling him that relationship take effort. What more do you need to get that he wants this. That he is in for it. That he wants this to make it work. Which also means sex at one point. Duh.

Besides, why is this even an issue for some people now? Like… a lot of straight couples on tv have sex before they even know each other’s names. They just have sex, it’s often insta love and they get together at one point. (And then the drama happens but yeah well…) But with Malec who have such a beautiful, healthy and honest relationship, people are like..wait, sex is rushed, they can’t have sex. Like…what? Why??? *rolleyes*

That being said, I don’t really know if they really have sex in the next ep. Freeform kinda made it look so obvious? But maybe they wanna troll us? Then again, when would be the right time for them to have a quiet moment if not next Monday? After the party for Max’ first rune? Might be the only time, since I am guessing all hell will break lose again and there won’t be much time for any sexyness at all. Though I don’t think it fit storywise. So yeah, if they are indeed going down the path with Malec having sex, next ep would be my best guess.

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who are your favourite blogs and why? if you follow them, what made you follow them?

Honestly, I have too many favorite blogs. Both because I love their content, and because I love the people! Here’s a list of my most most favorites from off the top of my head! (Which I just put into alphabetical order LOL) I hope you consider all of them.

NOTE: This turned into me just ranting about my faves…….. IT GOT SO LONG BYEEEEE I don’t think I’ve done this before so now all my emotions r spilling OUT and it’s justtttttttttt wow

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you like otome games too???? can you list your faves?

I love them. When I first joined tumblr, I opened @soffiasotome​ which I sometimes post on(only reblogs really). I hold that blog dear to my heart because I met some lovely people on it, but most of them are either out of touch or inactive.

Shoot, though, my favourites? That’s really tough. I honestly don’t think I have a favourite because I love otome games and companies for different reasons. Maybe it’s just because I’m indecisive, I mean I do have eighteen save files in Fates just so I could marry eighteen people…

The best I can do is give you a couple of lists. Disclaimer, though, I play a lot of otome games. Not as many as I did in high school, but still a lot… And unlike some people, I actually don’t mind stat building otome games. So some of my choices are partial to that.

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Ok, so to all of you wonderful fanfiction writers, I love you! But, sometimes I wish you guys could write more (or I could write, but I’m not good at that). Like, when I read all the fanfiction I love, sometimes I have to read some that use the daddy kink, and I’m not to fond of that, when I’m just itching for a fanfic fix, ya know? Maybe I will try to write some? If you think I should try, could you tell me? Because we all know, there is always more room for fanfiction on the internet. Maybe, for the first story, you could givee some ideas?

You know honestly I never minded being alone while pregnant, or with a newborn. I mean, yes, I had my moments where I was upset my husband wasn’t there. & I will always be a little sad he missed the pregnancy but it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. I’m such an introverted & independent person I didn’t mind doing it alone & I won’t mind if I have another pregnancy without him either. Although, that may not be in the cards for us so I’m not overly concerned about it yet. I always have people tell me they don’t know how I did it without him but to me it’s just not a huge deal. This summer is just the beginning of us ttc if I do end up conceiving he will be home a few months after the birth. If I don’t, he will be home for the entire pregnancy (as we’ll put off trying again until he’s home for insurance reasons) I’ve never been one to delay my life because of the Army, I’m not going to start now.

10 Bias Tag

Tbh, this was a very difficult thing to think of (took me 3 hours to work on…great way to procrastinate really), but thank you @kae-popx for making me attempt to verbalize and figure out some of my biases 💕 Also, I really tried to keep it to one bias per group (minus BTS because I can’t just leave out my 2nd bias/bias wrecker ;3;

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trying to get jumin’s route

when ur in love with seven

n u have to be a douche 2 him





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I'm seeing people saying they saw a harriet/cain vibe last night in the pub, do you think they could be the ones to have an affair that IM talked about happening in the summer? It would be an interesting story !!


Oh? I honestly didn’t notice that but I missed some stuff from yesterday tbh.

That would be. W I L D. I mean wild. I mean I’m having a hard time picturing it honestly but I can’t pretend like I wouldn’t support it bc I will support any Harriet-centric SL and holy shit that would be wild!!! They would be such an odd pairing but I firmly believe they could make it work. 

You have the chance to become the most noble contradiction in history: the Telmarine who saved Narnia.
—  Dr. Cornelius, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)

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What if someone was talking about your trine like you talk about Cliffjumper? I do think some respect is in order. You don't desecrate the memory of the dead.

I’m sure some Autobots have had a good chuckle over the fate of my Trine and a good many other Decepticons. Have you ever met a Wrecker

If they were stupid enough to say it to me, then they’d get to meet Cliffjumper and compare notes on what happens when you mouth off to me. He was cocky and he learned not to underestimate me. It’s that simple.

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I was open minded about the dnc chair thing altho I was wary of Ellison cause I do not fucks with the Bernie-bastards coalition. Plus Perez was boring and doesnt come off as smart? Anyways I watched Ellison on TDS and I was like nope nope! He was there spouting "we lost cause of economic anxiety" white ppl bullshit I was like damn how that watermelon taste Uncle Tom. He said the democrats have lost blah # of governorships since '09 I was like what ELSE HAPPENED IN 09 U PURPOSEFULLY IGNORANT MAN

how does perez not come off as smart? he’s pretty accomplished lmao you don’t achieve what he has by not being smart.