because i honestly can't find 6 characters i like on this show

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You're still posting his disgusting artist? His mysoginostic characters have NO place on tumblr, nor do you if you think ANY of this is ok or redeemable. In 2017 we're supposed to be a BETTER world, a SAFER world, a LESS WOMAN-HATING world, yet here you are posting "hurr look at da titties boy women sure are sexy but also worthless!" in artist format. Fuck off and die, I bet you jack off to anime because no woman would actually get within 100 feet of a greasy manchild like you.

I normally choose to post Mashima’s artwork here, and nothing more. This blog was not made for any purpose but to share Mashima-senshi’s art, I have had no intentions of speaking out, or spreading any word. However, I was greeted with this in the mailbox and this is not okay.

I’m reusing a lot of old points from the previous post I’ve answered because I’m too tired and the points are generally the same.

1. Anon hate is never okay. It shows that you are a coward who do not have the guts to speak out with your identity attached, likely because you’re afraid of the repercussions. If you do not have the guts to speak out openly about your apparent disgust, you do not have the right to speak out at all, especially not a blog where his work is being shared and loved. That being said, hate in general is not okay.

2. *this, *misogynistic : Disgusting is subjective. What you find disgusting, other people may not. What we find disgusting, you may not. For example, I find this random anonymous ask attacking an artist disgusting, but you most certainly do not seem to deem it so. On the other hand, I’m sure many others following this blog for his artwork would agree that his artwork is rather great in their opinion. As this is a subjective determination, I will leave this as such. 

3. What are you doing on a blog that does nothing but post Hiro Mashima’s artwork if you find it disgusting? It seems you may have a problem. If you find something disgusting, I suggest that you stay away from it. Perhaps you can try a blacklist function, it is easily found with a quick google search. Going to a blog that posts nothing but something you find disgusting may mean that you have an issue, please see a doctor if it persists, it is not healthy for you to continually visit something that contains things you find disgusting.

4. There are a lot of things that have NO place on tumblr,; such as abuse and attack ( of which you are doing so ), cowardice ( in failing to show yourself while attacking others ). This? This is just art work of virtual characters that do not actually exist. If you are so wondrous, kindly focus your attempts of righteousness in a direction such as domestic abuse, rape and the likes. Please do in fact. The world could do with far lesser rapists. None at all would be just marvelous.

4. Who’s hating on women? You have deemed the women in Fairy Tail as sexy but also worthless, but not me. Not us. Maybe I speak for myself but I see the women of Fairy Tail as strong individuals who may have their moments to shine taken often ( unfortunately ), but such does not mean that they are any less worthy of compliments. Each of them has fought through their own troubles, traumas and sculpted a life for themselves. I don’t know what you are reading if you don’t see that. Perhaps you should be correcting yourself and your misogynistic views if you are the one seeing that the women are “sexy but also worthless”. Cause I’m pretty sure any of the women in Fairy Tail can take your ass anytime if they were in fact real.

5. Telling someone to fuck of and die is generally considered as abuse or harassment. Hey, that’s rude. That makes you a coward who attacks people, telling them to die. What makes you any better than the supposedly ‘misogynistic’ people you call us? We are just people who enjoy pretty art. You are someone who attacks people. How are you any better?

6. If you find that his work is horrible, you may choose to drop Fairy Tail like I know many have done. What is the issue here? I find it hard to understand why you continue to apparently torment yourself with art and story that you do not like and find disgusting. If you dislike it so much, please leave the fandom. No one is stopping you.

6. You’re talking about something personal, but unfortunately for you, I do not jack off. And there are many women who I hang out with frequently, definitely within 100 feet, sometimes even less than one feet. Also I’m not a manchild. I’m actually a woman who is definitely not greasy. LOL. Personal attacks don’t really work.

I do not advocate hate in any forms. If you dislike something, the smart move is to unfollow, blacklist, and avoid. Going forward to send messages like such to a blog that enjoys what you do not is honestly not the action you should be taking. You take the fun and happiness out of others because you dislike something. One can not expect everyone to like the same thing, and on the same note, one cannot expect everyone to dislike the same thing. You would not like it if I came up to you and said horrible things about the things you like, you would not like it if I came up to you and said, and I quote “ Fuck off and die”.  Even if you can not enjoy something, you should not take that enjoyment away from others. 

People who come to this blog came here for Hiro Mashima’s artwork. If you do not have that intention, or like them, please just leave. There is no place for your hate here. This is a place for people who enjoy Hiro Mashima’s artwork to unite and connect.

If any word is spread in this post, let it be this.

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Disclaimer first - I'm not negative or angry + very pleased will all the lovely TFW we are getting and one thing I'm disappointed in - Is it just me or is Dean/Cas independent! relationship kinda gone-ish, 80% of all the emotional talks are always on TFW as a whole, never just Dean/Cas, even if Sam isnt there. Dean isn't ever refering to Cas in any emotional way singularly anymore (your OUR best, best friend WE've ever had, glad he cares about US, WE dont leave family behind etcetc) and cas too

Yeah, the big declarations have been all like that but having seen the whole “I love all of you” thing, I feel like they’ve been building up to actually have a family first, which is something I guess is way more important as a long term investment.

Something I’m always coming back to is that horrible isolation of Carver era. Well, I’m currently watching season 7 and at that part where they’ve now finally lost everything and it’s just Sam and Dean and not even the car. Like, Hallucifer and hunting and the Leviathan problem are literally the only constants they have from their old lives. Wow. :P

Carver era sort of puts a bit more of a fragile shell around them by giving Cas back, making Crowley a frenemy, and at least has some outside people like Charlie and Kevin even if they get killed off, but then also the wayward daughters characters who survive it, so there are at least some people to hold them accountable… During that time Cas is their only main constant family and even then terrible stuff is always happening to him and he’s always leaving, so he’s not really around except for little hints of what might be, and Cas picks up so much trauma from that too… 

I don’t know, looking at it from as outside a perspective as I can manage, I think with Mary back, and Cas MEANT to be a member of the family but needing serious integration into the family unit (12x03 with that little conversation showing Mary and Cas are struggling with the exact same thing) the show has to actually believably glue these people back together, and even Sam and Dean have huge splits that have barely been addressed (like Dean apologised for the ridiculous “sam hit a dog” grudge they started Carver era with in like, 11x11, I think? Which means they’d been actually on good terms for like maybe 12 episodes when Mary comes back :P) never mind Cas’s ocean of trauma and Mary being dropped among them out of the blue.

There’s been a real theme of teamwork this season in the big confrontation fights - 12x06, 12x07, 12x10 and 12x12 definitely all had teamwork fights taking down one big enemy together, and I may be forgetting some stuff but it’s more than enough for a pattern that they want to show the characters working together as a large and well-functioning unit - and within that, good dynamics, which they’re still working on especially for Mary, who (as we suspected she would) has only really SOLIDLY bonded with Cas because they’re both outsiders - Dean and Sam fight okay with her by their side but they need to work on interpersonal stuff (and I LOVED the shot this episode of Mary and Dean back to back with a wall between them).

To my eyes the TFW (and Mary) dynamic is clearly top priority and really important for the story they want to tell, and I’m loving the fragile way this family is being built and the exploration of the dynamics (now we’re getting later in the season I’ve seen people comment that Mary and Sam got a bad deal, but honestly for the first like 6 episodes of the season I was contemplating devoting my blog entirely to their drama and just forgetting Dean and Cas completely because I was so into what was going on there, and find it really weird people weren’t picking up on that because I thought all the subtext about Azazel coming between them was brilliant use of the characters and it just all suddenly paid off and I probably yelled louder about a Yellow Eyed demon showing up than I did about the whole “I love you” nonsense. :P There’s a part of my soul which is always going to be seasons 1-2 of Supernatural all on their own >.>)

But I think there’s still a ton of DeanCas this season, just underneath the main message they’re pushing, all the stuff like Dean and Cas just being prioritised when it comes to stuff like of course when the season starts Cas urgently gets back to Dean immediately and the story starts with them together. Of course Sam waits with Lily Sunder while Dean rushes off to help Cas. Of course Dean gets all weird and pissy about Cas working with Crowley and Sam like has nothing to do with this, at all. Of course when they get out of prison Dean is phoning Cas urgently to come get them, and sits in the back of the car with him. Of course he’s the one having the angry feud about caring too much vs being reckless after Cas invites his cosmic consequences. Of course when Cas is dying Dean is the one who rushes over to check on him and subtly all through that sequence is the one with the most focus on ALL the reaction shots, and the centre of the drama. 

And the little things like of course Dean phones Cas here, asks him to stay for breakfast there, is the one to hand him a beer and pat his shoulder, holds on just that much longer when he and Sam haul Cas to his feet (which I think is the perfect 1 tiny moment to demonstrate the whole thing of Dean just caring that little bit more even though Sam and Cas easily and happily could consider each other family at this point)

It’s like… Even when they’re not strictly telling us a story ABOUT Dean and Cas alone there’s just a little bit extra something going on between them, constantly, like, they just drift next to each other, or end up paying way more attention to each other? Like Dean at the diner in 12x12, Cas’s presence and the Mandy thing ends up this itch he has to scratch, he can’t stop bringing it up - weirdness between Dean and Cas derails the conversation repeatedly, and from both Cas and Mary’s POV we see Dean almost, like, fixated on Cas’s presence, while he’s all brotherly and annoying to Sam vying for attention complaining about the wifi, Dean just snores at him and goes back to I think just trying to get a rise out of Cas. 

I wouldn’t say any of this is really doing anything with them because the emotional arc right now is Family and creating a plausible version of Supernatural where it’s not two lonely angry brothers and sometimes people who help them and peripheral people they love but don’t, like… function in this way. Not in this whole promised dynamic of how that group exorcism went down in 12x06, or how Sam and Mary and Dean took on a Prince of Hell to save Cas (and even Crowley proved he has his own strange seat at this table there)… But they’re certainly keeping a sort of ongoing feeling there, that there’s just something extra about how Dean feels about Cas, and as usual, with 12x10 especially, the story about angels and romantic love is repeated and used between Dean and Cas, like, that’s all still there… I don’t know, every time something ridiculously small happens like Cas shows up and Dean rotates his entire body to face him on instinct, I’m like, yeah, we’re still existing in a story where Destiel is a presence

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OUAT is the first show that I followed in real-time long term. With other shows with ships I really loved, they had already ended when I discovered them so while the binging was an adventure in itself, I never really got to experience the "omg, I can't believe it's over </3" part of it all, since I knew they all had endpoints and often was semi-spoiled by the endgame statuses of everyone. This is all new to me. How to deal? 😭 😭

But seriously, welcome to the club!!!

You’re right it’s very different binge-watching something vs making it your hobby for years and years. The latter comes with a lot more engagement and and fun. (and a lot more emotional attachment!) 

For me, I’m over the heartbreak of it ending because of how long we’ve known and the way things went down. There is nothing like having the band-aid ripped off at 5am after your OTP walks down the aisle! Wow, was that a bad morning after such an amazing evening. (The timing of that will never not suck.) Even before that we were sort of tortured and kept on tenterhooks for months waiting to hear news on renewal and contracts, and then we were tortured for months this summer waiting to hear if they were going to screw up the story we’d just spent 6 years investing in.  

So… I’ve done all my grieving, now I’m just happy about the Captain Swan happy beginning. 

Thrilled actually.

It’s still a loss though, so here are some ways to deal:

  • Silver Lining. Always remember fondly what we have! Captain Swan is the literal holy grail of ships. A blessed by the Gods, true love, end of the world or time, soul mates kind of epic love story. CS is endgame is no longer a battle cry, it’s a set in stone reality. Bask in it. Celebrate it! Enjoy it! 
  • Rewatch. The beauty is we can always revisit these lovelies. We have 5 years of slow burn goodness to watch. Along the way we saw almost every milestone, every moment falling in love, not to mention dozens of kisses, hugs and heartstruck looks.  We will always have that and you can always watch that. Tell yourself that in a year or two years you’ll rewatch the entire thing. It can be a comforting thought. 
  • Read. I don’t know about you but there is so much fanfiction I’ve missed. I keep forwarding myself rec lists I find on here. There are literally hundred and hundreds of stories I have backlogged. I can’t wait to dig in! (and if you do read please remember to reblog the story or leave a nice comment/feedback for the author) 
  • Revisit. I can go down a rabbit hole on my own blog looking at gifs and posts about this OTP. From Jen and Colin and their friendship to Emma and Hook in every single episode they shared. Good stuff. Go find something beautiful to reblog. 
  • Create. If you’re missing Captain Swan create something about them. Write a fic, even if it’s just a drabble, compose an in-depth meta or post a two-sentence head canon, make a gif set, draw or make a graphic or manip. Fanworks can be so fulfilling and cathartic and just because we won’t have new material for CS each week, doesn’t mean you can’t engage creatively. 
  • Feel the relief. Honestly the angst in S5 and S6 took a toll on this fangirl. I can honestly say last season that eps 610 & 612-615 the writers made choices that were not enjoyable for me. I didn’t like what they were resorting to in order to give CS story.  So I’m kinda glad they are out of their hands and I don’t have to think about what character assassination they might pull out because they’re out of ideas.  Now Killian and Emma are safe in Storybrooke. I’m relieved they’re safe. 

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. Stop by if you wanna talk CS, I’m always down for that. 

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Regardless of Jonsa, I think that, if Sansa survives, she has to have her love story. That's not to say that women can't be happy without getting married and having kids, but I feel like Sansa can't and this is a really important storyline for her in order for it not to go anywhere. I want Jonsa to happen, but I'm wary, so I tried to find another match for her, but the thing is there is none! I know that some love to pair her with Tyrion and Sandor, but for me these outcomes are as perverted-

(2) -as Sansa ending up with Littlefinger. Both of them are grown men who lusted after her while she was a child, and they are way too morally grey for Sansa to find them appealing on that level. They have been kind to her on occasions, but that doesn’t mean she must fall in love with them. One of the things that always annoys me is when people say how she should be with one of them just because they helped her once or twice, almost as a form of gratitude. How fucked up is that? So with that being-   

(3) -said, who else apart from Jon? Do you have any ideas? And he needs to exist in both the books and the show, if they are to reach the same end. I doubt it will be someone new, it’s too late in the game for a newcomer to gain such importance. This is one of the reasons I started thinking Jonsa is possible in the first place, I just can’t see any other suitor for Sansa. The one thing that’s keeping me wary is that Jon has options, so I’m not sure yet. Also rip my short-lived ship with Dickon lol               

Dear nonny, you know, I very much feel the same about Sansa. I’ve shipped Sansa with happiness since I sort of fell in love with her reading book two and the Battle of the Blackwater and her scene with the hound. Not that I ever read that romantically, but Sansa’s resilence in the face of a dagger’s threat and finding it in her heart to find the exact song that would make Sandor Clegane relent, has captured my imagination for a very long time. I didn’t like Sansa very much in book one, but from that moment onward I rooted for her. It makes a very strong case for the fact that kindness is never wasted. And for that reason I always wanted Sansa to have someone ‘brave and gentle and strong’, someone who would really appreciate her kindness.

And I can’t see that happening with Tyrion or the Hound. Before season 6 started and I contemplated the possibility of Jonsa,  I had read all kind of metas on Sansa and the Hound or Sansa and Tyrion, but I was never convinced. I just couldn’t see Sansa happy with either of them. Content? Maybe.

And I’m not one of the people who think that Sansa has to come up with someone ugly to make up for her teenage crush on handsome Joffrey. I had terrible crushes with 13 and I’m glad was never ‘punished’ for them. I do think, that showwise the age gap between Sansa and the Hound is just too much, and in the books I would prefer the Hound to be her faithful knight, fulfilling a destiny he never knew he had. As for Tyrion, as much as I like his chapters, his path has become so dark, that I would not want him with Sansa. Showwise Tyrion is much nicer, and I think there is a possibility to Sanrion showwise. If it happens on the show, it probably will happen in the books as well, but in this case I would argue with the books against a possible show outcome. Not, that Sansa would need to end happy in the books, of course. But I somehow can’t see that ‘bittersweet’ and ‘content’ are in any way identical in that regard. Not that ‘bittersweet’ necessarily means ‘bittersweet’ for Sansa, but I think she is too important for not being included in the ‘bittersweet’ ending.

As for Littlefinger: I honestly cannot say, that I see anything redeemable in Littlefinger. He has an insane crush on Catelyn - which is instigated by his inferiority complex in regard to the old family of the Tullys and he converts this to Sansa. To get Sansa would be for him to have finally gained the acknowledgment of the Tullys. However you see his ‘kindnesses’ towards Sansa, this is not love. He wants to possess her, and that’s it. While I can somehow see the appeal of The Hound and Sansa as a dark variation of the beauty and the beast or even Tyrion and Sansa as a political relationship that might work out (at least before Tyrion’s turn to be darker), I never saw anything in Littlefinger/Sansa. I really love to hate Littelfinger as villain in the books, but every time I read about his ‘fatherly’ affection for his bastard daughter Alayne Stone, I shuddered, and everytime they appeared together on screen, I shouted: “Stay away from her, you creep.” Ship all you want, but I cannot understand shipping Littlefinger and Sansa canonwise.

So, that leaves Jon. I would disregard the random nice guy like Podrick, tbh. If Sansa survives and if happiness is in tow for her, there is no option but Jon. Two big ‘ifs’ you might say, considering we are talking about GoT and ASOIAF here. But, actually Sansa is the only Stark I’m reasonably sure will survive. That GRRM long abolished the so-called original outline for her, has become clear with her survibing until now. Analysis of the books show that Sansa is connected to many characters, she comes shortly after Jon and Da€nerys in screentime, she is a very important character (and don’t come @ me with the  so-called original five, who have long been abandoned), and her arc has to come to a satisfying conclusion. For her  - and with this I do not argue that marriage, family and all the rest are a happy ending for everyone! - that means the rebuilding of Winterfell and possibly of Westeros after the War for the Dawn. That will be a daunting task, but she’ll be good at it.

As for Jon having other options. Yes, there are other options, but Sansa would be the one that is a perfect fit for him. They have the same dreams.

Nothing is ever sure with GoT and ASOIAF, but I would say that for Jon it’s either Sansa or death that awaits him, while for Sansa it is either happiness and Jon or a life of duty. I would rather say that death for Jon and duty for Sansa does not fall under the category of ‘bittersweet’.

Thanks for the ask!

Yuri!!! on Ice and No. 6 are actually quite similar

So the people who complain about YOI while talking about how great No. 6 is have been confusing me. (Just a warning, this might get long.) The points they make aren’t usually together in the same posts which is why I think it’s taken me so long to notice how contradictory some of it is. This isn’t a criticism of No. 6 by the way, I absolutely adore that show. But I do get somewhat frustrated by these arguments and how people can’t seem to see how inconsistent their opinions are when discussing these two shows.
(This is going to be mostly about YOI while using No. 6 as a reference point.)

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why do you ship Ichihime. why can't you ship Ulquihime or Ishihime. Both ships are literally dying and no one is doing anything about it. It just doesn't make sense. It's like people don't remember anything anymore. Like everyone has forgotten about them. I don't understand that. Both of them faded away, and no one cares. I hope this isn't rude. (It probably is, but it's fine if you don't want to answer.)

Not rude at all. But fair warning at some point I may say something rude even though it’s not my intention.

I ship IchiHime because I always loved how kind and gentle Ichigo is with Orihime, when he’s usually so rough with others. At the same time I also love how he recently been treating her like a partner in battle. Equal? I wouldn’t say that since Ichigo has the strength and Orihime is the defense/healer. But at least he didn’t tell her to stay behind where it’s safe the whole time. On Orihime’s side; I love how her love for Ichigo was her motivation to keep training and get stronger even if she’s not the strongest. I love how her feelings basically started off as a schoolgirl crush. Remember when she thought it would be great if all the girls liked Ichigo, that way they’d outnumber him? LOL. Then over time her crush became actual love. I always respected the fact that even when Orihime was having doubts about herself and was finding herself upset over Ichigo and Rukia, she didn’t turn on Rukia and start hating her. She expressed that she thought Rukia was amazing. I also respect the fact that when she realized she was in love with Ichigo she never threw herself at him or demand they be a couple. It just wouldn’t fit her character. She’s too shy for that.

There are several moments that always come to mind when thinking about IchiHime. 1) Orihime’s breakdown while talking to Rangiku because that was the moment I realized it was no longer just a fun crush. She’s in love. 2) The five lifetimes speech and the good bye to Ichigo. This is where she actually admitted to being in love with him. Confirmation. 3)Ichigo’s reaction to Orihime’s disappearance. When the head captain ordered everyone to turn their backs on Orihime, Ichigo looked destroyed and was in a very angry and bitter mood. This shows how much he cares for her. 4) The fight with Grimmjow in Hueco Mundo. Mainly the moment when Orihime yell out with tears in her eyes “Don’t get hurt! You don’t have to win. You don’t even have to fight anymore. Just please don’t get hurt anymore!” (I typed from memory so that may not be the exact quote. Also I’m mainly remembering the anime but you get the idea) Then that smile Ichigo gives Grimmjow when he says “Sorry, Grimmjow looks like I can’t take anymore injuries from you. 5) The soft look after the fight that Ichigo gives Orihime when he asked if she was okay. 6)In the Fullbring Arc when Orihime protected Ichigo and she explained that her and Chad have been training because they knew he’s be getting his powers back someday. 7)Ichigo getting flustered over Orihime’s new outfit. Cute. 8)Ichigo telling Orihime that she was going to play defense while he went up against Yhwach and that she was counting on her. (And while things didn’t go perfectly, she was throwing out shields left and fight. 9)When Ichigo started charging at Yhwach and ignore Orihime’s cries to stop, with just one look she understood that he did have a plan that he was not losing it. With one quick look she understood and didn’t get upset.

Basically I love IchiHime because I think they compliment each other. I love the cool tough (but not bad) boy with the heart of gold and the sweet, caring, silly, compassionate girl. Which is also why I love HitsuHina because Toshiro’s and Momo’s personalities (and even looks and powers) compliment each other.

Okay here come’s the (maybe) rude part. UlquiHime. I like Ulquiorra as a character himself. His death was very sad. However, UlquiHime is abusive. Plain and simple. He threatened to kill her friends, kept her locked up, threatened to force feed her, made her pledge loyalty to Aizen, harassed her about her friends being dead and it being all her fault, and most importantly threatened to rip her heart out just because he wanted to see one. There’s nothing romantic about it.

Now for IshiHime. I honestly see nothing wrong with this ship.I actually did try getting into it a few years ago, while still shipping IchiHime but I just couldn’t get into it.  I don’t support it but I see nothing wrong with it. As long as you’re not spite shipping Orihime with Uryuu (same goes with Ulquiorra or any other Orihime non Ichigo ship) When you see Orihime with or talking about Uryuu are complimenting her? Are you saying strong beautiful, brave and amazing she is? Most likely if you’re a fan of the ship. But what about when she’s with or talking about Ichigo? Is she still strong, beautiful, brave, amazing?  But you just don’t see it romantically? If so, great! Thumbs up! More power to you!  Or does she suddenly become useless, ugly, a failure, a slut? Then it’s spite shipping which I can’t stand. I don’t ship IchiRuki, never will. I will always favor IchiHIme and Renruki when it comes to the two. However I love Rukia and think she’s strong, beautiful, funny and amazing whether or not she is teaming up with Ichigo or not. I like Rukia and Ichigo’s partnership and friendship. She doesn’t become less appealing or great when she’s with Ichigo than when she’s with Renji. Same as Orihime doesn’t become less appealing or great when she’s with Uryuu and not Ichigo. Both are amazing no matter what.

Sorry this took so long to type up.

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I made a mistake looking in the graylu tag here in tumblr, because after seeing the posts and reading chapter 446 I got really worried. I consider graylu as an BrOTP and Gruvia as my OTP but I can't help it but feeling worried. What are your thoughts for this? Please, your posts always make me calm down (: sorry for my bad English

First line of advice: If you don’t ship, don’t look in the tag. That is a sacred space for fans, the same as the Gruvia tag is for us. They are allowed to post their theories, ideas, and get excited over manga developments the same as we are. If it’s not something you want to see or not something you can handle well, then do not look there. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy the Gray/Lucy BROtp :)


As soon as I saw this chapter, I texted Kat, Marie and Maria and told them that I knew these asks were coming, haha :)

And finally, to the reason you sent me the ask:

I think if we jump to conclusions every time Gray fights with another girl besides Juvia, we will always be anxious. We have no reason to worry, and I honestly think it’s a good thing that fans have a reason to be excited. Just because something displays the relationship between Gray and Lucy doesn’t mean it is a bad thing for Gruvia.

Being part of Team Natsu, Gray is going to be involved in other battles with other people. He is quite often without Juvia in the manga, so he is going to have encounters with other characters. He is friends with other characters. The same as we do not worry when Juvia is with other characters, we shouldn’t worry about Gray.

I have not looked in the tag because, as I said, that is their space and I respect their right to have a safe place to discuss their OTP that doesn’t involve me, as a Gruvia shipper, raining on their parade (no pun intended) or dissecting everything they say. I know what I believe to be Mashima’s intentions, and I am secure enough in that.

If we really want to break it down though, Gray and Lucy standing up to Alvarez and displaying their power is nothing compared to Gray leaving Juvia for 6 months to run off on a secret mission with Erza. I am still a bit bitter that we did not get proper resolution to that, quite honestly, but I understand the intention of the arc was to explain that Gray and Juvia lived together, and that Team Natsu is still the strongest. It’s also a reason to build up to Alvarez, because it involves a group of Zeref fanatics. 

It’s important to remember a few things that have happened since 416:

1- Boob hug.

2- Gray and Juvia chose to go together and lived together, no matter what Gray says about her “not leaving”. We saw at the end of 416, they left together. Gray could have left Juvia then and stayed with Lucy or Erza, but he didn’t. Also, he has told us before he would say no to what he didn’t like… and he still lived with Juvia. They chose each other. Which means Gray chose Juvia.

3- To convince Gray not to tell Juvia where he was going, Erza explained that it would put her in danger. 

4- When Mary attacked Lucy and Jerome threatened her, Gray did nothing. No, he obviously didn’t like it, and yes their imprisonment is what caused him to break cover. But if you take into consideration what Gray has done with Juvia when she was threatened by Ultear, when she was threatened by Silver, and when he died for her during the Dragon Festival, I think it’s plain to see if Juvia had been in Lucy’s place, he would not have been able to keep his cool. That’s the whole reason he left her out of it. To keep her safe.

5- Not only that, Gray stated himself after the fact that he thought of Lucy as his friend. Yet when Juvia showed up on the battlefield he reacted like a husband who got caught doing something he’s not supposed to do, let her hug him, and was more worried about apologizing to her and how she managed to find him when he tried so hard to hide (to keep her safe) than the fact she just said she had a love rival.

5- Gray has no qualms with anyone knowing he lived with Juvia. He just doesn’t like the rumors.

6- Everytime we have seen Juvia with Team B, we have received hints/comments about Gray. Much like we saw in Tartaros (which led to 416) and Avatar (which led to the unison stripping). Something big is coming for them in this big arc, we just don’t know what it is yet.

7- Don’t forget that they trained together, and Gray’s goal is to uphold his father’s will and destroy E.N.D. And he entrusted that goal to Juvia, trained with Juvia, lived with Juvia, shared it with Juvia– so she is just as engrained in that as he is. He could have talked to Team Natsu about it. He could have gone to Lyon. Instead, he went to her.

8- Makarov’s comment is about Gray and Lucy’s power– but separate. Gray and Juvia had performed an intentional unison raid. Gray hasn’t done that with anyone else, not even Lyon or Natsu. And when it came to fighting on the Avatar battefield, he fell right into step, back to back, with Juvia. This fight, Lucy and Gray performed separate attacks. They are together, but independent. Gray and Juvia fight as one.

Mashima also gave an image where he drew all of the members of Team Natsu where in the square created by Natsu’s arm, Lucy and Gray are together and separated from the others. I think this is more a foreshadow to when Natsu becomes E.N.D. 

So fear not, fellow Gruvian. fans are happy, but that does not mean that Gruvia is not end game, nor does it mean that Gruvia is not the most built up pairing. Juvia is the only person Gray has explicit romantic development with. Our ship is very strong and nothing has occurred to change that. I expect whenever Gray and Juvia see one another again, we will be bombarded with the feels. 

Confessions of an Alt-a-holic
  • 1. I always want more characters
  • 2. I dread gearing them out in Ascended because I have so many characters. Honestly even my first character isn't even finished hers.
  • 3. Bag space and bank space is an issue
  • 4. Finding where I left certain items is an issue
  • 5. I'm sick of personal story for certain races
  • 6. I've remade certain characters 2-5 times until I'm happy with them
  • 7. Character slot sales are my vice
  • 8. I'm low on transmutation charges
  • 9. I can't remember a time where I wasn't leveling up a character
  • 10. I stop playing characters as often as soon as they're geared, specialized and traited as I'd like them
  • 11. Sparkfly Fen is where all my alts are parked once they're 80 and set up
  • 12. I'm never tired of picking Quaggans for personal story.
  • 13. I see characters walking around and want to replicate them because they're awesome looking
  • 14. Watching shows or playing other games just gives me more inspiration for alts I want to make
  • 15. Beta weekends were spent making characters for fun with the free slots
  • 16. There aren't enough tomes of knowledge, ever.
  • 17. I'm considering another alt...always
  • 18. My guildies want me to admit I have a problem.
  • 19. My guildies are starting to catch alt-a-holic tendencies
  • 20. I have a steady supply of low level crafting items
  • 21. I forget how many characters I have.
  • 22. I always have a character for every occasion, tanky, healy, supportive, condi, DPS, hybrid. I have em all .
  • 23. Some of my alts never visit the field much anymore
  • 24. I have a queue of alts in the order they're going to be leveled.
  • 25. I confuse my guildies because I swap characters to names they don't recognize
  • 26. My alts all have backstories.
  • 27. I check the gemstore for sales on character slots daily
  • 28. My mother has seen all my characters and questions what I do with them.
  • 29. I don't even have a main, I have many.
  • 30. I wrote this down, and now I feel bad.