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favourite films: pride and pejudice

He’s been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others… but then, so have I. You see, he and I are so similar. 


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Jihyun Kim/V x MC Headcanons

I have no explanation for this, other than I’m hopelessly in love with Jihyun Kim and I really wanted to do this as the self-indulgent trash that I am. I hope those of you that read it enjoy it, and that I’ve done him justice. Under the cut because this became way longer than I thought it would be;;;

Also note: Mild Good End V route spoilers

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my name is nemu, im sort of in a jam right now.

i work with a dance studio that i have been dancing with for years now, and they have informed me that they were “under no impression that i wanted to be paid” for my work as an instructor.

i guess this is what i get for not signing any contracts.

while i only worked once a week, i expected to be able to pool together enough money from that + rien’s parent’s business + the movie theater but ive been worked so rarely and its been absolute hell to try and get hours.

so. heres the issue.

im not only black, but i have exceedingly thick hair. i cant get my hair done at normal salons, and because of that, its REALLY expensive, and i have to stay for more than six hours each time to get it done. its fucking terrible and absolute hell, and its EXPENSIVE.

i havent had my hair done since march, its currently a rats nest and i cant get into it at all, knots are everywhere no matter how hard ti try to rake through them, and its almost getting to big to fit a damn cosplay wig over. im in so much pain because of it, and riens parents refuse to let me shave it off (Fucking nonblacks)

i need a little under $300 so i can get a weave installation and stop damaging my natural hair REALLY BADLY with intense relaxing chemicals that barely work with my thick hair.

i know it might take a while, but i could really use some help. if you want, i could critique something of yours (music, art, writing, etc.) as i have a few semesters of semi-professional critical training? or i could draw you a sketch of a character? or write you fics of anything i know about? or do a vocaloid cover of any vocaloid song you want?

im pretty damn desperate. but if you want anything out of your donation, feel free to contact me? my work at the theater doesnt like it when i wear wigs and so i really need to get htis done asap so i can go back to work.

im autistic and disabled while being black, tthis shit isnt easy, im really trying my best. please help me

my paypal is (DONT USE MY OLD PAYPAL its been shut down for some stupid reason)

thank you, signal boost?



  • lance had a music box from home that he played every night to go to sleep. now that it’s not with him his mind forces him to stay awake for hours on end.
  • blue locked him out. she’s still at the back of his mind, whispering care and love. shes saying she didnt want to let him go, she never wanted to, but he’s having trouble believing that.
  • he wasnt chosen by the black lion. he wasn’t worthy he wasn’t worth it he wasnt worthy- 
  • god, did keith know what he did to lance? perfection, a perfect pilot and person. the comment about lance leaving the math to pidge? that did something different.
  • whenever lance goes into battle he whispers a goodbye to his family. he hopes that they hear him.
  • lance spends all of his (meager) spare time in the shower, sitting. he doesnt cry he doesnt cry he- 
  • he cries.
  • pidge is looking for her family. shiro is looking for answers. allura and coran are looking for their people. hunk is looking to save those who had the same fate as shay. what does lance have to fight for but his family?
    • they’re on earth. are they looking for him too?

So the bathroom siren video was almost 2 years ago (i think idk havent checked) and it still gets reblogged so often everyday and i read all the comments and shit because hell I’m curious what y'all have to say
But i hate comments like “ah i could’ve done this so much better” “what is they hype about this” bla bla
Let me just say: my mom was cleaning the bathroom in a house we built and she asked me to take pictures of it before someone would move in. My mom was obsessed with this song for weeks now and i just started to sing while filming. This was just out of fun and i just forgot the song half way through.
I never expected this video to get so much recognition. I would’ve never dreamed of it having almost 700k notes. N e v e r
So if you dont like it dont reblog it and put a irrelevant comment about you doing it better

i always laugh and hate on the official art for toa percy because they aged him up like 30 yrs trying to make him so ridiculously handsome but like… if they really wanted to make him excessively handsome they could have done it while keeping him age appropriate and it would have been passable..heres proof.

(edit: i’m adding in the toa art crop under a readmore bc a lot of you havent seen it)

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“Dean: I cant believe you talked us into doing this

You: We havent done something like this in a while

Sam: Its cold

You: Why we have sleeping blankets genius

Dean: We dont even have any food

You: I went shopping

Sam: You thought of everything?

You: Yes I did. Now put the tents up. Dean make fire

Dean: What? Really?

Sam: Why do I have to put up the tents?

You: Because I went shopping for food, I packed the sleeping blankets, tents and food

Dean&Sam: Fine


You: I told you it was going to be worth it

Dean: Sure is

Sam: You were right

Dean: We would be missing out if you didnt trap us into a camping trip

You: You’re welcome

Dean: Thanks

Sam: Yeah, thanks”

Once the camp is set up and the food has been cooked. Each of you enjoy the clear skies that revealed the stars and as the night went on the Aurora Borealis peaked and danced throughout the night.

bts reaction to sleeping with you for the first time

jimin: i think he would be nervous, the kind of guy to sleep on the edge of the bed because he feels like he is going to get into trouble. you would have to convince him into sleeping in the same bed. if you both have already had sex i think he would cuddle you while you both slept, but if you guys havent done anything he would be nervous and would keep his distance.

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jin: i think he would be the same as jimin, he would probably shove pillows between the two of you so you didnt think he was trying to pull something while you both were sleeping, but if you both had already done the deed he would let you cuddle him or he would cuddle you, sleeping peacefully together.

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taehyung: i think he would jump right into bed with little convincing, cuddling you to sleep with no issues. i think you would end up waking up in weird positions because he moves around a lot in his sleep. i think it would be the same way if you both did the deed, but i think he would wear less clothes to bed if you both had already seen eachother naked.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

namjoon: i think he would be another one that would have no problem sleeping in the same bed as you, i dont think he would touch you or cuddle you until you asked him to, or until he felt comfortable enough to do it himself. if you already did the deed i think he would be the same way, he doesnt seem like much of a cuddler to me so i think he would if you asked.

Originally posted by jaydeejulie

jhope: i think he would want to cuddle anyway and probably would be the one to ask wanting to be closer to you. i think if yall did the deed he would be even more clingy about it. i think you would have to be careful because he may kick you out of bed accidentally.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

jungkook: i think you would have to convince the shit out of him in order for him to come to bed with you, even then he would sleep on the edge of the bed because hes nervous but would eventually cuddle you in his sleep. if yall already had sex he would feel free to cuddle you, but beware, he takes off his clothes in his sleep according to rapmonster.

Originally posted by hohbi

suga: i think he would be fine sleeping in the same bed but he seems like a person who doesnt like to cuddle, but i dont think he would have a problem with you cuddling him, and if you and him already had sex i think he would be the same. i dont think he cares all too much about it.

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i havent done this in a while but i think it would be cool because i would love to find new blogs to follow and people to talk, also i mean who doesnt wanna get more followers??


1. reblog and like this post
2. follow everyone that reblogs/likes
3. follow anyone that follows you

its really that simple so just enjoy meeting new people :)

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so i havent been around in forever, mostly because for a while i grew so disillusioned with su as a whole that i just didnt even want to bother criticizing it at all anymore

some aspects of the newer eps renewed some of my earlier interest, though there are lots of definite Bad aspects. namely what they’ve done to lars

from a character growth standpoint, sure, it’s neat to see him learn to accept his own anxiety and know its ok to be afraid, and that he can still be brave and heroic! as someone who struggles with debilitating anxiety, that was a very nice thing to see

however, as many others have been, i wasnt pleased with the pink-ifying of a brown character

some people argue that this was a ‘necessary’ change for kids to ‘understand’ the connection to lion. first of all, i don’t think that’s true at all, but second, if it WAS, wouldn’t a more subtle change like this suffice? 

this way he would still read as brown to the audience as well as the ‘pinkified zombie’ situation, with his palette still changing slightly but not totally and completely

obviously the ideal situation however would be for him to retain his original skin tone

please let me know if there’s anything wrong with this, i’m white-passing so i don’t want to speak over anyone!!

anonymous asked:

Hi you! Hope you are doing well :) sooo somehow i'm on a crazy HIDAN train right now and i cant get off :D we are having a good ride together haha. Could i ask for some romantic (not nessecarily romantic thoug) Love/relationship stuff? Dont know how many times you've done that already but yea. I was kinda thinking about how he would meet his special s/o & they would start travel together & be so different but would still like each other more & more. Ahh i dont know. I'd be happy with everything!

I havent done many Hidan requests so I went more general with how Hidan would be in a relationship. There would definitely be a lot of ups and downs in the relationship. Thank you for the request!  :)

Headcannons Hidan in a relationship

  • Hidan is very open and honest with his s/o, he doesn’t bite his tongue, so that could be a good thing or bad one. Its good because Hidan will never keep secrets from his s/o. However, its bad because Hidan can be a jerk when expressing his opinions.
  • Hidan would make crude jokes while in a relationship, so I hope his s/o has a good sense of humor and doesn’t get offended by Hidan’s language. It would piss Hidan off if his s/o got angry at him for telling a joke even if it’s in poor taste.
  • Hidan would have no problem venting out his frustrations in a relationship. He wouldn’t get physically abusive, but after a long day or when he’s already annoyed and if his s/o is trying to tell him to do something, he will lash out at them verbally. He would raise his voice, being like “Why the fuck I got to do it? What’s wrong with your arms or legs”. He can get really crabby and it can start a fight with his s/o.
  • Besides all the arguments that Hidan going to have with his s/o, he doesn’t hold a grudge for very long. He will want his s/o in bed with him every night even if their mad at him. Hidan would try to make them happy again by making some jokes or make them forget that their mad by pushing their buttons.
  • Hidan wouldn’t treat his s/o out to fancy dates and if he did, he be obnoxious about it and would focus on making fun of everyone else at the restaurant rather than focusing on his s/o. Hidan prefers casual dates and activities, so that he can mess around with his s/o.
Teasing a feedee

I am tired of your obese lard ass eating and growing every day, your jiggly big belly, and your cow uddders are a testament to your need overstuffed yourself. You are a lazy food slave so I suggest you get over here and make use of your greedy desires, unless you would rather I shove a funnel down your throat and make you drink weight gain shakes untill your belly is tight and hard. At lesst then I get to hear your fatass begging for me to stop feeding you, or maybe you will just moan cause you know how much weight you will gain when I am don’t, not like you have an choice whether or not I stop forcing your belly to stretch to fit every ounce I will pour down your throat. It’s fun hearing you groan and struggle like a wild hog to get me to stop, so if you get lucky I might take pity on you before you burst. On that topic of feeding, I should really have you tied up more. At least, untill you become such a slave to food that you can’t move or, or untill you get so stuffed your belly aches just from for breathing. I wouldn’t want my piggy burning any calories walking to get food. All I want you to do is sit down and eat, so be a good porker and sit your lard ass down and let me fill you till you are a huge bloated blimp. You are slave to fat so it’s really funny that you don’t understand how badly I am going to work your naughty body, and when I think anout it, I need to start milking your cow uddders, they are getting so plump that it would be a shame not to use them whenever you needed a reward. Can’t get you to eat 3 large boxes of greasy, fatty, pepperoni pizza by just spanking your ass till it’s red, and it will be just as fun for me getting to see it jiggling. Don’t worry, I havent forget your ever growing gut. I will be slapping and jiggling your gut, while I telling you how much you going to weigh when I am done feeding you. I hope you understand your place fatty, you are here to grow and grow till you can barley move, whether it be because you are too fat to walk or you are too stuffed to waddle. Remember, you do not decide when the food  stops coming, I decide when you stop growing.

I hate closing medibang paint because for some reason it always opens up that reference feature it has even when i havent done anything to open it myself and it’s the last thing to disappear. And the thing is, i havent use it for a while but the last thing i opened was a pic of damon

so the last thing i see after closing medibang is a pic of him staring at me somewhat judgmentally