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I think Shiro looked severely uncomfortable through all of s4 e4. Like more than any of the others. His face when Coran is telling him to (more or less) expose himself to a huge crowd really hurts. Do you think he's reminded of being a gladiator by all this performing?

I don’t think it necessarily reminds him of being a gladiator as much as I think that…

Shiro is a very charismatic person, but his charisma comes from a core of earnest sincerity and heartfelt passion. Also, most of what he talks about is rooted in a personal, powerful sense of both honor and compassion. A term I think of a lot with Shiro’s character is “noblesse oblige”. There’s a certain thematic sense of “royalty” around the role of the Black Lion, and Shiro embodies those virtues in a sense that gives him a kind of Arthurian Hero-King vibe.

In short, Shiro, his ideals, and his compassion for other people are inseparable. These are the integral elements to why he’s doing any of this.

Worm-controlled Coran proposes an incredibly shallow view of Shiro showing off his body and using his looks to charm people and basically advertise a false, constructed persona. Not only is that uncomfortable because Shiro himself is someone who is very particular about how he’s viewed (he takes making a good impression very seriously, shown as early as s1e5) and someone who’s used to being on a pedestal in not always the most comfortable sense… 

Shiro has a very high standard of what it means to be a figure people look to. Look at his interacting with Lubos in s2e4. In Shiro’s eyes, a leader who benefits selfishly and insincerely off their subordinates is the worst kind of filth- this is a person lower than dirt.

The idea of his identity as a paladin becoming anything consumable, marketed, and thus insincere- offends Shiro’s basic sensibilities about everything why he’s doing this. From the get-go he doesn’t want to perform, he wants to be sincere and straightforwards with people about his ideals and why he needs their assistance.

This is why Shiro, who has been the source of many inspiring, passionate speeches throughout this, and is very charismatic, is an awkward, wooden actor.

I feel like you could draw a fantastic text-to-text parallel with this to Captain America, The First Avenger and how Steve took to being turned into a propaganda machine- going along with it because it ostensibly still accomplished good, but with an increasing sense of frustration and discomfort and going into it clumsy as hell. Because there’s a war going on, and the glamorized view he’s selling is fundamentally insincere to the nature of that conflict.

I mean the specific thing of “now go put on this tight shirt and let a bunch of strangers ogle the physique you developed mostly during a year of being tortured” is probably just icing but I think it also stands that Shiro is, generally, one of the most modestly dressed members of the cast and the most revealing thing we’ve ever seen him in is a sleeveless undershirt. Especially considering that a good part of his trauma is the nagging sense that stuff was done to him, bodily, against his will- I could see the idea of exposing himself being a very touchy subject for Shiro.

And we see Worm Coran (who is… pretty much his own character, quite frankly since real, lucid Coran would not sign off on half of that) pressing uncomfortable roles on the other paladins as well- like when he set out to make Hunk “funny” which Hunk was amenable to assuming he’d be, y’know, cracking jokes himself and not the involuntary butt of a joke, a fantastic thing for a highly intelligent person with anxiety issues and when he’s unveiling his idea for “Shiro the Hero” he maneuvers Shiro’s left arm into a flexing position. Which Shiro also responds very stiffly and very skeptically to.

What do you want to be in your next life?
What do you want to be in your next life?

- Hey, what do you want to be in your next life?

- Uh… what about you?

- In my next life, I want to be me, and meet you again.

- Stupid.’’



A recent selfie from Sadachi Momoko, our new Saeko-neesan!  

She has previously been in the Sailor Moon Musicals as one of the Witches 5, and in the second One Piece Live attraction show (so not concurrently with Takato).  

…y'all trans women being in healthy, happy relationships with cis men in narratives that don’t focus around them being trans are radical in terms of representation in media. we’re living in a world where cis men joke about it being a fear of theirs to find out that a women they’ve been seeing is trans. trans women get killed by cis men for existing. barry & lup’s relationship is an important moment in representation. please please consider that.

Now I really want to see Loki interact with Wanda, mainly being completely unimpressed by her.

*Assuming Loki ends up fighting alongside the Avengers in Infinity War*

Loki: *motioning to Wanda* Why is this one here?

Bruce: *quietly in the background* That’s what I keep asking!

Tony: *pats Bruce on the shoulder* Welcome to my world.

Loki: *to Thor* Didn’t you tell me she was fighting alongside Ultron? And working with that one bad organization? What’s it called…?

Bucky: HYDRA?

Loki: Yeah that’s it!

Tony: Well our amazing leader thought it be a great idea to add her to the team.

Bucky: But she worked with Hydra?!

Bruce: Willingly.


Tony: *pats Bucky on the shoulder* Our dear friend Steve decided that her past actions could be overlooked.

Bucky: *to Steve* Are you serious?!

Steve: She’s not like that anymore! She’s good now like you Bucky-

Bucky: Like me?! She willingly joined Hydra, I didn’t!

Loki: Comparing your best friend to the witch? I expected better from you dear Captain.

Thor: Captain Rogers, you enlisted this woman onto our team even after what’s she done to us, to Dr. Banner?

Fury (because why the fuck not?): And her hand in creating Ultron?

Bucky: Dear God what did she do?

Bruce: Messed with all our heads causing me to lose control and Hulk out on a city full of innocent people, and triggering Tony’s PTSD which prompted him to take the scepter which eventually led to Ultron.

Tony: *to Bucky* And I’m sure you know from experience that having someone mess with your head is anything but fun.

Bucky: I can’t believe I’m hearing this.

Loki: Neither do I. I mean I’ve done some terrible things but I’ve lived long enough to understand accountability.

Thor: Loki is right. Why hasn’t she faced the consequences of her actions?

Steve: She’s just a kid!

Tony: Oh for god’s sake she’s 26 Rogers!

Bucky: Stevie I can’t believe this. *Leaves the room*

Steve: Bucky wait! *chases after him*

Bruce: *to Tony* I’m so sorry I left you to deal with this.

Tony: *sighs* It’s okay Brucie Bear, I wouldn’t want to be around her after everything either. Who can blame you for taking off?

Thor: Anthony I must also apologize for leaving so abruptly. I didn’t think the Captain would make such poor decisions.

Loki: Wow this is like one of those badly written television shows you Midgardians enjoy.