because i haven't made one in a long time

What do you do when your life suddenly gets flipped upside down and all the plans you made are ruined because the person you made them with is gone? My main urges are to cry or to get really, really drunk. Maybe both. Definitely both. Mostly I just want to crawl into a hole and stay there. Who wants to join me?


Some time had passed by now since her long lost twin brother finally returned home and the entire kingdom rejoiced at having him back. Rosella found herself especially happy for his return. If he didn’t show up when he did, she would be nothing but a pile of ashes right now. But she found herself happy for a multitude of other reasons, too, such as seeing her parents so overjoyed, and because finally, it felt like that one missing piece of her life was no longer missing. 

Her parents still seemed bent on tip toeing around him, and Rosella could have opted for that, too. But, honestly, she felt like Alexander must get sick of it. And quite frankly, after spending nearly her entire life without her twin, she wasn’t about to waste any more time. He deserved to feel like a normal part of the family, ‘long lost’ or not. Even in his first few days here, she bestowed frequent hugs upon him and caught him for chats in their free time. Things weren’t necessarily easy at first. Much as she tried to ignore it, there was an awkward tension between them. They were more than family – they were twins, but they hardly knew each other. Thankfully, that tension started to fade as of late. Not entirely, of course, but it felt easier. It started feeling like they were a normal brother and sister. 

And, naturally, that gave her all the more determination. Breakfast ended as usual, their parents drawing out the family time as much as possible before they went off for their duties. Rosella and Alexander were left with some free time, it being a weekend and studying not necessary. Normally Rosella might not care and spend her day reading or something similar anyway, but today she felt the itch to get outside and do something more active. So, with a skip in her step, she caught up to her brother in the hall, hands clinging onto his shoulder the second she reached him. 

“Hey Alex,” she greeted. Now that she’d caught up to him, she walked a little faster so she wouldn’t fall behind. “What’re you up to today?” The mischievousness in her voice made it very clear that, regardless of his answer, she had other plans for them.