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MBTI Types as things that have actually happened in my maths class this year
  • INTJ: This one time, my friend was asking the teacher if he wore his wedding wrong on the wrong finger because his wife isn't actually real.
  • INTP: One kid (egged on by the rest of the class) tried to lock him out of the classroom when he left, but he had keys.
  • ENTJ: I definitely bothered the teacher for a very long time about some pre-tests we did in January and still haven't got back yet.
  • ENTP: It was suggested that the teacher's haircut was inspired by an egg.
  • INFJ: "Sir, can we have a picture of your childhood?" (it was pointed out that one single picture of his whole childhood would be very blurry)
  • INFP: Someone actually made up this whole headphones brand called "Beats By Dr (insert teacher's surname here)" and made this whole photoshopped logo with his face on it.
  • ENFJ: My friend recorded a few maths sessions and there's this one where you can hear some muffled voice telling her off, and then you can just clearly hear her saying. "I'm not rude! I'm perfect!"
  • ENFP: This kid actually says to the teacher "sir, can we have a sleepover?"
  • ISTJ: We all barricaded the classroom (with chairs) so the teacher couldn't come in.
  • ISFJ: I spend whole sessions on end with my hand raised. Sometimes this is because the teacher is dealing with problematic students, but other times, he was just looking out of the window.
  • ESTJ: One kid literally googled the teacher, found his phone number and then called it.
  • ESFJ: One kid was aggressively threatening to make the teacher a cake on his birthday.
  • ISTP: The teacher ripped up some ten dollar note found on the floor. One kid claimed it was his and he was going to sue him.
  • ISFP: One of my classmates photoshopped our science teacher's face into our vice principal's head during class. Because that's what you do during maths class.
  • ESTP: "Can you show us your PhD Thesis again? No, I don't actually care, I just don't want to do maths."
  • ESFP: Everyone has this obsession with 'roasting' everyone else. There is supposed to be a whole session dedicated to roasting at the end of this term.

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for the 1975 q’s: robbers, girls, loving someone ✨


Robbers: What’s your all time favorite song of theirs?

-You. I made a post about this a while ago, so I’ll just say what I said then: It’s kind of like my empowerment anthem because it inspires me a lot. What inspires me is the fact that Matty was in a difficult situation at one point and managed to get over and out of it eventually. He was struggling back then but he overcame that struggle and it got better for him. In the end he’s right when he sings/writes that “it takes a bit more” because I’ve found that when I give a bit more in life I get better results and I appreciate myself more. You inspires me to keep going with one line and it’s kind of incredible. 

That post is old, but the song will never stop having an effect on me: as of recently I’ve been listening to it a lot because I’ve been really struggling with myself and my life right now. Lately I’ve been drawing a rectangle on my arm and writing on the inside that “it takes a bit more”… and I do it so much that I think I’m going to get it tattooed on me for my 21st birthday in March… ‘cos I don’t want to get ink poisoning with sharpie or pen considering the fact that I do it almost every day lmao

Medicine is also extremely meaningful to me- ANYWAYS no okay sorry this answer is way too long NEXT

Girls: Do you have a favorite member of the band? If so who is it and why?

Loving Someone: Favorite lyrics?

-Again, with You it’s obviously “it takes a bit more”… and a few other lyrics in that song have personal meaning to me, like “you’re a liar”, “you’re alive”, “isn’t it ironic that it’s only been a year?” and it’s a long story with all of them but yeah there’s those. And then so many lines from Loving Someone… the whole song is just genius and it’s all very powerful imo… and “Karcrashian panache” in Love Me is a classick lmfao. There are probably a lot of others tbh


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Idk if that's your number or not but a I called it and someone answered and I got really scared and hung up but then I got a text saying "did the world end for you too?" And idk why but it seemed so beautiful and innocent it made me cry so if that's you thank you I haven't cried from happiness in a long time

Oh my goodness this is the most pure and precious thing I’ve ever read. The truth is I bet my friend Sean that if I used his phone number in a poem title, someone would call/text him and he said no one would. So it wasn’t me who answered you, but also don’t worry because it wasn’t a random person you called, it was my friend Sean, who is the one who responded to you, so I’ll tell him thanks. I wanted people to text him something really great like what you would say if it was the end of the world and you only had time to say one sentence. But this is so cute I want to cry. He’s gotten so many, this is beautiful.


MULTIFANDOM CHALLENGE || (1/20) Albums » Crush by 2NE1

↳ “We’re four crazy girls who are very different, but came together through our love for music. Our goal is just to put the best music out there possible. We don’t focus on any one region or country—we do this for everyone.”

i just got don’t starve since it was on sale and i thought muffet would look good in that art style

well she might if i could draw with thin lines but i tried at least. ive never been very good at imitating other art styles

also i actually drew this yesterday so i could post it when i got don’t starve, and actually i drew another drawing with the same idea the day before that but didn’t actually post it because it looked too boring, so yeah basically i spent 3 days posting this thing i made in like an hour if you don’t count the time it took to make the first one. that’s too long

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assalamualaikum, i feel like i have sinned very badly. I was talking to a boy in class over Skype and he convinced me to show my body to him. He is a non muslim so he thinks its okay but I have actually shown my body to him a lot of times over Skype. I haven't prayed in so long and now I feel like I can't even be muslim anymore because of this. please help me I'm only 16 i don't know where to start

Wa alykum as-salaam,

Please pray. Just repent. You made a mistake. A bad one, but it’s just a mistake. Learn from it, and realize that God loves you and that you’re not defined by this.

A sin doesn’t define you. What you do next, does.

Just remember this Hadith Qudsi, okay?

“God said: ‘Even if your sins reached up to the clouds in the sky, I would forgive you.’" [Sunan al-Tirmdhi ]

Please begin with prayer, repent, and make sure you never talk him again.

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First of all: your art is amazing. I've been a follower of your blog for a while and I'm still in love with it (◕‿◕✿) I wanted to ask you: how do you organize your drawings? It looks like you've made hundreds of them and I wanted to know how do you keep them in a way that you can find them, because I haven't had my tablet for a long time and I'm already feeling lost D:

Thank you so much! ovo/

I’ve made a lot and don’t remember deleting any doodle. I keep them in folders but y'know, I’ll give you a quick tour on my files:

This is my desktop. I like it neat but keep the ones I often access right there in the corner.

  • commission 2014 (commissions, duh)
  • TT (I just created this folder months ago and it’s where all my Teen Titans art and sai files go.)
  • Duh rum dump (Drawings and doodles I have yet to organize because don’t expect me to dig through files to save a drawing and then dig through it again just to upload it. No, I keep them here first for easier access. When they get old enough, I start cleaning.)
  • That jazz (This mah jam son.)
  • Art stuff (This is where the drawings are organized in folders.)

I’m not good with naming my drawings. Sometimes, I just type in the first thing that pops in my head while other times, I smash the keyboard.

After some time, when the dump folders grow too crowded, I start cleaning and organizing them, transferring most to the Art stuff folder. Folders are separated by fandom (PMDe, Pokemon, Pokespe) and other things.

And inside each folder, they are arranged by date (2011, 2012…) but some have their own folders for they belong in one series/project/challenge (nuzlocke, December challenge).

Another reason why I arrange them by year is because I sometimes like to go through them and pick some I may want to redo and compare.

My PMDe folder is probably the neatest. Hah. I have folders for doodles, fanart for others, and mission/task art just so I can easily find whatever I need.

This is how I manage my art files. Dump just-made art in one folder for easy access and then transfer them in organized files. 

Hope this helped!

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I've had this question for such a long time, but I just haven't found an answer that has made sense to me I guess. if circles have one center point and ellipses have two (the word is escaping me) "center points" I guess, then why do the planets in our solar system travel in ellipses if we only have one sun?

Most planets travel in elliptical orbits because maintaining a circular orbit is an exceptionally difficult task. A planet’s velocity and distance from what it is orbiting have to be in perfect sync in order to travel in a circular orbit. It’s certainly possible for this to occur but extremely unlikely. There are far too many other variables that play into orbital patterns. An asteroid ramming a planet (most of our planets have been hit before) will undoubtedly mess up a planet’s plan for perfection. Additionally, Since our solar system has multiple planets orbiting it’s sun, a hopeful planet dreaming of circular orbit will never succeed with all the other douches pulling on it with their gravitational force.

I hope this answers your question, if not let me know!

wait but the worst part about them cutting the joan and ms. hudson scene is that the scene was probably full of the hurt/comfort stuff that we didn’t get to see with joan and sherlock.

like maybe ms. hudson was the first one that joan told about her experience and maybe ms. hudson made a cup of tea or something for joan and made sure she had a blanket and put some music on or something and just basically fussed over her because joan spends so much time taking care of other people and she should get to be taken care of and ms. hudson is actual perfection

and then they cut it

there really isn't any reason why i'm making this follow forever beside's the fact i haven't made one in a long time so here it is! i love every single person i'm listing here so no one is bolded because i love you all equally :)
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