because i have t go outside


hi me and my friends made an au where connor and evan become friends in middle school because connor gives/tries to give evan 20 dollars to come to his bar mitzvah because he doesn’t have any friends, but neither does evan so evan doesn’t take the money and nervously just invites connor to evan’s own bar mitzvah, obviously

i wanted to finish th bottom pic but i .. didn’t, anyway they go to a dumb middle school dance together as friends of course but evan kisses connor quick while they’re standing outside because the dance was too loud. its both of their first kisses and they both die on the spot

connor is natural ginger like his mama and he dyed his hair dark freshman year and he’s been keeping that up ever since thanks

neowails  asked:

write a fanfic about how vampire matt gets sad because he can't go outside without an umbrella and he can't do some things his friends can do so they leave him home alone : (

Okay, I have shitty writings skills but I tried. Please enjoy. This is sad so heads up.

Matt lived with his two housemates, Edd and Tom. One Halloween night, something changed him forever after he was bitten by a real vampire when he was out trick or treating. Poor Matt became a vampire, himself! He didn’t think much of it until he realized being a vampire was definitely not easy.

Since the incident, his perfect round ears turned all goofy and long and were as pointy as Spock’s from Star Trek. His eyes were bloodshot red which could surely scare off a small child and his skin was as white as a blank sheet of paper. The poor vampire missed his once normal ears, piercing blue eyes and healthy skin. He looked like a monster! He was a monster. This situation was made worse when he had to deal with his sharp fangs, too. Oh how he missed his bright white smile with perfectly aligned teeth. Not only that but he only had a thirst for blood now. He’d get sick if he drank milk, his favorite beverage. Being a vampire sucked.

“Hey Matt, me and Tom are going to the outdoor market, would you like to come along too?” Asked Edd, kindly.

Matt smiled and nodded enthusiastically. He grabbed his jacket and and umbrella and hurried downstairs. His friends were waiting in the car. Matt soon walked out with the umbrella shielding him from the sun’s bright rays of sunshine. He entered from the back and sat in the back seat. He closed his umbrella. Tom noticed what he carried in his hands and chuckled lightly.

“Pfft, what’s the umbrella for, its nice out, today.”

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I Too Have a Dream

This morning my son was walking out the door to school and spoke the saddest words I have ever heard him say,

“Mom, I don’t think I will go outside at lunch today because I don’t want that 7th grader to pick on me anymore.”

In this moment I was crippled with helplessness.

This subject is so delicate to touch on.

How do you talk about it?

I want to bring light to this.

Can you teach children how to be tolerant of differences?

Why is the phrase “You’re stupid” even in our vocabulary anymore?

Shouldn’t we replace it with “How can I help you learn?”

We have to teach our children to be accepting of anything they do not understand.

Race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, social status.

If you don’t know, ask, not judge.

Break the cycle of bullying.

It is near impossible for the child to tell someone without becoming a bigger target.

“Don’t show weakness” they say.

What is wrong with feeling?

That may be what is wrong with this whole world.

The idea that you can’t open your mind or be vulnerable.

Hold opinions, but not so tight that you won’t listen to others when they disagree.

It is ok to not be the same and still get along.

Isn’t that the dream after all?

We all want to individuals and be accepted.




Gender/Age - what are the criteria for being an acceptable fan?

So, being a Dolan twin fan….How does one have to be , to be OK, and to fit in?

I’ve had private discussions here on Tumblr with quite a few people who have felt unwelcome because their don’t fit the mold, collectively created by what seems like the majority of fans. So I feel the need to bring this up, because I believe in putting everything in the light of day.

Because I am new, I have not until recently noticed, a bit of pigeonholing going around. There is a sense of having to be between certain ages and belong to a certain gender or group to be considered as a viable fan.

Everything outside of the frames of that accepted norm, is criticized, ostracized and attacked, by a cadre of self appointed knights of glitter and order. 

I get the fact that a lot of fans feel the need to “own” the twins, just going by the bullying shown towards fandom members, that I have witnessed (yet not experienced yet), on twitter. There is a sense of “they’re mine” or “they’re ours”. A group mentality has formed, that at times, strikes me as unhealthy.

It’s understandable that when you invest your time, effort and even your money, you feel entitled to get something back. That payment, comes in the form of a “right” to own, someone.

Things I’ve seen on twitter are among others: Oh you’re y/a over 18? Creep! Pedophile!

Another is: Oh you’re black, why are you a fan? They don’t like blacks.

I’ve also seen: If you are gay, why are you into the fans, they don’t like you, because they are “Obviously” straight… ?

It’s a matter of forcing a stereotype, a preconceived notion, or a prejudice on someone, not having taken the time to get to know them, or even knowing if your statement is correct in any sense, to begin with. But you still feel vindicated, because you fit the mold. You have thousands, backing you, helping you to (if needed) force out the interlopers.

What is strange however, is that many fans experience bullying, and sometimes, the same fans, bully others, who do not fit into their group (like this one). It’s sad that bullying is passed on that way.

To a new fan, the twins don’t really come across as 17 years old. My self, I thought for sure they were 25+, the first time I started watching. It was only at a later date that I discovered their age. Imagine my shock. All of a sudden, I felt this surge of shame. I mean I understood why (because I work in the field of psychology, to some extent), but what I did not understand was why I cared. Shouldn’t my own opinion be the only one that counts, to myself?

But, we are not islands, no matter how much we try to be. We are an archipelago, connected to that great landmass that is the Dolan Twins.

Some people are fans of the Dolans because they think the twins are funny, creative, unique, and kind. They have a special bond that’s rare to find.

Others are fans because they’re in love with the image they’ve seen. They’re in love with the body, the chiseled face, the classically handsome look, the eyes, the Snapchat filters etc. And sure they’re most likely fans also because the twins are funny, and creative and all that as well.

Then there are those of us, who aside from thinking the twins are funny, creative, etc. also ship them. We who think that Grethan is or should be a thing, an item, if you will.

But is it possible to comprehend that not every fan belongs to a part of the whole, and is not in sync with the “norm”?

Is it alright to be older for example and still be a fan?

If I were 31 years old, male and gay. What would that mean, for me, and my image in the fandom? Would, or should I be attacked?

Does it make me a creep, even if I had no idea that the twins were 17 until later?

What can one do when a part your brain (trained by society to think a certain way) tells you to leave the fandom, yet the other part tells you that you shouldn’t care because you think they’re hilarious and you ship them?

Your feedback, in any form, including anger, hate etc. is welcome. Post the comments on “Tell me something!”.


At least I’m replacing my 8 yr old glasses in the next week or so. They were mostly fine up until last week when one of the plastic lenses started peeling apart when I was washing them…

Not being able to, uh… see… has been raising my stress levels extremely… I can’t go outside cuz I can’t see anything around me clearly and it makes me get really scared and feel threatened and have to go back inside. And if I try to look at tv or play a game I get a headache because I can’t see out one eye… So it’s been really hard… I think getting new eyes will cheer me up a lot…

As much as I love what Seth and Dean have going right now, I really wish the dynamic was a little bit different outside the ring. Like, yeah they teamed up against Shesaro but I want a shot where they’re backstage after winning the titles and being like “Oh fuck, we’re gonna have to keep doing this to keep these” or like Dean constantly shitting on Seth and Seth having to just take it because Seth feels guilty as fuck and Dean’s holding it over him. 

Like Seth saying something Dean doesn’t like and Dean going “Ah, sorry, I missed that, my head just suddenly started hurting really bad for ~some reason~” And Seth’s like “Dude come on” and Dean suddenly cries out something about his aching back and Seth’s like “Dude I said I was sorry!” and Dean just gets this shit eating grin and takes over the conversation when Seth shuts up.

Or when someone cuts a promo on Seth, Dean goes “Well, yeah, all of that and” and just starts tearing Seth a new one before going “…HOWEVER” and then cutting a promo on their opponents.

Idk salty!Dean and really guilty but accepting the shit!Seth it would just feel a little more realistic for me.

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Oh my stars your art is amazing!!! Do you think maybe you can make a shading tutorial sheet? owo

Hey there Anon! Sure thing! I’ll do my best to explain the process of how I usually do things in regards to coloring and shading. I’m not the greatest at Explaining, so I’ll do my best to keep things as crystal clear as possible!

Step 1: Lineart
I’ll start with Lineart purely because this step is important to the coloring process in one regard, and that is making sure the entire line layer is closed without any holes. Even the smallest little gap will make the selection process hard later, and we don’t want that. So the cleaner lineart you have, the better. I’m going to go ahead and use my Monster Hunter Generations Huntress for this.

Step 2: Selection
Either in Photoshop or SAI or whatever you use, click outside your character and any other negative space surrounding them. This means…basically anything that’s not your character. Then go to Selection > Inverse and invert the selection. You should have something similar to what I have below. This makes it so much easier to add colors without having to worry about all the little nooks and crannies that could mess the cleanliness of the drawing up real bad.

Step 3: Flat Base
Create a new layer beneath your line layer with the selection still active. This will be our color layer. Remove the visibility of the line layer, and fill the remaining “Silhouette” with a dark base color. This makes those nasty corners look a bit cleaner, as sometimes if there is a lighter color your computer will want to make them stand out pixelated. Again, this is just for cleanliness beneath the line layer. Turn your line layer back on, as they will now act as barriers for the fill bucket tool. Make sure the entire silhouette is filled, and that no lines were accidentally selected! You want a see a completely filled and flat color if you turn the line layer off.

Step 4: Flat Colors
At this point you can lock the transparency of your Color Layer, and go ham. Either with the pen or a fill bucket, figure out how you want to color your character and add in the flat colors. Notice I’m on the same layer as the Base that we made. This is so those lines still play nicely with one another. Clean up where necessary.

Step 5: Analogous Color Gradient
Well, we don’t really want our character to be too flat, do we? This is where the color wheel becomes your best friend. Select similar colors with the Magic Wand (like I’ve done her skin tone here) and using the color wheel, choose an analogous (that means “close by” in color wheel terms) color to add a bit of depth to the color. For skin, I usually go with a red or a bronze, sometimes purple. Use the airbrush for this. Then, deselect and select another color to gradient, until all the colors have some degree of new color to them.

See? Now things look interesting! We added some blue to the greens, some purples to the reds, some blues to the grays and so on and so forth.

Step 6: Shading
Okay, here’s where things get interesting. Time to shade. Make a new layer between the Line Layer and Color Layer, and make sure you make it a clipping group/clipping mask. This is so it won’t go anywhere that you don’t have color. Set it to multiply or linear burn (whichever you think looks best) and bump the opacity down to about 40-50%. Choose a color (or color-value gradient, if you have drastic value changes in your piece that make light and dark values not play well with the single color you picked, and swap between those) that you want the shadows to be; I like deep pinks and purples. AVOID BLACK. I first use the Pen tool to get down “hard” shadows - shadows cast by hard materials, close shadows, and inorganic materials. Once I’ve got those down, I head on over to the softer areas, such as the skin, hair and cloth and alternate between the watercolor and marker tools to give “softer” shadows. There’s no real law to this, you just have to know where shadows fall and how they behave and  work with those three tools to get the look you want.

Step 7: “Highlights” - Rim Lighting
Okay, these aren’t really “highlights” in the correct sense, but adding sort of “rim lighting” around forms really helps make a picture pop. To do this, make another layer above the shading layer, set it to “screen” and keep the opacity at 100%. Then, get really familiar with your CRTL key because you’re going to be color sourcing a lot. To add a rim light to a form, select the base color of that form, and use the marker to trace along the edges. For example, I picked up the nude from the skin, the silver from the dagger, the gold and maroon from the hair and the tawny brown from the skull to use on those specific objects. Any place you want clean works well, but the edges of forms works best for this technique. Additionally, if you’d like, you can create another layer above the Screen Layer and set it to Linear Dogde, and do my “glowing eyes” technique on anything you want to stand out, such as the metal of the belt, gold objects and of course, eyes.

Step 8: The Overlay
Almost done! While your photo can now stand alone as “finished”, there’s one more thing that I enjoy doing, and that’s adding a simple color overlay to bring the whole picture together. This is done by flattening all the layers you have so far (you’ll want to “Merge Down” in order from bottom to top or “Flatten” to avoid the layers going crazy on each other) into one layer. Then, make a layer on top of that one, set it to a clipping mask, and set it to “overlay”. With the Airbrush, choose some colors (I prefer soft pinks, blues and violets) and go along the “edges” of your character with a BIIIIIG brush. This kind of resembles soft ambient lighting or shadows. I just think it makes the photo look nicer.

TA-DA! And Now we’re done!

And there we go! I hope that helped, and I also apologize cause this ask sat in my box for awhile and I never got around to it until now. :P
I’d be happy to answer any questions y’all have, but this is the simple basics! Remember to practice practice PRACTICE!

Remember that one time in Leroux’s Phantom when Raoul’s just minding his own business in his room and all of a sudden he sees Erik’s creepy glowing cat eyeballs on his balcony because Erik has just been standing there watching him sleep?


And Phillippe bounds upstairs after a hail of gunfire interrupts his evening Most Interesting Man in the World bourbon time and he’s like, “Hi, um, quick question: what the fuck?”

And Raoul’s just like, “My girlfriend’s boyfriend was watching me take a nap so I shot him.”

And they go outside and there’s BLOOD ON THE BALCONY.

Which means Raoul got him. Raoul shot the Phantom of the Opera and Erik was probably so humiliated by the whole thing that he didn’t say anything because then he’d have to admit that in addition to watching Christine sleep, he also watched her renegade, quietly badass sensitive sailor boyfriend sleep. And got shot because of it.

Good ol’ Sharp Shooter de Chagny.

Conspiracy Theory: RPDR

Okay, so Willam Belli “supposedly​” tells people when he’s drunk about how RuPaul’s Drag Race really works. Every single person who has claimed this has also told the same story, so this may be the T. The show is hella rigged. Ru picks out favorites from the beginning and he usually sees them until the end. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but shit happens. It’s all about what people like.

Let’s take this back to Season 4, the shadiest season ever, hands down. Willam has said multiple times that he was only supposed to be on for one or two episodes, so he started breaking rules. I believe that because when you look at Willam’s schedule, it matches what he says. Drag Race contestants aren’t allowed to really have contact with the outside world, so he wouldn’t be able to do shows. Here’s the thing, Willam quickly became a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves Willam (except Ru, but I’ll go into that in a minute). Because of that, he stays on way longer than he’s supposed to, already screwing up Ru’s vision. Ru already had a vision for the top three. Phi Phi O'Hara (who would never win, because no one likes her, but she balanced the scales), Chad Michael’s (who already had a successful career and would look great as the face of RPDR), and Sharon Needles (dark, different, quick witted, crowd pleaser, and would do as she was told, which she did). Suddenly Ru’s world was being turned upside down. Willam had a chance at winning. Willam would never listen to Ru and would totally be too rebellious for the RPDR brand. So, conveniently, when two of Ru’s three were in the bottom, Willam was disqualified finally, saving Phi Phi from elimination (because Sharon did way better at the lip sync).

Now, let’s go into double elimination territory. When there is a double elimination (which is only twice), that would mean one less episode for the show. That’s not happening though. Ru gets paid per episode. So, someone always comes back. That someone will always be a Ru favorite, not a fan favorite. Not only does this mean Ru has another shot at having a favorite win, but it means she still gets paid. Also, every double elimination has involved girls she didn’t like, so…

Another thing is the Alyssa vs Tatianna​ lip sync “for your legacy” in All Stars. Ru gets to see the lip sticks each girl chooses before the filming of the show starts. This makes it so that she knows who to pick in order to eliminate. Both Alyssa and Tatianna had picked Phi Phi O'Hara. If one of them had chosen Roxy Andrews, they wouldn’t have won. However, they both chose Phi Phi, which also made it so that another episode could be filmed, which means more money for Ru.

Now, let’s go to Season 9. Valentina was just eliminated after a series of screw ups on the episode. Ru was not happy, and even went as far as to tell her she THOUGHT Valentina could win. Valentina was both a Ru favorite and a crowd pleaser. Valentina was new to drag and definitely would do what she was told. Valentina was supposed to win Season 9, and Ru’s face shows it all. However, she fucked up too badly and everyone would’ve known that Ru was playing favorites if she stayed, so that’s the end of it. Now Ru has to pick a new winner, and I’m eager to see that.

Basically, Drag Race is rigged to a degree.

Insulting Haikyuu!! Pickup Lines 2
Insulting Haikyuu!! Pickup Lines 2

Akaashi: Bokuto loving you is like looking at the ranking of top spikers
Bokuto: Aww, that’s so sweet, because you’d have to travel the entire country to find anyone better than me?
Akaashi: Because I never had to worry about you coming first
Bokuto: [dejected mode initiate]

Iwaizumi: Oikawa you’re like my little candy apple
Oikawa: I just know this is going to be an insult you can’t fool me
Iwaizumi: Because you’re so sweet on the outside
Oikawa: Oh that’s actually kind of nice
Iwaizumi: And trash on the inside
Oikawa: Iwa-chan! Mean!

Nishinoya: Asahi loving you should be illegal
Asahi: Aww, thank yo- wait, why?
Nishinoya: Because most adults would see me next to you and call the cops
Asahi: I don’t look that old!

Kuroo: Tsukishima you’re like the moon
Tsukishima: Ethereal?
Kuroo: No, because 12 men have had their turn on it
Tsukishima: That’s 12 more than you’ll ever get you nerd

Lev: Yaku, you look like a thousand bucks today
Yaku: Wow, thanks Lev, how unusually kind of you
Lev: Because I can fit you in my pocket
Yaku: You have five seconds headstart to run away

Not Really Just Friends {S.M}

requested// imagine where you and shawn have a weird dating but not dating relationship and someone hits on him and you get jealous so you do the same thing to make him jealous

author’s note// wtf guys my imagines are getting so many notes what the HELL is going on !!! also i am falling apart!!!


You had literally no idea why on planet earth how in the world you had become friends with Shawn. Well, possibly just a little more than friends. But also, just friends. You had both had this discussion an abundance of times, he was busy and famous, and you were busy and not all that famous.  

The reason you met was weird too. Like, it was at a frozen yogurt place. A literal frozen yogurt place and he thought you were hot, so he started to hit on you, rather poorly might you add, and you never let him live that one down. He really didn’t do a whole lot of hitting on girls. He was told to always be polite towards fans, but not flirty. Friendly, not cheeky. He was always told that no matter what, he cannot seem too cozy with a fan, or treat one anymore special than the next. All of his fans were equal, but he’d be lying through his teeth if he were to have said that he was never attracted to a fan. But rules were rules and they were made to be followed… But he broke them sometimes. 

Even though he doesn’t consider you one of the occasions he has broken that rules. There have been many of those, girls he has whispered things to during meet and greets, times he has met a fan at a store and he asked her to coffee, when he would answer a question at one of those question and answers with something a bit more than friendly. 

But you… well you were different. 

He saw you at a frozen yogurt place back in his home town and you didn’t seem to know who he was, but how could you live in Canada and not know who Shawn Mendes was? Everyone know who Shawn Mendes was, and a lot of people knew Shawn Mendes. Like personally. You just didn’t know any of his songs other than the ones that littered all of the radio stations, and you even found a couple of them kind of annoying, and you didn’t wanna bother him, he was kind of a celebrity or whatever. But it doesn’t matter, he went out of his way to talk to you, and hit on you, and he said;

“Why would you get frozen yogurt, it’ll only melt cause you’re so hot.” Which, of course, he would never ever hear the end of. But ever since then, Shawn had a special place in your heart and you had one in his. The incidents with that one rule being broken were no more, because he had you. He knew he had you back at home, who he knew he loved, and he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his days with you by his side. Because he couldn’t think of life with anyone else after he met you. He found himself not caring that paparazzi were always taking photos of the two of you, and since a good bit of those were of the two of you hand in hand, it sure did look like you were dating. 

Which you weren’t, but you also were. Whenever he was home, he spent a majority of his time with you, and when you had time off, you tried to go with him wherever it was he was going, and he never found himself attracted to any of the fans he came into contact with. He only wanted you. 

But you weren’t one hundred percent sure. You didn’t know if Shawn was the only one for you, or even someone you could see yourself with. Yes, you loved him with every single bit of your heart, but the constant touring, and not to mention Shawn was kind of clingy and could often get needy, and you couldn’t go on tour with him was a struggle. 

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Shawn threw his arms up in the air, only in his boxer shorts as he paced around your bedroom. He was home for the weekend, and you were kind of fooling around, when he said he loved you. He asked if you loved him back and you simply said you weren’t sure. 

“Shawn, calm down it’s not like we are official or anything.” You crossed your arms over the blanket that was covering your completely naked chest. 

“Oh, we aren’t a thing, at all?” He narrowed his eyes at you, which kind of scared you. You had seen him angry before, but you couldn’t really tell if he was angry. He looked a lot more hurt than anything. You hadn’t ever seen him this upset. 

“No, I didn’t mean it tha-” He cut you off, shaking his head. 

“Oh, but I think you did.” He continued to shake his head, folding his arms over his abdomen. He quickly went over to where his clothes had been discarded on the other side of your bed. He pulled his black jeans up from the floor and started to pull them onto his long legs, the legs yours were tangled up with only moments ago. 

“Shawn, what are you doing?” You grumbled, putting your head in your hands. He had always gotten sensitive around the subject of your status, since he was obviously more invested than you were from an outsider looking in. But really, you loved him just as much. 

“I’m going home.” He started as he buttoned his jeans. “I apparently,” He paused to grab his grey v-neck t-shirt and slip it over his head, “Don’t have any commitment here.” 

You were completely speechless, you didn’t even quite get it that he had left your room until you heard the door shut rather loudly, seeing he didn’t care if your parents heard that you had him over late at night. They didn’t come and bother you though, because you sat there, half naked, sitting up in your bed, already missing him. You couldn’t lie down, the bed would smell like him. He wouldn’t answer if you called him, so you just sat there and you missed him. He had just left, and your skin tingled and ached to touch him again. It felt like only minutes had passed when you saw the sun start to peak through your windowpanes, and you hoped and prayed that everything would be fine now. You lied down, your spine aching and cracking as you flattened your back onto the cold mattress. It still smelled just like him. 

After a couple of hours of a daze that wouldn’t really be considered a sleep, your phone buzzed on the bedside table. You instantly scrambled over, ignoring the fact that your top half was completely exposed. You grabbed your phone, and your heart skipped a beat when you saw Shawn’s name appear across the screen. 

From: that mindez kid

i’m doing a mini radio show concert thing with a meet and greet beforehand starting in like an hour @ Locally Canada. You can come if you want to, don’t know if that’s too much of a commitment for you. 

You groaned, and pulled yourself out of bed, your whole body shivered as it was completely exposed aside from the panties Shawn had never gotten the chance to take off. You realize you had just about no time, so you quickly threw on a black shirt and tucked in a white button up and some tights with those black flats with cat faces on the toes you had gotten yourself as a christmas present, throwing your hair up in a top knot and not even bothering with makeup. You scurried down the stairs of your house, your family not yet awake as you made your way outside and to your car. As you pushed a key in the ignition, you whipped your phone out and decided to text him and tell him you were coming. 

To: that mindez kid 

i’ll be there in twenty. put my name on the list. 

He read the message and didn’t respond. It bothered you, but you knew he was still pissed. Honestly, he had reason to be. The girl he was in love with had deadass just told him she may not even want to be with him in the long run, that would piss off everyone just a bit. 

But Shawn decided to take it just a little bit too far. 

You drove up to the radio station, striding over to the front, ready to say you were sorry and you would do anything to be with him, because really, you would. The idea scared you, but you knew for a fact that you loved him with all of your heart. You told the security guard your name and he let you inside, and you saw Shawn in the lobby, looking as handsome as ever, but he was talking with some other girl, obviously one of the radio station workers. She was considerably pretty as well, a lot shorter than him, which you knew was something he absolutely loved, since you yourself were a good bit shorter, but not as short as her. Her hair was blonde, and she was skinny and pretty and seemed to literally be throwing herself at him. Or, that’s what it looked like, you couldn’t really tell. 

“Shawn?” You folded your arms over your chest, still a distance away from them. Shawn looked over at you, as if he expected your reaction. Which he did. 

“Oh hey.” He smiled at you, instantly going back to his conversation with the radio station girl that you now hated more than anyone in the world, other than Shawn of course. 

“Oh hey?” You grumbled under your breath, deciding that the only way to get back at Shawn was to play his little game. So you looked around the lobby for a moment, and by a complete act of god, your eyes were met with a fairly attractive desk worker, who seemed to just be taking phone calls and notes. But his arms looked pretty amazing in that blue button up, so you strode over to his desk, feeling Shawn’s eyes follow you from behind you, and sat on the edge. The boy from behind the desk looked up, and he was much more attractive than you initially thought, some might even say he was better looking than Shawn. 

“Hey?” He chuckled, flashing a smile that was worth a million dollars. You were incredibly uninterested in this man, seeing as he looked about as boring and dull as cardboard and looked like a failed male model, regardless of the fact he was one of the most attractive men you had ever seen. 

“How are you?” You smirked, kicking your legs a little, going back to your days in middle school drama club when they tried to teach acting techniques. 

“I’m… Just fine?” He was saying everything as if he were taken totally off guard, it seemed like he was trying to be charming, but it didn’t work.  

“What’s your name?” You started to fiddle with the sleeve of his shirt, knowing you were pushing this way too far. 

“Ali?” The way he spoke literally gave you a headache, and your whole body was relieved when you felt two big hands wind their way around your waist. 

“Will you excuse us?” You heard a familiar voice, and you knew exactly what you had done worked as Shawn basically yanked you off of the desk, and pulling you into one of the empty conference rooms. You saw he was literally fuming, his face bright red and the vein on his neck looked as if it were about to burst. “So what the actual fuck was that?” He snapped. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking ab-” He cut you off. 

“You know exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t keep playing me like this, i’m fucking in love with you, and you can’t say you don’t want to be with me and then just go off an-” This time it was your turn to cut him off. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and pulled yourself onto your toes, pressing a soft kiss onto his lips. He instantly wrapped his arms around your waist, and hummed against your lips until you pulled away and pressed your feet back down against the ground, though he let out a small whimper. 

“I wanna be with you, okay? I’m done with all this on again off again shit. We are together, okay?” You stated, playing with the ends of his hair just a little bit. 

“Sounds good to me.”  

author’s note// SUCH a shitty imagine i hate mySElf

BTS as shit my teachers say

*talking about math functions*

“You only don’t get it because you can’t function!”
He tried

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*about to explain something*
“You know what - just read the explenation in your book.”
*gets out to buy coffee*

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slams book on the table*
“We’re going to eat icecream now because I don’t want to work!”

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“Excuse me - I was talking, wasn’t I? If I was in your position i would pay attention because if you were THAT good you wouldn’t have failed your final exams.”

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“You should turn your phones off!”
*phones rings*
“… ups.”

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gets distracted by a puppy running outside*
“I wish I was a puppy…”

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… can’t you just secretly google instead of asking me…?”

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i dont wanna sound like im rushing you or anything like that bc i know ur probably really busy and all that but when you get the time, can you pretty please make a friends to lovers AU with johnny from nct? i really love your AUs so much and i love your writing <3 <3

find others: ten | sicheng | mark | jaehyun

  • you and johnny are the only two Losers who would get angry @ crane games outside of some old supermarket and would stand there for t h r e e hours trying to win some stuffed toy that you could buy for like two dollars
  • but you two are way too competitive to give up 
  • which is why you both realize that the other person is even there when you both run out of coins and turn around and go “hey, do you have coins to spare-”
  • and then laugh because,,,,gosh this is kinda dumb,,,,but also maybe two heads are better than one????
  • so after scoring some coins from a passer by you both go to the crane and you’re like “ok,,,whats ur name??” and he’s like “johnny” and you’re like “OK JOHNNY WE ARE GONNA GET THIS STUFFED BUNNY EVEN IF IT KILLS US”
  • and he’s like “HELL YEAH WE ARE LETS DO IT!”
  • ,,,,,,,,,,you guys lose
  • but you also talk shit about how all those games are made by con artists and how the crane is obviously slippery and that you two won’t be fooled by those kind of games again
  • and it’s like yeah you lost your games,,,,but a great friendship has bloomed because now you guys know each other and are totally gonna meet up again to hang out
  • that or,,,,,,break that promise about never playing crane games again because the next time you see johnny
  • you guys are in front of anOTHER supermarket playing anOTHER crane game
  • and it’s like ok ok you both said these games were scams but that doesnt mean scams cant backfire,,,,,,,,right
  • you actually end up winning once and johnny whines about how it’s just good luck and you just look up at him and stick your tongue out because haha johnny’s got no skills ~~~
  • and johnny ruffles your hair playfully and is like i hAVE skills,,,you just got lucky
  • and it’s like,,,,,you guys have that playful teasing friendship and it’s fun you guys get snacks and play games,,,sometimes you go to the arcade or to a fair 
  • and there’s going to be like a summer carnival near your town that you and johnny are siked to go to because the gaMES,,,the RIDES,,,,the HAUNTED HOUSE
  • which you were going to both go into alone,,,,but when you’d gotten outside of it you’d basically frozen with fear
  • and johnny had tried to tell you it was probably nothing,,,,but you couldn’t move so instead he was like “we can go together, but the person who screams the most has to buy the other person as many hot dogs as they want. and just so you know i want like five.”
  • you’d nodded,,,but you didn’t know if you could actually take it
  • and once you were inside,,,even behind johnny’s broad shoulders you could only shake at the dark, eerie silence and scary decorations
  • and johnny talks out loud,,,,saying that this place isn’t even that scary??? all this blood is just ketchup-
  • but then a couple of ghosts jump out and johnny is a bit surprised,,,but you’re,,,,,,basically clinging to the back of his shirt and you’re like johnny,,,,,this isn’t fun,,,,please
  • and johnny has never heard your voice so small and scared and he turns around and carefully pulls you into his arms and he’s like “ok, just trust me - ill get you out”
  • and you don’t know what to do but to listen to him,,,one hand wrapping around your waist while the other comes up to hide your eyes 
  • and walking through the dark,,,even with things jumping out at him and weird noises coming from everywhere
  • he holds his own fear in and just keeps you super close
  • until you’re out of the haunted house and the employees are like hope you had fun ^^ and johnny finally lets you go
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,i ,,,,,,,,,thought we were going to die
  • and johnny tries to crack a smile and jokingly flicks ur forehead and is like ahhh come on, u know i wouldnt let us die in there
  • usually you’d grumble at him for being touchy,,,but suddenly his being,,,his closeness is everything you want
  • and without thinking you walk right back into his arms and you’re like thank you,,,,muffling your words in his shirt
  • and johnny is shocked,,,,but also,,,,he cant help but feel a small smirk grow on his lips and he’s like “hey,,,,,you owe me your life,,,,,,,,,and those five hot dogs.”
  • you pull back and you’re like johnny please,,, and he leans in,,,kissing you quickly and he’s like “fine, ill take my winnings in kisses too.” 

I wanted to draw MerLance, but I wanted him to look like the mermaids from the planet he and Hunk went to so here you go! 

My thought is that something happens to the ship and it leaks some kind of Altean virus that affects humans differently. Instead of making them sick it makes them evolve beyond what humanity is already,so you turn into whatever your DNA was meant to evolve into in 10,000 years. In Lance’s case, it was the merpeople, because everything is made of space dust and there is nothing that says a person’s DNA in 10,000 years had they lived, wouldn;t have evolved into this. (I blame Star Trek). His suit had to be specially remade so he could breathe outside of water, hence the glowing by his ribs. 

Also I can guarantee you all saw this coming with all the merlance I was reblogging >.>

Dark Times (Part Two)

Here it is!! The long await part two to my 1920’s fic! I hope you all like it! xx B

It was the clicking of typewriter keys that woke you. Your neck ached from how you’d slept on the leather couch, and your hair was a tangled mess in your eyes as you slowly sat up. There was a pleasant soreness between your legs, and you flushed as you saw the reason. Harry was sat behind his desk, a cigarette hanging limply from his pouty, pink lips as he typed away. Black suspenders braced his shoulders and his stark white shirt sleeves were rolled up to reveal various tattoos splattered across his forearms. A stray curl fell against his forehead, and you met his eyes as he glanced up at you, having heard the shuffle of your fringed dress against the couch. Harry said nothing for a minute, standing from his chair and lighting up another cigarette as he began to shuffle through some papers on his desk.

“Yeh know,” he started, smoke curling prettily around his lips as he exhaled, “I don’t remember telling yeh it was alright for yeh to sleep on m’couch. Thought I said to collect yehself and then get the fuck out.” A dark eyebrow raised towards his hairline as he took the cigarette from his mouth. Harry leaned forward, one large hand bracing the desk and the other pointing at you, the cigarette butt glowing dimly between his fingers. “But, since yeh here, you’re goin’ to a party with m’ tonight. Leave yeh address with Arthur at the bar. I’ll pick yeh up around seven. Be ready.” You furrowed your brow at him, mouth curling in confusion.

“And if I don’t want to go?” A low chuckle left Harry’s throat. You held his gaze as he slowly sank back to sit in his chair. A small, amused smile pulled at his lips as his green eyes travelled over you. Your body stiffened; that was the stare of a predator.

“Yeh seem to think Miss—” Harry cut off, waving a hand to you for your name. You quietly replied, and his eyes sparkled in the dim light. “That I’m giving yeh a choice. Yeh will attend the party with me tonight, and yeh’ll wear a bloody smile the whole fuckin’ time, right? Yeh’ll smile, and hang off m’arm like a proper fuckin’ bird. Yeh understand? Wear somethin’ nice. Get out.” Then Harry was back to puffing away on the cigarette, tapping away on the typewriter. You sat for a moment longer, mouth parted. Harry rolled his eyes. “I said, get the fuck out!” The loud tone of his voice shocked you into action, sending you scrambling towards the door.
“See yeh tonight, pet. Look pretty fo’ me.” You simply nodded, quickly slamming the door shut behind you before stumbling out of the club.

True to his word, Harry was at your door six hours later, a bored look on his handsome face as you shuffled with your keys to lock your door. He didn’t say a word as you linked your arm with his, but an approving smirk tugged at his lips when he moved his eyes down your body. You’d put on your most expensive dress, a tan fabric that fell to your knees, large teardrop plastic jewels’ placed all over it. The dress was the opposite of the flashy, short party outfit you’d worn the night before, but it was feminine and hugged your body in all the right places, perfect for the night’s upcoming activities. Harry held open the door for you while he lit up a cigarette, fingers pushing a stray curl back into place. His green eyes were hooded, his jaw firmly set as he climbed in the driver’s side.
“‘S a nice dress. Shame it’ll end up on the floor later.” You blushed at his forwardness, a flicker of indignation sparking at the notion that he thought you’d end up in his bed. However, the spark died out when his large hand came to rest on your knee, rings cool against your skin. You swallowed.
“Mr. Styles–” you began.

“Where exactly are we going?” Harry’s eyes flitted over to you as he cleared his throat.
“It’s a business meetin’ fo’ me. It’ll be a party until I see I’m needed, then you’ll come out t’ the car like a good girl, yeah? Yeh to pretty t’ get blood on.” Your body tensed at his words, a sinking feeling settling in your belly. “Don’ look so worried, pet, it’ll be quick. Yeh won’t see anythin’, and after I’ll take yeh back home and it’ll be fine. Just wanted some good company before m’ night gets ruined.” His fingers had moved slowly up your thigh, now toying with the fabric. Flashes from last night’s activities ran through your mind, and you closed your eyes, trying to stamp down the lust clouding your thoughts. Harry didn’t say another word until he brought the car to a stop outside a large building that thrummed with loud music. Laughter floated on the cool breeze, and you could see couples dancing through the foggy windows. Harry’s arm circled your waist.

“Yeh gotta listen t’ me, a’right? Yeh don’ leave m’ sight. If yeh need somethin’, tell me. When I tell yeh t’ go wait in the car, go wait in the bloody car. I won’ have yeh fuck up m’ business meetin’ because yeh think yeh entitled t’ be there. Now, put on a fuckin’ smile an’ let’s go dance.” A cloud of smoke rolled over you as Harry pushed open the doors, his face settling into a cold scowl, his brows drawn together and his jade eyes going dark. He was complete business now, moving smoothly through the parting crowd as partygoers shrunk away from him. Harry’s reputation more than preceded him. He was a god among men when it came to work.

“Styles!” A booming voice echoed over the band playing in the corner, and an amused glint caught Harry’s eyes. His hand slid tighter around your waist, his nose brushing the shell of your ear.
“My partner, Tommy. Be a lamb and keep that pretty mouth o’ yours shut.” You didn’t respond, angry with yourself for letting him boss you around so easily. But your anger didn’t matter, seeing how tightly you pursed your lips as a plump man waddled over to Harry. He was older, with a receding hairline and pink, puffed out cheeks, his blue eyes alive with mischief. He looked you over quickly, lips tugging into a knowing smirk. “What a lovely piece you have on your arm tonight. Hello, my dear.” His breath came out in pants as he winked at you, and Harry grunted as he shifted so you were further from Tommy.

“Are they here yet? ‘Ve got places t’ be, don’ have time fo’ waiting around like a dog.” Harry grumbled, cold eyes sweeping the room. He was solid against you, the tension rolling off of him almost tangible. Cautiously, you raised your hand to squeeze his long fingers soothingly. He briefly glanced down at you as Tommy rambled about his men being stationed at every possible entrance to the party. You scooted closer to Harry’s side, an uneasy feeling gripping your stomach as he still stood braced for something. His partner had turned and began to chat to a brunette who couldn’t be older than seventeen, and Harry took the opportunity to lean in close.
“Wha’s wrong with yeh? Bein’ all touchy all of a sudden.” A smirk pulled at his lips, his eyes a little brighter now, although his shoulders were still squared.

“You’re making me nervous being so tense. You forget I have no clue what all could happen tonight, thanks to you.” Harry’s brow quirked.
“Careful, angel, best t’ keep tha’ tongue o’ yours sweet, or I might ‘ave t’ take yeh t’ the bathroom.” A dark, sensual promise swirled in his eyes, and chills raised over your arms. You tried to ignore the wetness now pooling between your legs.
“Wouldn’t want to miss you business meeting, now would we?” You met his burning gaze, fingers toying with the jewels on your dress. Harry was quick to nip at your ear, a low growl rumbling through his chest.

“Yeh get two minutes. Then I’m takin’ yeh away an’ showin’ yeh how I feel abou’ missin’ business meetings.” The two minutes before you slipped away from the crowd felt like a lifetime, but the minute you eased open the bathroom door, Harry was yanking you inside. Crowding you against the door, his hands slipped under the hem of your dress, sliding over your hips. A delicious moan came from his throat as his palms found the uncovered skin off your bum, his fingers squeezing and kneading your flesh as you whined.
“S'naughty, darling, coming here with no knickers…” His teeth closer around your earlobe, his hips rutting into yours hastily. “And yeh wet, too? Guess I’ll have t'help yeh out, hm? Want me to fuck yeh and make yeh feel good?” Your head lolled against the wooden door, pleas coming from your lips as you nodded deftly. A low chuckle fell to your ears as Harry carried you to the sink, rucking your dress up around your hips when he set you against the cool marble. He was quick to shove his pants and undershorts down enough for his cock to spring free, and your mouth watered at the sight of him, his tip weepy and flushed. Harry roughly pulled you to the edge of the counter, his lips finding yours as he ran his cock teasingly along your drenching slit. “Been hard since yeh walked ou’ in tha’ dress.”

“Please, Harry.” A pretty smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth, and he thrusted shallowly, just enough to that the bulb of his head eased into you. Your gasp was swallowed as Harry licked into your mouth, hips rolling to shift more of him into you. A thin film of sweat was already beading on his forehead, and your thighs were already shaking when Harry fully sheathed himself inside of you.
“Oh, sweetheart, takin’ me so well.” Your answer was a barely muffled moan, your eyes screwed tightly shut. Then his hips began to move. His cock brushed wonderfully against every nerve, the thick vein that ran along his underside pulsing as his hand came to tangle in your hair.
“You’re so big,” you groaned, legs clenching tighter around Harry’s hips as he moved faster, his free hand coming to grab at your thigh as he fucked into you. His forearm slid under your leg, shifting you enough so you could take him deeper, better. A cry came from your lips at the new position, his cock hitting a spot that had you wishing he would always be inside of you. Harry’s lips moved along your throat, his tongue darting out to lap at your skin every now and then. Your moans increased, and Harry smiled against your skin.

“Shhhhh, angel, yeh gotta be quiet. Don’t want anyone to hear how naughty yeh are, do we?” His hand slid down from your hair to cover your mouth, muffling your broken moans as his hips rolled into you faster. A tight coil of heat curled in your belly, and you gasped as you slid a hand down between your bodies, your fingers immediately finding your clit and circling it. You felt as if you were going to burst from how well Harry was fucking you, his own little moans and grunts like music to your ears. Tears threatened to spill over the rims of your eyes when the tip of his cock hit your g-spot repeatedly. The rings on Harry’s fingers were cool against your burning skin, and your hand slapped against his forearm as you barreled towards your orgasm. Harry grunted as your walls clenched around him,
“Yeh close, pet? Come on, cum fo’ me.” Your leg went around his waist again as his hand that wasn’t covering your mouth went to your clit in place of yours, quickly rubbing tight circles around it in desperation to feel you cum. It didn’t take long for you to let out a muffled scream into his palm, legs locking around his waist as your back sagged against the mirror. Harry’s hand fell from your mouth as you came down from your high, your hands going to his hair.

“C'mon, wanna feel you,” you purred into his ear, tightening your cunt around him as he moaned into your neck. Then he was spent, thick ropes of hot cum painting your walls as his hips stuttered. You sat on the cool counter for a moment, your hand running over his strong back as he struggled to catch his breath. Harry had only just helped you down from the countertop when the first screams started.
“Bloody–fuck!” He hurried to fish a small pistol out of his waistcoat pocket, tugging up his trousers as he threw the door open. Loud pops sounded through the building, people rushing towards the doors as glass shattered from bullets. You scrambled after Harry, your heels slipping on the floors. He was halfway down the hall already, suspended straps falling loosely at his hips as he loaded his gun. Harry didn’t once turn back to make sure you were behind him, but he made sure to bark commands out anyways.

“Get to the fuckin’ car! Go! Don’ stop till yeh get there, a’right? Wait there fo’ me.” By that time, he’d turned the corner and began firing off bullets, unblinking as men fell before him. Horror struck through your body at the sight of so much blood already covering the walls, countless bodies littering the floor. Before you took a step towards the door, you were yanked back into a body, the cool metal of a gun pressed into your temple.
“Go on, sweetheart, call him. Make one move to get away, and you’re dead.” Your heart thundered as you let out a broken sob of Harry’s name.
“I fuckin’ told yeh to go to the damn–” Now only Tommy and Harry stood, Tommy’s eyes wide as he watched Harry turn towards you. You expected him to point the pistol towards your captor, to yell, to try to get you out of it somehow.

Instead, a sly grin took over his lips, a cool laugh tumbling out of him. Harry pointed the gun at the nearest man and pulled the trigger, not flinching as his body hit the ground.
“Yeh think I fuckin’ care about some bird? Mate, she’s just good at takin’ cock. Go on, kill her. Probably gets too attached anyhow,” Harry spat, and another cry racked through your body. “I want my fuckin’ money, Trevors. Yeh sacked m’ shipment, and I want my reimbursement. I won’ ask again.” The man behind you barked out a laugh, the barrel prodding further into your temple.

“You’re mental if you think I’m paying you shit. Get better guys to transport your goods, then you won’t lose precious alcohol. Put the gun down, Styles, it’s you and one partner against me and my guys. You’re not getting out of this.” The gun clicked loudly in your ear as Trevors cocked it. “And, even if you don’t care about such a beautiful girl, she knows who I am now. She’s gotta go.” Your body shook in fear, eyes blurry with tears as you squirmed in the man’s hold. Harry’s eyes were bored as he watched you. He wasn’t doing anything, why wasn’t he doing anything?

“Harry, please,” you sobbed, trying to steady your breathing. Your stomach was in knots, your heart in your throats as Harry tilted his head to the side. Now he only looked at Trevors.
“Last chance, mate. Give me my fuckin’ money.” His gun raised back up to the man behind you. Trevors’ grip on your throat was tight enough to cut off your oxygen, and you gasped as he let out a snarl and put his finger on the trigger.

“Like hell I will.” Harry blinked, jaw ticking in anger.
“Wrong answer.” He spun on his heel, a bullet going through Tommy’s head. His body fell with a thump and the breath was sucked from your lungs. Harry had ruthlessly shot down his partner, who he’d known for who knows how long. You’d known him less than a day, and the realization that you were expendable to him sunk in with a hot surge of terror. He was really going to let his enemy kill you.
Trevors’ grip loosened and the gun fell from your temple in disbelief, giving you the room you needed to kick yourself away from him. You were barely out of his arms when another gunshot rang out, and something was falling onto your back. A scream fell from your lips as you caught sight of Trevors’ dead eyes, and you scrambled to push him off. Large warm hands were on your wrists, tugging you up. “Hey, hey, ‘s me, ‘s just me!” Harry soothed, his green eyes on yours. Sobbing still, you shoved him away, tears blinding you.

“What the fuck are you playing at? You were going to let him kill me! You-You killed your partner!” Harry was quick to pull you back in, tucking your head into his shoulder.
“You’re fine! Aren’t yeh? Still alive? I wasn’t gonna let yeh die, a’right? I promise.” You’d stopped fighting, fingers curling in the fabric of his shirt as you cried. “I wouldn’t let tha’ happen, pet, promise. C’mon now, help m’ out.” Harry was careful as he lifted you into his arms, silently stepping over Trevors. “‘M takin’ yeh home, angel.” His fingers were tender as they brushed over your cheek. You didn’t make a sound as Harry lowered you into the car, pulling out his handkerchief to wipe away your tears. The ride back to your apartment was deathly quiet, and your fingers shook until you managed to doze off against the window. You were barely aware of Harry carrying you to your room. He shuffled around in your apartment for a few more moments after laying you down, and was gone without a word.

Chapter 132 and “the spare” comment

So people are flipping the fuck out over the fact that a) Frances called our!Ciel “the spare” and b) Vincent taking it all in stride, joking they may as well give up the Watchdog title should our!Ciel find himself at the Phantomhive helm. Was it particularly tasteful of them to address our!Ciel in such a blasé, brusque fashion? No. Did they mean it maliciously? No, no they didn’t. They don’t have the gift of hindsight that we as readers do. To them our!Ciel was a young, sickly child who couldn’t even go outside for fear of triggering an asthma attack—who couldn’t even have fencing lessons with Frances because of his weak constitution. (Please note I am NOT disparaging our!Ciel, but even the most devoted Kuro fan will have to recognize this actuality—our!Ciel is not the most robust child out there, as exemplified in canon by the Circus and Campania arcs.)

Furthermore, being the Queen’s Watchdog means executing orders that are both ruthless and necessary. We now know that our!Ciel can behave in such a fashion but back then when the twins were 7, 8 years old? Remember earlier in chapter 132 when Vincent took the twins to inspect the Phantomhive domain? The first thing real!Ciel says after Vincent finishes explaining the duty of a lord is that these tenants will need incentives to keep working the land—a hardline, pragmatic insight befitting a future earl. Yet our!Ciel, once he learns that a lord must “maintain his estate so tenants can be free to devote themselves to their work” worries about keeping everyone satisfied (granting their “wishes”) before wondering how many tenants live on the land. There is a startling difference between the twins in terms of mindset—real!Ciel thinks like an efficient, practical man of business while our!Ciel shows more compassion and thoughtfulness.

A more empathic, gentle approach.

…But these are the exact same sentiments that will get you killed if you’re the Queen’s Watchdog. To Vincent (and probably Frances, since she is Vincent’s sister and he has entrusted her with the training of his heir), our!Ciel probably seems far too softhearted and humane to ever fit the merciless, cutthroat role of Earl Phantomhive. I mean can you really blame Vincent? All his life (up until the fire) our!Ciel has been sweet, caring, obedient, and delicate—he’s shy around strangers, lacks the extroverted charm of his older brother, and his greatest dream is to open a toy shop so he can give joy to other young children.

Does this really sound like the type of kid who could one day kill with impunity, watch others bleed to death before him, and burn down an entire mansion filled with lobotomized children? Vincent and Frances are not trying to be spiteful, cruel, or demeaning—they’ve simply observed the twins, recognized their strengths and weaknesses, and are now discussing the very real possibility of what would happen if real!Ciel were to die. Morbid? Yes. But this was 19th century, lifespans were short and Vincent’s occupation as the Queen’s Watchdog leaves no room for error.

And, in a strange, inconspicuous way, Vincent may also be trying to protect our!Ciel. We know Queen Victoria is a dangerous individual not prone to softer emotions of forgiveness or understanding (i.e. Murder arc) and Vincent, who’s had direct contact with Victoria (thus giving him a chance to observe, catalogue, and analyze her in person), knows that the Phantomhives are disposable tools of the crown. If one of his sons were to mess up then they’d be eradicated and mercy—that odd, human concept—wouldn’t even be considered.

We as readers know our!Ciel is capable—probably more so than real!Ciel—but three years ago, when happiness was still possible and the Phantomhive twins were devoted to one another? The wickedness of what will one day come to pass seems not only farfetched but cruel—for why would you ever force a child like our!Ciel to abandon his innocence in favor of pitiless indifference and demonic power? We cannot fault Vincent and Frances for speaking of our!Ciel in those terms (“the spare”) because, in many ways, Vincent and Frances were also right. Undertaker explicitly says in the Weston arc that our!Ciel is different from his ancestors—a fact that our!Ciel proved when he rescued Joanne Harcourt even though such a task was both unnecessary and foolish. He put his life on the line to rescue Lizzy even though it meant drowning in the cold Atlantic current. Heck he stared death in the face with Madam Red, in the throes of anger, grief, and insanity was ready to stab him to death and he ordered Sebastian not to hurt his aunt. 

Even after going through hell and back, there is still compassion inside our eyepatch wearing protagonist, he is still capable of pity, sentiment, and warmth. Our!Ciel has elevated himself beyond the scope of what his father and aunt thought possible, he has achieved momentous triumphs and committed unspeakable acts of horror but we CANNOT judge Vincent and Frances’s comments—made more than 3+ years ago—as hateful or heartless. In their eyes, they were assessing the shy, soft-spoken younger twin—not the tenacious, sharp-tongued, unflinchingly clever Queen’s Watchdog we know and admire. 

Chaos is a Ladder

I need another ship like the ocean needs salt, but these two … I can’t help myself. Thank you for being wonderful enablers encouragement, @alchemistc @seethelovelyintheworld @kliomuse & @nfbagelperson . Not beta’d because I haven’t written in forever, so it’s post or delete this whole dumpster fire. 


She isn’t exactly surprised to find Jon Snow outside her door, his firm knock a poorly veiled cover for the uncertainty gracing his finely wrought features bathed in the warm glow of candlelight. But that’s been the puzzle of him all along, hasn’t it? This King of the North, with all of his father’s loyalty and honor, softness in his eyes that belies his often harsh words.

He is not a politician. He speaks plainly. Oh, how she wanted to laugh sitting on the hard stone of Dragonstone’s throne when he hadn’t given a damn about any of her titles or the imposing gloom of the place – when he hadn’t paused to consider all the terrible things she might visit upon him for speaking to her as he had.

Demanding things. Refusing, respectfully, your Grace, to bend the knee.

Except he had, eventually. First after nearly dying, after making her watch as he nearly died being brave and idiotic, and then again in King’s Landing, his bloody stupid honor nearly ruining everything. She’d wanted to murder him as much as she’d wanted things she really had no business wanting.

After all, when has a romantic entanglement ever done her any good? Her husband died. Jorah fell in love with her and nearly died trying to prove himself. Daario had been more trouble than he was worth, and in the end she’d felt nothing as she’d sailed away from him.

Daenerys Stormborn doesn’t have time for Jon Snow – doesn’t have time for the distraction, the political complication, the potential of him burrowing into her already fractured and clumsily patched heart.

She is the dragon. She doesn’t concern herself with wolves.

She opens the door wider to allow him to pass.

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at some point the doctor became the protagonist of doctor who and the whole show now has to be about him. there’s all these plot threads about how cool he is and how much he means to the universe and he gets to make big triumphant speeches about how badass he is and he can scare his enemies away by virtue of reminding them who he is.

during the russel t davies era especially, i always thought the protagonist of the show was the companion, they’re more contemporary these days because they’re the character the viewer relates to, we step into their shoes and go on adventures with a scruffy magic man. once moffat took over, we got “amy”, a character who has barely any existance outside of the doctor, aside from being a stripper and having a boyfriend???. a huge running plot thread about cracks in time erasing people from existance, including her own family, was resolved at the end of the first series, only for her revived parents to be swiftly forgotten about.

[ How to P A R E N T ]

Because everybody needs a book titled 101 Parenting for Dummies. Nuff said.
IDK why but today I’m so lazy to go outside and spent a whole day practicing my right hand. I hope I do improve bit by bit. Anyway, I have a thing w/ pregnant!Robin. I’m sorry. And I swear this is the last, LOL, let’s have some sleep.
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oH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR IMAGINES! Can i get RFA + V + Saeran with MC who doesn't really like to go outside?

I have never related to this more lmao. Sorry this took so long took me a while to write this. I have another HC coming out later today as well. I hope you like it :)


He probably really doesn’t go outside either
-  Mostly because he’s always playing LOLOL
- So when you said you didn’t feel like going outside I mean he was totally okay with it
- Most of the day you two play LOLOL, cuddle up on the couch, or cook food
- But, sometimes you have to go outside to get at least some fresh air that week and so you normally just walk to the game shop
- But then when you come back you’re both back to not seeing outside for a while

Zen/Hyun Ryu

-Zen wanted to go on a date out to the beach but ugh nooo
-You were absolutely dreading the idea of going outside because you weren’t fond of it no trees pls
-You said that you didn’t want to go out because you didn’t really like the outside
-You also suggest that you two just stay inside and watch a movie together
-He makes you watch all of his musicals
-But it was much better than the beach because you were on the couch cuddled up in a blanket with popcorn sitting in your laps


-She was always confused on why you never wanted to take a little stroll around while sipping hot coffee
-She just thought that you didn’t like to be active she’s not that far off tho
-When you explained to her that you didn’t really like to go outside she thought that was really unhealthy
-“MC, you need to get fresh air everyday. How long have you been without going outside?”
-“About a month”
-She always drags you outside because you can’t be cooped up in the house all day
-“But I can open the windows. That’s fresh air.”
-But, I mean if you’re with Jaehee I guess it’s not that bad


-Are you allergic to the sun? To fresh air?
-When you told Jumin you didn’t like to go outside because it just wasn’t your thing…
-Not on Jumin’s watch
-You might think that he wouldn’t care but he really cares for your health and he wants you to be healthy and get fresh air
-There’s no way you’re going to sit on a couch all day either you need to walk
-And when he’s at work and you have to go outside he makes a security guard to follow you to be sure you do what you’re told
-Feisty Jumin


-When was the last time he even saw daylight?
-You two are the power couple
-He fell more in love with you because you won’t drag him outside instead of his stuffy room
-Date nights just usually consist of movies, eating, gaming, and sleeping
-If you were gonna go out and eat food you just get takeout
-It’s been too long you forgot what grass looked like

V/Jihyun Kim

-Our precious boy here loves nature and plants so he loves going outside
-Which you weren’t really a big fan of
-Whenever he goes out to take some shots of the outside he always was wondering why you never wanted to come with him
-You told him that you didn’t like to go outside because you really didn’t find it interesting
-Yeah, he was kind of sad that you didn’t like to go outside but he still loved you and he accepted it
-Sometimes he would even drag you outside just so he can get some pictures of you with nature
-Those are the only times you like to go outside


-Lmao like this kid wants to go outside as well?
-He absolutely despises it but, he only goes out to get ice cream
-He was so thankful that you didn’t like to go outside like him
-You two just mostly sit on the couch eating ice cream and watching shitty shows to make fun of
-Saeyoung come out most times and drags you two out of the house because you haven’t been outside in months and he’s kind of tired of getting the groceries himself
-Now you and Saeran are standing in the grocery store looking like lost puppies and missing your spot on the couch