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Teams are probably fighting to manage Louis and they can't yet, it must be so frustrating for both Louis having to see these offers knowing they'd be so much better and not being able to take them. Frustrating for the teams seeing how much good they could do with Louis because its' easy to see him shine, he does it despite his team imagine with a good one?! I bet steves' team is dying to have him! I hope someone good can sign him soon.

I know, if there is ONE thing i am sure of is that teams and labels are queueing to get him but somehow they can. and i want this ‘somehow’ to GO ASAP and free him 

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Just wanted it to thank you for being a nice Supercorp shipper in name of the Karamel fam. I know there are a lot like you here - at least I hope -, but is great that you are so kind and respectful for those who don't ship the same thing that you do. You are a lovely person and deservers the best.

Ah! I wish I saw this sooner! Sorry for the delay. Thank you so much, my love! Respectful and peaceful shippers are something I am never sick of seeing in the fandom, as there are quite a few of us but it is hard to see sometimes because of all the fighting. I think everyone should be treated fairly and should be able to offer their own opinions without the fear of being attacked, so no matter who you ship, you will always have a safe place here. Thanks again for stopping by to say that. It means a lot!

Have a great day/night :)

on how I inadvertently made my hometown haunted

I know I’ve shared this story before, but I can’t find it.

I grew up in a log cabin in the woods on the outskirts of a small rural town. It’s so small that it doesn’t actually show up on any maps - the only official marker is a small green sign on the edge of the road, and the longest-residing resident automatically becomes the mayor. We have a few houses, a gas station, a Masonic lodge, a Quaker church, and a couple of small graveyards. The rest is farm and woodland.

One day, I was visiting a school friend in the next town over. There were six or seven of us there, doing nothing but munching on pretzels, talking shit, and stewing in a questionable hot tub. I didn’t get out much, so this was a real party for me.

I stayed late because one girl I didn’t know offered to give me a ride home. I lived about 20 minutes away, but she didn’t mind - she liked driving country roads and wanted the practice. We were halfway there when I casually mentioned the name of my town and she nearly veered off the road.

She turned to stare at me in horror. “Are you serious?! I’m not driving there!”

“Why… not?” I had no idea what her problem was. It’s not like there’s a crime problem. Was it too far away? Was she going to leave me stranded?

“It’s super haunted. I hear so many bad stories about that place,” she said. I think my jaw dropped, but she was completely serious.

“What have you heard?” I asked. Haunted? And *I* didn’t know about it? Me, the kid who drank up ghost stories and urban legends like mother’s milk?

She explained how she’d heard stories about secret societies, strange rituals, black dogs, witches, mysterious gated roads, creepy houses, hooded figures roaming graveyards, and more. She was clearly terrified.

It took me a moment to process everything before I burst into laughter. Gasping for breath, I said, “That’s me! That’s all me! That’s literally all my family!”

My dad, a Freemason, had offered our woods as a location for rituals. My dog at the time, a black Labrador, was allowed to roam free. My parents often cooked over an open fire in a cauldron, either preparing food or chemical treatments for my father’s craftsmanship. Our log cabin we constructed out of pieces of old 18th century local buildings and is filled with oddities @. The hooded figures had been my birthday party, wandering the cemetery with lanterns ‘cause there was nowhere else to go.

“It’s not haunted,” I assured her. “That’s all just my family doing normal stuff. You can visit if you like. The scariest thing in town and the source of all these stories is already sitting next to you in your car, so what’s to fear?”

She did eventually calm down enough to drive me home, and we had a good laugh about it. I have no idea how far my town’s reputation for spookiness has reached, but I’m honored to be the inspiration of at least a few urban (rural?) legends.

On Hunk and Food

First I want to say that I’m not trying to talk over nor silence anyone who has issues with Hunk’s enjoyment of food in Voltron. Your feelings are always valid. However, I do want to offer another perspective on the matter that I don’t think many of you have the experience of understanding through living.

Because I don’t think many of you are or know trained chefs.

We have been shown in both seasons that, besides being an incredibly gifted engineer, Hunk is also an accomplished cook, if not a trained chef (I lean toward the later with him, because he resonates SO much with me on the topic of food - yes there IS a distinct difference between the way a Foodie and a Culinarian talk about and interact with food!)

The thing about chefs is… we talk about food, we think about food, we make food analogies, we explain things using food as an example, we compare other things to food. I’m currently the sales manager and accountant (among other things) for my family’s seamster business. I compare literally every aspect of our business to food and restaurant management, to the point where I think I’m driving my partners insane sometimes.

Pricing our products? Gotta balance that menu! That scarf that has very low material cost and sells like crazy is like our chicken dish, so we can keep the cost of our high-end “salmon and lamb” plushes competitive! Extremely complex custom orders? Those are our wedding cakes and big catering jobs!

Want to win my heart? Cook me a nice meal. Want to give me the best gift ever? Take me to that fancy restaurant I’ve been eyeing. Want to make me feel creative and blessed? Get me an ingredient that I haven’t cooked with before or don’t get to cook with often. Mom gifted me a gram of saffron one Christmas and I nearly burst into tears I was so touched.

When I first watched the scene in S2 where they’re all standing around thinking about Zarkon and Hunk says he was thinking about calzones I nearly lost my shit because that was me right there on the screen. My husband and fiancee both groaned fondly and face palmed because yes, they know, I’m always thinking about food!

I have other skills. I primarily consider myself a writer, as Hunk would primarily be considered an engineer, and writing does have influence over my life and my conversations, just has Hunk did demonstrate his engineering skills in S2. But there is something about also being a chef that keeps food coming up in conversation.

Yes, Hunk is a big guy (just a side note, the reason he’s the strongest member of the team is because he has the caloric reserves to burn that Shiro doesn’t), a lot of chefs are also big guys (and gals, and enbies!). Loving food and being large is perfectly wonderful and beautiful. Being a chef and constantly talking about food is modus operandi and I was truly delighted to see his character unfold in a way that resonated with me so very much.

To quote Eliot Spencer: “Food is Life.”


so i was thinking abt how the Reveal™ changes things (whats new) and im just. laughing so much. i laughed at this scene the first time round cause he sounds so pouty and offended and i thought that was because yeah viktor he has confidence in himself and just assumed yuuri would like it etc etc but now its even funnier cause viktor’s just going “you stripped and grinded on me and asked me to be your coach and i flew halfway across the world to accept the offer and???you dare????to look like you didnt enjoy it???????? i came here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now” im dying please send help

to the heavy-hearted tonight:

there are so many good sunsets and late night chats and great brunches ahead of this.

stay here. i need you.

you have so much to offer the world. dont kid yourself. this funk- itll pass.

but you wont.

you are full of so many brilliant shades of colors the world needs to see.

and its okay if you dont see that tonight, if you dont feel it. because i see it in you. so dont turn off your light. keep living. keep surviving. keep fighting.

you’re worth it.


“The things I learned from my parents, what was deeply ingrained in their generation, is this idea of opportunity and the freedom to have an opportunity. The way the United States was thought of is as a place you can have this chance to do anything, to say, “This is my idea, and I get to offer it to you, and if you like it, I can profit from it.” It’s why they were so encouraging of me to act too, because they knew how much easier it was to do here.” Sebastian Stan.


To the wonderful cast of Bones: it has been an amazing journey and an experience of a lifetime to be a fan of yours. As a fandom, we have been so so lucky to have witnessed all that you have to offer, and all that can be achieved when you have a group of extremely humble and dedicated actors together. A group of actors who all like each other so much, and who get along so well, and who then form their own makeshift family. “There’s more than one kind of family” - this quote is so, so true for both the characters on Bones as well as their respective real-life counterparts. To say that I’m going to miss Bones so much is an understatement, because, as every true Bones fan knows and understands, it’s not just the show that we will miss - it’s everything. The cast, the crew, the behind-the-scenes action - we will miss it all. And I dare say that our cast is, and will always be, the best cast that has ever existed. Period.

So, to our dearest Emily, David, Michaela, TJ, Tamara, (new) John and (old) John, Eric, Patricia, Michael, Pej, Eugene, Carla, Laura, Ignacio, Joel, Luke, Brian, and to everyone else, especially Hart, Stephen, Kathy, Michael and Jonathan; on behalf of the fandom, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything that you have given us with this beautiful, one-of-a-kind show. Thank you for all the memories, and fun, and joy, and laughter that you have brought into our lives. Thank you for being who you are, and for always acknowledging us as well - it just makes the experience of being YOUR fan all the more fun and awesome. You’ll be in our hearts, always. 

They say that “you can love a lot of people shows in this world, but there’s only one person show that you’ll love the most”. For me, that’s Bones, and that is all thanks to the most amazing cast to ever exist. 


The things I learned from my parents, what was deeply ingrained in their generation, is this idea of opportunity and the freedom to have an opportunity. The way the United States was thought of is as a place you can have this chance to do anything, to say, “This is my idea, and I get to offer it to you, and if you like it, I can profit from it.” It’s why they were so encouraging of me to act too, because they knew how much easier it was to do here. - Sebastian Stan

I just looked at a picture of Jin and I felt so sad like to think that he really feels so out of place in bts and unwanted seriously breaks my heart. Like he realizes how little he means to army’s and it’s really so sad because he is so beautiful, and his personality is amazing, and his is so talented and he works so so hard. This isn’t even what he wanted to do but the fact that he stuck with it and is working so hard to be here says so much about him.

Despite not getting the love or attention he deserves he still continues to work harder so that he can be an equal with his members, and now who he thinks he is which is much below them. I don’t want him to have to think any longer that all he has to offer is his looks, when he has so much more and he’s worked way too hard to just be known as beautiful face.

Please love Kim Seokjin. Even if he’s not your bias, show him as much love as you would your bias. Please dedicate one whole day to loving him and giving him your all. I can’t even begin to imagine how he really feels inside. He is more than deserving of your recognition and your love. Please let him know that he matters. Please, please, please.

Jealous Eth? Heck me up. Tyler being super busy one week and not getting the time to even say hello in the mornings despite the fact that they live together. And Eth just gets so lonely by the last day of the week that he literally catches a bus and walks the rest of the way to Mark’s place, where he and Tyler are shooting a video.

Eth barges into the session and just immediately kisses Ty on the mouth because he misses him so much, which is obviously interrupting the video and Mark is like, “Dude, what the hell?!” Because Ty and Eth haven’t told anyone about their relationship and also they were fILMING goddamnit. But Ty is just super silent and concerned and Eth is like, “Sorry if I missed my boyfriend, he’s been gone for seven days.”

Ty just looks more worried and holds Eth’s hands while Mark is like, “Hello? Does anyone know what the fuck is going on here?” And gives up when he doesn’t get a response, walking out of the room. Eth and Ty don’t really have to have a huge talk, they both already know what the other wanted to say. But what Ethan does say is, “Sorry for messing up the video, Ty. Can I make it up to you?” And instead of saying something romantic Ty is just like, “You can do my editing for a few days.”


The things I learned from my parents, what was deeply ingrained in their generation, is this idea of opportunity and the freedom to have an opportunity. The way the United States was thought of is as a place you can have this chance to do anything, to say, “This is my idea, and I get to offer it to you, and if you like it, I can profit from it.” It’s why they were so encouraging of me to act too, because they knew how much easier it was to do here.

okay so I’ve just binge-watched Yuri on Ice to avoid my responsibilities, so allow me to offer you this Yuri on Ice-ish Enjoltaire AU:

  • Enjolras is a renowned French figure skater, idolised by the fans because he’s both impossibily talented and beautiful. He’s been under the spotlight for as long as he can remember
  • Thing is, if he really did start off loving figure skating, the pressure is getting too much lately. His parents are the ones who really want him on the ice, but all his fire has burnt out. He just wants to take a break and focus on other stuff, like activism and his friends
  • Meanwhile, Grantaire is a famous-but-never-winner Greek figure skater, who idolised and fostered a crush on Enjolras for freaking EVER. He has a very laid-back and nonchalant style, and he’s graceful on the ice, but his self-esteem, depression, and poor life choices are getting in the way of his career
  • One day, Enjolras sees one of Grantaire’s performances and oh boy. Grantaire has an innate grace and his body can tell such vivid stories, but he holds so much back! Enjolras’ decision is taken. He’ll coach Grantaire for the Grand Prix, since he has no desire to skate himself
  • Grantaire is, of course, D-Y-I-N-G because his idol is???? On his doorstep??? What the fuck is happening???
  • Things go less smoothly than anticipated. Enjolras is demanding and sometimes harsh, while Grantaire doesn’t believe in himself as much as he should
  • They have a huge fall out at some point. Out of frustration and exhaustion, Grantaire points out that he can’t be Enjolras, because he doesn’t have the cold iron beauty that it takes, that he can’t be made of icy marble like Enjolras is
  • They make up later, opening up to each other. Enjolras explains that he’s lived under the crushing pressure of perfection all his life, and it messes up his expectations. Grantaire apologises profusely, saying that perhaps Enjolras should coach someone who actually has a chance of winning the Grand Prix
  • But Enjolras has none of that. He believes in Grantaire. That’s what he says every time before Grantaire gets on the ice. “I believe in you.”
  • Bonus point: Spanish figure skater Courfeyrac, Captain of the Enjoltaire ship, constantly nagging them about being like an old married couple and keeping the fans updated about operation “Holi-gays on Ice”

I will tell you about selfish people. Even when they know they will hurt you they walk into your life to taste you because you are the type of being they don’t want to miss out on. You are too much shine to not be felt. So when they have gotten a good look at everything you have to offer. When they have taken your skin your hair your secrets with them. When they realize how real this is. How much of a storm you are and it hits them.

That is when the cowardice sets in. That is when the person you thought they were is replaced by the sad reality of what they are. That is when they lose every fighting bone in their body and leave after saying you will find better than me.

You will stand there naked with half of them still hidden somewhere inside you and sob. Asking them why they did it. Why they forced you to love them when they had no intention of loving you back and they’ll say something along the lines of I just had to try. I had to give it a chance it was you after all.

But that isn’t romantic. It isn’t sweet. The idea that they were so engulfed by your existence they had to risk breaking it for the sake of knowing they weren’t the one missing out. Your existence meant that little to their curiosity of you.

That is the thing about selfish people. They gamble entire beings. Entire souls to please their own. One second they are holding you like the world is in their lap and the next they have belittled you to a mere picture. A moment. Something of the past. One second. They swallow you up and whisper they want to spend the rest of their life with you. But the moment they sense fear. They are already halfway out the door. Without having the nerve to let you go with grace. As if the human heart means that little to them.

And after all this. After all the taking. The nerve. Isn’t it sad and funny how people have more guts these days to undress you with their fingers than they do to pick up the phone and call. Apologize. For the loss. And this is how you lose her.

- selfish

—  Rupi kaur “milk and honey”

it makes me so sad when ppl discredit exos success because theyre from sm… like theyre one of the hardest working groups + i think because they’ve managed to achieve so much ppl forget that theyre still a relatively young group… they have so much 2 offer :(

- About kids, and grandchild for my parents, feeling guilty towards the ancestors, then about reproduction to maintaining the species, or about the fact that human evolution is gonna hit an impasse soon?

This scene is so precious to me. Truly. I remember when i first read it… I cried so much. Because I realized that is not just about the couple itself but Sajou thinking WHAT IF or HOW it would have been if he or Kusakabe wanted family/kids someday. I believe Sajou’s here questioning himself because he actually wants kids but knows he can’t. He needed some kind of confirmation from Kusakabe, because at that point he was doubting himself. 
And I love how Kusakabe handled whole situation. He’s being realistic but at the same time he’s offering himself to Sajou. You gain something but in order to get that you need to make some sacrifice. 


Kusakabe is thinking about Sajou’s happiness, that’s why he’s offering himself.

This scene IS SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME. We can’t get everything but we can do it TOGETHER!!! We can make each other happy :)

Wolfstar non-magic AU

I’m working on a new chapter for my fic but it’s kind of not working because I’m in a silly mood so have an AU in which Sirius is a scientist and Remus is a lawyer. BECAUSE YAS.

  • Sirius Black is nothing if not incredibly patient
  • So when he finds out on Monday while on his way to work – he has to get to the lab on time because he needs to get his cells out – that the door to the flat across from him is open, he is ridiculously excited
  • Because the old woman living there was kind of shitty
  • And although she never rejected his offer to carry her heavy things up the stairs he doesn’t think she much liked him
  • And the door is open, offering a glimpse into an empty living room filled with heavy cardboard boxes, and the sound of a song by some band Fleamont likes plays in the background
  • But Sirius is almost late for work so he just swears and goes out to his bike and goes into work and stays until eleven helping the new PhD with his research

  • And it shouldn’t matter so much to him if the person who lives in the flat doesn’t introduce themselves to anyone else in the building
  • But somehow it does
  • Because James and Sirius know everyone on their floor and it’s just kind of weird that this person has no interest in interacting with them
  • So finally Sirius just has enough and barges over on the one afternoon he has off and knocks on the door
  • Only no one is home, and he’s kind of insulted when he stomps back into his own living room
  • He doesn’t try the door again for a very long time

  • And then it’s Christmas and it’s just ridiculous that everyone from their floor is here and the door to that flat just remains closed
  • So Sirius goes over, on his socks, leaving the door to the party open, and knocks firmly on the door
  • And it opens and there’s a very beautiful girl with dark auburn hair and amazing green eyes stood there and she looks at him all blinking and curious
  • And Sirius kind of stares and then goes “Evans?” because she looks like Evans
  • And Lily Evans looks at him with wide eyes and goes “Black?”
  • So Sirius invites Evans over for the party even though James will probably kill him very dead for it in the morning but he’s already gotten the words out so he can’t take them back
  • And she says yes, and then asks if it’s all right for her to bring her flatmate, someone she knows from her work as a lawyer
  • And Sirius shrugs and tells her sure.
  • And he’s just mentally prepared James for the possibility that Lily fucking Evans Sirius? You are no longer my best friend, I demote you in favour of Peter is coming to the party when she arrives and she’s wearing a really pretty green dress and a red Christmas sweater that makes her look like a Christmas tree
  • And James makes an absolute tit of himself going over and nearly spearing her hand with a sausage
  • Sirius isn’t laughing, he’s not
  • But then Lily’s flatmate turns out to be this kind of quiet boy with short brown hair and a fringe that keeps falling in his eyes and a really wicked smile that does things to Sirius’s head that are not really appropriate
  • So Sirius spends the evening chatting to him, out of politeness, really, because otherwise the boy would just be alone
  • And the boy talks a lot with his hands
  • And maybe Sirius is just the tiniest bit attracted to this boy
  • Maybe kind of a lot
  • But then Fabian Prewett knocks over their Christmas tree and he has to abandon Lily’s flatmate because there’s glass everywhere
  • At least Lily’s flatmate – who doesn’t have a name because Sirius didn’t catch it twice over the music that was playing and thought it impolite to ask another time – helps with the clean-up.
  • It’s midnight, and most everyone has left. Evans is still talking to James, Frank and Alice are chatting to Peter and Gid fell asleep on Fabian in the corner. Lily’s flatmate’s in the kitchen with Sirius, who is doing the dishes
  • Flatmate’s a lawyer at Lily’s firm and he’s Welsh and the accent isn’t thick but has a lilting quality to it and Sirius has stopped trying to tell himself that he doesn’t want to kiss him a few hours ago
  • Because he does very, very much want to kiss him
  • Even though he doesn’t know his name
  • “Stupid, really,” Sirius says, in reply to something he’s said, and then Flatmate looks at Sirius, hands stilling when he stops drying the plate Sirius has handed him, and says, completely surprising Sirius,
  • “Did you know you sometimes say things in French?”
  • “Sorry?” Sirius says
  • “You’ve been doing it all evening,” Flatmate says, and Sirius dies just a little bit because Flatmate’s neck is turning red and he doesn’t know what that means
  • Sorry,” Sirius says again, and runs his hand through his hair like James does because he’s copied that habit and it’s the stupidest thing ever, “ah, habit. Too much wine.”
  • And Flatmate very calmly finishes drying the plate and puts it back in the cupboard and then says, “All right,” and leans forward and presses Sirius back against the sink and kisses him, hard and hot and demanding
  • “Remus,” he says, when he draws back, much later.
  • “Sorry?” Sirius says, for the third time, feeling dizzy and slightly disoriented and wine drunk
  • “My name,” Remus says, and nips at Sirius’s neck and Sirius dies dies dies a thousand deaths oh my f – “is Remus.”
  • “Oh,” Sirius says, a million years later, when it locks into his mind and it just fits very nicely there between all of this, and then, “Nice to meet you.”
  • And Remus smiles that wicked smile and it’s just beautiful and then he says, “You too.”

dennis | 2015 | dir. todd haynes

My dearest Mac: There are no accidents, and she would’ve found us one way or another. Everything comes full circle; be grateful it was sooner rather than later. You’ll think it harsh of me to say so, but no explanation I offer will satisfy you. Please don’t be angry when I tell you that you seek resolutions and explanations because you’re young, but you will understand this one day. And when it happens, I want you to imagine me there to greet you. Our lives stretched out ahead of us, a perpetual sunrise. But until then, there must be no contact between us. I have much to do, and you, my darling, even more. Please believe that I would do anything to see you happy. So, I do the only thing I can: I release you.

I have so much respect for poets, writers, etc. that post only about their art and people have no idea what they look like. They win people with their minds and to me that’s magic, because I’m attracted to talent and mind more than body. I don’t underestimate people who workout and eat clean to stay fit - to show off their bodies on social media. That is hard work and inspiration as well, but for me it really is nothing compared to what a mind can offer.
—  Hira

Bitty set the slice of pie down on the kitchen table and patted Dex’s shoulder. “Thank you so much, Dex! Everyone’s been avoiding laundry for weeks and–how do I put this–it’s starting to affect the general ambiance.”

“Why do you fix stuff if you hate it so much?” asked Nursey. He was loitering around the freshly cut pumpkin pie sitting on the counter.

Dex dug into his slice and frowned. “Because when something’s broken you fix it. Also? I don’t hate it.”

“Well…You did have a pretty big scowl on your face when you came up the stairs,” offered Bitty gently.

“Tuh,” said Nursey.

Dex shrugged. “I was actually very happy I got the dryer to work. I guess I was confused as to how I got it to work. It’s so beat up. Like, did you guys use to throw kegsters in the basement?

“It’s okay if it’s for Dibs, Poindexter,” said Nursey. Somehow he had procured a pie slice.

“It’s not,”said Dex.

But he was already out in the foyer. “I mean, seriously, we all do stuff for Dibs. Thanks, Bitty!”