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I had literally like… 5 days of catching up to do on this hellsite and I DID IT.  In the process, I’ve managed to fill my queue for the next like… 5 days?  PFFT.  You know what else I discovered?  There’s not a whole lot of LM on my dash anymore.  …I may have to go find some.  Or just get used to browsing the tags… which, TBH, I’d rather not, because the LM tags are a scary, scary place sometimes.  -.-;;;

ANYWAY.  Family is coming over in an hour and 20 minutes, so I should shower and get dressed, but I just wanted to pop in and say hello to people because I’VE MISSED YOU ALL and I’m sorry I dropped off the face of the planet this week.

Talk to you soon, I hope!  *big hugs*


My Mishima charms finally came in and they’re so lovely! I’m so happy ahh…./cries into hands/

Anyway I have these up for sale on my etsy (new because my sis is on vacation and she closed her store LMAO so I was forced to make my own) the link is the source at bottom left corner of this post because tumblr is an idiot and will hide posts with external links or click here if you can’t see the source link (only works for PC people)

He is 2 inch clear acrylic, double-sided. Comes with metal moon charm and clip-on metal keyring! I’m selling him for $8 USD + shipping (Canadian shipping, so shipping will not be as ridiculous internationally or to america ffff)

✨selling on mercari tips✨

I’ve sold over $2,000 worth of things on mercari so far so I figured I’d share some of my tips and tricks for quick and high value sales! This post is long so you might want to come back to it later, I’ll leave it at the top of my feed for a while for easy access.

♡ 1. Always take high quality photos of the front, back, and any flaws of the item. If you have more photos available, take a photo of the label of the item and any tags it comes with if it is NWT. Make sure that the photos are not blurry or pixelated.

- I myself will click away from a seller’s item immediately if there is only one photo of the item, or if all photos are oddly zoomed in on or blurry. It causes suspicion about the true condition of the item if the seller appears to not want to post a photo of all parts.

♡ 2. Be descriptive in your title and listing! Be honest about the condition of the item and list ALL flaws. If there is a period stain on a pair of shorts, address it. Use “New” only for items New With Tags. Use “Like New” for items never worn. Mercari frequently sides with the buyer if they determine that you did not describe your item accurately and honestly. Use appropriate keywords and make your description concise but not short.

- I click away from any item that does not have a description. It shows low effort and makes me question the true condition of the item as well as the seller’s ship time.

♡ 3. Be smart. Document all interactions between yourself and your buyer. If the item you are selling is expensive like an iPhone, videotape yourself boxing up the item all the way through to taking it to the post office and dropping it off. I once won a Mercari dispute because I documented my buyer saying that the item didn’t fit her, and showed this to Mercari because their policy is that they do not allow returns based on size issues.

♡ 4. Do not cheat on shipping labels! Sometimes you can get away with putting a heavy pair of jeans under a $4 shipping label weight, but be prepared to get a poor rating and a pissy buyer who will expect you to make up the postal difference if it comes down to it. And never use a priority FLAT RATE box for a priority $6 label. The basic priority boxes are for the $6 label, not the flat rate. Your buyer WILL have to pay the $7-14 difference on the flat rate if you send it with a $4-$6 label. The only way to get around using a flat rate box with the wrong label is to wrap it in something, but that can look very sloppy and cheap and earn you a poor rating as well.

♡ 5. Give measurements accurately and do not solely size the item by the tag size. Items may shrink in the wash. If your size 8 pants have the waist size of 24", SAY THIS in your description to avoid getting an upset buyer! Just because Mercari doesn’t issue returns based on size doesn’t mean that you should screw over your buyer because you can. Besides, sometimes they side with the buyer anyway, so it’s best to not put yourself in this situation. I give the measurements of all inseams and waist sizes on pants regardless of tag label.

♡ 6. Package items with care and a thank you note. Do not put your item in a cardboard box without any protective wrapping or else it may get wet. I use waterproof polymailers, but on the rare occasion that I do use boxes, I put the items in a ziplock bag. If your packaging looks sloppy, you will get a bad rating. And for the love of God– I shouldn’t even have to say this, but don’t leave popcorn kernel crumbs or dead roaches in your packaging! It is disgusting and I have had this happen to me, and I have never bought from those buyers again.

♡ 7. Ignore lowball offers. You will have some people approach you about a NWT item that was originally $120 from Zara and say “I’ll buy for $3 free shipping”. Don’t even justify this with a response. Many will later say something like “sorry” or “hello :)” or “Please my mom is dying of cancer and bla blah blah” ignore it. These are the scam artists that will screw you over anyway or the lowballers who will take advantage of your item.

♡ 8. Be patient! Your more obscure brand items may take months or even years to sell. Don’t lowball yourself unless you absolutely have to get rid of the item (but if you’re going to sell everything for $3, you may as well take them to Plato’s or Clothes Mentor). If you have a heavily stained or worn item and it’s a brand nobody cares about, just take it to Goodwill and get the tax credit for it instead of trying to sell it when it’s likely not worth your gas money and packaging efforts to send it for $3 anyway.

♡ 9. Buy from other sellers as well to build up your ratings, and be a pleasant buyer (I will make my next post about this).

- I personally do not buy or sell to anyone who has 0 ratings, because many turn out to be bots or scam artists.

♡ 10. DO NOT PUT YOUR ITEM IN YOUR MAILBOX. This can depend on where you live, but if you’re going to do this, hand it off to your mailman personally to avoid it getting stolen. Your buyer will be pissed if it never arrives and they’ve paid for it.

♡ 11. Get direct deposits as often as possible. Mercari is known for randomly closing down accounts due to “violations” and keeping the money in these accounts. This has gotten a lot better, but is still not worth the risk. As soon as you reach your $10 cashout, request it to protect yourself. Keeping $500 in your account for a month is foolish.

♡ 12. DO NOT SELL COUNTERFIT OR NON-AUTHENTIC OR “INSPIRED” ITEMS. YOU CAN AND WILL BE PUNISHED FOR THIS. I had $55 in my account when I was told that if I posted another Ivory Ella dupe that my account would be terminated without notice, and this has happened to many others before. I was suspended instead. I didn’t even use the words “dupe” or “fake” in my description or title. My guess is that a competitor seller reported my listing personally.

♡ 13. Answer questions from buyers as soon as possible, granted that they aren’t trolling or harassing you. You might have many men comment something like “nice panties” if you’re selling new underwear or whatever. Block them. Don’t let them buy from you and get your address from the label. If the question is honest, do your best to give more photos or measurements or describe the condition as accurately as possible.

- I do not buy from people who do not answer me.

♡ 14. Model photos of items generally help them to sell faster as long as they are appropriate in nature.

♡ 15. In relation to the above, DO NOT MODEL AN ITEM AND THEN SAY “NEVER WORN/TRIED ON”!!! This looks stupid as hell and I always laugh my ass off when I see it. If you want to say that the item was never worn, use an image off google… BUT know that stock photos are not allowed on Mercari! I have had listings removed because of stock photos. Your best bet is to just model the item and say “like new” condition and “only worn for the model photo”.

♡ 16. Do not get an attitude with buyers. If they are trolling or lowballing, ignore them. They can report you and get your account terminated for snarky comments. Try to appear as pleasant as possible, but don’t be a kissass.

“Hi, I’d like to offer $18 on this $20 top!” - potential buyer

“can you not read? My price says firm dumbass” - seller ❌ Even though it may seem like common sense to read the description, it wasn’t a lowball offer and doesn’t warrant a smartass response. And if you’ve had this item up for a while then you should probably just take the offer anyway as it’s barely off from your original asking price.

“Hello, my price is firm, sorry, but I will let you know if that changes in the future!” ✅ Mature and doesn’t offend the potential buyer.

“Hello! I have uploaded another photo like you requested. :)” ✅

“Hi girl :) Your profile pic is super cute btw. For your convenience I’ve added three more photos even though you just asked to see the size label photo. Feel free to make me an offer. I’ll even ship out next day for you.” 3 min later “Hello? Are you interested?” 2 min later “Hi let me know if you want it or not” ❌

- If a buyer wants it, they will make an offer or buy it. You don’t need to ask 5 times. If they asked for another photo and ended up not buying it, the photo likely told them something about the item that they did not want like the condition or size, and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS. Do not feel pressured to lie for fast sales.

♡ 17. Don’t flip free items for their “original prices”. If you get a free blanket from VS when you spend $75 and claim that you paid “full price” 89.95 like it says on the tag, you look like an ass and insult everyone around you by insinuating that everyone is stupid enough to believe that.

VS Blanket $30 NWT - Got this free with purchase and don’t need it, hoping someone else can use it. Price is firm otherwise I’d keep it. ✅

VS Blanket $89.95 - My price is FIRM, I paid full price for this and am just trying to make my money back because I lost the receipt. I did not get this free no matter what you say. ❌

♡ 18. The above brings me to my next point… don’t extravagantly lie about why you’re selling items. It looks weird and suspicious.

NWT Makeup Palette Naked3 $75 - Got the wrong one in stores yesterday, lost my receipt. Nobody in my family wants it and none of my friends do. Don’t ask me any more questions. PRICE IS FIRM!!! (Has 20 other palettes listed on their page) ❌ Lies lies lies, and rude. Obvious shoplifter.

NWT Makeup Palette Naked3 $25 (only one listed on page) - Got this as a gift, don’t want it. ✅ To the point and doesn’t look suspicious.

NWT Makeup Palette Naked3 $25 - Price is firm. ✅ In general, you don’t even owe anyone an explanation as to why you are selling an item if it is unused. Making up stories makes it sound like you’ve acquired the item through illegal or counterfit means and are trying to pre-convince people of this not being true.

♡ 19. Your price point needs to be fair. In general, Mercari is a used goods marketplace.

Hollister shirt size xs - has some stains and holes. Just trying to make back what I paid for it. $49.95 price is firm. ❌

Hollister shirt size xs - nwt, $49.95, price is firm. ❌ Nobody gives a shit what you paid for it. It’s on sale in stores for $8 NWT right now. The only items that you can get away with up charging are from PINK that are sold out (such as the Sherpa quarter zips that frequently sold for $140 on Merc when they were originally $65 in stores) and cosmetic items.

Hollister shirt size xs - nwt, $10. ✅ Even though this item is on sale in stores, you might have the only size or color left, and your price point is reasonable. You can expect a relatively easy sale. Some people also prefer to use their Mercari credits for transactions rather than their cards and will only buy from Mercari because of this.

♡ 20. Put actual care into the presentation of your items. If cat hair is visible in your photos that is disgusting. If your item is wrinkled and thrown down on a stained carpet that is disgusting. If your item is being held up by your completely visible boyfriend that is weird. If your item is stained but is hung up nicely against a solid background and has obviously been adjusted to look as nice as possible, you will have more buyers.

♡ 21. Spamming your items with tags is annoying and you will get blocked by many for this. I automatically block those annoying people who post pictures of their popsockets with the tags Kylie vs vspink Zara michaelkors tommyhilfiger pacsun and clog up those tags with 500 listings to the point where I can’t even see the items I’m looking for. I will also report these sellers. The funny thing is that I’d definitely buy from them if they wouldn’t do that as their items are generally nice.

♡ 22. Do not write your description like you are in third grade.

Kylie lip kittttt 👄👄👄👅 sooooo cute, 39.95 🤑🤑 only broke 5 parts of the kit, like new otherwise ❌

Kylie Lip Kit - Maliboo. 5 parts of the kit’s box and metal case are broken, hence the low price. The cosmetics are still functional and have not been swatched or used. Make me an offer. $12 ✅

♡ 23. Be respectful when writing your description and be careful of your wording.

Zara pants size 8 would be better for a fat girl, too big for me. $50 ❌

Zara orange pants - size 8. Too big for me so I’m hoping someone else can use them as they are great quality pants. NWT. I would say these are true to size. Their inseam is 33" and their waist is 15" laying flat. $50 ✅

♡ 24. Since Mercari has taken off the ship time option, you need to address this yourself in your description. If you only ship once a week, say that. If you ship same or next day, say that! If you get a rating AFTER you’ve said that you ship in 3-4 days that says “took 3 days to ship! Poor!” you can dispute this as you can prove that you’ve already addressed the buyer about this before purchase. If you don’t specify, then people will be pissy about wait time and pester you with “ship asap” or “I need this by Tuesday.” (buys on a Sunday) A lot of Mercari issues can be prevented with simple pre-communication.

♡ 25. Ship out as soon as possible. If you are on your way to work, leave 5 min earlier and drop off your package at the PO or the appropriate dropbox for the package.

♡ 26. Most of all, enjoy your Mercari experience! Don’t rush on getting everything out of your closet, don’t sell your favorite items because you’re tempted to get a high price for them if they’re selling well at the time, don’t accept lowball offers if you know it’s going to make you feel cheated after, take precaution and be safe, etc. Be patient, considerate, and thorough, and you should have no issues with selling items with ease and building your seller ratings!

Tagged by @asgardian–angels, you have such good timing because for once I’ve been listening to NEW (to me) music and not the same 30 songs on repeat.

Post ten songs you’ve been listening to lately, and then tag ten people.

1. The Girl - City and Colour (I honestly can’t get over this song)
2. You’re the Reason I Come Home - Ron Pope
3. Daylight - Ron Pope
4. What If You - Joshua Radin
5. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
6. She Used To Be Mine - Sara Bareilles (p. sure it’s from Waitress)
7. My Old Man - Zac Brown Band
8. 16, Maybe Less - Iron & Wine
9. All My Days - Alexi Murdoch
10. Storm - Lifehouse (an oldie I’ve had for years but I always come back to)

I’ve successfully entered my “soft, thoughtful music for quiet, grey fall&winter days” mood.

Tagging?? @discovampireforjesus @magnusideburns @sherlockianliza @the-alligator-queen and anybody else who wants to share their music!

Got tagged by @tiniest-hands-in-all-the-land ! Sorry that it took so long to do, it’s very difficult to choose one character because I have like 10 fave characters by fandom lol Anyway thanks for the tag :) it was fun to do!

Rules: List 10 favorite characters from different fandoms, then tag 10 others

1-Meowth (Pokemon)

Originally posted by cobalon

2-Maya Fey (Ace Attorney)

Originally posted by iruhe

3-Henry Ledore (Professor Layton)

4-Sucy Manbavaran (Little Witch Academia)

Originally posted by icronagorgon

5-Wirt (Over the Garden Wall)

Originally posted by epicene-street-light

6-Minako Aino (Sailor Moon)

Originally posted by sakusagi96

7-Pleakley (Lilo & Stitch)

Originally posted by the-disney-elite

8-Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Originally posted by willisninety-six

9- Stanley Pines (Gravity Falls)

Originally posted by officialtrashblog

10-Louise Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

Originally posted by bobs---burgers

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If you’re a 2.0 fan, you probably won’t like this, so either open your eyes and ears or turn away. 

The countdown to Warren Leight’s last episode as showrunner is coming to a close in a few days. 

But for a good portion of #SVU fans, the days can’t come fast enough. #TheLeightWasOnTooLong

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a decade since the airing of “aliens of london

“Your second week, I had to cover for you. Pretend I was a medic, because you were hungover and unreachable.” (torchwood 2.13, “exit wounds”)  

Shattered Into Pieces (5/5) Final Part.

So here it is ladies and gents, the final part!!! This is where the M rating comes into play, so warning this does contain SMUT, personally I don’t think it’s as full on as my previous smut, but none the less warning…
SO find the previous Chapters here: 1/2/3/4 and AO3 and

This is especially for solicity97 because this all happened thanks to her, so I hope you enjoy it Sofia, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I can’t thank you enough! And of course thank you to everyone else who has enjoyed this too because this has helped me to no end in real life.

Now I hope you all aren’t disappointed with this ending, because this was always an Olicity piece to me, and in all honesty I do not have a clue how I’d solve all these things (yes my muse is good but not that good :P), but anyway I hope you enjoy.

As always contains spoilers/speculation so read at your own risk… and tagging people because they asked/I asked (so if I forgot anyone sorry, just message etc and let me know). ANYWAY hope you enjoy…  

Tags: olicitykisses 1forall0allfor1 mel-loves-all knocknocknockinonheavensdoor andjustforthismoment believeinolicity letsnevergrowupfan blackwidowxhawkeye danglingmaybes98 sweetzcupcake allana403 officialarrow olicityhappyeverafter 0nifs2 emilybettqueen crazypants5 olicitybaby4ever just-spn

Word count: 5,858
Rating: M
Summary: Spoilers and speculation for 3x19 and onwards, (I honestly have no idea if this will happen, my muse has officially taken over)

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5 movies I can watch over and over

I got tagged by @thegluetiredofrunning thank you ❤ but it was in fact kinda hard. Anyway, let’s do this (btw they aren’t in order of most favourite because that would have been too hard) + the gifs are NOT mine so credits to the owners

1. Love Actually

This film is just great. It’s sweet, it’s funny, it’s British, it has got incredible actors, it has got little Thomas. I am so in love with this film. I truly believe that this is what love actually is. Amazing.

2. Grease

This is a classic. I pretty much grew up with this film/musical, and I will never not love it. We often watch it in the car during long rides, and then everyone is singing along and we’re having so much fun. If you haven’t watched this, you should. You really, really should.

3. The Sound Of Music

Once again, a musical. I just really love musicals. This is also one I grew up with, and I’ll never get tired of it. We watch it every year on Christmas Eve. I think it’s a beautiful tradition and I like it very much.

4. The Maze Runner series

Yeah, okay. I know this isn’t one film, but I couldn’t pick only one. I like both the Maze Runner and the Scorch Trials, and I’ll probably die, but love the Death Cure too when it comes out. And how can you not love a film that has some of your favourite actors, based on your favourite book series? I love them.

5. Mulan

Mulan (and Mulan II) are my favourite Disney films of all time. It just proves that you don’t need a man to do great things. And it’s funny and it has great music and I literally love every second of it. If you ask me to watch Mulan, I’ll literally drop everything I’m doing and go watch it. That’s how much I love it.

Thank you once again for tagging me. And I decided not to tag anyone because I’m lazy lol

This happened about 20 minutes before closing, so we had only one register open. My coworker called me over because the customer said that the Fiji water was on sale for 2 for 5. The computer said no so she had me go and check. I check both spots where this guy could have gotten the water and of course, they were not on sale. In fact, there weren’t any sales tags in sight so idk where he saw 2 for 5??? I go back up and tell them both that it’s not for sale and he buys the 2 anyway. But instead of just leaving, he goes back to the coolers to check if it was on sale. And we didn’t see him leave so he must have been too embarrassed to walk past us so he probably walked around the aisles because he saw he was wrong. At least he didn’t make a fuss!!

Just another “DANfiction” (got it? got it? :P ) - Part One

*I’m posting this again because I only created this account yesterday and no tags were working. Hopefully they do now.

This is my first ever fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it :) Let me know if you do.

Warning: there’s some smut at the end. *

Your are in London, your favourite place to be apart from home. And every time you get off the plane and step onto English grounds it feels a bit like homecoming anyway. You’ve done this often, over the past 5 years you have come on short trips to London with your friends countless times and you loved every bit of it. The air of history everywhere and the busy vibe that’s exciting but not overwhelming, the people that are so nice and seem to be somewhat better than everywhere else. But that’s probably just your perception because you feel a bit better there yourself. Not that you actually have an issue with who you are but you feel more free, a bit more confident and more content. It might be the thrill of a holiday and you know things wouldn’t be so smooth if you actually lived there, still it’s secretly a dream of yours to try it some day. 

This time you came over on your own and you are now on your way to meet Anna and Sophie who study in London and are friends you have made on your past visits and managed to stay in touch with. Oh the wonders of the Internet. You are a bit tired from the flight and the hustle to the hostel where you only managed to quickly check in, store your luggage and get a super quick shower before you had to leave to meet Sophie and Anna at half 10 at an Irish pub in Muswell Hill called O’Neill’s. It was up north and a bit off the centre where you were staying, but close to the students dorm they lived at. 

Anna had told you to get off the Tube at Highgate Station, take the bus to Meadow drive and then ask your way around. You were comfortable with the first two steps of getting there but ask your way around? Ask random strangers? … Surely not! ‘Surely I’ll find the way on my own somehow.’ you think as you get off the bus. Sophie had told you that the pub is in an old church so it couldn’t be that hard to find, right?


You find yourself in the middle of a circular place and when you look around you there is no church-like building. You check up the roads that go off the circle and even find a place that looks good, but it turns out to be an actual church, not a pub. You start to feel lost and you really don’t want to go up to strangers. You feel exasperated now. Neither Anna nor Sophie picked up their phone when you called and you are a bit angry with them but more frustrated with yourself. Why was it so hard for you to just ask someone if they knew the place? It’s the most normal thing in the world but gives you a panicky feeling. As you feel your stomach sink you realise you haven’t eaten properly in almost 10 hours. That does it for you. Unnerved you sit down on the bench behind you, pull up your knees to your chest, rest your chin on them and close your eyes for a moment. You were too tired and hungry and generally exhausted for this. You needed a break to pluck up the courage to approach someone and ask for the way. You figure that that’s what you’ll have to do after all or you’ll wander around like this forever. 

You stay in this position for a while. When you open your eyes you see two pairs of shoes right in front of you. The panicky feeling had just started to subside a little, now it’s welling up again. You really aren’t in the mood for some guys chatting you up right now, or worse rob you. And these shoes definitely belong to guys. You are prepared to say ‘Listen, I’m in a bit of a shit mood today, just leave me alone, okay!?!’ But when you glance up and see two tall, dark haired, very familiar looking guys standing there looking at each other awkwardly, unsure of what to do next, you are stunned into silence. 

They were Dan and Phil off of the Internet. You had discovered their Youtube channels a while ago and you are pretty sure you have watched most of their videos and a lot of their Radio Show on BBC Radio 1. You weren’t an obsessive fangirl with posters on the walls and shrines dedicated to them, but you watched their videos quite religiously and you do follow them on Twitter and you may or may not have reblogged one or two GIFs of them on Tumblr. 

‘Oh awesome…’ you think half sarcastically. Sure, as soon as you knew you were going to be in London again you had made up situations in your mind about how you’d randomly bump into them, become best friends with them, fall madly in love with Dan and live happily ever after in the city of your dreams… and shit like that. But could there be any moment less appropriate to meet them than this? 

They see your confusion and seem to mistake it for fear because Phil quickly speaks up, explaining they don’t mean any harm and that they had just seen you wander around and you look like you might need help. He was so sweet and you cringe at the thought of how awkward you must have appeared. Both look down on you worried and you just stare up still stunned. You realise they are waiting for you to say something. 

‘You don’t happen to know where a pub called O’Neill’s is?’ You bring out. Dan laughs that so familiar laugh of his, showing those wonderful teeth and dimples. ‘That’s it? That’s your problem? Jeez you looked so miserable!’ he says. That breaks the spell and you’re yourself again. You join his laughter and so does Phil. ‘Hey! Don’t judge me.’ you say defensively. ‘I’ve been on a flight all day and haven’t had food in 10 hours and now I can’t find my friends and I just stopped functioning for a bit.’ ‘Oh, I do get that.’ Dan acknowledges nodding and looking at Phil who also nods, indicating that they are well aware exactly how important food is. 

‘We’re Dan and Phil btw.’ Dan says pointing at the two of them. You smile and want to say ‘I know!’ but you feel so well with them and fear it might get awkward, so you just say ‘Lovely to meet you. I’m y/n.’. ‘Hey y/n.’ Phil says. ‘Nice to meet you, too.’

‘Sooo…’ you ask remembering you’re already late ‘about that pub…’ ‘Hey Dan,’ Phil chimes in ‘We wanted to catch food anyway and O’Neill’s has good food. Why don’t we bring y/n there and make sure she finds the place? I think they even sell Raspberry beer.’ he adds excitedly. ‘Sounds like a plan.’ Dan agrees and smiles. You die inside, jump up from your bench and start walking. On the way to the pub they ask you where you’re from and what you’re doing in London and who the friends are you’re meeting. It’s very nice and you find it surprisingly easy to talk to them, but deep inside it feels wrong that you haven’t told them that you know who they are. So you find yourself not fully enjoying this dream-like situation. 

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