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Donald Trump does not deserve to come to the uk!

How dare our queen invite him here!
We have signed a petition to ban trump from coming to the UK.
Over 1.5 million have signed,
Our government have still thrown the petition out because they want to hold a “special relationship” with America. What about what we want?!
I agree with having a relationship with America just not with fucking Donald Trump


This happened about 20 minutes before closing, so we had only one register open. My coworker called me over because the customer said that the Fiji water was on sale for 2 for 5. The computer said no so she had me go and check. I check both spots where this guy could have gotten the water and of course, they were not on sale. In fact, there weren’t any sales tags in sight so idk where he saw 2 for 5??? I go back up and tell them both that it’s not for sale and he buys the 2 anyway. But instead of just leaving, he goes back to the coolers to check if it was on sale. And we didn’t see him leave so he must have been too embarrassed to walk past us so he probably walked around the aisles because he saw he was wrong. At least he didn’t make a fuss!!