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Few expected this little school from Massachusetts to return for yet another Frozen Four appearance. But Samwell University is yet again in the NCAA Championship after an unbelievable run through the playoffs.

In the magical land of Netflix, they have a separate poster set for Year 2 Spring Semester. 


I didn’t want to mess up the flow of my release dates, so just accept this comes out July 4th. 

Year 1

Year 2 Fall Semester

Year 3 Set 1

Year 3 Set 2

Spin off

the inseparables!

(look, i know the actors are approx the same height, but wheres the fun in that?)

Netflix: “This is Tony.”
Me: “Okay.”
Netflix: “He has great hair. And wears a leather jacket.”
Me: “Uh-oh.”
Netflix: “He’s also a mechanic. Working on Cars with his dad. Driving a mustang..”
Me: “Oh no.”
Netflix: “He’s also gay.”
Me: “He’s my son™ now and I’ll protect him with all my heart!”


I’m already looking forward to season 2

Dear Sense8 & Netflix,

here’s a list of what I need RIGHT NOW

  1. behind the scenes of season 2
  2. deleted scenes for both season 1 and season 2
  3. two-or-more-fucking-hour-long Christmas special
  4. announcement of renewal for season 3

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How was the Series of Unfortunate Events movie literally the best thing ever and the worst thing ever at the same time

Like how could they nail the casting, atmosphere, music, narration and basically everything aesthetic so perfectly while completely disregarding the actual story that they were adapting beyond the point where it can even be enjoyable

KissAnime now requires viewers to sit through ads and blocks adblockers, unless you have a paid premium account. So the popular “why I use pirate sites instead of Crunchyroll” excuses of “I don’t like ads” or “I don’t want to pay for it” don’t even work anymore. 

 Torrenting is probably morally cleaner tbh than using illegal streaming sites. At least you’re not giving them money? 

 Also I get that a lot of people are broke af but I regularly see “I don’t want to pay for it!” from people who clearly can afford all kinds of merch and shit that I can’t on my grad student budget. A grad student budget that is still able to pay for multiple monthly streaming services!


Star Trek Discovery Trailer