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Do you guys even know how HUGE this is? 

Akko collected those cards religiously as a child and got all but this one. For Diana, of all people, to give it to her now, when Akko’s faith in Chariot is utterly depleted, must elicit so many things in Akko.

But even bigger than Akko receiving this final card, do you understand how huge it is for Diana to be giving it away? 

Other than memories of the only Chariot show she ever saw, this card is all she had left. Of Chariot and of the dreams she had as a child. The dreams her mother went out of her way to let her have a chance at. The dreams that Diana’s family ridiculed and looked down on her for. The dreams only Bernadette supported her in having. Her mother was the only person in Diana’s life who supported her admiration of Chariot.

Chariot left the stage. Diana lost her magics for a time. Her mother died. Her responsibilities consumed her life and she had to relinquish her dreams of becoming like Chariot, though in her heart she still loved and admired her. 

Diana kept this card in a special box. It is her treasure as Akko’s Chariot card is hers.

And Diana is giving it to Akko willingly. Without shedding a tear. Without regret. Because she trusts her with it. She knows Akko deserves to have it. She knows Akko needs it more than she does now.

the more I think about it, the less and less sense it makes for Terra to be one of the Darknesses in KH3 because like

in literally every moment after Xehanort possesses him we see Terra fighting back. in the Graveyard, in Radiant Garden, and now in darkness limbo as 0.2 showed us, ten years later, we always see Xehanort struggling to control him. why?

because he can’t.

at no point can he fully, 100% smother Terra’s influence.

the only time Xehanort and Terra seem to coexist “peacefully” is during the Apprentice-Xehanort arc – during which time their hearts were sealed and memories presumably lost.

and considering this series is constantly stressing how intelligent and farsighted Xehanort is I just can’t imagine he’s actually stupid enough to count Terra among his 13 when he knows full well by now that Terra is a force to be reckoned with. Terra would require far too much focus and effort to maintain a hold of, because a) IT DIDN’T WORK TWELVE YEARS AGO AND IT DIDN’T WORK TWO YEARS AGO SO WHY WOULD ANYTHING HAVE CHANGED, especially when b) we’ve seen that Terra’s only gotten stronger and more confident since BBS?? and c) I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: Terra was impossible to control with Xehanort’s whole heart inside him. attempting to control him with only 1/13th of his heart is just? asking for failure? I mean really?? why don’t you just carry around a ticking time bomb while you’re at it man

songs to base your plots off of:

                             selena quintanilla version  ;

el chico del apartamento 512. // the guy from apartment 512.

( y camino a mi cuarto muy lentamente, con la esperanza de verlo. y cuando sale a caminar me saluda con una sonrisa, que de veras me conquista ) MUSE A and MUSE B live in the same apartment complex. MUSE A usually attracts the attention of every other guy in the complex but her eyes are always on MUSE B— the hot guy who lives in apartment 512. MUSE A usually writes about how MUSE B smiles or interacts with her in a diary. one day MUSE A musters up the courage to talk to MUSE B only to have another female answer the door. this leads MUSE A to believe MUSE B is in a relationship until MUSE A finds out that the female that opened MUSE B’s door is MUSE B’s sister. and so things continue until MUSE A finally declares their crush to MUSE B.

 si una vez. // if i once.

( si una vez dije que te amaba no lo vuelvo a hacer— ese error es cosa de ayer ) MUSE A and MUSE B were in a toxic relationship, one where MUSE A was head over heels in love with MUSE B but MUSE B never actually felt the same. MUSE B would just show enough interest and affection towards MUSE A to keep them happy. until one day MUSE A realized how better of they were without MUSE B, leading to a messy break up.  if i once told you that i love you, i now regret it.

la carcacha. // the jalopy.

( aunque sea pobre y tenga un carro viejo, me saca como reina — un hombre de verdad ) MUSE A and MUSE B have been dating for a while, they’re the embodiment of relationship goals. however, MUSE B is not rich at all and MUSE A is. their financial statuses have never been a problem for them but it does have everyone else talking. MUSE A doesn’t care that MUSE B has an old, raggedy car because MUSE B treats MUSE A right. this leads to MUSE B going to a lot of fancy events and not knowing what to do and MUSE A whispering words of encouragement to them the entire time.

no debes jugar. // you shouldn’t play.

( se te hace fácil con mi amor siempre jugar pero muy pronto, yo te pongo en tu lugar ) MUSE A has had enough of MUSE B treating them like they’re just someone to mess around with so MUSE A begins to do the same. they flirt with others and do things that they know MUSE B doesn’t like. ultimately, MUSE A is giving MUSE B a taste of their own medicine.

la llamada. // the call.

no me vuelves a llamar, no te voy a perdonar, otra oportunidad — no te la doy no vales la pena ) MUSE A catches MUSE B cheating, which leads to them breaking up. however, MUSE B won’t stop calling MUSE A and it turns into constant arguing and MUSE A cussing MUSE B out every time the phone rings.

amor prohibido. // forbidden love.

( amor prohibido nos dice todo el mundo, el dinero no importa en ti y en mí, ni en el corazón oh, oh baby ) MUSE A and MUSE B have been dating in secrecy for a while, neither of their families or friends approving of their relationship for x reason. but the couple is so happy together that they hardly ever let the rumors and gossip about them get to them. but when things do get intense, MUSE A and MUSE B do get into some pretty nasty arguments.

como la flor. // like the flower.

( si en mi no encontraste felicidad, tal vez alguien más te la dará ) MUSE A and MUSE B have been in an on again and off again relationship for a long time. their relationship has never been stable because of the lack of affection that they both don’t share. after their last breakup, MUSE B moved on and began dating MUSE C ( npc ) which sparked MUSE A’s jealousy and feelings towards MUSE B. now, MUSE A is trying to get back with MUSE B, even though MUSE B is in a relationship with MUSE A.

no me queda mas. // i have no more.

( no me queda más que perderme en un abismo de tristeza y lágrimas ) much like the como la flor plot, MUSE A falls into immense sadness after their breakup with MUSE B— not realizing how much they loved MUSE B until they see that MUSE B has moved on to MUSE C. however, MUSE B sees how much pain MUSE A is in and the feelings come rushing back but MUSE B in a tough spot because they’re in a committed relationship with MUSE C.

bidi bidi bom bom.

( cada vez, cada vez que lo veo pasar… mi corazón se enloquece y me empieza a palpitar ) MUSE A is madly in love with MUSE B but MUSE B is completely clueless. even when MUSE A fling themselves at MUSE B, they’re still so oblivious to it all. this means so it’s up to MUSE A to do as much as they can to catch MUSE B’s interest.

i could fall in love.

( so i should keep this to myself and never let you know i could fall in love with you ) unrequited love between MUSE A and MUSE B. MUSE A is a dreamer, head always in the clouds as they have always wanted things they could not have. MUSE B on the other hand is a realist, accepting a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly. after meeting MUSE B, MUSE A falls in love at first sight— intrigued by the way MUSE B handles themselves. but MUSE A is too shy to ever act on her feelings, so they write a book about being in love with MUSE B. bonus points if MUSE B reads the book and finds out it’s about them.

is it the beat?

( i believe, that love doesn’t come when you plan. here i am—  caught up in these feelings i don’t understand ) MUSE A and MUSE B know each other through mutual friends. every time there’s some sort of get together or party, you can always catch the two there. over time, they start to develop feelings for one another but the gag is that they’ve never told each other their names or any type of personal information because they don’t want to get into a serious relationship. the only time MUSE A and MUSE B see each other is at social events but never outside of the party scene.

dreaming of you.

( and there’s nowhere in the world i’d rather be than here in my room dreaming about you and me ) a cute, fluffy plot about MUSE A and MUSE B being so madly in love with each other that they’re always doing intimate couple things. cuddling, napping, passionate kisses and what not. 

Night sky (Mark x TwinFemReader) fluff aghast

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(A/n): lmao this request is weird and I love it.

Request:  If you’re still doing request, do you think you could do a mark x female twin reader where they getting into a big fight so she leaves without telling anybody but eventually comes back and it’s clear that they’re both wrecks without their twin? Fluffy angst? Sorry, I just really like twin stuff ☺️

Warnings: Swearing and sadness and fluff and kill me


Okay so sharing a house in general, is not always fun. Sharing a house with three other men, can be fun but also not fun. But, sharing a house with your twin brother, fun and terrible.

But, (Y/n) shared a house with them because her and Mark had always worked together on everything. The pair of them had started this channel together; with (Y/n) behind the scenes and Mark in front of the camera.

Yeah, sometimes it was stressful, especially for Mark. He had to maintain his public image all the time.

The two of them had each other though. They pair really were inseparable, as most twins are.

“Mark, I swear to fuck if you don’t put the seat down one more time, I’m selling your dick on the black market.”

Screaming things such as this across the house was likely common. All the person in question would do, though, is giggle and run away. Because she lives with several five year olds.

“Kill me now…” (Y/n) mumbled.

Walking down the stairs cautiously, she had split her path and strut into the large kitchen.

“Mark.” the girl growled.

Her fraternal twin was standing there next the the fridge with chica at his feet.


“Did you even hear what I just said?” she questioned harshly.

“Well yeah, but I was busy adoring Chica that I didn’t have time to care.” he joked.

(Y/n) rolled her eyes with venom soaking her usually sweet expression. This was also very common. Him not caring about a lot of things his twin had to say.

“Mark I’m serious. This is a small bathroom incident but it just further proves the point that you don’t listen.

Her words didn’t register in his ears or even get past her lips it seemed. The brunette was too busy baby talking his dog.

All (Y/n) could manage to do was sigh dramatically. It pissed her off that he didn’t take the time to hear her, and the frustration showed.

“I’m going to get dressed.” the girl commented stiffly.

“Not that you care..”

As (Y/n) made her way slowly back up the stairs, Ethan passed her stride joyfully.

“Mooooring, (Y/n).” he called, stopping his bouncy walk to face her politely.

“Yeah.” she replied blandly.

She continued her walk of shame up the last four steps, and sauntered into her room. Ethan was left staring up the way (Y/n) had gone, visibly confused, borderline concerned.

Though it was the usual time for them all to share breakfast, the youtuber had lost her appetite.

“I’m not going to sit here and sulk, at least.” she mumbled.

Shuffling around her room, (Y/n)’s soft hum strung lightly in the air. The (h/c) haired girl collected a pair of clean jeans and blank shirt, throwing over a loose cardigan.

For the second time, she made her way down the stairs.

As (Y/n) walked into the kitchen, she took the liberty of rolling up her sleeves briefly. Stepping to the cabinet, she had gestured for Mark to move over.

“I’d ask, but I’m sure you wouldn’t hear me.” (Y/n) hissed.

Reaching up to grab herself a pale plastic cup, (Y/n) caught in the corner of her eye her brother mouth what she had just said, with crude facial expressions.

The girl wanted to sigh and apologize, but she thought it might be best to guilt trip him instead. (Y/n) had really wanted to make her point.

After obtaining her glass, she went to the fridge, passing by Ethan who sat at the table. He sat there, chewing his toast silently, feeling and seeing the tension but being shit scared to say anything.

The youtuber pried open the refrigerator, viewing its contents wearily.

Dramatically, she then twisted to face the blue boy.

“Do we not have any more milk?” (Y/n) asked kindly.

Ethan nervously smiled back up at the (e/c) eyed girl, shaking his head briskly with a mouth full of bread.

This time (Y/n) did sigh “I could have asked Mark, oh but he wouldn’t have given a shit.”

Mark rolled his eyes and aggressively threw up his arms.

“So what? Now you’re going to pout all fucking day because I made one joke?!”

(Y/n) actually wasn’t surprised by his outburst, in fact the (size) girl anticipated it.

“No, I’m trying to get a fucking point across! Because repetition is the only thing you see from me.” she scoffed.

Mark just clicked his tongue and stared at his twin intensely.

“That’s because I really couldn’t give less of a fuck what you say.”

“Yeah, I already know–” she began. At this point she had already had enough this. (Y/n)’s aim was to apologize now, but that sure wasn’t Mark’s.

“No, I mean I really don’t care. What you have to say means jackshit at the point, you aren’t actually valuable to any of my project’s whatsoever.” Mark spat “I’m honestly baffled why the hell you still live with me.”

That struck home immediately. Why was she living with him? Because… well this was what the two of them had worked for for a long time…

“…” (Y/n) stood there in silence.

Ethan took a second to stand up, his eyes already gone wide. He opened his mouth stiffly and said “I don’t think you should have said that.”

Mark’s knees felt as though they could give out at the calmest of movements. Before being able to actually say anything, the brunette opened and closed his mouth several times, looking between his sister and Ethan.

“(Y/n), oh my god… I’m…” he began, heartfelt hurting twisting his words.

“The sun is so bright…” came Tyler’s airy voice, entering the kitchen lazily.

He stretched backwards, and held in a yawn “Morning.”

The girl took this as any sort of cue to leave.

She stepped her way rigidly from the room. Mark could be heard yelling her name before Ethan called a loud “Wait!” but it wasn’t for (Y/n).

(Y/n) turned to face the stairs, staring up at them blankly.

She had made up her mind. Even in her dazed state, she knew for certain she did not want to be here of all places, right now.

❆   ❆   ❆ 

The girl had left. The house, I mean. She took her car from in front of the house and went away.

Of course she didn’t have any plans as to where she desired to go. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she thought she didn’t want to go anywhere at all.

So she drove and drove. And drove some more. Where (Y/n) ended up was half way across L.A, parked on the side of the road.

As she sat there breathing heavily, she was able to feel in her pocket, her phone vibrating. Not at all wanting to see any of the messages; she pulled it out against her better judgement.

- Loud blue boy: (Y/n)?

- Loud blue boy: I think you should come out of your room…

- Loud blue boy: wait r u even in your room??? :0

- Loud blue boy: Wait wait (Y/n) where are you?!

(Y/n)’s screen was lit up with messages from Ethan; they made her laugh a bit as she wiped at her eye.

The girl was happy she didn’t apply makeup this morning, noticing now that she had been crying most of the time she was driving.

A blunt sting cut through her upper chest. She didn’t want to be away from Ethan or Tyler. Especially not Mark. She had heard what Mark had said, but her mind wanted to know that he was lying. (Y/n) didn’t want to leave him…

“It’s been what, twenty minutes and I already miss them?” she mumbled softly.

Chancing her blurry eyes, (Y/n)’s gaze fell upon the digital clock in her car. It read in bright blue 4:58pm.

A quaint gasp bubbled from her throat, making (Y/n) sputter a bit in breath.

‘Six hours, what the hell.’ she thought.

Swiping furiously at her eyes once more, (Y/n) pulled off the side of the road and dealt out a most likely illegal U-turn. The youtuber began to go back the way she came, offering her silence a thick sigh.

❆   ❆   ❆

“I fucked up didn’t I?” Mark sniffed.

He was sat in the very middle of the kitchen, balling his eyes out, with a very not okay head.

“A little…” Tyler lulled. Tyler had been explained what had happened, and if he was honest, he was pretty disappointed in the two of them.

“Oh god, what if she never comes back?” Mark cries, heartbroken at the very thought “What if she just moves out and takes all her stuff with her and doesn’t say goodbye? Takes all her belongings, her memories.”

“I’m not sure that she would do that.” Ethan pats his back in an effort to console him.

Mark twists his head to look at the blue haired man and stares at him directly in the eyes.

“Ethan, I’m not ready to have her for once not take me.”

Now Ethan was the one heartbroken. He could see sufferable pain in Mark’s deep brown eyes.

“Hey, Mark, I believe that’s (Y/n)’s car pulling in…” Tyler spoke.

In an instant, the brunette had scrambled to his feet and with a deathly silence, watched the door.

Within a few seconds, it had opened quietly; softly. (Y/n)’s form slipped through the opening.

The current time was 11:23pm, from the moment that Mark saw (Y/n) in the doorway, to the second Mark had sprinted to her and snared her in a hug. The minute hand on the clock hadn’t even moved a millimeter between the two.

“Mark…” (Y/n)’s voice cracked. She wasn’t able to hug him back, or even close the door. Her twin had her arms confined under his own.

Mark also wasn’t able to say anything, it seems, other than ‘I’m sorry’ in repetition.

“Repetition, that’s all I ever hear from you.” (Y/n) laughed softly, sniffing a bit now and again.

The male raised his head to her words, showing her a sad, dopey smile. The stars in open night sky reflecting on his watery black eyes; making his sister smile back at him ten fold.


(A/n): Boi this is so long I hated editing it. I can’t frickin read today, lordy

The Joy of Socks

yeah, idk either, really. Happy birthday, Harry! [AO3]

Presents for Potter: Saviour Seeks Socks

What do you get the man who single-handedly saved us all from You-Know-Who? A luxury holiday? A bottle of Ogdeon’s Finest? Soap-on-a-rope? Harry Potter’s birthday is coming up, and the Prophet managed to secure an exclusive interview with the man himself. We asked what he really, really wants to receive on the big day.

“A wise man once said to me, you can never have enough socks,” said Potter. “Once you reach a certain level of fame, no one gives you socks any more. At the time, I was too young to truly appreciate the remark, but now I get it. Socks are a great gift—and I never get any!”

So there you have it. Harry Potter needs socks! You can send him some, c/o the Prophet, and we will make sure he gets them. But who was the learned individual who gave Potter such advice? Some have suggested that [cont. page 3]

“How many is this now?” Ginny asked, unwrapping yet another package.

“Today? Including those that were sent to work? Or in total? Because I think we must be close to five hundred pairs, by this point,” Harry replied, holding up another pair. “Ooh, look, these ones have snitches on them, that’s cool.”

“This’ll learn you not to speak to the press ever again,” she said, shaking her head. “‘Dear Mr. Potter, I hope you like these socks, I knitted them myself, also thank you for saving us from Voldemort, love Doris Englow, 94’.”

“It never says that,” said Harry. She held up the note. “Oh, how sweet. Honestly though, the Prophet needs to stop claiming I did everything ‘single-handedly’, they’ve never given enough credit to—dear God, those are the most hideous socks I have ever seen.”

“Don’t be rude to Doris! She put a lot of time into them, and personally I think mustard, lime green and beetroot are lovely colour combinations,” Ginny said. “When did you even get interviewed, anyway?”

“Last Tuesday I was coming out of the canteen at work, and some reporter was lurking. They asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and for a moment I felt like channelling my inner Dumbledore. Don’t worry, I’ve learnt my lesson. Never again,” he said firmly.

“I wonder if he knew all he had to do was complain to the national press about not having any socks, and he’d be sorted for life,” mused Ginny. “Look, the Chuddley Cannons have sent you an entire box full of their entire range.”

“Ron’ll be delighted,” Harry said. “I’ll give them to him later, when we all meet up.”

“Great,” Ginny said. “And what about all the rest?”

“There’s got to be some charity somewhere who’ll accept a donation,” he said.

All of these?” Ginny said doubtfully. “What would anyone do with a thousand socks?”

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I’M FINALLY DONE~  I WENT TO AX COSPLAYING AS F!MORGAN AND I MET SOME REALLY AMAZING AND NICE PEOPLE I FEEL BLESSED!!! (plus the cosplay was LITTTTTTTTTTTT) So I started this piece from before AX and I’m finally done with it thank goodness c’: I ALSO SUMMONED SEASIDE TACTICIAN ROBIN AND I CAN DIE HAPPILY NOW (AFTER WASTING 100+ ORBS </3) I also love the summer scramble support for Chrobin because I’m WEAK FOR THAT SHIET B’) I wanted to draw more but I haven’t posted in a HELLA long time so hopefully I can crank out some more Chrobin trash and then some~ Also if you get my reference I’ll die of joy ;V; <3

The Real You--Imagine #24

“megababygirl1678: Hi i was wondering if you could do one where like you tell him that you like him through a note and he doesnt say anything for a couple days but for some reason you find yourselves alone in a room and he tells you he has feeling for you and you become bf/gf you probably wont read this but it would literally mean the world to me Thanks

A/N: Thank you for being patient and waiting for this! Hope this lives up to your expectations, love! <3 Keep dreaming!~Logan

I drew in another deep breath. I could do this. I folded up the confession of my adoration of c/n that I had written on a small piece of paper. 

Lifting myself up from my lunch table, my friend patted me on the back, smiling up at me encouragingly. With another deep sigh, I let my feet carry me over to c/n’s lunch table. 

C/n along with a couple of his friend’s eyes turned to me as soon as I uttered a greeting. The attention made my heart skip beats, and I extended the note tightly clutched in my shaking hand.

“Umm, I-I just wanted t-to give this to y-you,” I mumbled, blushing furiously, as his fingers brushed mine when he grabbed the folded paper. 

He smiled softly up at me from his seat, and I gave him a flustered grin back before scurrying away. 

“Well?” y/f/n asked

“Umm, I don’t know,” I muttered, sneaking a glance at c/n’s table.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” y/f/n practically shrieked, gripping your arm.

“I sort of just gave it to him and ran back,” I mumbled, pushing some strands of hair behind my ear. 

Y/f/n stared at me with a disbelieving expression on her face. Without warning  she smashed her face into the lunch table, banging it while asking “why” repeatedly. Finally, she lifted her head, looking at me exasperatedly. 

“Why would you do that, y/n?”

“Because I got nervous,” I flung my hands up, annoyed with her. 

“Well, I can’t be too hard on you. You have a billion times more courage than most, being that you actually confronted him,” she smiled. 

“I just hope he answers me at least by the end of the day,” I muttered, looking again to where he was sitting, now laughing with his friends. 


Two days had passed since I had given c/n the note. All I had scribbled on there was that I liked him. It wasn’t the most clever thing ever but what else was I supposed to say? I figured being straightforward was the best thing to do. The only other thing I’d put had been ‘Do you like me back?’. Only he hadn’t even glanced in my direction these past two days and I was beginning to feel as if I had messed everything up. 

I walked into class, then remembered I had forgotten one of my notebooks for my class. Hurrying quickly so as not to disrupt my teacher’s delicate emotional balance, I reached my locker. 

A large hand landed on my shoulder, and I gasped, turning around so abruptly my locker slammed close. 

C/n leaned into me, his other hand resting on my locker behind me right next to my head. Our eyes met and I felt like the air had been knocked out of me. The scent of his cologne engulfed me and I had to keep my legs from shaking due to our close proximity. 

“I believe I have something that’s yours,” he murmured, pulling a small slip of paper from his hoodie with the hand that wasn’t on the locker behind me. 

I gingerly took it from his hand, my mind still muddled by his sudden closeness. 

“Open it,” his voice rumbled, grazing my ear with his nose. 

I shuddered and prayed that he didn’t notice, while I shakily unfolded the slip of paper that was all too familiar. Underneath the question I had written, in his boyish hand-writing he had answered, ‘Go on a date with me and I’ll let you know’. 

My face grew hot. Confused, I looked up from the note to find his face creased with worry. It made me feel better to know I wasn’t the only one who was anxious about this whole thing. 

“I don’t,” I pushed my hair back, clearing my throat, “I don’t understand?”

“What’s not to understand?”

“Well, why do you need to go on a date with me to tell me if you like me or not?” I was shocked at my own inquisitions since I normally couldn’t get a full sentence out around him. 

He shook his head, a small smile softening the lines that had formed between his eyebrows. He leaned forward even closer and my breath caught in my throat. 

“Y/n, if I didn’t like you I wouldn’t have asked you on a date. But I don’t know anything about you really except that your smile can light up a room and you have an incredible ability to make me really nervous and sweaty–wow, umm, TMI, sorry,” he pushed off the lockers and scrubbed his hands through his hair. Taking a deep breath, he set his hands on my shoulders, his thumb caressing the side of my neck. “What I’m trying to say is that, I want to like more than just the fantasy version of you that I have in my head. I want to know the real you,” he finished, letting out a shaky breath. 

“What would the fantasy version of me do in this case?” I asked, barely getting the words out.

A scarlet blush crawled up his neck and settled over his face, his thumb stopping its ministrations on my neck.

“I-I-you’d-Jesus,” he breathed out. “You’d kiss me. But, obviously that’s just my thoughts and you really don’t need to and I don’t expect you to even go on a date with m–”

With more courage than I knew I even had, I lifted up on tip-toes to press a feather light kiss on his pink lips, silencing him effectively. When I pulled back, I tried to regain my breath because I still was in shock at myself and what I had just done. I was never one for bold moves. What was this boy doing to me? 

His e/c eyes flitted open and drank me in, face slack with awe. It was probably my favorite sight ever. 

“There’s more where that came from. But to get them, you’ll have to take me out on that date,” I smiled, blushing. 

He looked at me with that awe on his face, and then suddenly ran down the hall muttering something about having to tell his friends. Before he made it around the corner he stopped, abruptly, turned and ran back. 

I didn’t have time to register anything before his lips met mine and pulled back swiftly. 

“I’ll pick you up at your house. 7 o’clock. Tonight. Wear whatever. You’d be stunning even in sweatpants. I’m taking you to your favorite restaurant.”

And he was sprinting full speed down the hall. I snapped out of the reverie I’d been in.

“How’ll you get to my place? You don’t have the address!” I shouted.

“Text it to me!” He shouted back.

“I don’t have your number!” 

“Flip over the note!”

And sure enough, on the back of the note he’d left his number. 

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

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Request: Your writing is AMAZING❤ Could I request an Ethan x reader? Where the reader is a youtuber and they doing the girlfriend/boyfriend challenge?

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag for reader’s youtube channel! Lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: Hey there kiddos, I would like to apologize for taking so long with this request. I had class today, not to mention an essay due just a couple hours ago so I mostly tried staying away from my phone. That being said I loved this request so much because there were so many possibilities for fluffy stories ahhh. I mean as it stands, it’s 1am as I’m typing this right now and I have no regrets. I’m kinda proud of this one tbh. Sorry, no self deprecating humor in this author’s note. Anyway, thanks for the request so much, it was so fun to write this! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1131 srry I got carried away whoops

Warnings: s o m u c h f l u f f. Physically repulsive to read so much cute thing. Continue at your own risk. Also i said ‘ass’ a couple times I think.

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do u know any good supercorp fan fics

do i ever (these aren’t in any particular order, but they are all complete. i’ve got a whole separate rec list for wip fics if you want it)

  • Oblivious: kara danvers getting jealous of herself for getting to make out with lena is so relatable (lena dates supergirl to make kara jealous)
  • heroism is a full time job: who doesnt want to live with lena honestly??? (protective custody au)
  • the way we mend: domestic! incredible! im gonna cry! (fluff! fluff! fluff!)
  • exception: do u need some musings about love in your life? well ive got just the fic for u! (romance! romance! fluff!)
  • i’ll be there for you (in your darkest nights): fix-it fics have fixed my soul (fix-it fic)
  • I Always Want You: this made me ascend into another plane where everything is okay and life is Good and Nice and Gay (harry potter au)
  • inevitable: i cant believe kara just failed at inventing lying. i cant believe im kara (supergirl reveal fic)
  • when all is shaken: im the one shaken after this fic wow (hurt/comfort)
  • Something to Write About: this is most definitely something to write about (kinda social media au?)
  • Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets: catch me screaming about this fic forever! oh my god! i love jess! i love this fic! aaah! (jess-centric fic!!!)
  • (Super)Man’s Best Friend: im the dog that kara just straight up randomly gives lena (dog fic!!)
  • such unruly heads and hearts: so um i lied this is the one wip on this list because honestly it Changed Me and literally invented the concept of love (harry potter au)
  • negotiations and commands: ever imagined what life would be like if we had gotten krypto in that pod? now u dont have to just imagine it (dog fic!!)
  • Her Brother’s Keeper: i literally cried more than five times while reading this. holy shit. im thinking about it and crying again (angst and fluff and Wow)
  • Did we do that?: theyre so cute! i cant handle it!! theyre s o c u t e!!!! (domestic)
  • no more ferris wheels: i hate ferris wheels too but i love this fic!! (strangers go to a carnival au)
  • Drunk Puppy: i also talk about lena’s eyes when im drunk so this fic really speaks to me (kara appears at lena’s office drunk)
  • For as Long as You’ll Let Me: i cant believe kara just invented support and comfort (hurt/comfort)
  • somewhere i have never travelled: this fic travelled straight into my heart and saved my life from canon supergirl (character study/au)
  • Don’t Let Her Go: protective cat grant? And supercorp? u better believe it!!! (love and cat grant that’s all i need to say)
  • Puppy Love: this fic? cured my depression, made me love dogs even more than i already do, watered my crops,, (dog fic!!!)
  • sun is gonna shine above: ive said this multiple times now but this fic also made me cry several times. and yes i cry a lot but seriously!! this fic!! is so good!! (supercorp with kids au!!)
  • Almost.: fun fact! lena luthor is a nerd who thinks about kissing kara 24/7 i cant believe this is canon (romance romance romance)
  • The Enchanted Florist: its so gay and so touching and i cried reading this one too (lena goes to a flower shop)
  • pain: look i know im ending a fic rec list with a fic named pain but i swear itll only pain u with how good it is (soulmate au)

@feynites #uthvir would be absolutely annoyed that the auction got taken down #they’d tell thenvunin that his distractions worked tho #and that they just lost the bid because they were busy with ~him~ #not that they want to encourage his behaviour of course #certainly not

some angel food distractions because the headcanons for this au are amazing :3

Happy birthday to my very wonderful friend Zoya ( @greencheeked )! Don’t work too hard - I hope you get to have a good non-stressful birthday!!

Drew this because “well she likes ice skating… and lance… and altean lance…. !!!” (And fun fact I looked for a Nathan Chen pose for this) 

(I have been needing to draw overdue birthday drawings for few years now…. I should shower you in more drawings honestly)

Just a Little longer (Bruce Wayne x Daughter who is a small child! Reader)

Schninner: So I made a little sad piece last year about a mother and her son, and today I thought, “Hey, I could rewrite it to make it about Bruce and his daughter!” The reader is about six or five in this story. So here it is! Hope you like it guys!

P.S. I Promise I will work on requests soon! I just got really motivated to write this one today!

(Reader is Female)

Key: [H/T] Hair type/texture

Warnings: It’s a sad piece… sorry!

Word Count: 438

Master List

“Daddy, why are we out here?”

The little girl asked her father, as she lazily played with the silver ring on his index finger, sitting sleepily in his lap.

Bruce Wayne, her father, lovingly wrapped his pale arms around the small child, enveloping her into a hug, His gaze tore away from the star freckled sky and onto the small held in his lap.

“Because, sweetheart, I wanted to spend more time with you.” His voice low and comforting, filling the child with ease.

The girl looked up to him with her large [E/C] eyes, “I know daddy, but why here?”

Bruce turned his cool blue eyes back up to the endless night sky, resting his chin on top of his child’s [H/T] hair.

“Remember when we came out here? We used to have so much fun. You, me, and the boys. Before… before it happened…” His smooth voice hitched and now etched with sadness.

The girl, sensing her father’s distress, placed her small hands into his. His hands encasing hers completely.

“It’s okay daddy, we don’t have to talk about it.”

They sat in comfortable silence, father and daughter. Neither of them had to speak, for they already knew what the other had to say. Three simple words hung between them, comforting them as the night drew on.

It would be morn soon.

The father tilted his head toward the brightening sky with sorrow. He knew it would have to ends, he just didn’t expect it to come so soon.

“It’s almost morning sweetheart.” Bruce told his little one, his hold on her seemed to tighten.

“I know daddy.” She replied.


The sky grew lighter, a gentle orange poked through the horizon.

“You know what that means, right baby?” He asked his child.

“Yes daddy,” She said with a sleepy yawn, “I know.”

The crickets stopped chirping as the moon began to fade.

Dawn was nigh.

Silent tears rolled down his face and onto his child’s head, a muffled sob shook his chest, and his child turned to find her father’s eyes closed while lightly sobbing.

“Daddy!” She called in alarm placing her petite hands on either side of his face, wanting so badly to make the tears stop. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“Because baby,” He cried softly, pulling his daughter close to him, as though he planned on never letting her go, “I couldn’t save you.”

The sun broke free from its invisible chains and basked the land in light. And the father awoke.

Back in his home. Back in his bed.

And his child, his sweet baby girl, was once again gone.


SWEATS UM hey hi so my name’s helene and i started a studyblr so i guess i need to start with an introduction! ( also, don’t you love planning out your whole week since hurricane harvey cancelled school :x )

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I hope you guys have been having fun, seeing as you've been rather inactive. (NoT NeGaTivEly LOaDeD) <3

we did have a really wonderful time - went to disney and universal, spent my first ever halloween together, ate way too many doritos, walked around the beach in the evening, i met arin’s gentle dog and it still seemed like not enough time physically together so we didn’t want to spend a big chunk of it on the internet, i hope you understand) i’d say we’re generally not very active rpers? i’ve noticed that rping can become overwhelming for me because i get stressed out with how little time in a day i have to actually film (with work and no personal space just to myself) and editing can become a chore when there’re more gifs than i can easily finish in one go so at one point i kind of took a step back to reflect and realized it’s all done for fun so it shouldn’t be so anxiety-inducing hence now i rp when i really feel like it so that it remains something special for me instead of becoming a stressful routine c:

Now and Always

Jason asks you a question you were far from expecting.

[F/n] - First Name [e/c] - Eye Color

Next Parts: Easter Bunny - Baby’s First Father’s Day - Between A Rock and A Donkey Suit


Turning under your comforter you felt around in the bed. Brows furrowed in confusion upon finding your fiancé missing.

“Jay?” groggily asking while eyes opening. Looking around the room, he was nowhere to be found. Having not heard Addilyn over the baby monitor and Jay having come home from patrol hours ago, you were finding yourself stumped. Where was that boy?

Slipping out from under the blankets, a shiver ran up your spine from the cold floor. Padding out of the room and around the apartment, not in the living room, kitchen, bathroom. But there was one more room to check.

Quietly tiptoeing down the hallway and peering around the open doorway. You saw Jason sitting in a rocking chair watching your daughter sleep in her crib.

A soft smile graced your lips as you quietly came into the room. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders and chin resting in his neck. He reached up one hand intertwining his fingers with yours.

“Did I wake you? I wasn’t meaning too”  he sighed before looking over.

Chuckling and answering, “I know, it’s just second nature to know when your not with me now”

“I didn’t hear the monitor, what woke you?” placing a kiss on his temple as you spoke.

He shrugged, “I just… I missed her tonight. I wasn’t able to get back from patrol early enough to see her.”

Unwrapping your arms from his neck and puling you in front of him, then onto his lap. Wrapping his arms around your waist he let out a content sigh resting his head on your shoulder. “I missed you too”

Smiling you had one arm wrapped around his shoulder and while running a hand through his hair. Both staying like that for a few minutes before being brought back to reality by Addilyn’s little noises.

Looking over you both chuckled at the sleeping infant. “Only one month and she already has us both wrapped around her pinky finger” commenting while looking back at Jason.

He smiled before placing a soft kiss to your lips. “I wouldn’t have it any other way”

“Except, well maybe I’d change one thing” catching your attention. “And what would that be?”

“Can we have another?” he proposed, eyes widening in shock while you looked at him.

“Y-you mean?” glancing over at the crib.

“Yeah. Babe, I just… I love Addie so much and I love you. I don’t know I just want to give you the family you’ve talked about.” he babbled his reasoning. “You deserve the world for everything you put up with when it comes to me and-“ cutting him off with a finger over his lips.

Taking his hand you led him out of the baby’s room as to not wake her. Pulling him out to the balcony, where it was a comfortable summer night.

“First things first. It’s not ‘putting up with you’ when I love you more than the world itself. Where’s all of this coming from love?” taking his hands in your own.

His expression softened upon meeting your [e/c] eyes. “I-” pausing, “I don’t want to miss anything else” he confessed. “I know she’s only a month old but.. I already feel like I’ve missed so much with having to work both day and night. I’ve just been thinking maybe it’s time to cut back on the hero thing and really have this family. [F/n] I want to have another baby. Not now because we’ve got our hands full with just one, but in a year or so.”

After registering his words, you asked “are you sure you want to give up being Red Hood?” looking for some clarification.

“I don’t want to give it up completely and hang the guys out to dry but, I’m ready to cut back. I’m ready to be here every night help you put her to bed. Ready to alternate shifts the entire night when she’s fussy or has a bad dream. I want to be the father to her that I never had.” his tone was calm yet passionate.

Expression softening before stating  “Whatever you choose I’ll support you every step and so will your family. As for another baby, lets just wait until we feel the time is right. We have enough on our plate with the little sleeping beauty in there” you laughed before gesturing to the apartment.

Jason let a beaming smile decorate his features as he leaned down and kissed you with the same amount of passion as his prior words. You loved this man more than anything and he still found ways to make you love him even more.

“I love you so goddamn much” he gushed before kissing you again.

“And I love you, now and always” confessing as you pulled away.

Sadly, the moment was interrupted by a high pitched crying. Both looking at the balcony door Jason kissed you again before saying, “I got her” and walking inside.

Watching him enter the apartment you smiled, muttering “how did I get so lucky?” before following to help him.


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Alex Standall x Reader
Request: Reader letting Alex paint their nails
Word Count: 334
A/N: Another Alex Standall x Reader for my lovely! <3 This one is more of a blurb, I don’t know how good I am with writing shorter things but I think I did pretty good. I tried to do my best without including a lot of extra so hopefully you all enjoy! :) Also I want to point out that I’m doing really well with getting imagines out in a decent amount of time, and also there will be a lot more Alex imagines because currently that’s all the requests I have. So please request something if you want! One last thing, This GIF ugh, now I’m having Alex feels! <3
Warnings: None
(Y/F/C) = Your favorite color
Italics = You, Bold = Alex

   You were sitting down at your desk, pulling out your nail polish bags. Alex had his body spread out on your bed, watching you. By the way he was observing you, you knew that he’d become interested in what you were doing.
“You should let me paint your nails.” You hummed rummaging around inside the bag and pulled out the (Y/F/C) nail polish that you loved so much. “Get over here then,” you said giggling, then scooting over to make room for him. To say the least, you were actually kind of excited, you’ve always wanted to do something ‘cute’ like this with him. You slid the nail polish over to his side and spread your hands out on the desk. “Have you ever painted nails before?” Alex shook his head, taking the top off and wiping the excess (Y/F/C) polish on the side of the bottle. You raised an eyebrow at him, surprised. “Are you lying to me?” You asked giggling. “No, but I’ve seen you do this many times so I guess you could say I’ve picked up a few skills,” he winked, then chuckled as your giggles turned into a full blown laugh.
Starting with your thumb, he brought the brush to your nail and attempted to put a nice coat of polish on. Alex then proceeded to paint your other nails, he was a little sloppy sometimes, but overall he’d done a good job. “Are you gonna put a second coat on that?” He looked up at you confused, and you had to say, it was the most adorable thing ever. “Am I supposed to?” “Well, you don’t have to but…please?” He sighed but followed your instructions, “Anything for you princess.”
When he was done, you held your hands up and smiled a little bit. “You did good, I’m impressed.” You leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Now it’s my turn,” Alex joked, taking out the black nail polish and sliding it over to you.

Rick and Morty C-137

So crazy headcanon here in light of the recent 308. 《SPOILERS FOR 308》

Let’s begin with saying “our” Rick and Morty are undoubtedly C-137 but that the dimension we found them in the pilot was NOT C-137 - I do not recall Rick calling it C-137 and if Morty thought it was, well we know his memory cannot be trusted because Rick fucks it up. Let’s call it Pilot Dimension.

In this headcanon I am really making Rick C-137 a better man than he seems.

Dimension C-137 we have Beth Jerry Summer and baby Morty and a more caring Rick. Rick drops by now and then and he gets the picture with baby Morty we see at Birdperson’s house. Time passes and when Morty is a toddler Beth Jerry and Summer all die in a horrible car crash or whatever. Morty is in the social system, his paternal grandparents may or may not want him but that does not matter. Rick comes along and gets his grandson back because he will not allow Idiot Jerry’s parents mess with HIS grandson so we have the memories of him holding toddler Morty. He holds on to Morty and at some point finds a dimension where toddler Morty dies in an accident and replaces him with C-137 Morty because he wants his grandson to have a “normal” childhood seeing as at that time he certainly was involved in the “path soaked with blood of both friends and enemies”. Rick C-137 might have been lucky enough to find a dimension where his counterpart was already dead or he took care of him (he doesn’t seem to shy from Rick on Rick violence if it means protecting Morty or himself). And the dimension he leaves Morty in might be the Pilot Dimension or the Squirrel Dimension. He pops by now and then entering Morty’s life anytime he pleases and even jumps realities with him a few times and erases his memories afterward. I think C-137 Rick truly loves and cherishes his Morty in a way that sets the Rickest Rick apart from all the Ricks.

I am begging to think the “20 years absence” in the show’s description is from Pilot Dimension Beth’s POV so it has no bearing on actual Rick C-137’s relationships to his og Beth or his Morty.

The sad part is that our Morty’s life is basically a lie and the only constant thing is that Rick c-137’s love for him is always there to protect him in a chaotic irresponsible way.

Now I wonder if in this nihilistic “no one is here for a reason we all die” show they would make our R and M so special and different from all the other Rick and Mortys.

working on a fic… because fuck the almost finished wips i have, right? ahaha. AHA. fuck those things. they only need like 500 more words ahahaha. who C A R E S. not me! nope. ahahaha. nope. ah. hhaa.

anyway here’s what i’m working on because i crave attention.

Loki doesn’t often resort to Grindr.

He has an easy enough time getting dicked without the help of an app—it’s really more of an inconvenience, with random guys messaging his profile with pictures of their dicks or heart-eyes emojis. But every now and then, Loki finds himself mindlessly flicking through the pictures of profiles self-identifying as his type. Most look like brainless meatheads and get passed over.

But every now and thing, every once in a blue moon that lines up on a Friday the 13th on a leap year during El Niño season… someone catches his eye.

‘Thor’, his profile says. A 36 year old that lives within a few kilometers of Loki’s position. His pictures are… Loki bites his lip. A ripped older guy with plenty of golden chest hair to run his fingers through? Photos of him genuinely enjoying himself as he laughs at a picnic or an actual honest-to-god baseball game, instead of the forced, 'sexy’ selfies of abs and puckered lip sneers? Lord God above.

There’s only one slight flaw.

Well, actually there’s two.

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What “Robostus” Was Missing

“Robostus” was a great episode, but I can’t help but feel like there was a missed opportunity this episode. Ladybug and Chat Noir almost lost their miraculouses this episode.

I wish Ladybug and Chat Noir had a moment where they both kind of just discussed the close call. Like:

L: It was a really close call today Chat, if not for Max we would’ve lost our miraculouses.

C: I know, each new victim is getting more dangerous. We’ll have to be more careful.

L: No matter what happens Chat, I want you to know you’re the best partner I could’ve asked for. We’re going to defeat Hawkmoth together.

Something like that. There was a moment where Chat was like “Hey Ladybug now is the time for one of your brilliant plans!” And Ladybug just closed her eyes and said “I’m sorry Chat.”

Because of this scene I kind of wish there was a heartfelt conversation at the end of the episode.