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S L E E P Y  T E E S

This was supposed to be my Simblrween gift but I ran out of time and couldn’t finish it in time, so here it is anyways because I put a lot of time into this and I’m not letting it go to waste.


  • Custom thumbnail
  • Two packages; one with English swatches, one with Simlish swatches
  • 22 swatches
  • Mesh required
  • Original mesh by cinemasims
  • You can haves both packages in game


Download: Simfileshare

ps: shoot me an ask or a pm if you have any issues!

The thing about getting so invested in something (in this case…ROBRON) is you can’t have the joy without the pain. That….just isn’t possible.

When you throw your heart and mind in to something, when you devote so much of your time to something (fandom), spend so much time talking about something, thinking about something, speculating or daydreaming about something…..that gives it such great power. I think a lot of people can be consumed by something without even realising the power it has. 

You feel such incredible highs!!! You have these moments of such joy, and it’s a joy you can share with all of your fandom friends; people who are in the same boat as you (or….on the same ship as you!) and it can almost be euphoric! 

The joy we felt in SSW and after the wedding was so pure and it was such a beautiful thing to be apart of, the almost party-like atmosphere in the fandom that for me personally carried on into my real life; after SSW especially I was on a high for quite some time, I really got a rush that put me in a good mood - a really good mood - for days. That was when, for me, I realised the power Robron had over me, and at that point in time I loved every moment of it and I’m pretty confident that many (most?) other fans felt the same!

But……you can’t feel that level of “high” without giving the thing you’re in love with the power to really give you some serious lows. And man…the lows are low. That’s why it’s so messed up, because you literally can’t have one without the other. It just doesn’t work that way.

My issue is….I’m in love with Aaron and Robert’s love. I have been since day one. Their love has given me so much happiness and it has broken my heart (in good ways and bad ways) and just…..the hold it has over so many of us is so real and even though they have always been a flawed and sometimes unhealthy couple, we have never lost sight of their love and it has carried us through some pretty shitty times. It has been beautiful to watch and I know it’s a cliche but it’s been a total ~rollercoaster with so many ups and downs that have given us rushes of pure joy and adrenaline and lows that have made us want to vomit!!!! But good and bad, it has - and will continue to be - a massive TRIP. 

As low as things have been lately, and as sickened as we all were when the Episode of Dread™ hit us the other week, I never don’t want to be in love with them?? Because I never want there to be a time where the highs aren’t really, super fucking high and powerful. I never want to lose that sense of joy.

BUT it gets all messed up at a time like this when things are going wrong and when we’re not sure how it’s all going to pan out. Because I/we don’t want to feel those lows, we don’t want to feel that pain - a pain that is probably unhealthy for many of us but it’s also real even if this is “only” about a fictional couple - BUT I’m also not ready to let go of it, because by letting go of giving Robron the power to cause us pain, we’re also letting go of the power to give us pleasure

I mean, of course there are ways to enjoy something a “normal” and healthy amount that doesn’t make us feel physically ill and keep us up all night lmao, but so many of us are in too deep with Robron to let the bad times - the really bad times, I mean - pass us by.

I don’t know if I just went into Survival Mode after *that* episode and shut myself off from Robron in a way to sort of….shield myself from the horror I felt. Because by god, I felt horrendous that Thursday night and all of the next day. Like genuinely awful. And I resented the fact that I had allowed myself to let a fictional couple have the power to make me feel so utter crap. Because in that moment, nothing about loving this ship was fun. It was just horrible and seeing all these posts from people feeling exactly the same, seeing all these people that used to be filled with positivity so sad and angry (justifiably so) was really upsetting and it just made it worse.

And in that moment, I wanted to stop caring. I wanted to not give a shit (or….at least somehow step back enough to enjoy them a Normal Amount) because it hurt too much and hurting isn’t fun.

But now things have sunk in a bit…..I don’t want to let go?? I still feel like I’m in Survival Mode. I haven’t watched any past scenes of theirs since that episode. Not wedding stuff, not the goodbye, not nothing.

A spark has gone for me right now, as I think it has for so many people, but my issue is…..I don’t want it to stay gone. I want that spark to come back. Not just for me, but for everyone. I wish we could have the joy without the Pain™ but….we can’t. Not really. Not that sheer level of joy, anyway. 

This post is a mess, but I guess what I’m saying is…..however bad it is now, I hope somehow we can get back to a place where we can allow Robron to give us the joy they have given us in the past. And yeah, that means that we will inevitably have to suffer the Low™ at some point in the future again (hopefully way in the future but……….it’ll probably be sooner rather than later) BUT I just hope that somehow we can survive this. That somehow this can make us stronger. Than even when things really suck the next time (for whatever reason), and however much it hurts…..I hope we’ll still be able to bounce back.

And I guess that’s what this post is about. It’s about caring too much and loving too much but having that love knocked by a horrible incident that sort of shatters our faith and confidence and ruins our enjoyment. BUT I want us to be able to bounce back from this. I know some people won’t be able to, but I hope most of us are somehow able to move on from this and go back to feeling the love we felt before, to have that spark, to allow them to have the power to fuck us up all over again - in a good way AND a bad way. And when the bad way happens again (which….it will), hopefully we’ll have learnt from this in some ways, hopefully it’ll have made us stronger (this remains to be seen tbh) and just…….we’ll get over it. Fingers crossed.

Because I may feel numb about Robron right now, but I still believe that deep down they still have The Power™ over me. And as shit as they have made me feel recently (well…not them, but Emmerdale ugh) I don’t think I ever really want them to not be able to make me feel shit? Because if they can’t make me feel like crap, then they can’t make me feel such incredible happiness too.

And some of us really really need that happiness. We need that joy and sunshine. And I just really hope for all of our sakes that we get some of that again soon. 

i think one thing i loved so much about queen for a day is that rapunzel’s had 18 years of emotional trauma that she hasn’t really been dealing with for most of the series and she’s still not totally aware of how much she’s not dealing with it and that’s really starting to manifest here?? mainly in that whole confrontation with varian - she’s had very black and white principles from day one. and when she was forced to abandon those to make real decisions, she pretty much shut down under all that pressure. she didn’t trust her own judgment and let the people she saw as a higher authority tell her what to do, even though it was ultimately her call to make.

it’s pretty common in abuse survivors to struggle with problem-solving - your instinct is to withdraw under the pressure because you’ve never been allowed to make decisions before and you don’t know how. that becomes a huge issue when you have responsibilities, and letting those unhealthy survival tactics take charge can really hurt other people. i don’t think she’s ever had to deal with that before. but now she’s turned her back on someone who was counting on her and it’s starting to sink in that she’s still got a long way to go before her past is truly behind her.

i don’t think she really knew there was stuff to deal with beyond physically getting out until now. i don’t think she really knows that even now. but things are festering and it’s starting to come out because people she loves are getting hurt.

littlewifi00  asked:

I think the problem with Andromeda is that people are expecting the pinnacle of gaming with this. It's going to be a good game, and it'll have its flaws. The hype created by the fans are what cause games to do poorly because we overestimate games before they even come out. Will Andromeda be a good game? Probably, but that doesn't mean it'll be perfect. Fans need to except that and quit trying to complain about a video game having problems, they all do.

Yeah, I think expectations need to be tempered all around. Every game has its issues and when you let the hype get too intense the end result will never live up to your expectations. 

Just in case you aren’t worried yet

If we lose Net Neutrality, we’re risking losing or damaging:

  • Online friendships/online relationships.
  • Safe spaces for LGBT+ people. People who can’t come out in their home, people who have found comfortable identities and learned about themselves because of the internet.
  • Fandoms and fan created content.
  • Original content creaters won’t have a place, either.
  • JOBS. Be it a shop online, youtube, or just finding jobs/sending online applications.
  • Education. Schools that can’t afford a lot and schools that heavily rely on technology in all aspects will be severly effected. Both student and staff.

I know Im missing stuff, because there’s so much, but really. This is a big issue and I would hate to see it lose traction so fast.

Don’t let this go. For the upteenth time: STEP UP AND MAKE A FUSS!


It always disappoints me more than anything when Namjoon makes idiotic remarks like this. He’s supposed to be an intellectual who is worldly and yet he seems to makes silly comments like this from time to time.

I would like to hope he likes his skin tone too. I think its absolutely gorgeous. Like. I bias him because he has such a glow to his skin that is just beautiful.

I’m black and have a darker complexion and it pains me that he does things like this because it reminds me of my school days where people would make comments on my skin “jokingly”. though I laughed it still hurt that they didn’t find me attractive or pretty because I’m darker. I got into BTS and felt inspired because they promote loving yourself and honestly it gives me confidence sometimes but when they go ahead and do stuff like this it kind of makes me want to quit kpop and just….idk…

I mean just because the man has a high iq, doesn’t mean he is knowledgeable in everything, let alone have positive opinions on social issues. Nobody is perfect.

But I hope Namjoon likes his skintone too. I hope they all do cause they are look fine the way that they are.

And yeah, they do stuff like this. Pretty much all of media does this, not just kpop or just asia. Some more subtle than others and some we can’t immediately recognize, but its there.

I just hope that one day when we get a chance to talk about BTS about this stuff, they can really listen and think about it. We know they can learn, we just gotta make sure somehow that they see and listen to what the fans have to say.

And listen, you are beautiful the way you are. Everything from your hair, to your eyes, to your nose, to your mouth, and to your skin. Everything.  Don’t forget that there are people that love you, as a whole, as you are. Don’t forget that you are here on this Earth for yourself first and everyone else second.

Admin Matte

Having seen the first two episodes of The Crown I can say that this is quality period piece shit right here, and you should all watch it.


  • the King of England saying “cunt” within the first ten minutes
  • Philip telling a tribal king that he likes his hat only for Elizabeth to hiss “That’s a CROWN darling” beginning the lifelong Windsor issue of “Don’t Let Philip Talk To POC Just… Don’t”
  • King George VI being like “she is the job Philip loving her protecting her that’s the job” and Philip nodding vigorously because holy shit his father  in law is literally holding a shotgun
  • (I died)
  • Margaret being so scandalous you can’t handle it~
  • like???? lots of unexpected medical stuff???? so watch out
  • The quiet but insistent screams of American Netflix viewers going “I DON’T UNDERSTAAAAND” and “DON’T KISS HER FEET THAT’S GROSS” and “WHYYYYYYYY DO YOU HAVE THESE PEOPLE?”
Home: Part Nine

Request: Can I request one where the avengers raid a hydra base and find an 18 yr old girl covered in blood and dirt? She refuses to talk but goes with them without a fight. Nat cleans her up and cuts her hair and recognizes her as Clints daughter that vanished years ago. When Clint gets to the room the girl breaks down and runs to him immediately remembering her dad.

Plus: Hi! So I really love protected and I thought maybe you could write something were Bucky is new to the tower and still only talks to Steve until he meets the reader who also had a shitty past … they fall in love and heal each other or something … just an idea.

Pairings: Clint x daughter!reader, Bucky x reader

Word Count: 998

Warnings: Major angst

A/N: So… this is a very(!) short part but I just felt like it fit nicely to end it where I did. I know you’re all going to hate me but I have no apologies! Mwa ha ha ha haaaa! Also, let me know what you think about the whole ‘previously’ thing – does it make sense to you guys? Do you get what I was aiming for?

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I hope Emma doesn't expect any vacation time with Killian

If they’re the law in town, they’ll see each other at work, and when they’re sleeping. Unless they work alternate shifts, then they’ll never see each other.

And forget about actual time off. I mean… you can’t leave a town to lawlessness just because you and your pirate wanna go to Hawaii.

So… I hope at some point they hire some new deputies. Otherwise, they’re gonna be having some issues.

Not to mention, in most places, one can not be their spouse’s supervisor… but I’ll let that slide because it’s Storybrooke, and law enforcement is more of a family business, and Hook and Emma will likely just be equals on this playing field.

12 July 2017

[Outside the Mill of Misery with Robert and Aaron]

ROBERT: Bob’s back! The fans and I are so excited. And as a bonus, we might actually get what we order, which reminds me, I haven’t had my trademark Americano in far too long.

AARON: I’m far too preoccupied with my #PeakAngst Plot to be bothered about Bob or breakfast.

ROBERT: But it’s my mission in life to make you happy and food always makes you happy. That is the way to a bloke’s heart and all *Pats Aaron’s Stomach*

AARON: *Recoils* #Foreshadowing

ROBERT: Are you okay? - I have a bad feeling about this -

AARON: Yep. I’m totally and completely fine. #StopLyingYouLiar In fact, I’ve really got to get to that job I never actually do. I mean, unless you count kicking a door in as work. Still, it’s a great Plot Device.

ROBERT: If we still need to talk… (FANDOM: Please do more talking!!!)

AARON: We did all the talking yesterday. #StopLyingYouLiar

ROBERT: That was hardly #ActualConversation Aaron. I mean, we were approaching it which means the Plot is totally going to blow up in our faces soon and force us to try to get there again. That seems to be the cycle. But you didn’t come to the pub yesterday when you said you would and you went to bed early.

AARON: Sucks being left out of the Plot doesn’t it?

ROBERT: Fair point.

AARON: Yeah well, since I did no work yesterday, I’m playing catch up now. So…another time, yeah. I need to be off screen now so your worry levels can escalate. But we’ll do something tomorrow.

ROBERT: What? More angst?

AARON: Probably.

ROBERT: Well we can’t tomorrow. The car’s in for its service.

AARON: You do remember that I also have a car, right? #PlotHole But anyway, we’re totally good at the moment. #StopLyingYouLiar See you later for more angst.

ROBERT: *This is going to get bad Face* - I never should have put on this tainted Red Shirt of Doom -

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I have seen (read) a lot of your tomco fics that it's Tom in a depressed state but what about Marco. I have seen a few that you have done when Marco is stressed and Tom is helping him. But after the season two finale when Star goes home. We know Marco and Star had the Summer planed. So what happens if Marco think its him. Star never told Marco Toffee is back so what if he thinks Star left because of him and it's Tom that has to show Marco there is nothing wrong with him. Love your work btw.

Of course I can write that!!!! and thanks so much for the compliment it made my day! I hope you enjoy the story! This is sort of different than what happened in the show, because in this fic Tom and Marco are dating. I hope you enjoy! I had a really fun time writing it!

Sorry if I got sort of philosophical, I’ve been feeling a ot of things lately. Not all bad! Just a lot of thoughts and stuff.

“Star…” Marco looked at the now empty room and slid down to the floor. She was gone. His best friend in the whole world was gone. The girl he played video games with. The girl he made nachos with. The girl he watched movies with. Half of his entire world was gone. Marco felt tears well up in his eyes. “This is all my fault…” He whispered. He turned and ran out of the room, past the kids at the party and out the front door. He heard his friends calling him but he ignored them as he darted off down the street.

Finally Marco made it to the brick wall by the back of the school and slid down to the floor once again. “Star… why did you have to go?” Marco whispered. “I… you’re my family, Star. I love you and you didn’t even tell me why you left.” He began to cry again. “I’m why she left… it’s all my fault…” He repeated.

“I thought I might find you here.” A voice broke through Marco;s crying and he looked up to see Tom standing over him.

“How did you know I was here?” Marco asked, wiping away more tears. Tom smirked a bit and had a light blush on his face.

“You always come here. I should know.” Tom began. “We had our first kiss here, remember?” Tom asked. “It was similar to this, you were crying about a kid being mean to you at school, and I came to try and get Star.” He recalled the story. “Then I saw you and thought I’d make fun of you because I;m a jerk… but I felt bad for you and then you kissed me.” Tom grinned. This got a rise out of Marco.

“No! YOU kissed ME!” He corrected. Tom snickered.

“Bottom line is, we kissed.” Tom explained. He then diverted his attention to Marco’s tears. “You were crying just like now.” Tom’s smile faded. He had his head tilted and was trying to make sense of Marco’s face. “I can see you’re sad but… I don’t understand the guilt.” Tom spoke.

“It’s my fault Star left.” Marco mumbled into his sleeve, more tears pooling down. “My best friend in the whole wide world left because of me!” He began sobbing. Marco felt two arms wrap around him and Tom pulled him into a hug.

“What makes you think that?” He asked gently.

“It’s obvious!” Marco cried, pulling himself from Tom’s embrace. Marco got up and paced back and forth, still crying. “I totally ignored her feelings!” Marco kicked the brick wall.

“Yeah… I sort of missed that part.” Tom admitted, rubbing the back of his head. “What happened exactly?” He asked. Marco sighed and sat down across from his demon.

“She said she had to go back to Mewni and left… that was pretty much it.” He started. “But before she left she told Janna she had a crush on her.” Marco looked up. Tom nodded, trying to make sense of all this.

“So how is it your fault for ignoring her feelings?” Tom asked.

“Because! Star has always been a great friend!” Marco cried. “She always helped me with my crush on Jackie, and then with my crush on you! She was always there to make sure I got the romance I wanted… cause I’m the type of person who really wants that!” Marco continued. “But I wasn’t there for her. I didn’t help her get her girl, I didn’t listen to her when she was sad thinking Janna didn’t like her back… I didn’t even notice.” Marco sighed.

“Well of course you didn’t… she kept it hidden.” Tom added. “Janna didn’t even know.” He reminded. Marco wiped away a tear.

“It’s not all Janna!” He fell back. “When she had her crush on Oskar… I did the same thing. I ignored it and rolled my eyes at her.” Marco recalled. “I should have helped her flirt with him! And-and… do all the things she did for me.” He sighed. Now Tom was cutting in.

“Okay, you didn’t support her crush on Oskar because Oskar is a high school dropout going nowhere.” Tom explained. “Don’t get me wrong, I think school is dumb and there are a million valid reasons to drop out. Mental illness, family issues, pursuing your real passion and stuff.” Tom listed reasons. “But he was being dumb, living in his car to write music. If you do that you need to have a plan and be ready for junk. You taught me that.” Tom smiled. “You knew Star could do better, so you let your overprotective, mama bear side show. You want the best for her. Because you’re a good friend.” Tom assured.

“I don’t feel like a good friend.” Marco sniffed. “I should have supported Star’s crush, not tried to control her… I was so terrible.” He sighed. Tom shrugged.

“You weren’t SO terrible… just enough to show you care.” Tom assured. “That’s what you do when you care… you act terrible.” He blabbered.

“You’re making no sense.” Marco sighed. Tom bit his lip.

“Okay… I love you. I care about you. So the day after I saw you cry because that kid was mean to you… I followed him home and beat him up. I broke his leg.” Tom admitted. Marco’s head shot up and he gasped.

“Tom! That’s terrible!” Marco yelled at him. Tom smirked.

“Yeah it is. Because that’s how much I care.” He spoke. Marco was about to continue yelling at the demon but he stopped to think. “You can be judgy sometimes, but that’s because you know we can do better. And sometimes you aren’t so supportive of choices, because you know we can be smarter. And sometimes you aren’t there to lean on, because you know we can be stronger.” Tom went on. “And even if those things can be frustrating… if you didn’t do them… your love wouldn’t be so evident.” Tom explained.

Marco held still for a long time. “But… I want to be your support! I want to be there for you to lean on!” Marco cried.

“And you are!” Tom assured. “For things we actually need you for! But if you were there for every little thing… then we can’t grow as individuals. People are more than a relationship with another person. You need to flourish on your own before you can flourish with another person… at least if you want that relationship to be healthy and all.” Tom explained. He then got up and dusted himself off. He reached his hand down. “Now come on, we got a lot of work to do.” He told Marco.

“Where are we going?” Marco asked.

“To go find our friend.”

inkstainedqueer  asked:

more & more now I want to stop speaking/go non-verbal. I fear my parents & psychiatrist will see this as PTSD, social anxiety, or me being stubborn. I have a really hard time stimming in front of them because I have trust issues due to bad coming-out-as-queer/trans stuff. I'm stimming and going mute more often because I'm finally just letting myself *be* autistic rather than hiding it. I'm a teacher and I know one day I'm gonna meltdown or go mute in class. it's gonna suck but I need this???

If your psychiatrist is good, they will know that you can be autistic and have PTSD - in fact it’s not uncommon. I wish you well - Mod Liz

Ok so obviously I have have trust issues with mental health professionals but I’ve started feeling scared that maybe I trust my current psychologist too much and that if she suggested something I strongly disagree with, I would go along with it anyway because I think she knows best and I wouldn’t want her to start thinking badly of me. I mean there’s been little stuff like I feel obligated to get better faster to not let her down and also I feel good in sessions and forget how much worse I feel most of the time so I’m worried she’s not getting a true picture of how I am.

It’s funny how the underlying issues are the opposite of the usual ones but it still leads to essentially the same problems. Like this is one of the things I’m worried about with the idea of emdr because I need to have the ability to decide when something is too much but I simultaneously mistrust and crave the approval of authority figures. And I simultaneously have a strong need for control and fear making my own decisions. It’s very complex.

I promised myself that I would stop judging people’s parenting skills since I have no desire to have children of my own, but there are some things that I cannot watch without… judging. 

To be fair, her two sons were being a little silly. They kept walking away from her, touching things, asking her if they could have something… normal for 5-7 year olds on a weekend, honestly. 

Older son picks up a comically-sized lolipop and says (clearly jokingly): “Hey mom, can I have this?”


“What about when I’m older?”

“When you’re older and have your own money, but right now when I CONTROL YOU, no.” Woah. Strong choice of words… 

I see that the kids are touching a lot of candy and I figure that the mom is mostly concerned about having to buy candy. For the purposes of keeping little kids in good spirits, we have a bucket of candy to hand out at the registers. Right now it has candy canes. I catch the mom’s attention and ask her if it would be alright to give them one.

“I’m not giving them anything artificial.” Wow. Snoot all the way to the sky.

And I figure maybe they have an allergy to dyes or something so I let it go and ring her stuff out. She is MASSIVELY upset that she can’t use the same coupon twice in one transaction. I’m sensing she just has like… general control issues. 

So she’s done and one of the kids comes up with this beanie baby dragon plush and asks if he can have it. She says no, he tries to barter a little like… if you get me this I will do extra chores for a week and she still says no. 

He puts it back, slowly. But apparently not fast enough because she rips the toy out of his hand and shoves it back into the display.

 Now very upset, the kid deadweights. This is a common tantrum tactic so I’m used to moms spending a little bit of time to the side trying to talk their kid through the trouble so they can get back to the rest of their day. 

Not… this mom. 

She pulls him by his arms, dragging him across the floor while he screams. And she’s yelling at him: “YOU LOST THE RIGHT TO USE YOUR LEGS TODAY” as they leave the store with the other son following quietly behind. 

Everyone who saw this is just… mouth-agape and wide-eyed and we’re trying to figure out if we should call someone. 

I want to believe that this was just words and how she reacts to things not going the way she wants them to, but her choice of wording REALLY FUCKING BOTHERED ME. 

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Hey hi, I was wondering if you could make some head cannons about how the Bats deal with Alfred growing old? Sorry, I've been on/off in a misery loves company mood and my grandmother's in hospice I think it really make me feel better to see Heros dealing with something similar.

  • Well for starters, sleep is an issue. Alfred runs the cave system most nights, and he tries to be the first one up every morning, to make breakfast and clean. Those aren’t sustainable hours anymore, so the kids have taken things into their own hands for mornings. 
  • It took some doing. Alfred reaaaaally doesn’t like letting go of stuff like that, because he’s been working for decades, and– even though the Waynes are way more than a job at this point– he sees it as his duty. Convincing him to sleep in involved a full three weeks of waking up at the crack of dawn to beat him to the kitchen and some alarm clock sabotage. It worked in the end. Once not making breakfast became a habit, he was alright with sleeping a few extra hours.
  • Downside? Bruce sleeps through most mornings, which leaves Tim and Damian unsupervised. There have been incidents.
  • All of the kids relieve the work load a bit by asking Alfred to teach them how to do the chores he takes care of. They phrase it like “Alfred how am I ever going to survive living on my own if I don’t know how to cook?? Just let me practice for awhile, for my own growth and wellbeing,” which is…. true. But not completely transparent. They’re sneaky.
  • Duke is using his position as the new kid to do the same thing with the medic portion of Alfred’s job. Alfred’s much more likely to let someone else take care of it if it’s in the context of teaching, so it works well– plus stitching your family members back together for the 37490846th time is emotionally exhausting, so it relieves that pressure too. 
  • Bruce keeps buying Alfred books. Alfred really likes to read, but he’s always claimed that he doesn’t have enough time to pursue the hobby. Now that his schedule is a little more freed up (and Bruce is encouraging him), he reads more, picks up more books himself, and is generally more relaxed. It’s good.

| Samuel |

Hey!! I’m Sam!! I’m a transgender nonbinary boy, and I’m uh, obviously sort of looking for a datemate? I’m 16 and I’ll be 17 in a few months, so there’s that. I’m a pretty hard person to deal with. I’m neurodivergent, and I can have some communication issues sometimes, especially if I go nonverbal (I’m sorry!!!). I also LOVE to infodump, and i basically can’t get along with people who don’t not-hate my hyperfixations and special interests. I’m into people of all genders, and while I’m Ace, I AM okay with nsfw stuff from time to time. I love to tell stories, and I can get super hyperactive about things. I never am capable of slowing down. That said, I think my favorite things are podcasts and space because, let’s be honest, they’re amazing (especially space!!). Age range is anything within like 1-2 years?

Tumblr: its-me-the-bee

If I’m gonna be honest things have been extremely difficult as of late. I don’t bother going into detail or telling basically anyone because let’s face it, everyone has their own issues without me adding on. From moving to the new house, my parents forgetting my birthday, and all other matter of family troubles to mental health plummeting on a constant basis regardless of what help I seek, old injuries sparking up and so many things going to shit around me… I don’t know. Part of the time I’ve even found myself wondering if I should keep this blog running, but I don’t think I could bring myself to truly walk elsewhere. I want to remake, but at the same time I don’t. I guess I’m just wondering how many people would still want anything to do with me.

Exactly a year later and Sumopaint is finally responding to my complaint I sent them in 2016 when I was having trouble with their site. I stopped using Sumopaint a few months ago because of no longer being able to work on comic stuff in it. But I responded back to them when they asked me ‘am i still experiencing issues’, and told them exactly what’s going on. Let’s see if it takes another year for them to respond.

That said, I think I’m going to get a cup of coffee to help my head but try and get more sleep. Running on only a couple of hours again.