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Why I’m concerned for Kallus

For those of you who follow me (or spend a lot of time in the Kallus tag) you probably know that I have many concerns for Kallus’s chance of survival till the end of the season. 

While I have some concerns for Kallus based on the fact that he is in the heart of the enemy with Thrawn fully aware that he is a traitor, that actually isn’t my biggest reason I fear for his life. My biggest concern comes from the fact that he is a morally gray character and media tends to not like to keep gray characters around for long.

A lot of shows I watch the bring in morally gray characters more after then not tend to be killed off because the writers for one reason or another don’t want to deal with the consequences of the characters more questionable actions and would rather have them die in one way or another because it’s easier and I’m terrified Filoni may go this route to make ending Kallus’s arc easier. 

Kallus is such an interesting character and their is so much that could be done with him. It would be a waste to kill him off, but I am concerned that may be Kallus’s fate. After all he’s been through and all he’s done for the Rebellion I think he (and Zeb) deserve better then that.

Because I’ve seen a lot of people asking for one, I decided to make the Preston Garvey appreciation/positivity week an official thing /o/

What is it? Just a week where you can make something nice for this soft cowboy. 

When is it? February 1st to 7th. 

What are we allowed to post? Whatever you want! Edits, gifsets, fanart, fanfics, as long as it follows two requirements. One: it features Preston, and two: it’s positive. This includes stuff with your Sole Survivor and Preston so if you want to make something with the two of them, go right ahead.

I don’t agree with this/I don’t like Preston/I’m not interested. Fair enough. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to participate~ Feel free to blacklist the tag #preston garvey week (people taking part can tag their creations under this as well). Remember to keep things civil and respectful.

Thanks for reading! If anyone has a question or concern, let me know c:

welp, now my cintiq lcd tablet is going for repairs i’ve taken it upon myself to spend the day getting reacquainted with my little old bamboo fun tablet!

i still haven’t quite got the hang of drawing and having the lines show up on a different surface (i never did figure out this tablet properly), but i’ve got one of those flexible lenovo laptops that i can prop up like a screen literally inches away from where i’m drawing which makes it easier. it’s still tricky though, so i’m going to have to put in a lot more practice time to get anything even halfway decent. 

at least i can’t break this one so easily and digital art doesn’t have to be over for me until around christmas! i’ve been getting a lot of new followers lately and i’m really worried i’ll start losing all you guys because the quality of my art posts suddenly takes a total dive

i’ve got faith in this tiny old piece of plastic though! hopefully it can tide me over until my other tablet is fixed and back to me… ヽ(;▽;)ノ 

I was poking around reviews for Night in the Woods because I was curious what other people thought/theorized about the ending and after wading through the inevitable “indie bullshit” reviews, I came across a few people who seemed upset that the story was dark. More than one even went as far as the blend the two and complain about how indie games nowadays all follow the mold of “depressing and dark”

And… I dunno. If you wanna go that route - video games in general have been trending towards darker nowadays definitely, but imo there’s a clear difference between the “dark and gritty” of AAA titles, and the “dark and depressing” of more indie games. And I think a lot of the difference lies in what the creator(s) has experienced. Especially where mental illness is concerned.

(Obviously, this is about my own experiences/views on video games. Just keep that in mind going into this post)

Bigger name titles kind of have one mode when it comes to sadness and darkness. Everything is sad. People die. War happens. Kill your girlfriend or your whole hometown. Here’s some dirt. Also a gun probably. Once in a while they strike an emotional note, but a lot of the time it feels forced or almost manipulative. It feels much more like a movie, I guess? You need to feel sad because the narrative says so. And if mental illness is included you KNOW its either going to be related to the supernatural or the villain somehow.

But going back to Night in the Woods, I don’t think I’ve had a game resonate with me the way that game did. And what really stayed with me was the realistic and respectful portrayal of multiple kinds of mental illness. The characters were dealing with their own problems in their own ways, but no matter what happened the illness didn’t just… go away because they had a romantic partner (Gregg and Angus) or because they removed a source of stress or had a good day once in a while (Mae). It felt like a real conversation about illness and not tacked on for some cheap emotion that was immediately forgotten.

And yeah it was upsetting, and yeah it was sad - I cried more than once while playing it. But I’d never seen that kind of thing in a game before! Its not gonna be fun to talk about mental illness sometimes! It’s not all wink wink nudge nudge in-jokes about how much we want to die. Sometimes mental illness has a real, tangible effect on our lives and relationships and its really nice to see a game that not only talks about that but seems to even focus on it.

I guess what I’m getting at is a lot of indie games touch on this stuff in a way that nobody else will. Its another way creators are taking “if you don’t like it, make your own” and running with it. And I’ll take a million smaller creators making sad games about mental illness and general younger adult angst over another cookie-cutter shooter where a child or a dog or grizzled protag’s bff dies in the first hour.

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I'm a cancer sun, Scorpio moon and Scorpio rising. Could you describe me? I almost want to quote your other water dominant anon. Because it is a wild ride! Haha

WOAH!! You wanna know something? If you followed me since the beginning of last year, you probably know that I take on people’s placements pretty easily like as if it were my own. So when people send in a lot of Water sign placements, I feel overwhelmed like a huge weight is being put on my chest. 😭

But ANYWAYS, I can definitely see people getting the wrong impression of you at first and maybe it can be off putting for you. You’re someone who does care about other people but may feel too much pride to show it or you may refrain from showing all that concern. I know Scorpio Moons kind of have a wall built up and they don’t just let anyone in!

UHM so I have been going through @orbingarrow’s blog (SO GOOD YOU GUYS) and then they started following me because I mentioned how I’m winterhawk trash (I BLAME @captn-sara-holmes) and then THIS HAPPENED. It became Clintasha friendship fic too because I was thinkin about it since they talked about liking their friendship too. (SO DO I, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM WHILE WRITING MY FAV FIC ABOUT THEM)

“Is this a kink?” Natasha asks him, brow furrowed in a look of deep concern. “Clint, do you have a fetish?” She gasped dramatically, lips a perfect O.

Clint attempted to smother himself in his pillow. “Fuck you Nat” he managed to spit out between attempts. 

“No, no, really Clint. I am concerned for your thing for former communist assassins. It’s not like there are a lot of us out there. Does your dick have a radar sense for us or something?”

“Rhafkjehfalkef” and a waving middle finger were Clint’s only reply.

“Not that I blame you really. I mean. He needs a haircut. And a shower. But then,” She tweaked the nose poking out from between the pillows, ignoring his grunt of protest. “So do you.”

She watched him writhe in agony for a few moments, snickering just loudly enough that Clint was sure to hear unless he’d knocked his hearing aids out in protest. She doubted it though. Clint was a sucker for her particular brand of punishment.

She walked her fingers up his spine to bury them in his hair. It always surprised her how soft it was. Especially considering she knew for a fact that his preferred brand of shampoo was ‘uhm… that yellow 50 cent soap from the bodega?’

Clint lifted his head out of the pillow to better give her a despairing look. “He’s just so…” Clint scrunched his nose up, thoughtlessly leaning back into her hand. She scritched obligingly.

“Hot?” She wasn’t sure she could trust herself with him, not when looking at him felt like looking at the most vulnerable, painful parts of herself most days, but… she had eyes.

“No! Well, uhm. yes but like. That’s not.” He squeezed his eyes shut, leaning down to rest his forehead against her thighs. “He went back for that guy’s dog. And he was so… he was so careful with the little guy. He was obviously so worried about his arm being too cold that he wrapped it up in a blanket so the do would be more comfortable. And Bucky just talked to him so gently, ya know? Ugh.” He banged his head against her leg, before she slid a hand in between to catch his forehead. Even if it was silly, she would never let any part of her hurt him. Unless she had to, of course. The world wasn’t quite kind enough to allow any kind of never.

Clint nuzzled into her palm. “I felt like I was gonna melt right there. It was so hot but also so… ‘take me home and wrap me a blanket and cuddle me while we watch stupid movies’… ya know?”

She didn’t say anything. She knew that to him, that was answer enough.

“Plus he’s such an asshole.”

Her lips quirked up almost without her noticing. “I do know how much you like assholes.”

He squinted up at her, obviously trying to figure out if she was being gross.

“Especially hairy ones likes Barnes.” There. Question answered. She snickered while he bemoaned his choice in friends.

“Shut your face Tasha. It’s just nice to… to have someone who never questioned what I can do.”

“I never did.” She reminded him softly. Someone in her line of work wouldn’t live very long if they ever underestimated someone just because they looked and acted like Clint did.

“I know.” He looked at her with such fondness that she had to look away. It made her feel too much. “It’s why I love you Tasha.”

“Gross,” she muttered. “Go make out with your new assassin crush and take your stupid feelings with you. Leave me alone with my cold, cold heart.”

He snorted. “Cold, my shapely carnie ass. You’re a big softie Tasha.”

She twisted his nose just enough to make him yelp. “I have not a single emotion in my entire body.” She informed him sternly. “I am nothing but red hair and ass-kicking.”

“Of course you are,” He rolled his eyes. “Definitely not someone who cries at Pixar movies and who feeds all the stray cats in the neighborhood.”

“I’m glad we understand each other.” She leaned down to kiss his forehead and then expertly twisted her legs to lever him upright. “Now seriously though, go ask him out.”

Clint looked down at the ground, then up at her. “I know this might sound really patronizing but… I don’t wanna put that on him right now? I mean, dude’s been through a rough time recently and I want to be able to be there for him without him worrying about my feelings or whatever. I get where he’s coming from, plus he never tried to kill me.” He sat back down next to her, putting his hand next to hers but carefully not taking it. “It meant a lot to me that you were there for me after… After. And I had tried to kill you.”

“Eh, it’s practically our thing.” She rested her head on his shoulder. “Do what you need to do.”

“I just want him to be happy ya know? I think when it’s been a little longer, and he’s more secure on his feet… I think maybe then I’ll see if he wants to get coffee or something. I don’t want” He only hesitates for less than a second, and she loves him for it “I don’t want to make the same mistakes with him that I did with you.”

“Make new ones.” She closed her eyes. “It wasn’t -”

“I know.” He pressed his lips against her forehead in what wasn’t quite a kiss. “It wasn’t yours either. Just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.”

They sat like that for a few more seconds before Clint obviously hit his quota for emotions and jumped up while clapping his hands together. “Speaking of cookies, I am totally craving some oreos. You in?”

“Only if there’s milk involved”

“What kind of heathen do you think I am? OF COURSE there will be milk involved. Come on”


and then the next week Bucky asks Clint if he wants to grab some coffee. It would have been almost casual if it weren’t for the way Bucky was sweating bullets and Natasha was standing behind him signing “DO IT” when Clint took too long, gaping and blinking, to answer. Finally Clint managed to squeak out a “yeah, coffee’s good. I like you, I MEAN, I LIKE COFFEE. Coffee’s great. Tea too, but uh, something abotu coffee ya know? Coffee. Let’s do it. I mean do coffee. Yeah… coffee”

“Smooth Barton, smooth” Bucky smirks, but considering how he turned bright red at Clint’s first ‘yes’ he obviously did not have the higher ground

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Relationship status: Told myself I wouldn’t pursue a relationship until I finish this draft of my novel, but there’s an engineer sending me elephants and he’s kind of cute, so. We’ll see. 

Favourite Colour: Symbolically, Red. Because passion/love/cherry-flavored things. But like, aesthetically? I prefer writing everything in purple pen.

Pets: My roommate had a cat, once, and my sister has a dog. And lots of my friends are having babies. I’m excellent at loving creatures that I’m not responsible for. 

Last song: Liability, by Lorde. A friend posted a cover of it on Facebook, so I looked up the original. The cover was better. (No offense, Lorde.)

First Fandom: The only fandom I would say I actively belong to is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is my Past, Present, and Future. I’ve watched every episode of Potter Puppet Pals, all three musicals, and own all eight terrible movie adaptations. (jk… the first four don’t suck.) I’ve even read Dramione fan-fiction. That is the only fan-fiction I really get into, actually (sorry if any of you are fanfic writers… it’s just not my thing!)

Hobbies: Having friends. Eating full meals at regular times. Personal hygiene. (Writing and reading are not hobbies; they are life.)

Currently reading: Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, STILL, because it’s really long, guys, I’m sorry. And on Sundays (the day of rest from reading YA), I try to read Stephen King’s Under the Dome. Which is, believe it or not, even longer. I’m on page 600, and I’ve been reading it for like three years. 

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Three days ago, Sensei suggested that I should make a personal blog to be busy with during my off-duty days. I think, it was because he was concerned that I focus too much on doing chores. However, it did not seem to be a problem to me as I enjoy doing them. Although, I was concerned because an enemy might use the blog’s information against us. So, I just decided to become private regarding certain information. When I made the blog, Sensei and I did not expect it to have a lot of views in such a short amount of time. Later, I found out that he was just joking about the whole blog idea, but encouraged me to keep it, in order to perhaps boost his popularity rank among the citizens. Today, we humbly thank you all for your support and interest, as Sensei seemed to be noticeably lonely nowadays and needed some attention, seeing him play all 4 routes of Doki Doki Si—

Thank you for the “follows” and have a pleasant day.

My two cents about this whole “Bonkai isn’t happening” Julie Plec kerfuffle. 

Here’s what irritates me most about the comments JP made, saying that Kai is irredeemable and not “boyfriend material.” It isn’t that what she said wasn’t true, because, as lots of you have wisely pointed out, literally fucking no one on this show is boyfriend material. It’s the fact that this is what she’s choosing to be concerned with. 

The reason why I like Bonkai isn’t because I think Bonnie and Kai would make a wonderful, harmonious couple. I like it because their relationship (and it doesn’t have to be as simple as BF/GF, by the way, Julie) would be a really interesting way to develop both their characters. There would be drama along the way, but THAT IS THE FUCKING POINT. 

As a writer, she should be following the drama and character development, not necessarily the compatibility. In fact, if she and the other writers were better at letting character development drive the plot, they wouldn’t have to pull so many pointless villains and plotlines out of their ass. 

Bonnie and Kai have been the most refreshing and interesting things about season 6, and it frustrates me to NO FUCKING END that JP and co keep setting up these opportunities for interesting relationships and stories and then basically tossing them out and saying, “I don’t know, why don’t we give Stefan amnesia?” or something. 

It’s just shitty writing, and we (the fans and the actors included) deserve better.