because i hated vegeta as a kid

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Before this arc I wished that Goku and Chichi could have a third kid, but after that scene where he didn't understand why Vegeta chose to stay by Bulma's side I changed my mind. I don't want Chichi to deal with a pregnancy alone despite having an alive husband. In that scene with Vegeta, Goku was just selfish because he wanted a training partner and couldn't relate to what Vegeta felt in having a second child.Bulma could give birth at anytime and she isn't a young woman.I really hated Goku there

Boy oh boy am I tired of addressing this.

OK, here we go…
Chi-Chi would not have to deal with pregnancy alone. Goku does, first and foremost, attend to responsibilities at home before he does his training. Goku and Chi-Chi had Gohan, and Chi-Chi was not alone then. Goku does not understand, however, why Vegeta cannot train at all when he is not the one having the baby. He also does not understand why Bulma would somehow never forgive him for going to train when Chi-Chi didn’t seem to hate him for being dead when Goten was born. Especially as he had Bulma’s blessing to invite him and they have the means of contacting them via Whis if she does go into labor.

This has nothing to do with Goku not caring that Bulma was having a baby. He even sat and chatted with her, offered her food, etc. when he found out. Why does everyone forget what literally came right before this?

If anything, Vegeta’s refusal is more about Vegeta’s guilt over REFUSING to be there when Trunks was born than it is about Goku in any capacity. It’s character development for Vegeta, sure, but it was by no means Goku being an a-hole.