because i hated vegeta as a kid

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DBZA ruined the fandom for me because I'm a long time dragon ball fan since I was like 5 years old. I was never involved in the fandom too much but the hate that the son fam gets is ridiculous. For me it always went without saying that Goku loved Chichi and his kids. I'm a massive vegebul shipper but like ppl need to stop acting like Vegeta is the perfect dad. As I recall he didn't give a damn about bulma, his kid or future trunks putting his pride before them so...

Ya I agree. It’s ridiculous. People need to stop with the hate. :( They are a canon couple/ family for crying out loud. And other people keep forgetting that DBZA it is just a parody ….it’s not supposed to be taken as “canon”. 

And now in days you can say Vegeta is a good dad. Goku and Vegeta are not perfect dads but they are both good dads in their own ways.  ✌ 💕

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You say you don't ship in naruto but are there any ships you like at all

I do there are two ships I actually really like vegeta and bulma from dbz and I like erza and natsu from fairytail

I like vegeta and bulma because vegeta has grown so much!!! he started off with not giving a damn about bulma and barely glancing at his son to training his kid going out on vacation holding his new born daughter and to calling out to her and I quote “my bulma!!!!!” when she got hurt I feel like vegeta is one of the main characters in the whole dbz franchise to have this much development

I kind of wished this was the type of development sasuke and sakura would’ve gotten because sasuke was always cold to sakura and if he slowly started to open up to sakura like vegeta did I wouldn’t hate the ship so much lol

And I like erza and natsu because even though I haven’t watch like all the episodes of fairy tail all the ones I have seems or all the manga panels on tumblr that come across my dashboard they seem to care for each other I don’t even really ship them more that I like that they have this huge respect for each other and I want them to be in each other’s lives forever

Thanks for the ask ‼️

Kid Trunks [ENTP]

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Just because someone asked how i think Kid Trunks is a ENTP. Here’s an very sarcastically accurate MBTI function analysis for him.

Type wise, like i said unlike Future Trunks (ISFJ)  he has nothing in common with his father Vegeta, the ISTJ. His innovative scattered-brained Ne hates Vegeta’s conservative Si for its practical facts and details, and his rebellious, individualistic, expressive Ti-Fe may clash with Vegeta’s all-laws-and-orders, you-will-obey-me and private Te-Fi. Being a NT - intuitive thinker, in Future Trunks’ place he would have taken no time to kick Vegeta’s ass out of the way in the fight with Cell (the only other NT is Piccolo) His Ti is so genius-like that he could point out the flaws of Bulma’s machine in DBS. 

I actually have a ENTP brother, and outwardly,i feel like ENTPs at their best are as confident, fun, even overwhelming as any Bulma - ESTP you will ever know, and It’s widely said that ESTP is the strongest personality out there. Both rational and emotionally extroverted, they are fearless adventurers who squeeze the most out of life and other people whenever they go. 12-year-old Trunks in Battle of Gods showed more traits of a true daredevil. He’s somewhat arrogant, and in my opinion, a healthy ENTP with Bulma as his mother has every right to be. 

(Now we all know GT Trunks is not only a failure in a in-universe Vegeta perspective, but also a failure of characterization. This is how a mature ENTP looks like and he’s what, 25?) 

“So boring, no fun at all…”

On the other hand, It’s not a surprise that he seems to not get along with both parents and usually be seen alone or with just Goten as a teen; It’s common for boys to idolize their father and he even has his father’s attitude, but as he grew, he likely found the differences in their thinking a bit hard. As for Bulma who he resembled a lot, since his Ne is more IDEA/abstract/big picture than the physical thrill (Se), he seems more introverted and not into what she’s into either. He’s a cheeky little shit turned into your typical bored and lazy lonely smart-ass bad boy.

I just realized most of the Briefs family are THINKERS. No wonder they are so wealthy and businesslike and asshole-ish. Makes me wonder what type Bra will be, another T?