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DBZA ruined the fandom for me because I'm a long time dragon ball fan since I was like 5 years old. I was never involved in the fandom too much but the hate that the son fam gets is ridiculous. For me it always went without saying that Goku loved Chichi and his kids. I'm a massive vegebul shipper but like ppl need to stop acting like Vegeta is the perfect dad. As I recall he didn't give a damn about bulma, his kid or future trunks putting his pride before them so...

Ya I agree. It’s ridiculous. People need to stop with the hate. :( They are a canon couple/ family for crying out loud. And other people keep forgetting that DBZA it is just a parody ….it’s not supposed to be taken as “canon”. 

And now in days you can say Vegeta is a good dad. Goku and Vegeta are not perfect dads but they are both good dads in their own ways.  ✌ 💕

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1: What OTPs in your fandom do you just not get?
Android 18/any male character that isn’t Krillin (especially 18/Vegeta). I just. Don’t understand? Why you would do that? Also Trunks/Pan and Goten/Bra. I really don’t see those being good or okay at all. Trunks and Goten are teenagers when Pan and Bra are little kids. Why.

22: Popular character you hate?
VEGETA. Hoooooly shit do not get me started on the Vegeta Discourse™ because I have a lot to say. To be fair I mostly hate his fans because I know some REALLY obnoxious ones irl, but also he’s an unrepentant asshole who is given way too much credit for the few times he acts like a decent person. At least Piccolo eventually got better and started actively showing he cared, but Vegeta won’t do that unless he or everyone else is about to get killed. Then of course there’s the whole “VEGETA’S A BETTER DAD THAN GOKU BC HE WAS ACTUALLY AROUND FOR THE 7 YEARS” bullshit which. I will literally fight you at a time and place of your choosing because that is willfully ignorant of the facts you shithead. (Also we all know Krillin is the best dad so it’s a moot point anyway.) Plus Vegeta’s touted as this huge badass and it’s like listen…he won like 4 fights and none of them were against anyone important. (Like…ooo, so badass, he beat fucking Guldo in a fight, wow) Vegeta is the fucking face of Informed Ability. I’m sick of him and of his shitty fans who dump all over other characters (COUGH Yamcha and Goku COUGH) to make him look better.

27: Least shippable character?
You’re talking to someone who has at least one ship for basically everybody haha. I’m going to go with Roshi because he’s a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve anyone.

Kid Trunks [ENTP]

[Credit to eilamona

Just because someone asked how i think Kid Trunks is a ENTP. Here’s an very sarcastically accurate MBTI function analysis for him.

Type wise, like i said unlike Future Trunks (ISFJ)  he has nothing in common with his father Vegeta, the ISTJ. His innovative scattered-brained Ne hates Vegeta’s conservative Si for its practical facts and details, and his rebellious, individualistic, expressive Ti-Fe may clash with Vegeta’s all-laws-and-orders, you-will-obey-me and private Te-Fi. Being a NT - intuitive thinker, in Future Trunks’ place he would have taken no time to kick Vegeta’s ass out of the way in the fight with Cell (the only other NT is Piccolo) His Ti is so genius-like that he could point out the flaws of Bulma’s machine in DBS. 

I actually have a ENTP brother, and outwardly,i feel like ENTPs at their best are as confident, fun, even overwhelming as any Bulma - ESTP you will ever know, and It’s widely said that ESTP is the strongest personality out there. Both rational and emotionally extroverted, they are fearless adventurers who squeeze the most out of life and other people whenever they go. 12-year-old Trunks in Battle of Gods showed more traits of a true daredevil. He’s somewhat arrogant, and in my opinion, a healthy ENTP with Bulma as his mother has every right to be. 

(Now we all know GT Trunks is not only a failure in a in-universe Vegeta perspective, but also a failure of characterization. This is how a mature ENTP looks like and he’s what, 25?) 

“So boring, no fun at all…”

On the other hand, It’s not a surprise that he seems to not get along with both parents and usually be seen alone or with just Goten as a teen; It’s common for boys to idolize their father and he even has his father’s attitude, but as he grew, he likely found the differences in their thinking a bit hard. As for Bulma who he resembled a lot, since his Ne is more IDEA/abstract/big picture than the physical thrill (Se), he seems more introverted and not into what she’s into either. He’s a cheeky little shit turned into your typical bored and lazy lonely smart-ass bad boy.

I just realized most of the Briefs family are THINKERS. No wonder they are so wealthy and businesslike and asshole-ish. Makes me wonder what type Bra will be, another T?

The more you know Vegeta, the more evil he becomes

Let’s face it. The guy’s irredeemable. As much as I am happy for him getting a peaceful life, It would make no sense if he just chilled  enjoying life like any good and “normal” evil person even in the future,or went to heaven just because Porunga thought he was a good guy. 

The English dub was inunderstandably popular in this fandom and had twisted the fans’ perception of Vegeta and the characters in general from Akira Toriyama’s own view of them to a point beyond repair. I always want to talk about how some fans were butt-hurt because Battle of Gods has a totally different Goku from what they always thought was Goku in the entire Z and how “Goku was like Nappa” in that film, but that’s off topic to this blog.

When i was little, i read the manga in my language and it was a terrible translation that held no respect for the original. Like most fans, i watched the English dub first when i got into this fandom 3 years ago. That manga translation and the English dub has almost the same Vegeta : A snarky badass, noisy and a lot of SCREAMING, a in-the-face kind of asshole, but at the same time, still had a heart that cares and grieves for his loss. The reason is the dialogue before his death on Namek :

Vegeta: Your father… and mine… the whole planet. He blew it up! It’s true. No one survived… but us. Ask him if you want. He’ll tell you, he’s… proud of it!
Goku: Please, stop talking, Vegeta! It’s sapping all your strength!
Vegeta: No… listen! You have to hear this! We worked so hard for him. We did everything he asked of us and more. He took me… from my father… when I was just a little boy! He made me do whatever he wanted, and said he’d kill my father if I didn’t! I did everything he asked, but he killed him anyway… along with everyone else. He was scared of us. Scared that a Super Saiyan would be born someday… and rise up to overthrow him. 
Goku: Please… no more. Save your strength. 
(Goku notices that Vegeta has been crying.)
Vegeta: Kakarot. Please… destroy… Freeza. He made me what I am. Don’t… let him… do it… to anyone else. Whatever it takes… stop him. Please!

This brought up an inconsistency for his character. The Saiyans were born-killers so it made no sense if the prideful Vegeta just blame it on Frieza for what he was so proud of, and then you have Cell Saga Vegeta who prided himself in being an evil fuck for the whole saga. However, let’s not talk about plotholes here. As we see, although the main reason Vegeta cried was still pride, but this Vegeta cares for his father and people as people on some level. He was even aware of his twisted ways and hearts, and showed a unfathomable regret that he COULD have been better. This regret made him a lesser of evil and redeemable, even after all the terrible things he’s done.

But then i got acquainted with Toei’s Vegeta, and his dialogue was only about pride and power. 

Vegeta: Listen well, Kakarot…Your…. our planet of birth, Planet Vegeta… was not destroyed… in a collision with a giant meteor… 
Goku: Don’t say any more! You’re just hastening your death!
Vegeta: Freeza did it! This after we Saiyans… served as his hands and feet… working as he ordered…! Everyone besides us was killed…! Your father… and my father, the king, as well…! Freeza… was afraid that as the Saiyans gathered strength… a Super Saiyan would be born among us… 
Goku: Vegeta!
(Goku notices that Vegeta has been crying.)
Vegeta: I-I beg you! Freeza… defeat Freeza! Please… by your Saiyan hand… 

No family love and regconition of a “better version of myself” here. He told Goku to be more cold-hearted not because it was necessary in a fight with tthe evil Frieza, but because HE WANTED TO. Toei was trying to be royal to the manga which had this scene earlier. 

Scans from notanotherbrickinthewall’s blog.  I have a post about this here to give it some details. In summary, Vegeta’s irredeemable level rose to near 9000. 

For the longest time, i thought this was the most cold-hearted Vegeta can be. He does not give a damn - In the Bardock special he was calm as hell when informed, and immediately focused on his obsession with power. Nevertheless, i still thought this was because the brutal; society of cold-hearted and simple-minded killers and his unique upbringing shaped him, and all the rest was due to his forced life of servitude under Frieza which denied him all companionship to others and his own emotional development. He didn’t know better, Frieza used him and lied to him. The tragedy is a wounded pride, but at least he had a reason. 

But then DB Minus and Jaco came out and i was amazed at Toriyama’s own view of Vegeta. 

We had poor Raditz assigned to the mission with the asshole Prince, and Bardock is worried. Bardock is nicer than in the TV special, but that does not change the fact that Vegeta is an asshole to other Saiyan even at such a young age.

More than that, we had every Saiyan coming back home and enjoyed their last month alive before they gets destroyed. “It’s like a festival.” But there’s this little shit 

who deliberately and stubbornly disobeyed the summon, and obviously didn’t care about anyone, or the “festival”. 

I mean…Wow. If this is really how Toriyama viewed Vegeta, I am stunned. His evil level is now over 9000. In the TV special he didn’t know about Frieza’s plan and only started to hate Frieza because he knew his father was put down and killed after he was sold to be his personal slave. But here he already hated and defied Frieza BEFORE all that. And DID HE KNOW ABOUT THE PLAN ? I must know, i mean, he couldn’t have, right? He is a kid and can not possibly be as smart as Bardock, but why did he choose this particular order to ignore and deny himself all the last chance to be with his family?

Either way, this was a Vegeta who, at 7 years old,  BEFORE tragedy befell him, already became the prideful, evil warrior in Saiyan Saga, and a bitter rebel we knew in Namek Saga. Frieza didn’t spare him for later abuse on purpose, it was Vegeta who defied him in the first place.

I’ll never get over this. This guy is EXTREME - i don’t know who i am talking about, could be both AT and Vegeta. The only reason that makes me think Vegeta was at least not as evil as Frieza is because he was somewhat guilible and naive as a kid to be spared and used by Frieza. This new Vegeta that Toriyama gave us KNEW too much even as a kid to be regretful and redeemable for his evil deeds. 

Not gonna lie, Akira Toriyama has been making me feel insecure of some analysing posts i had here with his recent works. I  definitely got some facts wrong to Toriyama. As fucked up as Vegeta was, i always thought even he had some good in him. But, now with the new canon information about Vegeta-sei’s destruction. i think every other villain, even Frieza or Kid Buu, is more redeemable than Vegeta. Toriyama may be a forgetful idiot about a lot of things, but he had a very crystalized perception of his character, more so than we fans’ and Toei’s. He is hell-bent on making Vegeta more evil than Vegeta already was, and this is fascinating to say the least.