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Alright gang, buckle in, this ones about Judaism. Now, me, I’m a Jew. Born and raised. It’s….actually, pretty shitty. Like, typical “anti-Semitic” jokes usually get a laugh out of me, and I often embrace the stereotypical “money grubber” for shits and giggles. I know its a joke. My friends know its a joke. And religion is a major part of my life. But, recently, I’ve been less and less wanting to proclaim my Judaism. Like, holy shit, I’m fine with /polfags/ hating Jews because, well, /pol/. But, when there’s this anti-Semitic trend going on in the SJ community? That really fucking pisses me off. But that’s just a tangent.

“Punching Nazis” isn’t supporting Judaism. It’s persecution for beliefs. And, boy, does that sound familiar. Start punching the Nazis who actually do hate crimes. Punch the people who send in bomb threats to the JCC. Punch the guys who spray paint swastikas onto synagogues. Don’t punch someone because their views aren’t yours.

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Lucio - I hate it when people micromanage their supports. Everyone seems to think they know how to play support better than you. If you're so good at healing why don't you do it? I was playing Lucio once and a Genji yelled at me because I "took two years to ult" and we lost. The damn coward left the game right after saying that and guess who got gold kills with just 3? I wasn't the only one not doing my job, apparently.

I don’t think Jasper’s pranks were out of spite or to be mean. When him and Monty were setting up Clarke’s prank they were reminiscing about how they used to prank and one they did to Jasper dad. I don’t think anyone thinks Jasper hated his dad. I think it’s just something he and Monty used to do and we’re doing again to have fun.

I know why people think he may because he and Clarke haven’t been seeing eye to eye but I don’t think it was meant in a bad way.

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Are you judging kids who hate their parents because you think they get it from media (?? which makes no sense) because that's what I'm getting here. No one hates their parents for fun & if it looks like they do, there's often a deeper picture to it so that's uncalled for and unnecessary. If I talked shit about my father I'd probably look whiny to other people when he's actually a monster behind closed doors. So that kind of thinking hurts more than helps tbh :/

I’m not at all. I’m saying that in my experience, as a teenager currently, it has been that in general it’s seen as lame to be affectionate towards your parents, when you should make your own opinion of your parents based on your own experiences and not be completely influenced from other experiences. I was not judging anyone at all.

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Followed for goldfish, staying for goldfish. I strongly disagree with your social ideologies but if it doesn't affect your goldfish posts you won't lose me as a follower.

I appreciate that, anon. I keep my politics on my personal blog.

With that being said, I think there’s a huge misunderstanding here about what radical feminism is. I am not transphobic. I believe that gender is an oppressive construct and that trans ideology reinforces those ideals when it says “you do those things because you’re a boy/girl, really, deep inside!!” instead of just accepting people for who they are and realizing that EVERYONE is non-binary because NO ONE is a completely perfect stereotype of their sex! And that’s great!

I do not want to see trans people harmed in any way. They should have resources available to them–shelters, bathrooms, laws that protect them against hate crimes. Treat everyone with respect and common decency. I do, however, have a problem with trans women speaking over biological women about female-only issues, or assuming that they are entitled to all female safe spaces. I also see an overwhelming amount of homophobia in trans activism, which primarily targets and punishes lesbians for not wanting to change their personal, valid boundaries when it comes to sex with a trans woman.

I include, whole heartedly, trans men in my feminism because they have been socialized as women their whole lives (which is a burden) and because feminist issues affect them directly because they have female bodies (which is a burden).

when the fandom calls you genocide king but is proud of Wanheda and Sky Reaper

when the fandom thinks you’re white because no one said otherwise on screen 

when the fandom calls you abusive but loves the scene where your sister beats you up

when the fandom villanizes you for killing people but praises others for doing the same thing

when the fandom hates you for saving slaves

basically when the fandom blames you for every thing that happens in the show

agreed 100%! i hate when i see somebody online videotaping them giving a homeless person, less fortunate person, etc. something they are in need of. i understand you feel good about yourself when doing something kind, but those people are still people. do something kind because you want to, not because you want the internet karma.

Message from Rebs 💛

Hello everyone! I just wanted to reiterate that I am Okay. I didn’t really delete because of the pressure or hate or anything, it was just that I felt like I was making things worse by being around only to be negative when I feel like people followed me to find some positivity to start with. For that reason, I’m really sorry that me leaving has upset people, I didn’t really realize it would, I kind of felt like everyone would be relieved to not have to see that side of me anymore and could just remember the happy stuff I had done in the past.

All of that said I definitely do feel relieved to not have so many eyes on me right now. This is allowing me to feel a lot more removed from the situation, so I think my channel is safe from being deleted for now because I can kind of pretend if it’s not there. If I change my mind on that I will try to give people some notice. I already saw that @artfulkindoforder​ is working on archiving them which I really appreciate.

Thank you for the support you’ve given me over the last few years and everything you’ve done for me. Please know that I am okay and I really want you all to be happy and have a good time here, and I hope that in the future we all get to see the kind of positive, landmark representation we were looking forward to. I wish you all the best!


PS: please don’t pester Liddy about where I am or messages for me, xe very kindly agreed to post this for me but xe is not my delivery person <3

This probably won’t happen, but I truly hope that both Army and Exo l, and every other fandom that has beef with each other will finally be able to find peace with each other and stop fighting and arguing over the littlest most immature matters in 2017. Fighting and arguing over things like which group is better than the other or pointing out each other’s flaws is going to do nothing but hurt people. You shouldn’t be fighting over such little things, and you shouldn’t let the negativity and hate take over you. It’s not healthy, especially when it’s because of something as immature as fandom wars. There are way more important things in life than spending hours trying to prove that your fave is better, and honestly bringing someone down to make someone else look better just brings you down lower, so I hope you all let go of all the hate and negativity from 2016, and move on with a clean slate in 2017. I promise you that you will feel so much more happiness.

Can we talk about the fact that Taehyung had to deal with hate and fake rumours when he was trying to deal with the death of his grandma who was super close to him?Can you see how stupid sending hate is? You never know what is going on with the person. You don’t know them but you still waste you damn time to hurt them when they are hurt already. Stop trying to break people because sometimes they are broken already.I dont know Taehyung and I’m only a fan,not his friend or his relative.But you who are a hater and you think you do know him?Really? Stop judging and respect people’s feelings, you never know how people are trully feeling inside, you might be kicking someone who is already down and don’t even know that.

So stop.

The fact is, art, music, movies, etc. do enrich our society, and we can have much more of this when people don’t have to choose between food and pencils.

Robots could replace the vast majority of manual labor jobs that require harvesting and refining food, and there are people interested in working on farms that do it because they love it, there are also people who hate it who wish they could be an artist.

Communism as I see it isn’t saying you all, each and everyone of you, need to do highly important tasks necessary for society always and if you aren’t doing tasks absolutely necessary to survival you’re useless to society. It’s saying that people should be allowed to do what they like, without fear of starvation and homelessness.

To remind yall, robots can replace the vast majority of necessary jobs to our survival, making it far easier for people to follow their passions in a way we’ve never seen before.

Engaging in your passions aren’t luxuries, they should be joyous and reason for you to live.

on why original Patrochilles is pure horror & depression

Consider the Iliad, I haven’t read TSOA.
In the Iliad, glory is the most important value ever, and the best way to gain it is killing other people.
Achilles loves violence because it leads him to glory. He doesn’t only fight because it’s the right thing to do, he fights because he wants glory, and stops fighting when it’s best for his honor.
Patroclus is a painfully compassionate human being, which leads him to hate violence. He chooses to fight Hector because he knows that it will stop the war, regardless if he wins or if he dies. He also probably knows he’ll die. I don’t think he actually hopes to meet Achilles again into the dark, since I have never heard of an ancient writer who thinks there’s happiness after death, or describes a love that goes on after death without the help of the gods - please tell me if otherwise.
Now let’s consider Pat’s final choice.

Patroclus chooses death instead of Achilles. He prefers being dead instead of seeing other people dying.
While Patroclus is still alive - while he begs Achilles to go and end the war - Achilles doesn’t want to see how sad Patroclus is about all this. How desperate he is. Because it’s easier for Achilles this way; Achilles is deeply selfish here. He even calls him out: “Why are you crying like a little girl?”
Patroclus understands this and it probably makes him even sadder. For ten years he has seen the man-he-loves-the-most doing the thing-he-hates-the-most. Every day. And he has seen how much Achilles is happy of that. It’s enough for Patroclus now.
Patroclus knows Achilles will suffer a lot for losing him, but he doesn’t care enough. I mean, he cares, but he prefers ending the war. He prefers leaving a world where people kill each other in exchange for glory; where love for other human beings comes after glory, where crying for the dead ones is a concern for little girls.

What do you think?


#he’s not okay #why can’t anybody see that? #I get it #Bucky is a victim here #as he was brainwashed and everything #I don’t blame him #I blame Steve #I really just can’t get my head around all this #was this before or after Ultron? #if it’s after #Steve Rogers had a lot of nerves saying all that crap about teammates keeping secrets from him #because isn’t he doing it now?! #he’s not trying to spare Tony pain or whatever #he’s just trying to protect Bucky #and I get that #but when it comes down to it #he still hide it from Tony #this whole Civil War isn’t about the accords #it’s about Steve trying to save/protect Bucky #and Tony has to suffer it all #everytime when something happens #it’s always Tony’s fault #people are so quick to blame him #and I just hate it #TT

No offense but anyone who’s saying that Mon-El interrupting that Sanvers coming out scene is wrong or that they made the scene about Mon-El being a good guy in front of Kara can, with all due respect, fuck off. They all said something to Alex but here we are again with all of you reaching and trying to make it seem like he’s the bad guy for interacting with Alex, while, in fact, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Mon-El shrugged it all off because being gay is indeed not a big deal, yet your salty asses are complaining again that he somehow “interrupted” the scene. Trust me when I say that when you come out, you don’t want people to fucking stare at you for 10 minutes, congratulate you for being human and talk about it like it’s something special? Like thank you for making me feel like I have a fucking disease? You can literally hate Karamel, I don’t care about that or them, what I care about is y’all acting like what Mon-El did or said was wrong. Coming out, in my opinion, shouldn’t even be a thing and Mon-El’s reaction was actually really sweet, kinda mirroring the “coming out shouldn’t be a thing” concept.

So can you stop being asses for one fucking second and stop picking on every fucking single little thing he does, especially in scenes where he does nothing wrong like right now mayhaps? Thank you.


Well here’s the thing: I have been doing it long enough now to know that there are really great times and there’s not so great times. It’s all a rollercoaster, man. It’s up and down, and people are going to love things you do, people are going to hate things you do. That’s part of it. Actually, it’s nice when people hate what you do, because it’s still a passionate feeling about it. It’s kind of when they’re indifferent, you’re like, “Oh, well, what am I really doing?” It’s nice to go one way or the other.

There’s a saying that goes around that when you do what you love you start to hate it because it becomes work instead of fun, and that’s the problem I’m talking about, allowing people to work at their own pace on benefitting themselves and society only improves the world because they truly are doing things they love and not because they have to but because they want to.

Eliminated the need to work to survive actually allows so much more to get done, disabled people will be able to work and do what they can without harming themselves and without fear of losing their government benefits because they had a single good day. 

Eliminated the cost of education also further enriches the world because people can then truly study what they’re interested in, instead of studying for what they need a job in, or purposely cheating so they don’t lose scholarships, it would allow for people to actually learn and study what they find interesting which would lead to so many more scientific and artistic breakthroughs than what we have currently, and it would give access to this success to all.

Full Benefits

Full Benefits

Word count: 5.6k

Genre: smut, angst, fluffy ending (?)

You and Namjoon had a special relationship, you mean there were plenty of people who had ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Then again yours was still a little different because you two were close friends before and still were close friends. You spent most days together, not always have to do anything sexual.

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Will: Are you sure this is the right place?
Nico: Yeah, why, you scared? Here, take my hand you big baby.
Will: Me, scared? pffft- you just want to hold my hand.
Nico: So what if I do.

Somewhat aesthetic Solangelo youtube AU where Nico finds ghosts in grave yards and abandoned places and Will is the obligated camera man who follows Nico because he loves him.

So much for posting on Halloween. I swear, the only time I decided to do something in season I got sick. I’m still sick and it sucks. And when I came back I see this drama in solangelo and I’m just….. *inhales*

Don’t feel discouraged when you see people hating on the ship. Don’t let that stop you from shipping solangelo. Instead of fighting, I suggest try to ignore them and just support the ones who do ship them. Support those who writes solangelo fanfics, those who draws solangelo, those solangelo blogs, etc. Don’t stop loving solangelo. Don’t let them make you feel down. :)

Also I found out that this can’t be seen in the solangelo tag. I hope it would make you happy if you haven’t seen it yet.