because i hate the ep so bad

sometimes it ticks me off when people deduce klance as this ‘i fucking hate you but you’re hot so’ trope because!! That’s not what klance is about!! Sure they argued and threw fits a lot in the first episode but besides that they barely fought post ep 5, instead it’s replaced with friendly/teasing banter and. This is the klance I want to see.

Klance where they start from the bottom- from keith barely knowing who lance is, lance being upset, arguing, bonding, playful bickering, having fun, enjoying, crushing, loving. 

Klance where they started from a mere ‘you suck keith’ 'same @ you’ to 'you’re not so bad keith’ 'we’re not so bad after all’ and finally to 'let’s do this together.’ 'don’t leave me.’. Klance where they start off being completely out of sync to being totally in sync, being able to work perfectly without words. Klance where lance is finally able to see Keith as someone on an equal ground as him, being more infatuated with him as they go on more battles together. Keith finding lance annoying at first till he saw more of him- seeing his weaknesses and strengths, his feelings slowly blossoming. 

I need a ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ klance trope.

My thoughts on Riverdale so far...

I don’t watch CW shows anymore because they’re all shit (usually after S3) but I was a HUGE Archie comic fan so here goes - Ep 1-7 

- Veronica is a boring. Literally no depth. Or maybe there is. It’s just not interesting enough. Bathroom breaks. 

- Archie and his Troy Bolton story line can go kiss my ass 

- All my RL friends hate who they chose to play Archie (KJ) but I don’t think he’s so bad. The only funny thing is the difference in him and Jughead’s voice….LMAO Cole is a man with a deep voice while KJ is a more realistic 16 year old (he’s only 19 so that’s understandable).

- Jughead is cool and emo. Doesn’t eat 500 burgers in one sitting like the comics but I appreciate that the writers are trying to do something different. 

- LOVE Betty. And the actress who plays her is AMAZING….and she’s only 20??!!!

- Kevin is great but I already sense that he’ll be reduced to a side gay character thats just there. I miss him and Betty’s interactions :( 

- Beronica will never happen. They’re just playing y’all 

- Jughead was asexual in one out of the THOUSANDS of Archie comics. Get over it. He’s straight in the series just like he was straight in 99% of the comics.

- Cheryl is amazing. Truly an iconic queen. They picked the perfect actress. 

- Josie and the pussy cats is spot on. All that sass. Plus they have AMAZING voices. Not the same as the comics….but better! 

- Why are the parents so mean to each other’s kids. You’ve literally known them since they were BABIES 

- Ngl I love Alice Cooper tho. So much fun to watch 

- I love Bughead and the reasoning behind it. If you re-watch the episodes you’ll see all the not-so-subtle hints of Jughead bing jealous- like when Betty had a date with that one ex-football player 

- I LOVE that the show is addressing all these issues like sexism and racism without being extra and actually incorporating it into the storyline. 

- Can’t wait for Archie’s band vs. Josie’s band in Battle of the bands 

- But most of all I can’t wait till Archie actually gets a storyline worth watching 

- Also interested and excited for the Jughead/Betty/Archie love triangle that the cast has teased. The actress who plays Betty (Lili) has great chemistry with both 

so i watched the ep myself just so I could judge it based on my own standards and not just the reactions i see on my dash (ok i didn’t actually watch the whole thing, i skipped ahead a bunch of times but that’s as far as i can go when it comes to sp content)

let’s start with the positives

  • i liked how they animated the hug and forehead poke scene. it got the emphasis it needed and deserved to get, the way sasuke tenderly pulled sarada to him was cute
  • sasuke’s soft smiles towards sarada
  • the little convo during the family dinner
  • the combo attack and teamwork from ss
  • sakura’s speech to sarada — “your parents will protect you”
  • the new version of the ending was cute af, unexpectedly good content from sp

the negatives

  • the entire scene from when sasuke showed up to save sakura up until their combo attack was trash
  • stop making sasuke seem like a goddamn villain sp
  • why are you so bitter about him
  • sasuke never tried to kill a single shin in the manga, whether it was the small ones or the big one
  • “i’m not as soft as naruto” literally stop trying to make naruto seem better than him jesus fucking christ why are yall so bitter
  • seriously that entire scene was trash
  • lol @ sp thinking sasuke would fall for that trick and actually get stabbed
  • s t o p  
  • sasuke’s smirk at the end should’ve gotten way more emphasis
  • the scene of sasuke pulling the knifes out of sakura was very poorly done

things i have mixed feelings about

  • shin telling sasuke he’s become weak because of parental feelings — i liked that line but again sasuke would’ve never gotten stabbed in that situation so…
  • the “it’s because you exist” scene wasn’t exactly bad but it was way more emotional in the manga, sp couldn’t and/or didn’t want to create the same impact in the animated version
  • the family pic not being included. since ep 24 is technically “the epilogue” i’m guessing it might be in there, i mean would sp remove literally the most important panel in gaiden, the one that kishi colored for emphasis? i know they tend to disappoint but would they really go that far i wonder

anyways i hate the way they treated sasuke throughout this entire arc but at least they didn’t fuck up the sasusara scenes in chap 10 which was my number one worry (in this fandom we learn to have low expectations) so that’s that

here’s to hoping they don’t negate everything chap 10 conveyed with their filler epilogue.


“As much of an annoying little shit George Warleggan is, I still like him. I hate it. I see his humanity and how he fights with himself to be good but gets caught up in bad…” (X)

first impression stevenbomb 6 reviews (partially written as i watched)

doug out:

really cute honestly? connie was drawn abysmally but the rest of the art was fairly decent. doug was a fun character and steven wasnt unbearable. the double twist was kinda clever (although idk how predictable itd be if you didnt already know about future episodes)

the good lars: 

why is steven using a stool at the counter jesus christ anyWAY this was more enjoyable than i expected? sure its still lars trying to fit in with the coolkids which is overplayed but im glad sadie had a chance to just hang out with them herself and its nice seeing lars genuinely enjoying something. also the fact both these eps have been plot relevant yet still beach city citizen focused was so good aaa please keep this up crew. the only thing that really bothered me was stevens offhand remark about rose being a war criminal because i hate when they adress that but dont expore it

are you my dad:

yknow i thought id enjoy a plot episode more but. this just had so many frustrating little moments?? amethysts hair looks bad. pearl building sandcastles seems ooc. the fact sour cream could only get wanted flyers and scribble missing over them instead of making his own is weird and distracting. barb knows about the island thing?? thats. something all right. aquamarines design looks a little better in motion than expected but i still hate her and her voice. topaz’s power is still dumb. steven yOU CAN GET OUT OF THAT LOG NO ISSUE JUST FUCKING DO IT AAAAAA im glad the ‘my dad’ theory was right at least and all in all it wasnt anywhere near bad just kinda frustrating.

i am my mom:

this title is still terrible. i like aquamarine a little more in this ep? now shes full villain and not like. fake-cute. plus shes a little less child-like which is nice, infantalized gems is a real questionable problem. steven this isnt ur fault what the Heck r u going on about? youve done some shit but. listing some of your friends isnt anything to worry about. the action was lackluster. oh hey that ship isnt a hand. OH GOD TOPAZ IS THE INFLATION GME TOO. unsatisfying overall.

I just watched the latest SPN ep.

It was better than expected after looking through my dash.

I liked the things that Sam said about himself to both Dean and Jack.

I don’t particularly care for the way they are writing Dean. I mean Dean has always lashed out when he’s hurting and most of the time it’s at Sam. I felt like last season there was a good bit of character development with Dean. And with the boys relationship.

I think Dean has lost hope after getting his Mom back and then losing her again.

But Sam lost his mom too and his friend just like Dean did. I would like to see Sam grieve for them also. I think he is so focused on Jack that he is suppressing his feelings which is nothing new.

I didn’t like them bringing Missouri back and then killing her off. That sucks.

I’ve seen certain comments about the show and this is what I think(not that anyone cares).

Supernatural has always played fast and loose with legends and lore and that includes the Bible. I like that they explore the duality of good and evil. That beings, or people, like Sam, that are supposed to be inherently evil can be saved by their own inner strength and desire to overcome their so-called destiny.

In the same vein, angels and god, himself, are not always good. I’ve always thought that the angels were worse than demons because they were supposed to be protectors of mankind and most of them hate humans. I mean you expect demons to be bad.

So I actually like the fact that, while Jack is supposed to be evil, he may have the choice not to be. Lucifer was God’s favorite at one time and it took eons for him to become the twisted being he is now. With Sam, and eventually Dean on his side, I think Jack will choose to do good. Maybe because his father is so evil.

I don’t always agree with the writers but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this season.

And, yes, Bloodlines is still the worst ep ever.

Except for Sam’s hair. The windy city did wondrous things with it.

S: The idea of Steven fusing with someone is… interesting.

L: Oh?

S: Well he’s a kid so I would guess that the fusion would be kind of childlike, which would be a very interesting experience for whoever he fused with.  Except maybe Amethyst.  She’d probably like it.

L: Thoughts on the episode?

S: Fusion is a very interesting concept.  Next time they get beat up and can’t figure out how to overcome the bad guys but conveniently forget that they can fuse, I’m gonna be annoyed.  I hate it in stories when they give somebody this cool ability but then never have them use it because it would make things too easy.  But then this show has been pretty good at subverting my expectations, so we’ll see.


What the hell is going on?

Episode 14 didn’t really help in giving us more clues about the royal family background and about Sun Woo. I had 1,654 questions before this episode and now I have 13,786. 

Going back to my previous thoughts about Ah Ro, I still think they are destroying her character. Finally her wit and her funny story telling showed up again, but they ruined everything in 0.08 seconds. We can pretty much say the whole conflict that happened at the end of ep 14 is because of Ah Ro and I hate that because the only main female character is the one again who messes up the whole situation and watching this makes me feel ashamed that yet again this is how they portray women. The Princess and Ah Ro as the two main leads (+ the Queen) all they do is making bad decisions, cry, look weak, and end up being victims. I honestly dislike this so much but I often see this pattern in K-Dramas (especially where there are love triangles) and I think it truly pulls down women in general. But that’s another discussion…

At the beginning of Hwarang I was more on Sun Woo’s side. He was a humble young man who hated the Bone rank system, who had a difficult life, and who slowly fell in love with Ah Ro without being aggressive. This seemed attractive to me, however, in the last episodes I feel like he is losing that side of him more and more. Obviously he still stands strong beside the morals he had at the beginning, but his character is getting more and more annoying. It took an interesting turn because now I’m rather more interested about what is going to happen to Sam Maekjong. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in his side at all, but whenever I see Sun Woo’s grumpy face (no offense for handsome Park Seo Joon, I know it’s just what he has to act), it just makes me frown, because I’m getting disappointed by his actions and now I start to feel more sorry for the Faceless King. 

Sam Maekjong at the beginning was an arrogant, pushy, royal born guy who I didn’t necessarily like that much. I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for Hyungsik portraying him, I would have even felt hate towards him, despite my interest in his story line. But recently he is changing as well to me, but more towards the positive side. And I feel so so so bad for him. Especially because he might not be the king.

Which leads up to, who is the real faceless (even nameless) king?

So we all know what Sun Woo did at the end of episode 14 and we all (probs) disagree with his action and we wanted Ji Dwi to stand up for his true title. However, this might not be too much of a mistake. I think from the beginning we noticed that there is just something mysterious about Sun Woo’s true background and about the relationships and conflicts in the royal family. And now we get more and more hints. Maybe it is a choice from the writer and the production team (though sometimes I doubt the writer would be that smart). The fact that even after 14 episodes Sam Maekjong is still not revealed as the king even when he had his god damn chance not once, that maybe tells us something. Also the fact that in the Hwarang house most of the guys think that Sun Woo is the king, the officials think he is the king, and now he announced himself as the king. Yes we don’t know it for a fact that he is the true king, but I feel like all these lead up to that he will turn out to be the one. I also read many theories how he is the son of a concubine (who the Queen made her to be gone(?)) and the late king of Silla, while Sam Maekjong is only the nephew of the king, therefore cousin of Sun Woo. This is an interesting theory, slightly confusing as well, but it might be true, though that follows up to some more problems… or one problem, Sam Maekjong

If Sun Woo turns out to be the king, I think Sam Maekjong’s life will be over pretty much. All his life he was preparing to be the king, that’s the only thing he knows and had as a goal. He is also going to lose Ah Ro because we know she doesn’t love him. He never had a real family. The only family figure for him was his bodyguard (who is honestly such a sweet human bean, like when he was crying in ep 13, I was crying with him and my heart was so warm), but he probably wanted his mother’s care instead. The only thing that might stay with him is friendship. Because I’m sure at the end Sun Woo and Sam Maekjong will make up for this whole revenge and Ah Ro love triangle, but I don’t know if it’s going to be enough for Sam Maekjong to not give up on life. I also have a feeling that he might die towards the end, and I’m not ready to see Hyungsik die on my screen. (guys if it’s really going to happen I’m going to cry a Han River 2.0, watch me). So this is why I think at this point I rather want to see justice happen for Sam Maekjong. And I want him to be the king. Even if he is not the legitimate one to the throne, he has to be the king. He knows how Silla works, he knows how to deal with the officials, he prepared for this all his life, and he wants to be the king (at least on the days when he doesn’t doubt himself). Even if Sun Woo could be a good king too, he never really prepared for it and it would just ruin his relationship with Ah Ro, which I think is the most important for him. So maybe if he turns out to be the king, he might end up giving the throne to Sam Maekjong (if they can do that). 

Now for the fate of King Jinheung, I doubt that they will focus a lot on how this king in real history was so great and how he expanded Silla’s territory and the unification of the three kingdoms. However, I do think that would be a good thing to focus on if time lets them, because (as I read it in some sources) Hwarang played a big role in the unification and this drama is about Hwarangs. So we get back to this argument again, that this drama focused WAY TOO MUCH on the love triangle and Ah Ro, whereas there are lot more important and main points in the history of Silla, King Jinheung, and especially the Hwarangs. I know this drama is not here for a Historical documentary, but they didn’t do as much for the potential of the Hwarang story line, as it was promised.

So I don’t know guys. I still like Hwarang obviously, but to be honest, if I wouldn’t have gotten attached to the cast and the cute bromance and Ban Ryu love story line, then I think I would have stopped watching this. It just really bothers me how there was so many potential with this, especially with the great actors and actresses that we have here, but they didn’t make great decisions plot wise and story unfolding wise. We still have six episodes left, and many interesting things can happen in basically six hours. But I feel like it’s going to be the same like with Moon Lovers. Towards the end it might get worse because they might rush the end and even kill some loved characters. (Also I’m going to be sad when it will be over because I’m going to miss this cast, and while many of them will have upcoming dramas, for our lovely Taehyung it’s not going to be soon to seen him in a role again as he is always so busy :(  ) 

This became extremely long, I’m so sorry. So if you read this I’m really thankful and I really appreciate it. ^^

as a cartoon, teen titans go is more chaotic than it is bad. like, ive watched a lot of episodes–something i dont recommend you do, btw–and a fair amount of them were really good, but the rest were really bad. but the way they’re good and the way they’re bad are generally weirdly similar and sometimes it makes no sense

like, i hate how a lot of episodes act about the girls, but when characters like starfire and raven are the focus of an ep? it’s the best! there’s an episode where the titans meet ravenger, and the reason they can’t defeat her is because she’s just too cool so raven has to step up as the team’s resident Cool Girl and it’s hilarious. there’s episodes i hate because of how cruel it makes the team seem–there’s an episode where everyone spends the entire day bullying robin, going as fair as to pretend his parents are alive just for a joke bc april fools!–but sometimes it can be pretty amusing to see them like petty teenagers who get so upset about not being invited to a hero dance party that they literally break in

they even do a good job at breaking the forth wall! there’s an episode where the titans meet more serious teen heroes, and then go on to become more dramatic than a soap opera in an attempt to be “more serious,” poking fun at some overblown comic plots, but there’s also an entire episode that essentially says you cant criticize the show, because a kid with cancer likes it.

my point is, i could make a list of like, 10-20 episodes and if that was your first experience with ttg, you’d love it, but i could also show you the same amount of bad episodes, and you’d be out for the writer’s heads. the show itself isn’t wholly terrible, it’s just there’s so many bad episodes mixed with the good, i can’t blame anyone if theyre wary of it

i hate how stupidly triggering the new sp ep was for me because my head is hurting so bad because destructive traumatized alters want to take over, and its because the episode hit too dead on with an abusive relationship i went through that literally broke me and I barely escaped alive, and it was like fucked up on a next level and seeing something delve into those type of relationships to that extent was too soon for me. Like the show has hit on darker stuff but this was just too much and too real on such a personal level and how its been dragged on is something i cant really stomach

I feel so unwell. i wish i wasnt so sensitive to this stuff but having personal experience does that. fuck.

13x4: The Big Empty

I’m already wanting to watch that episode again. It was so much good. We got the Winchesters talking through some of their issues. We got Dean making strides toward not hating Jack while still grieving with his little line about how he doesn’t believe in a damn thing. It’s like he’s lost his faith, because he lost Cas. 

I’m just so in love with the fact that the whole ep was about dealing with loss and how not all monsters are bad. It’s nice to have that reminder now with Jack in the story. 

Lastly, Cas is back, and I’m so happy, and none of you get to tell me that Cas was that creepy Empty Dude wearing Cas’ body, because I said NO. He likes quiet and the earth is not quiet especially with Trump tweeting and people being all ridiculous all of the time. Like this is seriously the last place he’d want to be. 

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for right now. Oh, and two times the MIsha, sign me up.

Just watched Ousama Game The Animation ep 1

…I hate this anime. The only reason I wanted to watch this was because I just guessed it was a death game anime. The opening was hilariously bad and most of this episode had no logic whatsoever. I ended up reading some comments and “theres a manga of the school before this anime so it would be better to read the manga first” (and its better so I heard). They should have just made the first manga into an anime instead of the sequel and it makes no sense why they did that. Most of the people in the comments and people who reviewed on mal said they didnt like it. I think this anime is terrible and I dont recommend it at all.

Kiznaiver Ep. 9

Everyone is giving Chidori so much hate because she is either jealous and not straightforward. I’m gonna protect this child at all cost. People obviously don’t think about her side of the story and is thinking of her as a ‘clique’ character I feel really bad for her in the latest episode and fans are targeting her?? This is so much stereotype and I’m beyond sad about this :( She’s jealous obviously because she’s a girl who doesn’t want to get her heart rejected after loving her childhood friend all these years and now she is completely forced to see her beloved childhood friend being taken away from a girl who is probably closer to Kacchon before the two even met. Is it wrong to be not straightforward? Is it even possible to be not jealous when the person you liked all these years is going to be taken by someone else? Everyone is all #protectnico but I’m just here seeing how much shit was thrown at her in the last episode :(

This show already hates her. It was proven in the latest episode. I mean come on:

-Tries to confess or say something but Kacchon leaves to go find Sonozaki

-gets trapped in the room to see Kacchon and Sonozaki and hear that Sonozaki is more closer to Kacchon.

-gets told off by Nico (even tho she was being a hypocrite but she acknowledge this)

-when she does try to go face Kacchon, she is forced again to see Kacchon hugging Sonozaki. YEAH THIS IS WHAT SHE GETS FOR TRYING Q_Q

-gets a half-assed Kacchon who was told to run after her and hugs her ONLY because people were telling him to do it

-has to face Tenga’s feelings (although Mr. Hypocrite over here too)

-has to deal with Nico who seem to be hating on Chidori because she’s also jealous of her and Tenga


god the childhood female friend never wins and i always root for them ):

In other news, this week’s BeyBurst ep was some bullshit

Somebody on the writing staff must just HATE poor Sisco so, so much. Why.

  • He literally didn’t do anything wrong, he had no part in crashing that parade
  • The way he lost made absolutely no fucking sense

If Satan’s rollers could deflect one of Xcalibur’s points, logically, they should have been able to deflect both of them. Making the little stabby sword point a little bigger shouldn’t have made a difference if the point couldn’t actually hit Satan in the first place; it just slid off. You can hit something as hard as you want, but if you can’t get any traction on it then you’re not going to damage it. The points lining up to make a slightly bigger point DOES NO GOOD IF IT’S BEEN SHOWN THAT THE POINT CAN’T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING. FUCK.

It’s like. Trying to walk on ice with bowling shoes. Which, you know, have no tread at all.

A slightly bigger pair of bowling shoes is not going to make you stop falling on your ass, put on some snow boots.

About Leiftan “race”

At episode 17 of Eldarya…

Naityly mentioned a lot of demon names (invoking) and then at the prision Leiftan said that “she was saying his brothers names” and that’s why she called him a “Deamon”, so wtf Leif, you are not a angel, stop.

But maybe he is a fallen angel…still be a bad boy. I hope in ep 18 his real intentions shows up. Because I hate the idea of a stupid Gardienne acting like nothing happens with him.

anonymous asked:

okay why is everyone hating on the ep??? i mean i ship johnlock like HELL but i still thought the ep was amazing and tbh why is everyone so angry rn? where's the positivity to how amazing the show is in general???

From what I’ve seen, there are a few critiques of the last episode:

The villians, Moriarty and Eurus, were queercoded, so it’s kind of awful to watch this ep and see a lowkey “the bad guys are queer” message.

The end of the ep in which they’re resuming their life as Holmes and Watson is narrated by “Mary”, which is super strange because she’s not what the episode is about at all. It’s about Sherlock and John, so it should have been narrated by one of them.

The message at the end that was along the lines of “the people don’t matter, it’s the stories that matter” was a really disheartening thing to hear for a lot of fans.

The famous Three Garridebs story was about Holmes and Watson opening up and telling each other how much they mean to each other, and they absolutely demolished that by not having them say anything even remotely along those lines.

There are a bunch of loose ends in the third ep.

But yeah, there’s a couple things people are upset over, it’s not just that Johnlock didn’t happen. If you wanna see detailed stuff, I’d say go check out the TJLC crew - @marcelock, @quietlyprim, @graceebooks, etc.

Idk, anon! Maybe it wasn’t a good season, or maybe the actual results didn’t match up to the hype.