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Dear “grunge” blogs

To make things clear at first, everyone is free to post or reblog anything they want, but there are also some limits to everything you do. Especially when you are taking advantage of somebody’s image to glamorize things that shouldn’t  be glamorized.

To all the

Or the

And the

What you’re doing is not grunge.

First of all, Grunge is a musical genre, a rock music subgenre. It was a musical revolution that happened in the early 90s, led by pure and amazing artists. 

Grunge was never about: Tattoos, peircings, polaroids, pastel, fishnet stockings, blood, nudity, self harm, wanting to die, hating your parents, toilets, flowers, abandoned houses, walls with depressing quotes written on them, cigarettes, aliens and all those strange things you like to post

Second of all, stop using Nirvana/Kurt Cobain as your aesthetic. Just stop it. Why are you glamorizing his depression and his drug use? What do you find amusing in the story of a man who suffered a lot and ended up dying of mental illness? Let him rest in peace! Kurt Cobain had some fucking dignity and he didn’t die to have his pictures posted in some blog just because it looks “cool” and “aesthetic” for some edgy teens, or find Nirvana t-shirts, or even worse, his suicide note, worn by some hipster douchebags. He was a great artist and a wonderful human being and that’s how we should remember him. 

By using Nirvana/Kurt Cobain as your aesthetics, you are:

  • Making Nirvana seem extremely overrated
  • Making Nirvana seem as the only grunge band to ever exist but in reality there are tons of other bands who definately should be recognized like Alice In Chains, Soudgarden, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Melvins, Tad and a whole bunch of 90s grunge bands who were great.
  • Making people believe that teens like to “listen” to Nirvana just because it seems cool and not because they are actually a great band.
  • Making people believe that Nirvana songs, or grunge songs in general are only about depression and teen angst
  • Making Kurt Cobain seem as a bad influence since you are only representing him as a self -loathing junkie who loves to whine about his depressing life and just a talentless fashion icon
  • Using Kurt’s image to glamorize drugs and suicide which is disgusting and very disrespectful

So please, stop associating your world with ours. I don’t really care about what you post. If posting the picture of a toilet makes you feel happy and edgy enough, then post the picture of the fucking toilet. But don’t post it under the “grunge” tag, unless you consider the fact that your “grunge icon” Kurt used it, which actually makes sense. Just leave us the REAL grunge fans alone, don’t associate your shit with us, because it’s simply not grunge.

And for anyone who’s reading this, please remember Kurt Cobain for what he truly was. Sure, his addiction and mental illness are a part of him and his image that we can’t deny, but he was also a talented artist, a big music icon and a source of inspiration for several artists. His music may not mean anything for some people, but it saved the lives of other people and changed it for the best. I, as a Nirvana fan, can proudly say that discovering his music was the best thing that happened to me in many ways.  And besides, he was a major supporter for women rights and his quotes are still relevant to this day.

Don’t remember him as the person that “grunge” blogs are presenting, because that person was never the real Kurt Cobain.

That one blushing Virgil, Analogical hc

(I wasn’t kidding about this being ridiculously long, and I don’t think I’d be able to refine it into a fic that I like because I always hate my writing but here’s my ramblings)

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The (not!) hipster Newsies AU that nobody wanted. Featuring Jack and Davey & their organic coffee and thrift store sweaters, and Kath with her floral fashion, hand knit scarf, and eye for trends. But they’re totally not hipsters. Just ask.

i hate how this site has distorted the meaning of terf so much that it no longer means trans exclusive radical feminist and you guys now just use it to mean “a lesbian i disagree with” like to the point where it’s acceptable to accuse trans women, the minority group who terfs actively harm, of being terfs

Why am I constantly being made to feel bad about liking/identifying with certain characters, just because they’re popular, so hipsters hate them?

Yeah I love Tony Stark and Vax'ildan and Dean Winchester and everytime I reblog something about them (which is often), I have this feeling of “liking these is a sign of being less intelligent and childish” because people who love to put others down make them out to be.

And you know what those characters seem to have in common? They all suffer from depression. As do I. Maybe you should think about why you think depression is so disgusting.

This is not a personal attack on anybody. You are allowed to dislike any character!

Just don’t make people feel stupid on purpose for not agreeing.

hi i would just like to claim my title as Official Hipster of Hating Things because i was annoyed at rape culture in game of thrones AND the obnoxiousness of rick & morty fans before anyone else was talking about it

thank you i will collect my winnings in the form of nasty anons

I professed my undying hate for Beyonce in my bio illustration class today. 98% of the class was aghast and I think I made one guy fall in love with me. Basically, I’m wearing a Mountain Goats shirt today with a flannel, a slouchy hat, and Converse so I’m a pretentious hipster that told everyone how much I dislike her because everyone loves her. She’s not even that good nor is she that hot. *shrugs* I’ve heard better. I don’t even try to be like this. It just happens.

honestly i’d probably care more about star wars if it weren’t so popular? and not in a “i hate it because its mainstream” hipster way just, 

its fucking everywhere and the people who like it are so fucking die hard and wont calm down about it. i find it a little hard to approach and difficult to try to experience it as a new thing when pop culture is so heavily saturated in it? and since it is everywhere i never felt the desire to be like “oh man i gotta check it out” idk

anonymous asked:

When people ask me why I left Austin and I tell them it's because I hate hipster trash, now I can show them your blog and they can understand what a true self righteous hipster is like. You are a typical text book example of "that one white girl."

And I look beautiful and radiant while doing it and Austin doesn’t miss you 💘