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RANT:Hate towards fictional characters...

With all the “character hate” and “problematic fave” shit that keeps popping up in the SU-fandom again and again, and with several characters, It got me thinking…

How? How and why do people get so angry? And I mean specifically people who state that they seriously “hate” a character. They’re pissed, they can’t stand them etc.

Cause you know what? That kind of thing almost never happens to me. The only reasons I might come close to “hating” a character is if they’re flat/boring, have an ugly design or have an annoying voice or something. I barely ever get pissed about things of what a character says or does. Mostly because they’re fictional and I view them as pieces that move the plot of a story along. If a story is well written, pretty much everything a character says or does, happens so that the plot can move on or so that the character can grow. Even if the actions of a character are unpleasant, if it’s good writing, I can appreciate it all, because I know it all happens for a reason: to tell an interesting, eventful and an emotionally challenging story. Sure I can feel bad like “aww that’s nasty” or “ugh that’s not nice” and “oh no” to something but I can simultaneously respect realistic and interesting conflicts and speculate what will happen next.

Some people don’t accept any bad features or weaknesses in any characters, meaning that no matter if the character is written to be a “good guy” or a villain, they will always judge them if they fuck up or act “mean”, While others seem to think that only villains can do bad stuff and they can love the villain characters because “that’s what they’re supposed to do!” but if the supposed good guy fucks up some way, they loose respect for them.

And I’ve never been able to understand this.

Sure there are stories out there with good guys who do no wrong and always know how to act and villains who are evil for the sake of being evil. But guess what? That’s boring and it doesn’t challenge the viewer.

A well written character is multidimensional. They have layers, they can learn and grow, they can change their views, they can be affected by things and experiences that they go through both negatively and positively, they can make mistakes! And that’s what makes them interesting, realistic and often even relatable! I love characters who are written like this! I don’t care if they’re a “good guy” or a villain. In real life, no one is 100% pure. No matter if the character is an alien or a talking animal or what have you, these stories are created by humans. And it’s in every human’s nature to sometimes act selfish, greedy, impulsive, inconsiderate or what ever flaw there is. No one is perfect. And that gets channeled into characters in fiction. And I find that beautiful.

So it goes over my head how some people can HATE a fictional character and sometimes even so much that they start to act spiteful towards others who like the character they hate(even though many people recognise the flaws in the characters they like). WHY? I could understand this kind of anger if it were a real existing person who did real bad things. Then the anger would be more justified because bad things really would’ve happened and sometimes people need to be called out for their bullshit. But when talking about a fictional character, it’s nothing more than a piece of a story.

Don’t loose your temper over a piece of a story. And if you don’t like that story then at least allow others to enjoy it!

(note: I do believe that it’s totally okay to react negatively to characters, to acknowledge bad things about characters and not agree on/support a character’s behaviour etc. You don’t have to like everything. But again, I still don’t see that to be a valid enough reason for hate)


“Let’s go home.”

My headcanon ending for Vlad and Danny in TUE. Vlad dies and meets Danny in halfa heaven. 

Hiraeth - Part Three

Originally posted by suga-mummy

☽Pairing☾ ; BTS | Reader

☽Genre☾ ; Angst | Fluff

☽Word Count☾ ; 1.4k

☽Summary☾ Returning back to Korea after years of being under the ground, to see your parents. You wished it was all it took, to feel complete again. The aftermath of confusion, betrayal and sorrow was the reason to never come back into the boys presents. But it wasn’t until, seeing one them enter the same cafe, at the right time.

☽Notes☾ ;  Part Two | Part Four 

“Have you thought about who to approach first?” Your attention drawn to the woman up front, as the food arrived for the early mornings of a foggy city. Jane invited you to brunch for the time being, wanting to hear more of the program you had been attending for four years.  

“I never thought of it…I think all of them would be too… shocked to see me? If that makes sense…” You muttered, thinking of the possibilities of meeting just ONE of the boys, was too scary enough of a thought. To be fair, you were close with all of them and there wasn’t any favourites. “How do I even see them in the first place?”  

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NCT 127 reaction to the other members not liking their GF/BF


Anon: hey!! i really love your blog, i even went to sleep like an hour late because i absolutely wanted to read everything…… (hi, i love your writing style) so!! could i request a nct 127 reaction to the other members not liking their s/o (like, because they havent really got to know them yet)? i hope thats not too specific it just.. happened to one of my friends recently (i’m kinda guilty too) so i was thinking of this haha. Have a nice day!!

Thank you for requesting! I just wanted to disclaim that I don’t really think any of the members would hate another person’s partner for unnecessary or petty reasons. This reaction is written in the sense that you/the gf/the bf is not liked by the other members because they’re suspicious of your intentions or just don’t like you for some reason - not because you’re evil or a bully or something lol. They wouldn’t date you if that was the case lol :)

Also, I’m going be pretty inactive from now on because of my bday and college and gym and I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have left. I will try to get at least one reaction out a week!


Originally posted by xehunted

Being the oldest member of NCT, I don’t think Taeil would be immature or petty about the situation. As I’ve said many, many times, it would take Taeil a very long time to progress in a relationship which would give him enough time to know if you were a “good” person or not. So, he’d just disregard any comments or opinions other members had - he’d know you well enough to know you weren’t a bad person. Telling you to just ignore any of their remarks or looks, he’d be pretty chill about the whole thing, never once raising his voice or be rude about it. And I don’t think you, yourself, would have a problem with Taeil’s chillness either; you’re both mature and relaxed about the whole thing. The members, over time, would notice how neither of you cared and realised that you weren’t a bad person at all. They wouldn’t suck up to you or anything, but it might be a little bit awkward between all of you.


Originally posted by cinnamonsynonyms

Johnny would honestly be heartbroken about the whole thing; he didn’t want to upset you but he also didn’t want to upset his members either. But he’s also not the kind of guy to voice this, sticking to actions over words. He’d really tire himself out trying to speak you and the members apart, scheduling dates around practices without making it look fishy or bad. He’d basically be living a bit of a double life, neither you nor the members realising what he was doing. Obviously, this isn’t an act or thing he’ll be able to keep up forever, eventually accidentally inviting you to a dance room for a date whilst the members were there. Although maybe the members would want to say something (about you and to you, I mean), seeing Johnny in a state and ranting about he wished they’d just like you, they’d make the effort to change.


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

Taeyong would try to understand it from their point of view – and I mean really try to understand – because he’d know that, in any other situation, he would’ve trusted their opinion. Being civilised, mature and calm would be his way of dealing with things, not doing anything to worsen the situation or upset anyone further. But just the way the members would make indirect remarks about you or give you judging looks, would quickly get on your nerves. He’s a bit like Taeil, he’d take a lot of time and patience and trust to build a relationship; it’s unlikely he’d ever get into a bad relationship in the first way, spotting the tale-tale signs very quickly. So evidently, he’d start to become impatient with the members up to the point where he’s clearly very angry. He’d raise his voice at the members, probably starting a full-blown argument once too. Before, he had tried to be understanding but now it would the other members’ turn to be patient and just see that you’re not a bad person. I see a long ass silent treatment from Taeyong (to the members) and he’d even go to the extent of not turning up to practices. It’d take a lot of time, but I think things would work out.


Originally posted by why-jaehyun

Yuta literally wouldn’t care, not even in the slightest. He’s really not one for fretting over other people’s opinions and it’d apply here too, regardless it being his own members disapproving of him. The only thing he’d really worry about would be you and how you felt about it all. I don’t see him as one to be that good at words or comforting people or being sappy, but he’d really try in this instance. He’d always be complimenting you, asking you if you were okay, telling you he loves you a lot pretty much majority of the time. His worst fear would be you leaving him over this, which, in his opinion, wouldn’t be worth it. Like I said, he’d try to help you in a way that he usually struggles with showing – like showing a new, emotional and different to him. So, he’d even try being understanding with the members, asking them to politely keep their thoughts to themselves and to just not say anything around you (or him) Like with Taeil and Johnny, the members would see how deducted he’d be at keeping your relationship with both them and you healthy despite you hating one another. Just seeing him so dedicated to something innocent and pure would eventually win them over.


Originally posted by infinitens

Would be quite petty about the whole thing. Of course, he’d make sure you didn’t feel hurt or left out because of the members, but I don’t think it’s unlikely that he’s going to be a pain in the ass about the whole thing. And this wouldn’t just be some petty or immature comment he’d make, he’d constantly be bringing it up, indirecting the members, mocking their behaviour. Although, for you, the members not liking you might be hurtful or feel offensive, but Doyoung’s behaviour would annoy you way more. It’d just become boring and so repetitive to hear him say or do things that really weren’t necessary. But eventually, his complaining would just become a hum, to you and the other members. Without his knowledge, you and the other members would end up bonding unanimously over your hatred of Doyoung’s weird behaviour. Subtle sighs, eye rolls, pretending to gag would all be ways that you and the other members would get along, laughing and giggling at each other. But, Doyoung acting weird would come to an end finally once he finds out that you and the others had met up for a day out without him. To be honest, he’d be relieved – keeping up that kind of immature and petty behaviour would’ve drained him too.


Originally posted by futiki

Surprisingly, Jaehyun would try to be optimistic about the whole thing. I think he’s one for liking a challenge and task and although maybe this wasn’t what he wanted or expected, he’d really be up to proving the other members wrong about you. Convincing you to be around the members in the first place though, would be the hardest part. You just really wouldn’t want to be around them if all they were doing to do as give you dirty looks or completely ignore you. But, for Jaehyun, you’d give in and do it anyway, clinging to his side and trying to hide behind him so you wouldn’t have to look at the others. The situation would be tense and stiff, the only person who actually seemed fine would be Jaehyun. He’d just be rambling on (which’d be a first) about you and your achievements and goals and hobbies and traits – basically, narrating your life and highlighting all the good things about you, in hope that the other members would catch on and realise you’re not a bad person. And it would actually work too bc theyre all in love with him istg its gross….jks. Jaehyun would be the most surprised, anticipating it to be much harder and challenging (but maybe, you’d take some time to like the members now because you were unsure of what they think of you really, if they can change their opinion of you so quickly)


Originally posted by ohlychee

Sicheng would probably be the most visibly upset and emotional out of all the members, thinking he had really hit the jackpot with you. The members have practically raised him into a man and made him who he is now, he trusts them with his life and probably always believes in their judgements. So, it’s no surprise that he’d start doubting you too – which’d hurt like hell. He’d be very closed off now, avoiding both you and the members, refusing to speak about it or do anything. He’s not one to overthink, but in this case, he really would be, their comments and opinions literally haunting him and keeping him up at night. Because of the members, your relationship together would be on the line, the existence of it now threatened because they misjudged you. I think, perhaps, you’d even end up breaking up because of it. He’s not like the other members who are way surer of their thoughts and actions and would stand up or defy the members. He’s easily swayed and indecisive, leading him to believe anything they say and accidentally (on both parts). So yeah, it wouldn’t end well in WinWin’s case (unlike with the other members where the others would eventually like you) He’d ultimately regret breaking up with you weeks later and the members would regret having caused all this (and maybe might try to get you back together, but it’s unlikely)


Originally posted by jaehyun-a

I really think Mark would be more offended about the whole thing than you. He’d feel betrayed by his members and ignored too. He’d turn pretty cold and would shut down, unusual behaviour for someone usually quite happy and mature. He’d overthink the situation like WinWin, fretting if he had done the wrong thing by saying this or doing that. You, on the other hand, wouldn’t be too fazed about the mmebers not liking you; not everyone would like you and this time around, it’d just happen to be the members. Seeing Mark so worried and quiet would be a scare for you; he could go days without seeing or texting or calling you and then would do the same to the members the next time. He’d think he was doing the right thing by just distancing himself from you all, hoping that by not being around you, neither you/they nor him would talk or think about this hatred that the members had against you. But, really, he’d just be making things worse for himself; ultimately, he’d fail with this odd plan of his (like Johnny) and you’d be forced to ally with NCT to basically just stop Mark from acting so weird. You wouldn’t become chums with the members after though and I don’t think you ever would either; but you’d both care about Mark and wouldn’t want him doing anything stupid so would at least be polite.


Originally posted by haenyan

Haechan wouldn’t really do or say much about this? He wouldn’t be like the other members who try to do something about it or will shut down or something. He’s young and unexperienced so his actions are going to match that. He’d hope that by just ignoring the situation will make it og away – evidently it doesn’t. But in his head and in his heart, he’d feel quite hurt, betrayed even by the members. He’s young, obviously, and still likely to feel quite emotional and insecure about the whole thing, covering it all up with a “I’m fine” or “it’s okay”. He wouldn’t know what to do or how to make things better; he’d think it was his fault or he had ruined your relationship because of it. But, out of all the possible members (as in, in this reaction eg (member) when members don’t like u), they wouldn’t dislike Haechan’s partner that much in comparison. As I keep saying, Haechan’s young and inexperienced and still learning; so, if you were a bad person, it’d be a learning curve. They’d be more cautious of you than actually dislike you personally so eventually they would like you and Haechan would have nothing to worry about.

Sorry but I’m still ranting because now that I’m back from the justice league high, I’m just noticing all the bullshit.

So Diana basically said that she gave up on saving the world because she lost Steve???? WTF I’m sorry but HOW IS THAT COHERENT WITH THE WONDER WOMAN MOVIE?

After Steve died, she actually saved the world and ended the war… did everyone actually forget her « it’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe and I believe in love » We literally saw her flying in the end of the movie which led us to think that she kept saving the world and that the reason she gave up on men was probably because of something that happened afterwards. Maybe that men kept having wars like World War II even when Ares died.

Why would she give up on saving the world for Steve? When the movie Wonder Woman proved that she didn’t give up after he died????

This is so dumb I hate this stupid movie, everything is a mess

Fans Finding out that you're dating — Kim Taehyung

Anon said: Yay request are open. Can you do a request of you being an idol and you guys are always shipped together and you are secretly dating and one day we are backstage and we are in a heated make out sesssio and some fans see and take pictures and post them all over the media so then we have to come out to being a couple thanks lovee you blog

Hey anon! This is a great request, but you didn’t choose a member, so I just picked taehyung. I hope that’s okay :)

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The boys held hands and bowed, thanking their fans before they all walked off the stage. The concert was finally over.

“You guys did great!” You cheered for your friends. They thanked you, barely having enough energy to.

“I’m gonna go get something to eat.” Jin says. They all walked their separate ways, most likely going to their dressing rooms to get changed. Except for one of them. He stayed with you.

“You really did amazing out there.” You smiled at him. He returned the smile, using a cloth to wipe the sweat off of his face.

“Thanks. I worked hard because I knew you’d be proud of me.” Taehyung tells you.

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gameo7  asked:

If one is consealed by hate then does the hate make them do things against their will, like have them do something they wouldnt normally do? And/or is it the hate that is doing everything, total control? (Hopefully this isn't a stupid question) Also i really like you're current speedpaint! You're doing great!

You’re right! Hate numbs your judgement and reason. It makes you do thing you would never do.

Luckily in Chara’s case they manahed to lrevent hate from taking complete control over them and still managed to free themselves through love thanks to asriel.

It’d be realllyyyyy bad if hate were to take complete control over a soul, because it wouldnt just be covering it, it might kinda fuse with it making it a part of the soul itself. If that were to happen there’d be no way to extract the hate without killing the host. It is unlikely tho because for hate to take complete control it needs the “aproval” of the host….

Let’s hope that never happens ( owo)

“Forget Me.” pt. 13 | The Letter. |

Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

pt.1  pt.2  pt. 3  pt. 4  pt. 5  pt. 6  pt. 7 pt. 8  pt. 9  pt. 10  pt. 11  pt. 12  pt. 13   pt. 13.5 (End)

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I hesitated, I didn’t want to open it because I was terrified of what I was about to read, but I wanted to rip it out of it’s envelope because it might just tell me where she was.

I slowly took the letter out and began to read:

“Hey my cutest one and only Koala bear, whom I love so dearly with all my heart. If you’re reading this then I’m no longer around anymore, and it really does suck so bad because I really wanted to stay for so much longer, like you wouldn’t even understand how much I wished I could stay. But everything happens for a reason right? Just like you’ve always told me. But anyway, I couldn’t stay and for that I apologise. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye and it’s my own fault that I didn’t get to, I was selfish and I’m sorry, because of me you never got to say goodbye either. 

You know how I’ve always hated saying goodbye, because a goodbye never confirmed another hello. That’s why I always said see you later, because the possibility of being able to see you again was always there, and it was the same this time. I was scared that if I actually said goodbye, then it would really be goodbye, if I said goodbye then I confirmed to myself that I never get to see you again. I was so scared because I hated having that thought. But even though I never got to say it, I won’t be able to see you again anyway and I knew it in my heart that this fate was confirmed long ago. But still I never said it and I’m sorry.

I know what you’re thinking Jimin, it’s not your fault because you couldn’t make time to drop by so we could see each other one final time before your departure. It’s mine for not being able to get out to see you. 

I never thought I’d get the chance to write a letter to you, and it’s kind of romantic right? (If you didn’t know I actually smiled writing that). I knew, I knew she smiled because it’s her sense of humour. Thank you Jimin, for always bringing out the best of me, thank you for being there when I needed you the most, thank you for being you and thank you for being an amazing partner, a lover, a boyfriend and just overall for being an amazing person that I could always rely on.

But I’m sorry I lied. I kept something away from you that I knew about for so long, something that I actually regret now that I never told you, when it’s already too late. But I don’t ever want you to blame yourself, promise me that you won’t blame yourself. Don’t blame yourself for not being there when I found out, don’t blame yourself for not noticing the changes and don’t blame yourself for not being here. Because baby it’s not your fault… I pinky swear…”

(To be continued…)

That wasn’t the end of the letter ~ the next part will be the end!! Request for Pt. 13.5

REQUEST 121 ~ Stupid (angst) part 1

A/N: I would do smut but at the moment i really feel like making this one angsty as fuck 

Warnings: Lots of swearing.

Sometimes people in relationships argue. That, in theory, helps the relationship to grow. It sorts out the rough patches that have been avoided. But sometimes those arguments lead to regrets and to have one can break something that was once perfect.

For a few weeks now, i could feel the tension between Dan and I. It felt like we were becoming two separate people. The distance between us was unnoticeable at first, it was things like eating at different times or going to bed after the other had fallen asleep. For some people that’s normal but with Dan and I it used to be a rare occurrence. It then built up into being day’s in which minimal words were spoken to one another. Everyday that went by when this would happen felt like i was isolated from him. 

It all came to an end because of a small disagreement. In the past when we had disagreed on something a quick hug and compromise would solve it but this time, that wouldn’t work. 

As i went through our cupboards looking for something to make for dinner, i called out for Dan to come and help decide. He had been in a pissy mood all day so i was hoping that if he could pick something he would love for dinner it would make him feel better. 

“What?” He sighed as he appeared in the doorway on his phone. 

I opened the cupboard door wider and moved so he could see, “I was wondering what you wanted for dinner?” 

He shrugged his shoulders while still staring down at his phone. I sighed inaudibly, beginning to feel pissed off with his ignorance. 

“Come on, there has to be something you want?” 

He shrugged again and turned away from me. Normally i have really good patience with things like this but recently, when our relationship was going the way it had, my patience was going.

“Ok Dan, just ignore me that’s f-”

“For fuck sake, i don’t know what i want to fucking eat ok, if i want something i’ll make it my fucking self ok.” He snapped looking at me with annoyance. 

“What the hell has crawled up your ass?”

“You. You are getting on my nerves with your constant pestering.” 

I widened my eye, anger spreading through my body.

“Are you kidding me? Seriously? This is the most we have spoken this entire week. You have said fuck all to me. You should feel lucky that i even considered making you dinner tonight.” 

He stood up straighter causing him to grow slightly taller in his already gigantic height. 

“You know what? The reason i haven’t spoken to you that much is because every time you speak it annoys me. I didn’t ask you to make me dinner, so i don’t know why i should feel grateful about it.” 

I stayed silent while he basically tore me apart with every word. This wasn’t the man who said he loved me.

“Sometime i really fucking hate you…” 

You know how in movies when something intense happens and suddenly everything goes muffled and moves slowly. When he uttered those vicious words, it felt like just that. I didn’t know what to say. My mind went crazy trying to make sense of the situation. Hates me? I felt a single tear drop onto my cheek which brought me back to reality. I need to be away from him now. 

I rushed past him and to the door, grabbing a jacket that had my keys, money and travel card, and left. I didn’t know where i was going, but all i knew was that i need to escape the crime scene of our relationship.

Teen Wolf 6x14 and 6x15

-I find it so adorable how Scott is with Scott. He really did learn so much from Derek. It’s so cute how we saw Derek him to go school and Scott wasn’t even his beta ever but Derek always wanted to protect him, always ALWAYS looked out for him. I think because so much has happened and how much Scott has grown he really has appreciated everything Derek did for him. Bonus: He’s passing on those lessons to his beta. I love that. 

-Chris Argent will always go to great lengths to protect Scott, the whole McCall pack really. He’s grown so much. 

-Gerard is filled with so much hate. That hatred was taught to him by someone. He’s never tried to understand anything else, never tried to hear reason. That hatred has grown stronger and stronger. This hatred applies to real life issues going on right now in the United States. The Guidance Counselor is almost worse. She’s blindly following this man she met in the woods and he’s giving her all this free range and power. She thinks she knows the pack but she only knows one side of things. Hatred has consumed her. The same hatred that consumes Nolan, even the wolf he knew in the jail cell-he’s judging him because of what he is and not the person he is. 

-Kudos to Coach for stepping in and helping Liam. My heart broke when the students were holding Mason back it broke my heart. To see the science teacher just do nothing upset me-you have all this power and you just decided “I’m going to let you all handle it.” You shouldn’t be a teacher. Coach has always been there, maybe he knows more than he lets on. Regardless he saw what was happening and he acted. He saw the wrong and he corrected it. 

-”I have never told Scott to run and hid and I’m not going to start now.” Melissa McCall is such a strong, wonderful mother. 

-Okay Lydia Martin in jeans. Damn. Plus with that black tank top and leather jacket combo. Lydia Martin owns me. That scene with her and the guidance counselor I was clapping. 

-Malia and Scott are such dorks. They really do like each other. Malia was so cute when she like covered her face. Reminded me of when Melissa did the same with Chris last episode 

-Scott’s all “I’m going alone” and then Lydia and Malia come crashing through like “bitch you thought.” They’ve got each other’s backs. 

-Liam just collapsing into Mason I mean just so cute. The way Liam just reaches to wrap his arm around his friends neck and lays his head on his chest in complete relief. He feels so safe. 

-Kudos to Liam for not turning when his classmates were beating him. He just kept saying “The sun. The moon. The truth” He just kept remembering everything Scott has taught him. Such strength. 

-The scene with Liam and the guidance counselor in her office was so tense. The way Liam figured it out and how quickly his facial expression changed. Strong acting skills. 

-Malia and her comedic timing. Shelley really doesn’t give herself enough credit, she is the absolute perfect Malia. Also Malia laughing at inappropriate jokes is me.  

-But Scott being all “You ready?” and Lydia is next to him and then Malia and Liam are behind him and even Theo has his claws out. THEY ARE IN FORMATION AND READY. 

-Scott/Lydia/Malia holding each other in the Sheriff station my babies 

-The Sheriff and Parrish were so great and I was just so excited when Noah was like “Lock him up” because Nolan sucks but that whole scene was great. 

-Theo always deserves to be punched 

-”SHOW ME!” Complete and utter chills down my body I am so proud of Alpha Scott McCall 

-I knew they weren’t going to run. So relieved to see them all at Deaton’s. They are ready to fight and take back their town. 

-Overall pretty great two hours. Linden did a beautiful job at directing 6x14. It was the perfect balance of all the characters. The McCall pack were amazing tonight. 

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I Know You Saved Me Too

(Not my gif, credit to its rightful owner)

Summary: You saved Bucky without even knowing him, but little does he know that he’s done the exact same thing for you.

Characters: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Flashbacks of attempted suicide, tons o’ angst, sad!bucky :(, happy ending (not really a warning but yknow), SHIT EDITING IM SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES I WILL FIX THEM TOMORROW

Words: 2171

A/N: This is a song fic based off of Song #3 by Stone Sour (here’s the version I used), requested by the lovely @pommom91. I know the song is a little more rock than this fic, but I took a more soft approach to it and took a lot of inspiration from the acoustic version of the song instead I hope that’s alright :) Anyways, I really hope you like this and it’s at least somewhat close to what you were looking for xoxo


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elennemigo  asked:

Hey! Kiss meme: Sherlolly- A kiss that shouldn't have happened. (But totally should! 😍) Thank you!

Prompt taken from-

12. A kiss that shouldn’t have happened

There’s not a whole lot of circumstances where I genuinely feel that Sherlock and Molly really shouldn’t kiss. But this was about the closest I could get in terms of the show’s canon. In fact, this could fit as a canon compliant filler scene set between S3E2 and S3E3. Oh and I know you didn’t ask for angst…but guess what you get lol. XD

Timing Is Everything 

“Oh, hi,” Molly chirped as she saw the familiar six foot form sweep into the morgue. “Working here today?”

“Just stopping by,” Sherlock replied, immediately peering at the body which was laid out on the exam table. “Anything interesting?”

“Routine, actually. Brain aneurism is what it seems like. But he was young, just under forty, so they’ve got to be sure.” Molly paused while arranging some tools, eyeing him in question. “John and Mary-”

“Left yesterday. They won’t be back for another two weeks. Seems awfully long to me,” he huffed. “Though apparently it’s a somewhat standard amount of time for a sex holiday.”

Molly bit back some laughter. “Yes, um, I’d say it’s pretty standard.”

After a moment of silence, he spoke again, though there was a hint of hesitation. “Likely planning your own right about now, I should think.”

Molly looked up for a moment and managed a smile and a nod. “Right, yeah, we are. Another few months now. But it’ll come up fast, especially with all the work involved in planning the wedding. I’m sure it’ll be here and gone before I know it!” Her laugh that followed sounded unnatural, even to her.

She glanced at the empty box of gloves on her tray then, realizing it was empty and that she’d need another one.

“Be right back,” she muttered quickly and shuffled into the supply closet.

The moment she got in she realized the step stool was missing, which meant she couldn’t possibly reach the shelf with the gloves. She’d tried climbing once…that hadn’t ended well. Molly cursed under her breath, feeling suddenly a little on edge anyway, even without this added annoyance.

“Something I can do?” Sherlock asked, leaning in the doorway.

She smiled appreciatively, gesturing to the higher shelf. “Just the um, the glove boxes. They’re all so high and-”

“Not a problem.” Sherlock stepped into the closet and reached up to grab one of the boxes effortlessly and then handed it to her.

“Thanks,” Molly replied with a little smile.

In that moment, Molly felt something instantly shift.

They stood there in that small space, their hands connected only by a stupid box of gloves and their eyes connected by a force that felt almost unnaturally powerful. For a moment she felt like she had been transported back to that moment in the stairwell after their day of case work together. She felt her lips part ever so slightly and saw his eyes dart right to them. And just like months before, Sherlock leaned down and kissed her. Though, this was quite a bit different than the kiss in that stairwell.

Sherlock really and truly kissed her. There was nothing even remotely platonic about it. This was lips connected to lips, warm and soft. And no more than a second later, she felt his mouth open, coaxing hers to do the same.

The box of gloves hit the floor.

Molly gasped against his tongue as she anchored her hands to either side of his neck while his slipped into her hair, unstopped by her loose braid, fingers pressing insistently into her scalp. Both of them desperate to get closer, hold tighter, kiss more deeply.

She could have sworn in that moment that nothing in all her life had ever felt this good. But it was that very realization, and the accompanying tidal wave of guilt, that made her eyes fly open and made her pull quickly away from his lips.

Tears sprung to her eyes almost instantly as she clamped a hand over mouth in horror. Sherlock registered her expression, looking a bit wide eyed and shocked as well.

“Molly- Molly, I’m sorry, I-”

“Oh God, oh God, oh God…” she murmured, her voice shaking as her heart pounded almost painfully in her chest. “I- I can’t believe I just- how could I? How could I do that? Oh God, Tom!”

“No no,” Sherlock said, shaking his head as he quickly and desperately tried to sooth her. “No, it was me. It was all me, and I’m truly…truly sorry. This was not you, it was-”

“No, but it was me!” she all but yelled. “That was my lips and my tongue and my hands too! It wasn’t just you! Oh God!” She buried her face in her palms with a soft groan.

“Stop punishing yourself, this wasn’t your fault! Please, please forgive me, Molly,” he begged softly, taking gentle hold of her wrists to pry her hands from her face. “It was me who kissed you and I caught you off guard so you naturally responded. But of course for you it didn’t mean-”

He stopped short, seemingly unable to finish the thought, and she couldn’t help gazing awestruck into his eyes which looked possibly sadder than she’d ever seen them look before. The sight nearly broke her into a million pieces.

In that moment she wanted to pull him into a crushing embrace and promise him that what they’d just done had meant literally everything to her, more than he could possibly comprehend! That was the only reason she was so destroyed. It wasn’t because she hated what had just happened. It was because of how desperately she loved it.

Sherlock swallowed visibly and released her wrists, clearing his throat and bending down to retrieve the box of gloves. He handed it to her and gave her a tight smile.

“I think I’ll leave you to work in peace today.”

She opened her mouth, words close to tumbling out, though she wasn’t sure what they should be. But she didn’t have the time anyway.

He leaned down to press an especially chaste and quick kiss to her forehead and then he was gone, sweeping out of the room before she had a chance to say or do anything else. Maybe that was for the best. Maybe he was right to do that, and she should be grateful to him. Grateful that he’d saved them both.

But she didn’t feel grateful, or relieved, or saved. She felt empty and lost and weighted down by one of the cruelest doses of irony that life had ever thrust upon her. She was engaged to another man…and now Sherlock Holmes had passionately kissed her.

Molly sighed, long and heavy as she shut the light off in the supply closet and trudged back toward the body. Cutting something open sounded pretty good right now.


Supergirl — Season 2  {Sentence Starters}

  • “No, no, no, I can’t do it.“
  • “You’re gonna get yourself killed.“
  • “Make smarter choices next time.“
  • “This is it for me, this is my calling.“
  • “I think she’s making a big mistake.”
  • “Hate me if you want. It is what it is.“
  • “Stand down! Everybody stand down!“
  • “No… no. I’m not taking orders from you.”
  • “I want to do something good for the world.”
  • “Um, not exactly sure you have to tell them that.“
  • “I do not need your protection… I need your trust.“
  • “You are never going to be strong enough for this.”
  • “I’ve dreamt of this moment. The two of us teaming up.“
  • “I was terrified. But nobody gets better by running away.“
  • “I got the impression you didn’t want to spend time with me.“
  • “I don’t know what I would do if you were disappointed in me.“
  • “What if he’d actually been there? What would you have done?“
  • “All of your worries, all of your concerns in life, they just fall away.”
  • “I don’t hate you. I just don’t trust you. Because you don’t trust me.”
  • “That was awesome! I mean, that was terrible, but it was awesome.“
  • “I know. I know what you’re gonna say. I should have waited for you.“
  • “There’s never been room for you, and that’s my fault. And I’m so sorry.“
  • “No, it’s real. You’re real, and you deserve to have a real, full, happy life.“
  • “I couldn’t bring your people back to life, but I could make you feel less alone.“
  • “I know you wouldn’t. But what happens when you’re not in charge any more?”
  • “Hate becomes your reason for living when you’ve lost everything that you love.“
  • “Things are bad I know, but fighting amongst each other, that’s what they want us to do.“
  • “This is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to you, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.“
  • “They say we are dangerous, that’s what they want everyone to believe. Don’t let them be right about us.“

alcoholinspired  asked:

I've seen your texts on Anders meta tags and found then to be heart endearing, which is great. In one you wrote on how people say he isn't romantic. I think it comes from the feeling of being used as an asset for the Chantry kaboom, like, if you break up with him before the final battle there's little/no hint of it upsetting him, or if you reject his first approach or step back when he asks to move in. That would contribute to say he used Hawke.I would love to see more of your thoughts about him

Hi, thanks for the ask!!

I have two answers for this, the first is the Boring Answer and the second is the Less Boring Answer.

The Boring Answer is that it’s a video game and due to programming and time restraints, you aren’t really going to get a real reaction to something huge (like say, a breakup).  In DAO, for example, if you break up with someone you get a couple of lines and maybe an approval change and then it’s back to normal.  So I don’t think we’re seeing the full picture.

Which leads us to the Less Boring Answer:

The Chantry Boom happens regardless of Hawke’s involvement.  You can refuse to help him and he will still find another way and go forward with his plan.  He does ask for your help because he trusts you, and it will make things easier for him, but if you won’t give it, then he’ll search elsewhere (or go it alone).  Because Hawke’s help isn’t necessary for his plan, (and because he was in love with Hawke long before his plan was even a thing), I think we can scratch the idea that he is only with Hawke because he needs them for this one thing.

Now we’re going to move on to the bit about breaking up with him.  This is actually a complex topic so I’m going to break it down into smaller pieces.

To begin with, Anders is mentally ill, according to Word of God (i.e. the Bioware writers).  When you are mentally ill, you convince yourself of weird things.  Anders, especially, has reason to be paranoid.  He has lived the past two decades of his life being told that mages are bad and that he is bad and that mages cannot ever fall in love because bad things will happen.  He saw first hand what happened to Karl.  Not to mention there’s that whole Justice thing (”I thought with Justice, this part of me was over.”)  He has convinced himself that he is unloveable and that Hawke deserves better.  And when you convince yourself of that, you go through your whole life low-key waiting for everything to fall apart, because of course it will.  You’re prepared for the worst because you’re convinced that the worst is eventually going to happen.  (Source: my own super fun and exciting mentally ill experience!  Whee!)

The way Anders sees it, a breakup is inevitable.  This is all temporary, and he’s enjoying it while it lasts.  This does not mean he’s not in love.  Oh on the contrary, that’s the tragedy of the whole thing.  He puts off getting into the relationship for years because he’s convinced it’s all going to end in flames anyway and he doesn’t want to put Hawke through that.  Finally, when he does realize he can’t ward his own feelings off any longer, he warns Hawke that “This will be a disaster.”  He does not see this ending anyway but badly, because he has thoroughly convinced himself that that is the case.

No wonder he’s not going to be surprised if you break up with him.  As far as he was concerned, that was going to happen anyway.  It was just a matter of when.  The fact that he eventually caves and throws himself into the relationship anyway, when he is convinced it’s going to end in tears, is ultimately proof of his romanticism, not proof against it.  He needs Hawke, even if it’s only going to be for a little while.

Now moving past the mentally ill stuff.

If you break up with him before the final battle, he says something about how he wishes that he had nothing else in his life except for you.  (I’m paraphrasing because I have of course never done this and I only ever saw it in a YouTube video once, so I don’t remember the exact line.)  This is a callback to something he says earlier; “You are the most important thing in my life… but there are some things more important than my life.”  And therein lies the key to understanding Anders’ thought process on this.

When Anders merged with Justice, the idea of the Anders with simple goals in life (”a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools”) ceased to be.  He has a higher purpose now, one that he recognizes as being more important than anything that deals with himself on a personal level.  A Hawke, entering a relationship with him, knows this.  Whether or not Hawke chooses to accept this is and love him anyway is of course up to the player– “I know I’ll never be the most important thing in your life”, Hawke says to Anders at endgame if they’re breaking up with him.

Ultimately, that’s where the rub comes in.  I have seen some people who really dislike Anders say that their reasoning is that he straight up tells you that his cause is more important than you.  That’s not what love is about, they say.  And you know, if that’s your view on it, then that’s your view on it, and I’m not here to tell you how to define love.

But really, are Anders’ thoughts on this that far off from what most of us already believe?

My parents were Trekkies and I was raised on a steady diet of Star Trek.  One of the first movies I watched as a kid was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  In the final climactic scene, Spock sacrifices himself to save the crew of the Enterprise.  “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the one,” he says to Kirk.  Spock’s sacrifice was made out of love.  So, too, is Anders’– he is giving his life to the cause because yes, it’s more important, and he loves Hawke, oh he loves Hawke fiercely, but Hawke is a part of the world he’s trying to save.

The best gift he can give you is a just world.  The world that everyone deserves– and that you deserve.

And is that not, really, so much more romantic than a bouquet of roses?

TLDR: No, Anders is not visibly distraught if you break up with him at endgame after all you’ve shared.  It’s because he’s been preparing himself for this breakup, both in an unhealthy sense (he’s mentally ill and was convinced this was going to happen the whole time) and in a, well, healthier sense (he knows not everyone is going to view the world the way he does).

And this is why I am a sucker for Handers.  Because here, at this point in the game, Anders, this sensitive man who believes he has given you every reason to turn away, asks if you’ll stay with him.  He is asking you everything here; he knows that he’s now one of the most hated men in Thedas.  He knows that he’s going to be on the run for possibly the rest of his life.  He knows that the road ahead is not easy.  He knows this and he asks you anyway, telling himself the whole time you’ll say no, of course you’re going to say no.  Of course no one would agree to this, of course no one would ever stay with him now–

–and then you say yes, and his whole world lights up.

He’s not alone.

And finally, finally, he accepts that.

I don’t get how some people don’t understand why Sam didn’t look for Dean after season 7.

Sam believes Dean is dead and when you think about what Sam just went through with Bobby then of course he wouldn’t try and mess with things. The day before Dean dies Sam sees his surrogate father posses and endanger an innocent woman. Bobby then uses this woman’s body to nearly kill Sam in a futile attempt to kill Dick Roman which would have lead to the woman’s death.

Bobby was losing his humanity but had enough of himself left to warn Sam and Dean not to mess with death anymore. “When it’s your time to go, then go” he begs them and Sam clearly takes this to heart. He could see what Bobby was turning into and how much Bobby was regretting his choice to stay.

Even disregarding all the other valid reasons Sam had for not searching for a way to bring Dean back, what happened to Bobby should have been reason enough. (That’s also why I hate the way Bobby is written in Taxi Driver because it forgets everything that Bobby went through in the second half of season 7).

So we just got a new menu a week ago, some stuff stayed, some stuff got taken out, and some stuff got added. As a result, we now have two kinds of lamb. One we have had for ages, the other is completely new.

Enter two people who, after having looked over the menu extensively, ask my colleague M for the lamb. M had been on vacation and this was her first day back, so she didn’t know the menu that well yet. Obviously, to her the lamb meant the one that we’ve had forever.

Enter me, the person who has to bring out all the food. I bring out the lamb, and they tell me this is not what they asked for. They wanted the normal lamb (side note: to me, the lamb I brought out was the normal lamb because that’s the one I’m used to but I can’t argue with guests, sadly).

So now I have to get this sorted out with the kitchen. It’s a busy night so they’re not happy with this, I’m not happy with this, and M is not at all happy with this. Now I have to go back to that table (there were four people, two of them already had their food) on my knees to tell them I’m SO sorry about the mix-up, if there’s ANYTHING we can do, PLEASE let me or my coworker know.

I hate this. First of all, if you SEE there are two kinds of lamb on the menu, BE SPECIFIC AS TO WHAT YOU WANT (this exact thing happened three times in one evening because people aren’t clear as to what they want).

Second of all, I’M the one that has to practically beg for forgiveness for something that’s a. not my fault and b. not my responsibility, simply because I’m the one that actually BRINGS the food so the guests look at ME when it goes wrong.

And lastly, when my manager found out he got angry with M for not asking for specifications, and then bitched at me that I had to go to him when something like this happens (completely disregarding everything else he ever said about how to handle these situations) because, according to him, I knew M is a bit air headed and because she just got back from god knows where she isn’t “reliable” yet.

I hate that man so much. He’s part of the reason I’m quitting (the other part is school and winter) and he’s the ONLY reason I don’t want to be back in the summer. I love this place, the people and the work, but ever since the assistant managers quit it’s gone to chaos. It’s gotten to the point where he’ll leave me (with not even a year of experience) in charge of the restaurant so he can do fuck knows what. I don’t even have a year in experience when it comes to working in a restaurant, but he still leaves me in charge.

I hate that man so much.

Church's story arc ending monologues:
  • Alpha (Season 5): You know Caboose, I used to not care. I just went along with orders, and hoped that everything would work out for me. But after all that's happened, you know what I've learned? It's not about hating the guy on the other side because someone told you to. I mean, you should hate someone because they're an asshole, or a pervert, or snob, or they're lazy, or arrogant or an idiot or know-it-all. Those are reasons to dislike somebody. You don't hate a person because someone told you to. You have to learn to despise people on a personal level. Not because they're red, or because they're blue, but because ya know them, and you see them every single day. And you can't stand them, because they're a complete and total fucking douchebag.
  • Epsilon (Season 8): I'd like to say that I found her right away, that I just walked into the Epsilon Unit, and there she was, waiting for me. As you can probably guess, it didn't happen that way, but, I know she's in here somewhere, and I'll find her. We always seem to find each other, for better or for worse. I don't know why the Director did what he did. I don't know if he was trying to revive a memory from his past, or if he was just trying to get it out of his head. But I figured out something that the Director didn't. It took Alpha, Delta, and the rest to help piece it together for me, but what I've learned is that a great love is a lot like a good memory. When it's there, and you know it's there, but it's just out of your reach, it can be all that you think about. You can focus on it, and try to force it, but the more you do, the more you seem to push it away. But if you're patient, and you hold still, then maybe... Just maybe... It will come to you. I just need to make sure I'm somewhere she can find me. I think this place is a little different than it was before. See, out there, everything is based on the Alpha, but in here, I guess I'm the Alpha. And maybe this time through, things will be a little different for me as well. I guess I'll find out. And I mean, hell, if you have to live the rest of your life in a memory... you might as well make it a good one.
  • Epsilon (Season 13): It was Doyle who made me realize something I never thought of before. There are so many stories that some brave hero to save the day, and because of their sacrifice, the good guys win, the survivors all cheer, and everyone lives happily ever after. But the hero never sees gets to see that ending. They'll never know if their sacrifice actually makes a difference, they'll never know if the day was really saved. In the end, they just need to have faith. Ain't that a bitch?

What Is Synchronicity?

 I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “everything happens for a reason”. I used to hate this saying because I thought it was a cheap answer to complicated questions. Now I see that there are no accidents, no coincidences and nothing happens by chance - everything is in alignment with the journey we are on.

The word synchronicity is derived from the Greek language. “Syn” meaning with and “chronos” meaning time - so something that happens synchronistically is happening “with time”. I interpret this to mean that whatever is happening is doing so in time with where I am in my journey.

A synchronistic experience could be - you’ve been thinking about a particular person you haven’t seen in a long time and they manifest in your life. Meeting that person at that specific time and not a minute sooner happens this way for both of you because you are embodying a similar vibration at that time.

When your vibrational frequency aligns with that of another person - you will see them more often in your life. The world outside of us reflects the world inside of us - whatever you are feeling and thinking on the inside will be reflected in your external environment. 

You can consciously manifest synchronistic experiences in your life if you are proficient in use of the law of attraction and meditation. If you focus your intention during meditations on a specific outcome - you will see it manifest. If you match your vibration to that of a specific person, place or thing - you will attract them.

Many of us are unconsciously creating the reality we live in, thus we see synchronistic experiences as coincidences. When you acknowledge what you are creating - you can start consciously deciding what you want to attract into your life. 

There are no accidents - everything happens for a reason.

Peace & positive vibes.

angelofgrace96  asked:

I know this has been done to death but could you write about taako and lup talking about glamor springs?

It was pretty obvious that Taako forgot that Lup was around the entire time he’d had the umbrastaff. It had bothered her at first, because it’d been everything she’d clung to in order to keep herself sane during that time.  

She felt less bad when after one particularly snippy comment she gave him that yes, she knew how Magnus ate the philosopher stone, she’d been there Taako, she’d always been there, he sat her down and explained that he just didn’t think of the umbrastaff as her. He didn’t want to think of the umbrastaff as her. 

She could understand that. She was trying not to think of herself that way anymore either. 

Of course, that didn’t make the way he tried to lie about things she already knew any better. 

“So, once my body finishes incubating I was thinking we need to have a major cook fest. I haven’t had food in over ten years Taako, I might start crying and I don’t even have eyes yet,” Lup said, floating down next to where her brother was on the couch. She knew her body wouldn’t be done for a few more weeks, but she was getting so impatient and it didn’t hurt to plan anything. 

“Oh yeah for sure. Gonna have to brush up on the old skills, been a while since I’ve done anything big,” Taako said, and he actually sounded excited by the idea. It was a relief, Lup wasn’t sure how he’d react to the suggestion, with what she’d overheard. “Memory wipe I guess, forgot how fucking amazing I am without my sous chef,” he added, and if Lup’s lich form could frown it would. 

She knew that wasn’t the reason why he didn’t cook anymore. 

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Hey lil bbs

Here’s my first little something I’m posting publicly–please be gentle, i am smol.

Feat: Seth Rollins and OC.

I’d like to thank @kaitlynwwefan for her advice the other night, it helped so much! 

(Title inspired by the song “Dive” from Ed Sheeran. <3

You never learn how to deal with shit like this. There isn’t a class called “How To Stop Fucking Everything Up and Eventually Be A Good Person 101.” If there is, I clearly haven’t taken it.

I sat on my couch watching Monday Night Raw, a place I used to call home. I watched as my friends paraded down the ramp, one after the next. Each match was spectacular–despite my jealously due to my current predicament.

I was scrolling through my Twitter, replying and retweeting some fans, when I noticed the time. 10:42.

As if on cue, my eyes drifted to my television screen. It was time for the main event. Bray Wyatt made his entrance and was stood in the center of the ring, and the next competitor was about to make his appearance.

His music hit, and it sent shivers up and down my spine. He made his way out of the curtain, and proceeded to walk to the beat, down the ramp with his arms open. Seth Freakin’ Rollins. He taunted the crowd, earning cheers and boos from all in attendance. Women loved him, men wanted to be him, and kids idolized him…

No one has ever had an effect on me like he had. From the moment we met it was electric. I fell head-over-heels, madly, dangerously and most important, stupidly in love with him.

We were together for just over two years. It was a very…passionate relationship, and that’s putting it lightly. We’re both stubborn, and very opinionated people; we fought like crazy and bickered constantly. It was insane the amount of times we thought it would be the end of us, and then it wasn’t.  

We loved much harder than we could ever fight, though. I loved him with everything I had, and I knew we were made for one another. He was my other half in every sense possible, and I was his as well, or so I was lead to believe.

A little over 3 months ago I was on my way home from the gym when I decided to stop at the store and grab Seth some medicine, tissues, and ingredients to make soup since he’d been feeling under the weather, and on this day I guess it had been particularly bad hence why I was at the gym solo.

Every time I saw him, the feelings and memories of that day returned and I would feel my stomach churning inside me. Seth and I shared a life together–our life. I hated that he threw it all away, and part of me hated myself for thinking he could ever love someone other than himself.

-3 Months prior-

I kicked open the front door, my blue reusable grocery bags in either hand. “Seth? I ran to the store after the gym.” Calling aloud, I laid everything out on the counter, surprised that Seth hasn’t tried to jump-scare me yet. I pulled off my sweat-soaked tank top, and threw it in the dirty clothes.

“Babe?” I called out down the hallway, still nothing. As I crept toward the bedroom door I heard Seth playing his music, “My loooove?” I called as I swung the door open…

To be honest, the next couple of hours were a blur. There was a lot of screaming and a lot of crying. I had never felt pain like I did when I saw them, it felt as though my heart had imploded in my chest, causing my bones to break and my skin to burn hotter than the sun. This was heartbreak, this was sorrow, and I was empty.

“Please, Ella, please let me explain. Please let me make this right, baby. Please…” Seth begged. His voice burned my ears like acid. I kept seeing the images flash in my mind of her on top of him. Seth kissing up her chest, her moaning his name, them fucking each other in OUR bed.

I refused to let him see me cry, I swallowed my tears as I put his shit in his suit cases. “I’ll let you know what I decided to do with the house. Once you figure out where you’ll be staying you can come get the rest of your…shit.” Standing up I gestured to the pile, “You can go now.”

“I’m not leaving! This is our fucking home! We can work through this, Els, we can! I know I fucked up, and I’m a piece of fucking shit, but baby please, I’m begging you, let me explain this to you.” Seth’s eyes welled with tears as he looked at me. He inhaled deeply through his nose, and let it out of his mouth before he spoke, “I can’t lose you. I can’t.”  

He choked on his words. I grabbed his keys, undid the key ring with our house keys on it, and put them in my pocket. “As far as I’m concerned you already have. I hope she was worth it.” I picked up his suitcase, and put it outside the door that connected to our garage, then hit the opener on the wall. “Get out, now…”

He let out a shallow breath, and walked towards me. He gripped my face and touched his forehead to mine, “Please baby…” He whispered, “I love you. You’re everything to me. What can I do–” I squirmed away, finally allowing the tears to fall silently onto my cheeks.

“Goodbye, Seth.”

Seth grabbed his car keys off the counter as he wiped his eyes. I watched him exit our garage and stand in the driveway. I hit the button to shut the door, and when it touched the ground I heard Seth screaming. He kicked the door so hard I thought he would break through it.

In the first week that followed, I would get flowers sent to the house, 10 missed calls a day, and at least 5 texts from him begging, begging just to speak with me at work, or even out at a coffee house. Then I stopped showing up to Raw, and I would get 5 missed calls, and 1 text. But soon I got nothing at all.

I haven’t seen him since the day he left. Well not really, I used to see him at work, backstage and around the ring occasionally but he never confronted me at work. No matter how much he wanted to, Seth respected me and my career and he would never cause a scene.

Nia told me when Seth first noticed I wasn’t coming back, he went to Hunter and demanded to know why. Of course Hunter knew why, but to eliminate any more questions or suspicions, he sent out a company-wide memo stating I was taking some personal time. I appreciated that more than anything. Hunter was for sure a father figure for me, and he has let me know on more than one occasion that if I needed anything to let him or Steph know and he would make it happen.

I feel guilty about it sometimes, keeping it from him. When we were together, we never expected this to happen so I don’t exactly know how he would react. Besides he hasn’t tried to contact me in months, so he must be alright now, and who knows? Maybe he’s dating that girl–the one he cheated on me with. Seth still thinks the reason I’m not working is because of him. I mean, he’s not that wrong is he?

I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I can’t exactly go running to him after everything that happened and I don’t ruin his career. I know I can’t keep this from him forever, but for now it’s what’s best for everyone. No matter how much I want to hate him, I won’t sabotage his life. Besides, I know I can do this on my own.

Pregnant or not, I’m still a bad-ass.