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hey sorry to bother you again, I've noticed my style of photography has been changing a lot recently and it's really affecting the amount of people that view my work. Do you have any advice?

First of all: Congratulations! Congratulations that you realized a change in the style of your photography. Not because one style is better than another, but because there was a change. Change is vital. A change means progress. A change means that you developed and evolved. That your view is now different than it used to be. And that is always a great thing.
And that even not matter if YOU or any other person like this “new” way better than the old way.
Whenever we learn something new, the “old” way is not lost. It is still there. You can always get back to that. It is like buying a new tool. You still have the old ones in your toolbox and can always get back to them, but you also have something new to work with.
And you changed your style for a reason. Sometimes the reason is not something you did consciously. Maybe you were just bored with what you did so far and wanted to try something new. Maybe you - as I mentioned - started to see other things. And that is always good.
I can only speak for myself, of course, but looking at the reactions of an “audience” is a double edged sword. Do they react the way you expect them to react? Well, that is a great thing. Because you obviously reached your goal. If they don’t react the way we expect them to (or hope for that they will) this can be indeed a downer. Sometimes reactions might be overly positive, which is thrilling and a great push. Sometimes reactions can be negative, which can be disheartening.
In the end, it all comes down to one single little thing: Expectations. If the reactions meet or exceed our expectations: Awesome. If they don’t… not so cool. So you have to ask yourself that one question: What do I want? What is the goal of my blog/my photography?
Please an audience or doing what _I_ want to do - what pleases me?
Reactions on the web (and especially on Tumblr) are unpredictable. I’ve been posting my own photos here for now more than four years. And not one single photo got the reactions I expected. Some photos that I almost didn’t post went “through the roof”, others that I considered to be “really good” and that I was really proud of hardly caught any attention at all.
People follow blogs for a reason: Usually because they like what they see there. Some people follow because they expect a refollow (or because they expect any other benefits) and don’t really care for your work. Which kind of followers do you want?
Post what YOU love, what YOU have fun with creating. Those people who like exactly that, they will find you. And these are the ones that will stick with your blog and will support you.
If your style changed, then the type of followers will change. Inevitably. But that will take a bit. The most important thing about this all is consistency. Keep on doing what YOU love. Interact with people, be part of this amazing community of photogs on Tumblr. And the followership of your blog, the attention for and the interaction with your photos will not only stay consistent but also grow.

- Pete

(Edit: I thought this was sent to my personal blog :/ Damned combined inboxes. Please excuse, we usually don’t answer asks like these openly on PWS)

You know what annoys me? That a lot of American or European tumblr users overlook African and Asian users. And I don’t mean immigrants or people of African/Asian ethnicity, I mean people who actually live in Africa or Asia. 

Take a post about timezones, for instance -I have never seen my part of the world mentioned in any of those. African and Asian countries are spoken of as ‘foreign’ countries. There are a lot of posts about immigrants and POC who live in America/Europe, but I hardly see anything about the people who live in their native countries. It’s as if we don’t exist: as if our parts of the world could not possibly have access to tumblr or any other social network (or that we literally do not matter to the rest of the world, but let’s not jump to conclusions right?)

And this deeply upsets me because I am very different from the POC that you talk about in your posts. I am not them: to me, they’re closer to Americans/Europeans. Their problems (although important) are not mine. And don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against posts that deal with their issues, but why can’t there be posts that deal with my issues as well?

And this even affects fandom. When there’s a character of color, the fandom seems to perceive them as essentially of this-or-that ethnicity, but not from this-or-that country. Yes, there’s a huge difference: as a native Tunisian, who grew up and still lives in Tunisia, I do not feel close to an Arab that was born, grew up and lives in Europe or America. Yes, they might look like me; hell, they might even act like me, but they do not (and can never) understand me. So when people talk about representation and only mention POC who live in America or Europe, I weep. 

Here’s what I’m trying to say: please remember that we exist, that we’re here, and that we matter. We’re POC, and our first (and sometimes only) language is Arabic, Hindi, Swahili, Chinese, Zulu, etc… We’re POC, and we don’t know what life in America or Europe is like. We’re POC, and we know very few white people in real life. We’re POC, and we speak our native language daily. We’re POC, and we have to grow up with the feeling that we are nothing, because the rest of the world ignores us.

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hi sorry for being hella weird but im 'new' to tumblr (aka i made my tumblr 4 years ago but i never actually understood it/used it) and other than the fact that im still sorta confused, i also sorta wanna know how to get 'more known'? like idk im currently stuck at the great amount of 13 followers and i would love to get a bit more action in my mentions and you seem cool so how do i do this (once again sorry for being awkward/weird oops)

i was in the same boat as you up until june! i had a tumblr for years with hardly any followers mostly because i had no idea what to do/could never find one fandom to feel comfortable in. 

my main tip is to make original content and be as consistent as possible when uploading it! it could be gifs/edits/fanart/fanfic/shitpost/general text posts but making content is a really easy way to gain an audience. if people see that you’re posting new things daily then they’ll be more likely to want to follow you. 

also making friends is a great way to become more comfortable on tumblr/they’ll help you out by reblogging your stuff. i suggest applying for nets if you ever see any that suit your demographic or maybe just starting up a conversation with people who seem like they are similar to yourself.

besides that, it’s all up to luck tbh. you can’t manipulate tumblr into giving you followers quickly nor can you predict how quickly you will gain. tbh i think the phandom is an amazing place to have a blog because i am met with constant support/am growing daily which is refreshing compared to other fandoms i have been in.

I NEED more body positivity for boys

Because i look around and see tons of body positive posts for girls, fat girls are given a lot of positivity on tumblr and that great,

But i hate my body

Theres hardly any body positivity for boys out there, cis or trans.

What about the chubby boys?

who dont fit societies expectation for flat or muscular stomachs

Im not skinny. I am chubby. I do have fat. Im not all that muscular, i dont have nice abs. And i constantly beat myself up for it. Because i dont look like those perfect, flat slim boys i see all over.

I need body positivity for boys.

What about short boys?

Its not just about the boys who you call short for being 5'7 or 5'8 because theyre under 6'0

What about SHORT boys like me

Im 4'10"
Under 5'0"

Im short. And i HATE people pointing it out. Girls always say they want a tall boy. It does hurt, honestly. I cant change how i am.


For chubby boys, for fat boys, for short boys, for feminine boys, for boys with hips, for non-sporty boys for non-muscular boys, for disabled boys I NEED BODY POSITIVITY!

firstly, trust me when i say i think it`s great that seokjin stans are so quick to come to his defense and make all of these appreciation posts for him, it`s awesome to see all of the seokjin stans showing their love for their fave and i can appreciate that. but i also really think that you all need to take a step back and look at each members popularity objectively, yes, seokjin is underrated but he`s not underappreciated- he has a ton of stans, you guys, that will make posts about him and talk about him and just over all, be great seokjin stans, but namjoon doesn`t have that. i`m not here to make this some kind of popularity contest between the two of them, because they`re undeniably both the least popular members.

but i hardly see any namjoon posts listing the good traits he has- actually, i hardly see any namjoon posts in general. barely any gifsets, edits, fanfics, text posts- again objectively, from the tumblr side of things, namjoon has the least amount of notes, so that leads me to the conclusion that he’s the least liked member.

people are probably rolling their eyes in the back of their heads by now and screaming, “don’t guilt trip people into stanning namjoon!” but that’s not the objective here. i just want to let people know that it’s a bit of a stretch when they say jin is the under dog.

- he’s the only original member who didn’t leave and had to go through the pain of seeing friends hate him for wanting to become an idol and god knows he’s hated that for so many years

- his friends left one by one and he was left on shaky ground wondering if he’ll ever make it, having only himself and his great ambition to make it through and to his goal and he finally did it

- people from overseas know his name. they know his group’s name. he did/is doing such a good job with bts. he’s probably the one who gives them the most advice and listens to them other than jimin like everyone might believe

- namjoon also, despite not being trained to, keeps up with the dancing. his dancing has been improving. i’ve seen people congratulating jin for keeping up with the choreography every time but what about namjoon? i love jin so much, but i wish namjoon was given respect as well for doing something that he doesn’t necessarily love, so well

- people did so much shit to him… they said he was too ugly to be an idol, they criticized his dancing and laughed at it meanly, they called him names, they were happy he wasn’t in the perfect man performance because they thought he would’ve ruined it…

- he taught himself english.. and god, english is so hard for koreans. they learn a totally new grammar and new sounds. namjoon never mistakes the r’s which is admirable since mistaking those is usually so common in koreans who learn english

- remember when he got hurt/didn’t attend the performances for run? probably not but i didn’t see as many encouraging messages sent for him from fans as much as i’ve seen for when the other members got hurt and it makes me sad. also when he still signed albums for the fans even with his injured hand eventually switching to his less dominant hand because he didn’t want the fans to leave without his autograph

- no one even thought the rat jokes, the lizard jokes, the death threats, his leaving the group jokes were too far. and yet he still you know how much bravery that must’ve took? it could have been a tragedy but namjoon put up with it

- also.. even though he’s the leader i legit never see anyone talking about how well he did at leading bts to success and to where they are now, i dont see people talking about how hes the person that probably solves all of their conflicts and problems, or how the song that HE PRODUCED!! is the one that got them their first #1…

- and not to mention when he spills his heart out and shares a lot of feelings in the fancafe, nobody ever gives a shit about it even when he talks about depression and loneliness. having no access to the fancafe is no excuse when we have several translation blogs. his posts about feelings and thoughts and experiences are always overshadowed by some other posts like yoongi’‘s storytime (which we love) or a maknae line selfie. i’m not disregarding the other member’s importance but namjoon’s posts are buried and never mentioned unless a namjoon stan brings them up

- when a fan told him she got his photocard, he felt the need to apologize for it?? he shouldn`t have to feel like he needs to apologize to his own fan for receiving his photo card, like it`s some kind of inconvenience??

- i`m sure he`s aware of the favoritism, there`s no way that he doesn`t know. there`s no way that he doesn`t know about how little fans he has, or about all of the awful shit people say about him. it`s near impossible to avoid seeing at this point because it`s everywhere, and it`s not fair that he has to see that shit because he doesn`t deserve it. he doesn`t deserve to have his own “fans” saying these things about him, whether they`re a joke or not.

- another little thing regarding the consistent praise for jin, power to y’all, and he definitely deserves the praise but he isn’t the only one!! why wont yall even CONSIDER realizing that namjoon… writes lyrics, raps, dances, sings, composes, produces, is a leader… .… .

- another thing, when will everyone stop sleeping on his masterpiece of a mixtape? you all nonstop, ask for yoongi`s mixtape (which we`re all waiting for, seriously) but we already have one, incredible, well produced mixtape out there for us to listen to. and not just in the meantime while we`re waiting for yoongi, but all the time. you can tell that namjoon worked incredibly hard on every song on the mixtape, but yet nobody gives a shit about it past talking about it briefly to keep up stan appearances. there was barely any recognition on march 20, 2016 marking his mixtape’s first birthday but i’ll leave that tea to turn lukewarm for yall

- lastly. where`s the love and appreciation for this song? namjoon is getting opportunities outside of bts for a reason. look at your oppas objectively and maybe you`ll realize that despite every other member being extremely talented, namjoon is also ridiculously fucking talented in multiple areas and it`s no wonder why he`s getting the opportunities that the others aren`t. he consistently puts out good material, whether it`s solo or in bts songs, and he deserves them. but yet i only see people complaining that it`s not their fave getting to do songs for soundtracks, or complaining that it`s not their fave getting solo opportunities yet. there`s a reason for that! it`s because he`s a great lyricist, great rapper, great producer and the best rapper out of the three (this is coming from me, actual full time Yoongi Worshipper.) and that`s not to say that yoongi and hoseok aren`t incredible in their own right, but namjoon has one up on them- he has experience that the both of them don`t and he knows what he`s doing. like.. .he got to feature in a song with YOON MIRAE of all people.. that obviously means something and yet nobody talks about it.

tl;dr at least jin stans wanna do shit for him, protect him, make countless posts regarding the “issue” and that`s all good, but really the issue lies within the under appreciation of namjoon. and if i gotta start the trend of making text posts to make people ~aware~, i will. seokjin having little lines or no acting gig yet doesn`t make him under appreciated, because he`s appreciated by all of his fans.. big hit/bts aren`t out to get him, they aren`t planning his downfall or conspiring against him for him to fail.. he`ll get his time eventually, but there are reasons why he`s not getting that time yet, did you ever think about that? whereas there`s no reason for namjoon to not be receiving praises and love from his own fans right now.

a psa by taeyeon and @pdnamjoon

To whomever this may apply


It’s 2016 guys, quit making assumptions because of the labels you put on people.

Tumblr has gotten real bad about this. I constantly see people advocating against racism, sexism, etc. yet they turn around and make assumptions about others because of race/gender/sexuality.

I can hardly go through a tag anymore without someone insulting and making jokes about white, cis, straight people.

Guess what? Every individual is unique. Being rude to ANY group is wrong. We’re all freaking human learn to accept that. I don’t care if you think they’re “privileged”, insulting people on the internet isn’t going to help you.

-The Mixed Mod

i’ve also noticed that tumblr users are extremely horridly incapable of understanding the opinions of people on the opposing side of an arguement. it’s the tumblr-way or it’s nothing.

and this is why nobody takes tumblr seriously. yeah, it’s really easy to type shit out that may or may not even be truthful and watch it skyrocket into popularity because “oh, tumblr is SO in-the-know!!” and “I get all of my news from!” but IN FUCKING REALITY, i’ve noticed that many irl tumblr users are fucking ignorant to what’s happening outside of tumblr and more often than not are misinformed about a lot of issues (particularly the mike brown incident, for one) and its because YES, TUMBLR IS FUCKING BIASED AS SHIT. and when they try to argue something in real life, they are taught from tumblr to BE LOUD AND USE “BIG, TUMBLR-FRIENDLY WORDS” AND NOT EVEN ALLOW THE OPPOSING SIDE TO GET A WORD IN BECAUSE THEIR OPINIONS ARE OFFENSIVE!!! AND THEY DON’T MATTER AT ALL!!! and that’s just stupid because that’s no fucking way to debate something.

tumblr doesn’t teach people jack shit. you can hardly call tumblr an “educational website” because honestly, if being “educated” means being a cop-hating cishet-bashing not-able-to-see-any-side-but-my-own-hardly-informed-side ASSWIPE, then yes, tumblr is educational.

and tumblr wasn’t even always this annoying lol which is why i stay

1AM Whispers

summary: Everyone has bad nights. Marinette had hardly pegged herself for a “cat” burglar, but maybe her streetcat with a heart of gold had rubbed off on her over the last few months.
a/n: Post-reveal. Because I see so many fics of Adrien/Chat Noir sneaking into Marinette’s bedroom, and never any of the opposite. So, why not? ^_^ Hope you enjoy!

The nightmares had come into her life just like falling asleep; slowly, and then all at once.

At first, they were manageable. The odd night terror had never dissuaded her from daily life before, perhaps just altered her mood for the first few hours of waking. A tumblr here, a gasp in the night there, nothing that a typical teenager couldn’t shrug off in place of more important things (in her case, saving the world).

It was when Marinette caught the familiar glint of black, fluttering wings hovering outside her window one night into early summer, that they began to get worse. Nightmares were never supposed to be so tangible. She wasn’t supposed to taste the metallic flavour of blood on her teeth; nor hear the snapping of her beloved rebellious street cat’s bones left in a heap next to her. Everything had become distorted, until not even the colours of the world were in the right place.

It was then that she had decided she needed someone.

Her hand shook as Ladybug formed back into Marinette, and she held it just shy of knocking on Adrien’s window. Pure instinct had brought her here.

Pulling along the strings like she had little conscience of her own.

Marinette gulped down any remaining fear, and tapped on the glass gently. “Adrien?” She called out to the night air, her chilled breath fogging up the window. “Adrien, are you awake?”

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We’re never believed when we talk about racism in fandom and people are just so eager to silence us.

I’m on the “fandom racism” tag on tumblr because I occasionally do like to find new people to block when I see this blogger talking about the white women in fandom doing shipping olympics to justify not shipping Spider-Man with Zendaya!MJ. 

Their next post in the tag comes from some anon fussing at them, accusing themof generalizing and blaming a “vocal minority” in the same anonymous message. (”hardly any white girls probably even care about spider-man” the anon said as if a majority of transformative fandom isn’t made up of white women and therefore, the spider-man fandom has a ton of white women in it)

Nevermind that people have been shitting on Zendaya since the second that the news dropped (and btw, it’s still not official news from Sony/Marvel).

 Nevermind that the Thor fandom is now pretending that it cares about Jane Foster in order to excuse misogynoiristic complaints about Tessa Thompson playing Valkyrie and possibly playing Thor’s love interest. 

Nevermind that every time a Black woman is cast as a white character, white men derride her appearance and white women dismiss her character and act as if she’s unworthy of being in a relationship with the white fave she’s undoubtedly cast opposite. 

Nevermind that already I’ve seen female members of fandom talking about how “it’d be nice to have a Spider-Man movie where Mary Jane doesn’t have a love interest” (like Homecoming already doesn’t have that!!).

When we (fans of color and anti-racist allies) talk about the racist abuse we see directed towards, fans, actors, and racebent characters of color, the first thing we see is their outstretched hands demanding “proof” and acting like making up racism is like a thing people actually do. 

It pisses me off so hard because right now, we’re getting it from two sides: members of “mainstream” fandom constantly crapping all over Black women as if it’s their job and (largely female) members of transformative fandom who’ve learned to couch their racism and hatred of women of color in social justice rhetoric so it looks like they’re fighting for us, not against us. 

And even though you can look at Twitter, in tumblr tags, and google this shit, people are still like “I don’t see why you’re complaining, it’s not a big deal”. 

Our anger is reactionary. We are reacting to endless racism aiimed towards fans, characters, and creators of color. If you sincerely believe that the right thing to do when faced with this reality is to demand proof and get mad when it’s given?

You can fuck right off. 

You know what the best part about Dan and Phil’s Sims series is?? They try.

There are a lot of Youtubers that play the Sims and their videos are perfectly fine and funny as well, but they’re all essentially the same. They either make the ugliest freaks in the world or an exaggerated caricature of themselves and use cheats to make themselves millionaires and kill people for the hell of it and just generally dick around.

I’m not saying that’s bad or anything, I enjoy those Lets Plays as well. Dan and Phil’s series is just more… genuine? Endearing? That sounds patronizing, but really, I’m actually fond of Dil Howlter. Like if he died, I would have an actual negative reaction of some sort, and I don’t think I’m alone. Somebody else has to have noticed that there’s hardly any potential tumblr url relating to Dil Howlter that hasn’t already been taken. There’s a reason this series is so popular. It’s because it’s different.

Dan and Phil don’t try to make things absolutely perfect or super serious (the clown suit pajamas and the owl slide are living proof of that) but they set goals for Dil to achieve, like becoming a master mixologist or getting the llama hedge. This is so silly, but it’s satisfying to see them reach those goals, instead of just instantly getting them thanks to cheats. 

The banter is fun, just as it is with any other Dan and Phil video, but what really makes their Sims videos so great is that they actually care.


Hello! Yay! (And nay!) As I am home.


The weather in Toronto is scorching right now, so I took today (Monday) off to enjoy the lake a little longer, and despite being a frizzy (literally, see photo) hot (so sweaty in my apartment; no air con) mess (because oh goodness, I need to clean and do laundry!) I wanted to pop onto Tumblr to say I hadn’t forgotten about you, and…

I did really bad this week on Weight Watchers. I want to blame the fact there was hardly any phone signal up there so I couldn’t use the app (it took me about 2 hours to post each Insta photo! #dedication), but really I was just bad, and ate way too much, and said “fuck it” when I shouldn’t have, and now was/am frustrated at myself. 

*as the record player continues on in its continuous loop*

BUT. What’s done is done. Sadly. So I must face the music tomorrow morning, and move on. 

Tomorrow is Tuesday (my reset Weight Watchers day), so I’ll weigh myself, and once again set out to have a productive weight watchers week.

I’ll also try to log in (baha, as if I ever even sign out of Tumblr) to update this blog about the cottage, because it still frustrates me I didn’t blog about it properly last summer, and/or earlier this year, as I love capturing the memories.

And now… shower, emails, sleep! NIghty night.

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Why aren't you talking about whats happening in ferguson

Because I have no unbiased, reliable sources. There ARE NONE. No way in hell am I going to trust what tumblr, CNN/other networks, etc say. Already so much information has been skewed to the point where I hardly know what’s going on simply because /every other post/ I see is arguing from the opposite side. Not to mention, tumblr and news networks are known for being contradictory, so there aren’t really any directly reliable sources I can count on. Besides, who are you to be telling me what to blog about? Yes, of course I am most definitely concerned about what’s going on in Ferguson, but it’s best I not blog/talk about something that I haven’t completely learned about, esp for something like this. The only thing I have to say is how I really, really hate the police/government system and the constant back-and-worth things going on on tumblr.
I don’t even know what the fuck to believe, that’s why I’m not really saying much about it. It’s heartbreaking to see all these people in such distress.



Jumping in before the day ends. Alright ladies and gents, lets talk about today and what i’ve seen. 

A lot of hate for white hispanics.

Safe to say, im disappointed. Just because someone is of lighter skin shouldn’t mean ANYTHING. This was supposed to bring Latin@’s and Hispanics together for a happy celebration that is often degraded and stomped on. Love your brothers and sisters and treat them right!

Now, I will admit, I was extremely nervous because I don’t really know spanish all to well. And I thought, would that make me “too white” for the extremist of Tumblr? I understand words and read some and I know a few but it’s not my first language or my second. Honestly, I’m not sure why my parents never taught me Spanish. My mother knows some and my grandma’s (both of them actually and my grandpa’s!) first language is Spanish, yet my sisters and I hardly know any. It makes me sad. I often get told i’m “the whitest Hispanic” my family or my friends know. I usually play it off as a joke, because I see myself in that way as well.

But I love knowing that my heritage is there. My grandma was told at a young age that she was not aloud to speak Spanish in school, and in a way, I think that’s one of the main reasons she never bothered to tell my mom to teach me. Maybe she was afraid? Who knows. What I do know is that i’m proud of her. I’m proud of how far she had come in life, how much she succeeded and how happy she is. My family is fantastic, i’m proud of my skin and I invite others to love who they are too! 

Loving yourself seriously makes things easier in the long run. Loving where you came from, who your family is, it’ll make you and those around you happy. And if the people around you try to shut you down, tell them get out of your life because you dont need them!! 

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What is your opinion about all the fans that rush the filming sets to meet Tom?

First of all: Meeting fans after work is extra-work he doesn’t have to do. He doesn’t gain any benefit from it, but pleased fans. He’s not doing it for himself, but because the fans want it.

Being nice to fans might be part of the job, but I don’t think this job is 24/7 and on a movie-set he already did the other part for maybe 15-16 hours.

Fans are selfish and want something from him to show off or… I don’t know? With all the posts on tumblr it seems showing off is the main point. I hardly ever see someone posting that they wanted to give something to Tom or tell him something. Mostly it’s people that show their selfies to prove that they’ve been there. That’s it. If I don’t see the other posts, because they are simply happy about meeting Tom and therefore don’t show off then I’m very happy for them. 

But they want to show support?

A film-set is the wrong place for that. It doesn’t help him with his work at all. Buying DVD’s does, going to the cinema does, maybe even voting for him in internet-polls and therefore making his name more known does, annoying his co-workers and adding money to the budget of the movie he’s filming, certainly doesn’t.

But good publicity and nice reports from fan-interaction do help?

Yes, to a certain degree that is true. Yet, the possibility that he gets annoyed by it and snaps or simply refuses, are higher the more people are there. Every negative account outweighs a hundred positive ones. People will only look at the bad ones.

The fans are nice and not doing anything? They aren’t interrupting their work.

I don’t doubt it, that they are nice, but still they are interrupting just by being there. Simply the fact that there are lots of people though means that they have to pay extra for security and that it costs them money. They don’t have to hire someone if there are five-bystanders, but if there are fifty they have to. No matter how well behaved they are, even if they just stand there doing nothing. Movies depend on a certain secrecy and with every person they fear that this secrecy might get violated. So they have to be extra-carefull even if people claim and are super-nice.

But he could say no?
Well, I’m not so sure. Not because anyone is forcing him, but because of the social pressure. He always said that he doesn’t want to disappoint fans. So he probably moves out of his way to please them. I’m not saying that he doesn’t want to meet fans. Certainly not, but I think it depends on the time and place and if it is not the time and place, he might be persuaded to do it nevertheless, because of his eagerness to please. That’s his own choice and decisions though. If he doesn’t stand up for himself, then I think he has to take it. 

I really do think, that it was nice for him, when he was lesser known to see that people do care about him. That he liked to get the immediate feedback that movies usually lack. Right now it seems though, that it developed in unpayed, overtime signing hours and fotosessions, simply because of the sheer amount of people.

So it might sound like a good idea, because you know where Tom is and you know that he is nice to fans. A lot of others will have the same idea though and that’s when it becomes a problem.

Just think about all of this before. You come to the conclusion, that there are a hundred fans anywhere so you as another person won’t make a difference. Then do it.

I probably would take a look as well, because I’d love to see a movie set, but I’m not interested in this kind of interaction at all. I wouldn’t stay when I see hundreds of people, because I don’t like crowds. I don’t ever want to meet Tom in a situation where it is a fan that wants an autograph or foto, either. Never ever. 

Otherwise I think that premieres, award shows and conventions, etc. are the better place to get close to a star, because that are the places where it is expected that there are a lot of fans and people are prepared for it.