because i guess i didn't believe it before then

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yes mark ruffalo ACTUALLY streamed a big part of Thor because he didn't realise he hadn't turned off his instagram livestream 😂 (he was streaming the red carpet before the premier btw)

tom holland: yeah i’m kind of known for spoiling these movies a little, i guess i just have a big mouth haha 

mark ruffalo: hold my beer, i’m gonna livestream my fucking movie

Imagine Keith telling a straight Shiro he was gay. Shiro jokingly asks if Keith has a crush on him and is shocked when Keith hesitatingly admits that he does.

A couple of days later, after much contemplation on Shiro’s part… He decided to give Keith a chance. He was Shiro’s closest friend and he liked Keith a lot so maybe Shiro could learn to love him..?

Imagine Keith savoring every moment with Shiro, thinking that one day Shiro would leave him when he finally realizes that this was just a phase.

Imagine Shiro doing his best to make Keith believe otherwise because Shiro had learned to truly love Keith regardless of his gender.

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This old lady asked me where the popcorn was, I tell her with absolute certainty because it's basically my job to know where shit is. She walks off. A few minutes later, I see her again, talking to an older employee, who was reading the little descriptions under the aisle numbers before giving her the same number I did. I'm guessing she asked her about popcorn too. Lady turns around to enter the aisle only to see me there, smiling at her. Didn't believe me, didya bitch. Anyway I hate old people.

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I have more issues with W than I have with M. It's obvious that M is just a beard. She might like the attention she gets being with D but she looks just as unhappy as he does when they take pics. W on the other hand stays out of the limelight for the most part but he seems to be in love with Chris. And the fact that Chris dedicated the book to him really made me think this might be real. Chris books are his babies and I don't think he would dedicate them to someone he didn't love. Your thoughts?

Honestly, when I first joined the fandom, I had a really hard time dismissing the PA.  Because agreed, beard is easy.  Even before i knew, I sensed something was off and never felt they had chemistry.  And now that i know, the more they try to sell it, the less believable it becomes.

But Chris sells his fake relationship better.  Well at least he did. I actually don’t think he does anymore (which in large part is because i think he is over it completely).

I guess the thing that happened that finally convinced me 100% that it was in fact not real, was Halloween.  I can easily dismiss the Kiss Pic.  My friend, a physical therapist (and for the record, not a CC fan, she’s just aware because of me), who knows how every muscle works and is attached to the body, and how the muscles can move, looked at the photo and in less than 5 seconds, was able to dismiss it, saying the way the PA’s head is attached to his neck by the muscle is physically impossible. Others have done a much more sophisticated analysis and come to the same conclusion, photoshop.  But go ahead, google the pic and compare the neck muscle with this anatomy pic (but you didn’t think I’d go there). You too will see its actually humanly impossible:

So why use a manip? Not necessary if this is a real relationship.  Not to mention, if this was real, do we really think Chris Colfer would have allowed that picture to be leaked? A man who craves privacy.

Besides this, Chris puts out constant hints all of the time on social media.  He has thrown more shade at beard than I would even think possible. Remember the backstage Hedwig Kiss?  This was his IG like about an hour after Miss I crave privacy posted it on facebook:

He does this constantly, He has shown Darren so much support its unreal. He is often able to tell the future. Its amazing. And he has thrown more shade at her, that there is absolutely no question what his opinion is and how he feels about her.

TLOS.  Are you reading? I know, I am such a broken record.  Darren is all over those pages. I just did my post on Arthur this morning.  He is so many other characters.  And yes, I do think Will is represented, as Lester, the assistant.

And let’s talk about Chris on this tour.  Wearing 2 necklaces.  One Gemini.  One Saturn/Aquarius.  And he has been sure to show us the necklaces practically ever single night. And you know what night he did not wear them?  Ab Fab.

Speaking of the premiere.  Not a date, Chris made sure to bring a chaperone. Also, W was relegated to the back seat!! And that selfie.  So incredibly awkward.

On the dedication, I hate that he felt that he needed to do it.  But there is not one world written that makes me think this was written to the love of his life, soul mate, chosen partner. It was written to someone that he plays interactive games with.  Figures out what 10 years olds would understand.  and is his secret weapon.

Secret weapon indeed,  As long as the PA is the perceived boyfriend (and remember Chris had never named his as the boyfriend), it is impossible for CC to exist.  And further, as Chris is openly gay, most do not think he would choose to hide.  He doesn’t need a beard.  And if we are being honest, was it a choice?   I think he was forced to hide and participate when he fell in love with Darren.  So fine, a choice, but one to protect the person he loves,.  And make no mistake about it, Chris could have walked away. He did not have to participate.  But he did.  Why?  Because clearly, as he stated himself, there is so much love between these two that he will fight for as long as he has to as long as love triumphs in the end.

I think it has long been established, no question this is Darren, as posted on Chris’ IG and used a year later on a talk show.

And finally, if ever one questions, and yes, something else I have brought up continuously, a video cannot lie.


“I shall believe it as a fate encounter to have you sent to me, 

instead of any other Meiko models…”



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Not sure if you have fielded this question, but this has been on my mind for awhile and since I love your thoughts and analysis I wanted to get your opinion. What do you think was going through Clarke's mind after the kiss? I know she got lost in a moment of "real human connection", but I am more focused on the after. Especially her "Not yet" line. Do you think she said it because she meant it? Or because she didn't want to hurt Lexa when she still needed her? (pt. 1 of 2)

(pt. 2 of 2) And do you think she recognized her own feelings for Lexa after that kiss? I guess a general breakdown of Clarke’s timeline of feelings for Lexa would be cool too. Sorry for the length of my question but I just love all your responses!! Thanks:)

I have answered this question before. In kinda multiple asks. Here is a summary of the ‘epiphany’ moments that Clarke and Lexa had. The moments where – I believe – they realized that they cared for each other on a deeper level than just admiration:

First, here are links:  

^^^Basically the ‘not yet’ was to say the timing was off due to them about to go to war and her not being over killing Finn yet. This is contrasted with Wicken. 

^^^Showing that Lexa chose her heart to go back for Clarke after Clarke went back to save Abby.  

This look of Clarke’s is when I feel she was pretty smitten with Lexa. This moment she really sees Lexa. She sees Lexa in the real world and through the mask Lexa puts up in public. Clarke realizes and sees in Lexa’s eyes the way she looks at her with such compassion, love, respect, and vulnerability; a look only given to her. Clarke has seen a part of Lexa that people rarely get to see… this is not lost on Clarke. She realizes how special she is to Lexa and how special Lexa is to her. Lexa is someone that supports her and tries to provide her with lessons to be the best leader she can be. Lexa shows her love through giving these lessons; these lessons that will hopefully protect Clarke by preparing her. 

So when was Lexa’s epiphany moment when she realized her feeling for Clarke was more than just admiration? Well, she had been falling for Clarke in an admiration sense before they even met. She probably heard about this beautiful young blonde leader that has been able to hold off her troops advances; not once but twice. When Lexa finally saw Clarke for herself – saw her strength, determination, etc. – her admiration and respect for her deepened with everything Clarke did after that moment. For instance, Clarke being a reasonable person and giving Finn’s body to the people of TonDC for restitution – we want the same things Clarke. When she recited the Grounder farewell when she lit the pyre. Her determination to save her people and to find justice, etc.

Lexa sees Clarke’s ability to lead well and make hard choices. Clarke doesn’t let her emotions (heart) override her logical decision making. She actually uses her closeness to people to make logical decisions – your heart shows no sign of weakness. The moment I believe that Lexa realized how much she cared about Clarke – in more than an admiration/respect sense – was after they escaped Pauna. That is when Lexa gives Clarke this look: 

Up until then, the things she did –saving Clarke from Quint, telling Clarke to leave her, telling her about Costia – I believe was out of protecting the alliance and Coalition. She was protecting and teaching Clarke lessons because she was the leader of the Skaikru and Lexa needed her to ‘get her head in the game’ and stay alive because she needed her. It wasn’t until after the Pauna incident that Lexa WANTED and needed Clarke. I talk about both Clarke and Lexa’s feelings and motives about the Pauna moment in depth in THIS ANALYSIS.

For Clarke, after Lexa confessed her feelings and after the kiss she started to realize “yeah, I’m here for this” and started to hope. She started to hope for the both of them, that their lives can be about more than just surviving. They share similar burdens and won’t judge each other for the things they have to do for their people. (Think about how Octavia and Abby treated Clarke after they found out she knew about the missile vs how Lexa treated and supported her). You can see them both steal glances at each other on their walk to Mount Weather…making sure the other one is still there; reading their face to see if they are alright. They grin at each other and at their accomplishments and how far they have come. Their people are united and they know what they mean to each other. There is hope.   

You see them both give each other lingering glances in the beginning of 2x15 when they were going over the plan. (let me just slip this meta in here while I’m at it [x]) They confess their feelings and wants with each other while they wait for the door to open. Lexa wants Clarke to come to Polis and to see her home, and Clarke tells Lexa that she has changed her views. Clarke called Lexa (and the Grounders) a savage(s) “Show them YOU aren’t a savage”….by the end Clarke sees Lexa and the person she is “YOU already have.” Clarke and Lexa talk about each other (the ‘us’) through a ‘we’ or using their people – or at least this is my belief. “To those WE’ve lost, and to those WE shall soon find” “Don’t WE deserve better than that? Maybe WE do.” 

So, Clarke realizes that she cares for Lexa by the end of 2x14. Unfortunately, we then see the devastation and heartbreak on Clarke’s face (both of their faces actually) when Lexa makes the deal with Mount Weather. You see a moment where Clarke accuses Lexa of never caring about her – using her people as the subject matter instead of saying ‘me’ – “but you don’t care about that me, do you.” That is when Lexa responds “I do care Clarke…but I made this choice with my head and not my heart. The duty to protect my people comes first.” What was Clarke’s reply? “Please don’t do this.” Clarke doesn’t say “This is wrong” or anything like that….this is the moment Clarke understands…. 

She understands that Lexa cares about her still and her confession wan’t a lie. Clarke by saying “Please don’t do this” is asking Lexa on a personal level to stay – she realizes that Lexa made the best choice for her people and is a decision she would have made herself (one she does make). As Jason said “Clarke/Lexa got close bc they bear the same weight on their shoulders. Clarke’s gutted, largely because she GETS it” in response to the betrayal. Even though Clarke understands Lexa’s betrayal was of the alliance and not her, a part of her can’t help but to internalize this as a personal betrayal as well. We will see this play out in season 3. (gif) (gif)

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Is your dad okay with you and cry being alone in a hotel? My parents would have flipped (however they didn't know I was a lesbian yet so I guess it worked out lol). And thanks for answering my question before! (The one about androgyny). Have a good day! -AndryAnon

lmao the first time he believed I was with my two other friends as well, but I only said that to get all of my family off my case.

They wouldn’t be able to do anything either way because I’m an adult, but at least by telling them that they didn’t have to worry so much. And it also gave Cry an out to not have to meet my dad.

And this last time he was actually staying at my house. My dad stayed at his girlfriend’s while Cry was here.

The most he said to me was, “Be safe. Pay attention to the dog, feed the dog, feed the fish, get the mail, and don’t burn my house down.”

I get that these questions would be more interesting if I were younger and it was more taboo, but I’m an adult - my dad has no choice but to be okay with it. He trusts me, and he trusts my decisions.

And no problem! Have a good day~

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I think the reason so many came to the incest conclusion was because they were sort of primed for it by a post last night implying that uncle grandpa himself is an incest joke. it got shot down pretty quickly but the notion of uncle grandpa being a potential source of incest jokes stuck even if people didn't believe it to be the case. Then the one joke comes in and because so many people are primed to conclude incest even if they didn't believe the post, and that's the interpretation that goes.

ah, I never saw that post but I guess that would make people more sensitive to it. It’s funny, though, pretty much the only people who make incest jokes about Uncle Grandpa are people who are hating on the show. As far as I know, the show itself doesn’t make any allusions to incest and they play the Uncle Grandpa thing pretty straight, like its just who he is.

I recall reading interviews before the series aired and Pete Browngardt talked a lot about the concept and why he’s called Uncle Grandpa. Essentially, Uncle Grandpa is everyone’s uncle and grandpa in spirit, he’s supposed to embody the concept of a fun relative who stops by time to time and you don’t know them too well but they’re always ready to help and lend a hand before they disappear again. Its really a very sweet concept, imo. In this interview he talks about how Uncle Grandpa was in part specifically inspired by uncles he had growing up, who weren’t actually blood relatives of his, just friends of his father’s. They just called them Uncle So-and-So for ease of speaking and they were always around so they were like uncles. 

Not everyone grows up like that, I suppose, with relatives who aren’t really relatives. So I guess that’s why its easy to think its an intentional incest reference, because if you don’t have uncles who aren’t technically your uncles or anything similar it can be hard to understand the concept. But the fact remains that that’s where that comes from and its not fair to accuse the creator of making a cruel incest joke (out of the entire concept of his cartoon) when he’s really just drawing from childhood memories. And the kids watching aren’t taking the Uncle Grandpa thing as being an incest thing, because the show doesn’t treat it that way. They just see it as him being who he is. It’s adults (and teens) who are reading the incest narrative into it because of the unfortunate adult sensibilities. It’s why we can read dirty jokes and references into things that aren’t meant to be dirty. Our age and life experiences have ruined out ability to take anything at face value, we inherently see and hear double meanings and it can seem ‘so obvious’ to us even though often times its actually not intentional.

So its funny that people accuse Uncle Grandpa (and by extension SU) as making incest jokes when its like, naw man, that’s all you. The SU crew likely have an understanding of UG’s concept and inception so they don’t think of him as an incest joke at all. Which I think is why they accidentally phrased a joke in a way that could be taken as a reference to incest, because the idea didn’t even occur to them. That can happen when you work really closely on something, you can’t see all the ways someone can take it because you know what you meant. 

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  • Maya: not enough courage perhaps? I think maybe I've associated the whole concept with pain. Every time i was interested in someone or I showed the slightest inclination of affection something always swooped in and made her disappear. Whether it was my mother or something else. I'm very afraid of ever allowing myself to become so involved that my world stops if they go away or something happens. I don't exactly know.. I guess HOW to love someone either. Which just makes me more avoiding.
  • Maya: I don't know.. honestly.. I used to think my mother hit me because she loved me.. and I only realized that maybe that wasn't true when I got with you and you didn't touch me like that so.. I don't know. I just followed your lead. You didn't hit me so I didn't hit you and I tried to learn how to be gentle with you the best way I knew how.. just observation. Like I learn how to mimic other people in social situations -- it's easy after awhile.
  • Maya: and I don't believe it. Even after all these years.. when I'm told initially there's this sense of pure awe and surprise and I just.. I can't believe that. The first time you ever told me you loved me.. that was the first time that I ever heard those words in my life. And I didn't believe you. Why would I? I mean.. I knew you wouldn't lie but the idea of it was just so foreign that I didn't really.. know what to do with it
  • Zosia: i understand that feeling. i used to believe the same thing, and it showed. earlier,though. before i met you i wasn't always gentle. i didn't have much use for kindness. i was used to hitting + being on either side of the equation because it meant feeling something and i was forced to be in present moment rather than losing myself in the maze of escapism i lived in.
  • Zosia: i guess i had a weird complex too... i mean, having temporary wounds seemed like the very least of a trade off for a day's worth of ruining others' lives entirely. but after the situation with matthew, the wind was knocked out of me. i realized the actions, good or bad, were consequential. death was always around the corner. i had thought somehow that being on the receiving end of harshness would somehow erase the harshness i distributed myself. maybe two wrongs would cancel each other out and we'd fall invisibly under the radar and suffer in silence. even that was too peaceful of an idea, i guess. it was like I had spent years asleep and unconscious, and was suddenly jolted awake when he took his last breath. i was at the end of something, on multiple levels, and the move to paris was a new beginning. at that point i was so exhausted of being so goddamn hard all the time. i never wanted to be vulnerable like that again, but i was forced to soften. i believed i didn't have it in me to go through such a traumatic thing again, so all of a sudden i was at a crossroads - a) i wouldn't allow anyone to get close like that ever again, or b) I could let someone get even closer and do the right thing this time. love them before i lost them. i think it's obvious what i tried to choose.
  • Zosia: i was also pretending, a little, when it came to being around you. i wanted to be as reckless and wild and carefree as before, but this time with the intent to create something good. it was terrifying if i thought about it, so i stopped thinking. with you i just... let things unfold without expecting anything. i wasn't on the lookout for a new shot at love, just some fulfilling entertainment. but you got me, maya. you got me good.
  • Zosia: i have never been able to recognize what love is until it's too late. i knew what it felt like to be enamoured and infatuated, but love was harder to detect. it always hit me as an aftershock, when the one i loved was taken away. i made that same mistake with you. when you left is the moment i knew i loved you, and i think that realization hurt even more than your absence... because whether i liked it or not, there was a part of me in you i could no longer see the end of; lost in you for better or for worse.
  • Zosia: maybe it's twisted or narrow minded of me, or maybe i am fascinated and can empathize to your shadow so much that the truth doesn't rattle me as much as it should, but the part of your letter that surprised me the most was being your first... positive experience. i had no idea. you seemed so sure of yourself, it made me feel secure. do you think it worked so well in Paris because we were both faking it in the hope of making it? and now we're back in the real world, we're being tested to see if we find our footing again? maybe there's nothing to do when it comes to love. maybe nothing's meant to make sense.
  • Zosia: if openly accepting it and believing it is the harder option, as a fighter, let it be in your nature to dare to trust the more difficult path.
  • 💬
  • Zosia: i'm sorry for any coldness you have felt from me. it just so happens that every time i'm warm an explosion occurs soon after.