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I’m sorry, but this is complete bullshit. I get censoring out videos that talk about sex and more explicit things - which these restrictions accomplish to some extent - but this does more than just that. 

For example:

  • You know dodie’s “Sick of Losing Soulmates” video? Yeah, the official music video got taken down, but not because of language. The original release of the song on her main channel is still up with the restrictions on.
  • When you look up creators like Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, Hannah Hart, and Tyler Oakley, just to name a few, in the search bar, their channels don’t show up.
  • Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm” official video isn’t available. Some videos of her performing it are up, but not the actual music video, a video that has no adult themes. 
  • Evan Edinger’s video on demisexuality isn’t available. Sure, he mentions the word “sex” a few times, but sex ed/human reproductive system videos aren’t down.
  •  MilesChronicles only has eight videos up with the restrictions. All their videos relating to their gender or sexuality don’t appear on their channel.
  • Troye Sivan’s coming out video (2013) isn’t there.
  • All of Melanie Murphy’s videos - except one - where she talks about her bisexuality aren’t available.
  • Only eight of Stevie Boebi’s videos show up on her channel; only one directly relates to being queer, the other is her identity video where “lesbian or bisexual” is in the thumbnail.

Trust me, there are more; you don’t have to look far to find them. But why does it matter? Can’t you just turn off the restrictions? Well yes, if it isn’t locked. YouTube offers an option to lock on Restricted Mode for the browser. A kid who’s trying to figure themself out and is terrified about it won’t have these resources and stories and models to help them if their parent(s) enable this restriction. Their self journey will be so much longer and harder than necessary because of it.

And what about the younger kids. The kids who are in a heavily sheltered environment where the only information they have about being queer is taken-out-of-context Bible verses. They’ll see the very minuscule number of lgbtq+ videos and feel even more isolated and like a pariah.

We need these videos.

Youtube has been a happy place and a space of belonging for me and so many others, we can’t take lose that. @youtube you said you’re proud of representing queer voices, you better fucking mean it.

UPDATE (20/3/17):

As pointed out by Philip DeFranco - amongst others - this is not only an lgbtq+ issue. We should not be viewing this just as *potential* homophobia, but rather marking people who are different from the societal norm as an “other.”

It has been brought to my attention that some videos concerning mental health issues have also been taken down. As @srgtfuckybarnes said, Hannah Hart’s video about living with depression is no longer available with these restrictions.

This is a bigger issue. It takes people who have different thoughts and opinions and placing them in a light that suggests their views are less than. 

I want to make this very, very clear, though: the intent of YouTube isn’t bad. I highly, highly doubt workers at YouTube sat down and at a meeting and said they were going to censor these types of people. That being said, the result/effect is still negative. How it effects people (in this situation) stands out more than whether or not YouTube is trying to separate people as an “other.”

Thank you to everyone (especially @2022hadmefrickinzazzed) for making constant updates to this. That is very much appreciated.

There is a growing demand on CBR to have the costumes in X-men Gold redone because Ardian Syaf designed them, and due to the controversy, many feel it is inappropriate for the X-men to wear costumes designed by Ardian when the X-men are all about inclusion. Opinions’s aside, If you feel that the costumes need to be redone, please post your designs in the comments section.

Here is my submission:

For Kitty Pryde: I wanted to give her an homage to her old blue Excalibur costume, so I combined some of the blue color with a streamlined traditional uniform. The blue adds to her position as leader akin to a time when Cyclops wore blue as the recognizable figure. Also her hair is longer in a recognizable Kitty Pryde ponytail; Kitty has always been the girl next door type. She looks like a grown up Evolution Kitty.

With Rachel: I wanted to keep the Prestige color scheme, but I don’t think that she need to deny her roots just because she wants to forge a new path, so I simplified the Legacy costume but kept the red and black color scheme. I also kept the hound marks.

For Storm: While I love her original Cockrum costume more than anything, I really am sick and tired of female superheroes flying around in swimsuit costumes. I loved Anka’s bodysuit because it still exposes elements of her skin but it incorporates the X symbol on her chest. I got rid of the mohawk and added the long hair and tiara in addition to her mother’s ruby. I think she looks like she can be taken seriously without looking like a sex pot.

I know it is a lot of black, but each costume has a splash of color. For the men, I would do go a similar route and return Colossus to his modern fade hair pompadour haircut with that awesome beard he was sporting and put him in his future Colossus costume when he had Illyana’s sword (minus the sword). Nightcrawler’s costume is iconic, but I would shorten the red V on his chest so that it doesn’t go all the way to his crotchm maybe just his abdomen. As for OML, I don’t like the long coat but if he’s going to wear civilian clothes I would put him in the now iconic brown Wolverine jacket with the stripes on the sleeve that was made popular in the movies.

Yuya’s ace monsters.

I thought Odd-Eyes looked weird when I got him, but now I know it because he’s missing Pendulum’s horn-things. I’ll have to go back and look at the first episode of the anime to see if Odd-Eyes originally looked like his card design because how sick would it have been if along with turning into a Pendulum monster, Odd-Eyes literally transformed into a more powerful monster.

Flowers- Andre Burakovsky imagine

It was late and it was raining and the last thing you wanted to do was leave your apartment. So where are you right now? Out in the rain heading to the grocery store because you’re roommate waited until the last minute to tell you that she had finished all the bread and that she really needed more for tomorrow. You had to go instead of her because she had to finish a paper that was due at midnight that night.

               The streets were dead as you walked the few blocks you needed to to get to Whole Foods. The rain was pouring pretty steadily and chills had crept up your back causing you to hustle across the street and into the grocery store. Once inside you pulled your hood down and readjusted your hair and noticed how this place was just as empty as the street with the only two people inside being you and the cashier. You passed by some flowers as you walked towards the bread aisle and noticed that some of them looked really beautiful so you made a note to pick some up before you left.

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Get Well Soon {Jeon Jungkook}

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Normally I don’t mind being woken up by Jungkook, but when it’s at three in the morning and it’s from him getting sick right next to me isn’t too pleasant. I have to live with it for now, we went to the hospital last night because he had a high fever, he ended up getting diagnosed with the flu after 45 minutes of being there, we had to stay to get his fever down before we were allowed to go back home. It was one when we arrived back home, he slept for two hours and then woke up because he started throwing up in the waste basket that we kept near our bed. I comforted him the best I could while being half asleep, it was basically me rubbing his back and sleepily telling him that he’s going to be okay. I ended up falling back asleep and woke up by myself a few hours later when the sunlight shined in through the curtains, I got out of bed and I was covered in sweat, whether it was mine or Jungkook’s I had no way of telling. I sighed quietly and went to change out of the sweat drenched clothes and when I finished changing I went to grab the thermometer out of the draw of the bedside table. I sat on the edge of the bed and ran the thermometer across his forehead and waited for the beeps to stop. When I looked at the small screen I sighed and walked into our bathroom to get a cold washcloth for his head because he got another fever, not as high as the last one, but it was still there. I pushed his bangs up off of his forehead and lightly kissed his fore head before putting the cold damp washcloth on his forehead. I had originally planned on going to hang out with my friends today, but I decided to stay home and take care of my sick bunny boy. I knew he was upset when he was told he couldn’t do promotions all week, he even blamed himself for it, but I told him it was okay and he needed to rest, he was already working hard and he needed the rest anyway. I did as much as I could before he woke up again, it was basically eating breakfast and making him soup because he needed something in his system, there was nothing in there right now. I heard sniffling and sneezing coming from the bedroom and immediately knew he was awake.

“Y/N-ah!” He called in a nasally tone.

“I’m coming, hold on.” I said as I walked to the living room table to grab the tissue box.

I walked into the room with the tissues and sat on the edge of the bed again.

He pulled a tissue from the box and blew his nose before speaking to me. “Did the hyungs leave you anything for me?”

“They left you get well notes and Jimin brought me a stuffed animal for you.” I said as I pushed back his bangs from his forehead again.

He smiled before he went into a fit of coughing. “I’ll have to thank them when they get home.”

“Are you hungry, even if you’re not you should probably eat something because you don’t have anything in there right now.” I said as I grabbed the washcloth off his head so I could go get it cold again.

“I’ll eat, don’t worry, I know you’re worried about me.” He said with a small cough.

“How can I not worry about you, my baby is sick and had to go to the hospital because of it, it’s not like I can stop worrying about you since we know what you have now.” I said as I wrung out the washcloth so it was only damp.

He started chuckling, but the chuckles turned into a fit of coughing and when that finished he covered his face with the blanket as I walked back into out bedroom. He peeked his head out when I tried taking the blanket down.

“I’m a burrito.” He said as he pushed his bangs up for me.

“Sure, you’re a burrito. I’m going to go get your soup, so maybe you should unwrap yourself and stop being a burrito so you can eat.” I said as I rolled my eyes at him being a dork.

He huffed at me and did as I told him. I went out to the kitchen and got him his soup, I grabbed the stuffed animal that Jimin brought for Jungkook with me when I brought him his food. When I came into the room he pushed himself up so he was sitting up. I put the stuffed animal next to him and gave him his soup, I was going to leave him to eating, but he grabbed my wrist before I could even try walking. He looked at me with his glossy brown eyes and his rosy cheeks glowing brightly.

“Stay here, I want you to sit with me.” He said in a pleading way.

I sighed and then smiled. I crawled into the bed with him and sat next to him, I put my arm around him and let him eat. He enjoyed the food I made him and he was finished in ten minutes. He laid back down and ended up bringing me down with him. I faced his side and I stroked his hair with my finger tips and kissed his temples. He was all types of sweaty from his fever, he had the sniffles and I was sure he was tired because he hadn’t gotten much sleep before hand. He was asleep within the hour and I managed to escape from his grasp and got out of bed to go sleep on the couch, but before I left him alone I had one last thing to say to him.

“Get well soon Jungkook.” 


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Imagine Bucky was cloned a few times, so that HYDRA would have backup Soldiers or they could work as a team. And just as everyone is having their "Thank God he's back" moment after saving him, especially Steve, they learn about the cloning and that they've got A Bucky, not THE Bucky.

Natasha realizes as soon as she sees him, the way he looks at her. Not like how the one she knew looked at her. She remembers rows upon rows of potential Natashas, what she did to make sure that there would only ever be one Black Widow.

“Where are the rest?” she asks, her hand on her gun. He looks down, and she knows what became of them. “Can you talk?”

“I can talk,” he says, petulantly. “Take me with you. To the Captain.”

“You’re not the one he wants.”

“But I’m the one he’s going to get,” he says. Scrappy, just like all clones, just like her. Natasha’s artificial belly button itches, and she takes her hand off the gun.

“Come with me.”

Steve can’t bear to look at him, at first, because he looks just like Bucky. Except his hair is darker, ostensibly from not being in the sun as much as a person would be, and his hands and face are so smooth. That callus Bucky had on his finger from writing so much isn’t there, or that scar on his chin from when he fell and hit his face on a window ledge when they were kids. He squints because he isn’t used to rooms with windows. This isn’t Bucky.

“He wanted to come with me,” Natasha says tonelessly. “He wanted to meet you.”

“It’s good to meet you,” says not-Bucky, holding out a smooth hand. “We talked a lot about you, in the hive.”

“The hive,” Steve repeats blankly.

“Where I’m from,” he says. “Um, I’m Job. Like the whale guy.”

“Like the whale guy.”

“Sure,” Job says. “Because I’m the optimist of the bunch.”

Steve doesn’t know what to say.

Job is innocent. The rest of the clones died because of a genetic illness their generation was vulnerable to; Job got sick, but survived along with a couple of others who left the hive to try their fortunes elsewhere. And Job? Job stayed, tending to the bodies of his generation and living off of MREs while he got a hang of the Internet.

They get him a change of clothes and offer him a soft bed. On the surveillance cameras, they watch Job cry himself to sleep. The optimist of the bunch.

“I have questions,” Steve says to him the next morning. Job is eating fruit salad, and duly impressed by the cubes of pineapple he keeps spearing. He’s wearing tinted glasses, thoughtfully picked up by Natasha, who Steve has only just realized has a habit of wearing sunglasses indoors. He stows that uncomfortable thought away for later.

“I bet,” Job says. “Clones, right? Who knew?”

“I mean about your original, your…” Steve trails off, but Job nods, understanding.

“I’ve never met the original,” he says with regret. “I kinda figured he was dead. But see, I kinda figured you were dead too! And then I got the Internet and it looks like in a world with clones, anything is possible.”

“I know he’s alive,” Steve says.

“Cool,” Job says. “The more the merrier, I never say. Is that why you’re keeping me around? Until you can find the original? Because that makes me really uncomfortable.”

“No, I…”

“I’m no good at fighting either,” Job says. “I’ve never even held a gun, obviously. I’m a decoy model.”

“A what?”

“The weaponized ones are useful, they have individuated skills that take a while to program,” Job says. “I’m just insurance. Dime a dozen.”

Steve feels sick while Job prattles on about essentially being a specially grown human shield.

“But I was really bad at even that, so they just left me alone for the most part. With books and shit. And Rosetta Stone,” Job says. “And the guys, obviously. I socialized them. Anyway, I shouldn’t be an Avenger.”

“What do you want to do, then?”

“I kind of just want to be left alone. With books and shit. And Rosetta Stone,” Job says, and clears his throat, to disguise a sob, Steve realizes.


I made this with inspiration from how I’ve been feeling lately. *Ps, sorry I’ve been so inactive lately; I’ve been pretty sick and it got the best of me but I’m felling better now so all is good :D*

*Edit* I added another photo with a ‘fuck you’ banner because I had originally wanted that for the edit, but for the life of me could not find it (I clearly didn’t look hard enough lol), but I just found it, so I made it and well, now its here. lol

Starlight Beauty

TITLE: Bonded


AUTHOR: aniilovesth

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being part of a group of outcasts and although Loki claims to hate your kind he falls in love with you because of your looks but then because of your selfless nature and helping the sick and less fortunate.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Just a little swearing. In this chapter I wanted Loki and Ali to bond so sorry if it’s not got the usual amount of action that the other two chapters had.

This level of the palace was unfamiliar to me, I took so many lefts and rights, ups and downs it was starting to make my head spin. Then I came across a door that was more elegantly styled than all the others. Is this Loki’s room? Seems like his style. I pushed the door with my fingertips to see if it was locked and to my surprise it opened. Making sure to use light steps I crept in, looked around and saw it was empty. Walking in I realised that this couldn’t be Loki’s room, it looked more like a ballroom. Decorated with marble pillars, diamond chandeliers and smooth stone floors.

“That’s it… I’m lost. How big is this place anyway?”

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Person A and Person B are on debate team together, and love having friendly debates, but they often end up going way overboard. One day, they discover they pronounce “gif” differently. Their most heated debate ensues. – OT3 bonus: Person C teases the two, insisting it’s pronounced “yiff”. with sugamon

“Do you like memes?” asks Namjoon.

“What?” says Yoongi. “Do I like memes?”

“Yeah, you know, like prehistoric spongebob?”

Yoongi grimaces. “I know about prehistoric spongebob, yes,” he says. “But do I like him?”

“What about Kermit with Tea?”

“He’s fine,” says Yoongi. “I don’t know. I don’t know, Namjoon. I don’t think I have an opinion on memes.”

“I saw this jif of Spiderman dancing that goes with every song.”

Yoongi actually looks up this time. “What?” he says.

“Yeah, it’s crazy,” says Namjoon. “I tried it with a ton of stuff. Tupac, Underoath, Fergie. It all works.”

“Did you just say jif?”

Namjoon nods. “Mhmm. It’s a jif of Spiderman.”

Yoongi pauses the music on his phone. “That’s fucked up, dude.”


“It’s pronounced gif.”

Namjoon shakes his head. “Michelle Obama says jif,” he asserts. “And she rules.”

Yoongi says, “It’s gif. I know it’s gif because it’s spelled g-i-f. Gif.”

Namjoon says, “That doesn’t matter. What matters is that this jif of Spiderman goes with every song. That’s not how music works.”

“I can’t just listen to you pronounce it like that. You’re sick.” Yoongi turns to Jeongguk, who’s got headphones in and is working on his homework. “Hey,” he says when Jeonggguk offers an ear. “Dot-g-i-f. How do you say that?”

Jeongguk gets that insidious look on his face that he sometimes gets when he’s going to very quietly undermine everything. “Yif,” he says. “From the original German.”

“No,” says Yoongi. “Put your Beats back on.”


so my understanding of what is happening is that Sony still has the rights to make individual Spider-Man movies but Marvel can also put him in their movies, I also believe that when Sony makes a movie they have to get the green light from Marvel because every thing needs to tie into Marvel’s cinematic universe and this is amazing because Sony does not know what do do with this character. 


Thank god, don’t get me wrong Andrew Garfield is a amazing actor and he was a good Spider-Man but he was not a good Peter Parker whatsoever, he is 31 and Peter is a teenager, in the first movie he sort of looked like a teenager but in the second he looked his age, and he did not resemble Peter Parker at all. I sort of feel bad for the guy cause this was his dream role and Sony screw him over by making shity movies  but he never should have got the  role in the first place.


Dylan O'Brien of course, is there really any question? It seems like Marvel wants to ditch the origin story and have a young adult Spider-Man joining the Avengers which is GREAT because we are sick of this origin story, we know it back to back we don’t need to see it again, Dylan is 23 he is the perfect age for this and he LOOKS like Peter Parker, the first time I seen a picture of him I din’t know who the fuck he was but I thought he was Peter Parker. But even if they went the high school way Dylan can pull that off because hes doing that right now with Teen Wolf. Dylan is sarcastic, he is witty, he is nerdy, he has the built for this role, the looks, the energy, hes charismatic, he has the acting chops, he can pull off a lead, he can be the hero, and he can pull off the dark side if they wanted to go the Venom road in the future. 

Does this not look like nerdy Peter Parker?

also take a look at this


The only thing I’m worried about is scheduling conflicts, he is tied down to teen wolf and the maze runner. This is either going to be the last season of teen wolf or the second last. Maze runner has 1 more movie(or 2 if they split it but it would be filmed back to back) So the only thing I’m worried about is Teen Wolf, but this is Dylan’s dream role and I think he would do anything for it, even if that means quitting teen wolf. 

Logan Lerman does not look like Peter Parker to me at all and I don’t know much of his acting roles so I don’t know if he can pull off being witty where as Dylan can perfectly. Logan looks like classic hot guy, where as Dylan is the awkward cute nerd. 

Dylan was made for this role, PLEASE Dylan’s manager be doing your job right now to get this man this role, this is what he was meant for I knew it my first look at him, he can do it. Dylan is Peter Parker and he is Spider-Man

Ha. Ha. Funny Story

I’m dedicating this little anecdote to haleyscomett-art because I know she will like it.

So I got really sick this morning and I puked in the sink and couldn’t keep food down except soup and so I sat on my downstairs couch because everyone knows couches are better to lounge on than beds. And I was playing Mother 3,  which is on a tiny screen in the middle of my desktop because it was originally for GBA. Fine. Normal day. Dad comes home, looks at my computer and asks “Hey, what is your desktop?” And well:

This is my desktop. I think I scarred my father for life, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thaaaanks. :P