because i gif him a lot


Fun fact: The debt he’s referring to here happened between chapters 310-311. It took him over 200 chapters to repay his debt and he never once forgot about it this whole time.


Anders + Looking at Hawke

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NARUMIYA MEI ♔

Narumiya Mei used to be my most hated character in the series. I stopped watching when Seido lost because of Inashiro but after re-watching, I don’t know why but I’ve come to love this man. Probably because I learned a lot from him like how luck doesn’t matter, if you want something you should earn it through hard work and even if you fail, then you just have to make up for it by working even harder. He is not a perfect ace and I think that is why he uses his confidence to boost everyone’s fighting spirit. His arrogance is his defense mechanism so that if he loses, no one would feel sorry for him. His pride and competitiveness mirror his passion for the things that he do. While outside the field, he is the most bubbly and carefree. He might seem selfish but he’s actually good at understanding and reading an individual though his pride prevents him to show his feelings. He is also very straightforward when needed. I think of all the characters, he is the most realistic and to some extent, I relate to him. He will be forever my king. Happy birthday, Mei ♥

he probably has a super cool indie ipod

Little doodle cause I felt like Phil was missing out on the light up shoes party!

Happy 28th Birthday, AmazingPhil/Phil Lester!

I’ve been watching Phil’s videos since before or around 2009 and I can’t for the love of me express how much he and his videos mean to me.  I may not know him personally, I may not have even met him (unless you count seeing him across the signing hall at VidCon 2013 haha) but if it wasn’t for him I would’ve not been introduced to the incredible youtube community/family that has become what it is today, I probably wouldn’t be embracing a lot of qualities about myself that are a bit weird or random, and I most certainly would not have the support I have on Tumblr because hahaha I draw him (and Dan) a lot and a lot of people seem to enjoy it and share their love passionately - it brings joy to my lil doodlin’ heart seeing all these people happy.  He’s also shown me what friendship can bring you through his relationship with Dan (and other fellow YouTubers). I can honestly say I’ve experienced something very similar with various people I have grown to love so I really empathise with the two. Seeing them [Dan and Phil] work together or just dork about makes me really happy, even on really bad days. 
But yeah, anyway, Phil is a lovely youtuber who I am thankful for inspiring and motivating me in a number of different ways. I wish him the bestest super awesome amazing birthday. 

If you’re reading this Phil, Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ve impacted my life so I hope this impacts you/your day in some way - even if it just a lil smile or warm fuzzy feeling. Thank you for everything! <3

People just stop.
The hate for Bellamy it’s scary, he is a human, he can be wrong.
I dont want Octavia to hit him, she is so hurt and it’s not bellamys fault.
And you guys have to understand that, he was trying to make the right thing… He fail, he is human and he took the right path at the end.
Herod are not perfect, they also can e wrong.
I know that a lot of you hate him because of bellark… But I hasn’t even happen, for clexas that’s also discrimination… You hate him because he is the heterosexual hero that still alive and maybe one day would be with Clarke?… That doesn’t make sense.
Or you hate him because he was wrong, and he made a mistake as Clarke has made, like the bomb in TONDC.


♥as you can see, Yuta is a man who falls deep in his thoughts, let’s protect & cherish him a lot!♥


favourite zack moments (5/?)

The visit from his family at Christmas


doggett/scully + relationship

“He’s worth the effort.”