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Just here to make sure this scene happens in case N doesn’t give it to us.

Whoop, this thing is finally done!  My favorite parts:

  • So. Many. Chowders. (I had so much fun drawing him, you have no idea.)
  • my fav boys smooching ❤
  • Sharks errywhere
  • blushing!Chowder

A visual guide to @chronicolicity‘s ‘Resistance is built on hope’ - Virginie ‘Jyn’ Erso.

i wanted to make something cool and accurate but i made this instead (with dumb princess diaries and deadpool references i know forgive me)

anyway this fic is superflicious wonderful amazing and everybody needs to read it and send love to the author (also much love to @runakvaed and this flawless edit without whom id never have discovered it) 

Episode Concept:

A woman is found in the bunker, lost and confused with no memory of who she is or where she came from. She is just there. The boys bury themselves in research whilst Cas looks at her oddly. He is sure that he has met her before but can’t figure out where.
She slowly warms to both Cas and Sam and both of them feel like they know her and that she is trustworthy. Dean however doesn’t like her, doesn’t like the way she laughs and jokes with his little brother and he certainly doesn’t like the way she is flirting with Cas… 

Throughout the action and the drama (maybe the woman brought a monster along with her from wherever she came from) much to Dean’s annoyance she becomes closer and closer to Sam and more so even to Cas. The woman bonds with Castiel in a way no one has since Dean himself, and Castiel seems rather taken with her too. Dean is obviously jealous of the pair (in that subtle subtextual way the show likes to use so much) and it all kicks off when Dean accidentally sees them sharing a passionate kiss.

Castiel is rather shocked himself that the woman was so forward but he can’t deny that he has feelings for her, though in a very confusing way. Castiel ponders this new development whilst Dean broods and Sam frantically looks for a resolution to this new madness they have got wrapped up in. 

When the climatic fight is over and the boys find out what the monster had stolen from the mystery woman, all is resolved. The woman’s younger sister was being held hostage by the monster, along with the woman’s memories. 

She reveals herself as Deanna. she followed her sister Samantha into the monsters trap on a hunt and was transported to an alternate universe. Needless to say everyone is surprised. Not least of all Castiel, who realises why he had such strong feelings for her. The sisters are able to reopen the portal to their universe and bid farewell to the boys. Though not before Cas gets a kiss goodbye and Dean gets a wink. Leaving Dean even more confused than before.

Nothing more is mentioned about the whole situation other than a knowing look from Sam and a slightly awkward pat on the shoulder between Cas and Dean. The episode ends with a lingering shot on Dean’s face as he watches Cas walk away. His confusion is evident on his face. An audience of general viewers wonder what the hell that was all about. Misha tweets something entirely inappropriate and Jensen flirts with him about it. The episode breaks Tumblr. The writers work is done… for now…

erica and her trusty fierce hound companion, luna!

Inktober 10.16.16

I came across Pewdiepie’s sneak peek playthrough of The Last Guardian, and this game is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life??? To be honest, I’m not much of a gamer (mostly for money and time reasons), but man I wish I could find a way to play this when it comes out. Watching those 20 minutes almost made me cry, it’s so lovely…

A 3DMG was exchanged for automail how-to / Happy birthday Commander Eyebrows!

Possible sprite for Rinka~ (a.k.a. Karin’s reincarnation for exsona-verse)
She’s a Hawk Laguz lady. Some quick info about her–

  • She’s more mature than Karin as she has lived longer
  • Her eyes are more of a blue-ish green than Karin’s
  • Likes to clean she’s still has the maid soul in the end
  • Dependable and good at keeping secrets, Rinka enjoys hearing others talk about themselves but doesn’t seem to talk about herself much (unless you ask ofc)
  •  She’s usually very reasonable but when the Beorcs become involved, her thinking starts to become somewhat irrational 
  • Rinka is actually unable to fly in her human form because her wings aren’t large enough to fully support her weight. However, she can glide around.
  • Loves high places 
  • Also like windy days cause it allows her to “fly” she’s a kite
  • She likes to act mature but she’s actually quite petty 


current little project i’m doing :’D
i sketched out all the characters in my sketchbook and am now just going over them on sai for niceness

save me lol

edit i misspelled coffee… ;__; english is hard

Elsanna Week: Warm Hugs & I Love You

[Elsa gives Anna a snowflake necklace as a wedding gift]

Elsa: Something new to go with something borrowed.

Anna: It’s gorgeous! I mean enchanting!…I mean I LOVE YOU!!


anonymous asked:

In your post about people not having to like Jaime... what do you mean Jaime was "Willing to maim a young girl in exchange for sex?" When did this happen? (I haven't read the books in a few years since I don't actually OWN them so if it is something painfully obvious I'm sorry)

Hi anon!

Oh, don’t feel sorry, I forget things half the time and I own a copy of the books, and I still get things wrong because I am often too lazy to double-check, LOL. ;)

We only later on learn about it, but that was back when Arya went missing after she gave Joffrey the beatdown he deserved, on the way to King’s Landing.

The quote in question is from A Feast for Crows, when Jaime has his *training sessions* aka therapy sessions with Ilyn Payne, admitting to him or rather himself just how close he was to doing it:

“That was Raymun Darry’s bedchamber. Where King Robert slept, on our return from Winterfell. Ned Stark’s daughter had run off after her wolf savaged Joff, you’ll recall. My sister wanted the girl to lose a hand. The old penalty, for striking one of the blood royal. Robert told her she was cruel and mad. They fought for half the night … well, Cersei fought, and Robert drank. Past midnight, the queen summoned me inside. The king was passed out snoring on the Myrish carpet. I asked my sister if she wanted me to carry him to bed. She told me I should carry her to bed, and shrugged out of her robe. I took her on Raymun Darry’s bed after stepping over Robert. If His Grace had woken I would have killed him there and then. He would not have been the first king to die upon my sword … but you know that story, don’t you?” He slashed at a tree branch, shearing it in half. “As I was fucking her, Cersei cried, ‘I want.’ I thought that she meant me, but it was the Stark girl that she wanted, maimed or dead.” The things I do for love. “It was only by chance that Stark’s own men found the girl before me. If I had come on her first …” (Jaime IV, A Feast for Crows)

So you see that Jaime now reflects on the matter in what I suppose is “wtf, just how deep did I sink?” sort of moment, and to me personally, still one of the *greatest* revelation moments for Jaime once he fully starts to unrvael his illusions and mistakes as part of his identity arc. Because right there, to my understanding, it dawns on Jaime that right there, he was willing to maim or kill Arya for nothing more but sex, not even to *protect* his family, which likely contributed to his decision to push Bran out the window (which is by no means meant as an excuse for him, it’s just what likely motivated him to do that).

With Arya, it wasn’t about wanting to protect his loved ones, it was about sex. No more, no less. And that is what dawned on him right at that moment.

In that sense, it was really chance that prevented him from committing that gruesome act, but yeah, it shows just how far he was willing to go back in the day, for the illusion he had of their relationship, himself, and Cersei - and I think that he doesn’t finish the thought is meant to show us that this is what really shocks him. That this *was* him.

I hope that answered your question, anon!