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My Name Is Cow

First, there was Cow, brought to us by @poem-for-your-sprog.

Soon, there was Dog (and Cow).

Then, there was Cat (and Cow).

And then Greensleeves got invoked, and I couldn’t help but Do the Thing. =D  Many thanks to @copperbadge for converting it to mp3!

(The crappy quality was all me.  My means of recording myself is an eleven-year-old point-and-shoot camera, and I was singing quietly in a small room so as not to disturb the neighbors at silly hours of the night.  Not terribly conducive to good sound quality.  Here’s hoping it amuses anyway. ^_^)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Expectations

5k words, R rated

It’s the first time Scorpius and Albus have been to the Manor together since they started dating. They can’t help but think about how far they’ve come since they first met, and they also can’t help but take the new-found opportunities that being properly alone together as a couple can offer. 

This was written as a birthday present for the wonderful @abradystrix. Thanks for being an awesome beta, advice-giver, and friend. I hope your day is full of cake and happiness, and that you feel better soon! <3 

My logistical advice-giver and brilliant beta for this one was @bounding-heart.

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The fruits of my labour today. Took me four and a bit hours to make this figure for an upcoming paper. Names and specimen numbers have been redacted to stop cheeky blighters nicking our research, obvs. Scale bars indicate 1 mm.


So, you know, we’re getting a Bungou Stray Dogs stage play AND film. No big deal.

Just that I’m dying inside.

They even made a twitter for the play, and now we have a teaser poster for the film. Life is good.

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I've been following you for a few days already and I'm in need of some SHINee blogs to follow (most likely content makers such as gif or graphic makers; information blogs are fine as well). Are you wiling to recommend me some good blogs? Thanks in advance!! (PS. your blog is awesome!)

not only willing, but glad to! (p.s.: thank you so much & ily ♡ ♡ ;n;)

I /have/ to start with an ode to our content-makers because they’re always, always putting out quality stuff of the most diverse kinds and, as of recently, a lot of new folks have been venturing into it, too - it’s a very good thing, because there’s always someone to hype up things with new posts whenever the dash’s a bit dead.

I’m sure this is missing a handful of talented people, but please don’t think that means your content isn’t good - I’m. uh. a generally forgetful person, and you are all great regardless of who’s mentioned and who isn’t ;o;

some of our main (and highly recommended) information blogs include @fyjjong, @fytaem, @romanceboys@fyfreakey, @fyeahjinki@deer-tokki; there’s @professorjjong for translations and networks such as @onewsource, @minhonet and @shawolsource, too, so make sure to check them out. ♥

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“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” - Unknown


Yesterday eldarya pl didn’t work for few hours, right when i wanted to watch anime and market </3 So i ended up editing illustrations.
Second is with pretty random outfit.

I couldn’t bid on few items i was interested in(…noone could) and things like sweet mourne dress, got sold for 135, while on pl version of game it would easily get price 10 times bigger near end of auction. Or muerte crown - that one would end up around 1000 maana, but got sold for 161, because people couldn’t bid D: I don’t mind buying things cheaply, because someone forgot one 0, but that, THAT was totally game fault.
I can hear cries of those users (。ŏ_ŏ) game, do something, don’t ignore those cries.

Simmons (and Donut) steal Grif’s big comfy Harvard hoodie. Pass it on.

i’m finally finished my (hellish) semester, so i wanted to celebrate by making a small follow forever! whenever i’m burnt out from school, coming on here and seeing all of your lovely posts brightens my day so much! you’re all literal angels and ilysm ♥♥♥

cupcake squad (these are some extra special users who i’ve gotten to know, u are all amazing and wonderful and perfect) @argentnecklace, @arwenn, @elenasgilbert, @elizabthturner@fayleah, @griffinskane@jon-snows, @kaneabigails@lilycallouway, @peachyjareth @perksofbeingafanboy@petyrbaelish, @purplelephantsarewrong, @sayidjarrahs, @stewartmary

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Don’t. Move. || Demon!Jimin x Reader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smutty smut smut, and Demon!Au
Word Count: 2,806
Warnings: Dirty stuff, choking, tootching, Demon, blah blah blah
Author: Admin Vis

Summary: Your friend convinces you to go out on Friday the 13th to an abandoned house, her friends have the idea to try “Summoning” something…that something happens to be incredibly attractive, and finds you particularly interesting.

Admin Notes: I know I promised to write a full version of This Drabble two months ago, but it’s been some busy ass times, SO IT’S FINALLY HERE. Enjoyyyyyy. Plus I’ve been constantly thinking about Demon!BTS recently and god kill me.

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A few weeks ago I posted a photo of The Queen of Spain fritillary showing the underneath of the wings so here’s one showing the top. This butterfly has a flight period going from March to October, but obviously someone forgot to tell this guy because I took this photo on December 26th, making it my last photo of the year and quite an oddity!