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hey everyone! sorry to break it to you, but this is only a follow forever for my current mutuals. i DO wish that i could include everybody but tumblr is an asshole and for some reason won’t let me. so, maybe next time! but anyways, thanks to all of you who i do follow and to those that follow me but i’m a picky asshole and haven’t followed you back. hope you don’t mind! i’m so so happy that i remade my blog because it’s like the fresh start that i seriously needed to get away from all of the bad shit, toxicity and negativity on my old blog. even if it was there for five years, i’d rather enjoy my time on here than have so many followers or whatever. so, anywho, you’re all so amazing, thank you! here is the first follow forever on this blog and i hope to make many many more for different occasions. oh, i also almost have 300 followers on here already, so that’s pretty cool! thanks dudes.

to those who were not included, check out my blogroll!

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Hi everyone! Mari here! I’ve reached a really big follower goal a while back, but I’ve been pretty lazy to do this, but better late than never. Thank you so much to everyone! *finger guns* *cries* 👉🏼😎👉🏼Wow I love you guys, I love seeing you all on my dash, y'all make my day brighter and put a smile on my face! Thanks for putting up with me and my love for lance ((sadly this is only a side blog so I follow from epiksighs! (feel free to dm me or whatever lol)) 💞💞💞


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@eddsworldweek Day 7: Free Day

I really wanted to do a digital piece for the last day but I just don’t have the time.
I miss the Metal and Ink AU with all my heart but after everything that’s happened, I can’t go back to it. Nothing’s the same anymore. I love these boys and the story that was being told and I miss it dearly.

Thank you for this week. I really needed it. It’s been amazing seeing everyone unite for a common love in something and cheerfully share their passion. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it could be to share these feelings with others.
Initially I never wanted anyone to find this blog because I was so afraid of being dragged into another shit storm. But I gladly welcome all my new followers and hope they won’t be too afraid to talk to me.
Thank you everyone who participated in this week. Thank you for the people who worked so hard to set this week up. I’m really looking forward to the next one.

You guys all keep this world spinning. Thank you.
- 8-Ball

so i somehow managed to hit 4k followers the other day which is insane, thanks to everyone who follows me and puts up with my annoying ass, i love you all! i thought i’d do a little follow forever just to give a shoutout to my lovely mutuals and i wish i talked to you guys more because you’re all awesome but anyways here we go,

special shoutout to the loves of my life who idk what i’d do without:

@spacelightwood, @aleclighdwood, @ruinedbymagnusbane, @beauitfulfreak-blog

my other beautiful mutuals who i love a lot:

@alecsagitta, @lightwoody, @claryfightwood, @clarygaywood, @dimshums, @doddario, @hoteldumorts, @packleaderluke, @lesbiandot, @daddarioswife, @alec-magnvs, @dearestalec, @hufflepufflightwood, @victaj, @jaceslewis, @carstairsbane, @canislytherinthings, @albertodominic, @nightfallgoddess, @matthewbane, @ffsmagnusbane, @izzybabewoods, @theleftboobgrabber, @lightwoods5ever, @alecgaywoods, @alecismyfuture, @halliwellxx, @alexanderhale, @jacehvrondale, @lightwoodclan, @magnuslightswood, @timelessmalec

His hand is meant to be ASL for ‘I love you’ but I could be wrong ahhHH. Anyway, I rebooted this account a little over a week ago and already there are 50+ of you amazing people following me. Honestly it’s a joy to be back in the fandom, especially since I see a few familiar faces here and there, the Undertale fandom was truly one that brought me so much joy back when I was on Comiicsaans and I honestly wish I’d never left but at least I’m back now! Maybe I’ll be able to hold bad movie nights again at some point!

So so so, these are all the neat people you should follow. Even if I’ve not interacted with you, I follow you (on my main blog ‘reclaimedasset’ since this is a sideblog) for a reason, mostly because you’re all pretty dang amazing. Anyway, here we go.

@outbraves | @mkids | @captivatinginnocence | @snowdinslittlerascal | @theglitterytwin | @matxrna | @finderofdeath | @qcaesitr | @lnsomnis | @voiidbcund | @genocii | @wdvoided | @viisxon | @searching-for-our-freedom | @madexfdeterminatixn | @melchere | @pinkxnunchucks | @lcstheir | @victoryhound | @kingxfmischief | @kleptomaniia | @lightxwoods | @skelesnow | @ofmcnstersandmen | @goaskalphys | @fcllking | @spiderwaifuisbestwaifu | @vortship | @solverofmysteries | @gemtechnician 

<3 - You’re all darlings, thank you for such a wonderful welcome back.

anonymous asked:

I'm a gay trans man feminist, do you hate me? I'm only asking because some feminist called me a traitor for being trans and I want to know your opinion since I followed this blog for a while..

What ew no! That feminist sounds like a TERF, please don’t listen to them. You’re not a traitor for being trans and any feminist who tells you that is garbage. I’m so sorry someone said that to you. Sending you all the love.

anonymous asked:

Can we maybe cut back on the creepy AUs and anon fantasies...? I kind of followed for incorrect quotes, not every Archive of Our Own writer's Persona fantasy. It's getting a bit much.

Ah I’ve been busy so I can’t answer most til later tonight. I can definitely spread out asks and join similar ones together and I can put long responses under read more.

But I don’t think I’m going to stop all together, because someone took the time to send me a message and I like getting back to them, you know?

Edit: just in case, I promise I understand where you’re coming from, as a blogs purpose is meant to be what it’s primarily for. I’m sure lots of you didn’t sign up for some of what’s here, but considering it’s all asks maybe blacklist “thanks for asking”? If that helps

anonymous asked:

Are you still a fan of her? I mean , it seems like now no one else is (of the blogs that I follow). I am still and I love her but I am disappointed and do not understand all this.

I would still watch her do a play because I think as Blanche she was brilliant;
I still think she is talented and a great actress so I am still a fan of her acting.

I am not a fan of her writing. Not a fan of her statements in the last months and I will never be interested in gorgangillpete or whatever it is …
I don’t think I need to love whatever she does to be a fan of her work and I certainly will not crawl up her ass on social media because you are not a good fan if you not praise whatever she does.

I also haven’t watched VH, war&peace and I am not a fan of historic pieces in general so before you ask i wouldn’t watch her in the crown or as Sisi or any other royal crap.
Give me GA as bond and I will watch the shit out of it.

Mod talk

Hey! I just wanted to say a quick thing I guess. When I started this blog, it was because I joined an awesome group of Yuri on Ice RPers and because I loved the character. I never thought I would have 100 beautiful people following me. So I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me be a little more confident with my ask blog.
Thank you 💙

👍🏻 Mod Shadow

dipperthequeen  asked:

hi mum it is pink boy again now off anon-- can u give me tips on becoming a popular blogger and making friends in the tumblr community ?

honestly i struggle with that too because i have an art blog and i struggle to get followers and recognition and friends. all i can say is do what you love. do it because you love it. be honest to people about your opinions, tell people if you like their blog or their posts or whatever they do. that’s how i made friends. keep posting and you’ll get the recognition you deserve in time :)

hope that helps! ♥

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some more tumblr blogs likes yours

OH MAN ok so these may not be the most current because i don’t follow the fandom that much anymore but @howtodadwithphil is a personal favorite of mine, @agentsofpsych is absolutely HILARIOUS, @agentsofpawnee is great, @shieldninenine is amazing, @agentsofshitposts ALWAYS CRACKS ME UP, @leotitz does all the recaps that i reblog on here, @holdendadcliffe does crack edits sometimes, @agentsofpaint is a super old one but i love reading those comics, and if you’re looking for something besides aos, might i recommend @lifeboatmemes, which is a great timeless crack blog. 

anyone else have any current suggestions?


The person has not messaged me again, so I guess taking away anon just yanno kept them from harassing me even further. Which is hilarious because they came into my inbox all brazen with their misplaced anger. 

Thank you all so much for the kind messages and responses, it really made my shitty night a lot better and ugh, sometimes I forget how many people actually do really care about me! No more drama anymore its all back to that sweet sweet content that honestly this event inspired? I’m gonna draw more fat people or at least more Artie being Artie showing what her mama gave her! 

Also hello new followers welcome to my blog! It is usually a lot less drama-y I promise! 

anonymous asked:

I think Tumblr has been screwing around because I've been following you for like 3 years now but for a good 2 of those you haven't been showing up on my dash (but if I go to your blog I'm still following you and you've posted stuff). Now suddenly you're back on my dash all over the place. Glad but also wtf.

It’s because I sort of started leaving about two years ago and severely limited publishing except on my side blogs and campaigning.

I officially came back yesterday thus the “all over your dash” effect. Sorry about that!

Also, holy heck! This blog is now at 137 followers! Thank you all for your support! Mod A and I started this blog because the hate against Touka had annoyed us for years now and we wanted to do something about it wihout clogging up our personal blogs.

We wanted to do something similar to the fandomshatewomen blog but focusing on Touka and we’re happy that so many people are receptive to this!

- Mod K and Mod A

anonymous asked:

I started following this blog when I identified as a girl but now I identify as nonbinary... I'm just asking if it's still alright if I follow because I like seeing everyone being happy and stuff. (This is the first ask I've sent to you, I just want to make sure it's okay I still follow)

It’s totally okay !!! I have people of all genders following me whether they be men, women, nonbinary Ect. Everyone is welcome here !!!


((Iffff you’re an RP blog that has followed me and I haven’t followed you back it’s either because 
A) I didn’t see you follow me
B) I looked at your blog and it’s missing rules or an about or every thread I see from you is like 1-2 lines
C) You play with people who haven’t been overly friendly to me (because I’m a fool who can cry just from seeing certain URLs  even though I keep trying to get over it)

In most cases (literally 100% actually) if you read my rules (and follow them) and want to play then I will play with you happily - though I may not follow you back

How to ensure I won’t play with you - send me dumb anon asks demanding to know why I think I’m ‘quality’ now and that I’m ‘better’ than you now. I moved to this blog because I’m fucking fed up of threads that are 1-2 lines that don’t go anywhere. 

I want to build stories and worlds where stuff actually develops over time. 

I will unfollow people if they break rules and, in some cases, will block them - like I have just done some lovely anon who needs to learn some damn manners

Summary - Wanna play? Read my rules and send me a meme or message me with an idea. It’s not hard.


jsyk I just changed my main blog from @arobot to @arophan-main

I’m still arobot but i’m going to follow other dnp/yt blogs only from the new acc (arophan-main)

the reason behind this is bcs i broke almost all of my mutuals because i wasn’t that interested in dnp and didn’t want to see it on my dash… but now with a different main blog i can follow everybody again and have a separate dash just for the dan and phil posts

lms if you read

Why the fuck do people on Tumblr think that aces and aros never question or think about where our orientations come from? I swear to god, it is so hard to find people to follow who blog about other queer stuff aren’t just about to pull some aph/obic bullshit about how we are all evil and/or have internalized hom/ophobia out of their asses. Believe me, I’ve spent more time worrying about these things than you ever could, so maybe back the fuck off? UGH I am so irritated right now! Please just leave my dysphoric ass in peace to find whatever comfort I can in these labels.