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CAUTION: Sappy shit ahead…This is about to be super extra and i’m also shitty with words so bare with me.

I’m shook. I honestly can’t believe it. This blog started out as me trying to find somewhere to fit in in this fandom. As we all know, the fandom is quite different between each social media platform and it can be hard for us older folk to fit in. When I joined Tumblr about 5 months ago I had no clue what I was doing and especially how much it would take over my life…in an amazing way. I never imagined I would make actual friends that I would talk to everyday and also get to laugh so much because you guys are fucking hilarious. There are a lot of new people following me since the last time I did this and a lot that are not Riverdale blogs and may be looking for some more to follow, so I thought I would do another shout out post to all of the lovely people I interact with and/or am in love with their blogs and fan girl over…

@bughead-fic-request @bughead4days @blondetricky @yourfaithwasstrong @adorebughead @xobughead @sprousehartinvestigation @sprouseharts @lilsreinheart @lilixcole @juggiexbets @bettyandjuggy @ladybughead @sprouseheart @jeemyjamz @paperlesscrown @rarecolesprouse @sprousefreaks @rileybabe @quirkyanya @jugandbettsdetectiveagency @zor-el-schott @birdlovesafish @bugheadotp @stilinsk1 @holdenjugfieldiii @gogenevieveart @betsforsythetrash @ninelittledevils @ohkingsteve @bride-of-hobo @ficmuse @freetimefase @efquinn @starlitsummersky @fxyeahriverdale @lusterrdust @aswellingstorm @leaalda @jandjsalmon @amab1060 @it-happened-one-starry-night @annioe @lazydaizies @cooperbettycooper @thewomaninthepictureisme @dawn-to-dusk-already @gabsjellybean @mariafernandez4 @cole-lili-sprousehart @colesprous @allskynostars @oleekingcole @rubyventure @deatheater-x @sylwrites @raptorlily @risingbughead @bettyj0nes @colesmoles @mionetrash @allthingsbughead @ruverdale @teapotfiction @mayberrry101 @sweaters-and-crowns @rainystripe @vixens-and-bulldogs @wonderrful @a92vm @ellabeth01 @princessaurorasnow @natkingcole17 @bronwynn @gingerheel @ashsays @lessoleilscouchants @coleyshit @bughead4ever823 @dive-in-ice @colelili @lavandersunrise @findingbetty @onceuponamirror @tory-b @youbuildmeupbeliever @aunt-imogene @an-all-consuming-love @dreamingofbughead @createandconstruct @sh-here @sprousereinhart  @xxbettysgirlxx @julixts @marissamon

I got carried away but I didn’t want to leave anyone out and if I did I’m so sorry and I love you.

A couple people I want to give a quick little shout out to…

@gershwinn- Thank you for being so extra with me and having some pretty epic conversationsXD. Thank you for always messaging me with content when I’m at work so I never miss out on the freak out. You are my voice reason lol! We have become so close and I truly consider you my friend. Love you<3

@wheninriverdale- My OG Tumblr bestie. I love you girl. I will always be amazed by your writing abilities and how distracted you get with more ideas when writing said stories lmao. Thanks for messaging me way back when. We have grown so close and you are so amazing.

@dreamersshouldknowbetter- Thank you for giving me the privilege of helping you create your beautiful, incredible fics. You are such an incredible writer and I feel so unworthy but I enjoy every minute of doing it with you! You are such a sweetheart, love you!

Anyone following me…message me or send me an ask anytime!! I love talking to anyone about anything! :)

600+ Follow Forever!

I created Palmer’s blog nine months ago, and never expected it to get this far. I’d like to give a warm thanks to all of my followers who’ve written with me and Palmer, and would like to use this chance to give thanks. The RP community has been very welcoming, and I’m grateful to have had the chance to write with all of you.

I expect I’ve forgotten some people because I’m a bit scatterbrained, but I’m sincerely grateful to every one of you even if you’re not listed. All of you are fantastic writers and RPers and I’m happy to have joined the community. 

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Minghaon’s 3rd follow forever aka. 1 year Follow Forever

I decided to do this follow forever, because it’s been a year since I came back to tumblr (there’s actually still a week left, but who cares). Other than it being a year already, I’ve also hit an amazing goal of 4k 4.2k followers. It’s kind of a mystery to me why so many people follow me, because I’ve been pretty inactive these days.. 

Anyways, I’m really happy that I came back to tumblr, and I’ve met some incredible people (both on this one and on my a.c.e and pd101 blogs). I just want to take the time and thank all of you who has talked to me - I’m a lonely soul, and I always get happy when people even want to talk haha. 

Also I will most likely do a giveaway soon (as to celebrate one year back). So stay tuned for that 

Let’s get on to the actual follow forever. The people on the list are most of the seventeen related blogs I follow, but I might have missed some.. 

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you know what exclusionists? you are not allowed to say its “just about the cishets”. because we all fucking know you don’t mean it. not when you make those “hilarious” ace hitler/stalin/trump/pence/etc flag edits. not when you post suicide bait in the ace positivity tag. not when you have blogs like “ aphobic(insert any fucking character here)” and “dare-i-say-asexual”.not when you say that “asexuality is inherently homophobic” fuck you for even thinking you could say such horrible things about asexuality and get away with it because you put “but i sweeeeaaar i mean just the cishets” at the end.


Okay SO I realize I never show you guys enough love, because I’m really crappy at leaving messages and such. Which is why I’ve decided to make this little monthly segment where I’ll feature some blogs I’m currently keeping up with. Ideally, I’d like it to be newer “finds” for me, which will hopefully push me to actually go out and scout new blogs every month.

So here we go! For the first ever monthly favorite, I’d like to say thanks to @simwithsparkles @crushedvelvetsims @homesicksims @whiteplumbobs @barleycoffee and @peonysimmer for blessing us with their content. You guys all rock and I am so glad I follow you!

wow @ tumblr for recommending thinspiration blogs because i follow a few blogs that post healthy meal ideas. fuck off. posting shit that makes tons of people feel bad about their bodies is disgusting and you all need to cut it out.

I need more Marvel blogs to follow!

Reblog this post if you’d like me to check out your blog, and maybe I’ll give you a follow :D

i look for:
- bucky/seb
- although i love all marvel characters and DC
- not a big shipper, although i don’t judge
- no hate
- fanfic writers (smut is totally cool with me)

i look forward to checking out your stuff n things!

*just a heads up, if i do follow you it will be from my SPN main blog ( @winchesterenthusiast ) because i can’t follow from my marvel blog.

Why do you guys follow me?

No, seriously.

I shit post about art and art history in case you didn’t notice. I’ve hit a major academic wall this semester and I feel like the blog has suffered because of it.

Anyway, let me know if there’s anything you feel like needs improving or anything you want to see more of or less of. All feedback welcome.

FYI though, the swearing stays, that’s non negotiable.

You’ve done it folks.

A small milestone for me, and one that may shortly disappear for a few moments, but slantears has more followers than I do on my primary account.

I know it’s not enough to warrant any real celebrations, but, for a sideblog that was created just to be a small joke for a few friends and I – to highlight good elves from the terribly designed and stereotypical knife ears, and garner a small following is a success in my book.

I imagine slantears may lose the short term follower lead, because there’s always that one guy, but thank you all for enjoying this blog that inadvertently became a Marcille appreciation blog.

hey hey!! i wanted to thank y’all for 2,500 followers because that is WILD and i love you guys. since i’ve never celebrated a milestone before, i figured why not do some blog rates

*gotta be following this Nerd
*reblog or like this post
*send me an ask saying yo fav stranger things character!

url: i don’t get it | relatable | so cute | i want it | how many demogorgons did u kill to get it?

icon: selfie | who’s that ?? | i’m in love | asdfghjkl i love it | perfect | as good as steve’s hair

mobile theme: none | noice | ahh i love it !! | this is gold | WILL BYERS

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posts: not my fandom | relatable posts | gave me a lol | i love your aesthetic | 12/10 content | can you just run my blog? | equivalent to a triple decker eggo extravaganza

following: nope but ily !! | just did! | yes !! | you’re one of my favs ! | until the day i die

hey it’s a follow forever! ♡

i only chose mutuals because i don’t want it to be super long lol

special shoutout to my girlfriend @trevorcolliins ♡

@acheemient | @butteredtoast-at-it-again| @cockbiteproductions| @ehmp| @fightpals| @gaywood| @immortalish| @jackbaettillo| @lizkah| @lovelyfreewood| @micooll| @mmogar| @roosterhunter| @roostersteeth| @stubbornessissues | @transvav| @vagastag| @vividroute

anonymous asked:

Have u listened to Stray Kids? -‘02 liner anon

Hi, anon. No, I haven’t - I don’t like following groups where most of the members are below the age of 18. Which brings me to my next point - I’m honestly wary, even answering this ask. You are 15, anon. You really shouldn’t be interacting with me, an adult, over the internet. I keep my blog public because I have series which are PG/PG-13 rated, but it’s a constant debate for me to even do that. Please be careful in your future interactions, because I don’t like having to block users due to age. 

And before anyone sends a follow-up ask: it is not acceptable, nor is it legal for adults to distribute sexual content to minors in my country. A minor, is anyone below the age of 18. Please respect my wishes and comfort zone on this matter - it is why I mark all my smut posts accordingly. Thank you ~


Requests are closed

After I finish all the requests, I’ll probably take a longer break. I keep losing followers (one of them was even someone I thought was a friend) so I’m pretty disappointed in myself. Lately I’ve been thinking about deleting this blog but I honestly don’t know because I think I’ll regret it later on.

I’m really sorry and I know that like, only two or three followers care but I just needed to get this off my chest

@spideyparkerfilms is the sweetest human being that has ever existed and deserves all the followers and love in the world 💖

Also as I’m here: whilst I know every fandom has its flaws, since making my Tom blog and being actively involved in this fandom, I’ve received nothing but love and kindness from everyone I follow, who for some reason follow me back most of the time even though I’m a baby blog in terms followers and notes!

I made this blog as a side thing to come to occasionally but I find myself here more than my other blog because everyone is so welcoming and lovely and I can’t thank you all enough.

Special mentions go to @petesparkes@tomhollandxreader, @heavenlytom, @screamholland, @stormyparker, @bittersweetholland, @dusktillholland, @honeynutholland and of course @spideyparkerfilms who have all been so sweet to me at some point during my short time here, but I love and appreciate everyone who has followed me, reblogged me and liked the few things I’ve made!

I know this is soppy af but I’ve felt the need to say this for a while because you’re all so nice and wonderful and make me so happy and I love you all ❤️

2 Amazing Years on Tumblr!

Omg! Two years already! I was supposed to post this on 11th November because that was the birthday of my blog.

I want to thank every single one of you who supported me and helped me through this journey. I love you all so much and I am grateful for all of you!

Thank you for your support,

Ivory White x

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I love how when my mom asks me about this blog she’s like “are those people who follow you happy?” And she asks this because once I got a TSNOW video uploaded late and some of y'all little peeves were in my ask demanding the video and she remembers me complaining about it so now she just occasionally asks me if y'all are happy I can’t

Hello my Loves

[I know that 99.8% of my followers are not role play blogs, because of this I believe that many of you do not know the ends and outs of basic role play etiquette. That is perfectly fine and understandable. I just ask that you all follow one very important rule, please please PLEASE do not reblog my role play posts. You can like it. You are encouraged to read it. But please do not reblog it, as it can cause various issues.

Thank you so much for being so understanding. I love you all and appreciate that you follow me and do read my role plays.]

“I just want to RP period end of story. Unfortunately it’s more difficult than it sounds. Especially if someone isn’t giving my blog the time of day since there aren’t threads on it. I can only write so many opens, before it bascially because a musing or picture blog. All of us didn’t join tumblr with 100 followers and at least 10 of them rping with us steadyily. Then you wind up writing things your heart isn’t in while TRYING not to make it come off as flat or dull.“

anonymous asked:

mother im thinking abt running a nsfw phan blog but i have rlly bad phobia of bdsm and i mostly like bottom!phil and thATS NOT EXACTLY WHAT MOST PEOPLE IN THE PHANDOM WANT so idk if anyone would even like it plus im e m b a r a s s e d

honestly do whatever you’re comfortable with and i can guarantee you that people will love your blog once you have content and establish what you want on there. don’t worry too much about what most people want because all you really need is content to build the community and your blog. also i love that you love bottom!phil and i will definitely follow that blog if you hmu with the url !! <3

anonymous asked:

I know it's been discussed many times but I've followed your blog since august and never have I seen anyone bash T or Z (of course excluding the antis) if anything we are here to not only discuss their rs but their careers too and other random things where are they getting the idea that were disrespectful I'm baffled by their claims

They claim that because we are not “respecting their privacy”. We are not talking about ANYTHING that has not been on SM. Last I checked we did not hire a PI and are not getting super secret infos on them. Whatever we find out are ALL public info on SM. We just pay attention and know how to add 2 and 2.  

And yeah I get it; they want to hide their rs, but us shipping them is not affecting that at all. Again in NONE of the articles about them dating was it once mentioned he was at her Thanksgiving last year,,and that pic on the sofa would have made juicy gossip, but the reason they did not print it is because they did not know of its existence since none of us gave that info on a platter to tabloids. They don’t know shit unless someone tips them off. And we don’t tip anyone off; we are a minority group in the fandom, minding our own fucking business.