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It’s been one year since I’ve created this blog and I seriously cannot believe what a great experience I’ve had so far. I don’t do follow forevers, despite reaching follower goals here & there because I am uncreative and lazy, but I really wanted to make one to mark this occasion and to let my followers know what blogs/people have kept my dash ((and my blog)) looking exceptionally beautiful. Special shoutout to the followers who aren’t full or at all BTS blogs but follow me despite not being multifandom most of the time! ily.

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WOW IM BACK - about fanart!

for those who don’t know i actually hit post limit trying to reblog long exposure fanart/content to a new fanblog?? post limit is like 250 i think. thats SO MUCH STUFF YOU GUYS MAKE FOR ME WTF 💕

so that poll- the popular vote was actually to “keep everything on this blog”, but reading the responses i think “make a blog for fanart” had a better argument. some people can’t blacklist the “art for me” tag for various reasons, and felt my blog was getting a little cluttered/overwhelming with all the fanwork. while on the other side’s opinion, reblogging fanart here was good because it boosted lesser-known artists work to give them (heh) exposure

so i’m gonna try for a compromise

i made a blog specifically for fanart and other fan-made long exposure content:


…instead of reblogging fanart here from now on, it will be reblogged there. please follow that blog to continue seeing all the amazing fanart made by really sweet artists!!!!!

HOWEVER i will continue to reblog one piece of fanwork once a week as a sort of special feature! (”fanart feature fridays” maybe??) does that sound ok?? i’ll still tag it with “art for me” and “not my art” in case anyone wants to blacklist it (unless you’re on mobile- then you’re kinda out of luck sorry..) 


Camren shippers fault????

For people who like to blame the Camren shippers for the estrangement between Camila and Lauren, or the fact that it has been forbidden and turned out to be inappropriate:

You attract what you transmit. You reap what you sow. Life is just like that. If Camila and Lauren suffer from it today, it was because of somehow they drew the whole situation to them. If this took a different size than everyone expected and got out of control, we have nothing to do. Some Camren shippers go overboard, but we can not control everyone.

I respect the Camren shipper who does not go to their Instagram and keeps writing that “Camren is real!”. I respect the Camren shipper who respects them and that’s the end point.

All the blogs I follow and like respect Camren and they only find us if they search for the Camren tags. Because nobody here marks them in anything!

@truluvproof @0h-give-me-lovee @camrenshipperss @camren-believer @2thrive @singasong17 @teamcamren @camrenillusion @blameitoncamren @teoriascamren @decoding1432

There so many other blogs that respect them, but I can’t remember all.

The point is, we do our shit here, our theories, we exchange ideas and information and this is between us and who likes to talk about it.

Do not judge us by not thinking what we think. Do not judge us by not understanding what we understand. That way no one will judge you.

anonymous asked:

How do you do it, Mary... I'm at the point of the semester when I'm starting to wonder if I even pass it. And I see people like you being the "doers" - ambitious and successful... And I can't even look into my textbook. I'm going to be a doctor, for christsake, I should know my stuff! How the hell do I become strong enough to do this? You're so inspiring, but I can only sit and stare at your success, because I have no idea how to follow, hah. Sorry for a desperate message :/ Love your blog! ♥

Mate, listen up: Social media isn’t the whole picture. I try my best to portray all sides of my life on here and on my instagram, but reality is that me spending literally 70% of this sunday in bed reading fanfiction isn’t as instagramable as the 30 minutes of studying I did the day before. Oh and for the record, the other 30% of the sunday I spent watching project runway. 

I feel you more than you know, and I think genuinely the entire community and all students do. We always feel that other people are doing more and that we need to keep up. And yeah, sometimes they’re doing more, but a lot of the time they’re feeling exactly the same as you. At this point in the semester just about everyone are sick of what they’re doing. 

What I would recommend is taking it one step of the time. I can never get started on doing stuff until I know exactly what I need to do, so I start by writing it all out. Then I usually have a little cry over how long the list is. Then I get myself a snack, get comfy and ignore everything but the first thing on the list. I usually find that once I get going, once I have one small and manageable thing to focus on, everything gets a bit easier. Also, if you’ve been in a slump and you’re just getting back on the wagon; take it slow. Don’t schedule 89 tasks on the first day. Start with one or two, then reward yourself with some netflix and if you’re feeling up for it, do some more. Pace yourself, take care of yourself and try to avoid burnout. Work up to doing more.

I’m not as successful as you think, anon, but I can tell you that it’ll all be alright. Just remember to take care of yourself and don’t beat yourself up. You can do this. We all can! x

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yo! i love seeing your poc aesthetic posts like most other blogs i follow have like one type of aesthetic-the pale af skinny white girl witch aesthetic nd your blog is a blessing to my dash ty

I’m glad you like it lmao I’m tired of seeing white witch aesthetics too, with the ‘black witch’ tag too omfg ebdyhdsbfhydsvfoudsjfhdsvfkds just because you dressed in all black doesn’t give you the right to call dominate our tags… breh… seeing people of color connect with nature and spirits is so magickal, literally, I fall in love every time.

bambama1  asked:

🌷and 📖 !!!

🌷 - Favorite Blogs: Well, i mean you are one of my favs tbh  ❤️
   I actually answered this a few days ago and i felt bad because i realized i missed like everyone i loved. 
Anyway let’s go: @holyfuckmark , @imjaebumaf, @the-princejinyoung, @jjjaebum, @markificent , @amerithotkongs, @gotchicken, @sidepartmark, @2jaekisses, @cutepimook, @justwhatevermark (bestie mvp), @nochuie , @husbandsjjp , @imarkson , ok im literally going to end up writing everyone i follow i have to stop just know that I love all 113 of you guys that I follow 😘

📖 - Tell a Story:
So remember when Mark was on weekly idol and couldnt pronounce “World Wide Act” with a Korean pronounciation (and cutely hid behind yugyeom). A similar (not as cute) situation happened to me. 
I was in Japan, at this cool zoo. There was this area where there were a LOT of lemurs. Then a staff member came out and had a mic and was talking about the lemurs and saying little fun facts. There were a lot of kids there too so she was asking questions like “What do you think these lemurs eat?” etc to kind of quiz the children. Then she asked “Where do these lemurs originate from?” The answer is Madagascar but none of these kids knew and they kept answering with the wrong answers. (I only knew the answer because of the movie Madagascar.) Anyway, she kept giving hints and the kids kept getting it wrong and it was getting kind of awkward so I was like f*ck it I’ll answer. HAHA BUT when i raised my hand and tried to answer “Madagascar” with Japanese pronounciation, I just COULDNT. I was like “Mah-dah… Mah-Dah-Gah-Su….” and everyone was staring at me and i finally just said “Madagascar” in the most american way and i wanted to die.

Thank you for asking!!! Sorry my story was long~

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i need more people to follow because i just started this blog so, if you post any if the following like or rb and i’ll check out your blog:

-cartoons(steven universe, gravity falls, wander over yonder,voltron)

-webcomics(paranatural,ava’s demon,monsterkind,neokosmos,colorless, p much any others even if i haven’t read it i always like to read more)

-homestuck(really anything hs related but i really like all the female characters also f/f ships)

-spooky stuff/horror

-cryptids(mainly the mothman and flatwoods monster but i love all cryptids)


-marble hornets and creepypasta(..maybe..i kinda h8 the fandom)


-cute animals/bugs

thats about it, i’d also prefer if you tagged fandoms

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I'm not 'in' the discourse (I'm on the inclusionist side but all I really do is follow some discourse blogs and sometimes reply in their notes, for my own good re: mental health) and I just got one of those 'why do you support pedophiles' anons and I don't know what to do. I'm a CSA survivor why are they doing this to me?

Because they’re shitstains who think they can weed out their opposition by traumatizing them, triggering them, and turning our pain into a buzzword. They’re aggressively violent against CSA victims. Its really not safe to be openly inclusive if you’re a survivor rn tbh

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Hey, I saw a post of you that talked about porn bots. Well it happens that I had Tumblr previous week, and my five followers are all porn accounts. They clearly aren't here for what I post and that really bother/ embarrass me. I'd like to know how you react to those type of profile. I'm sorry if it bother you but I had to ask someone. Thank you (ps: I absolutely love your account!!!)

Well for me personally (this is Lucia speaking) i feel like Tumblr needs to devote more time into getting rid of them because 1) think of the children…. like this website is targeted age 13+ and i don’t think they want or need to be seeing these blogs in their notes and 2) since they’re getting “smarter” per se and straight up reblogging posts now it’s concerning because it’s way easier to accidentally click on a virus or other dangerous link

edit: my response is to block & report them asap when i see them! until tumblr cracks down on them the only thing we can do is keep reporting bots so at least they know it’s a bigger issue than they think


i’ve reached 1,000 followers on this little old side blog of mine and i just can’t actually believe it. i started this blog because i had all these headcanons about robron to share and i wanted to keep them somewhere, i never expected this reaction at all! so i’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed this blog, liked or reblogged a post and left their thoughts in the tags for me to see. it’s much appreciated 💗💕

Originally posted by soniamencarelli

- as a way of saying thank you to you all i would absolutely love to write little ficlets out of your favourite headcanons of mine. if you’re interested, send me an ask using the #no. of the headcanon and i’ll write a little something. or if you like you could send me one of your own headcanons and i can turn that into a little ficlet for you as well 💜

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It's great to see you accomplish this! You've worked hard. I miss the Scoots blog, but do love the Skyfox. Thank you for always putting smiles on our faces!

Thanks! I’m happy to do so :)

It’s funny because just yesterday I was like, man if I had the talent I’d make like a out of nowhere “sequel” or whatever bs of the StA blog like, suddenly we see a very rugged and covered in scars and dirt Scoots coming out of a jungle or something followed by a likewise fucked up Woona saying “I never said adventuring was easy” and being all Uncharted-y like xD All with like cool art n shit and it just takes off on a more mature less light hearted vibe EDGY AF.

Of course chances of me doing that are quite low considering I have too many things on the backburner already xP

Also, my loves, I won’t be blogging about the Westminster Attacks anymore today. It’s been very draining and upsetting to see a city I love hurt like that and I’d like to distract myself for a bit. Of course, if there are any major developments, I think I will be involving myself in them when and if they occur but for now, it’s business as usual. And not because I don’t care but because I’ve spent most of my day following a livestream, desperately praying that I don’t know anyone involved.


Omg ok I’m like so happy because my followers are increasing all the time and the notes on one of my fics, my first prompt fic for bughead, is creeping up to 100 notes already, I started this blog four days ago and I’m just??? I’m not used to having such a busy tumblr feed and reading all your feedback and seeing your likes just makes me so happy. I’ve been super stressed with school and stuff recently so having this place is just amazing and everyone in the fandom is so great and I’m mush, thank you!

Originally posted by 2017blackmagic

Please know that all of you are welcome in my ask at any time, whether it’s a prompt or not <3

hai-fuck-yuu  asked:

It's really strange that you see so much racist stuff because I feel like I follow like 30 VLD blogs and I've never seen anyone say racist stuff, only responding to them like you do. I'm so sorry that you have to see that stuff on your dash. Also you're such an awesome person I highkey love you

dude i wish i didn’t see racist stuff at all but part of me is kinda glad i do?? i mean otherwise part of this fandom would be some awful racist circle jerk and i can’t have that 

anonymous asked:

Dude............ Have you ever like........ Gone on one of your followers accs............ Just to like creep (i mean i think i would die if you ever did that to my acc)(bc ur an actual queen and i love u so fucking much)(ur basically like dnp to me)

dude……. i literally do that like…….. every day…… because you all have nice blogs (i probs have done it to your acc)(i’m not a queen by any means but i’ll take the compliment and feel good about myself and i too love u so fucking much)(i’m in awe of this last part are u sure bc that’s a really big compliment)

Good Morning!

Yours truly is still recovering from an enjoyable TMI Tuesday. Thanks to all who participated, especially Anon, who participated more than most. I still have one question left from the lovely @queenpleb, which was a bit more than my brain could handle after working for 10 hours yesterday. So I’ll post that soon. In the meantime, feel free to stop by my blog if you want to learn about my kinks, find out who among my followers I would fuck, marry, or kill (because apparently that question is game for both Nick and me), or hear about the weirdest/most awkward hook-up experience I ever had.

I’m working today and there aren’t significant thunderstorms in the forecast, so you likely won’t hear from me much today. But if you weren’t around last night, there’s plenty there to entertain you should you miss me. If you doubt that, just ask Jack.

anonymous asked:

The only thing sadder than people sending anon hate because your favorite roleplay blog got argued with is said roleplay blog condoning it by not speaking out and excusing it by saying "oh we can't control our followers lol." I bet y'all just love having this little anon army spamming hate for you, don'tcha? Such upstanding members of the community.

well, here’s the thing. we really can’t control our followers, and we definitely don’t condone anything negative that a follower of ours has done to someone else. but yes, this is pretty sad, the entire thing, and i’m not sure how much longer anything can continue until we really do end up like s4rj.

- mod hanzo

anonymous asked:

UGH I wanna block an exclusionist who responded to something I reblogged with something rude (how did they even find it...? it wasn't an original post, it was a reblog, and I have... a grand total of 5 followers? how??) but then I'm afraid they'll just screenshot my blog and go "lol look this inclusionist moron blocked me instead of responding xD" because their side seriously does that all the time >.<

No fear. Who cares if they mock you? They’re full of shit. Mess them up.

Or just block them, that is also a perfectly valid option, because they aren’t even worth your time or energy.

–Mod Mercy

Just Ask

This is the last time, I promise:

This blog is no longer active. If you followed me before and want to know my new personal, send me a message. I’ve let a few people know already but I feel kinda weird sending people messages because I feel like I’m pressuring people to follow me and I’m not about that.

I’m archiving this blog because of a post I made that went viral. I’m uncomfortable with this blog being a link between my workplace and my personal life. It was never designed to be that. I know at least one person from work followed me here and I am fine with that person following me– it’s more the idea of all the people I don’t know who they are, they could be clients or whatever and I don’t want my Thom Yorke obsession/ private journal entries/ shrimp fascination on display for everyone.

Feel free to ask if you want to know.

🌕Meet Your Local Witch Challenge!🌊

ESSENTIALLY, THE RULES ARE: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!  

I was tagged by the wonderful @naomi121406, if you don’t follow her, check her blog out! Wonderful mermaid related posts, really cool readings, very sweet. 

Now on to the questions: 

Name- Danielle ✌🏻

Nicknames: Dani, Polar Bear, Jake (inside joke with friends)

Zodiac Sign: Libra, I have to do research on sun and moon and all that fun stuff 

Height: 5′10″

Orientation: Asexual 

Nationality: Canadian, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch 

Favourite Fruit: Raspberries, because I relate to them. You always think they’re sweet, but they can be bitter a f. 

Favourite Season: Fall/Winter

Favourite Book: 1984 by George Orwell (WHICH WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A PREMONITION) 

Favourite Flower: Orchid 

Favourite Scent: Vanilla, gingerbread, fresh water (streams or lakes) and the centre of a healthy forest

Favourite Colour: Dark, royalty purple

Favourite Animal: Dolphins or sharks. Majestic a f. Cuddly. Have you seen the cookie cutter shark?? Look up the cookie cutter shark. That little bean needs more love, such a cinnamon roll.  

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Is all of the above an option??

Average Sleep Hours: 8 to 10 if I want to function like a human being 


Favourite Fictional Character: Oh shit. Do I have one? It takes a lot for me to love a character. Maybe Jay Gatsby?? Oh shit but there’s Hamlet. Hmmm

Number of Blankets you Sleep With: Umm… five??? I like being cosy. I’m a human muffin okay, best when warm. 

Dream Trip: Paris, then journeying across the French countryside by train 

Blog Created: Oh gosh… 2015? Idk. Don’t go to the beginning of my posts. It’s all so cringe worthy. 

Number of Followers: 532, with no porn blogs thank God. 

Alrighty, time to tag some followers. Idk if I have twenty OFFICIAL witch followers, so I’ll tag ten. If you like a lot of my witchy reblogs, there’s a good chance I’ll tag you anyways. 











Anyways, I’ll just be chilling here. Feel free to send things to my ask box! Xoxo ❤

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And don’t worry dream anon! I’m going to get down to answering your interpretation request tomorrow!