because i finally had a time doing caps

Boueibu Puzzle Game Kinshiro Pyjama Route

Okay so finally get to post this. I had this one completed right before I left on my trip, but I don’t have photoshop on my Mac so I couldn’t do it while I was gone >.< But because I did this a while back, my translations might have some memory gaps OTL

So this time we are stay at Kinshiro’s place! That bed looks so damn tiny compared to everything else lol

Look how happy he is that you are over >.<

Now we are switching to PJs, I am positive he wasn’t blushing much or I would have screen capped the crap out of it xD

Awwww Everybody loves a happy Kin-chan <33

Due to the books I might guess it was a PJ study date? Which sounds weird to me, but thats Otome game logic xD

He looks so precious though ;u; 

Mallory Jackson the Indigo Witch FanFic

Mallory Jackson, The Indigo Witch

This is an alternate universe Scarlet Witch.


“Stark,” Cap began, addressing Tony who was at one of his computers and only barely listening.

“Cap, I don’t have time for a lecture, this is all I’ve got for now. The others would be too difficult. She can help us. She’s the one,” said Tony who had finally looked up from his screen.

Cap sighed, knowing he didn’t have a real convincing argument and gave up. Because whether they admitted it or not, they needed help.

“Who is she?” he asked.

“Mallory-Rae Jackson. She’s from Puerto Rico, moved to Hawaii when she was eight. Moved around a lot….actually…” Tony replied.

“What can she do?”

“A lot. According to what I can find in SHIELDs files, she’s one of the most powerful beings on Earth. She has telepathy, telekinesis, and can play with people’s minds it looks like,”

None of this seemed to worry Tony the slightest. Cap on the other hand wasn’t so sure if things went wrong, he’d want this witch on his bad side.

“How do we know we can trust her? Sounds like she could destroy us very easily if she felt like it,” Cap asked cautiously.

“Nah, she doesn’t kill. Well, maybe she has in the past. But she wouldn’t hurt us,” Tony waved his hand carelessly.

Cap raised his eyebrows. “You know this because……?”

“Because I’ve met her. And she may be the most annoying person I’ve ever met. But she’s our only choice. Loki is coming back, and she is the only person who can help us right now.”

Cap nodded, knowing the severity of the situation.

“Where can we find her?”

Finals Week

as told by M*A*S*H

Its that time of year again

You make your checklist

Is there even enough time for this?

You schedule every minute of the week

13 hours of Calculus is totally realistic

Your friends worry. That’s your fourth cup of coffee

They say you need a break

No time for that. Must. Study.

Cue the cramming

But a quick nap won’t hurt

Uh oh. That’s your fifth alarm. It’s time.

You hope your sweat/tears don’t stain your first final

Breath. Its going to be fine.

Did you even learn this?

You start to regret skipping so many classes.

You finish…

…and smile

You’re done! You made it. You’re free!!!

Summer, here you come