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Michael teaching Jere how to decorate cakes

Michael and Jeremy start working together after the bakery closes to teach each other different skills. Michael teaches Jeremy how to decorate cakes first. The first “lesson” that they did together, Michael was standing off to Jeremy’s side, making little comments about how he’s holding his piping bag. But as time progressed, Michael got closer and closer, to the point where he’s pressed against Jeremy’s side, watching him pipe. 

At one of their final “lessons”, Michael’s standing behind Jeremy, hands covering Jeremy’s as he guides him through piping a cake, once Michael thinks Jeremy has the hang of it, he lets go of his hands (reluctantly) and lets Jeremy continue piping around the cake. Once Jeremy finishes, he turns to Michael with a huge grin “I did it!” and Jeremy’s so proud of himself because decorating and his hand tremors in general have been something he’s been struggling with for ages.

And Michael’s so proud of him of course, but then there’s that one little nagging voice in his head that insists that Jeremy doesn’t need for him to work there anymore because he’ll be able to decorate the cakes on his own. So Michael, desperate to grab on to anything that will let him spend more time with Jeremy, suggests that now Jeremy teaches him how to bake

After a lot of lessons, Jeremy decides to let Michael go off and make a batch of cookies on his own. When the timer on the oven beeps Michael and Jeremy holding their breath bc they’re both so nervous. But when Michael pulls the cookies out, they look great and are 10x better than the ones he was making before the lessons with Jeremy. Michael looks at the cookies and then to Jeremy, then back to the cookies, and back to Jeremy with the biggest grin on his face, and his eyes look like they’re sparkling behind his glasses. “I did it” Michael laughs under his breath. Then he looks to Jeremy and says louder “I made cookies!" 

"You did it.” Jeremy forces a laugh, because he has conflicting emotions its great that Michael can bake something now without possibly setting a fire, but now Jeremy’s worried about losing these quiet moments between the two of them after they close up shop. Their little lessons at night became something that he looked forward throughout the day. When it could be just him and Michael, teasing each other and speaking softly because there was no reason to be loud. 

So when Jeremy got a basic grasp on decorating, he jumped onto Michael’s idea of teaching him to bake. But now that was over too. And Jeremy will honestly do anything to make this moment last. “Do you want to get a coffee?” he blurts out. Michael looks at him confused 

“Coffee? Jeremy its,” he looks at the clock on the oven “almost midnight, I don’t think either of us need caffeine right now” Jeremy crosses the room to Michael 

“Then we can get Hot chocolate, or Tea or Cider just, lets go get a coffee”

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I finally got around to reading Written on your skin because I'm sick and have no energy for schoolwork and it made my snot congested, sore throated, phlegm filled day so much better. I actually really like your writing and I plan to read your other works too!

I’m laughing because the phrase “ Iactually really like your writing” makes it sound like you were surprised. Like:

“Oh shit, this bitch might actually know what she’s doing”

Which wow, what a mood honestly. Me too. I’m also shocked. 

Haha, but thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it, and I hope you like my other fics. There’s fewer dick jokes, which I guess could be a pro or a con depending on how you feel. 


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition

“Zoe loves the movies. So I knew if I was going to propose, it had to involve the movies. But I can’t make a movie myself because I don’t work in film. So I had to get creative. I ordered a black-and-white Italian film from a vintage film dealer. It seemed vaguely romantic. I spent four months editing it on my computer. I changed all the subtitles. I cut out the harem scene. I completely changed the plot so that it resembled our lives. I wrote some dialogue about picture frames because Zoe’s family owns a frame shop. And I love trains. So I made the main character a train enthusiast. When I finished the editing, I rented out a small theater with sixty seats. I invited all of Zoe’s friends and family. I made sure everyone sat in the front and didn’t turn around. The weather was beautiful that day. Zoe didn’t want to go to a movie. We got in a big fight about it, but I finally convinced her. I was so nervous that I laughed during the whole film. I’d seen all the jokes 1000 times but I laughed at them anyway. Then during the final scene, the main characters started speaking to the audience, and one of them asked: ‘Does anyone here want to get married?’ So I stood up. The lights came on. All her friends and family turned around. And I gave a speech that I prepared. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask the actual question. But Zoe bailed me out and said ‘yes’ anyway.”

“going for gold”

something for a composition challenge on deviantart but I don’t like how it turned out so might resubmit my entry for september;;;


Oof, sorry for the repost, (I posted at a bad time yesterday and got a bit buried), but uh… Jackieboy Man in space!

I’ve been meaning to finish this for two months, but I finally got around to it this weekend because I wanted to offer it as a “thank you” to @therealjacksepticeye and the entire community for their efforts to bring awareness and positivity during a messy and inexcusable situation. As somebody who has lived with poor mental health nearly my entire life and who regularly struggles with suicidal ideation, all I can say is this: Thank you. Thank you for trying to help, for trying to destigmatize this issue and spread a message of love and acceptance and positivity. Seán has such a massive influence and the community he let us all build has such a strong potential to do good and they did. And honestly? That’s Amazing. To me, everyone involved with the stream yesterday are fucking heroes.

Literature for Bisexual/Lesbian Women of color

I’ve wanted to put together this list for a while, After taking a queer studies class in college I started actively looking for media to consume that would validate & help me learn more about myself/my identity. Being a South Asian woman loving woman I was skeptical at first and was so sure I wouldn’t find representations of myself anywhere. It’s out there, not much, but lesbians/bisexual women have been creating forever. 

Our bodies, spirits, and love are works of art themselves. Although we have been largely silent because our race and sexuality, there are still many beautiful works to be treasured. I myself am still new to my identity, I didn’t stop denying my sexuality until I was a sophomore in college, which was about 3 years ago. After having read these books my life/mentality was changed forever. I no longer felt as alone and could draw strength and courage from these women’s struggles, fears, hopes, and love. I’ve yet to find a community of women like me, but the closest I’ve come to that is bonding with the narratives and stories in these books. 

Many of the books here deal with race, gender, Diaspora pain, living as a brown body in a western society, feelings of isolation/alienation from our own communities, and sexuality. I got most of these books online used on Amazon, but also a good portion can be found in book stores. I have the freedom to have these books mailed to my house and keep them in my room safely, but if that may expose you to your family or harm you in any way I suggest trying to access digital copies or being extra cautious! I hope that after reading these books you too feel the kinship and bond with other women of color loving each other.

Disclaimer** I haven’t finished some of these books, and tend to start and skip around a lot, also some of the anthologies are a bit older but sadly the same issues are still present today so its still relevant. Also this list is not in order of importance or quality! not all of these involve gender/sexuality/race, some are one or the other. I will add a * to my top super favs tho!!


  • The Very Inside, An Anthology of writing by Asian and Pacific Islander lesbian and bisexual women - Sharon Lim-Hing 1994*
    • a collection of stories, poems, interviews, a few images, and writings by Asian/pacific islander women.
  •  The Woman that I am, the literature and culture of contemporary women of color - d. Soyini Madison 1994
    • stories, poems, plays, essays about gender / race.
  • Piece of my Heart, a lesbian of color anthology - Makeda silvera 1991
  • Good Girls Marry Doctors, South Asian American daughters on obedience and rebellion - Piyali Bhattacharya 2016
    • Being brown/a girl/ living as diaspora / breaking your familys heart to live happily
  • Does your mama know? An anthology of black lesbian coming out stories - Lisa C. Moore 1997*
    • These hit home really hard and have made me cry
  •  Spirited, affirming the soul and black gay/lesbian identity - G. Winston James and Lisa C. Moore, 2006
    • Spirituality/religion and sexuality, writings about being gay and religious/ feelings of guilt/ betrayal regarding your relationship to your faith and god (Christianity).


  • Beyond Trans Does Gender Matter? - Heath Fogg Davis 2017
    • Gender identity/politics in U.S. context. Trans activism & rights. Discussion of institution oppression/ being discriminated against for your race/gender identity as a trans person of color. The narratives of the dangers trans people face in cities coupled with the discussion of legislation and how little has changed.
  •  Ain’t I a woman, black women and feminism - Bell hooks 1981
    • Race, gender, sexuality, class, feminism
  •  Women, Race & Class - Angela Y. Davis 1981
    • Title says it all

Race / Being brown in a western society

  • The Good Immigrant - Nikesh Shukla 2016
    • Narratives of being brown in a post 9/11 world by ppl in the UK
  •  Trust no Aunty - Maria Qamar 2017
    • Probably the most lighthearted and uplifting book on here, its funny n feels like an older sister giving you advice on how to be a south Asian girl/ pursue art/ deviate from your parents wishes and find happiness.

Short Stories

  • The Thing Around Your Neck - Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 2009
    • On Monday of last week and arrangers of marriage are my favorites
  • Happiness, Like Water - Chinelo Okparanta 2013
  • All about Skin: Short Fiction by Women of Color - Jina Ortiz 2013

Lesbian/bisexual Fiction

  • When Fox is a thousand - Larissa Lai 2004
    • Supernatural/Chinese bisexual women, set in both modern day Canada and ancient china. I really enjoyed the writing style, also the book reminds me of fables/mythology elements.
  • Notes of a crocodile - Qiu Miaojin 1994*
    • I love this book so much and re-read parts of it often. Its depressing and really captures the coming of age lesbian loneliness/isolation/fear and anguish. I love this author’s writing so much, this is one of my most favorite books of all time.
  •  Speaking in whispers, African-american lesbian erotica - Kathleen E. Morris 1996
    • Black lesbian Smut & fluff, its beautiful
  • The red threads of fortune - Jy yang, 2017
    • adventure fantasy
  • Yabo - Alexis de veaux 2014
  • Last words from Montmartre - Qiu miaojin 1996/2006
    • Not actually published by her, though intended to as a sort of memoir before her suicide. Captures the pain/anguish/betrayal she experienced. Another one of my favorites, but this book is really depressing.
  •  Under the Udala Trees - Okparanta, Chinelo 2015
    • Another depressing book I enjoyed. African women loving each other/struggling in a homophobic/politically complex society.  religion/sexuality 
It Wasn’t Real (finale)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten -eleven - finale


I just wanna say like thank you all so much for the wonderful support on this story, i’m seriously gonna miss writing it SO MUCH! It’s crazy to believe i’m already done, but I mean, I did upload like everyday lol. Anyway, thank you all again so much.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Richie x Reader, and Loser’s Club x Reader, also slight Stan x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones.

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“It’s coming back now.” Stan explained, nodding at his friends who surrounded him. The group was silent, standing around Stan, battered by what had just happened in the sewers but happy that it was over and their friend was standing before them alive. “Only bits and pieces, but I remember IT just suddenly being there and that’s it. Then I woke up with you guys around.”

Silence echoed Stan’s words, as he slowly let his eyes move around the people surrounding him; hesitant to ask what was on his mind. “What happened?” It was obvious what had happened. IT had come back, just like you’d tried to tell him but Stan had been too stupid, too in-denial to listen, that’s how he found himself here. But, it was almost like there was more; like the day and a bit he’d been gone more had happened then he could ever imagine.

“Y/N t-told us about how IT had taken you.” Bill finally answered, his eyes landing on you for a split second before gazing back at Stan. “She said s-she found the words “W-WHERE’S STAN?” written on h-her ceiling in blood. A-After that, w-we came here to find you.”

As Bill explained, Stan’s eyes fell on you as you looked to the ground. The last time you’d spoken, he’d left you just standing there after practically begging for help. No part of you was mad, but you could tell he felt guilty, just by his gaze. And it didn’t help that he’d bee wrong, that’d just been proven after what’d happened.

“And um- Henry’s dead.” It wasn’t needed, but you felt like you had to say it. Henry was terrible to you but you’d still killed someone. You didn’t know what would happen, though you knew none of them would ever say anything but you’d physically murdered someone; didn’t matter if he was an asshat half of the time. “So there’s that.”

Richie noticed your discomfort, and could only imagine what you must be thinking. Leaning over, he grabbed your hand; ignoring the looks he received from the others. “You did what you had to do.” 


“Richie’s right, Y/N.” Eddie interrupted you, turning to look at you with a sincere gaze. “Henry would’ve killed you if you hadn’t done what you did. He deserved it.” Richie squeezed your hand as you reluctantly nodded, giving a small smile his way.

But, we’re glad you’re okay, Stan.” Beverly smiled, her blue eyes brighter than before. Despite the fact that you’d all just come from a fight with a murderous clown and quite literally from a trip in the sewers, everyones faces seemed a whole lot brighter. Even you yourself, you felt less empty than you’d felt for so long. The world seemed brighter and a lot more colourful, rather than the dull black and white you’d been seeing it in for the past four years. 

“Yeah.” Mike agreed, nodding with a smile on his face.

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you know, I genuinely think the majority of games journalists and the type of people that write about games didn’t even start playing games until around 2005-2007

and it seems a hell of a lot of games journos or people that think like them are inordinately embarrassed by 90s games

Tomb Raider, Duke 3d, Doom, Deus Ex, Sonic, Mortal Kombat.

Rather than seeing them as landmarks of gaming history, they see them as embarrassments, diseases that gaming must recover from. Tumors to be removed from gaming’s consciousness.

Even the people that played games around this time and are into “gaming culture” seem to absolutely despise these games and games that came before.

You got Leigh Alexander blaming Deus Ex for screwing up her relationship with her dad. You got moviebob calling Deus Ex games “robot shooting games”.
we’ve got nobodies going on bizarre twitter rants about how Doom ruined gaming because it wasn’t a “sophisticated” rpg or Myst

and you got people saying with a straight face

“Sonic was never good”

I’m not even a Sonic fan, and I know that’s bullshit.

Thus this ties back into my theory about when they started playing video games….

Sonic 06 came out right around this time.

So Sonic as a franchise is getting hit by a doubly whammy of like, their first encounter with it being a particularly bad entry in the series, and of him being pretty much the final serious holdout of “Mascot…..WITH AN ATTITUDE” from the 90s.

Duke gets hit pretty bad cause OH HE’S MISOGYNISTIC and by his last proper game not being very good and severely outdated.

Lara Croft got hit by, despite a majority of her games being clever affairs about her agility, climbing and NOT FALLING ON THE GROUND, a bad early case of Fanbase Being Horny For Her, so these sorts REALLY don’t like her. So they like the boring drab dressed reboot Uncharted clone where she keeps falling off cliffs and crying, because they’re under the impression nobody is Horny for her (haha, how little they know)

with Mortal Kombat, you just gotta look at how positively they reacted to it having an actual story mode and more “realistically” proportioned women (though Netherealm honestly still isn’t GREAT at modelling and designing women yet)

Doom has people thinking it’s just a pulpy gore shoot affair, not knowing that you actually need a strategic approach and sharp reflexes to succeed and it has brilliant level designs that influence people TO THIS DAY

and with Deus Ex, you see people trying to eviscerate them for taking a non racial apartheid as a theme, screaming at them for having “Augmented Lives Matter” in a protester’s banner in concept art, even though Deus Ex ALWAYS talked about social issues, political philosophies, and conspiracy theories. and even though Adam Jensen Deus Ex games are probably some of the best representations of an understated dystopia, with augmented humans being discriminated against and legislated into oblivion, and dystopic nightmares about people never truly owning the body parts they need to live, Adam Jensen being only valued because he has a specific mutation in his DNA by his own company and the Illuminati, and with blue collar laborers being further dehumanized by getting augments because the company usually owns their body parts, they become dependent on anti rejection drugs, and often have them going into serious debt to keep a job that doesn’t pay enough to keep their debts. If that isn’t a “Late Capitalism” concept, what the hell IS? robot shooter my ass.

everything starts to make a lot more sense when you realize a lot of these people are neophytes to this art form that have no respect or sense of history to what came before, or bitter old assholes that should know better, but are perpetually enraged gaming hasn’t turned out how THEY wanted and that THEY have no control nor influence


Autumn Semester - Week 11, Friday

This week was my week! I got back my essay on Frankenstein and got over 80% (we don’t grade in percentages here). For that prof, it’s nearly perfection, since she’s more likely to give a 75% for a very good work. She also told us that she has graded our presentations on A Streetcar Named Desire, and the grades went from 75% to 90%, but she didn’t whether she could keep these grades because it’s almost too good for master’s students! On top of that, I did my project presentation in front of a jury (on the exhibition we organised), and my group got a solid 90%! I couldn’t believe it! Plus, not studies related, I finally found a coat for this winter (I’ve looked through every god forsaken shops around here).
Now, today was rather productive: laundry, groceries, cleaning up my flat, and outlining an essay on Faulkner’s Barn Burning (hated it, though I relatively easily found a passage to work on). 
This is going to be a chill weekend then, since I only have to write that short focus essay. (That means I can finish my next Netflix show (Manhunt: Unabomber – I mean, it’s crime AND linguistics! That’s totally my thing), continue with The Handmaid’s Tale, and probably watch It (2017) as well!)

Oh, and I finished all my Christmas (and birthdays…) shopping!

Save You

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A/N : Hello~! Sorry it took me so long to post another imagine, I was in a writer’s rut. But besides that how many of you guys saw the IT remake yet? I just watched it now too long along and let me tell you, it was goood. I liked it so much, I’m writing an imagine for it haha xD so in a way it inspired me 

- How Y/N began to be friends with Bill and the loser’s club. (A little background/prequel to the imagine I have planned.)- 

Word Count : 1583

The sudden chorus of rattling lockers near you caught you off guard as you were putting some books away.

“Hey there B-B-Bill, still looking for your dead brother?” You heard and without needing to look, you already knew who it was.

Henry Bowers and his goons were harassing Bill Denbrough again but by the looks of it, Bill wasn’t going to take it sitting down this time. 

“F-Fuck you, H-Henry.” Bill snapped before pushing the bully back with all the strength he could muster up, obviously angry at the mention of his brother. 

Henry stumbled back into Belch and Victor while Patrick slugged Bill into the stomach, making him hunch over in pain. The older boy then forced the boy’s back into the lockers again, the locks probably digging into his back. As if they were on autopilot, Belch and Victor reached out to grab hold on to Bill’s arms to hold him still while Patrick stepped to the side to let Henry through. With a sinister smile plastered on his face, Henry stepped closer to Bill. 

“And what if I don’t? You gonna make me disappear like Georgie?” You heard the other three idiots laugh but there was nothing funny about it. You quickly glanced up and down the hallway, trying to see if there was an adult near by that could stop all of this before it got out of hand but unfortunately there was no one. School was out for at least an hour now so you didn’t know why you even got your hopes up in the first place. “How about you join him, B-B-Bill?”

You heard a swift click slice through the air that made you bring your attention back to the boys.

Bill’s face visibly paled as the gleam of Henry’s knife caught his eyes.
Henry seemed to want to go even farther than usual but you’ve had enough. He crossed the line the moment he even decided to bully people but the moment Georgie’s name left his lips and he took out his knife, he was taking it way too far. 

You hastily closed your book bag and threw it at Henry’s head, mentally thanking your dad for trying to teach you how to throw a baseball the other summer. It must have been your lucky day because your throw was spot on and it hit him square in the face. 

Finding your courage you then grabbed the largest book in your locker and rushed over to Victor and Belch. Cracking Victor over the head before throwing the book itself at Belch, you tried to grab Bill’s hand and make your great escape but before, you could you felt a hand weave into your ponytail. Henry harshly yanked you back while your hands instantly reached up to pry his fingers out of your hair. 

Hissing from the pain, you had no other choice but to follow the pull back and soon you found yourself face to face with Henry Bowers himself. 

“H-Hey, let her go!” Bill lunged forward but Victor shoved him back. 

“I don’t think I will!” Henry screamed, shaking your head back and forth vigorously with every word. “I don’t think I will.” He said again in a calmer demeanor, the evil glint in his eyes making you uneasy. “I think Y/N deserves to be taught a lesson, don’t you think boys?” Henry traced the dull side of the knife along your cheek before pausing at the junction where your jaw and your ear met. He leaned closer to you, whispering in your ear. “This is what you get for not minding your own business.”

Having had enough of his bullshit tough guy act, you let your mouth run wild and free, not entirely caring about the repercussions at the moment.

“It’s kind of hard to mind my own god damn business when your ugly ass mullet is in everyone’s face don’t you think, Bowers? Now let me go!” You thrashed and kicked against his hold, even scratching at his hands if it’d loosen up just a little bit. 

“L-L-Let her go, H-Henry!” Bill struggled against Victor but had no luck of getting free.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you Bill?” He laughed as he pushed the tip of the blade against your skin, breaking the surface right underneath your eye. You closed your eyes, afraid to see what he was doing to you. He leisurely pushed the blade across your skin, milliliter by milliliter. 

“Stop!” You heard Bill scream but Henry seemed to be too focused on you to care. 

“Henry…” Victor mumbled loosening up his grip on Bill, looking unsure about the whole situation. 

“What!” Henry turned his attention away from you to glare at the other boy. You took the opportunity to snatch the knife out of his hands and cut yourself free. A few strands of your once long hair flowing down to the floor while the rest stayed clenched in Henry’s hand. Scrambling to your feet, you hurried to grab hold of Bill’s hand before practically dragging him down the hall with Bowers and his goons in hot pursuit. You’d get your bag some other time, maybe when your possibilities of dying weren’t so high.

“Get back here!” The two of you heard them yell after you. 

Using your shoulder, you rammed into the school doors, pushing them open. The harsh sunlight momentarily blinding you. Looking behind you, you made sure to look Henry in the eyes before chucking his knife into the bushes as far as you can. 

“Have fun finding that, fucker!” You threw him the bird, watching as he visibly turned an unhealthy shade of red. Tugging Bill in the other direction, the two of you hurried out of their sight.

You and Bill ran all the way back to his house.

“I-I think we’re safe now.” You panted as you leaned on the wooden rails on Bill’s porch, out of breathe. 

“Y-Yeah…” Bill nodded. He wasn’t as out of breathe as you were but you figured that was because he had more stamina than you did from all the biking he did with his friends. The two of you took a few more minutes to recollect yourselves before Bill spoke up again. “I-I-I’m sorry ab-bout your hair.” 

Looking down to the unfamiliar sight of loose chucks of hair sprawled around your shoulder, it finally hit you what happened. Slowly reaching up to touch the bunt cut, you held a plank expression on your face. 

To be honest, it scared Bill how quiet you were. He’s heard how important a girl’s hair was to them and he felt bad that it got cut because of him. 

Taking a deep breath, you tried to smile as you held back tears. “It’s ok! Its just hair plus I’ve been meaning to cut it away.” You waved him off as to not worry him. “What about you though? You ok?” You leaned toward him, examining his face for bruises or cuts.

Bill was taken back by your sudden closeness and quickly averted his eyes to look somewhere else. He did note how pretty you were before looking away though. “I-I’m fine.” 

“That’s good!” You pulled back with a smile on your face, pleased that he wasn’t hurting anywhere. You felt an itchy feeling on your arm and turned to see what it was when you felt something push a strand of hair behind your ear. Looking back up, you met eyes with Bill. 

“H-H-How about y-you? You ok?” Once your eyes met and the tuft of hair was neatly tucked behind your ear, Bill retracted his hand back to his side. 

You could feel the light blush on your cheeks as you smiled at him. “Just peachy.”

He smiled right back at you before pulling a little bit of his flannel’s sleeve down and wiping the blood from your cheek. 

“Thanks.” You said quietly, your cheeks turning a darker shade of red.

“N-No problem.”

Not wanting to stay too long and make the moment awkward, you decided to was time to head home. 

”I’ll see you around, Bill.” You smiled before moving to step off the porch, already thinking of ways to explain your hair to your mother. 

“W-Wait Y/N!” You made it as far as the front lawn when Bill called back to you. “Can I-I walk you home?” He stammered. 

“I’d like that.” And like the gentleman he was, Bill walked you safely back to your house and later that evening your book bag and books were mysteriously returned back to you.

Needless to say, that was the day you developed a crush on Bill Denbrough.

- To Be Continued. - 

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

What did you guys think? Please let me know! I’ve been out of the game for a while now and want to know what your thoughts and feelings are~! 

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i was talking with @upperstories about this ask that they sent a while ago that i FINALLY GOT AROUND TO DRAWING SOMETHING FOR IT THANK G O D
this idea was so bittersweet it met all of my standards o f c o u r s e

now i came up with an idea to sort of add onto this as well (mostlytocounterthatreallyfuckingsadnotethatsheleftoncuzjesus): since Henry can no longer draw (because of the fucking holes in his hands), Bendy decides to take up drawing to sort of “live out” Henry’s artistic spirit. Bendy really likes it cuz he knows it makes Henry happy and he loves showing him all of his drawings as much as Henry loves seeing them (and hanging all of them on the fridge)

Upper also had an idea to go along with this: after a while, and lots of physical therapy, Henry gains back enough of his motor skills in his hands to at least paint. Most of his stuff being impressionism tho. But when Henry’s stuff comes out messier than he’d like, Bendy offers to clean it up for him and then it turns into an art collab (which i can see them doing a lot)

But just a small thought that I felt was interesting was that it ultimately makes sense that Henry would lose the use of his legs because, when I think of him in his monster form, I typically think he’d have a hard time walking upright and would mostly resort to crawling. When he stands up he mostly uses his ink as a, sort of, crutch??? But even then it’s very difficult to stand with the ink because of how unstable and drippy it is.

What is Vore?

Context: So two of my four players finally just got rid of the ghosts that were harmlessly possessing them, one of them, our Warlock, is really sad because he had bonded with his ghost. The other, our Paladin, was just happy to not burst into tears at anything scary that happened. 

Warlock (OOC): Is there no way of getting them back? 

DM (me): No.

Ranger (IC): Don’t worry, we can find some other ghosts for you to vore.

Warlock: I did not vore a ghost!

Ranger: You kind of did!

Our Warlock looks around for support only to see most everyone else, including me, cringing and nodding. 

Warlock (to our Paladin): Well if I vored a ghost then so did you!

Paladin: What’s vore? 

We all laugh, and try to move on with the conversation. 

Paladin (OOC): No seriously, what is vore? 

there’s something that’s just so special about keith, who’s arguably the roughest and most impulsive one on the team, the first to be reckless or attack an enemy, the one who uses his fists and fights his way out with his teeth bared, being one of the most gentle out of team voltron. the one who’s so calculated and soft with his touches and fond looks that you can tell surprise him and overwhelms him at the same time.

keith’s someone who’s been hurt and left behind by people, and he chooses very specific soft touches or moments of intimacy to try to be comforting, to give something he rarely got before being in team voltron. you can tell he’s so careful not to hurt his teammates because he knows what it’s like to be hurt, and when he gives his affection, it’s keith’s attempt at stepping out of his comfort zone and finally letting people in from the wall he’s got around himself to protect himself