because i figured it would be fun to draw

A kind Anon asked if I would repost this drawing because they were worried I might be white washing Lance (who is canonically Cuban just in case you didn’t know :D :D) but when I posted it I think it appeared supremely tiny on my page. So here’s an edited version of my previous post.

I am sort of new to tumblr since I mainly use my Insta so I’m still figuring out how to respond to folks and all that fun stuff! :D Anyways, I don’t want to offend anyone so please do let me know if I get anything like that wrong and I will fix the mistake as fast as I can. 

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments everyone!!

Art Help: Figures

Because you asked, let’s talk about bodies now. I know some cartoonists like to just throw anatomy out the window altogether, which can be fun and creative, but I prefer to know what’s inside and behind the things I’m drawing, I like to know what constructs a body, including the human figure, so #1 advice would be to just do a lot of figure drawing when you can:

 It doesn’t even have to be 100% realistic all the time, just learn to do it properly. After a while, you’ll be able to whip up a body in whatever pose you want without references. I drew these two tutorial pages without checking references or anything, these are just blind doodles, which shows that practice and the knowledge of structure work wonders! (And that I probably should’ve checked out some muscle references afterall but ehh close enough.)

And now, onto how you can get creative with what you’ve learned.

As it is always, just the sheer shape of a character’s body can be an instant visual indicator of their personality. Use this wisely and strategically. Unconventionality can add to this too. (Toothpick arms on a round-bellied character can look quite comical. Or sometimes it’s just a nice change.) However, though that kind of stuff is a long way from realistic anatomy, I still prefer to always make up a core structure to a given character, however impossible their body may be biologically. This way you won’t have ill-proportioned characters, you won’t lose control over them, and you can pinpoint where their centre of gravity is, and so on. Learn to find the possibilities of breaking free from realism but limit this freedom so that your character still makes sense and doesn’t lose form like a melting pudding. Know how far they can bend, stretch, etc. This would be vital if you were to make the character move. Take this jumping sack, for example:

This was just some weight practice from a few of months ago, I only posted it on my other blog just because it wasn’t anything interesting, really. (Look at it go “woouummmpfh”. ^^) That’s why structure, joints and weights and centres of gravity matter. You can get creative and simplify bodies to whatever extent you feel like but I personally prefer to keep characters make sense - it’s a bit harder to make work but it pays off so much when they can be shaped more dynamically when the need arises!

That’s all, you can find tons of anatomy tutorials and references around the internet and, if you can’t get a chance to go to a firgure drawing class, I’d even suggest doing favours for your friends/family/boyfriends/girlfriends/mysterious neighbours in exchange for them posing for a couple of hours for you. (Or blackmail your crush into it and write in about how it went. Or, don’t take life advice from me and you’ll probably be fine…)

Hope this is helpful and, as always, have fun drawing!

With all these beautiful Fatesonas everyone’s making, @krazehkai and I thought that a 30 Day Art Challenge would be a great way for everyone to have fun with their characters, learn more about other Fatesonas, and interact with each other! So here we present to you 30 challenges you can do~

(I made Day 1 a greeting + a link to your ref because I figured most people already fully drew their Fatesona in their original Fatesona post/ref. I didn’t want to make you all draw another one or have to post the same one lol)

Please tag your posts with #fatesona 30 day challenge so we can all see each others’ work in one nice place!

Have fun, everyone!

                            WELL HOT DANG FOLKS. HE DID IT.

Gaston actually has 1000+ folks following his trashy blog. I didn’t think he’d get to this milestone ever – so I figured I would draw something incredible to show that I love you and and that this is it. Rather than a follow forever ( because let’s face it – if I follow you then you’re stuck with me ) – have Gaston being Belle instead. Because no one wears a dress better than Gaston

Thank you everyone for being so kind and fun. Supporting trashy headcanons, mun’s personal work/hiatus, and just being really swell to talk to. 

But there is one blog I need to give a shout out to. The one blog that I think we all know that Gaston couldn’t live without. The blog that keeps my son strong and the mun healthy. That blog is: 



In art class We have been making stained glass in the form of a translucent CD, and I figured I may as well make a subtle gift as I would be doing my work c:

Heres a little red and “white” goldfish in some blue background cuz why the gell not xD I just looooove fish and the color blue ;3;

Aaaand heres the lil Soul, a character made by the amazing @amber-acrylic!! I hope you like it! I loved making the lil fella :’D

Every Wednesday of 2016 (starting late, obviously… sorry!) I’m going to post a drawing of an action lady from history: presenting WARRIOR WOMEN WEDNESDAYS.  

Partly it’s ‘cause I figured this would be fun to draw, but also because I grew up thinking that ladies were, with rare and high-profile exceptions (Mary Read & Anne Bonny, Calamity Jane, etc), supporting players in history’s more rough-and-tumble moments.  That isn’t the case, and I thought it might be worthwhile to highlight fifty or so of the figures who strike me as the most visually or narratively arresting so that others might not be saddled with similar preconceptions.

Today’s warrior is MARIA BOCHKAREVA.


So I guess since it was mentioned in the last reblog, it might be the appropriate time to post these! These where for my Drawing in Motion/Figure Drawing final, an anatomical study of an original design. I chose Happy and Merry’s human form because I thought Siamese twins would be fun to try to figure out? Hope you guys like <33

So here he is by popular request, the RPG version of Sanji and now I have the monster trio done. I was originally going to make Sanji a rogue character but it was too much fun thinking of him as a monk who can’t give up ANY worldly pleasures (and he still cooks too). He’s a fairly balanced character, I figured defense would suffer in favour of speed, luck, and critical hit for him. Magic because he can set his legs on fire.

Tagging @worldrenownseacook because they asked specifically for Sanji~



Guys!! June 23rd is Typewriter day! I figured I would celebrate with these drawings of some of my favorite typewriters in pastels, because that’s what I’ve been into for the past few days. 

I have a Royal (the one in the middle) for art and journaling purposes and I love it! 

Fun fact about typewriters: the reason for the layout for the typical English keyboard is based on the typewriter keyboard! It’s the standard QWERTY instead of being alphabetical order. 

The reason for this is apparently because to hit a key on a typewriter takes a lot more force than it does now, and to stop from hitting the keys next to each other, they placed it in order of keys that you use less frequently together! 

//please do not remove my caption or repost my art//

I’m gonna be busy with finals for the next week or so. I’m trying to get a queue up, but I figured I would draw something as an apology. Haha, this is more of a gigantic mash up of characters than something organized like a drawing, but it was fun. Drawn while listening to @sushinfood ‘s vocal stuff (curse you for getting me drawn into loving more Undertale characters! I now love Grillby a ton).

Also there is big Sans, because why not? Also tiny, cute awesome Gaster. :) So precious. Hopefully Tumblr doesn’t make this one pixilated this time.

argonapricot said:

How about the character in Homestuck that you feel the sorriest for? Medieval AU actually sounds super hype, so let’s go with that.

I threw around a couple of ideas trying to figure out who I felt sorriest for, but honestly the Psiioniic’s situation in canon is just so…terrible. 8I  And he’s super fun to draw!

In other news, I would like to apologize to anybody who has ever put effort into learning things about the medieval era because I am not one of them and it probably shows. ;D

[[please check if this night is ongoing before you request!]]

I wanted to do a thing to practice drawing different poses and stuff, and I figured I should draw one of my cute ghost characters because Flint floats basically everywhere and that would be fun to draw– ;w;

he’s probably floating in the middle of some huge fire because he really likes fire and can’t be killed, so being the nerd he is, he’s just like “Why not float into a fire because I’m already dead, that would be really cool! Oh hey, it’s warm in here, this is fun!”

I also have a version without the background under the cut, which I thought also looked nice :’)

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At long last I got around to making an actual sprite sheet for Fates Angie. It was tough because 1.her exact hair style doesn’t exist in game so I had to draw it from scratch 2.Angie’s body type is a lot different from either Corrin, she’s quite a bit buffer and wider and has a smaller chest so figuring out how the armor would work on that was fun. These were done by blowing up the sprite in Manga Studio, tracing it all, then coloring it in Photoshop.

And of course here’s a bonus Fates Lucina/Freyja with her tiny wife. If you wanna stick an Angie into some fake supports, feel free to! (just let me know!)


More SEALEDSchool!AU student council Toya/Sho (As much as I love Sho/Agito there’s absolutely nothing on Toya/Sho so watch me throw more into the void)

It’s hard to characterize Toya sometimes, because I have to remember that he’s been held on a high pedestal all his life and has been isolated as a result. He has this mature, calm demeanor that echoes loneliness and I tried to convey that in the comic

I think if Sho is the first one to fall between them, it’ll be him moving from admiration (which is something Toya is familiar with and tired of, but Sho has no idea) to wanting to be something more to Toya

And I feel despite how Sho struggles to hide what he’s feeling Toya is observant enough to pick up on it (and he likes to tease in a very subtle way)

And extra based off a-crowded-nest‘s George’s Anime Club headcanon (I couldn’t help myself)

and that’s when Sho realized he probably fell for a kinda scary guy 

Did you ever read the booklet with the game (digital booklet for vita players like me) Toya apparently learned to handle finances of big companies at a young age that totally changed my mind about his perception of money (so I imagine him to be kinda scary when it comes to it)

Don’t mind me. I’m just over here trying to remember how to draw once again. I decided to use Miraculous Ladybug characters as my guinea pigs. I was going to start with Ladybug or Chat, but I figured I would be rusty and I didn’t want to mess them up too badly so I started with Volpina since she’s not my favorite. This is such a fun series. It’s a bummer we have to wait for season 2 now. :’(

While I wasn’t too impressed with Lila’s character (mainly because I can’t stand the tired old cliché of having the mean girl have a crush on the same boy as the protaganist) I did really like Volpina as a villain. That part was very well done and it was refreshing to see Ladybug challenged and put in a position where she almost had to give up. 

Anyway, hopefully I can keep this up and draw Ladybug and Chat as well. We’ll see. Life has been crazy lately. :’)

P.S. Commission me~ Please? :’D

Calling All Artists

Hey everyone!

My mum works in the surgery care ward at my city’s hospital, who also deal with a lot of children going through some pretty intense surgery. 

Mum asked me to create some certificates for these children to congratulate them on how brave they were during their surgeries, but in order to make these bravery certificates I need illustrations! Bunnies, birds, dogs, superheroes, firefighters, princesses.. basically anything that could be directed for children! 

I could easily get some generic photos from google but I figured it would be more fun and meaningful to have people draw stuff! So, if you’d like some of your drawings to be on these certificates given to children going through surgery, send me a message and i’ll give you my email to send them to :)

Bright colourful images are preferred (because they are kids) and scans or digital images would be ideal for putting on these certificates. Thank you!

A Lapis fanart I previously posted to my twitter. I kinda drew her mostly because I don’t really desire to draw her, and I’m never sure why, so I figured trying would shed some light. I dunno, I guess maybe I just don’t know much about her personality and that makes it hard to get into drawing someone. I gotta know who they are.

But this was a fun quick sloppy thing, I enjoyed doing it.