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I am straight and I firmly believe Sherlock and John are in love

I’m gonna say this once because I often see the tjlr argument that only people of the LGBT+ community claim to see evidence for Johnlock and support it.

This is wrong. There are many straight people who acknowledge, like and / or support Johnlock just as much. All my friends in real life who have watched Sherlock, for example. 

I, personally, never doubted it. EVER. Since the dinner at Angelo’s.  Johnlock is plain as day. And it is my OTP.

honestly i think the reason as to why percy is so hard to place in one hogwarts house is because of the fact that he displays such strong qualities that overlap between the houses. if we look at the qualities that percy possesses compared to the characteristics stated in the sorting hat’s song, he embodies almost all of them. 

foremost, in the gryffindor verse it says that gryffindors are brave at heart, and are daring, have great nerve, and are chivalrous. We have seen throughout many books that he is indeed brave and daring, and he does have nerves of steel at some points (ex, jumping off the st. louis arch and falling with annabeth into tartarus). He also shows great acts of chivalry & this aspect is also seen throughout other parts of his personality

as for the hufflepuff verse, it says that members of the house are just and loyal, as well as being patient and unafraid of toil. clearly, percy displays a lot of loyalty throughout the books, whether it be for annabeth or his mom or for his camp. he is also not afraid of fighting anyone or anything in order to protect those he is loyal to.

in the ravenclaw verse it is less obvious that percy shares some similarities to that house (seeing as it talks about having a ready mind, having a lot of wit & will to learn) however, percy does display these qualities throughout both series, as he wants to learn any different things (ex. learning how to defeat kronos, learning how to unite both the greeks and romans, learning how to change the way he perceives the world). also he shows how witty he is through both his sense of humor and how fast his mind works in different situations (mostly fights, etc)

now the slytherin verse talks mostly about finding real friends, and calls slytherins cunning and ambitious. percy obviously cares a lot about finding his real friends (and he finds them in annabeth, grover, the seven (eventually), etc) so that’s a pretty obvious one. however percy is exceptionally cunning, whether it be in battle or just everyday life. correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure annabeth in the books has said how intelligent percy is (even though he comes off as stubborn or oblivious at times)

in all honestly im not sure what kind of conclusion i was trying to make by writing all of this out, but the one i have come to is that all of these characteristics, although make him hard to classify in one house, show that percy is an exceptionally strong protagonist that exhibits powerful qualities that make him a hero.

Therefore, i am concluding that this whole sorting thing is kind of backwards because percy doesn’t really fit in any of the houses because he has shown that he belongs in all of them

Write it in a Poem

WC: 5940. Rated G. Season 6 Spec/Stydia fic.

A/N: So this isn’t so much a stydia fic as a season 6 spec fic, which I for some reason felt compelled to write despite the fact that a) no one cares and b) it will be canonballed in a matter of 3 months. But seriously, it’s because I saw this post from @rongasm speculating about what that piece of paper in Lydia’s hand was in that one scene in the trailer. and my mind apparently really wanted to come up with an answer to that question and would not leave me alone until I wrote it down. It’s honestly pretty stupid lol but I decided to post it because, well because yolo basically. But if somebody enjoys it, well, that’s an awesome bonus.

Lydia Martin’s not really a fan of cliches.

Which is why she really hates the fact that she has always felt like something is… missing from her life. Also why she never mentions this fact, to anyone, ever.

But that cliche phrase feels like the only way to describe what she’s feeling; sometimes she’ll be eating a Reese cup, or cheering on Scott as he plays lacrosse, or idly watching a baseball game play on the TV mounted on a restaurant wall and she’ll feel a wave of… something. It’s like having a word on the tip of her tongue, only it’s ten times worse and she remembers feeling it for as long as she can remember.

It only gets worse the day she finds the letter.

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Jacob Frye Appreciation Post

It’s easy to say that Jacob needs Evie far more than Evie needs Jacob.

She constantly needs to keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t screw up too badly, and even 20 years later he still needs her to settle things with Jack the Ripper when they get out of control.

But let’s consider for a moment that if it weren’t for Jacob, Evie probably would never have left Crawley. Because George Westhouse and the Assassin’s Council had decided that London was a Templar stronghold too difficult to break into yet and advised patience, Evie would have probably followed their orders and stayed put.

Yet Jacob was that “voice of YOLO” that convinced her that there were better things waiting for them in London, and that was probably one of the very few moments where she admitted that he was right. She needed him, in that moment, to give her that little mental nudge to do something crazy and unplanned and not regret it.

And I like how Jacob felt it was important to convince Evie to join him – he could otherwise have been like, “Suit yourself Evie, you can stay in Crawley; I’m heading to London with or without you,” and hopped on that train alone; but Jacob knew his sister would be better off living up to her full potential out in the city, and got on that train only after Evie was convinced that she was going, too.


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I think Even is probably feeling really blindsided, kind of like Isak felt when he got the text? Because even though Even wanted space he probably didn't expect Isak to withdraw as completely as he is! Obviously Isak has good reason to, but Even doesn't know that so...

YEs! Thank you :D Don’t forget that between the two of them Even is actually the last person who said something! :) He sent a message (and as far as we know!) Isak didn’t reply??? And if he doesn’t know that Isak saw him and Sonja, then? But yeah, they need to talk.. Real soon:( ♥


Title: Equilibrium
Pairing: n/a
Word count: 407 words
A/N: Sequel to this. Inspired by the death!anon and @catnoirism

I wrote more Kishia - I hope you like it. ;D I’m adding fuel to the fire and I know it but I don’t care. IF I’M GOING DOWN, YOU’RE GOING DOWN WITH ME 


Marinette’s smile turned downward and her eyes became red. A red substance trickled down her arms, dripping off her fingers.

“Why didn’t you save me?”

And then she was falling, falling, falling into the crimson soaked pavement, red bleeding into her hair and on his hands, oh, God, on his hands –

A hand on his shoulder, burning – no, That voice – Adrien shot up, mind foggy, grabbing onto the arm – the attack – too tightly –

“Ow, ow, ow! Dude, stop! You’re hurting me, Adrien!”

He pulled back, staring at Nino as he rubbed his wrist, heart thundering in his chest. The fog cleared, and horror crept in as he stared at the marks on his friend’s wrist from where his nails dug into his dark skin –

“Oh, my God. Nino. I-I’m – I swear – I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to –” He stuttered, and Nino waved his hand, sitting down next to him.

“It’s cool, dude.” He said, and Adrien was tempted to snap, no, it’s not cool – I just hurt my best friend. “I shouldn’t have startled you like that.”

He breathed out slowly and ran his fingers through his already messy hair, closing his eyes – but his heart kept thundering and the world felt off, strange – Not right. He was Chat Noir for Pete’s sake. He shouldn’t have – Ladybug shouldn’t – He should have been the one in her place –

“Are you okay, Adrien?” Madam Bustier said, her blue eyes concerned, but he noticed he wasn’t touching her and he was tempted to snap at her, Of course I’m okay. I just lost one of my best friends, and worse, I failed in my duty as her partner to protect her.

He began to shake his head, but then he quickly corrected himself and nodded. “I’m fine,” he whispered, voice hoarse and raspy. He winced. “I will be fine,” he corrected. Not.

She didn’t look convinced, but she nodded and walked over to her desk. He watched as the rest of the class trickled in, all of them saying quiet hellos to him and Nino but not actually approaching them. Alya, who’s eyes had dark bags underneath them, who looked just as tired as he felt, touched his shoulder briefly before she slid into her spot behind Nino.

He wondered how an empty spot could feel like it was blaming him too.  

It shouldn’t be empty, he thought. And he knew that that was the truth.

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