because i feel pretty happy

very sorry about the nerd spam lately (video games + D&D etc) but when I’m stressed and have almost no free time, I go straight to geeky shit whenever I have a break during the day because it helps a lot, so it’s all that’s on my mind (and blog) lately (apart from what’s stressing me out).

I know it’s not content you’re used to (at least not that much haha) and it can be off-putting or annoying so you can always blacklist “overwatch”, “video games”, “D&D”, or “critical role” if you are tired of nerdy posts; and “personal” if you want to avoid my personal rants about personal shit (they have been numerous lately) :)

*hugs you all*


ALL CASUAL [listen]          

“He never put lyrics to the second secret, the one he kept to himself. But it still played on in the background.”


kittyxuchiha11  asked:

I'm good, feeling pretty happy because i got some cute new ladybird buttons for my crafts while shopping today, and i'm getting lots of nice comments on my new fic! :3 It's currently raining, but it's always raining here in Scotland so that's nothing new. I'm going ice skating with my mum tomorrow so i have that to look forward to. I have a very old kitty cat, she's 21 and sleeping beside me, she made the sleepy cat noise when i petted her for you <3

ah thats so great! I’m so happy that you’re getting a positive response! It’s so hard to be a writer especially around here so I’m super stoked to hear you got good comments <3 

ice skating is tough man I can’t stand ten seconds out there XD good luck you! I hope you have fun


Well, I had my doubts, but apparently it’s real!

OOC . okay ! so, reading week is here and this is the start of my do-nothing weekend; it kind of sucks that i’m actually feeling kind of down/disappointed with myself and just life in general at the moment ( probs need to rant but there’s not anyone for that ) but i’m glad my break is here. and i am here to write because actually feeling pretty happy with the stuff on here right now. creative cap on, x-files on, breathing slow ~ it’ll be a good night, even better tomorrow :D

I hope you all have an amazing day today~ I’m cheering you on


Hey Tay, I really need your advice..
When you say your clean speech or talk about the past you mention how you always have been your own worst enemy and how your own thoughts made you feel awful. That’s how my life is and I’m having a really hard time with body acceptance/having anything positive to say about myself. I just want to know how you turned yourself around? Where did you start and how did you change your negative thoughts into positive ones? How did you become strong enough to ignore the opinions of people that don’t know you? Your happiness, positivity and strength is something I want to have but I don’t even know where to begin to feel happy about myself because I’ve spent pretty much all of my life disliking myself but I’m tired of feeling this way. So any helpful tips of how to become happier/how to love myself would be really appreciated.

So, after doing Grizz for the CN collab, I decided to do a 2nd one, and Shirley the Medium opened up! Unfortunately, I let the month slip by me and overestimated my ability to do this…plus bake all day, plus get ready for everything the next day (Halloween) and didn’t get it done on time. 

Since it was pretty much almost inked though, I finished it anyway because why not? I’m pretty happy either way. I just feel like a turd for not having this done when I should’ve. 

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because i’m feeling pretty happy despite the multiple rose thorns i just pulled out of my arm c: also it’s finally spring break for me yay! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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