because i feel pretty happy


In other news Hiryuu’s too cute and I’m weak


Happy Birthday, Stella [x]

in honor of it being Selena’s actual birthday :3


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“He never put lyrics to the second secret, the one he kept to himself. But it still played on in the background.”



This is what happens when your brother makes you watch Pretty Cure and you make him watch HunterxHunter and you both start to pull out weird ideas.
BTW, if anyone asks, it was Alluka and Kotoha’s idea.

also hey guess who talked to a guy today without feeling nervous :):):)

current jdox writings:

  • 6500+ words based on the happenings of 1x16 my heavy meddle when perry drags jd out to the bar at two in the morning and breaks down
  • the beginnings of a plan for a fic based on 8x07 and 8x08 when perry becomes chief and kelso tells him he can’t be chief without giving something up
  • a smutty oneshot in which jd and perry move into their first house and christen that fucker

lesbians4johndenver  asked:


Send me the name of a group and I’ll answer:

1. Song I like the most: How can I choose,,,, Probably Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End but also like many others
2. Album cover I like the most: Sgt. Pepper
3. Song that makes me wanna dance: Got to Get You Into My Life
4. Song that made me cry: All my Loving, The Long and Winding Road
5. Member I feel the closest connection with: Paul because I’m pretty bubbly and happy-go-lucky but also want complete artistic control in all situations
6. Hottest/most beautiful member: 1967 Paul, Teddy Boy John
7. Most entertaining member: Ringo
8. merchandise I own: My guitar is a replica of Paul’s bass lmfao whoops
9. If I have seen them live and where: I mean no but I met Ringo and he told me I was cute
10. Memories involving the band: Literally I grew up with their music! I don’t even remember hearing most of their songs for the first time, so they mean a lot to me <3

send me more

very sorry about the nerd spam lately (video games + D&D etc) but when I’m stressed and have almost no free time, I go straight to geeky shit whenever I have a break during the day because it helps a lot, so it’s all that’s on my mind (and blog) lately (apart from what’s stressing me out).

I know it’s not content you’re used to (at least not that much haha) and it can be off-putting or annoying so you can always blacklist “overwatch”, “video games”, “D&D”, or “critical role” if you are tired of nerdy posts; and “personal” if you want to avoid my personal rants about personal shit (they have been numerous lately) :)

Not harry sorry but stupid important announcement----

GUYS as I was finally falling asleep I think I just came to terms with the fact that I’m bi???? And I am crying so hard in my bed right now and I am confused as fuck but after so many years like I finally kind of accepted it for myself….. and I don’t think I can come out to any one for a long while but I needed to tell someone because although i am feeling so many emotions right now I’m pretty happy. So yeah. I’m bisexual everyone. I like boys and girls. I’m bi. And it feels crazy to say but yeah I’m not straight!!!! Not that anyone cares or will read this tbh but IM FEELING GOOD AND NEEDED TO COME OUT TO AT LEAST MY FOLLOWERS

Emily + Talia?


Other 45% Of The Fandom: I Love Emison/Paily But Ali Is In Jail/Paige Is Gone. I Mean They Do Make A Sexy Couple For The Time Being. If Emily Gets Laid By Talia, I Won’t Mind. I Just Hope We Get See It.

10% Others Of The Fandom: TBH, I Couldn’t Care Less About Ali/Paige. After Maya, Talia Is The Only Person I Truly Like. Emilia, Emalia, Tamily, Temily, Empanada, Whatever TF Is, I WANT IT. 

I Honestly Fall Under The 10% Category 

Which Do You Fall Under?