because i feel i will use it often in some future arts maybe

1. About this Journal Page: I usually add this on the first page, it’s sort of like the alpha because it explains the things that i plan to do w/ my journal. I add “Dear reader,… Love, Me” and script my name + heaps of doodles.

2. Birthday Special and Etc. Bonanza: This page is a list of people’s birthday and other special occasions where either list it down or make huge tables similar to a legit calendar. Doodles make this 10x better.

3. Favorites of the Month: I love doing this because it feels like I can actually reminisce the things that i love about the month. I do this in sketches and paint it with watercolors because watercolor makes everything 100x better.

4. Things I love about the season: Frankly speaking, we only have 2 “seasons” in my country so that’s practically just rainy and dry. And since I am desperately in love with summer, I dedicated a list of things I love about it.

5. The Huge Movie list: This movie list is meant to be a sort-of “reacts” and “ratings” kind of thing because i always love rating the movies that I’ve binge watched.

6. The Moody Playlist: I shuffle my tunes and seek for beautiful tracks and turn them into themed playlist. I think this is perfect if you have a spotify account because you can later on make a legit playlist.

7. Tick it off: This is quite typical tbh: the to-do-list page. The page which makes your journal a bona fide journal. I often times write down my to-do-list with boxes so that i can just tick off when i’m done.

8. Bucket list Version 2.0: Also a classic, you can add a little twist to your bucket list by turning them into sketches instead of the old, lame bullet-ed list sort of thing. Bonus: you can add how old, how you want to look, etc.

9. Thoughts in a Bullet: I do this to write down with ease the bothersome thoughts. I just write it down either in phrases or sentences. Thoughts in a bullet is perfect for calming down and easing the anxiety.

10. The Sunday’s best: Sunday’s best is actually the page i dedicate for when I’m chilling. I practically just let my thoughts wander and write it down in a page. I either make a playlist for sunday, how i want my sunday to be, quick sketches of my bedroom, and tv series i binge-watched that day. Sunday’s best is practically just a chill page and you’re free to do whatever you want to do with it.

11. This Week’s Bake, Blend, Stir and Fry: I honestly just call it that way because it sounds cooler but the gist is that page is meant to be your Recipe of the week sort of thing. If you’re a person with a heart for cooking, then this page is for you.

12. The Featured Pet: I love making this  page because I can actually add my pets in my journal!! I’ll sketch them and describe them and just list down the reasons why I love them. Some of the stuff i write are: name, age of description, color, animal, breed, favorite food, behavior, personality, when it barks, etc!!!

13. Quick Urban Sketches: This journal page idea is something to do when you’re feeling the sun and you want to go outside and bathe yourself with it. You practically just sketch heaps of beautiful buildings, strangers, shrines, etc and paint it using a watercolor (i do it this way, you can do it in your own way too). And then describe it in a short phrase, sentence, or maybe even a paragraph. This is perfect if you’re an outdoor person who loves the sun ~

14. This Week’s Highlights: This is quite similar to favorites of the month however it’s for the week plus it’s not only your favorites. I actually like doing the highlight page because i want to remember all the things that happened to me for the whole time i was having this journal.

15. Dear Elle,: Elle does not exist. I don’t even know anybody with the name Elle. I just dedicate a page for her because I feel like I’m talking to a friend. No, she’s not an imaginary friend. I think the things I write in my dear elle page is mostly directed to me. In dear elle, i write down with all my heart the things that I'am afraid of, my flaws, insecurities, anxiety and I usually just sum it up with a nice positive reminder.

16. The Botanical Garden Dream: Actually this is just a page dedicated for my favorite flowers that I’d love to have and plant in my garden one day. I usually just make this in a garden-looking way so there’s not much words but sketches and doodles. And then i color it using my colored pencils because it’s easier to work with pencils for botanical tbh.

17. 100 Resons to be Happy About: I made this on my first journal (that’s when I was 11) and every time i read it, i still can’t help but smile. This page is a major help for struggling people out there. Honestly, it’s just a page filled with heaps of things i love and i write them down in different sizes, orientation and fonts so that it looks sort of like a mess but not really.

18. *insert TV Series*’s Lessons: I did this on Modern Family and I swear to god this is like the most favorite thing I do about the lesson sort-of thing because I just !! I often times divide it in characters like: Here’s for Haley, Alex, Luke, Phil, etc. And I’ll apply them to myself and it helps out trust me!!

19. 17 Things I’ve Learned Before Turning 17: This is perfect because I can actually look back and see how much I’ve grown. You can do it too but you can use your age instead like if you’re 12 it can be 12 things I’ve learned before turning 12. Something like that.

20. The Dreamy Backpack Adventures: The Dreamy Backpack Adventures is actually just the list of places that I want to visit before I die!! I often times get my inspo from tumblr and do a mini research and write it down on that page too.
21. 10 Things That Make Me Happy: This is quite similar to 100 reasons to be happy about but this time it’s more of a me. I just write this down when I’m totally feeling myself and stuff like that. I got the inspo from the anonymous chain message going on in tumblr so yep.

22. The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: I make this page because I’m one heck of a huge fan of road trips! I often times just make a playlist, write a to-bring-list, make my outfit ideas, and food list kind of thing that i shall do for the whole trip. I also sketch my pillows hehe!

23. Other Versions of Sunshine: I actually made something like this and posted it here, can you remember? It’s just a bunch of lovely little things that remind you of sunshine. I write this down when it’s a sunny saturday and it’s the golden hour (4-5pm).

24. Little Things to be Happy About: I also made this and posted it in here. It’s quite similar to Other Versions of Sunshine but this time, it’s more like a little bit of less descriptive. I suggest making this before doing the Other Versions of Sunshine. This will honestly pump you up a bit.

25. Reminders to Myself: These are cute little positive things that i write down so that i can sort of just read it when I’m having a sad day. I add cute little doodles around too. To make this 10x cuter, i add little animal or cupcake or plant doddle with this bubble reminders and stuff. You can also scan this and post them in tumblr.

26. Sketches: I don’t really think I need to explain this. These are just cute sketches of everything: your house, neighbor’s house, your friends, strangers, etc.

27. The Pressed Flowers & Leaves Page: I’m pretty sure your journal will be a thousand times better if you press some flowers on another book and tape it using washi on your journal. You can dedicate a whole page with captions (what’s the plant, where is it from, when it was picked and pressed, initial color, etc) for your pressed flowers. Perfect for future gift ideas.

28. The Ultimate Picnic Guide: The Ultimate Picnic Guide is also quite similar to The Ultimate Road Trip Guide. I sketch my little cute picnic idea and add colors (using watercolor, still) and then i label it and point it out. Like, the sort of food I will eat, the colors of the blanket, the books I will read, the outfit that i plan to wear, the basket i will bring and stuff. It’s honestly better to sketch it than just write it down. But you can always just do it your way.

29. Paint and Palette Test: I think most artists use a separate sheet of paper for this but honestly the palette test is one of my most favorite thing about painting and making art. I keep it in my journal and test the colors that might match. This is really perfect for future art references and also nice if you’re having an art block + don’t know the heck what you should do. This palette test page could help.

30. A Love Letter: A love letter is sort-of a self-project i made because i love to write letters to people. I will make letters for my friend, my crush, my mom, my dad, and other relatives when i feel the urge to do so. I usually never give them out because well, that’s the sole purpose of writing it- never giving it out. So yeah, a love letter is perfect for when you just want to pour out your feelings over someone and you don’t want them to figure it out. EVER.

31. What I Want To Be: This one is just a goals of the day sort of thing. You can also do it in a goals of the week or month. :-)

32. Things I Love About *your favorite artist*: This can either be a singer, painter, dancer, etc. I honestly just do this to express my love for my faves.

33. The Skin Care Guide: Every time I purchase new things to spice up the softness of my face, I’ll sketch the cute little bottles and facial stuff that i purchase and describe it and write my reviews.

34. The All-time Page (fave books, music, etc): This is a little classic. I basically just write down my all-time favorite books, art, painters, movies, and more.

35. The Book Trip: You can google up some nice book recommendations or from good reads and then you write it down. You could also try to write your expectations and stuff.

36. The Movie Binge: This is quite similar to the Book Trip but this time I write down cute movie recommendations for future binge-watching. Yay!

37. Dear Future/Past Me: I’m not sure if this is classic but I actually like doing this. I wrote a letter for myself 5 years ago and I opened it today and just wow, I was so surprised with how much I’ve grown. So if you practically like those things, you can add this to spice up your journal.

38. Dreamy Date: Practically just a list of things/quality that i want my future significant other to be. Or how my dream date will go. Or just practically the “date a person who..” kind of thing. 

39. To Be Or Not To Be: It’s just a cute list of all the inspirational quotes i gather from everywhere. At times, I’ll sketch the figure/portrait of the person who said it and add a little thought bubble with the quote.

40. The Grocery List: Honestly, I just make a grocery list kind of thing because i love drawing goodies and food!! It’s more of a favorite page kind of thing but this time it’s filled with canned foods. You can also do this in bullet form.

41. The Fashionette 101: In other words: outfit page. This is where I sketch my #ootd or just the outfit inspos i get from tumblr. As you all know, i have a tag #ootd_insp. I sometimes sketch nice outfit ideas from there. 

42. Cut It Out: The Cut it out is page is practically dedicated for magazine cut-outs. I have a lot of old magazines and art books that I’ve finished reading so instead of throwing them, I’ll just cut ‘em and paste on my journal.

43. Little Flaws I love About Me: This is also inspired by the chain anonymous message about loving yourself. You just practically just list down the cute little things you like about yourself.

44. List of Pets and Plants + Name Ideas: This is sort of like a keeping track page for all my pets and plants. I will also sketch and draw them when I feel like it. This is perfect with watercolor, jsyk. :-)

45. The Space Page: The Space Page is one of my most recent page where i just draw a lot of space stuff and all the planets and add cute little facts about it. I sometimes add glitters instead of painting them because planets are fab as heck.

46. Mini-Comic and The Everyday Adventures: Literally just a little comic strip about your everyday encounters. I made a similar one entitled “The Homey Adventures” and you can find it somewhere in my blog. You can divide it in four squares or depends on your own liking.

47. The Brunette and Grainy Pictures: If you have a lot of vintage, european-ish sort of stickers and cute little goodies, you can make a vintage page for that. You can fill it out with nice doodles of buses and pins and stamps, too.

48. Doodle page: This is entirely different from the sketch page because doodle page is a lot more chill and adorable. You can fill up a whole page or just half of it or maybe a quarter and add other sections if you want.

49. Poems: Yep, quite obvious, guys.

50. The “Why I love” Section: Some Why I love suggestions: tea, coffee, ice cream, your dog, color, food, etc. You can add a lot of details and images because the more detailed the better honestly.

Hey so April’s coming up so I thought it’d be good to have some activities to do! I’ve seen other people do these (most notably for me @uniqueaspergirl​ had one that I did a few of last year!) and thought I’d set one up!

Under the cut is a list of the days (also listed in the picture) and descriptions of what each one is because a few words aren’t always the easiest to understand even when you wrote them.

I would like to say first though that - despite me keeping the descriptions of each day mostly positive, negative submissions and additions are absolutely accepted. Everything isn’t sunshine and daisies. Most of the things are general enough that they’ll apply to anyone, but if one doesn’t work for you feel free to treat it as a freebie!

Submit by submitting to the blog directly, tagging us ( in the @ kind of a way) or by tagging it #walkinredinstead (which I checked, it’s empty) and I’ll post and reblog as many as I can!

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Hey guys! So, I wanted to make this post for a long time. Sometimes we are our own enemies and it’s so easy to get caught in fighting against yourself, and I want to be a new person and become someone that is content with who they are. A part of me wants to look back on this when I am feeling bad again and read everything I have written here, like a little reminder of my own, you know? With that, I hope you walk away feeling okay and content, like I hope to do, because that is my goal: for all of us to be okay with ourselves and our lives even on days when it feels like it won’t be.

Be proud of your art, because it matters.

Whatever you choose to create, know that is great and you should not look to others to find what is inside of yourself. So often, it is as if you look around and feel you are not good enough, because you may feel you are behind the curve of others you admire. But, in a way, that is perfectly okay to be behind the curve. Every writer, artist, poet, dancer, and singer did not start with an abundance of skill. They worked at what they loved to create to become your inspiration. Take personal notes from them and find who you want to be as a creator, on your own terms. And down the line, when you become who you want to be, you can become someone else’s inspiration. Where that begins is being proud of what you create, and finding the confidence within you to be your own great writer, your own great singer, or your own great poet. First and foremost, be your own inspiration. Be your first inspiration because it matters. Create your art because it matters.

It is okay to be alone.

For the longest time, alone and lonely have been exclusive to each other. And that is not true. Loneliness sucks. It is one of the worst feelings to have nobody to truly reach out to when you have a bad day, or even a great day. Loneliness is the feeling when you walk around and feel as though you are the only one in the world without someone to share your stories with, your words, your passions. But, aside from the pain of being lonely, you have the opportunity to be alone with yourself and love it. Find what makes you great on your own. I am not saying that you should not be understandably upset because you are lonely, but maybe it is a sign that you need to become the best version of yourself first. Find what is making you unhappy alone, and change it. That way, when you meet others, you will be the greatest you possible. Just remember, it is okay to be alone. It is okay to be alone at home on a Friday night, to eat at a restaurant alone, and to go to a movie alone. The best company is yourself, because nobody can or will know you better than you.

Don’t doubt your positivity/optimism.

There were so many moments in 2016 that questioned your faith, your beliefs, your hope, and your optimism. With everything that went wrong, personally or externally, it was hard to feel the space of your comfort being shaken, but that’s okay. You stayed strong through to this year, and that is what is important. Be optimistic for the future. Do not believe hope ends when there are moments of doubt and struggle. See the good in people, in unfortunate events, in life. Sometimes that space of comfort needs to be stirred to rattle that optimism inside you, to light the fire that keeps you optimistic, and to motivate you. So let it be stirred. Keep that fire alive.

It is okay to fail, or not achieve perfection.

Perfection is impossible. Nobody is perfect. You may look at someone from the outside and see perfection, but there is always something someone is fighting, no matter how small or big that thing is. And I understand. Failing sucks. It is horrible to feel inadequate at something or feel less than because you slipped and fell. It’s as though you can’t get up without the shadow of that failure beside you. Don’t believe in that. Your failures and imperfections are there to remind you that you are simply you and there is nobody in the world who does something once and instantly gets it right. That is impossible, just like perfection. Nobody is instantly great at everything they try at. And that is the whole point of failure: the act of trying. If you’re trying, you’re doing something.

Who you are throughout your life is not completely defined by what is out there.

I am talking about strangers, celebrities, media, and even family and friends. You are not your parents, or your friends, or celebrities. You have tons of opportunities to be your own person, with your own thoughts and feelings about what is going on around you. You have a way to make in the world, and it is only made through where you choose to go. Nothing in a magazine, movie, or someone else’s words can or should change how you feel about yourself, or change who you are as a person. When you wake up, you are yourself, so it is important to know who you are and not let things outside of your own influence take you down. It’s unhealthy and a disservice to yourself. Don’t rely so much on what is outside of yourself, because you live in one set of skin your whole life. Don’t spend it worrying about fitting into a box created by something or someone else.

They are out there.

Yes, they. The people that will understand you and love who you are. They will find you, or you will find them. It may take a bit of waiting, but it will be worth it. Maybe “they” are friends, or significant others, or maybe even family, but the point is to know that you won’t be alone forever. You’re not gonna keep your emotions, your passions, or your thoughts inside of yourself forever. You’ll find the ones that will be glad to listen, who will love to hear from you, and will be glad you are beside them. Like I said, it may take some waiting, but nothing worthwhile is instantly gratified.

You won’t notice it.

You won’t realize things have changed until they have already been changed. While sadness seems to remind you of its presence, happiness can blindside us. Once you’ve achieved what you want to achieve and done the things you’ve set out to do, you won’t understand it has gotten better and you have moved on until you’re already moving. As I said before, be patient; instant gratification is never as good as people say it feels. That moment where you look back and realize you’re in a better place than before is coming, and it’s gonna feel fucking great.

There will be shitty times. But, you are gonna be okay.

It’s easy to fall into believing things won’t be okay. Maybe it’s the day you’ve been having, or the people around you are bringing you down. And yes, things will be shitty for awhile. Whether that “awhile” is a few minutes, a few days, or a few months. But, you should not forget things will be okay, and you are gonna be okay. You have everything you need inside of yourself, even if it feels like you don’t in those shitty moments. Don’t let yourself fall into a space where you believe you won’t be okay, because you will. Things will be okay. For all of my hallmark advice and words that could be put on a self-help card, you will find the friends, moments, and everything in between that will remind you it all will be okay.

Mark My Words (Klance Soulmate AU - Part 1)

Idk how this happened, i started writing this kind of accidentally BUT HERE, TAKE IT. I finished it instead of working on chapter 7 of Fate’s Predicament lol OOPS. I hope you enjoy it! There will probably be a second and final chapter btw :)

AO3 -  In a world where people are born with marks showcasing the first words they’ll ever hear from their soulmate, some people have common and beautiful words or phrases; others…not so much.

When Lance had come aboard the spaceship, he hadn’t even thought about what would happen to his soulmate.

But now that Hunk had voiced his own concerns, Lance became painfully aware of the mark on his leg. He was, like everyone, born with it, and it had grown along with him, stretching in tandem with his tanned skin, like a birth mark.

A faint “fuck you” imprinted in his inner leg.

He had been mercilessly teased for it. The fact that his soulmate’s first words to him would be “fuck you” made him both wanna laugh and cry.

The thing is…over the years, many people had said that to him. He knew he could get on people’s nerves, and, when he did, they sometimes gave him that less than articulated response. Especially his siblings. When in lack of a comeback just tell people to go fuck themselves, and all is right with the world.

So, as time went by, he kind of just tried to forget the words marking his body - and their importance.

Lance liked to live in the moment, and he believed that what was meant to be, would be.

But now…now he was in space - who knows how far away from Earth at this point - and had no idea of when he would come back, if he ever did.

He couldn’t help but think about it.
What did his soulmate have tattooed in them? Were they looking for him? How were they doing? Were they drinking enough water? Had Lance already met them? If not, would he ever?

Not everyone ended up with their soulmates. There were as many sad stories out there as there were happy ones. Some people simply found solace and love in someone else. Other people searched forever.

Maybe one of those would be his case.

“Do you think we can be soulmates with aliens? They have marks too, right?” Hunk continued. “Maybe…maybe our soulmates are in the ship!” He gasped. “Lance! What if we’re soulmates?!”

Lance snorted. “Like you ever cussed someone out in your life.”

“Oh…right. And what if-”

“I don’t know, Hunk. What happens, happens. I think we’ll be fine.”

He didn’t think they’d be fine. Despite never having put too much thought into it, Lance would like to one day meet his soulmate. And all of this space thing just seemed to make it a lot harder.

He used to abuse the art of pick-up lines, which increased his chances of getting a “fuck you” as a response. If he did, he could feed on the hopes that, maybe, he had just met his soulmate.

Deep within him, he knew it didn’t make sense, since the person would probably recognize the line, but it still gave him that little bit of hope. Even if he always ended up disappointed.

It would be nice meeting his soulmate, but he had a gut feeling that he either already had or never would.

“I mean…my mark says ‘nor are you’. Isn’t that pretty weird? It’s so unusual! I wonder what they’re like…”

“Yeah…i wonder what mine is like, too…”

Keith entered the room, his attentive, violet eyes looking around.

“Oh, hey McMullet.” Lance greeted, smiling lazily.

Keith rolled his eyes. “Fuck you, Lance.”

“I know you wanna.” Lance winked. “Oh, come on, i was trying to be nice!” He laughed when Keith glared at him.

Lance couldn’t catch the other boy’s blush as he had already turned around.

“Keith!” He continued, drawing out the ‘i’. “Where are you going?”

“My room.”

“You’re always holed up in there now.” He muttered.

“I guess.”

“Stay with us a bit. Why would you go there to just be alone like always? You can do whatever it is you’re gonna do there, here.” The blue eyed boy paused and then widened his eyes. “…You can do almost everything here. Please don’t take that too literally.”

“Lance!” Keith was blushing again. “I’m not you!” He blurted out, childishly.

“What? I totally get it, man. I just don’t wanna watch it.” He smirked, looking contemplative. “Well…”

“I’m leaving now.” Keith said through gritted teeth.

“Come back soon, and call me if you need any help!” Lance laughed.

“Oh, my God, fuck you.”

“You keep saying that! But i’m not like you, Keith, i don’t have to always be at it.”

“Lance…” Keith whined, exasperatedly, with his face buried in his hands and not knowing why he was still standing there, taking the jabs without being able to answer back. He felt paralyzed.

“Maybe you’re my soulmate!” Lance suddenly shouted, eyes widened.

“What?!” Keith now stood straight as a board - which was somehow ironic -, all of his blood had suddenly rushed to his face and he felt dangerously light headed.

The other boy started laughing hysterically while Hunk just stared at the whole scene, looking at them like they were bat-shit crazy. “I’m kidding! Relax! You looked like you were gonna die from lack of oxygen!”

Keith spluttered. “I- I know! My reaction was one of disbelief towards your idiocy!”

“You guys are dumb.” Hunk deadpanned.

Keith sighed and finally found the strength to leave the room.

“What’s his problem?” Lance mumbled.


After dinner, they all gathered in the common room talking, like they often did.

“Well,” Shiro began after Hunk brought up the soulmate topic. “My soulmate mark is…pretty generic.” He chuckled. “'Hello’. But…i think that when the person does come along…you realize it. That it’s the hello you’ve been waiting for.” He discreetly glanced at Allura, who looked distracted. “I guess not everyone’s the same, though.” He finished, quietly.

Lance snorted. “My true love’s first words to me are ‘fuck you’, so…”

“You deserved it…” Keith mumbled under his breath.


“I said mine is worse.” He answered, louder.

“Oh, yeah!” Hunk exclaimed. “You never talked about yours.”

“It’s not something i enjoy talking about.” He mumbled. “I never really wanted to meet my soulmate, it’s not something that particularly interests me.”

Because he was scared.

“How could you say that?” Lance asked, sounding almost offended. “I’d love to meet mine. Even if they’re probably kind of an asshole.” He snorted.

Keith rolled his eyes and sagged against the couch. “Wow, Lance, i bet you’d be a great boyfriend.”

“You know it, babe.” He winked.

Hunk laughed. “You two are always flirting, jeesh.”

“We’re not-!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Hunk interrupted. “Anyway, what does your mark say, Keith?” He asked, excitedly.

“I’m not telling any of you. You’ll hold it over me forever.”



“You suck.” Lance deadpanned.

“Yeah, i do.” Keith smirked for a second before he realized what he had just said, eyes widening. “Uh…”

The blue eyed boy started laughing hysterically. “That’s my boy!”

Keith wanted to die.

“I bet it’s some emo crap.” Pidge murmured.

“What’s yours, Pidge?” Keith rushed to ask, trying to ignore Lance practically crying tears of joy by his side.

“Um…well, uh…i don’t think it matters. I’m also not very interested in all that soulmate stuff.” She blushed prettily.

“Pidge!” Lance whined. “Come on! If it doesn’t matter, why can’t you tell us?”

“Because it doesn’t matter!” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Pidge! Please!” Hunk pleaded, drawing out the vowels.

“Yeah, come on!” Allura joined in, smiling.

“Fine! I’ll tell you. But if anyone ever mocks me, i will end them. I don’t care about Voltron. I will kill whoever dares laugh.” She said all this while looking straight at Lance, earning her a nervous chuckle from the boy.

“Go ahead!”

“Okay, well…” She cleared her throat. “My soulmate mark is on my back and it says…” She grumbled. “…It says ‘oh no, you’re hot’.” Pidge begrudgingly admitted.

Lance shrieked and quickly hid his face in a pillow - doing his best to remain serious - after she glared at him fiercely.

“Does…does that mean-” He had to take a deep breath. “Does that mean your- your soulmate is a meme lover?!”

“It might not have anything to do with memes!” She snapped.

“Hey, you should be happy!” Said Hunk. “Your future lover finds you attractive.”

She scoffed. “Yay.”

“Allura, what’s yours?” Shiro asked shyly.

“Well…” She sighed. “My mark says 'hi’.” She laughed bitterly. “The Universe wasn’t very imaginative…”

“Do you think there’s any chance you’ve already met them…?”

“I’m not sure…I’ve never felt that strongly for anyone…I’ve never felt that 'a-ha!’ moment, you know? But…i guess it’s possible. Many people have told me 'hi’…maybe i should’ve been paying more attention.”

“Maybe you should.” He mumbled.

“Ah!” Coran sighed, upon entering the room. “I very much enjoy talking about soulmate marks! It’s so interesting! Sadly, my soulmate died along with Altea…” He smiled sadly, trying to hide how much it truly affected him. “But, ah, she was wonderful…my mark says 'I love your eyes’ and hers said 'wow’.” He laughed wholeheartedly. “She was lovely…”

They talked for a little while longer until Keith stood up.

“Well, i’m going to my room.”

“Yes, again. Go to your hole, then…” Lance said bitterly.

“Quit whining. If you miss me that much, join me.”

“With pleasure.” The boy grinned.

“Goodbye!” Keith said a little louder than necessary, bolting to safety.

When he was already out of the room, they could still hear him scream “You better not actually come, Lance!”.


It was a little past midnight when someone knocked on Keith’s door. He quickly got up and opened it, ready to jump into action.

Of course it was Lance.

“Ugh, what do you want?” He asked, groggily, his brain rapidly going back to sleep now that he knew everything was mostly fine.

“What does your soulmate mark say?” Lance asked rather seriously.

“I- what? Why do you care so much?”

“I need to know…for- for science.”

“Oh my God, you’re such a nerd.”

“And you’re an annoying emo. What’s your mark?”

Keith sighed. “Can we not have this conversation now?”

“Why do you have to keep it a secret?! It can’t be that bad. Are you just trying to keep your broody, mysterious image?”

“Sure, let’s go with that.”

“Keith! Why can’t you just tell me?!” Lance snapped, entering the room.

Keith closed the door and groaned. “And why do you have to know?!”

“Because i do!”


“What if we’re soulmates?!” Lance screamed, before gulping, seemingly calming down. “What if we’re soulmates, Keith? I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot more lately, and…what if? You know?” He sighed, sitting on the unmade bed.

“I- uh. I don’t know.”

“I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t share it. Like…i know we’re probably not soulmates, since you hate my guts, but…i don’t know what i expected coming here. Can you just forget this ever happened? I need to go back to sleep, this is all just sleep deprivation.” He laughed tiredly.

Lance got up but Keith stopped him. “Wait.” He gulped. “Why would you think i hate you? You’re the one who seems to hate me.”

“Why would i hate you?!”

“Why would i?!”

“Well-” He sighed again. “I don’t know…”

“Exactly. Look…i know i don’t really show it, but i- i admire you, i guess.”

Lance tried to grin cockily at that, but he couldn’t hide his flustered state. “Of course you do. Have you seen me?”

“Shut up, nerd.” Keith turned away, not wanting the other boy to see his equally red skin. At least Lance was tanned, while he was pale…

“Well, i admire you too, if i’m to be honest.” Lance grumbled. “And…i respect your decision to not talk about your mark. Sorry i came here and basically attacked you…i’m just not in a great place right now.”

“Thanks.” He gulped. “I- i get it. And it doesn’t mean i’ll never share my mark with you. I’m just not ready yet. But, uh, if you need to talk about it…”

“Thanks, i’ll be fine though. In any case, goodnight.” He turned to leave.

“Yeah, goodnight.”

After Lance left, Keith sighed and let himself fall on his bed, thinking about his mark and all that it implied.

He thought back to the moment he’d first met Lance at the Garrison. The annoying boy had strode over to him and stuck out a hand. “Nice mullet. Do you also ride a Chevy?”

Keith had immediately recognized the phrase as the mark he had on his thigh, but his instinct had still been deadpanning a well deserved “fuck you” to which Lance had scoffed before actually presenting himself and leaving after being rewarded with Keith’s silence, seeing as he was still too busy making sure his heart wouldn’t leap out of his mouth.

He sighed and closed his eyes. How funny that fate had brought them together like that. Despite being scared, the boy knew he should let Lance know one of these days. Maybe he’d actually recognize the line. But for now Keith preferred to deepen their friendship and get used to it. He needed more time to fully accept it.

He lightly ran his hand on his left thigh, where he knew the light mark was, imagining a better future. One where he wasn’t so afraid.

There is one thing that occurred to me while writing my big whining post of whine, and I kind of want to mull it over a bit.

It’s about the series intro.  Rip had it for all of season one.  But he’s never given the intro to season two.

I remember being pleasantly surprised when Martin gave the intro in Out of Time.  It was a nice bit of symbolism.  Showing the new camaraderie and new, casual focus of the group.  And it was fun to see the other characters have a turn.

But I remember wondering when Rip’s turn would happen.  I thought maybe Raiders of the Lost Art.  That was his return episode after all, but no, that was Martin.  Mick had Turncoat, the episode where Rip returns as a villain.  Sara had Land of the Lost, the episode where Rip was fixed.  Mick had Moonshot, the first episode where Rip was back to himself.

I thought maybe he’d get the last episode.  It’d be symbolic.  But there wasn’t a monologue at all in the last episode.  

And I realized something interesting.

Rip’s season one intro is very different from the season two version.  Family.  Blah blah.  Vandal Savage.  Et cetera.  But the final line is: “In the future, my friends may not be heroes.  But if we succeed, they’ll be Legends.”

The season two intro varies from person to person.  But it always culminates the same way.  “Don’t call us heroes, we’re Legends.”

Rip Hunter has never said that phrase.

And I think that’s really interesting, when we look at his departure in Aruba.  Because his reasons for leaving in Aruba are the same issues he confided in Sara with in Moonshot: he doesn’t know a purpose.  He doesn’t have a role anymore.  And Sara gives him that sweet little “sounds like you’re a legend” line.

But is Rip a Legend? 

That’s the interesting question.  He’s always had that self-imposed isolation.  His private grief.  The secrets he keeps.  Sure, he’s confided in Sara some.  And Martin and Ray have also gotten some personal moments out of him.  But that’s not really the same as being part of the group.  In the end, Rip always retreats, alone.

I have no doubt that Rip loves his team.  I think both seasons have shown that clearly.  And I have no doubt that the team cares about him.  But they’re not friends.  He’s never opened himself up enough for that.

The crew don’t really know him as a man.  We’ve never seen him share his interests, passions or enthusiasms with the team.  (Except maybe his passion for the Waverider, which he shares with Jax.)  We’ve never seen him banter or bicker about a chore wheel.  We’ve never seen him share a meal with anyone.  Nothing humanizing.  Nothing personal.

In the end, he isn’t a part of the team.

It’s one thing if Rip’s the leader.  Leaders are often separate from their troops.  And given what we know about the Time Masters, if/when they worked with other people, this is probably the dynamic that they’d favor.  Less attachment.  Less sentiment.  (Rip kind of fails at that one anyway.)  But it means that now that Rip isn’t the leader, he’s stuck realizing, he isn’t part of the group EITHER.

He could ignore that in Fellowship because of the focus on the mission.  (Where he’s still separate, as the one with prior experience and knowledge.)  But now that the mission is over…there’s no escaping the sense of loss and disorientation.

For all of my angst and whining, Rip leaving the team now simply doesn’t feel permanent.  It doesn’t help of course that his reason for leaving “you don’t need me anymore” comes a minute before “SHIT DINOSAURS IN 2017!!!”

This feels like a logical storyline progression.  A natural step in the path that leads to Rip learning how to step forward, open up, and be part of his team instead of separate from them.  

This feels like Rip is about to learn how to be a real boy.

This may be denial.  But I don’t feel like Rip’s story is over.  And if this isn’t permanent, then I think maybe, at the end, we’ll see Rip Hunter say: “WE’RE Legends”

eorlsdotter  asked:

Question! I noticed - maybe I'm wrong - that in all the adaptations, the casting for the main characters is similar: Darcy is dark haired, and so is Lizzie; Jane is blonde and (for some fascinating reason) Bingley is ginger-y. Is there a reason? something in the books that I missed? Some extra source? It seemed too much a coincidence (although I do love Ginger Bingley) thanks!!!

First off, I’m going to refer back to Mullan’s What Matters in Jane Austen? again, because he’s done a whole chapter on what her characters look like (and starts off with a basic examination of casting choices in adaptations and the admiration or outrage which always follows.) “How people look is often suggested rather than specified in Austen’s novels.” He then goes on to quote Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, “…paint her to your own mind–as like your mistress as you can–as unlike your wife as your conscience will let you.”

All we know of Jane is that she is considered very beautiful–as much is said by Bingley, her mother (who has no difficulty criticizing her children when they displease her,) and even Darcy must admit it as a fact. Looks are important in novels where often penniless girls must rely on other attractions in their manners and person–”…words used so frequently about characters when we first meet them: handsome, pretty, gentlemanlike, elegant…”. And yet she avoids specifics–perhaps as a reaction to other novels of her era, where a heroine’s precise points of beauty are totted up among her other virtues to make her a peerless wonder. Austen’s heroines are often described by other characters, rather than the narration, as it’s important to consider who is looking, and how, when looking at their judgements. Some people use a mention in Jane Austen’s letters about Jane wearing the colour green and Elizabeth preferring yellow to be some kind of marker of what their haircolours must have been in Austen’s mind’s eye, but that’s a tenuous argument at best, and if Austen had wanted the world in general to know imagined particulars about Jane and Elizabeth, she would have set them down in the text.

We know Elizabeth’s eyes are fine, and dark, but beyond that, we are given no details. On a genetic level, dark eyes are far more likely to occur in people with darker hair, but Austen wasn’t working with genetics–and dark eyes paired with lighter hair can sometimes be a rare sign of remarkable beauty, as in the descriptions of Irene in Galsworthy’s Forsyte Saga books. (A description which was entirely ignored in the casting of my future wife Gina McKee, but then Irene’s beauty and her allure is such a pivotal force in the novels that to pin it down as necessarily belonging to certain shades of colouring is to make it more trite than it truly is. Irene’s beauty is something beyond what one sees at first glance–it is transcendent charm.)

Dark could mean brown, or also a very dark blue or grey–it’s impossible to tell, exactly. Anne Elliott’s eyes are mild and dark, Fanny Price’s are soft and light, Harriet Smith’s are blue, Jane Fairfax’s a deep grey, (and her lashes and eyebrows called dark, giving us some notion of the likely shade of her hair,) Mary Crawford’s are sparkling and dark…eyes are often the only thing near to a solid description we are given of physical attributes, and even then half of the description is more to do with the expression of the personality or feeling of the character through their glances and gazes, rather than specifically the colour of their irises. (Only Emma Woodhouse’s exact eye-colour is known–they are “hazle” and no adaptation so far has given enough of a shit to make certain of casting.) Marianne Dashwood has very dark eyes, and there is a general comparative description of the figures of the two sisters–but casting directors rarely, if ever, I think, take specifics of figures into account beyond an ‘acceptable’ level of Hollywood slimness.

Now, for the casting trends (exceptions to the pattern you laid out being the 1940 P&P’s Greer Garson being a dirty-blonde/light brown Elizabeth, while Maureen O’Sullivan’s Jane had very dark hair; and the 1980 miniseries with Elizabeth Garvie’s Eliza also having light brown hair while Sabina Franklyn’s Jane was several shades darker–but indeed, the two more recent and well-known adaptations of 1995 and 2005 have the colourings you mentioned,) it’s probably just down to Hollywood mechanics where you’re going to have to combine the tropes of a comparative Ugly Duckling sister as well as a Best Friend/Beta Couple plotline. Coding a blonde woman (or man) as ‘good’ and a darker-haired person as ‘less good’ has been a Thing since long before cinema showed up on the scene. There’s a reason Laura Ingalls spends so much time inwardly (and outwardly) bitching about her sister Mary’s luck in being blonde (and also better-behaved, though this is never explicitly tied to the fact that Mary is blonde, but just ties INTO the overall notion that Mary is The Better Daughter.) Dark-haired heroines throughout older literature have bemoaned their lack of golden locks (notably also in LM Montgomery’s works, with Anne Shirley’s famous sensitivity about her hair being red, but also briefly in Emily Starr’s contemplation of her own black hair and atypical looks, which gets a bit of verse thrown at it which I can’t find sourced anywhere else so must have been made up by Montgomery herself: “If the bards of old the truth have told the sirens had raven hair. But over the earth since art had birth, they paint the angels fair.“

So culturally, in the west, there’s a pervasive notion (especially when it comes to women,) that dark-haired women are the ‘darker’ side of their humanity…the temptresses, the more-likely-to-be-bad. (Though any reasonable reader would be like “…well, they’re human, you see, not out-and-out evil.”) But of course anyone compared to the fair-haired saintly paragon of womanhood would look bad–and so equally is the angelic blonde woman a trope in literature, often but not always used in comparisons against her brunette foil.

In cinema, quite often it’s just to better differentiate between characters, and to use these assumptions which are deeply entrenched in our cultures to play upon our immediate and almost instinctive reactions to visual cues. Jane is super-good, so she’s blonde. Bingley is likewise a bright and easy-going character, with more elements of comedy about him, so he’s got lighter hair, too, either as a strawberry blonde or redhead–but he is definitely the sidekick. I, personally, would be all for a ginger Darcy. Or a ginger-everybody P&P. (But that’s not going to happen, because redheaded men are culturally de-sexed/made less masculine or attractive, whereas redheaded women are more inclined to be overly-sexualized. Humanity is weird.) Darcy is a brooding brunette, because darker hair in the case of a male character gives them gravitas and mystery. It’s that damn Byronic thing coming into play. Dark hair, dark secrets. It’s a visual construct we’ve trapped ourselves into, at this point. Also, when you’ve got two love-stories running more or less concurrently, an audience needs visual markers to help them quickly identify and individualize (and therefore emotionally-invest in) the characters. More morally-dubious and fascinating hero and heroine Elizabeth and Darcy are brunettes because we see them making mistakes and drawing our attention by being fuck-ups. Lizzie can’t be the Prettier Sister, so she’s more automatically made the Brunette Underdog. Darcy is brooding and mysterious–so it’s very easy to make him dark-haired. Their contrasts are in their secondary characters–Jane and Bingley. Jane is prettier, and good-hearted (moreso than Eliza, anyway,) so she ascends to Blonde. Bingley is the Good Friend, and seemingly with fewer social defects compared to Darcy, so as the Nice Man, he gets lighter hair to also differentiate him from Darcy and make him more matchy-matchy with Jane. Our brains are making these connections based on visuals even before we’ve gotten half a dozen words of dialogue from any of these people.

This happens often in films and TV shows–in Coppola’s Dracula, Sadie Frost (a natural brunette) was made a vibrant redhead as Lucy to contrast to Winona Ryder’s more sedate and mysterious Mina. (Though this also had the fun effect of tying in a possible reference to the historical link between redhaired people and vampires, and the whole mythos of redhaired women in particular and sexual allure/witchcraft/spiritual evil–particularly as THIS version of Lucy is much more heavily sexualized compared to her book counterpart. I don’t know how much of the hair-colour-change was on purpose from Coppola’s perspective, and largely it’s just handwaved as being so people could really tell apart the ONLY TWO MAJOR FEMALE CHARACTERS IN THE FILM, but personally I think it’s an interesting choice–particularly compared to Katie McGrath’s blonde Lucy.) Again, we see the contrasting of virtue coded in hair-colouring, as Lucy is a character known for her sweetness and purity…as well as being a secondary female character to the heroine, and hence her more-virtuous foil…with lighter hair. Mina’s place as an educated, working, and married woman, with a more active part in the narrative, particularly as her brushes with dark forces mark her as ‘unholy’, makes it easier to code her as ‘complicated’, i.e. a brunette. Interestingly, this is set on its head in Penny Dreadful, where Mina becomes the blonde, doomed damsel, and her friend/lover Vanessa is the raven-haired woman at the center of a maelstrom of fucked up shit full of vampires, witches, and devils. Essentially if you want your heroine to go ‘bad’ a little (or a lot), give her a better-by-comparison blonde friend and have at it.

Of course, since these tropes are so pervasive, we do see stories where this is purposefully mirrored or mocked, where the icy blonde is the femme fatale or turncoat who uses her appeal to deceive others–but this relies just as heavily on the initial assumption that a fair-haired character is intrinsically ‘better’ on a moral level.

To conclude, this is why I think we see that general trend with colouring when it comes to casting/styling these characters in cinematic adaptations, as we have really very little in the text to go on, but from the characters themselves there are long traditions to draw from for visual cues to quickly and adeptly condition audiences to draw certain assumptions about these characters which enable us to rapidly bond with and understand them to some degree. I want to specify “Western” audiences because the blonde/brunette thing is at its roots kind of a colourism thing which is grossly pervasive in a white supremacist society going back for centuries, and Caucasian beauty standards do not and should not apply globally; but as the media most of us are familiar with is dominated by this white heteronormative patriarchal history, these tropes and codings exist for ultimately gross reasons. Frankly we could all do without them from this day forward, but change can be slow and so these stereotypes continue to exist and blonde people on-screen for now often continue to be the tacit code for ‘these people are the purest bestest people’ while the darker-haired people are almost always more morally-grey, complicated–even troubling–and made more ‘fascinating’ by their more flawed natures. It’s a shitty way of doing things, but we’ve been culturally conditioned to respond to things like that, and so it works.

Anyway, thanks for asking this one–my answer went to places I wasn’t fully expecting me to go, but I enjoyed blowing the dust off my film studies qualifications and I always love yelling about culture.

Barnes’ Books - chapter 6

Not gonna lie, this chapter is disappointing. I’m sorry. No matter what, I couldn’t get it to flow, it’s all disjointed and I hate it :/ 

I have a plan for the next chapter (when Bucky’s fiancee should appear) but I don’t blame you if you give up after this one. I’m sorry I suck.

Barnes’ Books masterlist

I definitely felt different as I walked out of the hospital. I always tried to be a positive person, although the last few months had really got me down, but I liked to see the good in people.  Knowing that Bucky had seen my picture, and cared enough to think James would like it, that made me feel warm inside. Sure, Bucky was a bit of an ass, but he made his granddad smile, and that did endear me to him.

Yeah, I’ll admit there was a bit of vanity in there too. Hearing ‘you have talent’ was nice. And yes, OK, you win. Bucky was pretty good looking, fine, yes. So knowing he’d mentioned me was a bit of a boost. I’d been dumped! It was nice to be on someone’s radar, even if a little voice in my head was whispering ‘he probably said ‘that crazy cat hair woman who hangs around drew this’…’ Whatever it was, I felt more positive than I had done for a while. I’d wallowed for a while, and while knew the positivity wouldn’t last, I had to make hay while the sun shines and all that. Not that it was, shining that is. Rain again. But that was OK. I splashed back from the hospital to my flat, and decided to take stock.  

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Dealing with Artistic Burnout

Artistic burnout is a problem many artists experience at some point in their career. If you’ve never experienced it, then consider yourself lucky. But if you have, I wanted to talk a little bit about it as someone who has been there.

Let’s be honest, art is a pretty awesome career. We’re extremely fortunate to get paid to do something we really love. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to turn a hobby into a career, and something I am truly grateful for. But like any career, sometimes it’s stressful and difficult, and it requires a lot of effort. It can be frustrating when that thing you used to do for fun in your free time becomes the thing that is causing you stress. It’s the one unfortunate side effect of turning your hobby into your job. Sometimes you’re just not going to enjoy it.

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2017, Season 4, and Series Ends

Hey Friends,

Does everyone have a minute? I wanted to share a couple of things about the future of Wolf 359 and what we’re going to be doing this year. And, as is so often the case with these sorts of things, it comes in the form of Good News and Bad News.

First, the Farnsworth bit: good news, everyone! Wolf 359 will be back this year, and we will be doing a full season. Hooray! Season Four will begin on June 12th, and it’ll be fifteen…ish full episodes. I know that’s a longer gap between seasons than we’ve had before, but we want to spend a bit longer on the writing and the production of these upcoming episodes. And - more good news! - that also means we won’t be taking a mid-season hiatus this year. Once new episodes begin, we’ll run, uninterrupted, every two weeks until the final episode on December 25th.

Which leads us to the bad news, and that is that… well, there’s no easy way to say it, so let’s just get it out: Wolf 359 is coming to its end. This upcoming season’s final episode will also be our series finale.

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One Piece: the Straw Hats' eye colours

As you should know, Eiichiro Oda draws his characters with small, black dot eyes, except for most of the women (whose irises are clearly visible, particularly since the post-timeskip art evolution). Although, in certain scenes – especially when the characters are serious, determined, or emotional, and sometimes just because it’s a close up – the men’s irises can be seen and are thus coloured in Eiichiro Oda’s artwork. After some intense study I’ve been able to figure out the eye colours of most (but not all) of the Straw Hats, listed below. This may be of help to fan artists, colourists and fanfic writers who wish to stay as true to canon as possible. I’ll mostly stay out of using the anime or movies for reference, since the manga is a higher source of canon (in my book anyway). I may update this post in the future if I get new information on the subject, and feel free to tell me if you know something I don’t! I’ll be able to provide sources for each picture so that you can see better for yourself if there is demand for it. (Just message me if you’re interested!)

Also: If you think this is totally boring and stupid, just ignore it!


As the main character, Luffy is the one most often depicted in artwork, and frequently at the center. For these reasons, finding out his eye colour should be easy, but it was frustratingly difficult.

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so I guess instead of making a proper witchsona I made a WITCHSONA AU

me and @keycrash did some talking about it under the cut but basically:

akane: ridiculously talented witch. likes to astral project, deals in spacetime fuckery, owns a little store in the city where people can buy supplies and services, book appointments, etc. very chronically ill, doesn’t show herself often.

aoi: akane’s secretary, sort of. he’s officially a hedge witch, does a lot of domestic stuff, cooking, protective charms, very practical things, whatever. but he minds akane’s shop and takes care of her orders and things like that. not naturally talented like akane but worked very very hard.

light: green witch, good with herbal remedies and medicinal tinctures. makes some stuff for akane from time to time. gets asked if he’s the seer of the field family a lot bc he’s blind.

clover: REALLY INTO DIVINATION AND STUFF. she likes to tell fortunes and read tarot and aoi’s like that stuff’s bullshit but she loves it. she’ll commune with spirits every so often just for kicks

THERE’S MORE BUT HERE’S THESE GUYS ANYWAYS. we thought out some stuff on the vlr crew but they can come later I like these guys best

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Anonymous said:

Who is the Stark child that is most like Ned in your opinion? (I don’t count Jon.)

I think all the Stark kids took after Ned in some aspects and internalized a lot of his values and lessons, and at the same time, none of them is really “like” Ned? Each surviving Starkling is growing into his or her own person and, in a way, moving past their father’s example (see: some of them develop manipulative skills, while others grapple with more nuanced and ambiguous notions of “honor” & “justice”; all of them are starting to break some rules). I like that GRRM resisted the impulse of turning one specific Starkling into an obvious Ned 2.0: instead of funneling all of Ned’s legacy traits into one kid, he’s distributed his qualities and flaws among all the children (almost) equally.

That said: barring Jon—whose Ned-ness is actually a bit complex, and not as straightforward as his physical resemblance imo—I see echoes of Ned’s personality especially in Bran and Sansa. (Or maybe they’re just the ones whose similarities with Ned interest me more, as they’re not exactly the most obvious choices, I don’t know)

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Something I’ve found kind interesting is the general fandom opinion (as in, what’s the popular interpretation) regarding Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl. In general, folks like both of them but view them very differently. The average opinion toward Blue Pearl is sympathetic, people feel sorry for her, want to rescue her, view her as someone who desperately wants to get out of the situation she’s in. By contrast, the average opinion of Yellow Pearl is that she’s smug, superior, content and proud to be working for Yellow Diamond. There’s comparatively few people who feel Yellow Pearl needs to be rescued from the situation she’s in than those who feel Blue Pearl needs(or needed) to be rescued.

But, objectively speaking, we have more evidence that Yellow Pearl is in an abusive situation than Blue Pearl. We’ve only seen a little of both of them, but with Yellow Pearl we have several instances of flinching and cowering, something we don’t get with Blue Pearl. Mind you, they’re both in abusive situations and I’m in no way suggesting that one ‘has it better’ or worse than the other. I just find it interesting that despite Yellow Pearl displaying some of the more classic signs of abuse, most people more readily read Blue Pearl as an abuse victim than Yellow Pearl, due to the perceived personalities of the two characters

I think certain types of behaviors reduce our inclination to be compassionate towards a person. We have a model of what a sympathetic person is in our heads, its generally someone quiet, meek, sad, subdued. We have an expectation for what a person who has had a trauma, has been abused, is like. When people deviate from that, our ability to sympathize with them reduces. More than anything, people cannot stand aloofness or an air of superiority or smugness. We feel compelled to want people who exhibit these traits to ‘be taken down a peg’, because we hate the idea they think they’re better than us (a really disturbing amount of kids movies support this, I mean how many school-centered stories have a popular kid who eventually gets dragged through the mud by the end?). We tend to not view people like that as people with any sort of bad things going on with them and we think that no one in a bad situation could be smug or act like they’re superior

and its unfortunate, because that sort of behavior is a pretty common response to anxiety and trauma. Aloofness is a very common response to anxiety, smugness/superiority is often a result of feeling inferior in certain parts of our life. People respond to trauma in different ways. We respond and adapt to the situation we’re in, and we can take pride in the little victories or things that make us feel like we’re not the most worthless/disliked person in the room. It might not be a sympathetic trauma response, but it is one. There’s a lot of behaviors like that, that deviate from the sympathetic model of a victim people have in their heads. And its unfortunate, since it causes a lot of people to write off people who exhibit these traits as ‘not a victim’ and in some cases actively punish them for these behaviors.

I’m not chastising anyone who viewed the characters this way, I totally get it, and Yellow Pearl was definitely acting smug. We’re meant to notice and respond to this aspect of her character. There’s a lot of neat art and interpretations of her as having genuine pride in her job, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just think about it a lot whenever I see fandom stuff about her. I feel like this is what the show is going for, to present the character in a way that’s unsympathetic (her being combative with and smug toward Peridot, a character we know better and thus are more likely to sympathize with in general) and then have us learn more about her to demonstrate that first impressions can be deceiving. They very deliberately paid attention to showing her fear of Yellow Diamond, so it really does seem like something they’re going to expand upon in the future. Perhaps it might even help some folks realize there are other, less sympathetic responses to trauma (maybe just wishful thinking there, though)

The Honest Guide on Preparing for College

I thought it’d be cool and useful to give you guys an “Honest Guide on Preparing for College.” It has all the things you may already know, and then also some things you perhaps don’t. And a bunch of tips that are helpful for preparing for college, but also during college. I’ve been working on this post for months, adding few new tips every now and then so hopefully you guys like it and find it useful! :) I may add more tips from time to time, I’m not sure.

  1. Suffer from acne? Visit a dermatologist to get it under control ASAP. The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll see results! And trust me, you’ll be going bare-faced a lot in college. At least twice a day- morning & night. And you’ll always want to look and feel your best! It sucks to be self-conscious.
  2. Figure out a rough guideline of your morning/ night routine. Your college routine is usually not going to be the exact same as your home routine. Ie: Make up will probably be done in your room, not in the bathroom. If you use makeup often, consider buying a vanity mirror! Very useful. 
  3. You won’t need binders. I brought 3 (1-inch) in case and I hardly use one. It’s more useful to have individual folders for each class. Or even those notebook with tabs inside to hold papers. The point being, the way you organize your work is different in high school. You’re not going to the same 5 periods everyday in college. You have classes that meet MWF, and TTh, etc.
  4. Don’t forget to bring college essentials! Refer to my two posts here (”College Essential Hacks”) and here (”Things I Forgot/ Nearly Forgot to Bring to College”. 
  5. Invest in make-up. In high school, I never wore make-up but now I often wear mascara and light lipstick! I spent countless trips figuring out what shade was best for me and trying out different products. Would’ve been easier to just do this in the comfort of my own home than in college! I’m still a make-up noob though, haha. I can’t even figure out how to apply eyeliner confidently!
  6. Bring clothes you’ll actually wear. 1/3 of the clothes I’ve brought to college were never worn… They just took up closet space!
  7. Bring formal clothes too. You never know what events you’ll go to (including sorority rush, galas, etc). Don’t forget a good pair (or two) of shoes for the outfit!
  8. Realize that the first month-ish of school is the prime time to make new friends. People are more open to making new friends and are more friendly and receptive. Make the most of this!!! I can not stress this enough! Remember that first impressions can stick, so be especially graceful during this period. I would even go so far as to say that you should try to go out to a party in the first few weeks of school for two reasons…. 1) You can see if you fit with the party scene and if you enjoy it. 2) When you attend events early on, people will assume you’re down to go for the rest of the semester and you’ll get invites. (Which you can turn down, of course.)
  9. Keep in touch with old friends! Seriously. Don’t just make new college friends and forget about your old high school friends. Keep in touch! Message them regularly and keep them in the loop! It might seem like a lot of work to message them all the details about something, especially when they are unfamiliar with the people so you have to describe it a lot (Wait, who’s Jim again? What’s your roommate’s name again? etc), but it’s so rewarding to have an old, familiar friend with you as you both experience college together, but separately.
  10. Know your schedule and be on top of this. Be organized. I recommend a planner and also having a print out of your weekly schedule that has your classes and other time commitments. I actually drew my weekly schedule and hung it by my desk. It not only helps me visualize my week, but also lets my roommates know when to expect me. I also use a calendar app very diligently. Whenever I commit to an event, I immediately put it into my calendars (the app, and also my physical calendar in my room). I also inputted the dates and times of my exams/ important assignments from the get-go so I wouldn’t be surprised about when they were. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND INPUTTING THE DATES OF YOUR EXAMS AND DUE DATES OF PAPERS, ETC INTO YOUR CALENDAR ASAP!!!!!!!!
  11. Keep in touch with family. Similar reasoning with #9. But basically, your parents and siblings have lived with you all of your life. They’ll miss you. Text them, call them, facetime them once in a while. Send them a postcard. Buy them college gear. Do little things like this; they’ll really appreciate it!
  12. Don’t be so uptight and remember to be grateful. I feel like I’ve matured greatly in college. I used to have these crazy-high expectations about friendships and stuff, and now, it’s not that I have absurdly low expectations, but I just don’t take everything for granted. I am grateful for anything and everything my friends do for me. They bought me Chipotle? Aww. They reminded me about the review session? So sweet. Basically, don’t take things for granted.
  13. Don’t be that one annoying friend. You know who you are. College is a time where you can really ‘reinvent’ yourself and you should really try to be a ‘better you’ during college. Here are some traits I find annoying, personally… An annoying friend is one who does any or all of these things:
    1. “Forget” to pay a friend back for spotting you. Seriously, we all hate that person who does this and we all really respect that person who is really diligent about paying back someone. So take note. Everyone is on a tight budget in college.
    2. Rants all the time. If you’re ranting all the time and your friend is just listening, you have yourself a freaking awesome friend. Just remember that friendship means you can rant, and your friend can rant back. It’s a two-way street.
    3. Tries to peer pressure others into doing something they like. Okay, I get that you drink and smoke a lot. But you don’t need to feel the urge to ‘convert’ me to doing the same. No means no.
    4. Always bails or is flaky. Freaking annoying.
    5. Takes things too far. We all have that one friend who takes things too far and doesn’t know when to stop….
    6. Too sensitive… But we also may have an uber-sensitive friend who always holds grudges and is a grumpy cat. 
  14. Don’t skip class. Seriously. It doesn’t matter if the lecture is posted online, or if you’ll just get notes from a friend. Or if you already ‘know’ what’s being taught. Just go. Skipping class = lower grades = lower GPA = unhappy you.
  15. Be willing to try new things. This can vary to an extent from person to person. It can be as crazy as asking someone out or trying new food. College is a time of growth, new experiences, and fun times. HOWEVER, don’t do anything that will harm yourself. None of this “yolo” mantra please.
  16. Bring a lot of undies. Shirts and pants can be reworn more than once (within reason), but undies can’t. So save yourself from doing laundry all the time and bring a lot of undies.
  17. Learn to let things go. I used to be that person who held onto grudges. But since starting college, I’ve really begun to realize that life is so much more fun and enjoyable if you don’t let the little things faze you. Learn to let it go. Don’t let what that rude guy said to you this morning stick with you for the whole day. Who cares if you asked someone out and it failed? You don’t need them anyway! You’re too fabulous for them to handle! 
  18. Learn to be confident in yourself. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You “- Dr Seuss. Over the years, I’ve found that I’ve grown much more confident and independent. I love it.
  19. Learn how to socialize and be a great conversationalist. Smile and actually pay attention to what they’re saying. Remember what they said and bring it up the next time you see them. Hey, how was your lunch at Gypsy’s with John? It makes people feel special and nice. Use their names in the conversation as often as you can (without it sounding totally awkward and weird). People like hearing their names in conversation. [Btw, I read these facts on a Time article somewhere so its legit.]. People don’t remember what you say, but they remember how you made them feel. So make them feel loved and appreciated. Laugh.
  20. Live and learn through your mistakes. No one’s perfect. So what if you bombed your first midterm? It’s the first of many. Pick yourself up and study harder for the next one. Don’t get all beaten up.
  21. Consider bringing your AP study guide books to college. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened my AP Calculus review book from Princeton Review to review and look up things.
  22. Keep track of your meal points. I frequently hear people saying they always have leftover meal points at the end of the year, but maybe it’s because I like to buy a lot of snacks, but I was actually behind on points for half the semester. It’s no big deal–I can easily add more points–, but just don’t be under the illusion that you have unlimited amount of points and can buy whatever you want. Be smart about rationing off your points.
  23. Don’t let one midterm grade affect you. Yeah, you failed that midterm. So what? Just do well on the next ones. There’s nothing you can do about your midterm grade–you can only improve yourself for the future. Have a good cry, rant to friends, watch some Netflix–and then realize the changes you have to make and enforce the changes. 
  24. Pick classes that you’ll enjoy. Don’t pick morning classes (if you can help it) if you’re not a morning person. Don’t take a Drawing/ Painting class if you’re not an artsy person for your Visual Arts requirement–there’s classes like Art History or stuff like that. Be reasonable about the classes you take and how much workload you know you can handle. Not everyone is the same.
  25. Go see your adviser from time to time. Just to make sure you’re on track! Work out a 4-year plan. You don’t want to have any surprises later down the road!
  26. Be careful with labels. Like “best friend” or “favorite person”. Sometimes, these can lead people on unintentionally and you’ll get yourself in awkward and uncomfortable situations where they like you but you don’t like them or something. I learned that it’s just best to call people your “friends” and unless you are really bonded with a person, then call them your best friend. But honestly, if you two are best friends, you kinda just know you are each other’s best friend–it’s a mutual feeling and it doesn’t really need to be said or labeled. I think it’s just best to rid yourself of using labels, honestly. Terms that imply exclusivity can sometimes lead people on. I think you should have a self-check with yourself every month or two and go like, “Okay, where am I at? I really like where I am right now. I could improve on this… etc etc. Let’s see the friends I’m close to… Do I think any of them likes me? I don’t want to unintentionally lead them on.” Just stuff like that.
  27. Understand your finances for college. Including scholarships, how much you’re paying, how much you’re working (if applicable), etc. Just be on top of all your money stuff! 
  28. Don’t go out and eat out a lot. I ate out a lot during freshman year. Too much. I had no regrets during the moment but now looking back, I just imagine all of the money I could’ve saved if I didn’t eat out…. :( You can save so much money by reducing how much you eat out.
  29. Be financially conscious and be mindful of how much you spend. There are plenty of hangouts you and your friends can do that don’t require money or that much money. Examples: movie nights, picnics, checking out the campus botanical garden, going sightseeing in the city, cooking dinner together, etc. Just because it costs money doesn’t mean it will always be fun, memorable or worth it–something to remind yourself of! In addition, shoot for quality over quantity. Buy a $50 pair of Rainbows sandals that will last for years, instead of flimsy, cheaply made sandals that will break after a couple of uses. Splurge on that North Face jacket–you’ll be wearing it a lot and it’s versatile and will last you years. Now that I buy groceries and cook for myself, I’ve definitely come to appreciate the value of the dollar.
  30. Realize how small the world is and how connected everything is. Don’t talk shit about people. Seriously. The person you’re complaining about may have a friend who is taking a class with the person you’re telling to. Or the person you’re telling it to may have a friend who has a friend who knows the person. If it’s one thing that keeps coming up in my time here, it’s that everyone seems to know everybody (or is a friend of a friend). So limit your shit-talking, secret-sharing, gossip talk to only your trusted confidants. Seriously, though. As you go through college, you’ll come to notice that many people will reappear in your classes because of being in the same major, and more. The world is small, y’all. Don’t be reckless.

Prompt: “Imagine your otp proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food; and when the real proposal comes and they get free ice cream or something, person a is like ‘omg that was a really good one the whole speech was a nice touch where did you get this ring it looks so realistic omg’ and person b is just like ‘r u fucking kidding me’.”

As requested by the amazingly patient @ishipallthings <3 <3 <3

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The Mystic Messenger Harvest Moon AU No One Asked For

 But I did anyway because I’ve been binging Stardew Valley nonstop.


Occupation: Farmer

One day, you drop everything and spend your meager savings on purchasing a small plot of land in Mystic Valley, a town that’s marketing itself as a great new start for those looking for a new life. Upon arrival, you realize that the farm you bought is overgrown with weeds, riddled with stones, and more forest than arable land, and the town around you is slowly dying due to the absence of the local Goddess. The crops won’t grow right, the animals get sicker than they should, the bounty of the sea is less… bountiful, and the wind feels dry, poisonous, and far different from the scenic country town you expected.

But you decide to take a shot at living there anyway, because there’s nothing left for you in the city… and hey. Nothing else in your life has worked out; it’s not like you aren’t used to disappointment, right?


Occupation: Rancher

Loved Gift: Tomato, Melon, Flowers

Hated Gift: Coffee

His mom and dad own the farm right by yours, but instead of growing crops, they raise animals. Yoosung seems to like this well enough, but it’s fair to say being a rancher isn’t something he’s passionate about. For awhile, he had dreams of going off to school and coming back with new, amazing skills that could help his small town thrive… but those dreams have since died after the death of his cousin, Rika. Now, he’s complacent to let Mystic Valley slip into obscurity as he plods along, taking care of chickens, cows, and not thinking too hard about his dying dreams.

When his cousin, Rika, was still alive, he helped her with all sorts of “improvement projects” to aid their ailing town. This included an attempt to wake the local deity - the Harvest Goddess - up and return her blessing to the land, but it failed, leaving Rika strangely reclusive and despondent. After her “suicide”, he gave up hope entirely, and quietly abandoned all those improvement projects in favor or goofing around.

It just seemed pointless to try without her, y’know? But maybe the cute new farmer can give him his drive back…


Occupation: Musician

Loved Gift: Gemstones, beer, Bungeoppang (fish bread)

Hated Gift: Tiger’s Eye

Once a gang member in a nearby city, he - much like you - dropped his entire life to come to Mystic Valley. He came a few years before you with a guitar and a hat full of dreams, and those dreams haven’t quite died, even though all of his efforts to start a theatre in town have been thwarted by the mayor, Jumin, who says “it would be a waste of already scant resources.”

Zen thinks that music, acting, and culture would restore the town to its former greatness and make it a thriving tourist hotspot, and when Rika was alive, she tried to get him the theatre he so desperately desired. It never got built, however, and after her death, the project lost all steam. Zen still hopes, but for now… it seems like all he can do is practice until his fingers bleed and try to forget his parents telling him that he’d always be a failure.

Perhaps the new farmer has some insight into his problems?


Occupation: Secretary

Loved Gift: Coffee, Tea, Picture of Zen

Hated Gift: Dirt, Stone

A profoundly overworked civil servant who is trying her best to keep the town running despite the profound unpopularity of her boss, Jumin. The financial wellbeing of Mystic Valley is dicey to say the least, and she often needs to go to elaborate lengths to make the most of very, very few resources.

She came from the city when she was fresh out of college, and is bound to the town by debt and fear of unemployment. Jumin was the first person to offer her a job in a shaky job market, so part of her is loyal to him and Mystic Valley for that… but part of her just wants to give up on everything, because she’s been trying so hard and nothing ever seems to work.

Every time she listens to Zen’s music, she remembers the dreams that brought her to Mystic Valley in the first place, and she finds the strength to continue. Perhaps you’ll help her position become a bit more secure?

[the others are under the read more]

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25 Qualities Of All Successful People

The following is a common characteristics between all very successful people.    These are in no particular order, and they are all equality important. 

1) Passion

Successful people are passionate people - not only are they just passionate about what they do but they’re inspired on some level by life somewhere.  For instances, they may be by art, nature, music, writing, speaking, technology, science, human knowledge, or by other examples of amazing people.

2) Abnormally hard-working

Successful people are abnormally hard-working. Mediocre people which are the opposite of successful people- these people are not hard working.  Instead, they’re lazy and they work 40 hours a week, and that’s about it; they  put in the bare minimal to get by. Successful people, on the other hand, are obsessive about how they work – they’re almost workaholics, and this is one of their weaknesses but it’s also an important strength because you’re not going to get successful without massive amounts of hard work.  Strong work ethic is absolutely necessary.

3) Persistent

Successful people are extremely persistent.  Successful people have a high tolerance for failure because they don’t take it personally, they don’t get depressed about it - they just keep going forward every time until they get to their goal.  This is a very rare characteristic in people which is why success is quite uncommon.

4) Iconoclastic

Successful people are iconoclastic which means that they’re rule breakers.  These people do not follow the rules of society, of the organization of the family unit or other religious structure, or whatever.  However, this doesn’t mean that they do illegal stuff - it just means that they are kind of like flexible with the rules; they’re able to skirt around the rules,  and to think outside the box – and this is important because to get stuff passed through the system requires thinking outside the box a lot. If you’re thinking inside the box, then you just get the results of the mass of the herd and herd doesn’t really get extraordinary results – you wouldn’t want to call them successful; you call them mediocre.

5) Cleverness and Manipulative  

Successful people are abnormally clever than the bunch and manipulative. They’re good at manipulating situations and people to get what they want past through.  So maybe this person is good at manipulating a bureaucracy, a government system, their family, their friends, people in their company, manipulating giant massive crowds the way that politicians sometimes do.  Manipulation could of course be bad but it doesn’t necessarily have to be used towards evil - it can also be used towards good.   Some people are good manipulators, while others are bad.  And if you’re a bad manipulator, then it’s going to be hard for you to become successful and if you’re not very clever about how you do your manipulations and thinking around obstacles and problems,  than you just gonna hit an obstacle and it’s going to look to you like it’s just a giant brick wall. Cleverness is very important because you’re going to have a lot of obstacles on your journey towards success.

6) Creativity

Successful people are highly creative. Creativity here does not refer to the artsy, poetic, and  imaginative sense(although those great attributes to have) but more in the fundamental definition of creativity, meaning like you can create stuff. The ability to create not just in the arts but anywhere, like in business or anywhere else. Successful people are creative people, they create lots of stuff. 

Another point that goes along with this is that creative people generate massive value so this means that they don’t just impact tens of people or  hundreds of people - they impacts thousands or millions or even billions of people with their work or with their ideas or with their speeches or with whatever. You need to generate massive quantities of value in today’s world in order to become successful. 

7) Strong Technical Skills 

Successful people have a training in strong technical skills.  They’re willing to train hard and to develop their technical skills in whatever field they’re trying to master and become successful at. This is a big obstacle for many people because many people just assume that ‘oh, if I just go to work and kinda like punch in the clock, then that’s going to be enough to make me successful.’ However, the truth is that it won’t. What you need to do is something called deliberate practice where you deliberately and methodically practice certain set of skills over and over and over again until you finally master it. And this takes a lot of hard work which most people are not willing to do,  but successful people are.  Successful people invest thousands of hours mastering technical skills. Every single career or field that you’re going to be successful in has a certain set of technical skills that needs to be mastered perfection, and that takes a lot of deliberate practice to do which most people are not willing to do.Most people are mediocre because they have mediocre technical skills.  

8) Value Excellence

Successful people value excellence above the mediocre people; they really want to do excellent work and take pride in their work.  They have this sense of being the best at what they do or doing something really exceptionally well, that gives them a certain joy and a certain satisfaction that the mediocre person does not have.  To the  mediocre person, doing the average piss poor job is good enough, and that does not just cut it enough if you want to be successful.

9) Vision 

Successful people are visionaries meaning that they can see a big bright picture of what the future should look like for them for, for their life, their followers, business partners, or for their customers.  They can see into the future which is a very powerful skill to develop.

10) Leaders

Successful people are leaders because they have this vision which allows them to now lead people, and they don’t necessarily need to be leading millions of people (there are successful people who lead very few people) but nevertheless they are leaders because what they’re doing fundamentally is that they’re carving their own path through life and they are on the cutting edge of their field, and they’re not content to just be followers.  They don’t just pick someone to follow, and then follow that person to success - they do a bit of that but ultimately they have to break off from anyone they follow in their life and do it themselves (their own way).  And that usually means some new unique way that hasn’t been done before - that’s where that iconoclastic comes in and the cleaver thinking.

See all these points synergize together.  One requires the other in many cases.

11) Intuitive

Successful people are intuitive, more so than the average person. They know how to use their intuition. They are guided by their heart and gut more than just by their logical mind; they’re right brain and holistic thinkers, and they can take in and asses multiple variables in a kind of a complex holistic way.  They get this kind like big picture view of what needs to be done and sometimes it just comes as a gut feeling which they don’t  always understand where it comes from, but nevertheless, they have it. 

12) Decisive 

Successful people are decisive compared to most mediocre people who are highly indecisive and often don’t know what they want (, which career path to choose or major in school to choose from).   Most people really hesitate and don’t make a firm decision and they’re not clear about what they really want in life – and so, they get just a mediocre result.  

If you want an excellent result, then you have to be very crystal clear about what you want, and that’s what successful people do.

13) Money is not first 

Successful people don’t do what they do because of the money.  If you think that you can become successful because you’re putting money first and money is your top priority and top goal and that this will motivate you to become successful - then you’re really putting the cart before the horse and you’ve got this whole equation backwards and you’re actually selling yourself short.  And you will be far less successful than you could have otherwise been.  For successful people, it’s not about the money, and sure money can come as a by-product, but in fact that’s not why they do what they do.  Successful people are motivated because they want to impact the world, have a positive contribution to society - maybe because they’ve got a big ego and a lot of pride and they want to grow and expand that ego(although this is not necessarily healthy but still superior to being driven
by money alone).

And of course most successful people just love their work
and are passionate about it so it comes more naturally to them, and not because the

14) Focused 

Successful people are highly focused and are able to select one field or domain and invest years of time and build up a lot of experience in that one
field.  Whereas mediocre people, they bounced around and doubt a lot and they never master any one field because they lack focus.

15) Ambitious 

Successful people are ambitious and have a desire to be the best.  Now this point might sound very similar to another point I made earlier about valuing excellence but I think there’s something unique and different about this point of ambitiousness.  To be successful, you have to have a sense of ambition,  it’s like you want to rise to the top and it’s almost like an ego thing( although this is not necessarily the healthiest drive) but there’s a kind of desire to be the best, to be the top of your field, to be the one
who accomplishes something really great and extraordinary – and that’s what we call ambition.

16) Rapid implementation 

Successful people have a rapid speed of implementation which means that as soon as they hear an idea or they have a great idea, they go off and they
immediately start to implement that idea. They don’t just sit around and
philosophize and theorize - they actually go out and do it.  They have a bias towards action rather than sitting and thinking because when you sit and think a lot, you get into paralysis by analysis, and if you get into that situation then you’re not actually out there doing stuff which means that you’re not actually creating success.  So they avoid that trap. And a lot of mediocre people, they do the whole paralysis by analysis thing and they also sit around and kinda mold over ideas for years without actually doing anything.  

17) Opinionated

Successful people are opinionated.  They have strong and firm opinions because they have a strong firm values and beliefs – because of course, they are decisive.  

Another point that goes along with this is that successful people have a spine which means that they stand up for themselves, their values, beliefs, and ideas. They don’t just weakly sit on a corner while very body else is out there talking and implementing and taking charge – instead, they are the ones that stand up and take charge.  It’s the mediocre people that sit on the corner and just kind of quietly think about their own values and ideas and never have the courage to stand up and fight for what they really believe in.   Because if you don’t have any spine; what will happen is that other people just overpower you (i.e institutions, popular culture, friends, media, etc). 

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18) Optimistic and hopeful

Successful people are optimistic and hopeful.  Fundamentally, they believe in themselves and believe that they can, people around them can, and that society can, too.  They have some kind of positive outlook, in the sense that like they believe in science or they believe in technology or they believe in
arts or they believe in the power of writing.  They believe in the power
of humanity to reform itself – or something hopeful like that.   Because if you can’t believe in any of these things  or believe in yourself, then  how can you
accomplish anything ? You’re not going to become successful if you don’t honestly believe that you can become successful – you have to have at least a little much hope. 

19) Courageous

Successful people are courageous which means that they’re willing to act in the face of fear. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have fear(they are plenty of fears) but the differences is they’re going to act even though they are afraid – they don’t let the fear to paralyze or stop them or scare them away. 

20) Value knowledge and learning

Successful people value knowledge and learning in some capacity, or at least in their fields or across the board.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be book smart – it could be street smart or learning from your co-workers, learning in a social environment, or learning from trial and error experience – but they have to value learning and knowledge.  Because without learning and knowledge, you’re not going to get very far, master anything, develop technical skills, and you’re not going to be good at anything.  

21) Sacrifices 

Successful people are willing to endure the cost and make sacrifices to get success.   Success comes with certain sacrifices in many cases.  People who generally work hard and long usually don’t have as much fun, socialize, party, drink, entertaining, spend as much time with family, and their relationships could suffer.   All of these things are sacrifices that successful people are willing to make, and when it comes down to a choice between all these things, and success - they will select success.  Whereas to mediocre people,  usually this trade-off goes the other way - they would
rather have the socializing, party , fun and entertainment , and the
relationships than success. And that’s exactly what they get usually get.

22) Self-Motivated

Successful people are highly self-motivated- intrinsically motivated versus extrinsic motivated. Intrinsic motivation means that your fueled from the inside and that nobody has to kick you in the ass to tell you what to do - you do it yourself. Successful people beat and push themselves too much, to the point that they even burn out. 

23) Long-term Thinkers  

Successful people are long-term thinkers. They think 10 years down the road and not just 1 year down the road like most people do.  You have to be a long-term thinker in order to be successful because to be successful, you need to spend at least five or 10 years developing some sort of proficiency or excellence in some kind of field. For example, how are you going to do that if you don’t plan five/ten years down the road ? It’s almost impossible which is why mediocre people struggle so much with this because they only think one year down the road - if even that far.  And so they’re not able to master basically anything of value and they have nothing of value to offer to the world and so the world offers of no success back in return. 

24) Pragmatic 

It’s been found that successful people are pragmatic, meaning that they’re practical. They actually go out into the real world and create real success and real results.

25) Work for themselves 

And lastly, successful people work for themselves. Its important to know that not all successful people are self-employed(even though many are) but what is meant by self-employed is that, even if they’re working for an organization or they’re working in the government - if they’re successful they’re not working for the government or for the organization,  they’re really working for themselves within the government or within the organization.  They’re fundamentally advancing their own agenda, not the organization’s agenda. People who are loyal to the organization’s agenda usually they’re like cogs in the machine and they don’t make it very far and don’t make the best leaders. The best leaders are a little bit egotistical and they’re a little bit narcissistic and there are a little bit selfish and these qualities turn out to be effective when you’re trying to rise to the top.

So there you have it, those are the 25 qualities of all successful people- at least according to the research that exists out there.  So how did you compare? Rank yourself and see if you could use some work in developing these skills.

- sugarbabypie
expectant daddy/CEO!Luke would include;
  • him working overtime so he can feel better about having a day off to spend with you in another attempt for a little baby hemmo
  • always being so successful until now, as it’s been 7 months since you’ve started trying to get pregnant, and he’s beginning to get more worried by the day, since for once he feels completely out of control
  • telling him on christmas day when you’re both in comfy clothes, sweaters and pyjama bottoms
  • his hair is all messed up and his smile is lazy af with tired eyes because he’s been so busy at work working on a new deal potentially worth millions and finally he can spend time with you for a whole month
  • you thinking that this might be the first time you’ve ever managed to beat him to the best present, even though he’s given you everything you’ve ever wanted and more
  • Luke producing tickets for a romantic getaway for 2 weeks in Rome, ‘the true city of romance baby’, where you’d stay in ‘our brand new, luxury villa…just the two of us’
  • you being able to tell that he so so SO wishes you had a little one running around, or a tiny baby with the softest waves of blonde hair gently cradled in your arms, just like his associates do when they message him their official Christmas family email
  • so he always tries his hardest to make a huge deal of spoiling you
  • ‘Honey, you didn’t have to go to so much trouble!’
  • and his eyes are screaming ‘yes i did because i still can’t give you the baby we both deserve’
  • ‘This is the second best present you’ve given me this year!’ is a statement which confuses him because that trip to rome was him really pulling out the stops even though nothing can replace the empty room simply perfect for a nursery
  • ‘i know how badly you wanted this for us, and I really hope it makes our lives just a little more bearable…’
  • you pass him a teeny pair of socks in a bag
  • ‘baby please don’t be messing with me right now, are you-’
  • opening a onesie with future ceo printed on it
  • HIS EYES GET ALL WATERY at the realisation that the large house he’d bought for your wedding present is finally going to be a family home since it’s been pretty quiet with just the two of you for so long
  • all christmas break, he’s just in a state of bliss and finds it difficult to have to keep the secret for another month
  • he would notice the bump for the first time after being at work all day and in truth he had already missed it for a couple of days due to his high stress levels over some deal or agreement that had him side-tracked whilst at home, but finally while you’re in the kitchen and reading up on the best nursery cribs in your maternity catalogues, he comes in from work with a slam of the door, thudding down his suitcase, and a grumble of ‘we lost the damn fuckin’ Jefferson deal,i can’t fucki-’ before he sees your hand fly to your stomach in protection from the sudden noise of the intrusion and then he finally realises what’s underneath your shirt
  • ‘baby I….I couldn’t give a fuck about the Jefferson deal…this is really happening WOW’
  • finally being able to tell his parents who are always incredibly thankful that he’s matured into a family man before anything else
  • baby hemmings being the most anticipated baby on the planet by everyone at the office
  • sending out an email to all employees of an ‘important review’ causing mass hysteria when it’s just a picture of Mr Hemmings favourite black and white blurry image of a tiny bean-shaped blob
  • rumours flying around the office resulting in some people losing their jobs
  • no one actually being surprised at Mr Hemmings’ level of protection and excitement even though he’s considered pretty tough
  • before he leaves the house each morning you fix the tie matching his expensive suit, feeling the bump press against the armani material
  • changing your usual phrase from; ‘have a good day at work Mr CEO’ to ‘have a good day at work Daddy…’ 
  • him groaning ‘BABE why do you do this to me…’ every time before buttoning his suit, softly pecking your lips, and heading off to work
  • ‘gotta make the family earnings, i’ll be home for dinner, the two of you stay safe okay? i love you’
  • fitting a baby seat into every single one of the cars; ‘i think the audi would be safest for coming home’
  • Luke takes on an extra assistant specifically hired to keep the two of you in touch, making sure that you’re always okay and on his mind
  • texting every so often; ‘just checking to make sure my two favourite people are okay :-)’
  • ‘Well both Hemmings are good here honey, and we really would love Chinese take-out’
  • celebrating like the normal people you are with junk food despite being encouraged by your private nutritionist to follow the healthy cleanse renowned to produce the healthiest families and their babies
  • getting into a fight over hiring a nanny where he uses his angry negotiation voice and says something he doesn’t mean;
  • ‘you couldn’t have waited until next year or even next quarter WHEN I WASN’T AS BUSY but no! You had to get a baby out of me as soon as possible because somehow i give you everything and anything you want and I get whatever comes of it!!’
  • you wanted this baby so badly too! don’t you dar-
  • the baby kicking and hurting you when the two of you fight, as if they know how to stop the fighting because daddy panics whenever he yells and you yell back before doubling over in pain
  • he makes you lie down, apologising over and over and cries himself to sleep that night, because he can’t believe he’s complaining about the little sum of love he put inside you that he’d already protect with his life and that you’d both longed for
  • silk sheets being replaced from your bed as your husband finally learns to invest in some 10 dollar blankets that are just so much cosier for you to lie on
  • ‘they’re gonna have it all, a nursery, play room, games room, art room, this room could be made into a-’
  • ‘maybe just the nursery for now lu’
  • all the female workers being jealous as he takes you for a stroll through one of the floors, adamant to show everyone that behind your camel coat and cashmere scarf that there’s a swollen belly cherishing and protecting the heir to his company
  • holding your bag in front of it bc you’re kinda insecure since you find the whole pregnancy very private and personal thing for you and luke because of how long it took but he’s the complete opposite, proud as punch as he eases you out of your jacket 
  • ‘hey cmon darling, won’t you just show off our little one? It makes me so proud to let everyone have their first look at Hemmings Junior’ 
  • Luke buying out an entire store for the day for you and simply giving the manager his credit card at the door first thing before you make your way around the shop together buying anything and everything you love to fill your home 
  • him still being the absolute nerd you knew pre-ceo as he clicks his shopping scanner and states ‘operation nesting phase 1; bedding’ before giving you a cheeky wink
  • obviously buying that huge teddy bear for one of the play rooms
  • never having to look at the price tag for anything
  • good morning and good night kisses on the bump, who soon learns to kick their lame dad back whenever he gets too affectionate
  • hearing him worry about not spending enough time at home for when the baby comes but knows that he has everything ready practically, with all the ‘hired help’ who leave the second he feels everything is in place
  • ‘babe…i promise no matter what happened in your nightmare i would never just treat our angel as the heir to the company…i’m already completely in love with them, screw the company and its future. i love our tiny human.’
  • he’s had the ‘you’re a CEO, surely you can handle anything!?’ talk, but it’s not until it’s 2am while he’s still awake with phone calls and looking over the stacks of paper on the large dining room table (which you know must be important since he never brings work home with him) and you walk through as calmly as possible and while he thinks you’re back to tell him to come to bed, he looks up about to say;‘honey i’ll be through in a sec-’
  • but he sees you there with the travel bag and a red face filled with anticipation, almost buckled over in pain and before he knows it you’re in the hospital with him by your side in every way he can be, and he knows from the second he can hear the tiny cries from the opposite side of the room that his family and only his family could be his main priority 

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“Success is not by coincidence. Success is by design.”

As many of you have started school, I have decided to make a guide on how to keep those doors open for new opportunities and filling up that CV with plenty of things to get you to where you want! Note that this is from a highschool perspective (I admit I am an amateur at adult-ing), though college kids keep your eyes peeled if you find anything useful!

Defining opportunities
This is an important first step. Opportunities usually are not a gift from heaven brought down ceremonially by a flock of angels. Instead, they’re usually hidden. So what exactly are they? An opportunity is:

  • A chance to expand upon existing skills
  • A chance to make change
  • A possibility of finding an undiscovered passion
  • A chance at learning something new
  • Adding experience to your CV

The list goes on. In short, an opportunity is anything that can make you a better person (academically/personally/professionally) than you are now. Think of it as an investment of sorts. In life, opportunities often come like this - high risk/high potential, or low risk/low potential. But school is one of the few places where opportunities are often low risk/high potential - the perfect chance to gain profits (in this case, it could come in the form of finding new passions/developing new skills/making an impact). Make use of this! Life does not often give you low risk/high potential things. 

So you know that sports team you never joined even though you wanted to but you assumed off the top of your head it would be a poor investment because you are a poor sportsman? That’s an opportunity (and low-risk too believe it or not). Or that opening on the debate team that you thought briefly about applying for? Or a writing competition in the local newspaper? 

All of these are ways in which you could possibly gain something (profits!). If they’ve crossed your mind, even briefly, and you kind of envisioned yourself being debating captain or a famous local writer - well don’t let it slip away. Write it down and have a good think about it. If it’s one of those things you list down as a possibility - well it would be worth it to pursue!

Reasons to actively pursue opportunities

  • Finding your passion - everyone has one (or even a few), but you’ll never find it until you look for it
  • Leaning new skills and seeing a new perspective
  • Increase your chances of success in the future - trust me pursue one opportunity and sometimes you’ll end up with a dozen more
  • Increase your mobility - the more opportunities you pursue (especially in a low-risk environment like school), the more directions you find you’re able to go
  • Motivate yourself - the more you realise you are capable of, the better you’ll feel about yourself, and the more motivated you are to accomplish more
  • Build up non-academic skills - a lot of workplaces require it trust me

Accepting that opportunities only come if you look for them
Okay this sounds easy enough but trust me, changing a mindset is harder than it looks. Don’t just write it down as a quote in your bujo/planner - make it a goal of yours! 

  • Throw away the fear of social judgement - or at least try your best to ignore that voice in the back of your head. Seriously, it does you no good. Too often we are scared of ‘not being good enough for this’, or ‘I am not the type of person to do x activity’, or ‘I will get judged for what I do’ - the list goes on. Well, when that voice pops up in your head, repeat these three things after me. 
    • “Nothing is worth more than my success. Especially not an offhand comment by a negative person.”
    • “If you never try, your chances of success are quite literally zero.”
    • “The only way to be who you want to be is to just be who you want to be.”

  • Redefine your capabilities - when a new opportunity comes up at school, don’t think ‘it’s not for me’. Stop and think about it for a bit. Maybe you don’t have the skill set, maybe its something you have never tried before. But maybe its also something you’re interested in. If so, go for it. Just do it - literally. Think of it like this - if you already have a negative bias (”I can’t do it”), then if you fail you’ll get the satisfaction of being right all along, but if you succeed, it’s a pleasant surprise. Low risk-high potential.

  • It’s a way of finding your passion - if you’re like me and have zero clue about what you are going to do in the future, keeping your eyes peeled for everything is a great way of finding things you love. Honestly, twelve year old me would never have thought I would love everything to do with public speaking and politics (not kidding, I was the quietest kid in the class), but joining debating on a whim really opened my eyes. Do things you’ve never done before - trust me you won’t regret it. Could you fail at it? Possibly. Might you encounter ups and downs along the way? Definitely. But if you have time, try it out for a semester or two and you may get an epiphany. So often passions are not love-at-first-sight but a gradual realization of your love for something.

  • Put it in action - yes, the top two points may have sounded like non-substantial talk, but now’s the time to put it in action. Every time a notice comes up at school about a new activity, or an activity you’ve never heard of, write it down. Just do it. Create a list in your bullet journal for it. Now, when you go home sit down and have a good thought about each one - you may have some new realizations about what you are capable of. The likelihood is you’ve listed some of these opportunities as ‘maybes’. Well, if you have, pick the maybes to try. That’s where undiscovered passions are hidden.

Now that we’re covered with the self-reflection/improvement, let’s get down to the nitty gritty - putting it in action!

Write down your skill set
Just do it. Everything you are good at, write all of it down. You don’t have to be better at it than everyone else - just as long as you feel good enough about it. Skill sets are important, whether it is drawing, writing, mathematics, etc. When opportunities come around, you can bet on your own special skill set to set you apart from everyone. This is what you can bring to the table - never belittle it. 

Now, once you’ve done that, keep track of it. If you’re good at design, practice design regularly - heck even put it in your habit-tracker. If you love arts do the same, never stop practicing. This applies to everything.

Actively search for opportunities
Sounds simple enough but opportunities are not a gift from god. Sometimes, they’re something you have to run after and pursue relentlessly, or fight tooth and nail for them. Actively search for them! Ever thought to yourself ‘oh it would be cool if I learned x thing or developed x hobby’. Do not let that thought go. When it crosses your mind, do a 10 minute google search on it and if it interests you, definitely look for it. 

Well, what if sometimes opportunities don’t present themselves in your environment - you ask? What if nothing ever happens at my school? Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to create something. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Sometimes opportunities are things that you physically create so if you have a dying passion for something (or even a slight interest) and find people who think the same - consider starting something!

  • Create a list of things that potentially interest you at school - treat this as your bucket list at school, give everything a try!
  • Talk to people - seniors, teachers, faculty advisors - when you actively look for something, you’re bound to run into things
  • Try your hand at problem solving - ever heard that problems are also opportunities? Yeah that, well there’s always room for patching up problems, and if you can come up with a way to do that, the rewards are immense!

If you’re a student and you want a way to broaden the activities you participate in at school, I hope this masterpost helped!