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aeonian | bestfriend!au

adjective (adj.) [ae·o·ni·an] eternal; everlasting.

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pairing: jeongguk x reader

genre: a dozen ice cream tubs filled with fluff

words: 4.3K

synopsis: Jeongguk fell in love with you over the course of many years. But there were four specific events that made him fall for you more and more 

A/N: hi, guys. this will be my first one shot and i am quite proud of finally being able to finish one. any form of feedback is very much welcome & please give it a shot

In the course of 10 years, Jeongguk had managed to fall in love with you. But there were a few specific events that really made him really fall head over heels for you. Four events, to be exact.

If eleven-year-old Jeongguk had to describe the place he had moved to in one word, it would be quiet. Although Busan is quite known for being a big city with many skyscrapers decorating the skies and lights visible from miles away, the district he moved to was like a whole other world in. Located in the outskirts of Busan, the area could also be described as a serene place with few people filling up the wide streets. Even though the young boy was used to quite the opposite, he familiarized himself easily. Befriending neighboring kids and meeting new people went without complications. Jeongguk really was a shy kid, but for some reason he managed to get to know many kids and dared to get out of his shell.

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Taehyung Scenario: You Can Be The Boss.


Genre: Fluff - CEO Reader AU

It wasn’t even nine in the morning and you’d already had to handle two emergencies through your pone, sometimes you thanked the heaven for living in a time were connections were easily handled. The quiet background buzz at the reception felt like home, and you greeted the secretaries there wit a quick nod and a short good morning, walking straight to the elevators while your heels clicked on the polished floor.

Some days, you still couldn’t believe how far you’d gotten, and other days, just like this one, you were proud of yourself, of being able to laugh at the faces of those who only thought you were simply a dreamer, that women couldn’t make it far into the business world. You looked at the reflection that the elevator’s doors gave you and smiled satisfied. This was your world, you’d taken onto it with a lot of brain, charm and effort, you weren’t the CEO of your own telephone company for nothing.

Your office was located at the fifteenth floor, you enjoyed a pretty view of the city from the huge glass windows and it was decorated to your own liking. It was just nice to be the boss. When the elevator reached your floor and you made your way to your office, some of your employee’s greeted you, some others just got to the side to let you pass and maybe they were just a little scared you thought, intimidated more likely but you’d stopped being worried about that, whoever got past the initial prejudice and supposition would know that you were just a normal girl in a position of power and control, not a monster in disguise.

The door to your office was opened and you eyed your assistant’s desk but he wasn’t there, he was the most capable person you’d had on your side, sharp minded, witty, managed to keep almost every one happy and delighted them with a quick chatter. You stopped your train of thoughts when you saw a coffee mug ready and waiting for you at your desk, accompanied by some biscuits.

–Good day sunshine! – oh, there he was. Taehyung was like no other worker you had, that for sure, with his deep voice and animated demeanor that sometimes bordered on overwhelming. You dissimulated your smile while taking off your long coat and giving a sip to your coffee; it was perfect, Taehyung never brought it wrong.

–It’s really inappropriate of you to call me that Taehyung, I’m your boss – he just smiled at you, all teeth and joy so you looked down at the papers in front of you to stop yourself from staring. –With that being said, what do we have for today? –

–Meeting at nine thirty with the chief engineer about the new program he’s working on, reviewing on two new apps by ten and a half, have a call with the investors so I reserved you forty minutes after eleven for that, oh and the new interns arrive today, I did a preselection and reduced the group to five and they’ll have a private interview with you starting at two so you have enough time to go to see your parents after midday because their anniversary is today – he said, already on his efficient mode.

You gulped on your coffee, looking surprised at him. –Oh my god, I forgot… I need to get them a gift Taehyung –

–I already did – Taehyung said, signaling to one of your couches where a box with a pretty ribbon laid. –Since I knew you were most likely going to forget it, I took the liberty of planning a one week trip for them, and they should have a special lunch delivered with the catering service at their house by twelve, so you only need to take the box with you to give them their tickets and congratulate them –

You stared dumbfounded at him, sometimes, Taehyung went too fast but that was good, that was specifically good when he never let escape details like this and managed to save your day. You stayed silent for a moment and Taehyung talked again, he wasn’t one to do well with silence.

–Don’t you have the greatest assistant in the country? – he smiled again while looking at you. His tie was a little crooked, and who wore ties with little comic whales to work? Taehyung, that’s who; the indeed greatest assistant in the country who worked for you.

–Thanks Taehyung, you did well – you smiled softly at him and Taehyung shrugged.

–At your service boss, call me if you need me – he checked something else on his iPad and then exited your office, leaving you wondering how you’d managed to do without him before.

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I Think I Love You Better Now ➻ Park Jimin | pt. 5

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: You were excited as you got a new job until you learned that you’ll be working with ex boyfriend

Part: one | two | three | four | six | seven

“Y/N!! We got invited to BBMAs!!” Hoseok said as he walk towards you with a big smile, followed by the rest of the members.

“Really?” You said surprised and happy at the same time. “Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you guys!”

Hoseok hugged you and started jumping around while he scream making you do the same. They ordered for the staff and made a little celebration because being nominated at BBMAs is already a big thing.

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Sleep - pt 4

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“Which one do you like?” Jimin asked, as you both stood in front of a tiny wall of dream catchers.

Each on was adorned with feathers, some white and others colored. There were so many on this tiny wall that it was impossible to choose.

“How did you choose yours?” You asked Jimin.

He smiled, “I didn’t. Someone gave it to me, remember?”

You recalled that he told you this already, embarrassment flushing onto your cheeks. Your memory had gotten worse over time and apparently the forgetfulness was caused by stress.

Jimin suddenly held your hand and pulled you backwards a bit so that he could step grab a dream catcher.

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7 Days of Christmas ❄ Day 3: Mistletoe & Eggnog | Taehyung

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Jungkook | Jimin | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Seokjin | Yoongi  

Summary: You ask your next door neighbour, Taehyung, to pretend to be your boyfriend for those awkward family Christmas parties and find yourself in an even more awkward situation after all the spiced eggnog gets to you.

Word Count: 4,184

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Here is day 3 for the Christmas collab series with @bts-scenaarios! I hope you all enjoy it :) If you wanna see day 4, it’ll be up on her blog tomorrow so stay tuned <3 

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We Miss Her, too.

REQUEST [ I kinda change the plot a little, you don’t mind? ]

Genre - Angst

Casts - BTS X Reader 

“ We could’ve thought of this before we let an angel fly away from Jin’s life ”

‘Hey, jagiya, come visit our dorm! You seldom do!’ you froze as you read the text all over and over again. You knew how much the other members - from Yoongi to Jungkook, they hated you so much.  You didn’t know the real reason; but they said to stay away from Seokjin. Of course, you didn’t want. But to make them at least happy, you lied to them by saying, “Yes, I promise.”

Since then, you haven’t even visited the dorm or the practice room because you were scared. Besides, Seokjin never actually invited you - until today. Being the kind and obedient girlfriend, you decided to come; even though the members wouldn’t be happy about it. ‘be there in 30, babe!’ you replied, your fingers were shaking.

Jin’s phone vibrated - and immediately he got up from the couch to check out the message. When he read your reply, his lips curved into a smile. “Guys!” he called out, making the members who were sleeping wake up. “There will be a visitortoday!”  Those younger six men looked at each other as they wonder who’ll be the visitor.

Jin, quickly ran to the kitchen to cook your favorite. The members, still curious, decided to watch something before this ‘visitor’ arrives. “Any idea who?” Hoseok broke the silence, yawning slightly. The members shook their head. “What if it’s Y/n?” Jimin asked. “No way! She said she broke up with him; she said it in front of our faces.” Yoongi argued.

“Besides, she’s not allowed here!” just after that, the doorbell rang - too bad Seokjin didn’t heard it since he was busy cooking with concentration. “I’ll get it,” Taehyung said, running towards the door. “Hello-” he paused when he saw the guest’s face. You nervously looked in Taehyung’s eyes, gulping. “Who is it?” Your eyes widened - Namjoon’s voice.

Namjoon reached the door; his eyes darkened when he saw you. “What the fuvk are you doing here?” You gripped your purse as you sighed nervously, “Jin asked me to visit–”

“Jin-hyung?” you were interrupted by Jungkook, who was now talking closer to you guys. Jungkook snorted, “sorry, not here, he’s not here. Probably he accidently sent the wrong message to you. He’s out with Yeji-noona today.” You frowned, with Yeji? You weren’t sure if they’re telling the truth but-

“O-Oh, okay, I’m.. leaving,” you replied, tears brimming in your eyes as you turned around and walked down the staircase. “Hey, y/n!” you wiped your tears and turned around because of Namjoon’s voice. “I know you haven’t even break up with him, so I warn you for the last time, break up with him.” you knew you couldn’t do this; but you shook your head, not wanting to break up with Jin.

“What?” Jungkook mumbled, taken back. “Yah, this bitch-” Taehyung wanted to run down the stairs to hurt you, but Namjoon held him back, “I’ve got this.” Namjoon looked at you again, but now smirking, “you don’t want me to hurt your family right?” you froze; talking about your family is your weakness. They suffered enough for you, so you didn’t want to add up their problems.

“Don’t you dare, you-” you shouted, stomping up the stairs as your tears streamed angrily. You wanted to hit Namjoon all you can, but Taehyung and Jungkook was holding you tightly and painfully. Namjoon stepped back, chuckling evilly. “Let me go!” you shouted, but Namjoon closed your mouth with his palm. “You’re distracted Jin,”he warned, glaring at you.

“Let her leave.” with that Taehyung and Jungkook let you go, as you turned around and ran down the staircase, letting the tears flow endlessly. Were you all the time distracting him?

Jin wiped his wet hands as he walked to the living room, where the six boys were, “she’s not here, yet? But I swore I heard her voice,” Jin thought, secretly feeling suspicious. “Hey, perhaps did anyone came?” he asked, sitting next to Hoseok. “Nope!” they all replied. “Hyung, when is this visitor comin’?” Jungkook asked innocently. “She’s suppose to be here within this time–”

His phone in his pocket vibrated; he quickly pulled out his phone out of his pocket - it was a voicemail from you. He furrowed his eyebrows, you never do voicemails unless you’re nervous to say something. Jin pressed the play button, of course the other members listening. “Hey, jag- Jin,” he heard you clearing your throat. “It’s me, y/n! Sorry for not comin’! s-something came up.

The members glanced at each other. “B-But what I was going to say is; I really dolove you, okay? But- I guess- you’re busy and stuff, and I think you should hundred percent focus on your works! I-I’m scared of being a distraction, so yeah… I may sound so selfish, but let’s break up! Bye, I- I lov- Um, be healthy!’ Jin froze - his heart aching.

It’s been two weeks; neither of you guys were doing fine. Jin - who didn’t had any proper sleep or meal - was always looking at the sky as he wondered why you left him; sure, you said you didn’t want him to have a distraction, but for Jin, the only thing that distracts him is when he’s not around you or not having you to talk with.

As for you - who lately had a lot of dizziness and head aches - were always reading back all you and his conversation as you wondered how he was doing; you did try to text him, saying ‘hi’ or simply, ‘how are you?’ but you never get any reply, but he read it - it broke your heart.

“Hey, unnie, feeling much better?” you closed your book and faced your younger by two years sister, and smiled slightly, nodding. “Unnie, you need to eat and sleep properly!” your sister, Serine advised, frowning slightly. You - again - nodded and sighed. “When you fainted that day, you didn’t know everyone was crying!” you chuckled bitterly at your sister, he didn’t cry.

“Okay, Serine.” you replied. “Serine, can you make me a cup of tea, pretty please?” you asked, smiling brightly. Serine rolled her eyes but nodded; walking to the kitchen. You sighed and stood up to go to the toilet, but after five steps, you stopped; you were dizzy - but not the normal dizziness you felt; this one, it was really painful. “Serine!” you tried yelling, but your voice was kinda soft.

“Mom!” you yelled again, louder. “Dad!” by the time, you were already blacking out as you felt your head banging on the floor. “Jin-”

Namjoon groaned as he banged his head on the wall. “Urgh, why do I feel so guilty?” the other members nodded in agreement. “I really thought without her, Jin’ll be focusing more to us!” Suga agreed, sighing heavily. “It’s just getting worse,” Hoseok sighed. “S-Should we talk to y/n… nicely?” Jimin suggested. Namjoon nodded, “we should! But right now, maybe she hates us already.”

Once they reached your house, they were freaking nervous and scared; also guilty. Taehyung lead the way, knocking on the door. A few seconds later, Serine answered the door, eyes widening when she saw those six boys. “W-What are you guys doing here?” she stuttered, surprised. Your dad walked towards the door, “Who- oh, Jin’s friends?” they bowed and nodded.

“Sorry, sir, Serine, but perhaps can we meet Y/n Lee?” Taehyung asked. Serine and your dad looked at each other before both looked away, anywhere but not at BTS[without Jin]. “Y-Y/N- Serine, go explain to them,” your dad started, walking away, looking sad. They looked at your younger sister - confused by the all sudden atmosphere.

“Serine-ssi, i-is there something we need to know?” Jungkook asked, worrying a bit. “Unnie- She’s-

The six boys went back home miserably, feeling the regret and guilt eating them alive. Unknowingly, a few tears escaped their eyes. “Aish~” Hoseok laughed bitterly, wiping his tears. Not only sad because of your death - but they’re also sad at how Jin will react if he knew about your death and the real reason you broke up with him.

The van filled with dead silence - but everyone in the van can clearly feel the guilt filling the air. “Why didn’t we just accept her as Jin’s girlfriend?” Yoongi started, staring blankly at his shoes. “Why did we thought without her, Jin’s going to be better?” Namjoon continued, wiping his tears. “Why did we control someone else’s relationship?” Taehyung gulped.

“How are we going to tell Jin-hyung?” Jungkook asked, biting his lip. “I don’t know, but we have to tell him, and also to tell him the truth.” Jimin replied, sighing heavily. “I wish we can turn back time and just be happy with Jin and her!” Hoseok yelled quietly. “I- dang it! She was really nice to us at our first interaction - but we threw her kindness away,”

“I- I don’t know, guys.” Taehyung sobbed, shaking his head as he tried to wiped his tears but instead, his tears just streamed faster. “I already miss her!” The members nodded; sobbing too. “I’m sure we all do - after what we’ve done, we miss her, already.”

“We could’ve thought of this before we let an angel fly away from Jin’s life,” Yoongi said, sobbing slightly. “Yeah, n-now we’re regretting everything; which is particularly too late.” Jungkook sighed. 

A/N: [this is reposted]

so how is it? I know, I may left you guys hanging about what Jin’s reactions will be, but then it’ll too long :) pls do tell me what you think, and do reblog this around! Will be totally happy <33 Request more;

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Hoseok Scenario: One Hundred Wishes.

Request: one with hoseok where reader has a really bad illness (she’s at the hospital), and hoseok is desperate ‘cause he thinks he will lose her so the other members try to comfort him, but in the end the doctors saves her.  I hope you will grant my wish of these scenarios! Fighting! ❤️

Genre: Romance / Drama         

Everything had been going too quickly, so much that you felt a little lightheaded while waiting on the seats of your doctor’s practice, but once you sat there, each minute felt like an hour, you needed to know, the anxiety was consuming you and Hoseok wasn’t answering your messages, maybe he was busy, but god, how much you wished to hear from him.

This was supposed to be just an usual check up with your gynecologist, one that you felt guilty now of postponing so much. You’d been calm until the moment you saw her expression change into a serious one while she did the usual ultrasound, her brows furrowed and she got closer to the screen, so focused on it that she even forgot to keep going with the little chatter you were having. She pressed a little more onto your lower belly and you bit your lower lip. She had looked at you with different eyes then, speaking softly as if it was to calm a little child.

–Y/N, I’m afraid we need to make you some tests– you’d nodded, asking why in a whisper even if you didn’t know why you were whispering at all. Your doctor looked worriedly at the screen again and then at you. –These images… I think what I’m seeing in your right ovary might not see simple cyst, it looks like a tumor –

You’d gasped at that, the word echoing in your mind and then your doctor was explaining the blood tests you had to take and the following steps to see how serious this was, if it was serious at all, and you’d been in a sort of daze since then, it didn’t sink on your mind just yet. You wanted to laugh if only to do something because you were kind of lifeless sitting there, waiting, worrying. Your phone buzzed between your hands, Hoseok was finally talking back. You’d told him about the check up, about the things your doctor had said and he was telling you to stay calm, that things were going to be alright and they were, for the few minutes in which you focused on his message and kind words.

Your doctor’s assistant approached you, touching softly your shoulder and telling you to go in again, your doctor looked at you with the face of someone who didn’t have good news and before she spoke you just knew something was wrong.

–See Y/N dear – she kept speaking softly, and for a moment you hated the condescending tone. –What you have is indeed a tumor, really advanced and according to your tests, there’s an incredibly big possibility of it being malignant, this means that you need to go under surgery to remove it, there are a lot of risks in interventions like yours, but this is the only thing we can do and it needs to be quick, do you understand? –

–So I have… cancer? – Of course you understood, you were feeling out of breath, the sole idea of cancer seemed so foreign to you yet there you were, having it but not quite believing it. The light pains and discomfort you’d felt weren’t supposed to be this serious, you held onto your purse for dear life and nodded shakily while your doctor kept talking about the procedure, about the risks, about how dangerous this was for you and you felt your eyes watering down with sheer fear.

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BTS Reaction to You Giving Attitude in a Fight

hey guys, i’m not really loving this reaction tbh :/ but i hope you somewhat like it! sorry about that!

- Admin Mocha

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Namjoon: I honestly think if you said something rude or gave Namjoon attitude during a fight, he would find it oddly cute and funny. I think he would find the fact you completely stopped the argument to call him a name or sneer at him to be a bit childish. He would then probably look down at you from his towering 6 feet of height and notice how agitated you looked and how you were breathing heavily from the anger. A grin would soon appear on his face as he completely forgot about the fight you two were just engaged in and instead focused on your furious expression. His hand would reach to gently jab at your shoulder, causing you to squeak and attempt to shove his arm away. Soon enough, his fingers would be attacking your sides and you would be yelling at him but giggling at the same time. You two would turn into children and definitely stop fighting after the tickle battle occurred.

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Suga: I think Yoongi would just completely stop talking to stare at you with an “Are you kidding me” expression evident on his face. He wouldn’t initially respond because he’d be a bit disappointed in you and he just couldn’t find the words to express how he felt. Yoongi is the type of person who can be dorky and silly but when the timing or the situation calls for it, he acts mature and his own age. The fact that you resorted to giving him attitude instead of arguing logically would really turn him off, especially if it was a fight taking place because of something important like the bills or your relationship. After a few seconds, he would just put his arms up with a sarcastic smile, surrendering before he says something he regrets and hurts your feelings as well. “Great ____, Thanks for the input.” He would say as he grabbed his keys and left the house to cool down. He would probably return after a few hours, a long walk being exactly what he needed to clear his head and rethink the argument over, and you two would deal with the situation then. You would probably feel guilty and suffocated in the house alone, so the second he walked through the door you would apologize and beg him not to leave again.

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Jin: If you were going to act like a child then I think that Jin would treat you like one. You two would have gotten into a disagreement early in the morning while you were both getting ready for your day. You would be arguing while you followed him into the kitchen where he usually makes you breakfast and you would suddenly say something quite rude. He would have be bottling up his anger and frustrations all morning, so the second you gave him attitude he would probably snap. While he was preparing your meal, i think he would have messed up or maybe dropped the food so he would slam the utensil on the counter with a sigh. “____, Make your own food then.” With that, he would grab an apple or something for his own breakfast and storm into the other room, needing to relax with a magazine or a book. I think after a while you would shyly join him and notice that he ignored your presence. However when your stomach growled loudly and he looked up at you, you would apologize and blush and he would lead you back into the kitchen with a few chuckles.

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J-Hope: You would be in the car with Hobi on the way back from the hospital and he could probably tell you were furious from how you were driving and how tightly your fingers were grasping the steering wheel. You knew your boyfriend was extremely hilarious, however, sometimes he made stupid decisions to make his friends laugh and the end result would usually be an injury. You weren’t exactly surprised to receive a phone-call from one of his bandmates telling you that he had landed himself in the emergency room, but you were worried beyond imagination. You had teared up on the way there only imagining what could have happened to him, however it turns out he got away lucky with some bruises to the bone and scrapes. Apparently he was playing with doors while the others watched and his fingers somehow managed to get caught in the crossfire. You were stopped at a red light when he reached his bandaged hand over to announce the special stickers he got from the doctor when you snapped and (carefully) snatched it from him. After throwing it out the car window, ignoring his gasp and shout of protest, you drove forward and refused to acknowledge the face of horror he was projecting. You two were stuck in a bit of an awkward silence when Hobi silently apologized and sighed softly, showing his rare serious side. You sighed as well and nodded your head while apologizing for before, telling him you only cared for his health and wanted him to be more careful.

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Jimin: This precious ChimChim. He would have promised to meet you early but would have come home late due to scheduling conflicts to a very upset you. Initially he would be happy to see you, a large smile gracing his face as he apologized and goes to engulf you in a big hug but you would snap at him. Demanding to know why he was late and why you were always left to eat alone and get all dolled up for nothing, ending your rant with “The dog is a better companion then you are.” This wasn’t the first time it had happened and you were tired of staying up to the wee hours of the morning, you didn’t even know what words were coming out of your mouth due to your tiredness and anger. However, when you saw his face completely drop and his eyes glisten with hurt, you knew you fucked up. Jimin would then nod and smile bitterly while listing for you why he’s a bad boyfriend, beginning to cry as he told you why he doesn’t deserve you. His insecurities would definitely get the best of him and you realized that you jabbed hard at a very sensitive wound. You heart would break as you saw him having a meltdown and you would have to just wrap him in your arms and try to stop him from crying. You would have to lie with him on the couch, your hand gently playing with his hair as you convinced him of your love and adoration of him (which would take a while.) Jimin is a very sensitive and fragile being, so you have to be careful with him because he can easily shatter - even if you were right in the argument. You would have to talk to him in a soothing voice and tell him that you only wished he would keep his promise and come home.

Originally posted by bts-in-motion

V: V would widen his eyes, quirk an eyebrow, and laugh at the same time when you insulted him or said something rude during your argument. Initially, he’d be in shock that you chose to do that and it would take a few seconds for your words to sink in. I don’t think he would expect you to be that kind of person who lets their feelings cloud their judgement and their logic. His feelings would definitely be hurt and he would put the argument on hold so that you could feel the guilt and know that it’s not okay to treat him like that. He would probably say something like, “Wow, Okay.” and just leave the room to go on his phone and wait for you to apologize to him. I think he’s someone who values respect and the fact you disrespected him would really turn him off. You would definitely need to be the one to apologize and because until then, he would be ignoring you and giving you the cold shoulder.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would literally be scared of you lol I think the initial argument would be over something pretty useless and stupid like for example, maybe you forgot to run the dishwasher or Jungkook broke one of your cups so when you give him attitude, he would want to end the fight right away. I think he’s someone who doesn’t like getting yelled at or arguing with the people he loves, so he would just end it there. You would probably be surprised at how easily and quickly he caved, watching with shock as he laughed a little and apologized. You would realize you might have offended him and would say sorry as well, feeling the guilt begin to settle in. You would rethink the harsh words you directed towards him over and over again until your heart sank with dread. From then on I don’t think you would give him attitude anymore whether it be a serious or a useless fight, you wouldn’t want to hurt him.

Drifting Pt.1

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Jungkook feat. Taehyung/V 

Genre: angst

Warnings: None

Summary: When your boyfriend Jungkook starts becoming distant, you both weigh the options of things possibly ending

If you had the power to turn back time, you would go back to that day he left you at the airport.

Because that was the beginning of the end. You should have held on to him. You should have told him “Don’t leave. Because things just won’t be the same when you get back” 

You would go back to when he looked at you with twinkles in his eyes, you would go back to before the words “i love you” lost all their meaning entirely. 

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anonymous asked:

bts reaction of while doing something (watching a movie, eating dinner, etc.) with their s/o, they're staring at their neck until they decide to go for it and kiss it. Could lead to rougher things or could just stay fluffy if they (and you) decide

Domestic/Fluffy BTS does my heart good right now anon. I hope you enjoy~


You had left Jin laying on the couch as he took a nap. He was working so hard for Bangtan’s upcoming comeback. You had things to do around the apartment anyway. You pulled the drying rack in from the living room to the bedroom and started to fold the clothes softly humming to yourself. Waking up from his nap with a jolt Jin looked around for you. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep and felt guilty for it. He was pretty sure you were in the middle of a conversation when he drifted off. Getting to his feet he went to find you. At least he was feeling refreshed from his nap. You had stepped out onto the small enclosed porch to check your bed sheet and didn’t hear him softly call your name. You reached up on your toes to unpin the sheet from the line and didn’t feel his eyes on you. “Jagi you’re so cute.” He commented coming closer, his eyes trained on your neck as you strained to get the sheet down. Reaching up he freed the sheet for you but not before bending down to press firm and loud kisses against your neck. One hand at your waist, holding you against him. With his other hand he pulled the sheet down and covered you with it. He playfully retreated with a laugh. You took a moment to smile under the sheet before pulling it off and followed after him, telling him he should finish what he starts. 

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Your boyfriend was sitting on the couch idly watching tv while you dug in one of the bags you had just brought home from shopping. You had changed into your house clothes and threw your hair up before settling in to show him what you bought whether he liked it or not. You settled the bag on the coffee table and sat on the edge of the couch. Digging in it you pulled out a candle and popped the lid off. Shoving it under Yoongi’s nose you kept talking as he stared at you. You pulled out another candle and repeated the process though he gave you no feedback about your story or the candles. He kept staring, his eyes drifting from your face to your neck. You went on about how there was supposed to be a storm that night so duh you had to stock up on candles. Yoongi quietly reminded you that you already had like fifty but you chose to ignore that. Leaning forward you dug in the bag some more. You felt Yoongi shift next to you and felt his lips brush against the back of your neck. His arm went around your waist as he nuzzled against your neck. He only pulled away because you jumped at a sudden boom of thunder. Yoongi went back to watching tv while you excitedly lit your new candles and a few others around the room. Joining him back on the couch you showed his neck some attention in return and soon the tv and storm were both forgotten. 

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It was a quiet day in your apartment since it was raining and it wasn’t like you and Namjoon could go out and do much. So you grabbed a blanket for the both of you and were reading quietly under it. The only sound was the flipping of pages, the rain against the window and occasional shifting one of you would do. Tilting your head to the side you flipped the page and got deeper into the world you were reading about. You didn’t even register Namjoon staring at you, watching your lips move slightly while you read. His own book was forgotten on his lap as he focused on you. Namjoon used a finger to rub his lips as he smirked at you, his eyes studying you. The faces you made when reading amused him because he knew you were unaware. He suddenly closed his book and leaned over. Before you could turn your head his lips were brushing against your neck. Smiling you closed your own book when he pulled away slightly. When you turned your head to say something to him he used the opportunity to press his lips against yours in a slow kiss. Your books fell to the floor with a thud as you both got in a more comfortable position.

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With a yawn and a stretch, Hoseok shuffled from the bedroom to the bathroom. It was early and he had the day off but you didn’t. You were getting ready for work even though he tried to convince you to call in sick. Somehow you remained strong and told him you couldn’t. Hoseok paused in the doorway of the bathroom, leaning against the frame and watched you do your hair. It was hella hot out so you were putting your hair up in a messy bun. You didn’t hear him or see him in the mirror as you focused on what you were doing. Letting out a frustrated huff as you were unimpressed with how your hair came out, you dropped your arms and attempted to figure out what else you could do with it instead. Hoseok shuffled in and wrapped his arms around your waist, pressing small kisses along your neck and down to your shoulder. Reaching around him while laughing you slapped his butt and felt his lips curve in a smile against your skin. He pulled away from you after a loud cheek kiss and grabbed a bobby pin, putting up a strand of your hair that you had missed in the bun. With another kiss to your neck behind your ear he mumbled in his morning voice, “Don’t work too late tonight jagi.”

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Insisting your boyfriend go sit down while you did the dishes from dinner fell on deaf ears. Jimin was not having it and would help you out. So he washed and you dried. You were telling him all about your week. He insisted you tell him even the boring things. Pausing in washing while watching you focus on the plate you had in your hand he stared and smiled. You were saying something about your co-worker. He wasn’t really listening, instead focusing on how pretty you were. Jimin missed you and wanted to see you more then he was able to. To push away the guilty feeling in his chest he Leaned over he pressed his lips against your neck right under your jaw. You gave him a questioning look and he just smiled happily at you. “I missed you jagi.” Smiling back at him you put the plate and towel down before wrapping your arms around his neck to give him a kiss on his lips. You reassured him that you missed him too and you were happy he was able to spend time with you now. Jimin picked you up suddenly and shuffled out of the kitchen, the dishes could wait.

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Relaxing on the couch the only sound throughout the apartment was the sound of the tv which neither of you were paying attention to. Tae’s legs were across your lap as he lay down playing on his phone. You were sitting up and on your phone attemping to play Pokemon Go without actually going anywhere. Holding your phone up and moving it around the room you focused on getting that Drowzee that was nearby. Tae was staring at you over his phone and smiled. Sitting up he shifted so his legs were wrapped around you instead and he rested his chin on your shoulder. He watched you play for a bit before gently and playfully biting your neck, placing a kiss over the spot. You ignored it but your hands faltered on your phone and he noticed. Nuzzling your neck he found a new place to bite and gave you another sweet kiss after. You put your phone down and elbowed him halfheartedly. He laughed in your ear and laid down again, bringing you with him this time.

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You sat on the kitchen counter while going through the massive amounts of takeout menu’s you had shoved in a drawer. You didn’t feel like cooking and Jungkook didn’t feel like going out, so takeout was the only option left. He stood next to you looking over as you flipped through the menus idly saying “maybe” or “no” to their selection. You were focused on the menus and admittedly getting annoyed with him because he was being so indecisive tonight. You were getting hungry and not in the mood. On the other side of you, you had started a pile of maybes, on the floor below you were where the no’s were dropped. You didn’t see the smirk he had on his face as he stared at you instead of even looking at the menus. You puffed your cheeks out in a huff as you were getting down to the last few menus. About to say something to him you stopped and looked up as he moved, standing between your legs. As he leaned in to kiss and nip at your neck one of his hands took the remaining menus and dropped them on the floor. Suddenly you weren’t so hungry anymore, it could wait a little while longer.

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Young Forever + BTS trilogy analysis

idk how long this will get but i’m just gonna simply it (god it’s not simple at all)

So I truly do not believe anyone was dying or dead in the trilogy at all

My reasoning is that if it was as simplistic as that, I think rapmon would have refused to do that lol

but kidding aside, i fully 100% believe that every bts member stands for a specific thing that takes our innocence from us 

Taehyung- Stress

In the prologue we see Taehyung jumping off a scafold and then in Run he is drowning in water, much like how stress drowns people and all we want to do is let go but like taehyung some eventually pull through. Taehyung in I Need U came from a broken home, which often leaves many children feeling stressed. Stressfulness also leads us down a dark path (in this case taehyung killing his father(?) in I Need U). The pain reliever is Namjoon with whom he acts out with and pull stuff like doing graffiti in Run. Getting into trouble, a broken home, and murder makes you grow up real fast.

Jimin- Depression

Jimin is a wallowing pit of self pity and depression. He sits in his pool of depression, focusing on the past instead of pushing out of it, as shown with him in a bathtub throughout I Need U. He cries in the pain of dispair. The burning paper represents his very will. Jimin is giving in to his depression. Depression makes us see dark things, make us lose our innoccence.

Yoongi- Anger

Yoongi’s fire in I Need U was Yoongi exploding his anger on the world. It is also seen through him drowning himself in booze durning Run and acting out and punching Jungkook. Anger makes you do stupid things and blinds you from common sense such as making you break mirrors and causing the glass to go everywhere (Run). The burning photos shows that Yoongi was taking out his anger on the world on his friends when he was at his lowest. Being angry at the world is for adults thus Yoongi looses his innocence. 

Hoseok- Addiction

Hoseok throughout the MVs was popping presumably pain killers. Like many teens, Hoseok is addicted to the high. Only for fleeting moments it numbs his pain but not for long so he keeps going. Addiction takes away your youth. It makes you another person. Your innocence is gone.

Namjoon- Recklessness

Namjoon is carefree. He has a job which can be demanding, but what he represents is recklessness, because while he has a job, he gives into the temptation of cigarettes (the suckers) in I Need U and gives into the temptation of caffein as shown in Run and he really doesn’t care about his habits. He drops his cigarettes onto money and into his coffee showing he doesn’t care for the effects it will have.  He parties and goes wild. Namjoon stays up late getting into trouble, helping Taehyung forget about his problems and having a good time in general.

Seokjin- Loneliness

Seokjin through the trilogy seems put off, meloncholy. In the pictures he takes, it is of them members only. Even when he doesn’t take the pictures he seems to be missing from view. Seokjin is at the point of loneliness where he feels alienated and not really there with everyone. He is detached from the world and all other feelings other than loneliness which is shown through his facial reactions at getting shoved against a wall in Run, and when his house of cards gets knocked down. He feels nothing but the pain of loneliness which sucks the innonence out you becasue no child should ever feel lonely.

Jungkook- Guilt

Jungkook feels he deserves every bad thing coming his way because he can’t help his friends. Jungkook takes the punches from the thugs in I Need U, and even a punch from Yoongi in Run when he was trying to save him/calm him down. He feels so guilty he feels suicidal and worthless (he doesn’t even see scared when the car’s about to hit him in I Need U). Guilt is a driving force that pulls us away from having fun and being young, ultimately tearing away innocence.

Young Forever

In Young Forever, feathers are floating everywhere. In a way, this represents the weight of all their troubles beginning to lighten. The maze of chained fenses shows that they are chained into their problems but are looking for a way to escape them and be free. The camera pans showing they are so close to each other, but divided by their mental blocks they put up because of their problems they’ve been struggling with. Slowly they all begin to escape the maze, exscape their problems, and find each other. They meet on an airport runway, lifting off together to a new beginning together, free of their problems. The sky is clearing in Young Forever which is definitely a contrast to the dark skys of I Need U and Run. 


Now you must be wondering why then, are there flashes of happiness. Those flashes of happiness are not of the ‘past’ but the ‘present’ in the MVs. Although everyone’s innoncence is being taken and they all start to lose the will to keep going- they still have each other. The moral is that when you’re feeling down and in the pits of hell, family and friends are there to ease the pain and eventually save you. Innocence and Youth may be taken and destroyed by our own mentality, but at heart, when we are with friends, or family, for a fleeting moment our youth and happiness comes back, then eventually in full, and we are young again, for problems are what make us old, and no one wants to be old forever.

I’m crying a bit. That was deep bye

A/N: The whole trilogy actually reminded me one of my favorite books called The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison because of the obvious theme of innoccence being lost/taken. (I personally recommend that book for ya’ll to read but it’s kinda a trigger so be warned)

Glued hearts part 2

A/N: I feel like this part sucks, but I have to build the story up so please forgive me!

Summary:  you developed feelings for your friend Jimin. He had been dating a girl for 2 months now. He had called you to tell you she asked him to be her boyfriend and of course he said yes. What’s going to happen when Jimin knows about your feelings and how is he going to cope when you suddenly disappear?

part 1  part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6

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Bangtan pov

“I’m sure she is safe. She probably turned her phone off and is so deep in her sleep, she didn’t hear the knocking on her door” Yoongi assured himself. “Yup. That must be it” “are you hearing yourself right now, Yoongi” Namjoon said frustrated.

They were walking their way back to the dorm after banging several times on your door. The clear night sky had disappeared. The stars and the moon hiding behind dark clouds. Yoongi looked up and sighed. It seemed like the sky sensed their moods and had adapted to it. 

 “We shouldn’t tell the others. Just like I said earlier maybe we are jumping to conclusions and she will call in the morning telling us she totally forgot about it and will beg for forgiveness. Cause oh-oh-oh she’s definetly getting a lecture ” Yoongi broke the silence. Namjoom just hummed. 

 The sunlight shined through the window into Bts’ dorm. Namjoon shuffled to the kitchen, plopped on the chair and put his head on the table. He did not sleep a wink tonight. he was tossing and turning and tried to get rid of thoughts he shouldn’t even think about. “Yoongi is delusional. Turned her phone off. Tss my ass. If the phone was off it should have send us right to the voicemail” Namjoon mumbled and sighed once again. “What was that?” Jungkook asked him. Jungkook and Jin were making breakfast and he had heard him mubling and scoffing. ‘Was he upset because of yesterday?’ Jungkook thought. He just shrugged. Namjoon wasn’t a morning person so he didn’t think to much of it. 

 It was already 10 a.m. and still no sign of you. Yoongi came in and looked like a zombie. Namjoon sighed once again. Seems like he didn’t get any sleep as well. Yoongi sat down next to him. He moved his chair closer to Namjoon. “Any sign from y/n?” He whispered in case someone hears. “Nope. Nothing. Yoongi face the facts. Something happened” Namjoon answered him angry. ‘’I won’t until it’s confirmed’’

  All of Bangtan were seated at the table, enjoying their breakfast. Yura was there too and Yoongi couldn’t help but feel irritated because of it. He didn’t blame her or anything but still. The sight of her and Jimin being lovey dovey even in the morning, irritated him right now. Jimin was being an asshole last night. He shoved a big spoon of cereal in his mouth to refrain from snapping. He couldn’t blame Jimin also. He should have walked you home no matter your arguments. He mentally beat himself up for this.

 “How is y/n?“Taehyung asked. ’‘She seemed pretty upset yesterday” He added. Yoongi choked on his cereal and Namjoon spat out his milk. “Geez. Be careful” Jin said and slapped Yoongi a couple of times on his back. Jimin narrowed his eyes. Something wasn’t right. They both looked like zombies and he had heard them coming home very late last night. He unwrapped his fingers from Yura’s, put his elbows on the table and clapsed his hands together. “You guys look very tired. And worried” Jimin mentioned. Namjoon was nervous. He could feel the sweat on his back. He felt guilty. If he just had observed the room before talking to Yoongi about your feelings towards Jimin, this wouldn’t have happened. Namjoon opened his mouth to speak but Yoongi beat him to it. He just snapped. He stood up abruptly, causing the chair to fall down.“Yeah we are tired. You know why?” Yoongi yelled. “We were looking for her! She should have texted me but she didn’t!” He slammed his fists on the table. He was livid. He was scared. “ Normally she sleeps over but a certain someone decided to be an asshole and make her uncomfortable” Yoongi spat and looked Jimin dead in the eye. “What is going on?” Jin demanded. “What do you mean with y/n didn’t text back?” Jungkook spoke up softly. Thoughts were now circling in his mind. It wasn’t what he thought it was, wasn’t it? 7 pair of eyes were now focused on Yoongi. ’'What I mean is that she never texted me that she was home. When I called her 100 times, she didn’t pick up. When we banged on her door, she didn’t respond. What I am trying to say is that I think something happened.” Yoongi explained pissed. Now it was Jimin who slammed his fists on the table, standing up aswell. “You’ve got to be kidding right?” he laughed confused. “Do you think I am joking?” Yoongi responded and rubbed his temples. He needed to calm down. “You have to be joking. I think she just forgot” Jimin’s voice filled the room. “Forgot? Don’t make me laugh Jimin. You of all people should know that she always text when she is home. She is not that reckless. For pete’s sake. She is your best friend!” Namjoon spoke up irritated. 

 Suddenly the sound of a phone filled the room. It was Yoongi’s. Yoongi jumped from the chair and sprinted over to his phone. He answered immediatly. “Y/n?” He said his voice laced with hope. Everyone held in their breath. Was it you? Was Jimin right? Did you forget? But all the hope shattered when Yoongi dropped to his knees and whimpered. Hoseok quickly dropped next to him and rubbed his back to soothe him. They all listened to Yoongi’s phone call. 

 “So you found her phone in an alley, but shouldn’t you call her emergency contact?” Yoongi questioned. “Aah. I understand. Thank you for informing us. Uhu. Yes thank you. We will keep our eyes open. Please find her and bring her home safe” Yoongi ended the call and put his phone away. 

 Jimin just stared at the wall. An uneasy feeling crept into his heart. “So, where is y/n?” Jimin spoke softly. “They found her phone in an alley. Right now she is a missing person” Yoongi whispered and just looked down. “The police called. They called me because there were a lot of missed calles from me’‘ 

 Jimin’s heart stopped the moment the word missing rolled from Yoongi’s tongue. “Missing?” He said confused. As if that word was foreign to him. “Missing?” he said once again not seeming to understand the meaning of this word. “You mean like missing, missing?” He questioned everyone. “Yes Jimin. Missing!” Jungkook snapped at him. “Seriously? Don’t you understand Korean Jimin? Geez” Jungkook stamped to his room and slammed the door. 

 Jimin felt Yura’s hand on his shoulder but right now her touch felt foreign, cold and wrong. He shrugged her hand off, made his way over to his room and shut the door softly. Once in his room, Jimin threw himself on the bed and buried his face in his pillow. This was a dream right? It had to be. Yoongi was right. He was an asshole. He should have talked about it with you. 

 He just laid there on his bed, staring at the bracelet you had made him. He got up from the bed, took 3 steps and picked it up. 

“It’s a friendship bracelet” you sqealed happily and put the other one around his arm. “It’s very pretty” he smiled at the blue soft material. “Come here” he said and pulled you into a hug. You giggled and hugged him back tightly. ’’Look, I’ve one too. Mines white with blue’’ You grinned and showed yours.   

He smiled at the memory. he put it on and got back in bed. ‘’Don’t be scared y/n. I will find you.’’   

Your pov 

 That night you were walking home 

 Your steps felt heavy. You didn’t understand why he reacted that way. Normally you and Jimin talked everything out to avoid these kind of things. You just sighed. Right now you needed to calm down and Jimin needed time to process the information. You were sure that he would call you to talk things out. You smiled at the thought.

 “I should speed up a bit. Unfortanetely it isn’t safe at this time of night’’ you pouted and quickened your steps. Your eyes snapped open when you sensed something behind you. Just when you were about to run, an arm sneaked around your neck and pulled you back. You screamed. Your reflexes immediatly kicked in and gave the attacker a solid kick in the crotch. The man groaned but didn’t let go. ‘How could a man not let you go when you kicked him in his crotch. Hard’ you were stunned for a minute but you were brought back when another arm hold your wrists tightly. This was good. He had no hands free. You swinged your leg after his and he fell to the ground. You tried to break free but this man was stubborn. “Oh come on!” You screamed frustrated.You lifted your leg and slammed your heel on his privates again. Finally the man pushed you off to grab his crotch in mercy. You scrambled from the ground and ran. 

It felt like your heart was about to jump out of your chest. You quickly glanced behind you. Good. The man was still laying on the ground. You smiled in victory. You turned the corner but slammed into someone’s chest. You stumbled backwards and fell on the ground. The man grabbed you by the collar, lifted you up and smashed you against the hard wall. You didn’t want to scream in pain, but shit that hurt. “Well well well. I see, you still got it” A man laughed. You just smirked. Was he stupid? You were about to lift your leg, when the man threw you on the cold, hard ground. He sat on your legs and held your wrists tightly behind your back. You were trapped.  You couldn’t do anything right now. A cloth covered your nose and mouth. Teardrops were falling on the ground and you whispered one thing before you lost your concious. “Jimin” 

 You woke up in a small, cold room. The walls were dirty grey and plain. There was a little candle lit in the corner of the room and you crawled your way over to it. You held your hands infront of the little flame to warm yourself up. Everything hurt. Your legs hurt, your arms did hurt and you had a headache. You placed your back against the wall and moved the candle closer. This was literally your source of light in the darkness. You laughed bitterly. 

 You didn’t know where you were, didn’t know why you were here and you didn’t know who had locked you away. You weren’t any special. Your parents weren’t rich so they didn’t do it for the money. But what if they had mistaken you for someone else? If that was the case you shouldn’t be worried. They would find out and let you go. Right? “Oh man” you whined. 

 A bang was suddenly heard outside of the room and you pushed yourself harder against the wall. Another bang was heard but this time it was closer. You were afraid but who ever was outside, you wouldn’t show it to them. You quickly stood up and leaned casually against the wall. Well you didn’t feel so casually but you were going to show them you were not scared. You heard a click and the door slammed open You flinched when the door banged against the wall. 

A broad, tall man stood in the door way. Your eyes slid over his body. His arms and legs full of big and tiny scars. “Come on” the broad man spoke with a low voice. You kept watching his every move. He took a step forward but you just stood still. You didn’t move a muscle. Your eyes were on him like a hawk. He grabbed your wrists tightly and pushed you forward. “Now not so brave anymore kitten?” The man breathed into your ear. You shivered. How bad you wanted to beat him up right now. ‘’I should look around, just look for an escape route you can use later’’ you thought to yourself. Your eyes darted around the hall. You saw a lot of doors One of them must be the exit. “Were there more victims here” you thought. The man pushed you harder this time and you couldn’t help but to kick his leg. The man cursed and pulled at your hair. Your head was now facing his because of the pulling “Don’t do that kitten, unless you like pain” he whispered against your lips and smirked. He pushed your head back and walked you forward again. You stopped infront of a black door. The man knocked on it four times and the door opened. He elbowed you in your back, telling you to move. you stepped in the room. There were at least 6 build man standing in the room, armed with guns. Well wasn’t that a bummer. No way you were going to try something now. 

 The man who was holding you let go of your wrists and stepped back. Your eyes locked with the man who was sitting in front of you. “Look who we have here” He spoke and laughed. “Do you know why you’re here?” The man asked you and walked over to you. He was now towering over you but your eyes did not leave him for a second. “No clue at all” you rolled your eyes at him. Seriously? That really was a stupid question. The man pushed you down on the chair and crouched before you. His hands falling on your knees. You winced from the contact but didn’t break eye contact. 

 ’'It makes me sad, that you don’t remember captain”

Salted Caramel

Summary: She liked him…a lot and she just wanted to get the point across. Too bad the wrong guy got it. Note to self: Check orders before writing little notes to the wrong customer!

Original Scan: ©

Chapters 1-9

Chapter 10: Hot and Cold

There have been few times that Y/N has found herself in awe of other girls and in this moment the feeling comes when she meets Irene who is resting against her car, sunglasses propped onto the top of her head and pretty grin on her face. Four other girls are chattering happily and holding onto various bags. They waste no time in introducing themselves. Irene is quick to befriend her, asking various questions about how she met everyone and how she’s glad they brought her around. Apparently there aren’t enough girls around.

Namjoon had called them on their way there and they immediately said yes, agreeing to meet up. They’re all very bright and giggly, Yeri and Joy seem to be the most playful and as soon as they spot Jeongguk, Taehyung, and Jimin, they begin to joke around. Meanwhile Wendy disappears to find snacks.

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Slight smut

Summary: Finally, you had your boyfriend where you wanted him, but you didn’t expect any disturbance.

Word count:1.5k

I really hope you guys like it. I just wrote this and it’s like 3am. Little anxious about putting this one out. Currently, too tired to check for spelling mistakes, forgive me.

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You and Jungkook had been dating for a few months and are very happy together. BTS had gotten used to you as well, since you were at the dorm a lot and if you didn’t know better - you would say that they had taken a liking to you. They were also supportive of your and the maknae’s relationship, but still liked to tease the two of you whenever they got the chance.

As usual, you were at the BTS dorm, sprawled out on the couch, your legs placed over Jungkook’s, the two of you focused on the movie that was playing on TV, along with the rest of the boys that were laying on the ground or on the other couch. 

Taehyung, decided to grab a glass of juice from the kitchen and on his way back - you don’t know how - but he tripped and spilled the juice all over you, the juice immediately wetting your clothes and your skin soon becoming sticky and gross. 

They boys attention along with Jungkook’s was drawn to you and the apologizing Taehyung in front of the couch.

“Geez Tae.” Jungkook groaned. 

“(Y/N), I’m really sorry.” Taehyung apologized for what seemed like the 100th time as he rushed back from the kitchen with paper towels to clean his mess.

“Don’t worry about it, Tae.” you didn’t really want to make too big of a deal out of it. Taehyung didn’t do it on purpose and there was no reason to get pissed at him for an accident.

“We should probably wash those clothes..Wouldn’t want them to get a stain.” Jin stated from his position on the ground.

“Jin is right and you should probably take a shower. Juice gets really sticky after a while.” Namjoon agreed with Jin. 

“A shower is a good idea.” Jungkook smiled up at you and added“ I can give you a clean shirt if you want?”

“That would be nice.” you were happy that you could change out of the shirt that was uncomfortably sticking to your skin.

“ I’ll go grab a shirt for you.” Jungkook carefully got up from under you and made his way to his room in search of clothes.

“Tell me what happens!” you were referring to the movie as you actually didn’t want to miss any of it, but you didn’t want to stay in the gross and sticky clothes anymore either. 

“Don’t worry. We’ll tell you everything you missed.” Jimin flashed you his pearly whites as you slowly and reluctantly got up off of the comfortable couch.

“Not really like you’ll be missing anything.” Yoongi groaned from the other couch, finding the movie rather boring.

Hoseok immediatley occupied the spot you had abandoned on the couch, making himself comfortable with a triumphant smile drawn onto his face as he managed to get the spot on the couch before any of the others even had the chance to make a move.

“Thanks, Jimin.” you shot Jimin a toothy smile back in return as you made your way into the bathroom, shutting, but not locking the door as you remembered that Jungkook was still supposed to bring you a clean shirt. You just decided to already get undressed, slipping your wet shirt off of your body and tossing onto the bathroom’s white tile flooring.

All of the sudden, the door swung open and an unexpecting Jungkook walked in with a white shirt at hand, his normal expression changing into a shocked one after laying his eyes on your half naked upper body. He blushed, about to leave the bathroom with a string of apologies leaving his lips, until your hand grabbed onto his wrist, signaling for him to remain with you. 

“Just come in and close the door.” you smiled.

It wasn;t that Jungkook hadn’t seen you naked before..Well actually he had only seen you naked once and that was when he accidently barged into your room as you were changing and he fled as soon as your eyes met, feeling a little guilty and embarassed for walking in on you.

He reluctantly closed the door after entering the bathroom. The crimson color still visible on his cheeks as he placed the shirt onto the counter.

“(Y/N), are you sure you want me to be in here? What about the boys? If they-” you interrupted your boyfriend that seemed to overflowing with worries.

“Kookie, they won’t find out and yes, I want you in here.” you had a smug smile on your face as your boyfiend gulped, visibly, his eyes sometimes getting caught on your lacy bra.

“You want to see more?” you asked innocently, your eyes meeting his that quickly shot up to your face, after being caught on your cleavage for a moment longer than he intended.

“Hm?”he gulped, obviously nervous.

“I asked-” you slowly slipped out of your sweats, revealing your matching lacy thing to him, his face heating up more, but his eyes not being able to leave the sight of your body in only acy, black and sexy underwear and bra.

“-if you wanted to see more.” you continued your sentence, your index finger placed sexily onto your plump lower lip.

He gulped for the third time now, a lump in his neck, his skin slowly becoming damp from sweat caused by nervousness and a bulge slowly becoming visible through is black sweats.

“Come on, Kookie. Don’t be so shy.” you teased, releasing your hair from its ponytail, allowing your hair to fall into place freely. Your fingers teasingly and alluringly playing with the straps of your bra. 

“I want t-to see more.” he admitted, a smile appearing on your lips as you slowly unclasped your bra and seductively and let the material slide down your shoulders and off of your body, Jungkook’s mouth slightly gaping at the sight of you topless in front of him. Somehow, being almost naked in-front of the guy you loved to the moon and back, made you extremely horny.

His gaze darkened with something you could only describe as lust.

With a dirty smirk on your face, you slipped your lacy panties down the smooth skin of your legs and - finally -off of your body, completely exposing yourself to your attractive boyfriend.

His lips sunk down onto his lower lip, brows furrowed and angry member straining against its confides as his lusty gaze was set upon you.

You entered the shower and turned on the warm water, the liquid running down your body, having a relaxing effect on you and his eyes following your every move.

“You coming, big boy?” a finger motioning for him to come join you in the shower.

Immediately, he began to strip out of his clothes. First, his shirt met the ground, revealing his toned abs to you. Next, it was his sweats that left him in his hugo boss boxers and you in anticipation. Your eyes were focused on his hands that slowly hooked themselves in the waistband of his boxers and slowly pulled the thin material off of him, his angry, red and throbbing erection that was standing proud, making your mouth water and the area between your thighs get even more wet than it already was.

Next thing you knew, the boy was behind you, his hands on your waist and his mouth attached to the back of your shoulder, sucking on the sensitive skin. You squirmed under his touch, the area between your thighs burning even more.

As his mouth was attacking the sensitive skin that now belonged to your neck, his hands slid up to cup your breasts, you throwing your head back in pleasure to rest on his shoulder, his member rubbing against your ass. You were enjoying this so much. You had waited for an opportunity to get the boy out of his shell and at last you managed to do it. It all felt so right - how his hands were roaming your hot body as you two were wrapped in a fiery kiss, your tongues dancing a tango - you two being together with the warm water running down your bodies.

The moment was perfect -  until - the door swung open and a loud bang scared the two of you, your heads snappiing towards the door only to see Taehyung standing in the door’s frame with a shocked expression that soon turned into a playful one as soon as he realized what was going on, his boxy smile emerging.

“Taehyung!” your hands immediately shot up to grab the shower-curtain and use it to cover your body.

“Oh…Get  it Kookie..” a smirk spreading over his face.

Jungkook blushed embarassed, before shouting at him “Tae! Out!”

Jungkook jumped out of the shower, grabbing a towel to wrap it around his waist and chase Tae through the dorm, earning confused faces and laughs from the rest.

Quickly, you used the chance to leap towards the brown door and lock it, your back resting against it as you slowly slid down it with a sigh, face-palming yourself.

How could you forget to lock the door?!


Quick words by M: Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this kinda short story and in case you have anymore requests for BTS or you want a part 2 to one of my stories,better send them to me soon, because I plan on closing the request box soon. Thanks for reading!

Bad boys and good-byes chapter 11

Pairing: Jikook
Author: blt_prf
Words: 3206
Genre: Highschool au
Summary: Jungkook’s life as a newly debuted singer is way too busy and he can’t afford to get distracted by Taehyung’s noisy friends, never mind fall in love with one of them.

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Jungkook’s life used to be black and white but now it’s got a hint of red in it. Sometimes it’s Jimin’s smile and sometimes it’s Jimin’s hair against his white pillow late at night.

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Testing his love


GENRE: Fluff, with a spoonful of angst.

RATING: Snackworthy - grab a snack before reading this 😜

Summary: You weren’t sure if Yoongi loved you. 

Yoongi trudged up the stairs to the dorm, weary and thirsty. However, his eyes instantly brightened at the thought of you, waiting inside of the dorm to cuddle with him once he got back. Feeling rejuvenated already, he finally pushed open the door, only to find the whole house pitch dark and eerily quiet. Maybe you were had fallen asleep while waiting for him to come home? He grew disappointed; it had been weeks since you two had proper time together, let alone have a good cuddle. 

“Y/N?” he called out, secretly wishing you weren’t asleep. It was selfish of him, he admitted. You were also probably on the brink of sleep deprivation as well, with the overwhelming amount of schoolwork. 

“Yoongi?” you replied back, stepping out of a closed room, blocking the entrance to it. Yoongi frowned, curious as to why you were hiding the contents of it, but he brushed it off quickly.

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