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“And then he called me a stupid cactus! Would you believe that?”
“I know right?! Just because I’m a succulent doesn’t mean I’m some stupid cactus!”

Ochara likes to associate himself with roses because of having thorns and feeling important and gets angry really fast when someone points out the truth. Then again pretty much everything makes him angry, he’s worse than an angsty teenager and just complains about everything ever. Others like to make fun of him because of how easy is to make him angry :>

Ewoqi is mute, so he can’t exactly talk back, but for some reason still tolerates Ochara and enjoys his very undemanding company.

lawyer! Wonwoo

Anon requested: “Lawyer! Wonwoo?”

  • can you just imagine 
  • Wonwoo with a business card that says ‘ATTORNEY JEON WONWOO’
  • works at the Pledis Firm 
  • and just has this little office on the second floor 
  • a simple dark wood furnished office with two book selves 
  • one with law book etc, and one he simply enjoys 
  • not really the type to wear a suit 
  • i mean he will in court 
  • but he really can’t be those people that come to work in expensive suits or whatever 
  • prefers sweaters 
  • 9 times out of ten in a v-neck sweater with a dress shirt underneath 
  • and occasionally when he’s feeling eccentric he’ll wear a half zip pull over or something 
  • always has on circle framed glasses because 
  • “they make him think better" 
  • no one really ever asked him though, because he looks 
  • HOT cough 
  • he’s not the best lawyer ever, or in the company 
  • obviously he’s pretty young 
  • but he’s up and rising 
  • just the way he handles cases is different of everyone else 
  • he is always calm, not a voice raised at all 
  • but he still speaks with the jury on an emotional level 
  • has this rule, 
  • only takes cases he believes in 
  • he’s not in it for the money, no not at all 
  • he just genuinely loves his job, and loves helping people
  • and even though he handles everything very level headed, professional, and cold hearted when needed
  • that doesnt mean every single case he does doesn’t touch the very bottom of his heart
  • “hey Wonwoo, the big guy assigned you to this one,” Seungcheol hands Wonwoo the file
  • “thanks” Wonwoo says, and immediately starts flipping through it * he has to read it twice honestly
  • no he’s not naive but , how can someone do something so horrible right?
  • your picture paper clipped to the file did not help either
  • you had been having problems lately
  • well its lot more than just a problem
  • you were just a college student trying to graduate this year top ish of the class
  • just studying hard and not letting getting into such a good college and this scholarship go to waste
  • but thats hard when this guy can’t stop harassing you
  • you sucked it up because like you really didnt need anything to blow up
  • until he put his hands on you
  • thats how you were half dragged to the police station but your friends within the next few days,
  • and filed a report
  • but of course that guy, actually had a LOT of money a lot actually
  • so easily that were able to get their case to fall in Jeon Wonwoo’s hands
  • and he wasnt about to fall for this bullshit
  • Wonwoo does his research, thoroughly
  • “I can’t take this case"
  • he boss looks up from his desk with raised eyebrows
  • “why not, they’re willing to pay a lot, i’ll hand it to someone else”
  • standing his ground, Wonwoo says firmly, “actually I would like to defend the opposing side instead”
  • “can they afford it?”
  • “I’m willing to work extra cases to make up for it, but just don’t take this one”
  • and with that he gets all your contact information, and arranges for you to meet with him
  • going there, your not sure what to expect
  • with a fluttering heart, your extremely thankful towards him
  • but your expecting a middle aged guy in a suit and styled hair from the professionalism in his voice
  • not a guy maybe 1 or 2 years older than you, in a sweater and harry potter glasses, with slightly disheveled hair from running his hands through it
  • “hi please take a seat” he smiles slightly
  • he looked pretty calm and professional
  • but um NO
  • he was shook inside because
  • your picture did not do you justice
  • the second you walked info his office he had to stop his eyes from widening
  • but he took his job and your case seriously
  • it didn’t matter what he felt
  • but gradually as the case continued, you felt yourself falling for him
  • the way he would always ask you what you wanted before making a move
  • “do you want to do this?”
  • you duck your head and stare at the hands in lap
  • staying silent for a moment, in thought
  • but your heads shoots up, eyes staring deeply into his
  • because his hands were grasping yours, and you saw how he softly took your hands in his
  • looking into your eyes, he realized this was a moment that would be considered inappropriate
  • but he didn’t care
  • “i want to do this” you say finally
  • squeezing your hands on last time before letting them go, he smiles and nods
  • the both of you are disappointed, not being able to hold the others hand longer
  • and in court, you saw a different side of Wonwoo, one that you admire
  • he stood with confidence, he talked with authority, he knew how to bring the jury to his side
  • you gripped the table nervously as the both of you sat side by side waiting
  • “it’s going to be okay, im not worried” he whispers in your ear
  • you breathe in and take your hands off the table
  • “then i wont be either, i believe in you”
  • sure enough
  • “the jury hereby finds the defendant, guiltily”
  • the midst of your excitement you bring him in for a hug
  • or does he bring you in your a hug
  • but thats irrelevant
  • pulling away, you smile
  • “thank you Wonwoo”
  • he hums, “you shouldn’t have to thank me”
  • now you guys are in his office alone
  • “i guess this is goodbye,” you say regretfully, about to turn around and leave the office
  • “it doesn’t have to be”
  • he walks over to you, who’s standing shocked, and shows a grin you’ve never seen before
  • and you love it
  • “let’s go do something tomorrow night, are you free?”
  • “i am” you cant help but show your excitement, the smile forming on your face
  • for a second you see his eyes shift from your face to your lips
  • before you can register it,
  • “your no longer my client, so this won’t matter” he says softly
  • leaning down, he presses his lips right at the corner of your mouth
  • just as he leans back, you pull him into a hug
  • and this one lasts a lot longer than your other one
  • he has his head in the crook of your neck
  • your head is resting on his chest comfortably, with no thoughts besides him and him only
  • pulling away you leave him with a smile and your parting words
  • “i really look forward to tomorrow”
  • he stands there for a moment after you leave collecting himself
  • he chuckles to himself,
  • “she’s so cute”

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Favourite Acting Scenes – Eskild lays down the (gay) law for Isak (5.10 part 5)

A request from an anon.

The Most Difficult Scene Ever To Take Screenshots From Because There’s SO Much Text.

As mentioned before, acting is a game of interaction, in which both actors act and react to each other’s performance of lines or movements; there needs to be something that happens before someone else can react to it. This scene is very much different from the scene in 5.10 with Even that comes right before this one, however, because there Even barely shows any reaction in what Isak’s saying. Eskild is not that person. He is much more reactive, and this scene shows his range of different emotions that are going through his mind here. This scene is so poignant, so telling, so real because it shows exactly how hurtful words can be, even unintentional. And this is all it takes: 5 minutes.

In the beginning of the scene, Eskild is pretty excited. He’s a pretty observant person, has helped Isak through some tough shit at the end of last year. I think that Eskild really feels like he’s an older brother to Isak; he’s the one who took him in, gave him a place to stay, and I think that Eskild only told Noora that Isak wasn’t gay so she would back off a little. That gay bar meeting must have confirmed all his thoughts on Isak, and gave his some sense of needing to protect him. This is, what I have noticed myself, what happens in the LGBTQ+ community: you care for each other, in times that no one else seems to. This is Isak’s first introduction into that world. If only he was a little bit more graceful.

So Isak has had a boy over, to stay the night, and lied about it before Eskild’s entered this room. But he knows Isak, knows he’s finding this difficult, so Eskild feels like he has to give him a little nudge, in a very lighthearted manner. Eskild’s willing to leave him alone when Isak doesn’t respond. You see Isak losing his smile, considering his options here, and finally deciding okay, Eskild’s safe. I can tell him.

There is kind of a thing going on between Even and me.

Eskild’s first reaction is a small smile; he’s so proud that Isak is telling him this, but he can’t make it too big of a deal, that’s not what Isak wants. But when Isak’s done telling him, he reaches out and touches his knee, and tells him that it’s really awesome; he sees that Isak is completely red, not looking him too much in the eye because this is scary as heck. Eskild has probably gone through this, in a similar fashion. He reassures him: you know, that gay bar thing was pretty obvious. But Eskild is so, so proud and so happy. He keeps that small smile.

Then it all changes when Isak has the biggest brainfart in all the parallel universes.

I enjoy Tarjei’s portrayal of Isak here immensely: he makes it really painful to watch, because Isak’s not holding back, the words seem to roll out of him, he speaks more honestly about what he’s feeling than he has done in ages. He’s basically blaming ‘people like Eskild’ that he can’t be honest about himself because ‘those people’ have the monopoly on what being gay looks like.

And this is enormously hurtful: you see Carl looking away to collect himself, to keep the anger and hurt he feels under control. This is something that Eskild probably has heard before, but he did not expect to hear this from Isak, not someone who he has helped so much and who he feels really protective of. He keeps his emotions under control, but you can see that his eyes are slowly starting to water, and when he mentions the amount of courage people need to have to be themselves, that’s when his emotions get the best of him.

This is what it takes for people to be themselves, Isak. Do not take that lightly and throw their experiences under the rug. Not when you haven’t even scratched the surface on standing up for who you are.

And since Eskild is usually such a happy person, he still tries to laugh a small bit. This is not who he wants to be, but this hurts him on such a deeply personal level that he can’t help but leave. Isak is so ashamed that he can barely look him in the eyes anymore.

Carl needed to nail this scene, and this could’ve been such a preachy scene as well, but it wasn’t. He really reacted to what Tarjei gave him in that small instance, he collected all the information that was given to him in words and in emotions and put the energy into feeling what his character was going through and needed to do.

Different people exist; different mlm experiences and identities within the LGBTQ+ community exist. And through Isak, Eskild and Even we as an audience get to see that they also co-exist: they’re not separate, they can live together, really learn from each other and be the family for each other that they need. These are all valid experiences. This scene was needed to show that to us, and it’s revolutionary because it’s honest, it’s real, and explained in a way that everyone can understand. That is the true strength of this show.

Previous parts: here.

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From one artist to another, if you're upset your art is being redistributed online you're really going to hate making fan art of pretty much anything. The nature of the Internet and fadoms. It's a sign people enjoyed your work. Start autographing it.

I get you’re trying to be nice here, but let me make something painfully clear here: REPOSTING IS ART THEFT 

The internet and “fandoms” aren’t made up of some black hole that’s just out to steal and repost art, it’s made up of people. People who make conscious choices to violate artists wishes and repost their art even when they ask not to. People who see art and think “I’m going to repost this because I enjoy it and I’m totally helping the artist by showing off their work” You are not helping the artist, you are stealing from them and hurting them.

You’re hurting other people finding out about them because they see art without sources or credit and they have no idea who drew the original art. It hurts the artist ever wanting to share their art because of the fear of their art being stolen. It’s not flattering to have your work stolen and used/modified without the consent of the artist. Even if you do credit the artist, reposting without the artist’s permission is disrespectful and still art theft. Credit doesn’t always equal consent.

If you honestly enjoy artwork that you see, you can help the artist by rebloging their work and letting them know in comments and such. NOT by redistributing their art. So please, do not re-distribute, re-post, trace, or otherwise use any artists art work in any way without their consent.  

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lately i've found myself actively disliking wearing cosplay. i still enjoy making costumes and talking shop with other cosplayers, but the joy i used to feel while wearing what i've made has died a lot. have you ladies ever gone through this? is there a way to get that feeling back?

Absolutely. This was me to a T for a solid two or so years, from Madoka all the way to Fire Emblem just last year, which was weird considering I used to jump at literally any excuse to get in costume. Getting out of it is really about getting to the bottom of why you started to feel that way, though, and what your priorities are. For me, it was three things –– being so tired of a project that by time I finished it I loathed the idea of putting it on, starting to feel my age in costumes designed for characters in their early teens, and feeling tired of conventions in general. Here’s how I got it back: 

I decided to stop taking on projects I wasn’t really passionate about. After Overwatch and Inuyasha (which we committed to last year) we have no plans for big groups where everyone picks a character regardless of interest level. Since I do the bulk of the planning and sewing for our groups, I felt I had to lessen the load on myself in order to enjoy making costumes for myself again, so going forward we’re going to be structuring groups a little differently. A big part of this is not investing hundreds of hours into costumes I don’t care for, as it takes time away from the things I actually do want to make AND wear. I feel like there’s a huge pressure in the community to constantly have new finished costumes and that’s way too stressful and takes away my enjoyment of the craft when everything is about rapid turnover.

I confronted the fact that I am not a teenager anymore. I’m not youthful person and I have never looked young for my age, so it stands to reason that I didn’t feel convincing dressed as a fourteen year old. I took the “anyone can cosplay anything” philosophy too far and pushed myself out of my comfort zone when I really didn’t need to, and it had the adverse effect of making me feel like Sakaki in the swamp instead of feeling cute. As a result, I don’t do schoolgirls and idols and magical girls so much anymore. Now, I’m working on embracing cosplaying older or more mature-looking characters that I used to really want to do when I was younger. The new motto, spiritually jacked from Ratatouille: anyone can cosplay anything, but it doesn’t mean everyone will feel great in anything.

As for conventions: this took some finagling. One, it took starting to go to conventions outside of our usual haunts. After 10+ years, Anime North and FanExpo feel tired. Absolutely EXHAUSTING. It’s the same thing every year, and the conventions have stagnated so much that I feel like just about everyone goes out of habit rather than any real excitement or joy for it. I mean, if we’re going exclusively for a reason to dress up, why not go shooting for a weekend with friends or something? So we branched out and started going to American cons. It’s been phenomenal, honestly, and going to cons outside our area has made me relish conventions like new again. Going to Katsucon was the most fun I’ve had at a convention since my very first one, honestly! And a part of that is part two: meeting new people. I’ve been a hermit for yeaaaaars in the cosplay community, seldom venturing outside this tumblr and whatnot, but this past year I’ve started making a lot of close friends through social media and it really hypes me up to wear costumes and go to conventions again, as I’m sharing it with new friends whose vibrancy, passion and excitement is infectious. (Shout out here to Krista, Christen, Max, Bono, Tori, Mia, Tracey and the many others too numerous to name but all equally loved who have given me reason to love this hobby again in the past year!)

Anyway: I care again. I haven’t felt so excited for my upcoming costumes (Mercy, Luna and InuYasha!) in a decade.

- Jenn

If it’s a costume I don’t feel very good enough, yeah, I’ll be meh about it, but I try to find costumes I’m super passionate about because it makes all the difference! Like, I felt OK in Sailor Mars, but she wasn’t my favourite scout, so it was natural to not feel as passionate about it. But I feel amazing in Sumia because I feel I can portray her very well, so I find something I’ll feel so good in, and I had a hand in. I like projects that are my niche and that I’ll look so good in!

For me it was also the reverse for a long time –– I didn’t like making them because I was scared of learning to sew but I liked to wear them. Now that I’m learning to sew I’m a lot more excited because I feel that much more connected to it.

- Emmy

If you enjoy making costumes but just don’t want to wear them, you can take a break. Make costumes for other people for a while, or work on real clothes or something different from what you’re burned out on. That’s what I did when I felt it; I said whatever, I’ll just sew other stuff. The best thing you can do is try something else for a while until you find a project that motivates you again.

- Christine

The ladies have pretty much said everything that could be said perfectly, but here are some of my experiences. I’ve had a very brief stint with cosplay compared to others, but the ups and downs have not eluded me. While I had always wanted to cosplay, I guess I never wanted to do it alone. I was always timid to go to cons by myself and never felt strong enough to venture into making costumes on my own. Meeting my friend Erin changed that completely because I met somebody who wanted to be a part of it with me. Suddenly it was this wave of going hard on making things I never thought I would make even though I can look back on it now and see how terribly I made things hahaha. I started with my Cass Cain Batgirl and Chell from Portal. Two crazy starts for me personally as I had never sewed, worked with acrylic, vinyl, fibreglass and bondo. Making them felt invigorating! However, over time, my living and financial situations didn’t really allow for me to have creative space (4-6 adults in an apartment, yikes!). I also went hard into my work so my passions kind of fell to the wayside. Erin moved away to a different continent for a couple of years, but she’s back now woo! I didn’t have many other friends I felt close enough to and as Jenn previously said, Fan Expo and Anime North don’t inspire much creativity or a fresh, exciting environment so even if I went with other friends, it was just going through the motions. I wasn’t inspired to attempt to learn more. I didn’t feel like any characters really connected with me and the ones that did, like Shepard from Mass Effect, I was too scared to attempt alone. Little by little, I fell out of it. I didn’t want solo projects, I wanted to be a part of something.

Joining the Dangerous Ladies has completely rejuvinated my love for it. The first group project I joined was for Sailor Moon, how could I not be excited to do one of my first loves? Lucina has given me life, I could do version after version of her and wear her for years, I absolutely adore her. The thought of being Ana from Overwatch and doing an Inuyasha cosplay (Sango) excites me to no end. I’m more brave and have more opportunities and motivation to learn more. I’ve already learned so much in the few years being with them and WANT to learn more! The passion is back. My love for gaming and anime feels alive again in a way I can visually express it. The new cons we’ve ventured to have been phenomenal and the people we have met have been such an inspiration and so much damn fun to be around. Finding the right people to be around, work, and travel with has been so important for me to find my love for cosplay again and I am so happy that I found it.

All this rambling comes to this: Find out what the source of your distaste for it is. What drove you to love cosplaying in the first place? Find that drive and source of inspiration and love. Search for new ventures that will motivate you to try out new things! All the best!

- Shazz

Not gonna lie, when I found out Lumiere was Ewan McGregor and Plumette was GuGu Mbatha-Raw I fell even more in love with them than before because…Their potential??? Hello???

Disney you gave me a couple with these pretty people and I couldn’t have more time to enjoy them as human?? No, I demand another movie of these two. Make it Pride and Prejudice. Make it a coffee date. SOMETHING so I can just see these two beautiful ppl in love again aaaaah

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I love the idea of like Yata and Fushimi getting into a fight or something and then like Kusanagi or Totsuka ( everyone lives) or some homra members see them making out and they're like?? Yata is taking the lead whattt???

I always enjoy the idea that virgin Yata can actually be pretty forceful in taking the lead when he wants to, like when Yata actually thinks about making out with someone he feels kinda embarrassed (especially if he’s in public and people are talking about it, like Chitose’s bragging about a conquest in Homra or something) but when he’s in the middle of actually doing it he’s just fine thanks. Say he also tends to take the lead with Fushimi a lot simply because Fushimi won’t, Fushimi’s actually more awkward about the physical stuff than Yata is simply due to his general issues with being touched and sometimes he needs a little nudge forward. So even when Yata and Fushimi have made up sometimes Yata’s gotta be the one to make the first move because otherwise Fushimi will dance around it and deflect and refuse to actually show how much he wants to start kissing Yata rather than fighting him.

So say one time post-series Yata’s left alone in charge of the bar while Kusanagi does some errands and Fushimi happens to stop by as he’s about to leave. Yata and Fushimi start some good natured bickering and Kusanagi’s just like try to keep it civil kids as he leaves. He’s halfway down the street when he remembers something that he forgot and returns to the bar, just in time to see Yata grab Fushimi by the back of the head and pull him into a kiss. Kusanagi’s just staring a bit as they start making out (somehow I’m just imagining this as really over the top making out too, like they were doing the sitcom ‘arguing while moving closer and closer and then the music swells and they start kissing’ thing). I feel like he wouldn’t be surprised for long, Kusanagi’s pretty perceptive and probably noticed that Yata’s not quite as virginal as everyone thinks but he’s still just watching them in slight bemusement as Yata starts to push Fushimi down onto the couch and is all feeling him up. That’s probably the point where Kusanagi pointedly clears his throat and Yata jumps off Fushimi as if he’s on fire, coughing and stuttering while Kusanagi just shakes his head and is like not on the good upholstery.

Another really successful day with a reactive client. This is a 1yo Rottie who is both in a fear period and has some seemingly hormone related issues with other dogs. This is where things get hairy- because there IS a fear response present here but she also responds to other dogs like L and Creed where she only gets explosive on leash and otherwise acts like she wants to play and be social when loose.

Today was my first time meeting X in a true training environment. I met her once before when her owner signed up for training, but that was a quick 10 minute meet-and-greet as she explained the problems she’s been experiencing. X is a fairly well trained sport dog who has been having fun in agility and rally until this problem came about and was, subsequently, kicked out of the sport classes she’d been taken until the problem can be remedied. X has not actually attacked another dog nor has she done more than noise/slobber while her owner desperately tries to redirect her when she reacts.

Today’s neutral dog was not Creed but a young adult who’s taken about 10 classes with me thus far for the same problem (who learned with Creed as a neutral dog). His owner has effectively mastered the “stop freaking out! if you freak out then your dog will freak out harder!” routine and now his interaction with his dog (D*) is far more upbeat and laidback than when he was in constant fear of losing control. D, as a result, is much more willing to be happy and relaxed while training. I wanted X’s owner to see that it was possible to obtain that dog that could ignore other dogs, to see that even with this training there is still management and slip ups and keeping your situations fair, and to see the way D’s owner handles his dog as a reference for how she should handle X. She commented, towards the end of class, that watching me work with X was eye-opening for her because she is never able to see her dog performing for someone else- it’s always just her looking down the leash at a dog she’s becoming more frustrated and more disappointed with.

Because I wanted to evaluate before jumping straight into remedying the problem, I asked to handle X for the first part of class. Outside of a few grumbles to herself about D being roughly 15 feet away from her, she was capable of keeping her opinions to herself. At some point, she glanced up at me, and I rained treats and praise down on her for choosing to ask me for guidance on what to do and turn her back on the dog she wanted to threaten. She caught onto the game pretty face, glancing at him and then looking at me and glancing at him and looking at me- until she was prancing in her pretty rally heel about 8 feet away from the object of her hatred, side by side with him and wiggling her nub excitedly when she understood what I wanted her to do. No more growling, no more posturing, her owner walking slightly to the side of us dumbfounded that, to her eyes, sweet-talking, treats, and managing the distance from another dog for 30 minutes was all it took to turn her demonic teenager back into that sweet young adult she used to be.

I handed her the leash and X snarled and sniped at D twice when passing him- telling me that her owner’s nervousness and frustration with this problem made the current distance impossible. They moved to about 12 feet away and had much more success there, until we were able to shorten the distance back down to 8 feet. At that distance, both dogs were able to offer a down, facing away from each other, and watching their owners intently.

X was in a prong, as her owner fears losing control of her dog when she reacts, but she did not receive a prong correction throughout the duration of the class. I did inform her owner that while I wanted her to bring the prong back to the next class, I also wanted to try with just her flat collar to see if we could get the same success. She walked on a loose leash, no leash corrections or pressure was given, and if she began to lose control of herself we simple had the distance between the dogs lengthened before trying again.

When I posted about L, someone commented saying that there was only a large amount of improvement because of the aversive training (because +P is the fastest at stopping problem behaviors). That is somewhat true. It also misses the mark a bit as I would not count either situations as “improvement”, simple success in showing both dogs what the desired behavior was and setting the way for further success. Neither of the dogs have “improved” to my mind- L may be somewhat better at controlling herself, but how much of that is her owner’s handling that’s improved rather than L herself? X may have been able to tolerate D standing about 8 feet away from her without feeling the need to get up and snipe at him, but how much of that is her owner’s own anxiety toned down vs X’s?

Monique Anstee (The Naughty Dog Blog) has a couple posts now about how reactivity is very often the handler’s fault and not actually on the dog. This was key for me to understand two aspects of reactivity when I struggled with Creed- first to watch my own behavior with him and second to explain why he may act one way (towards other dogs) with one person and completely differently with me. Similarly, I see this more and more with my very desperate clients with very reactive dogs- their dogs are actually very easy to convince not to react, provided they are handled correctly. The problem: their owners don’t know how to handle them correctly, and have waited to come to me until they are legitimately afraid of their dog or what their dog is capable of. And thus, in my classes with my reactive dogs, you will see me following behind the pair occasionally barking my own orders- lower your arm! looser leash! reward that right now! don’t correct her, talk to her! give him space! don’t get mad! don’t be nervous! take a breath, try it again! that’s pretty hard, make it easier! why is this difficult for your dog- tell me, with words, I want to hear it from you!

I got out of aggressive dogs because I got tired of getting bit. I got into aggressive dogs because I got tired of seeing people feel so helpless and afraid when trying to manage their dogs’ poor behavior. And I take the occasional reactive dog now, because I enjoy seeing a broken relationship be mended when the communication between the pair has finally been fixed. Whatever methods needed to happen between point A and point B.

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ok but like thing is... i want every character to, in the end, have an intimate friendship with each of the people in the rest of the team. i'll be really bummed out if in the end it felt like some of them were just with the others bc they had to be and not because they enjoyed their presence. kal/lura overall right now is a big Hell Nah but hopefully by the end of the series they'll all be friends without anything feeling forced. but w/e lmao im just a dreamer :)

this is my biggest issue with stories featuring an ensemble cast with the weight of the universe resting on their shoulders to be honest……. most of the time, they barely develop the relationship of the characters to one another because they’re always too focused on their missions to pay attention to whether they’re friends or not.

like i mean sure, they have a really important goal, but they’re a team. it’s important for them to bond and actually enjoy each other’s company beyond the battles and all. it was my biggest beef with the heroes of olympus series: when the series ended it barely had any impact on me because the characters were barely FRIENDS. they were just a group of people forced to work together to achieve a common goal, which made the whole concept of “family is what you make of it” pretty….. weak.

so yea, i’m with you on this one. hopefully team voltron will bond more and develop better relationships, but i can’t say i’m going out of my way to hope a whole lot. i mean we’re only on the second season, but still. a bitch gotta be CAUTIOUS,

I think one of the things that pisses me off the most is people feeling beholden to me or like they owe me something.

Listen, if I give you something, do you a favor, am kind, please don’t treat it like eye for an eye.

I’m not being kind for perks or payback; I’m being kind because I fucking enjoy making others happy and it’s pretty insulting when people act like I’m doing it for literally any other reason, or that they owe me in some way.

This leads into the WORST part of that; Nothing is more insulting or hurtful to me than people chatting, hanging out, rping, or otherwise interacting with me because they feel obliged to.

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Hehe, alright then! In that case, may I request your headcanons on RedRobin? And/Or any of the other self-insert ships you'd like to include ^u^

(*Woah, this ended up pretty long.  ALSO, I didn’t get a chance to include all of the ships from my parties because holy crap, that would be too many.  These are just some that’ve stuck out to me/that people have talked to me about outside of the parties, so please don’t feel discouraged or excluded if you’re not listed. )

RedRobin (Underfell Sans & Robin):

  • Robin’s oblivious to most flirting and doesn’t catch when pick-up lines are particularly dirty at first, but the longer she’s around Red, the more she starts to catch on.
  • Red enjoys teasing her; he likes to see just how hard he can make her blush.  If she starts to make flustered gecko noises, he considers it a personal victory.
  • He often makes dirty puns and comments with plenty of innuendo, but he’s not the type to put any pressure on her.  
  • That’s not to say he won’t pull stunts like the whipped cream on his bones thing.  If she did decide to lick the whipped cream off his ribs–hoo boy, he’d be all for it!
  • They often have misunderstandings.  Red interprets the fact that she tenses up when he pulls her close as rejection, when it’s really just her not yet entirely comfortable with that much physical contact.  And then she thinks she’s offended him somehow when he pulls back, so it becomes a cycle.  
  • However, despite their differences, what started out as Red just trying to tease her–and then being spurred on by the fact that she was so oblivious and innocent–has become something more.  He feels possessive of her, definitely, and he’s a supportive rock to hold onto.  Whenever she comes around, he feels drawn to her and enjoys her company.  Yeah, he likes her a lot.

BadSass G  (Sassy Nyx & Gaster!Sans):

  • This started out as a pick-up line battle–one that G won, I might add.  
  • He was drawn to Nyx’s sense of humor and wit, and he kept edging closer, adding a casual touch to their repartee.  Upon realizing this was enough to fluster them, he became interested in seeing just how dark he could make that blush become.
  • Of course, the moment they kissed just above his nasal ridge was his undoing; he couldn’t stop himself from pulling them into a deep kiss.  
  • G’s drawn to their sense of humor and good nature, and he really can’t seem to keep himself out of their personal space–not that Nyx particularly seems to mind.  
  • While he finds their cozy white sweater adorably sexy in the ‘good’ type going for the ‘bad boy’ kinda way, he really wonders what they’d look like wearing his jacket.
  • (And nothing else.)
  • He also has the tendency to get lost in their eyes when they’re talking, which can result in him getting lost in the conversation.  

Raye of SANShine (Raye & Classic!Sans): 

  • Raye’s sense of humor is as terrible (read: wonderful) as Sans’s, so they’re full of fart jokes when they’re together.
  • Sans has a kink for being able to sink his fingers into soft skin, and Raye has just the assets for the job.
  • She has the tendency to deflect with self-depreciating remarks, and Sans has a knack for building people up.  Just look at his brother.  So, he’ll do whatever it takes to make her see herself through his eyes.  
  • Sans is laid-back and chill.  He’s not going to force her to do anything, and he respects her need for privacy.  He’s got plenty of his own secrets, and he doesn’t need to drag any of hers into the open.  
  • They bring out each other’s mischevious, adventerous side.  Sleeping together in Edge’s bedroom–and later, the backseat of his car?  Yeah, they’re down.  Skinny-dipping in a lake?  Count Sans in.  If anything goes sideways, Sans knows a shortcut out of the situation, and he’ll take Raye with him.
  • Sans likes her humor and general good nature; she’s easy to talk to, and fun to flirt with.  Raye thinks he’s quite the punny guy–and skeleton anatomy does happen to be rather intriguing.  

More Than a Whisper (Whisper & pretty much all the Papyruses):

  • She’s super small, but feisty, and I ship her with most Papyruses because of the size difference.  
  • Her and Edge would fight, but it would be PASSIONATE FIGHTING that turns into making out.
  • Edge also has that picture of her in the skele-costume saved on his phone, and he’s spent many nights yelling at trees because of it.
  • Stretch teases her mercilessly and is always down for cuddles.
  • Rus ignites a thirst unlike any other, and she’s going to end up not caring if it’s in a dog bed or what.
  • Yeah, that whole shot-gun smoke thing is going down here, but it’s magic smoke so it’s hawt.
  • Horrortale Paps lets her ride on his shoulders so she can experience what it’s like to be a giant.  
  • She teaches Classic!Paps how to kiss on his racecar bed, and then he can’t get enough.  He tells everyone about it.  Now she gets frequent demands to be a kissing tutor from the other skeletons.

HelenBerry (Underswap!Sans & Helen): 

Forgive me for making up a ship name, but I like it, and it sounds edgy.  xD

  • These two are so sweet together.  Blueberry’s energy rubs off on her, and he’s always there with comfort and encouragement.
  • He doesn’t mind that she’s adopted hundreds of people and has kids from a previous marriage with his Classic counterpart.  He opens his arms to all of them.
  • The fact that she’s so loving and encourages/accepts so many people as family is what he loves the most about her.  Family is crazy-important to him.  
  • If she ever feels anxious about anything, he’s there in an instance to remind her of her MAGNIFICENCE!

Some other honorable mentions I don’t have enough headcanons for yet:

FreakyHorror (Horrortale!Sans & Freaky):  

  • She’s a zombie–they both enjoy the human touch to their meals.  He’s also not going to eat her because, well, the meat’s past the expiration date, and there’s no brain rattling around in his skull, so they’re perfect.  
  • She’s not the decayed, gross kind of zombie, either, so he’s still all in.  But honestly, dating a zombie probably doesn’t help his mental stability if they do happen to eat a person from time to time, but eh–sanity is overrated, anyway.  

Drool-Worthy Stockings (Skeleton-print stocking anon & SF!Papyrus):

  • He’s in it for the stockings–and the punny sense of humor.  
  • Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s wildly attracted to them and dying to see what they look like in nothing but his jacket and those stockings.

GloopyJustice // GloopyTaters (Gaster & Justice):

  • Gaster’s still got it, and this sweetheart happens to be his favorite drinking companion.  He can’t lie that it’s inevitable that during one of these parties, he’s going to end up drunk and handsy with her.  He’s more than willing to help her have a good time and forget her problems; there’s plenty he’d like to forget, too.

Flamebroiled (UT//UF Grillby & ♨️ anon):

  • This anon knows what’s up.  Why settle for just one when you can overheat between both of their affections?  Not to mention, she knows the way to their heart is through their stomachs, and she can cook.  Fellby and Grillbz are all over that (and her).

DoubleTrouble (SF!bros & Mature//Crazy twins):

  • SF!Paps is thirsty and his brother is just hungry.  
  • Blackberry has the energy to keep up with the crazy sister, while Rus can heavily flirt with the mature one.         

TerriblePet (UF!Papyrus & Abby):

  • Edge needs help with a pet, and Abby works at a pet store.  
  • He wants to see her wearing a collar suddenly…
  • i t ‘ s     s t u d d e d .
  • I’m not talking about the collar.

badcaseofreichenbach  asked:

This latest discourse against you highlights an issue I've had with certain people in the fandom. The ones who feel the need to call out any sort of perceived misbehavior that the rest of us may do. I was honestly far more creeped out by their reactions than what you said. It reeks of being judgmental.

I don’t want to start more drama! This is a thing that tumblr is famous for, not just our fandom? It’s kind of just… a thing people do, I guess. I think I’ve made a post about it before. “Discourse” goes hand in hand with this “receipt pulling” culture and I don’t really agree with any of it. It’s tiring and really just starting drama for the sake of starting drama and it’s not new to our part of the fandom or really the internet in general. When people think they have a position of power they kind of sort of leverage it to start shit more often than you think, when the know they have people that will agree with them.

However! In the case of today’s misunderstood-joke-thing, I understand where some people were coming from, because there is a large portion of this fanbase specifically that idolizes Dan and are also very young. They were trying to make a statement to look out for them, I’m pretty sure. Because while I was joking, maybe some of them weren’t, you know? It doesn’t matter any which way because Dan would never require anything out of anyone other than that we enjoy his content if we want to. But also you know that other thing he does ask people.

“Love each other. Forgive each other. Especially yourself.”
The first two parts of that being extremely relevant right now especially, and really when any kind of this stuff crops up. It will. That’s just the internet for you. But in the end it is the internet. And I promise you, in a month nobody will remember what they were mad at me about today. They’ll be mad at me for something else by then I’m sure! So don’t worry about it. I’m not! I think this will be the last thing I answer about it as well, but as always if anyone wants to message me that’s fine!


Hello! My name is Cee, I’m 16 and I’m looking for friends! (I’m very lonely so pls be my fren)

Now, let me tell you a bit about myself: I suppose I am pretty quirky and not everyone’s cup of tea. I tend to stand out of the crowd due to my vibrant hair colors and odd sense of humor. I really enjoy art. I’m definitely not the best artist out there but practice makes perfect and if we become pen pals, do expect mediocre portraits.

I love sending letters and little trinkets to people because I’m just a crafty person like that. I am the type of person that will be there for you when you need someone to vent to or when you just want to send memes to someone to share a laugh with and get weird.

I enjoy Harry Potter and I’m a proud Ravenclaw. I read a lot but lately I’ve been lacking motivation. Music is an important aspect in my life, I feel like I would die without it. I enjoy making playlist and finding new artists to listen to. I’m a very alternative gal; I appreciate the art hoe and sad boi aesthetics. I have identity crisis’ almost every other day so I hope you won’t mind me being emo over it.

I am very open minded and excepting. I don’t want to sound cocky but I do think I am a pretty cool person to talk to.

My only defaults are my extreme shyness and sporadic thoughts so please bare with me :)

If you want to be pen pals please shoot me a message! I would like to talk to people my age or older. I’ve been told that I’m very mature for my age so please don’t write me off haha. I would also love to talk to people from different countries! I aspire to travel loads when I’m older so it’s best I start to familiarize myself with different cultures now. I’m really not too picky though, anyone who actually wants to talk to me will do! Like I said, I just want friends :)


tomwingfields  asked:

hi! so religion-y question, i've recently gotten really into thinking about new testament stuff, especially judas. i know you've written stuff about him before and, i'm sorry that this is weird and out of the blue of me to ask, i was just wondering if you had an idea as to why judas betrayed jesus? i think about it all the time and like, it haunts me. i just don't understand how he could do that/why he would do that. thank you so much!

Well, I should say first that I feel pretty strongly that questions of this depth demand actual in-person discussion with someone. The internet just falls short at this level. Somehow it just feels like, in contemplating the humanity of Judas, we’d need to be humans talking to each other, flesh and blood, interrupting each other, being human, to really burrow down to the core stuff. Having said that – I mean – there’s a lot in this q, key q. Do you read Judas as an independent actor with free will? Then choose door A, which talks about his intent. Never get to the bottom of door A, why a person betrays his friend, especially his friend whom he knows to be God. But Jesus knows ahead of time that it’s going to happen, so whither free will? If God can know the future then free will takes a hit, I think C.S. Lewis tries to do stuff with the idea of God seeing time differently but I can’t reconcile free will with the ability to tell the future. Seems v. either/or to me. That’d bring us to “Judas betrayed Jesus because either a) it was his destiny or b) it was God’s plan,” I don’t think these necessarily amount to the same answer but they share a ballpark, neither one satisfies though because in the absence of free will how can a person be rewarded or punished for anything? Nothing wrong with old Judas if he was just doing basically what God made him to do.

But if we go back to door A, I mean, there’s a sense in which we should have special shrines for Judas and the centurions and the Sanhedrin, because you can’t get the crucifixion without them, and if you’re buying into the whole scheme then you have to have the crucifixion, so anybody who makes it possible is kind of a saint in my reading – Jesus can’t just one day say “ok, I’m done ministering and I’m going home, everybody’s saved from here on out” – somebody has to betray him, somebody has to kill him so he can be resurrected. Maybe, in his moment of darkness, Judas senses this - that his friend must be betrayed, that someone has to do something terrible? The text does not support this reading, but it’s worth kicking around a little. 

If we step outside the story further I think we have to honestly say that the weaknesses of the whole tapestry are best seen in these questions. Why must Jesus be killed and resurrected? Why must we petition a resurrected Christ for for forgiveness? Why isn’t His incarnation enough? My friend Perry has talked a little to me about not needing the resurrection at all, about being Christian without believing in the resurrection, about the incarnation being enough, but I don’t know enough about those ideas to say anything about them – they feel like something worth exploring, though. Doing away with the resurrection would fuck up the entire liturgical year, but what can you do. I feel like, and this would take that talk I mentioned earlier to really bear out but I mean it, the answer is in that old 50s (60s) tune: “Everybody plays the fool sometimes.” Like, the word “plays” is important here, there’re other religious traditions in which people attack God or His Representative because that is the part they have to play for God to be magnified/realized/amused. These traditions are worth some pretty serious consideration if considering this kinda thing is a thing you enjoy. 

Shorter and probably better answer: I think the point of Judas is to make us think about Judas and ask ourselves where and when we are Judas. Everybody in the whole story is us, sometimes. One of the people who is us sometimes is a person who betrayed his friend to death for money. Who’s Judas? One of us. But an easy answer won’t lead us to the sort of reflection we need, hence the complexity of Judas’s choice. 

So yeah, Joss Whedon wrote some pretty great stuff that I definitely enjoy…. and some of the cringiest lines I’ve ever seen… but none of his media was particularly feminist in any groundbreaking way. It was pretty, able bodied women designed and sanitized for the male gaze.

So yeah, I’m 0% shocked to find out he’s not a feminist in real life because his media wasn’t particularly feminist. It was several cuts above the bar, but the bar was very low.

We need to stop being shocked when the men in the gaming and nerd media circles aren’t particularly great people. Just because someone makes enjoyable media doesn’t mean they’re an enjoyable person.

In 20+ years of being a gamer, a nerd, and a sci-fi buff, I have met three decent men. Just three. I find it hard to believe that any major figure head in any community is going to truly support the morals of anything but the majority.

And the sad thing is- Joss Whedon had the clout and the popularity to do some real change in the community. He could have raised the bar, but he didn’t. He could have stepped up to the plate as a human being, but he didn’t.

You’re only disappointed because you thought the bottom of the barrel was actually feminism.

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I've devolved an unhealthy coping mechanism, using food for comfort. I've tried writing, drawing, exercising but the only coping mechanisms that make me feel better are unhealthy. How do people learn to enjoy exercise?

For me it’s always about finding that balance, not depriving yourself of food you love but also not overindulging. You could try some pretty mainline tricks like keeping unhealthy food in hard-to-get places and not shopping when hungry. Personally, exercise is all about the satisfaction I get from working out. I feel good because I know I’m being good to my body and feel strong. Eventually I have just come to love the process. Good luck!

Just a little ramble

I hate when people come to me and ask me “hey, do you wanna be an artist when you get older?” because, well, I am already an artist. A very small and obscure artist that will never be well known, yes, but an artist nonetheless. I think I’m pretty happy where I am, too. I don’t like a lot of attention, but I still get enough support… and it makes me very glad to see people enjoying the things I put my time and effort into. I don’t really draw to make others happy, drawing is my way of expressing myself and getting out what I want to say because I’m not entirely good with words, but if people do enjoy my work I am honestly very grateful… but I think what I look for in my own work is “am I happy with it?” Which, obviously, I’m not a lot.. but still.. I’m developing a lot as an artist and honestly it makes me really fucking proud to say that I went from 


to this

in only a year and I’m only getting better. 

A Writing/Reading Rant

I’m not writing this to be mean or bitchy or even to get on my soapbox…okay maybe a little soapbox. But I just wanna say what bothers me about writing and posting it here.

I get little to no feedback. I’m not talking about likes or even the occasional tag in a fic rec post (which I do appreciate immensely, don’t get me wrong). I mean feedback. Like with words. Talking about my writing.

Just as an example, I’ll compare my last chapter of Cubicle that I posted last week to one of my blurbs. The chapter - 14 notes. All of them likes, only my own one reblog. One of my last blurbs? 481 notes.

Okay, so as they say, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right? Fair enough. 481 notes is amazing, and makes me FEEL amazing. But what did you think? A like doesn’t even tell me you read it. It could just be for bookmarking. Did you enjoy it? Did you reblog so that others can check it out? Did you add tags about how much you enjoyed it? Tbh I look at that, and when people do it, that’s my favorite thing because that’s pretty much the only feedback I receive.

This started to bug me long ago, but I didn’t make that much of a deal about it because I noticed it was the same with most all writers here. You guys just don’t talk. Okay then. But now I’m starting to see it a bit with other writers, and I think I’ve been here long enough and written enough to at least get a few people talking. And I don’t just mean “hey you’re a great writer, keep it up.” Although that is soooo very nice and I send you a thousand kisses when you say that, it still doesn’t tell me what you thought of an actual story or something I wrote. How did it make you feel? What are you anticipating for the next chapter? What do you think of the chemistry? Was there a part that was particularly funny and you found yourself laughing? Did you agree or disagree with something a character said or did? Did a character make you angry or want to cry? Did it end the way you thought it would? Would you have done something differently? These are things writers wanna hear, and what keeps them wanting to write. Sure, we can write for ourselves, and ultimately that’s what we need to do. But when I know people look at my blog and follow it, I gotta say it hurts when I get nothing back.

You most certainly are not obligated to read my writing. You don’t even have to be following me, so again, let me say how grateful I am. I just hope maybe readers can start to see that they have a part in this too.

Thanks for reading my rant.

Lemme tell you a real unpopular opinion I have

I don’t think

We should harass ‘terrible OCs’. What does it serve to shame and embarrass people who make these so-called mary sues and self-inserts, anyway? What does it hurt anyone for someone to play the secret escaped test subject of Orochimaru who is an Uchiha with a Rinnegan that is in love with Minato and the daughter of Deidara?

Why is it so important that OCs be 'good’, anyway? I mean good lord, Naruto is an orphan who raised himself with a tragic backstory that has a demon inside him that is actually the unknown son of the fourth hokage that is secretly sealed inside him along with his mother so they can jump in and save him when he should break his jinchuuriki seal and die. He befriends his enemies and turns a psycho kid into a respected leader through the power of friendship and talked down a guy who thought he was god. Naruto met a legendary godlike figure who bestowed special magic powers to him, was able to learn jutsus people spend years and years learning in the space of days or weeks because he’s so darn special, and it even turns out that he’s the reincarnation of the ancient son of the legendary merlin/god figure who’s been part of destiny and fate for ages.

But a girl who escaped the Uchiha purge and flirts with Kisame that is completely unbelievable.

Yeah. Sure it is

But you know what? I don’t see why it even matters.

We all make OCs and self-inserts, don’t we? If not in our own heads when we’re bored and enjoy a story, then at some point we probably wrote some OCs that were pretty crazy. Why are we making fun of people in that phase? Why is that okay?

Why does it harm anyone, if someone wants to play a silly OC? People will find out that, hey, self-inserts are fun for you but often few others care about it all on their own. There’s no reason to be nasty. There’s no reason to demand perfection when you will gain literally nothing for being a perfect OC or perfect RPer anyway.

I think it’s unreasonable.

I think it’s ridiculous, really.

Why is it not okay to tell an RPer 'You’re playing that character incorrectly’ because we’re all supposed to be in this for fun, but it’s totally okay to say 'You shouldn’t play that character at all, and you disgust me for playing it’ because they have an OC that you don’t like?

anonymous asked:

First of all, I love your blog! Keep it up! Anyway, maybe you can help me out with the setting of my story. I've developed my characters before the actual world setting. As a consequence, I have characters who rely on magic and others who I've pictured dressing Victorian-style and some others using modern technology and so on. Is it possible to reach a middle ground with all these sort of different things going on at once? I don't want my world setting to feel like a cheap fanfiction. Thank you!

Finding a middle ground with these three ideas will be really difficult. I suggest making some sacrifices to keep your setting simple and easy to follow. In no way that I’m saying it can’t be done, in fact I think expanding your world to contain the trifecta of your ideas would be a fascinating challenge, but that would be something to be done over the course of a few separate novels/stories. Not an easy feat by any means, but if you do it well it will be a fantastic and interesting project that will really help you grow as a writer

The company Blizzard tried doing a combination of all of the above for their game World of Warcraft, and while I love the game and will be loyal to it until it dies, it’s kind of a mess. The story lines where they introduce all of these aspects don’t flow well together and seem haphazard.

An overlapping time period during the early Victorian era was the Industrial Revolution. That might be the answer to the technology/magic/Victorian trifecta. 


Authors: Lewis Carroll. 
Television: Black Butler (Warning for blood and violence)

The classic. I have no qualms about this type of fantasy writing. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and other works by Lewis Caroll are the perfect way to get inspiration for writing in this type of genre. In my opinion, this is the safest option. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t the best option for you and your writing. No matter what you write (if you decide to share your writing), you will have the security of knowing that someone somewhere will enjoy your work.  Pros are that it is a likeable genre and you pretty much have your work cut out for you. Cons are that you don’t get a lot of ways to make your work stand out. It’s hard when there is already a rick lore you can choose from.

In order to make your work interesting, spend a lot of time in world building. That might not be the best wording because you already have a setting, but I mean to put a lot of effort into making your magic lore. How do people view magic? Is it celebrated? Seen as a curse?

Victorian/Technology (Steampunk)

Authors: Jim Butcher, Kevin J. Answer.
Television: The Legend of Korra, Dracula (Blood, violence), various Doctor Who episodes
Games: Bioshock series (Blood, violence)

Steampunk is such an interesting genre that I feel does not get enough love and attention in the media. It creates a juxtaposition between the beauty and elegance of the Victorian Era with a grungy, mechanical, modern aspect. The genre can appeal to both lovers of soft science fiction as well as history/historical fiction. Writing steampunk comes with a warning, however. There is a lot of fanfiction that is written in steampunk AU, which is not a bad thing at all, but there might be a connotation that you will not appreciate. Pros to this genre are that you can create this fantastical world with a lot of creativity, and you can combine your Victorian characters with technology. You could probably even find a way to use the technology to create “magic” (think the Force from Star Wars, or biotics from Mass Effect). Cons are that the genre has a reputation for being fanfictiony. It can come off as cheap.

If you believe that writing in the steampunk genre is right for you, I give you my blessings! I am a real fan of the grungy steampunk aesthetic. My advice to you is to really get into making a strong and cohesive plot. You already have your world cut out for you, so put your energy and creativity into making the plot and characters strong, rich (meaning depth, not monetary wealth), and well thought out.

Magic/Technology (Urban Fantasy-esque) 

Authors: Jim Butcher (Dresden Files)
Television: Supernatural (Blood, violence)

I love urban fantasy as a genre, in fact it’s one of my favorite genres to write, but if you aren’t careful it begs to become something cheap and fan fiction-y. Urban fantasy is all about putting the magic and lore that you see in Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire into contemporary times, such as a The pros to this are that you can focus a lot on lore and relate it to modern society in interesting ways, but the cons are that the plots tend to be less epic, less substantial, and more of something straight out of the book section of a grocery store. You know the type of novel I’m talking about: trashy, mildly entertaining, something that you might read after a bad breakup (P.C. Cast I’m looking at you). 

If you decide to go with the magic/technology route (urban fantasy should be used loosely), my advice to you is to come up with a really solid plot and lore system. Think about how magic affects the technology that surrounds us. Does your magic cause any nearby technology to go haywire? Or is it pretty benign (think the Force from Star Wars)? Is magic really essential to the plot? 

Also, thanks for the love :)
xx Sarah