because i doubt this will get 5

TW Prediction

Stiles’ real name is “Mieczyslaw” which means “sword of glory” so what if Stiles has something to do with fixing Kira’s sword back into place. What if Scott doesn’t need to bite him to get through the rift because there is still a little fox spirit left in him. This would explain some theories made throughout season 5 of Stiles being a supernatural. And the ability for Stiles to fix the sword could mean many things:

1. They could get Kira back but the writers are such racist motherfuckers I doubt it will happen.

2. The sword will be used to bring Theo back to hell (I hope)

3. The sword could be used to open some kind of rift or barrier that will allow humans to pass through.

4. The sword will be used to eliminate the wild hunt once and for all.

But I still believe the sword is an important object we should pay attention to, especially the amount of attention it’s been given the past couple episodes.

alright listen you lil shits!!

Aries: 8/10 y'all are chill af but got a demonic side to y'all and it’s like ummmm …. pls calm down thank u

Taurus: 8/10 y'all be chillin too but sometimes y'all just pop off out of know where and you’re like ???? damn do you need to step outside or??

Cancer: 4/10 …. honestly like idk wtf y'all be on but pls go take a nap and don’t bother anyone but your own sign and your sign only thank u

Gemini: 6/10 most of the time YALL are great and I try to give y'all the benefit of the doubt but then y'all feel like y'all got too much freedom and just burn down buildings for fun I can’t keep up pls stop

Leo: 5/10 … y'all get an extra 3 points because y'all are a fire sign but honestly … calm down???? why are you so dramatic??? omfg like homie listen it’s not that big of a deal

Virgo: 9/10 honestly YALL are really nice but y'all really be so high on a horse like …. come down …. stop …. you’re not god ….

Libra: 7.5/10 y'all got this cute charm thing going on for y'all but y'all are indecisive, ugreatful, manipulative, impossible, cry baby assholes like fuck stfu

Scorpio: 7/10 y'all make great friends but y'all get pissy over the stupidest shit, can’t control ya emotions, act like the world owes you something, y'all have this fucking god-complex that everyone says aquarians have like holy fuck listen buddy, life is not black & white, everyone likes typical shit like the color pink but also likes to watch gory movies you are not “different”

Sagittarius: 9/10 we’re fucking awesome but shit we be too much sometimes and we never fucking deal w our emotions and we run away from shit when it gets too hard but judge tf outta others when they do it

Capricorn: 9.5/10 almost perfect but not there because you’re constantly over worrying shit, judge people, act like y'all are better than everyone, pretend your life isn’t a constant mess because you’ve painted a perfect picture for everyone and your closet is a fucking mess

Aquarius: 7/10 y'all chill too but you never answer your fucking phone, you barely go around your family or friends, you pop up out of the blue, your sc is always lit but tu never invite anyone, you never sleep, always forget to eat and only exist when you feel like it

Pisces: 6/10 do you even exist???? where tf you be at???? why y'all so salty and bratty??? why do y'all act like we gotta be nice to you cause your feelings are so sensitive like damn bitch ain’t no one care drink some damn orange juice

really wanna come and get that

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: A Daveed x Reader, smut it up babe, reader really likes DAVEED but is afraid to tell him even though they flirt all the time she feels she isn’t hot enough for DAVEED? Like he hangs with so many hot girls, why would he like her? Then surprise take it from there. Make that reader feel good as FUCK.

summary: reader is crushing hardcore on daveed, but is quiet about it because she’s sure she has no chance, especially when compared to the other girls in the show/he hangs out with

warnings: NSFW!! alcohol, smut, self-doubt, dirty talk, bondage, D/S (whos surprised no one is), mentions of breath-play and face fucking, just so much dirty talk i don’t know what else u want from me

word count: 5,859 (wow im extra)

a/n: I AM BAAAAAACK. renee fic is next, just needed some daveed to get back into the swing of things. hope i’m not too rusty ;) lemme know what you think and all that shiiiiiit. title from clipping’s ‘hot fuck no love’ (HAPPY HOLIDAY)

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What do you think about the Cannibalism Arc?

Yes, I haven’t said anything about the new arc, have I?

Let’s see. 48.5 was short and not at all what I expected, but as a lot of people have no doubt already pointed out, it was a good chapter to get into the character’s heads even for just a bit. They each have their own reasons for fighting/not fighting, but what interested me the most was Kenji.

We are led to believe that Kenji is this innocent and hopelessly simple boy through and through, but the absence of a sense of right and wrong gives one pause. His reason for fighting is simply because he wants to help his friends, even if meant murder. We don’t see any troubled expression too, just his usual smile. Come to think of it, even before this chapter, he wasn’t phased by the grisly details surrounding his investigations. Exploding cars, disfigured bodies… That’s pretty much the norm for him? Wait, what kind of place was his hometown anyway? Like St Mary Mead? I’m willing to bet if you placed him in the situation Kunikida was under a few chapters ago, he’d still be as nonchalant about it. Or maybe he’d be disappointed in himself, not because he failed to save all those innocent children, but because the incident would make the Agency members sad. That thought is… disturbing.

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And I get it. I get why you were so scared of us now. Because – shit. Because you lost Wallace and it gutted you and I thought I figured out why and that felt like metal in my throat, and I realised I couldn’t drop you if I wanted to, ‘cause you were saying you didn’t even know what love feels like and I was just thinking,

you idiot,

you asshole,

it feels like this.


- in celebration of Ninety One Whiskey - @cuddlebabies

Deciding between Alone Together and On the Run was very difficult (I mean, in the grand scheme of things, who cares, but still!). Alone Together, like I said, is a better episode overall from an objective stand point I think. But this my ranking, yeah? It’s what episodes mean the most to me. And On the Run means a lot to me. So On the Run it is! 


I was hoping for an Amethyst ep, and boy did I get it! I really hope we get more, though, because while the end of the episode was nice, issues can’t be solved so neatly. Pearl and Amethyst’s relationship may be better, but I guarantee that Amethyst will still carry a lot of self-doubt and loathing, and I hope to see her continue to grow. 


I think I watched it about 5 additional times last night? I’m too exhausted to watch it again today -_-


I wish I could have been around after the airing of this episode to see how the fandom reacted! 

I can also understand why you or anyone else wouldn’t like Ame much. After Tiger Millionaire, I could tell there was something there that I related to. And I’ve always looked at her behavior as a front - she jokes and makes light of everything as a way to keep her walls up and avoid being vulnerable, which I can also relate to very well. I’m so glad you love her now! 


Ooh, I can definitely see that comparison! Now I really want to go watch Lilo and Stitch again, and now I also want fan art of Steven in a Stitch onesie!

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Just wanted to let all of the lovely followers of this blog know, because I've seen some doubts about it, that I have reaaaally severe maladaptive daydreaming to a point where I don't Do anything without having daydream characters incorporated, but I've also been in a relationship for the past 2.5 years. He knows about the daydreaming, and so far it hasn't affected us. Romantic relationships Are totally possible if you have madd don't get your hopes down <3 <3

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Questions 2, 4, and 7!

plushysunfish said to momnar: Oh wait one more: 5!

2. On a scale of 1-5, how afraid of the dark are you?

1, especially since I have really good night vision.

4. What is your favorite word?

“Smörgåsbord”, without a doubt. It is my favorite word in EXISTENCE.

5. If you were a type of tree, what would you be?

The American Sweetgum tree: popular choices for their shade in the summer and color in the fall, known for their star-shaped leaves, and banned in certain public places due to their production of spiky gumballs that are notably unpleasant to walk on. ÒuÓ

7. What shirt are you wearing?

A new gray sweater! Is thin but soft.

REVIEW: Visaranai

*ing: Dinesh Ravi,  Samuthirakani,  Aadukalam Murugadoss

So bare bones: When 4 migrant workers get arrested for a crime they didn’t commit, they fall into the political plot and become victims of the “gods” of our society- the police. 

My opinion:

  • Firstly, this movie is a docu-drama thriller that is based off of novel, Lock Up. It’s won many awards, but it’s definitely not a film for the faint hearted by any means. 
  • Acting wise: The acting was phenomenal. The portrayal of the police was not extremely overdone and due to the acting and the script writing, the lines between good and bad were extremely blurred. The migrant workers play their roles with such innocence and goodness that it tears you up from the beginning to see that this is the cruel punishment that they face. The perfect contrast between their looks and their demeanor makes them pray to the police and that’s what is so excellent about their acting as well. 
  • The movie is rife with twists and definitely violence, but it’s clearly intended and hard-hitting violence. As a review said, “the theaters were chilled with silence.” It leaves you with thoughts about innocence and corruption. Who, in society, is good and who is bad nowadays? That’s the main theme of the story. 
  • Every little minute of the movie is crucial to its plot progression and honestly, even the characters are so neatly portrayed that I wholeheartedly was so glad that this movie was such a hit. Likewise, the author of the book is an Auto Driver and was one of the migrant workers brutally mistreated so this is definitely a very relevant movie to watch. 
  • Please, please put in some of your time to watch this movie. You will definitely leave with a new conception of society, or atleast a haunting shadow of truth that lingers in your head afterwards. 

Sravya’s Reaction Rating?

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I have no doubt that johnlock is go - especially after this episode, but the idea that half of what's happening is "fake" or emp is really starting to aggravate me because we only get 3 episodes and I want to SEE what actually happens, not have it explained to us at the end of the third episode, even if we deduce things correctly. I've been here and on board with tjlc and crack theories for 5 years but emp feels like a waste of airtime, even if I agree that something's fucky.

I agree with you, but I think that if we’re expecting a detailed explanation we won’t be satisfied. I just hope that, like with tab, we will get a decoder ring that will let us deduce what fucky fuckery happened in the last 2 episodes, to be honest. -T

MySpace Moments

Tagged by my dear heart @adamsmasher

RULES: answer the questions in a new post and tag some blogs you would like to get to know better.

nickname: CDUBS, as it @heyitscdubs

star sign: Virgo 

height: 5′9″ on my resume, 5′8″ more likely

time right now: 11:51AM EST

last thing googled: A strange number called me, so I Googled it

favorite music artists: Britney, Mae, BØRNS, Robyn, Lana Del Rey, No Doubt, George Michael, Sia, St. Lucia, Adam Lambert, girl I could keep going.

Song stuck in your head: I have a new song stuck in my head every five seconds. Today it’s going to be “American Money” by BØRNS because I’m listening to it now. On my way to the gym, it was a Britney song

last movie watched: Hm, lemme check Netflix… HA it says Hurricane Bianca

last tv show watched: I’ve been watching Shameless and I’m obsessed. 

what are you wearing right now: My gym pants, I took my tank top off though.

when did you create your blog: Oh jeez. A LONG time ago. December 2009. 

what kind of stuff do you post: I reblog a lot of Britney, political things, Mean Girls. I post some selfies. BUTTS.

do you have any other blogs: Maybe :D

why did you choose your URL?: So when I was in between HS and college, I did a show. There was a party, people accused me of being a terrible friend to a sick drunk girl when in reality they were all being terrible. So I got shunned by the group. They’d call me CDUBS in front of me to talk shit without hiding. At the end of the show when I basically had a “Fuck off” attitude to them all and stopped caring, they told me and said I was cool again… idiots. So I took Cdubs and people call me that every now and again. Most of my social media is Heyitscdubs too (Follow me on Instagram!)

gender: Cisgendered queer male

hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, bitch!

pokemon team: I don’t know her

mbti: ENFJ forever.

moral alignment: I’m sure I’m Neutral Chaotic.

favorite color: I say green, but I’ve noticed I own a ton of blue. 

average hours of sleep: Haha 6.5 to 7.5. I think I pulled a 9.5 hour night once in the past year.

lucky number: 14

favorite character(s): Charlie Brown and Snoopy

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1

dream job: Get me to Broadway

following: My following and followers both are around 3700

I’m tagging: @britneyspears, @britneyonepilots, @tyleroakley, and @mamrie


First! I have 3 Gouramis! 

This is Arthur! He’s the most active of the Gouramis, always getting into trouble!

This is Merlin! He’s … strange. He comes out to say hello but then will dance around 

This is the best picture that I have of Guinevere because she likes hiding and is very good at it. Sometimes I can’t find her for hours. She is actually a male fish but I doubt that Gouramis have any concept of societal gender so … 

I also have 5 mollies!

This is Percival! He’s still a little nervous but he’s getting used to the tank. He hangs out with Leon a lot. 

This is Leon! He likes to eat. Arthur picks on him sometimes but they get along. 

This is Elyan! He is very active, tends to just explore on his own. 

This is Gwaine He’s naughty, keeps trying to get the other fish pregnant, namely Lancelot. 

And this is Lancelot! He’s apparently a female but, once again, I don’t think the fish care. He mostly spends his time hiding the castle, away from Gwaine. 

I also hope to get a cory and an albino catfish, named Kilgharrah and Aithusa. 

So ended up cooking and eating my dinner at half 7 because I really did start feeling super hungry and I think I ate it way to quick because my IBD stomach is growling away at me 😒

But today I ate breakfast at 8.30/9.0
Lunch at 2.0
And dinner at 7.30

So looks like every 5 hours I start to get hungry from when I first eat which is good to know!

Stuck within my calories didn’t have a snack between lunch and dinner and I have like 73 calories left incase I want a tea later on which I doubt because I’ve drank like a million bottles of water after my dinner hoping it will help my food digest 🙃

and I plan on going to sleep soon
Just enjoying myself a lovely bubble bath to relax me and wash off the heat from today’s weather!

Tomorrows a new day!
Oooo also I just want to mention that usually when buy my ice coffee Starbucks drinks I tend to go for 1 high calories 1 between and 1 low

But tomorrow I’m having 3 low calorie ones hoping I can get into the habit of that and also might encourage me to cut down on them to 2 a day Instead :)

I’m excited for the end of this week to weigh myself to see if I’ve lost the 2lbs I gained at the start of the week 🙈

I’m really glad I’m back on track because I really was worried I was going to loose my stride but I’m so determined to shift this 8lbs at least and I got right back on the horse!

So proud keeping up the hard work 💪🏻
Can’t wait for Sunday weigh day!

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Germany, Russia, and BTT reaction to an S/O who's slow to get dirty jokes. As in it takes them about 5 seconds before realization hits them like a ton of bricks.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt

Ludwig next to never makes dirty jokes, mostly because he finds them embarrassing and inappropriate. If it was a rare occasion though and he did make one and you didn’t get it……he’d die  he would be mortified. Once he’d witnessed your reaction to it, then I highly doubt he’d ever attempt making another one. 

Russia/Ivan Braginsky

He has a similar problem, except sometimes he doesn’t get the jokes at all. Ivan is a little oblivious to sexual innuendos, and won’t mind if his s/o is as well. 

France/Francis Bonnefoy-Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt 

They will be pretty shocked that you don’t get dirty jokes, but despite that, they won’t be worried at all. Both of them tend to have a somewhat sexual sense of humor, so you can often expect dirty jokes and innuendos from them. They won’t really mind your late response, and will continue on their merry way. 

Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Antonio can be quite cheeky when it comes to dropping a dirty joke, so more than likely he’s in it for your amusement or endearment (not because it’s his actual sense of humor or because he’s trying to start something). I think once he’d seen your reaction, he’d try to stray from dirty jokes, just to save himself the slight embarrassment. 

-Admin K. 

@mudpuddledemon Thank you for your reply. I plan on bringing it up but since it seems psychological I doubt his pedi will really offer any help other than stopping breastfeeding, which I’ve been trying to do, and failing.
This has been going on for almost a year, more severely the last 5 months or so. I’ve tried the tricks with distracting his hands with something else and he throws it, cries, and claws at me to get in my shirt. It’s fucking outrageous. And I NEVER give in to him either because I know it would just reinforce the behavior.

I’m so at a loss, but I appreciate you taking the time to respond and offer what help you could. Thank you 💕

Alright. So. I went to the Rheumatologist today. He was very nice and didn’t doubt my pain at all. He gave me some new medications to try so we’ll see how that goes. He also thinks that my bursitis is autoimmune and possible rheumatoid arthritis.

But he couldn’t give me shots. So he told me to go to the ER. I went there and they gave me a toradol shot (I wanted cortisone because that works right away. toridol takes 5 days for me) and they gave me stuff for pain. 

Then we stopped out to get food because we were all very hungry. But we saw a baby roach on our table and they thanked us for telling them and gave us our meal for free and $25 in gift cards even though we insisted that it was okay. So that was interesting. 

What a day. I am now home and resting and we shall see how all of this goes.

but on a serious note, let’s just ignore the Luke and Arzaylea thing. even if they are actually dating (which I highly doubt tbh) then it probably won’t last very long anyways. she’s honestly not worth any of your stress and you have better things to focus on, like malum grocery shopping and getting their licenses!! I don’t want all my fellow Luke girls to be stressed or sad!! I love you guys! and I know because I was really mad about this at first. but I assure you that it most likely won’t last long. please don’t worry


Gif source:  Barba

Imagine being Rafael’s boyfriend and breaking up with him because he keeps your relationship secret and it’s been 5 years together and you feel like you’re wasting your time. After the breakup he tells the squad and his mother about you and proposes to you to get you back.

——— Request for anon ———

“I don’t want you to out yourself if you’re not ready, but I can’t keep waiting around and pretending like this is going to go somewhere without us being public,” you had told him as an explanation for breaking off the 5-year-long relationship you had shared with him. God, you loved him. There was no doubt about that, but it wasn’t healthy for you to wait around anymore. Not after so long a time. You both deserved better, and you knew that, because the way things were going it appeared as if you clearly wanted different things.

But then here he was, a week after your breakup, standing in front of you with a furrowed brow that would make his worst day in court jealous.

For the man who seemingly always had something to say, all he could manage now was a breathless, “Hey.”

“Hey, Rafi,” you begin, the nickname slipping easily from you despite the ache in your heart at knowing that you weren’t together anymore. You lean on your open door, the numbers to your apartment aligning beside your head, “What are you doing here?”

“I told them,” he lifts his chin, as if gaining the courage to tell you what he needed to. “I told the squad, my family— everyone, about us. About you and me, and about how much I wanted to marry you, if you’ll still have me after all of the time I’ve wasted not telling them sooner.”

Obeying daddy part 5.1 (master Calum)

This is NOT all of Calums part. Please tell me what you think about what I have so far 😙 please remeber that I do always take suggestions of what you would like to read 💟💟💟💟💟 Your eyes get wider the closer Calum gets to you. The first things you see him set aside are the nipple clamps, you silently sign to yourself in relief because everytime Michael uses them on you he always puts them on to tight… and you doubt Calum knows how to properly adjusts them. “L-lay on your tummy.” Calum stutters at you holding up the handcuffs so he can securely tighten them behind your back. But before he has the chance you leaned forward towards him, placing your hand on his shoulder and leaning into his ear. “You don’t have to be nervous, I’m all yours Master.” And with that you leave a kiss under his ear and proceed to lay on your tummy beside him. He grins down at you pulling your hands against your lower back. “Is that so baby? You’re all mine?” He laughs tugging at your wrist that are now fastened together to make sure that their tight enough. He let’s go of you and proceeds to the pile of toys on the bed. “Let’s see baby, what should we play with first?” He asks giving you a quick slap to the butt and then reaching for the larger plug and the vibrator that you had previously put on the bed. He holds them both up in the air and you shake your head violently at the thought of the vibrator against your center again. “The plug master,  I-i want to use the plug.” You swallow slowly hoping that Calum will agree. “I do too baby, but I think we should use both don’t you?” He questions pulling you by the thighs to the edge of the bed, his hands separate your thighs with force as he pushed the vibrator against you placing it on the lowest setting. “It’s okay baby, we’ll go slow right now.” He kisses your lower back as he reaches for the plug. He placed the tip at your entrance and also pours a small amount of lubricant around the plug itself, and with a spin and push motion the plug is already almost all the way in.  You moan in slight pain as the stretching causes a slow burn. “Is that to much baby? Do you want me to take it out?” Calum asks rubbing small circles around your center. You shake your head no and push your hips back to take the rest of the plug. As a reward Calum changes the setting on the vibrator to the middle vibration and flips you onto your back. “You’re so beautiful like this baby.” He leans down to kiss you for the first time tonight,  only to halfway through the kiss clamp a tight metal band around your left nipple making you toss your head back in both pleasure and slight pain. “C-calum Pl-please!” You beg pushing your chest forward hoping that he would attach the second one as well. But all he does is bring your chin down with one of his hands so he can continue to kiss you and with his other hand he reaches between your legs to change the settings on the vibrator again skipping a few and going straight to the highest one. You squirm underneath his as you wrap your legs around his waist trying to wiggle yourself away from the vibrator that he’s holding so firmly against you. “CALUM PLEASE!” You whimper only to get a harsher sensation as Calum pushes the vibrator right onto your clitoris. “I don’t think that’s what you call me is it baby?” He rubs you up and down with the vibrator as his grip on your jaw gets tighter. “M-master I’m sorry! Master please! Please let me come!”

I... clearly need supervising because I shouldn’t generate random plotbunnies, but I do

I was talking about Steggy with a friend, and I told her honestly: “If Bucky and Steve had come back from the war, both of them, safe and sound, I have no doubt that Steve would’ve married Peg.” Because I really don’t doubt that. Steve and Bucky are my OTP. They are the ultimate soulmates, but Steve *did* love Peg, and the Stucky relationship wasn’t era-appropriate. So.
Steve would marry Peg, have the white-picked fence life with 2.5 kids and a dog.
But what about Bucky?
This… is were the plotbunny spiraled out of control. And I do mean SPIRALED OUT OF CONTROL, OMG.

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