because i dont want him there because of feelings

Hi! Okay so there is a crisis situation right now and we need help fast. A lot of you know @ lyrra or @ trainerlyra on here and her boyfriend Red is in extremely desperate need of a life saving surgery but his abusive parents dont want him to get it. I dont want to go into details publicly but if you want more information about the situation feel free to message me.

The surgery will cost nearly 3000 dollars and i am only able to contribute 1000 at this time and we can not afford to wait any longer because his health is deteriorating by the day. We dont even have enough time to set up a gofundme before i made this post like we planned because literally every hour counts right now

We still need to raise at least 2000 dollars becsuse we dont know what other hospital fees there are but we have to raise it as soon as possible. it sounds like a daunting number but if 500 people donate about $4 he can get the surgery and we really really need your help

I dont have a lot to offer in return at the moment hut maybe i can draw you something or pay you back later but we are in DESPERATE need of any help we can get

you can send a donation to with paypal until we can get a gofundme set up

and then i can put it in there and show you where your money has gone once we can!!

if you arent able to donate please reblog this post we really truly need all the help we can get as soon as possible and i cant tell you how much even a few dollars could mean to us.

thank you so much for your time

Gallavich Rant #2

Alright so more spoilers came out.
I think in the next episode Ian will tell Mickey that hes helped him more than anyone else, then Ian says he loves Mickey, or Mickey says that. (Hopefully) Ian will say “I want you to come with me” meaning back to Chicago, where he (Mickey) belongs. Because of Monica’s funeral so Ian doesnt have to be sad and alone, because he’ll have the love of his life beside him if Ian gets manic, again.
I dont think this is the end of Gallavich, i think this will just be the start, of a better chapter for them. I really hope this happenes, i just really want all gallavich shippers to reblog and fav this, for the sake of Cameron and Noel💕
Shameless Writers, please dont mess with our feelings, again, we want them both to be happy, and we want to see Mickey’s (Noel Fisher) Cute ass smile.
Gallavich forever💗💗

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[Trans] Minho & Onew @ My last 48 hours

-Minho said he’d be sorry if shinee continued without him :(

-minho is very thankful for onew’s first solo, in your eyes bc it’s his first drama and on top of that its his theme song in ttby 

- Jinki was singing  YOUR EYES for  MINHO TT

- Onew said the first thing he wanted to say to minho is ‘thank you’ because he’s the first one to come to him when onew is lonely…TT

- Onew: dont you have any last word? Like sorry? (Lol) 

   Minho: me… i really like hyung <3

- (Thoughts if minho were gone) Jinki said he’d have break down because it would feel like one part of his life disappeared ;;;; 

- He also said it’s because shinee spend more time with each other more than with  their family for 10 years… :’

-Onew (to Minho): I want to remember Minho for a long time because he’s a good person.
- Minho’s last word in my last 48 hours: I want to be Minho who always conveys positive energy

- Minho: To me SHINee is a family. If we fall apart I think I will be lonely and sad. I don’t want us to fall apart.

- Minho: Although I’m in the same group (w SHINee), I want to be their fan. I want to always support them and be the most passionate fan.

trans cr: @sagyehan



-Oumami: popular because of the official art of ouma and amami together, this was probably the first major ouma ship, but i kinda shipped him with saihara when all we knew were the appearances
-Kiibouma: came around when the demo came out, due to the “hey, do robots have dicks” question (also in the character lineup it looks like they were holding hands
-Saiouma: the final one thats pretty popular because its canon(?) that ouma has feelings for saihara and he said at one point ( i think) that he wanted to “steal his heart”)

Misc Ships I’ve seen/Heard of
-Oumeno, Shinouma, Celeouma, Oumaka, Fuyouma: that are popular just due to the occult/creepy/bad connotation shsls (this includes crossover characters)
-Oukohara: Tol and Smol
-Oumota: you fucking know why

frender things to think about
  • so lately ive been thinking about fry and bender. particularly, frender
  • sometimes during warm summer nights, fry sleeps in benders bed because his body is cooler to lean against
  • its the same w winter nights. benders body is warmer because the heater is on and its suckin in all that warmth, so fry wants to share 
  • its like bender is a body heater/cooler
  • bender traces his fingers along fry’s side in his sleep and fry loves it because it just feels nice and makes him comfortable
  • in the morning it takes the both of them 10000 years to get to p express because they dont want to get out of bed. theyre both way too comfortable in each others arms and way too lazy
  • as a matter of fact, sleepy morning kisses
  • fry giving bender little kisses on his cheeks and forehead and running his hand along his back
  • if bender had a human heart it would pound right out of his chest when fry says “i love you” in that soft, low, sleepy voice of his
  • putting the rest of this under the cut because it gets long and gay

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I'm not feeling confident about my own image. Jungkook is my ultimate bias, and he said that he wants a girl who is 168 cm, thin and who can cooks. I'm 175cm, not thin and I don't have nice legs. I know it's stupid but I'm really not confident because of this. Also I have friends who say that I would never attract him because of this and it makes me really sad. I'm sorry I know it sounds stupid, you really dont have to answer

Ok babe I need to tell you, ideal types are stupid. Yes, he’s going to find his ideal type attractive ofc, but it doesn’t mean that he will never find you beautiful. Attraction is more than feelings (because science, pheromones and genes take a big part of it) so really it’s not a big deal. You’re beautiful keep that in mind.
Tbh it really makes me mad when someone says “oh ur bias is X, but you know ure really not his ideal type” because yes someone told me that too(one of my bias is namnam and like u i dont fit his “ideal type). Idk who said that to you but its stupid af and for me it sounds like…a koreaboo. Like yes I dont fit his description so what, he shouldnt be my bias?
Its not because I dont fit a description from a korean guy that I’m not pretty.

you know what really hurts

the fact that mickeys last line was “fuck you, gallagher” its like we are right back where we started…..mickey putting his guard up and pushing away his feelings because he’s hurt. he once again did not get the love he deserves even after everything he’s been through. it almost feels like all of gallavich’s development throughout the years was truly for nothing because even after mickey put his guard down he still was left heartbroken. and ian…….man i dont even recognize ian anymore, but i also dont blame him, its so obvious that boy loves mickey. i blame the writers because gallavich are fully capable of living a happy life together in a loving relationship but because its “shameless” they want to mess everything up. for some reason they think ian is better off without mickey but these last two episode just proves he will never be the same without mickey. what even was the point of building up gallavich if we are right back where we started…..a hurt and alone mickey and ian going back to his family who don’t pay attention to him. literally right back where we started in season 1.

vent art

honestly i think a form like this would suit me much better

why am i mocked for being scared of or angry at trump supporters.

i understand theyre people too, i understand they may have voted for him for his position on just one thing, and i dont give a fuck.

i dont.

just because theyre people doesnt mean they arent hateful, bigoted people who hate me solely for who i do and dont love.

who hate me solely for the fact that i was born with certain genitals and dont feel comfortable with them.

who want my friends to ‘go back where they came from.’

who feel threatened by the thought of me getting adequate healthcare because it means i or someone else could choose what to do with our own goddamned bodies.

who think my mental health is a big fucking joke.

and maybe not every trump supporter believes this bullshit, but they voted for a man who did. they put that hateful, bigoted asshole in charge of our country, our military, our safety.

i am completely justified in my anger and fear of them, as they put a man who quite literally puts my wellbeing in danger into the highest position of power in our goddamn country.

stop telling me im being irrational when you are the one who cant see whats right in front of your fucking eyes.

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Alright well, this was quite the episode... my man is back!!! But he's still pretty much an asshole. He's cocky and is already trying to get himself into trouble🙄 this boy needs to wake up and fix this mess. Scott wants to rip him apart and malia definitely does too. AND MAY I JUST SAY THAT I HATE THAT LIAM KEEPS THREATENING TO SEND HIM BACK. LIKE DONT ABUSE THE POWER OF THE SWORD TO ACT LIKE YOU ARE SO HIGH AND MIGHTY. THEO WILL KILL HIM IN AN INSTANT😂

My thoughts on Theo… he’s still the same smug bastard I hated from season five, which I love because Cody just nails that character trait for Theo. But at the same time, ugh, I wanted to hug and protect him when Liam threaten to take him back after they realized Theo was “useless” without Josh and Tracy’s powers. Like my poor baby! I’m truly conflicted about my feelings for Theo. Someone needs to help me sort them out because the struggle is real.

Well, now that Theo is just plain old Theo, Liam could probably kill Theo since Liam is a werewolf. However, if it was Cody vs. DylSpray, DylSpray doesn’t stand a chance against Cody’s muscles, lol.

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Horses I want list, because I can. I have a slight problem with deciding on the mustang but probably going with the roan. Last two are… I don’t know because why would I need a third Lipizzan and the Friesian would be a kind of “new model” Midinght because I want to use him for story quests (if we ever get those) but yeah old models vs new models… Idk if I should get it.

Actual queer Nygmobblepot stuff; 

Oswald learning about the ace-spectrum and feeling less bad/weird about himself. Oswald starting to feel more comfortable in himself cause there isn’t something ‘wrong’ with him cause hes not very into sex and that his lack of sexual interest in anyone isn’t indicative that somethings ‘broken’ and/or that hes not normal. 

Oswald as a result no longer questioning himself because ‘if I dont want sex how can I want a relationship?’ and not wanting to feel like he’s somehow faking his interest in men or if it will be interpreted that way if he says hes not sexually active and hes not interested in sex. 

Ed learning about and helping Oswald with his sex adversity. Which Oswald would have been trying to keep a secret because he doesn’t know why he feels such irrational anxiety towards sex and he wouldn’t want Ed to think it was somehow his fault or about him somehow.

Ed leaning more and more about his bisexuality as a result.

Ed accepting and being fine with Oswald doing ‘odd’ things like asking Ed if its okay before initiating intimacy beyond cuddling and never wanting to be fully naked during sex. 

Ed reassuring Oswald that its perfectly fine to keep his clothes on because they make him feel safe / secure / comfortable.

Ed working through his own self doubt towards sex with Oswald’s help, Ed not feeling like he’s going to ruin things with Oswald because the end of his relationship with Kristen left a terrible impression on him and made him doubt his ability to handle a relationship properly. 

Ed feeling really good with Oswald because he doesn’t feel pressured to live up to any wild standards or past partners that may have been “better.” Better looking, better performances, generally better than him. 

Ed feeling totally validated because Oswald thinks everything Ed does is the best. Ed starting to feel less inferior and generally feeling a bit more confident. 

Oswald starting to learn that his sex adversity is probably related to the bubble of shame / guilt his mother thrust on him every time it came to sex, as well as a life full of bullying towards his personal self, thus resulting in his dislike of / lack of confidence in / self esteem issues with his appearance / body / nudity. 

Oswald working through that with Ed in little ways. Oswald doing his best to overcome years of emotional, psychical and psychological abuse. Ed feeling likewise. 

Ed informing Oswald that he wasn’t sure if he liked guys until they became friends. Ed explaining he isn’t super sexually focused either and he thinks hes more interested in romance and chemistry mostly. Oswald feeling quite special that hes the first guy Ed’s ever fallen fall. 

Oswald and Ed being happy queer men. 

It’s so complicated with him. I like him, but I don’t feel like I do. I don’t get butterflies around him, or blush like an immature schoolgirl saying she’s in love. I just smile a lot, laugh, and want to be around him. I don’t get nervous talking to him because it’s not like my last crush. It’s more, I just want to be around him laughing and I feel like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I feel….like a person around him. I don’t need to change my attitude because we get each other, I don’t need to lie because he’ll know something’s up. I don’t have to be scared because I know he wouldn’t ever try to hurt me on purpose. Around him….I’m free to be me, you know? And that’s kinda why I’m so scared. Will I ever feel this way with someone else? Is there ever gonna be someone like him that understands me and will stay up at 3 am talking to me when I’m scared? Will anyone else travel 4000 miles to another country just because they want to surprise me? He’s not like other guys. He doesn’t care about popularity. He doesn’t care about them. He has his priorities straightened out. He cares about getting an education and taking care of his family. He cares about making sure I smile and don’t cry. That’s why he’s so special. I’m just so scared.

I don’t want to lose him.

—  (Lost One)

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How do you think Jared would feel if his daughter wasn't much of a socializer and didn't really like doing interviews and red carpet events with him?

I think he would totally respect and never force her to do it, but also be relieved because I can never picture him bringing his kid to an event with him because of the exposure and scrutiny that comes with the limelight. Especially with celebrity children people are ruthless. Jared seems to live by the rule of the more you give them the more they want so dont give them anything.

just so you all know…

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I love and adore this man so much I hope he’s having a good day/night and is well rested and feeling good and has a smile on his face because every time he smiles it feels as if the sun came out and honestly? he deserves to always have a smile on his face because I want nothing but happiness for him :(

Mystic Messenger Imagine With Zen -when papparazis find out Zen has a girlfriend-

Zen comes to house with a stressfull face after the meeting with the company he works for. Yesterday, you and Zen were all of the magazines’ most important new. Since fans learned that Zen has a girlfriend, they’ve gotten kinda angry, kinda sad and kinda happy too because they want Zen to be happy.
“Honey how was the meeting?” you ask, when he sits next to you.
He closes his eyes and say “More serious than i thought it would be.”
He puts his head on your lap and you kiss him forehead.
“They didnt like it, and they want me to tell it’s a lie that i have a girlfriend. They want me to introduce you as my cousin or just friend.” he says, complaining.
You feel sad for it because you dont want you two be a secret anymore but you stay quiet because it was an important situation about his career so you dont want to ruin everything because of a selfish thought.
If Jae didnt call you before Zen came, you wouldnt have stay quiet, though.
“It’s too bad for Zen’s career as you see he is on the top for his career. I think you should think of it because Zen is so successfull and he loves his job.” said Jaehee before Zen came.
You kiss Zen again and whispear “everything’s gonna be allright.”
Zen falls asleep as he always does on your lap. You stand up, and put a pillow under his head and take your diary to write what you lived today.
it makes me sad that Zen has to introduce me as his friend or a relative. I want people to know that we are a couple, I cant stand hiding it from people anymore. Maybe im too jealous but it started getting harder to share Zen with his fans since he started getting better on his career. So i should be quiet because he loves his job, as Jaehee said.”
The other day the company Zen works for calls Zen. He’s gonna be in a live show where he’ll introduce you as his friend.
You fell asleep while you were writing your diary so you couldnt put diary to its place but it was not important because in this situation he wouldnt even see.
You open the Tv, and wait for the show.
When you see Zen on TV, a tear falls from your eye. You feel so lonely and left out from Zen’s life. You have to stay strong but you feel as if you cant.
“So… Zen, how about that girl? Is she really your girlfriend?”
Zen laughs as if it is a joke. You feel your heart is broken into pieces.
“That girl, huh? Haha for sure she’s not my girlfriend, please.” Zen says while laughing.
Tears fall from your eyes faster. You keep telling yourself that its his job but it breaks your heart anyway.
“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s the reason why I breathe, why I am happy and why I can be successfull at my job. She is not ‘just’ a girlfriend. For sure I love my fans, but her place is so different. I love her and I hope my fans understand it and I’m sure you’ll be happy because I found true love.”
You are so shocked that you cant realize that your mouth is open. How did he say all those things after all?
You feel so happy that you take your diary to write what has just happened. Then you see Zen’s handwriting there.
“So my babe is jealous? I think I dont deserve to make you feel sad, and this relationship doesnt deserve to stay as a secret. We should tell the world our love, huh? Oh by the way, wait for me at night, I might have a surprise for you babe~”

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What do you do when your best friend starts liking you and wanting more than just to be your friend. But you have no feelings for him in that way at all and at the same time you dont want to lose such an important person in your life.. :(?

Honestly I just ignore it and pretend I’m oblivious to him having any emotions to me whatsoever but that’s probably not the right way to go about it. If he’s more observant of you or tries to make moves, just subtly drop hints her or there that you’re uninterested. Because sometimes if you tell people straight up it can ruin everything because it hurts their feelings

I’m horribly torn up because part of me really wants Jim to be okay to the point I actually cry over this topic, and the other part of me wants my son just to rest and be gone and leave him alone, this world was horrible to him.

And I just, Im crying again because yes Im pathetic but Im so torn up and my brain wont leave me alone.

Please dont make this into an argument post, im venting bad feelings because this is becoming too much for me lately and talking out to nobody makes me feel better and less like im going to break.