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because luna is canonically a lesbian, is there any chance we could have louis/piper/luna as an ot3 where piper is (consentually) dating both louis and luna but louis and luna arent dating each other? Idk if im making sense but it's just an idea~

As much as i post about LunaXPiper, i dont actually think a relationship between them would work out. The interactions I show to you guys are are just few of many, and within the in-game universe Luna and Piper simply do not mesh well. They have a lot of conflicting personality traits, and their conversations usually end up tense, awkward, or even argumentative. 

Fanon Liper is a great concept, but their canon sims just arent meant to be more than (hopefully) friends.

Hi um !!! I’ve recently hit 7200 followers on this blog (thank you sm guys!!!!!) and i’ve been feeling weirdly down about it… the same thing that happened with my old tumblr is happenin again: too many ghost followers. ….

I’ve gained a lot of followers after my art of Yuri on Ice, and im really thankful for that because i got to meet many awesole peeps, but im not doing any YOI content anymore, and so those 5000 followers i gained thanks to YOI feel like they re just floating above me, uninterested about what i post now…

I hate sounding so ungrateful. Its thanks to you guys, many who arent even active anymore, that i got to share my ocs around like this!!!! When i get asks about my ocs i always feel really happy inside, and i want to give you back by drawing things in exchange !!!

But i feel like an usine.. i dont wanna make you guys wait too long to reply to your ask, and i end up posting things im not happy with or feel like they re uncomplete !!! And it sucks!!! Because it usually shows and ends up not being very popular anyway!

So i dont really know what to do honestly because if i dont post regularly i’ll feel like you guys forgot about me&my art (its !!! Probably just me!!! Im not trying to guilt trip here i promise)

ARGH…. IM SORRY FOR THE RANT….i cznt even put a read more im on mobile ?!?!?! But anyway i hope u guys have a great day/night (its 3:24am here ahahahahaah does that explain things i think it do)

PS: this is rly freakig stupid i dont even know what the message of this post is !!!! Putain de merde i dont even know if what i wrote is understandable i dknt even know if understandable is a word thank you for reading im tired

anyway @happy-moon-love keeps tellin people to @ them so ill happily oblige

please block them they keep commenting unnecessarily on peoples interpretations of Taako the wizard from TAZ, being fat-phobic towards their designs and telling their creators that “taako would never be fat because he is so concerned about his beauty” (they even did some weird ass photoshop of somebodies art aljjhaas), despite taako’s creator, Justin McElroy, being a big man himself. hmhmhmmmm

im not like? 100% sure that they go outside cause like. i have seen Plenty of beautiful bigger people of all shapes sizes and cultures!!!! and i hardly ever interact with the outside world!!

follow @unhappy-sun-hate instead and send them your taako headcannons!! i wanna see em too!!!


Lots of artists have said this and thought about this, but it tends to get slightly annoying. I dont usually say much about it because I love making fanart of things i love!♡ But it’s tiresome and annoying, even frustrating sometimes, when things that arent fanart. Get barely any attention. And as if my followers arent there sometimes. My total of followers are 4,450 and up i think. I thank everyone who followed me, even just for fanart. But just for support in anyone else just me, if you follow other artists. Hit that reblog or like button and support them. Judging how nowadays Tumblr is messing with them, blocking posts that have links attatched. Artists are having a hard time. So do your best to support your favorite artists ^^!

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Just wanted to make another little update post!

  • Just wanted to put it out there that my drawings are going to be rather poor this week and I dont know for how long;;; rofl;; there’s a reason why i relate to min yoongi so much because i y’know go thru those dead phases because of depression(his song the last i COMPletELY RELATE TO… ROFL;;;;;; )))) — i’d rather be more open about it then randomly disappearing for long periods of times – so i won’t be scared to come back if that makes any sense LOL;; my hands are legit shakier than usual when i go thru my ded weeks- i’ve come to accept it’s a chemical thing and it’s honestly out of my control… so maybe also expect… more.. self indulgent fluff ;;;;
  • yeah thank you again guys for all the reblogs and asks– it realy motivates me to draw every day! no really- ;-; thank you again and again–  
  • ends with CONGRATS TO BTS– I watched the bbmas last night with my sister and her friends and we all cried together haha; bts gives me so much hopE

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I really want to comfort you about this weight issue you seem to have. You're very sensitive about the topic. I find it interesting that you only listened/heard them talk about when they dont eat, but didnt mention anything about them talking about eating or over eating. Your post about their food consumption always makes me worry so much more about you than them. Im sorry youre having a tough time. ♡

asndsjkds yeah sorry ;; i can’t help this, the moment they start talking about not being confident in their looks because they gained weight or that they diet i just,, i get so upset and angry?? usually whenever the topic is brought up i deal with all these bad thoughts the only way i can: proving myself that food is no longer my enemy and that i don’t need to starve myself or diet to be happy by eating well out of spite alsakdsdjfds so even if i react badly and say some worrying stuff i’m as okay as i can be i guess. the worst thing i do these days is over eat whenever something triggers me but other than that i’m fine. i’m not doing any stupid stuff, please don’t worry about me!  

I just want to make someones day.

Ok so like. Im not one for sappy posts, and its 2 in the morning and I feel tired as frick but im gonna say this anyways.

My friends are usually worried about me, because im constantly upset with myself in some way. And its true, I do get upset with myself… Quite alot. But I think that really just stems from me not thinking I can help anybody. Today I was called a sibling by someone who I really helped. I wasn’t aware I had done so much or gotten that strong of a bond with them but I did. And I felt absolutely great. And I let my self-hate crush that feeling. Every time I make someone feel better I get a huge strike of just…. Joy. And it’s real joy.
Despite not having many friends. Im ok with the ones I have. I want to make their days good. Not even good, great. Amazing. I dont care if I feel bad. But. If I feel too bad. I cant help.

Dont let yourself get too down about yourself. Is pretty much what im saying in a very gibberish 2AM post. If you do, the people you see around you every day will be down too.

callout for bon enoshimo


previously/also known as:


probably some others i dont know

alright to start off- i know bon has stated not to publically call her out but all the issues i’m going to talk about have been brought to her attention and she refuses to even listen much less apologize for them (that ive seen, if she has in fact apologized for anything here let me know). 

shes even ignored anons (i know because i’ve sent some) about issues or answered in the format of a post without the ask (’@anon i really dont want to talk about that because of drama it will cause’ ((not a direct/actual quote, just an example)) ) which is often used by people as a way to avoid drama/being called out because no one will know what the ask said and therefore wont know about the persons shitty behavior. 

bon also usually deletes drama off her blog shortly after it happens, purposefully making it very hard to hold her accountable for things she says as theres no proof directly on her blog.

so i feel its important to let people know about stuff shes done thats not okay since she wont see that its wrong and wont apologize. she wont be civil about it and right her wrongs and people have a right to know. so here we go

also i’ve never written a formal callout before so if this sucks im sorry lol

getting onto the actual callout. its pretty long, so there is a tl;dr at the end. but please, if you can, read the whole thing. its important and provides a lot of evidence. also all the images are transcribed.  

topics/tws: racism, ableism, guilt tripping, manipulation

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Hey guys :)

I want to make a more serious post than usual today, about something you might heard of, or see some post about it since a couple of weeks. A lot of artists saw their arts being stolen or used by other people to share or make money with it on some websites. And i noticed that it had a HUGE impact on this community and a lot of artist we love. Some of them are sad about it, some dont care and some even want to quit this community because of what happend…

But this post is not about that, enough have been said on that already by many. I just wanted to spread a message around ….

For those who have blogs like me , who are we ? what i mean by that, we are part of this community, but when you think about it , who are really the pillars, the energy and the life of this community ? The artists of  course, who spend so much time on their work. They are the gems that made this zootopia fanbase so awesome and alive.

But often i think, these artist dont get enough back for what they give us. Some artist probably dont always know if what they do is appreciated , if its worth it to spend so much time on their work, if after all that stolen art story they want to continue… For all of them, i want to ask you something…

Today i would like you to join me , to take a few minutes in your day, and simply send to your(s) favourite(s) artist(s) a small text or a little something, to simply say to them that you appreciate what they do, even if its only a few words, just telling them something nice, we own them so much for all the feelings they give us with their works, so please, share/tag or pm them today, and im sure you will made their day so much better. Together, lets send some love to them <3

In my case, most of them already know how much i love them, and the others i talk less or i did not had the chance to talk to yet, this is for you too. All of you, your art/story are the sunshine which heat my heart everyday. thank you so much , for everyting, i would give you all a hug if i could.

@koraru-san @spintherella @andyourteeth @jman0525 @red-velvet-panda @rem289 @aoimotion @asknickwildee @the-winter-bunny-deactivated201 @chernwei5784 @gokhan20 @fuzzywuzzylittletail @quirky-middle-child @trashasaurusrex @haloman1170909 @peanut-k @ryutolbx @ziegelzeig @sprinkah @bluedouble @frava8 @akiric @turquoise-black1 @nami-things and many more that i forgot, thank you.

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um, tell me about changsub-chorong?

more about this movie date down below but first of all they are official best friends how cute is that 

they have been referring to each other as their best friend/ my only friend/ my one and only (chorong’s word not mine ok) ever since debut 😭😭😭  it is so cute they are so cute they are so cute together their friendship is so cute

they got into cube at around the same time and according to them btob and apink trained together for the most part? changsub and chorong are same year friends in fact changsub is like 2 weeks older than chorong and they get along so well they understand each other communication is the key to a healthy relationship!!!!!!! their nickname for each other changsubbie and chorongie it is just so cute everything is cute and i am hurt and they always call each other when they have to phone a friend on shows (all the links and photos will be down the keep reading dw) if you have follow me for more than a week you know how much i talk about btob’s cool man it is not just because it is one of the best, most funny show ever put together but also because okay in epsiode 4/5 they have to each call a friend and make them say what they want them to say and chorong instantly answered after changsub nagged out his situation as usual with “i know the answer you want to hear but i dont want to say it ” 😭😭😭 they know each other so well and every year at changsub’s birthday she will post a photo/photos of them and a birthday message that is so freaking sweet and ok chongrong mentioned changsub in her album thanks to a few times aksdlaksd;al everyone knows btob and apink are super close (ilhoon and naeun are family friends, namjoo with minhyuk and sungjae, bomi with ilhoon and eunkwang and all that) and okay below the keep reading is some of my favourite changrong moment they are always taking pictures together, if not just chill around each other and they always joint hand that shit is so cute wtf are we in high school 😭 (warning: it is really super long and its just the tip of the massive changrongiceberg ) both of them are both so smol, scream a lot, afraid of height, soft and sweet they are just meant to be okay ask yourself how often do you have straight ship that is cute, healthy and ongoing? they are honestly everything you can ever ask for the dream ship pretty much every k-netizen ship them hardcore (same) and there are so many changsub-chorong analysis post on pann #blessed please be together or not be together because if they ever break up i wont be able to handle it 

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smother me - the used
for the past five years of my life, i have known an incredible, amazing girl. from the moment i met her all those years ago on facebook, she has been my everything. she’s been the person i wake up to, the person i fall asleep with, the person i go to when i’m upset, the person that cheers me up, the person that i call my best friend. i have had the biggest crush on her since meeting her. and not long after, i fell in love with her. i fell completely and utterly in love with this incredible girl. back in 2012, she asked me what song made me think of her. jokingly, i said something like “the bitch song” by bowling for soup, and “she likes” by forever the sickest kids. but with jokes aside, i told her that the song that always made me think of her was “smother me” by the used, “quiet” by lights, and “in the dark i see” also by lights. and even though we weren’t in a relationship, our entire friendship had felt like we were together. it felt as though we were soul mates, meant to be. looking back on it now, we basically were together. sure, we had boyfriends a few times and we’d see people and such, but we truly were together. i was the one she spent most of her time with. i was the one she came to with everything. i was the only one she ever opened up to and spoke about her feelings to. i was the one that she counted on and trusted most. and the same goes for me. she was the only person, and still is, that i’ve ever trusted and everything of the sort. on september 26th, 2013, i asked her to be my girlfriend. of course, she said yes right away with no hesitation, and i was the happiest boy in the world. in november of 2013, i asked her to marry me. again, she said yes. some may say i’m far too young to be engaged, but it isn’t really anybody’s place to say whether i am or not. i am completely, 1000% in love with this amazing woman. we have had our differences. we’ve argued. we’ve gone weeks without speaking. we’ve had little fights. we’ve had disagreements. everyone has. but we’ve had more good times than bad. we’ve laughed. we’ve had heart to heart conversations. we’ve played games together. we’ve hung out. we’ve had a good time. we’ve lip synced together to stupid hannah montana songs at 3 in the morning. we’ve agreed on mostly everything. we’ve made each other happier than we’ve ever been, and we’ve saved each others lives. if it weren’t for her, i honestly do not know what i would do, and i know that i wouldn’t be alive without her. she came in to my life when i was at my lowest point. she distracted me from everything going on. she made me feel happy, cared about, loved, and wanted when nobody else did, not even my own family. she made me feel good about myself. she still does. and continues to do so every single day. she is the light of my life. she’s my girlfriend. my fiancee. my love. my life. my partner in science and in crime. she’s my future wife. and i couldn’t think of a better person to be with. she is the most intelligent, caring, wise, sweetest, cutest, most beautiful woman in the world. she is perfection to me. in my eyes, she is nothing less than a goddess. she is the most incredible person i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. the past year+ that i’ve been with her has been the best i’ve ever had. she makes me feel wanted. she makes me feel loved. she makes me feel cared for. she makes me genuinely happy. she makes me feel like the man i know i’m supposed to be. she makes me feel like myself. she brings out the absolute best in me. she’s so open minded, too. she’s done nothing but support me and love me through finding myself the entire time. she’s encouraged me to be myself and become who i know i’m supposed to be. she’s pushed me in the right direction, given me great advice, and she’s helped me with beginning to transition. she’s done so much for me. she’s, without a doubt, the best person i could’ve ever asked to meet. she’s my person. i fucking love her. with everything that i am. with ever fiber of my being. with ever inch of my heart and soul. i love her. i’m in love with her. words cannot even begin to describe how i feel about her. she’s just. so amazing. 
so with that being said, this is a song that pretty accurately describes how i feel about her.
i sincerely do feel as though i’ve found my place in the world, since i’ve found her. she makes me feel like i’m not alone, that i never have to do things on my own ever again. i feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. i feel free. i feel happy. i feel myself.
i’m just repeating myself at this point, i think. it’s always been difficult for me to put my feelings into words, but i’ve been trying. with such an intense feeling like this, it’s very, very hard to vocalize it.
i just want her to know how much i love her and care for her. though i’m sure she does know, because i try to show her every single day. i try to make her feel like the beautiful princess she is.
i just hope that this makes her smile, even for a second.
i love you, fawn. <3

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Most of the hate Justin got was deserved because he acted like an ass. Zayn deserves the backlash he is getting rn but he has also receives hate for his race and religion. Also what 90k crowds? Cause he played 20-30k arenas and not stadiums like 1D do. He was also usually 2 hours late for shows and known for acting like a spoiled brat backstage on the Believe tour.

he actually did play in front of 90k crowds in australia, NZ and south africa a long with France and i dont give a fuck about zayn on 1D also this post was from three days ago what makes this whack message sent by a 15 year old stan is gonna change my opinion 1D is whack and unproffessional and i dont feel bad for zayn cause he obviously didnt feel bad the multiple times he cheated on perrie so zzzzzz now dont message me again

sometimes i see posts on here and it’s usually a photo of a person and it revolves around making fun of them because they are classed as ‘ugly’ or larger in size and the comments beneath are just insults and i sit here like what? what have you achieved, you made fun of how someone looks, hooray have a fucking gold star, well done for preaching about loving yourself and then making fun of another person like i just dont get it, theres nothing funny about it. 

Racistsgettingfired is one of my new favorite developments because its taking people who think its okay the post outwardly, openly, racist things in a public forum and reminding them that shit like that has very serious real life consequences. People like that dont usually listen to reason until they get a severe punishment and getting fired for comparing POC to animals or using slurs is a termination-worthy offense. Like maybe theyll start to think about what theyre doing if it’s wrong enough to make them lose their paycheck.
Some of y'all might think its a little extreme but i think its a little extreme that POC grow up in such a hostile environment where not only verbal but physical violence against them is normal and accepted #justsayin

s/o to my LGBT followers and my followers living in Florida bc i dont know about you but I live close to downtown Orlando and I’m pretty terrified about all the shit going on

s/o to the LGBT community in general because this is fucked up and you deserve to feel safe

s/o to the Muslim community because I don’t want innocent people to be lashed out at because people are scared and angry

s/o to the families and friends who lost someone this morning and to the ones who don’t even know if their loved ones are alive

just stay strong as usual. we’ll get through this

whoever stole harry’s guest book and is posting pages of it online should be ashamed of themselves. just because he’s famous doesn’t make it okay to post private information. how would you feel if someone took something private of yours and started posting parts of it online? this book of his has personal and private messages from the only 21st birthday he’s ever going to have and now he doesn’t even have that anymore. how dare anyone invade his privacy like that.

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Im sorry I know this is a slightly big request but could ya PLEASE tag any of your adult content a head of time? I really don't want it to happen again. I want to not get mad but it makes me mad to see. Thanks. Regards.

I guess it depends on your def of adult. I don’t post pornography. If you are talking about seeing a nipple, that’s something I’ve usually avoided in the past, and something I rarely post, unless the image fits into this art project.

I don’t want to get into a whole thing here but this blog is one big years-in-the-making art project. if one or two images out of the 4 years i’ve been doing this offend you (that seems really trivial) but then just unfollow. I won’t tag images as Adult because I dont post adult imagery. I post art. 

I’m not posting to offend, I’m expressing myself with this blog and not everyone is going to like every post. So be it.