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Difference between Chad & the others

Chad isnt portraying an online persona like Frank and Idubbbz, who get away more easily with distasteful jokes because you can see they’re doing a ‘bit’ rather than being sincere. Max is the least offensive and i think the biggest sweetheart, which is why he lets Chad trail him so much I guess, cos he’s a good friend.
So chad doing something offensive on snapchat or allowing someone else to do something offensive and posting it isn’t as excusable as anything the others do on youtube. You dont have to dismiss and accept it just cos you let idubbbz’s jokes slide. Context.


Alexander x Reader
Words: 430
Request: Hey! I wanna ask a request. Can I have a college!au where you’re rommates with Alex and the heater’s broken? So you wrap yourselves in blankets and cuddle on the couch? Thanks! I love your blog, btw! <3 

I nearly didn’t post this today because i’m super tired but it’s quite cute so i thought hey why not? it’s kind of ironic though because australia is literally the hottest place on earth.

I have an askham going on atm in case you guys were wondering! so there’s that. I dont think i have anything else going on.

requests are open as usual bbys. have a great night / day / morning!


You walked back to your dorm after a long day of classes, dragging your bag behind you tiredly. You unlocked the door, turning on the lights and biting your lip when seeing Alexander typing madly at his computer. You went to take your coat off, your eyes widening when you felt a cold chill hit you.

“Has it been this cold all day?” You asked. Alexander nodded, keeping his vision secure on his laptop. “Heater is broken in all the dorms. I’m wearing five different jumpers,” He stated. You laughed quietly, dumping your bag on your bed.

“Did you have classes today?” You asked, leaning against Alex’s chair. He shook his head. “Can you move please? I just need to write something down.”

You rolled your eyes, jumping onto the couch and stretching out. “God, I’m so tired,” you mumbled. Alexander ignored you, keeping his eyes on his computer. You groaned. “Do I need to call John again to get you to snap out of this stupid writing thing? I’m sure you have plenty of time to hand it in.”

Alexander turned in his spinny chair. “Two months. That’s not a lot of time. I’m nearly done. Can you just give me five minutes of silence?” He asked. You sighed, sitting up.

“Here’s the deal: I let you finish your essay and peace and quiet, and you come watch the new season of Bojack Horseman with me,” You suggested.

“Would that involve leaving my desk?” He asked, raising his eyebrow. You nodded. Alexander let out a long sigh. “Fine, but I hope this horse guy show is good.”

Ten minutes later, you had set yourself up on the couch. You had brought both yours and Alex’s blankets over in an attempt to warm the freezing room. He joined you on the couch, climbing under the blanket. You started the show, looking over at Alexander.

“See, was it really that hard to take a break?” You asked. He shook his head slowly.

“I like the setup you’ve got here. It’s nice,” He said. “Although, I feel like we’d be better off moving closer together. The penguins do it and it seems to work. It’s nature’s way.”

You rolled your eyes, moving closer to Alexander on the couch. He pretended to yawn, wrapping his arm around you. You rolled your eyes. “Really? That’s literally the oldest trick in the book.”

“I’m cold!” Alexander protested, laying his head on your shoulder and closing his eyes.

You eventually both fell asleep, forgetting about assignments and the cold, winter night that had brought you together.

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im a trans girl, and ive never said anything about this because i was always worried i was going to be ableist, but i feel like i might be autistic/ maybe something else idk. but ive always felt like i might be because i always see posts relating to symptoms(idk if this is the proper word sorry) that autistic people have and ive always related a lot to those posts and every time i see them i think "oh maybe thats why i do that" but i never say anything about it because im worried im bein ableist

(part 2 from the trans girl who thinks she could be autistic, sorry didnt have room to type part 1 in the last ask) i dont remember exactly what i wrote in the first ask, but basically im just wondering if it would be possible for me to be autistic, and not know about it for the last 16 years? im sorry i dont know much about this topic and i really dont want to seem offensive

Devon says:

It’s totally possible to realize you’re autistic later in life! I would look around at different lists of diagnosis criteria for ASD. Best of luck!

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i kno theres Drug Discourse happenin rn and as someone whos dating a recovering addict, is best friend with a recovering addict, and has a drug dependancy it's really not anything to fuck around with. ESPECIALLY anything to do with hard drugs and pills like theres a really gross romanticization of pills going on right now and i'm so thoroughly disgusted by it? like for me weed helps me cope w mental health issues but i dont fuck w anything else bc it literally Destroys People's Lives

Weed is totally fine for most people yeah! Addiction is so strong in my family though, that weed is even bad for them which sucks because I know how much it helps other people. Hard drugs are not fucking cool at all though, like, I saw someone post a picture of coke and pills and it just spelled out the word “drugs” like… what’s the point of that? It’s not cool, it’s weird and fucked up and I hate how many blogs on here have this whole “edgy” aesthetic and think that in order to be cool you have to post about hard drugs too… :/

**about b*nes dont want to ruin things for anyone tbh** ignore me

I’m so pissed about Wendell. I won’t even tag this post because I know how much people are suffering about the show ending and everything so I’ll stay out of the tags. But why?????? I mean, out of all the characters they could have given that ending to, they gave it to him. I am so sorry to say this but this season feels so random. I didn’t have that feeling at first because the first episodes seemed so well thought / well put together but as the eps progressed I just started not to understand what was going on.

Why would wendell do that. Out of the blue. If Wendell was Angela, I would be okay with it. But they never mentioned it. Wendell was so passionate about his job, he won scholarships and people paid for his studies. He was a working-class hero. Now he just can’t seem to find that passion anymore? Also because he can’t pick a dissertation topic (?????). I know plenty of people who’d drop out of school or change subject / major. I am one of them. I have no interest whatsoever to study what I am studying. But yet, If I ever was to leave, I’d do it now that I still have a few exams to go. It’s not like you finish everything, you do your doctorate (!!!!!) and then you leave. WTF man.

I know there’s the cancer card. Like yes, Wendell is alive and he should not waste time on something he doesn’t love. Yeah, yeah, I get it. BUT NOOOPE.

It feels like they just couldn’t give everyone an happy ending so they picked Wendell because, why on earth not. 

This is such a minor thing but it made me so sad. The little details are what’s to love about this show.


Also…My bet is that Aubrey is gonna be Wendell 2.0. Camastoo will get married, Hodgela will probably have another baby (off screen) and BB will stay together obviously. So that leaves out Aubrey and Jessica that imo will break up because he will go to LA and she will stay in DC. AND THAT MAKES NO SENSE EITHER. BRRRRRUUUUUUUUH.


my friends on here, i love you. but theres too much fucking drama in a fucking SIMMING community i just cant deal with it. dont start shit with each other. I’m 21, I’m married, i have a house and a dog and bills to pay and shit to get done. i came here because i love the sims, but apparently i time traveled back to high school. i honestly just cant handle it anymore. i may pop in once in a while, theres a few posts in my queue left and ill try to add more once i play with my knox save again (computer is being slow as shit) and i have a couple legacies i like to check up on. but if you dont see me participating in anything else, its not because i dont love you guys I’m just not interested in scrolling down my feed and seeing hate and name calling anymore. I’m not gonna go into this in detail on what its about, I’m not gonna answer any hate about it, I’m not calling anyone in particular out obviously (theres more than one person and more than one hate situation), and if you wanna call me a pussy or whatever in my ask box feel free but just so you know i wont see it. once everything cools down and people can learn to grow up i may come back. but i wont be super involved on here for a while. thanks to all of you who understand. ill still be building houses, you can follow me on the gallery jlshoulders. love you guys ❤️

did i even post this?? idk have some more homestuck because do i ever draw anything else

!!! this is from the drafty cover of a short fancomic im supposed to be starting on called “the prince, the princess, and the beekeeper” so obviously its mi fav love triangle because hi

i love eridan

and also fef is the light of my life

but i dont want them to wind up together because its unhealthy for both parties and also theyre both dead

okokok ramblings over hope yall like the doodle

  • my schizoid ass: extremely bored always, needs stimulation
  • my schizoid ass: grows bored of anything i become interested in within a few days
  • my schizoid ass: cant gather the energy to watch a new show or engage in a new thing because i dont care enough
  • my schizoid ass: Hel p

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Play Bendy and The ink machine

I would and I would record it and post it on YouTube but sadly I can’t because 1)my computer is stupid and won’t let me download it and 2)I dont have the proper stuff to make a gaming video on YouTube. Anything else?

types of obnoxious non-adhd people on my adhd posts:

tier 1: “i have cousin/mom/friend/sister who has adhd.” like they just announce that on my post and thats it. they dont say anything else. like?? do you want medal for knowing a person who has adhd or?????

tier 2: “i have cousin/mom/friend/sister who has adhd and i can confirm this”. about same as then one above. except seemingly confirmation of someone who knows a person with adhd is necessary on post that was made by person with adhd.

tier 3: “i have cousin/mom/friend/sister who has adhd and based on this, i can say that this post is bullshit because as person who knows this one person with adhd, my opinion/comment/knowledge is more accurate than this information about adhd given by a person with adhd” dont.

tier 4: “i know that this post was made for people with adhd BUT i dont have adhd and this is so me!!!!!!! lol!!!” if it was not made for you, dont make it fit for you, you shithead.

tier 5: “you, a person with adhd, told me that the comments i left on this post were ableist or offensive. because i, a person without adhd, do not find this offensive so it means that its not offensive, so shut the fuck up” you know. its not offensive for you because. you dont have adhd. and you cannot be target of it. maybe, MAYBE you should consider listening when someone tells that your behavior was not acceptable.

tier 5 bonus round: they pull the “i have cousin/mom/friend/sister who has adhd” card.

tier 6: “adhd is just a fake disorder created for med companies so they could just put kids on drugs!!11″ eat my entire adhd infested ass that is attached on my adhd body that is being piloted by my adhd brains.



Imagine being captured by a Djinn, but instead of ‘dreaming’ of the expected apple-pie life, nothing changes because you wouldn’t want to live without your brothers, Sam and Dean, and do what you three do best. The Family Business.

i wish i had clothes with no holes

hey friends! i know i post about this stuff a lot, but i seriously have very few clothes and pretty much everything i own is really really full of holes. i mostly need leg-wear (jeggings, shorts, tights, etc..) because its hard for me to leave the house knowing that a lot of me is showing through holes that i dont want showing.

i know a lot of “plus size” clothing can be expensive, but i dont know what else to do, really.. if you could maybe boost this, idk, anything helps, seriously! thank you for taking the time to read!

Okay, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone within the fandom on Tumblr, because I think we all know better, nor am I trying to start Kaylor Civil War Part II, BUT if you are commenting on ANY of the photos Karlie or anyone else has posted from Lily’s party with “Kaylor” or “Kaylor is real” or “Did Karlie and Taylor totally makeout?” or anything along those lines, well, I’m sorry, but..