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There ain’t anything wrong with avoiding your triggers or things that make you uncomfortable. Ask people to tag them, blacklist them, etc. 

However, what isn’t okay is harassing people and spreading lies about them because they post something that involves a trigger of yours, especially if what they’re posting is fictional

I need £250 by the end of today 😢

Hello guys, you’ve probably seen my old post but I’m making a new one because i just don’t know what else to do.

My rent is 2 weeks late today and that does not mean good things for me or my stress levels. My partner and i are still not getting the benefits we applied for and everything is piling up. I have unpaid bills and everything already but i really need £250 for my rent, im already being charged for being late i dont want to risk anything else.

If you can donate Anything then please do by clicking the buttons on my blog or donating to on PayPal.

Thankyou for reading donating and reblogging here is a picture of my dog who has no idea anything bad has ever happened

the taetaetown Mess

so as everyone knows by now my blog has been a complete mess these past few days w/ all these anons exposing tumblr user @taetaetown (still can’t @ you :// ) to prevent anymore mess, i’m just going to compile all of the shit she’s done in this one post, you can make whatever you want of this. i’m not even going to delve into the fundraiser thing because its not my money but if you wanna dig into it i got some screenshots so just ask! also feel free to add anything more to this, im sure i haven’t covered everything. screenshots and explanations are under the cut.

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neptune-nerd  asked:

Hello, so I'm trying to draw Starscream and I'm looking at all your posts and refs for inspiration and I'm like "YES" and then I put my pencil to the paper and I can't. So overall I'm wondering if you can help me with drawing the mighty lord birb because I'm having a hard time

It’s not much, but I actually did some structural sketches/composition of how I draw Starscream for a friend awhile ago. 

As I said, not much, but I’m happy to draw more. Shoot me an ask if youd like anything else, and dont be afraid to get specific if theres something in particular I could help with.


yeah so apparently someone has screenshot my art and thought it was funny to post it without permission. I dont know about you guys, but this is not okay with me. I have reported them so all we can do is wait and see, if this community really is this hostile with someone elses art (and actually, the reason Mei isn’t HUMONGO FATTY THIGHS THE SIZE O TEXIS is because I dont picture her obese. I picture her the way I picture her, and if anyone has anything to say about it, fine. But reposting my art is a big N. O.)then I’m not so sure I want to be in it.

I don’t mean to be a Bitch™ but like… I’m getting kinda of annoyed about Bughead being a part of everything Riverdale related.

Don’t get me wrong, I dont have anything against Bughead, in fact, I quite enjoy some of that shit on the regs. However, if there is a post about, for instance, Kevin and Betty, I don’t understand why it can’t just be about their friendship.

Idk, I reblog Bughead stuff all the time but at the moment I’m just getting frustrated because I tend to keep finding posts diverting back to the ship when it started as something else? If that makes sense?

Yes, I like bughead.

However, I would like to be able to have a conversation about Jughead and Betty’s separate relationships with their friends and the other characters without it having to circle back to their relationship because recently I feel like I see a lot of posts like that and I’m not about to delete comments because I’m not a dick lmao.

i dont know who did it bt suddenly one of my wyatt and layla drawings got a big increase in activity!! and now im getting a large influx of new followers at a rate i havent experienced in a long while!!! so 

hi new followers! my name is cheye (thats pronounced che-yeh) im agender, latinx and reliably post more art of my ocs than anything else because im not artistically involved in any fandom i find myself in lmao…

i have an art reblog blog in case yu want my art only and also i look like this

thank yu for yur time

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hi rin!! ive been wondering something about the fancafe: theres only 3 total levels right? the limited level when you first sign up, the next level that lets you see posts, and then the paid membership level? i ask because ppl make it seem like level up questions are a continuous thing? i leveled up to the mid-tier one where you can see posts cuz i couldnt afford paid. but... i dont need to do anything else now right? no more questions? thank you for clarifying..

there’re 4 levels:

1. 준회원: the default one after you join the fancafe

2. 정회원 (official member): most of the boards in the fancafe are open for this level, except boards exclusive for paid membership. before, you would have to complete some rly hard level-up questions and provide streaming proofshots in order to be leveled up to this level, but recently they only ask for few rly easy questions and streaming proofshots as 정회원 level-up questions (i don’t know how long this will last though lol)

3. 우수회원 (for last year, this year it’s changed into A.R.M.Y 1): the level for fancafe members who purchased global 4th army membership which comes with exclusive boards & other benefits

4. A.R.M.Y 2: this is newly created this year, basically if you’re A.R.M.Y 1 and you’re active in the fancafe, you can be leveled up to A.R.M.Y 2, which has more benefits than A.R.M.Y 1


Alexander x Reader
Words: 430
Request: Hey! I wanna ask a request. Can I have a college!au where you’re rommates with Alex and the heater’s broken? So you wrap yourselves in blankets and cuddle on the couch? Thanks! I love your blog, btw! <3 

I nearly didn’t post this today because i’m super tired but it’s quite cute so i thought hey why not? it’s kind of ironic though because australia is literally the hottest place on earth.

I have an askham going on atm in case you guys were wondering! so there’s that. I dont think i have anything else going on.

requests are open as usual bbys. have a great night / day / morning!


You walked back to your dorm after a long day of classes, dragging your bag behind you tiredly. You unlocked the door, turning on the lights and biting your lip when seeing Alexander typing madly at his computer. You went to take your coat off, your eyes widening when you felt a cold chill hit you.

“Has it been this cold all day?” You asked. Alexander nodded, keeping his vision secure on his laptop. “Heater is broken in all the dorms. I’m wearing five different jumpers,” He stated. You laughed quietly, dumping your bag on your bed.

“Did you have classes today?” You asked, leaning against Alex’s chair. He shook his head. “Can you move please? I just need to write something down.”

You rolled your eyes, jumping onto the couch and stretching out. “God, I’m so tired,” you mumbled. Alexander ignored you, keeping his eyes on his computer. You groaned. “Do I need to call John again to get you to snap out of this stupid writing thing? I’m sure you have plenty of time to hand it in.”

Alexander turned in his spinny chair. “Two months. That’s not a lot of time. I’m nearly done. Can you just give me five minutes of silence?” He asked. You sighed, sitting up.

“Here’s the deal: I let you finish your essay and peace and quiet, and you come watch the new season of Bojack Horseman with me,” You suggested.

“Would that involve leaving my desk?” He asked, raising his eyebrow. You nodded. Alexander let out a long sigh. “Fine, but I hope this horse guy show is good.”

Ten minutes later, you had set yourself up on the couch. You had brought both yours and Alex’s blankets over in an attempt to warm the freezing room. He joined you on the couch, climbing under the blanket. You started the show, looking over at Alexander.

“See, was it really that hard to take a break?” You asked. He shook his head slowly.

“I like the setup you’ve got here. It’s nice,” He said. “Although, I feel like we’d be better off moving closer together. The penguins do it and it seems to work. It’s nature’s way.”

You rolled your eyes, moving closer to Alexander on the couch. He pretended to yawn, wrapping his arm around you. You rolled your eyes. “Really? That’s literally the oldest trick in the book.”

“I’m cold!” Alexander protested, laying his head on your shoulder and closing his eyes.

You eventually both fell asleep, forgetting about assignments and the cold, winter night that had brought you together.

hey, um, is it ok if i confess something? this isnt easy to say, and ill try to say it as nicely as possible, but… the fact that a lot of ‘tumblr user x [insert skelebae here]’ ships have become so popular and widely accepted recently has made me feel rather… depressed. i have absolutely nothing against you or other people being shipped or anyone that wants to ship anything. in fact, i think you’re all very cool and neat people, and i admire you very much! but for me personally, its gotten to the point where i dont even look forward to reading new imagines/headcanons anymore; not just on here, but on any blog. whenever i do, i just feel intense guilt because its like the skeletons i love are already in a relationship with someone else, so i feel like im not “allowed” to be in love with them and enjoy new posts anymore… and then i hate myself just a little more because its like im inadequate; i dont “meet the standards”, so to speak. im really sorry that this message is so long and on anon, but i wanted this to be shown, in case someone else out there is going through the same thing i am. thanks for taking the time to read this.


First off, I want to thank you for your confession! This is a safe place and I want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here. 

There’s no such thing as “one skeleton” that all of us has to share. No one really owns them, except their creators. Everyone has their own versions of these characters that rightfully belong to them. Shipping ourselves with our favorite skeletons shouldn’t be causing harm to anyone and it’s purely out of self indulgence, to make ourselves feel better and happy. 

I’m sorry that it’s making you depressed and if after I reply to this message, you want to unfollow all headcanon blogs, then that’s your call, but you’re very much allowed to love your own skeleton. 

If you want to go into theoretical terms, there are an infinite amount of different versions of the skeleton to choose from because of the multiverse theory. For example, someone else’s of SF Papyrus, could be completely different from my “Rus”, even if they are both Swapfell Papyruses. 

At the end of the day, these are all just fictional characters and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Have fun at with them, because they’re fake and meant for entertainment, not to make you feel bad. 

flashback823  asked:

Okay I understand the fans are being unreasonable and you have had enough. However, ever since then you have been acting really cold forward your followers who simply want to ask your opinion on other things that are not the fictional ship and what not. That is not okay. I love you, I live your work, but I am not living your 10 year old attitude. (Whatever my username is because I dont remember) out.

I understand your point of view
However I’ve stated many times on my blog that I have an FAQ page with lots of questions that have been asked over and over

Literally 10 posts ago I stated that I ain’t doing much more Undertale and I even made a video however ‘fans’ continue to bombard me with questions about it

I haven’t really acted coldly to anyone who asked about my opinion on anything else so I’d like to see what you mean by that but regardless

I act coldly because that’s how I’m treated

I beleive in the idea of ‘If people can’t be bothering finding out what you’ve already been asked then I shouldn’t bother giving a proper answer’

That’s my stance but feel free to discuss with me I love talking to people with different views and opinions!

God people hating on Kacchako make me so pissed off because like… they’re always like “Bakugou is gay” and “Uraraka is a lesbian” but get this kiddos: bisexuality and pansexuality are things! It’s perfectly acceptable to headcanon Bakugou as gay and Uraraka as a lesbian, that’s not the point of this post. I love Kiri//Baku as much as the next person but god why are you gonna make ship hate? Just block the tag and move on it’s really not that hard! It’s completely unnecessary to create ship hate when it poses no harm to you

People can ship what they want and just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to call the ship disgusting or anything else toxic that you’re adding to the fandom. I’m sick of it. 

anonymous asked:

Jamie It was Their idea to Message you. It's feel good to tell you about this And I feel relived.I just wanted You to know And understand. This is probably the last you'll hear of my And if you address this I'll issue I'll send my gratitude.You have a good Day Sebbi. -Jamie

heyyy so i read all of your asks, and trying to look past at a few things you’ve said that i felt unnecessary for what ur trying to convey to me

i will say this

comparing what i do to people ageing up a child and “sexifying” them is quite disgusting ill say that

i know the point ur trying to make is “Katelyn isnt sebbis” and thats true she belongs to jess 100% im just a fanartist that took a shine to katelyn and adores drawing her

how ever katelyn is an adult not a child, i “sexy” her because its my way of expressing my sexuality as a gay femme passing nonbinary, everyones got their thing and this is my thing

and to put me at the same degree as pedophiles? ill say at that point u had me very unkeen on even answering u anymore

however i will say this I do not think you should be harrassed over honestly anything be it me or anyone else i dont think anyone should be harrassed when all they’re doing is having fun, I know what that feels like firsthand

i will make a seperate post adressing it in a bit but i will just say this, if you’re still reading jamie, and that is

next time u ask someone for help? dont shoot yourself in the foot

ciaossu-daphs  asked:

Heeeeyy dear i' crying my eyes out with your last prompt 😢😢 can I have a part 2? ❤️(WHY angst is sooooo good??)

I GOTCHU. angst is addictive. it’s also super fuckin easy to write. honestly, sad things are my area of Easy things to write. along with cozy things. anything else is HARD (happiness, other emotions). i hope u enjoy AND THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING I LITERALLY LOVE U GUYS FOR REQUESTING LIKE ASDFGHJK

NOTE: this is a continuation, the first part is here!!! 

       As much as he tried to take his mind off of the conversation he had with them, his attention ended up exactly where it started again. He rested the book open on his face, putting his arms behind his head and letting out a deep sigh.
      He rolled over on the bed, losing his page and letting the book fall to the floor, massaging his temples with his fingers. Dragging his eyes to his phone, he contemplated. It’d been over three hours since the argument and his fingers itched for some sort of contact, although respecting their boundaries and need for time overrode his itch.
      Tossing his feet over the side of his mattress, the pads of his bare feet hit the cold floor, carrying his weight as he stepped over the piles of dirty clothing on his floor. He sat down in his desk chair, spinning himself idly as he lifted his legs off the floor and curled into a ball. Staring at the walls that slowly moved by, the photos on the mirror that were testament to his love for them, his nails painfully dug into his hands.
      He swallowed, the idea that they could leave at any moment, the idea that he’d have to remove those photos from the wall, the idea that he’d have to remove the heart next to their contact name in his phone. The idea that he wouldn’t hear their laughter at the start of his day, their voice as much as he usually did. The idea that their smile wouldn’t fill him with the same happiness it filled him with today, instead replaced with bittersweet longing for once was.
      Tamaki’s hands picked up his pen once the full revolution in the desk chair came to a stop. He tried to swallow the ideas that came at him head on, pushing them far down within him before they sprung back at him in the form of tears. He bit his lip, sinking his teeth deeply into the plush pink skin, trying his best to hold back the flood of fear and dejection he felt.
      His phone rang.
      Immediately off the chair and tossed onto the bed, phone in hand and to his ear. He sat and crossed his legs, leaning his back against the wall. A breath.
      “Hello,” he said, traces of hope peeking through his voice.
      “What are you thinking about right now?” Their voice sounded in his ear. He stared down at his hand in his lap.
      “You,” he admitted.
      “Can you talk about it?” they asked.
      Tamaki brought the hand to his forehead, pulling his bangs back and worrying his lip again. “I don’t,” he started, his voice faltering. “I don’t want this to end,” he said, the undertones of a serious plea wavering beneath his words.
      Quietly from the other line, punctuated by a pause, “I don’t want it to either.” A pause. He felt drops of water hit his bare legs, looking down before wiping his face to reveal the tears that were falling from his cheeks. “But, Tamaki, I’m gonna come back to you right now, ok? Face to face. And this time instead of talking about what the problems are, let’s talk about how to fix them,” they said calmly, although he could hear the effort they were putting in. The effort they were making to make sure their voice didn’t waver.
      “Y-yes,” he said, a loss of voice control letting the words slip out higher than usual. “Please,” he said, wiping away his tears and sniffling loudly.
      “Are you crying?” they asked, their voice soft and sweet. He almost let out an audible sob, relief hitting him like a truck.
      “I’ll be there in a moment,” they said in the same voice.
      “I love you,” he said again, unashamed. His proclamation had been said before, this time while he was caught in a flurry of feelings he couldn’t help but let it slip out. The importance those words meant, the importance they carried for him was immense.
      “I love you too,” they said. End call. Click.
      Tamaki dropped the phone, eyes staring at the screen that lit up. His lockscreen, a photo of them smiling with sunlight streaming in the background making them look absolutely ethereal. He pulled his knees to his chest, waiting. Thinking about what he was going to say, what he was going to do to make everything better. To make everything ok.

again, i was listening to Dramatic Music while writing this so if it’s overly dramatic you know tf why. also i didn’t proofread this so um. yeah. : )

love y’all. 

- mod maria 

  • my schizoid ass: extremely bored always, needs stimulation
  • my schizoid ass: grows bored of anything i become interested in within a few days
  • my schizoid ass: cant gather the energy to watch a new show or engage in a new thing because i dont care enough
  • my schizoid ass: Hel p

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Not trying to be that person but im pretty sure You're Crashing But You're No Wave is about To Kill A Mockingbird though?


what lyric from infinity on high are you most proud of?

PETE WENTZ: At this moment, it’s in “You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave.” I used to work with this [volunteer legal] organization in Chicago called Uhuru, and we worked on the case for Fred Hampton Jr. [Many believe that Hampton, the son of a Black Panther, was wrongfully convicted of arson in 1993.]. The song is a courthouse narrative, and it’s so different from anything else we’ve done. I like the line “The headline reads, ‘The man hangs, but the jury doesn’t.’”

not to mention pete quoted fred hampton when introducing novocaine for the first time on an official post. [x]  fred hampton, his son, and the chicago black panthers seem to have had a very prominent effect on him.

“you can kill a revolutionary but you can never kill the revolution” fred hampton

we make noise because thats the tool we have at our disposal. we snarl so the hand that feeds us is well aware. we dont dream of this world- we craft this world to be our dreams. no one can determine your level of rage. let no one tell you that you care too much. let no one tell you that your voice doesnt matter. wake up. this is our culture.