because i don't want to run up to him like


It’s naughty so advert thine eyes kiddos.

Sidon cuffed to his bed and gagged. Link sits on his hips and teases his fishman bf’s two dicks out. He just holds Sidon as he essentially thigh fucks the two dicks. Sidon is a writhing mess and keeps making muffled moans. Link would gyrate his hips ever so teasingly, making stay on edge. When Sidon gets release, he just…explodes on Link and covers him 8)

And then Link shimmies up Sidon’s chest, removes the gag from his mouth. Sidon just sings Link all kinds of praise and Link just smiles, runs his fingers down Sidon’s cheek and hoists himself up to Sidon’s shoulders. Sidon eagerly takes in Link’s dick and sucks him off like there’s no tomorrow. 

the-kryomancer  asked:

Okay so I know I'm really late to this but I want to join the "Medic has sleeping problems" squad. I have sleep problems myself and I can see Medic using sleeping aids or sleeping pills to try to help him fall asleep. And he'd probably get frustrated when they don't work (because honestly sleep aids aren't 100%).

Sorry for the late reply. 

Like the Medic tries sleeping aids or pills and the team hopes that the Doctor will wake up in high spirits. Instead the team has to run for cover, for the Medic is sleep deprived and pissed off that the aids/pills didn’t work.

The Medic tries and tries again with aids/pills and it takes him many years to find the right ones for him. Still there are some nights where he still struggles to get a good night sleep.

As a side note I can see the team trying their best to help Medic. Like if the team lacks a medic the whole team is dead.

Pyro makes Medic a hot chocolate before they go to bed. 
Scout goes and runs with the Doctor when needed to tire him out.
Spy gives the German some records to listen to at night.
Demoman is always willing to give some alcohol to the Medic.
Engineer helps make the Medic a better bed.
Heavy makes sure the Doctor has eaten (so that the Medic’s sleep cycle is in check).
Sniper meditates with Medic to calm him down and release stress. 
Solly when the Doctor does eventually sleep makes sure that not a sound is made in base. 

…I asked Sophos if he still had his overshirt on.
“I want you to give it to me.”
“Because all I’m wearing is bandages. They took my clothes.” The Thief, p235 (2017 paperback)

I always forget about that time Gen ran through an Attolian megaron naked. 

Is that why they didn’t bother to lock him up? They were just like… Meh, there’s no way he’s gonna run around the megaron injured and naked. So, he just goes and blows out all the lanterns. 

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Bee 1/2 / Hey. I dunno if this is any use to you but I noticed two things that I don't think have been mentioned yet. So the first one is, the kid who popped out of the car seat, when he said 'suprise.' There was a rainbow-esque thing running up his body like he was coming out almost. And secondly, I was thinking that when Margaret thatcher was superimposed over sherlocks face, perhaps it's signifying the two sides of him, and the struggle against his homophobia? I can't think of a better word.

Bee 2/2 which would explain his not wanting to accept the whole Margaret thatcher thing when it was mentioned, because he just doesn’t want to talk about it. So the subsequent destroyings of thatcher (repressed gay) mean a lot. I’m sorry if I’m not coming across clear here but yeah.

I absolutely agree! There are hints of Charlie being distant from his family- his mother says “At least he’s phoning, I suppose,” -and it would make sense to be so distant as a closeted young man living with conservative parents, one of whom at least is a big fan of Margaret Thatcher. 

And yes, that flash of rainbow when Charlie says “Surprise!” definitely makes me think of him coming out. We see his father act joyfully- he accepts his son, as he should do. But then, the tape rewinds- that’s not what happened. This case acts as a too late warning for the parents: they could have had a happy life with their son if they had not idolized “Mrs T.”

I love that shot of the Thatcher bust imposed over Sherlock’s face. To me, it signifies even more of his facade shattering and crumbling- as the bust literally does. I don’t think Sherlock struggles with homophobia himself (he’s stated his being gay since ASiP), but I do think the bust shattering over him also signifies the silent pain he’s feeling during this case, of being reminded over and over again of Thatcher, someone whose homophobic attitudes he could not have escaped while growing up during the ‘80s.

(This ask was from you @bumblerat, but only the second one wasn’t anonymous! Thanks for your ask <3)

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Yeah, i'm trying not to speculate too much either, but I agree, I feel pretty certain that the Cas that healed Dean and later died was definitely our Cas. I think the differences in him people are pointing out are due to the ways the nephilim is subtly controlling him as you said. AU cas seems to be a very popular theory, but I just don't get it. Also, i don't know how AU Cas could manage to look like exactly like our Cas when Bobby said the AU angels are very different.

Hi! Yeah, the not wanting to speculate part makes this something I don’t want to particularly talk about because it’s almost all dead ends where we run into speculation. 

What I saw was in 12x19 a very competently executed episode with callbacks and symbolism and framing to suggest Cas was moderately-to-severe fucked up by the nephilim but with the end scene, in a very ambiguous way about his concern to the Winchesters or sense of free will being impacted - just that he had a new “right” to follow. In 12x23 he’s basically Cas except he’s having key Destiel conversations with Kelly (using “of course” to her is SUCH a tell I feel like I should get one of the compilation gifsets of it and slap a gif of that at the bottom :P) and saying he would die for the nephilim but also raise her son - totally contradictory but he was explaining his deepest heart and motivations at that point. THOSE were changed, Cas himself was not any different than a regular tuesday in how he felt and acted and treated Kelly and his duty, and then when Sam and Dean showed up, how he treated them. 

He WAS defensive of Jack to the point of knowing the rift was made by him, that Sam and Dean would flip and treat it as a bad thing. Objectively, “this baby tears holes in reality” is a horrifying statement, but Cas calmly says that of course Jack will close it and he has faith. They don’t and Crowley dies to close it, and Jack is never tested on if he would have done it or not despite what Cas thought. I suspect if this is his main horrifying new power we’ll get it tested again and find out how Jack feels about doing it but since I hate speculating, whether I think he’ll do that for good or bad is totally up in the air to me and I genuinely don’t have a stake in it because any which way will tell an interesting story and serve his purpose in the narrative on what they choose to do with it.

Cas also then could act normally and fight with Sam and Dean to protect Jack when Lucifer showed up at the front door, but I think when he charged into the rift, it was at that point purely to spite Lucifer (see also: endless Cas n Crowley parallels) and to see what was going on as Sam and Dean still hadn’t returned from the rift and it was still open and he had full freedom to be worried about them, so I don’t think he did that for Jack, the more I think about it, although if he WAS being controlled, a rage to kill his father would be thematically fascinating and I feel Jack did reject Lucifer in 12x19 already.

I also think Cas could in no way have been replaced the first time he went in the rift as we saw enough to him meeting Bobby and that was all Cas, and no way in HELL Bobby would let AU Castiel come near them (and he would not look like our Cas) and Bobby only didn’t shoot Cas immediately because he looked so harmlessly dorky. I get that him coming out the portal unharmed seemed suspicious at first but once we knew all the details and that Cas had been under Bobby’s watch the entire time I can’t see ANY room for AU Castiel to swoop in and take him, because Cas’s first trip in Bobby was there the whole time, and the second time in, Lucifer was a much bigger problem, and as I said I think he made Cas leave the portal because Lucifer urgently wanted to NOT be stuck in the AU and it was more fun to kill Cas in front of his friends. I think that was probably Cas’s angel blade and he walked Cas back to the portal, shoved him through, and then killed him. So again, total character continuity for Cas, and there’s no room for it to be anything else, and no implication in the story that put a MASSIVE neon sign on rat Crowley to swap Cas out.

They also showed a flashback of Cas filling with the power when he was talking to Kelly earlier in the episode, about Paradise, and spouting all these lines that go right back to season 5 and what Dean got told over and over about what the angels wanted and how they’d make paradise on earth, which goes hand in hand with the neon sign that Cas having faith is a bad thing because it confirms Jack’s vision of the future is equally as bad as the one Cas fought in season 5, and what he lost his original faith over, so even while showing Cas fully in control of his actions and feelings, his motivation and purpose were clearly derailed and we were shown Cas being overtaken with that power before he said all that so… I feel like it was a visual demonstration of the power going into him and Cas’s heart being borrowed to protect Jack’s paradise.

These are all things I see in the events that actually happened this season, and as I’ve been talking to Mittens today about not caring about speculating, I’m genuinely 100% content, Destiel went canon in that last shot of them together, I have nothing to ask, I’m sitting back and letting whatever happens in season 13 happen, and for me trying to outguess the plot is no fun. As a meta writer I’ve always most enjoyed playing with established canon and thinking deeper into what we already have to expose the truths and feelings underneath it, rather than treating it as a puzzle to explain what’s happening next - in that respect we have like 3 puzzle pieces from 2 different games, while with the whole canon we have a 8mil piece puzzle and every one of us analysing the show is only ever going to manage to put together a few thousand pieces in some random corner of it, and a few patches here and there elsewhere :P But at least I can build a hell of a lot more of the puzzle than I could trying to speculate because if I get one piece wrong, I’m attempting to build an entire puzzle connected to the wrong thing, and the next thing that happens in the show might take the one bit I was sure of and unhook it from the entire seemingly finished picture I tacked onto it without realising I had the wrong bit of sky from another puzzle :P 

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Have you seen Warm Bodies? What do you think of the idea of Zombie!Max compared to Ghost!Max?

So apparently my AU weakness is just [anything]!Max…
…I regret nothing

He isn’t quite sure how this all happened. He knows he must have been alive at one point, probably had friends and family and maybe even a job, but he doesn’t remember any of that now. There are others like him, he knows that, but as far as he’s aware they don’t know how this happened either. If he had ever been much of a talker, he certainly isn’t now, and most of the others barely seem capable of speech. Groans and grunts are about the extent of their minimal communication with each other, on the rare chances that he happens across one.

The one thing he does know is that life (or unlife, he supposes) isn’t that easy out here. There aren’t a whole lot of dead like him, and not a whole lot of living left, either. The living that do remain tend to keep themselves pretty well defended. Some are enclosed within walls, some hide out in landscapes that aren’t particularly easy to traverse when you’re dead, and the ones that aren’t hiding in safety move through the wastes in modified, armored cars, often hunting the dead for sport.

His kind used to congregate around cities and towns, any collection of people they could prey on, but bit by bit they had picked them off, until the dead were forced to wander in search of what living might remain. Many groups found nothing, and probably withered and died out in the desert without the flesh of the living to sustain them, and many others were picked off by roaming bands of living. He himself had been shot and run over more times than he could count anymore, but he discovered it was easy to pretend you were completely dead when you were already mostly dead, and later found that staying away from groups of his own kind tended to be safer. A shambling herd of corpses was hard to hide (often too stupid to hide as well) and made an easy target, whereas a single dead man on his own was less likely to attract attention and it was much easier to duck away if he heard vehicles coming. Plus, on the rare occasions he caught a person (or animal, or honestly just found anything dead) he didn’t have to fight over it with other corpses. It was all his, and he could hide out and live off it for as long as it lasted.

And so he wanders, waiting and searching for the next meal to come along, just trying to survive even when the odds are mostly against him.

When he’s discovered by a group of living he assumes are roaming hunters, he hopes they’re bad shots and gets ready to play dead-dead as they start to zoom around him. Strangely enough, not a single one fires shots, but they stop their vehicles in a circle around him, and climb out to fight him by hand. They look a little dead themselves, pale and painted up like skeletons, but he knows the scent of the living when he smells it.

They seem to have this down to a routine, one baiting him in front while another tackles him from behind, and sooner than he knows it, he’s on the ground, arms behind his back, and they’re fitting a metal muzzle over his head.

A corpse is hardly a threat to the living if it can’t bite, and he knows this, but he’s just hungry enough to lunge and snap his teeth at them when they let him back up. They fight him off for a while, seeming to have fun with it more than anything, but eventually one drags him back by the chain on his muzzle and hitches him up to the back of one of their cars.

They drive away slowly, a few on the back yelling at him and baiting him as they move, drawing him forward by the deep hunger that he feels in his bones more than his stomach. He keeps up for a little while, stumbling forward as quickly as he can, but when he loses his footing and falls, none of them seem to care, and they continue to drag him along behind them.

His clothes are even more torn up than usual when they finally stop, but he’s only missing a bit of skin and is generally glad he doesn’t feel pain anymore because that probably would have hurt. They hold his chain leash tight and the ground under them suddenly lifts into the air, carrying him and the living men and a couple cars with it. It takes him a while to orient and realize it’s a lift. They bring him up into a massive, natural stone tower and then lead him, laughing and taunting and shoving all the while, through numerous tunnels until they reach a room where they fight him to the ground again, chain his feet together, and hoist him up into the air. He’s so beyond overwhelmed by everything going on around him, his brain mostly processing it but his body hardly able to keep up with what he wants it to do, that he doesn’t manage to put up much of a fight. He’s mostly disappointed that the muzzle means he can’t manage even a single bite, despite his desperate need for sustenance.

They leave him hanging like that, and he heaves a raspy sigh. He doesn’t know what they want with him, but he doesn’t anticipate that it’s going to involve feeding him.

(continuation is here)

Accidental Allies

Lotor shifted his shoulders. He wanted to smile at how the paladins had cuffed him with his wrists crossed in front of him, but he knew full well what his smile looked like–

(a devious smirk, because it often was)

–and he held back. He wasn’t quite certain where they had gotten the cuffs either. They seemed to run on an archaic form of Altean magic, and he wanted to study them further.

Couldn’t do that if he broke them while escaping.

Idle thought, anyway. He had no intention of escaping. 

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We don't know that the "don't you ever want something more, maybe with someone in the life" narrative has been destroyed/deconstructed/gone to waste on Sam's part yet. I know a lot of people (myself included) really wanted them to be together, but maybe we just gotta accept that that's not who the writers had in mind for him? Like, i don't think the narrative is dead for Sam on that point just because he didn't end up with who i wanted him to end up with, if that makes sense?

Oh yeah, absolutely… but we also know that we’re beginning to run out of show for him to meet that person, you know?

The community of American Hunters was pretty small as it was, and now they’re getting picked off at an alarming rate, too… and I sort of expected that decimation, but the fact that Eileen was introduced the way she was had set her in a perfect position to BE that, you know?

Eh, it’s just a waste.


There’s some post floating around about how Byron and Polidori were banging and I’m here to tell you that while Byron banged many men, he could not stand Polidori. Most people couldn’t. He literally spent 95% of the summer of 1816 threatening Polidori. When Polidori tried to fight Shelley, it was Byron who stepped in and tried to fight him because he honest to god wanted an excuse to knock him out. He would literally leave Villa Diodati to get away from Polidori.
Byron did not like Polidori.

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Could I maybe request the rfa (+ v and saeran if you want?) reacting to mc doing something kind of stupid and getting injured? (It doesnt have to be anything serious, just something silly like walking into a closed door and ending up with a nosebleed or a black eye) if you don't want to do it though that's perfectly fine!

I am a clumsy mofo so I am READY FOR THIS.


  • The day had been pretty average for him until he got home and found MC missing.
  • He was running around the house screaming for them because MC never left the place.
  • When he goes outside there he finds MC up in a tree
  • Why? There is no true reason.
  • “MC what are you doing?!”
  • “Working on my asparagus farm, obviously.”
  • They start climbing down only to lose balance and fall to the ground
  • Thankfully it wasn’t too far to the ground so the worst that happened was their breath being taken away and a bruise that formed on their shoulder
  • This did not keep you from crying
  • He carries you inside while trying to shush you because you are being so loud
  • He lays you down and wipes away any tears that are on your cheeks
  • Makes you whatever you want for dinner and brings you anything you can ask for
  • He becomes even more cuddly than usual and is very gentle by your back
  • He ends up laying you on him and holds an ice pack to your back


  • He comes home from a practice which you had attended with him. 
  • You’re getting out of the car and when you closed it you caught your finger in the door
  • Your lips were pursed shut and you just let out a very, very high pitched almost train sounding whistle.
  • Zen freaked out
  • You keep telling him it’s okay and wrap a cold paper towel around it
  • He ends up googling home remedies for broken fingers.
  • He ends up taping it with one of your other fingers
  • He also goes out and buys your favorite sweets
  • You thought he spoiled you before
  • It was just a broken finger and he was acting like you had broken a leg or arm.
  • You didn’t mind though
  • He does not stop spoiling you until after it has healed completely
  • He keeps spoiling you though because that’s just how he is


Based on true events in my life

  • The two of you always sleep with the door closed to your bedroom. It made you feel safe
  • The previous night you had stayed up a little too late so you were completely out of it when you woke up alongside Jaehee at 6 AM
  • You go to open the door and you couldn’t. You were too weak.
  • You didn’t realize that it hadn’t opened  and you walked right into the door and fell on your butt
  • You weren’t really hurt but Jaehee was extremely worried
  • “MC you have a huge bruise on your forehead.” 
  • She helps you up before taking you to the kitchen where she presses a bag of ice to it
  • She still has to go to work so she gives you a cup of coffee and gives you very pointed instructions
  • “Change the ice every couple hours, drink plenty of water, don’t press it, and goodness MC please go to sleep”
  • When she comes home you two eat and she inspects the bruise noting how much it’s gone away now. As she’s inspecting it you lean up and kiss her and she gets flustered before adding,
  • “Make sure to keep icing it tomorrow.”


  • You fell on your face
  • Neither of you really know how it happened, it just kind of did
  • You ended up getting a pretty insane nosebleed
  • You didn’t notice it until you saw the blood drip onto your hand
  • He comes running with a box of tissues
  • When he sees you his face goes green. This kid cannot handle blood or guts or anything of the sort
  • You’re pulling out tissue after tissue trying to clean the blood off of your face and hands
  • “Why are you holding your head back?!”
  • He can’t stand looking at you when you have the blood all over you but as soon as you clean off this boy is all over you and is pampering tf out of you
  • He runs a bath and the two of you lay in there for a while.
  • Basically just read the bath ask, that’s what he does


  • When the two of you went out for some fish shaped bread you expected a fun adventure
  • Instead you had your eyes screwed shut as you laughed at a joke and ran into a lamp post
  • You ended up getting a black eye
  • This boy carries you home
  • You insist you are fine but he insists that you are not
  • When you get home he gently places you on the couch and gets Ibuprofen, a piece of steak, and some water.
  • You feel insanely stupid as you hold steak to your eye and as he takes pictures of you
  • He’s laughing his ass off
  • He starts making jokes about it.
  • You would think he would at least bring you things seeing as you can’t see through one eye but alas he does not even do that
  • You end up stumbling around the house while trying to get water or food for yourself.
  • He sounds like a damn studio audience watching a show being filmed


  • You were cooking dinner and when you reached into the oven you burned your wrist
  • V is sprinting to you when he hears you yell ‘SHIT!’
  • You’re already running your wrist under cold water when he comes barreling into the kitchen
  • He’s blind af so there’s only so much he can do
  • You end up having him wrap it in gauze after you smear aloe over it
  • He finishes cooking dinner
  • He ends up burning himself
  • You’re both burnt and yet he’s still being really wary with you
  • “Sweetheart, it’s just a burn I’m fine.”
  • He isn’t having it and reapplies the aloe and gauze every two hours
  • Actually takes this too far
  • “At least let me wrap your wrist too.”
  • The two of you have matching burn marks, they aren’t harsh and are faintly noticeable but whenever someone asks you always change the story and so does he. 


  • You were walking through your home when you stubbed your toe on a chair
  • You were holding your foot with both hands whilst jumping in circles
  • Saeran comes to see what all the noise is and he sees you with a bright red face as you are muttering some very impolite things about the chair under your breath
  • “MC are you okay?”
  • He had a very faint smile on his face
  • Genuinely he wanted to laugh so hard
  • When you finally put down your foot he walked over and gave you a hug as he didn’t really know how to comfort someone who had stubbed their toe
  • “Do you want some ice cream?”
  • The rest of the night you grumbled and glared at the chair while Saeran pat your back
  • “We can burn the chair later.”
  • The two of you burned the chair the next day and you know it ended up in hell

~Admin Peony

An example of why my joining Twitter was a terrible and wonderful idea
  • EGT: And now I randomly want a fic involving Eames playing polo. Why not?
  • IO: I know you mean horse polo, but I'm picturing water polo and it's way dorkier and therefore hilarious.
  • EGT: Okay, I wanted Eames on a horse BUT I will take the water polo, too.
  • IO: Fun fact: they don't air water polo live because everyone's swimsuits get torn off on the regular.
  • EGT: ...Arthur would like that a lot. So would Eames, frankly.
  • EGT: "Why did you take up water polo?" "I thought everyone should see my magnificent penis."
  • IO: Arthur is a sportscaster. Eames is the water polo player who runs out of the pool naked after a victory and hugs Arthur.
  • EGT: Haha! While poor Arthur desperately tries to be professional!
  • IO: Exactly! Still recapping the game while Eames hoots and lifts him up. Suit getting totally soaked.
  • IO: eventually Eames runs off, leaving a wet penis-print on Arthur's thigh
  • EGT: It gets highlighted in a meme with an arrow pointing to it.
  • EGT: Arthur is all mournful. "I'm the only sportscaster famous for a wet penis-print on my thigh."
  • IO: People dress up like him and Eames for Halloween. Internet discussions of the best way to replicate the wet penis-print.

Say what you want about the Hellsing anime but Integra roasting Maxwell’s ass in Ep. 7 and then walking down the sidewalk saying nothing but “It’s a beautiful day” is something else I tell you what 

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How Hanzo, McCree and 76 react if s/o came walking into their room, and crawled into bed with them because they had a nightmare, and they don't want to be alone???

Requests are open!
have i mentioned that this is like my all time favorite scenario ever


He’s awake when you cracked the door to his room open hesitantly. It’s another rough night for him, and it’s a relief to see your face at the door. Putting down whatever he happens to be doing, he reaches forward, waiting for you to take his hand and crawl into bed beside him.

“You okay?” He asks, and runs his hand through your hair. The action is soothing, and you curl up a little closer next to him.

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Ok but in SoS when they are on the world tree and they have to split up because they run into Ratatosk and Blitz drags Magnus to safety and then Magnus is all "How did you do that? What did you hear?" And Blitz says "nothing I don't tell myself all the time, kid." Like whAT DOES HE TELL HIMSELF MY PRECIOUS ANGEL HE IS TOO PERFECT TO BE USED TO HATING HIMSELF I CANT HANDLE THIS. I'm sure Hearth knows Blitz's deepest insecurities. I just want to see him comfort Blitz when they all met up again.

BOIII I KNOW IT KILLS ME SO MUCH LIKE STRIKE ME DEAD. i can’t handle this empty cup family :’( 

Preference #18: You Tell Him You're Pregnant
  • Michael: You groaned as you read the tiny +. "Yep," you said to yourself. This was the 3rd test you had taken. You were definitely pregnant. "Y/n?" you heard your boyfriend, Michael call. You quickly threw all evidence in the trash and left the bathroom. "Hey babe," you smiled. You went about your day as normal, trying to forget that there was a tiny baby living inside of you. You knew you ought to tell Michael, but you had no idea how he would react. You and Michael agreed discussing starting a family before, but both agreed you were far from ready. Through out the day he kept asking you were you okay, when you kept dying when playing video games, when you got lost in a day dream involving diapers and crying babies, when you didn't eat much at dinner, and you lied and said yes. But the next morning, he knew that something was wrong. You were sitting in front of the toilet, puking up all the food you didn't eat, and it never seemed to stop. Michael held your hair back and rubbed your back. When you finally stopped, you could barely hold your head up so he carried you back to bed. "I'm sorry," you mumbled into his muscular chest. "Why baby? You can't help this. It will pass soon," he said, playing with your hair. "No it wont!" you whined. "What?" he said, confused. "Is there something wrong?? Are you like...sick-sick? don't have cancer do you?" You looked up at his face and you could almost hear the 1000s of worries dancing through his mind. "No!!" you told him. "I'm fine. I'm just um....I'm pregnant Michael," you said, worried about his reaction. He looked at you before saying, "Oh thank fuck!" He kissed you slowly, even though you knew you tasted like vomit. "You're not mad?" you asked when you pulled away. "No. I thought there was something wrong. How could I be mad baby?" he said. You sighed with relief. "And we're gonna have a baby," he smiled. "That's crazy," you said, barely able to believe it. "I know. But we're gonna do just fine, don't you worry."
  • Calum: "Babe?" You called to Calum. "Yeah?" he asked running up the stairs. "You okay?" You nodded. "What date is it?" you asked him. "27th, why?" he said. "Oh," you replied. You had missed your period for the second month in a row and were beginning to get worried, before you realised that you could be pregnant. "I think I'm pregnant Cal!" you told him. His eyes widened in surprised. "Take a test!" he urged. "I need to go to an interview, but call me okay?" he said, kissing you sweetly before he left. You took the test, which came out as a big fat positive. You were so worried, mainly because you would have to take care of a little baby, but you didn't know if Calum wanted a baby or not. Well you knew he did, but you weren't sure if he was ready yet. "Y/n?" he called, 3 hours later running through the door. "So?" he asked eagerly. "I took the test.." you said. "Is it good news or bad news?" said impatiently. "I don't know," you mumbled before handing him the positive test. You watched his scan the screen. "It's great news!" he grinned. You giggled. He picked you up and spun you around. "We're gonna have a baby!" he said, his eyes lit up like a little boy on Christmas morning. "Yeah we are!" you smiled. "My mom is gonna be soo happy! What about the boys when can I tell them? Can I get him or her a guitar?? I can't wait to show him to the fans! What should we name it??" he rambled on and on. You were just so happy that he wanted to start a family with you.
  • Luke: You stared at the little blue plus wondering how this could happen to you. You were a good kid. You did well in school, you listened to your parents and you had a cute boyfriend who you loved dearly and wanted to be with forever. But you were both too young. To young to have a baby. You were still in school. You could not believe it. You and Luke were being "safe". How could this of happened to you. What would you're parents say? You heard the bell go, just then remembering you were sat in a cubicle of your high school's bathroom. You quickly got up, checked yourself out of the office and ran to the only place you could think of going; Luke's house. "Y/n?" he said, confused when you showed up at his house, mascara running down your face. "Oh baby what's wrong?" he sat you in his lap and gently stroked you're hair. "Tell me what's wrong princess," he said trying to calm you. "I can't Lukey. You'll break up with me if I do," you cried. "Did...did you cheat?" he asked, suddenly shocked. You shook your head. "No, never," you assured him. "Then what? It can't be that bad!" he said. You shook your head again. "Luke...I'm..I'm pregnant!" you blurted out. He stared at you in utter astonishment. "Oh baby," he said and held me close as I sobbed into his chest. He just sat there rubbing my back, unable to say anything. "What are we gonna do?" you asked between sobs. "You can't get rid of it. It's a real baby?" he said, amazed. "I know. I'm just.. I'm so scared," you said, crying harder. "It's okay," he repeated over and over. "We can do this. It can't be that hard right?" he asked helplessly. It just made you cry more. "Don't worry. One thing's for sure, you're gonna be a great Mommy!" he smiled. "At the child is gonna be so spoiled!" he said. You giggled. Maybe you could do it after all.
  • Ashton: You and Ashton had being trying for a baby for a few weeks when you found out you were pregnant. You were so excited. You imagined the little baby shoes, showing him/her off to your friends, endless sleepless nights that would be totally worth it, a cute baby bump, teddy bears, pink or blue everything but mostly you couldn't wait to see the look on Ashton's face when he held your child for the first time. You smiled all day and everyone noticed. "You look extra-great today," your mom smiled. You wanted to tell her but didn't. "You look so happy? What's up?" Your bestie asked you. You just laughed and winked. "You seem kinda different. But kinda in a good way?" Ashton looked confusedly at you. "We'll I feel different but In a good way! I'm just so happy!" you giggled. "Why?" he said, still confused. You smirked and drummed your fingers on your non-existent bump. Suddenly, he got it, a huge smile appearing on his face. "We're pregnant?" he asked. You nodded, smiling. "I'M GONNA BE A DAD!" he yelled, laughing. "I know!" you said. He kissed you, the kiss filled with passion and excitement. "I'm so happy you're gonna be the mother of my baby," he giggled again. "Hi baby!" he said talking to your bump now. "I'm Ashton, I'm your daddy!" He looked up at you smiling. "I love you so so much already," he told your baby. "I just can't wait to see you. I'll sing to you all the time, I promise. Even though I'm not that good at singing," he laughed again. "Do you think he can hear me?" Ashton asked. "Oh yeah, even though his tiny ears aren't formed yet," you said. He laughed but continued talking. "I'm gonna spoil you to bits. I'll teach you how to play the drums. And you better love Vegemite. And I promise, I'll never, ever, ever leave you," he placed a kiss on your belly. You knew Ashton was gonna be the best dad in the entire world.
  • A/n: Request preferences and imagines pretty please.

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BTS reaction to you falling on them bc of people pushing and trying to get through. (This was based on my conversation w/ my mum bc I was like "But I don't want to share lockers w/ people." And she said what if you shared with a cute guy next to me. "Like drop a book or fall on him?" Accidentally fall on him.)😂😂 Sorry~!

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*you run into him from behind after someone shoves you forward* 

Hoseok: Oh my God, could you watch where you’re going? *because he’s so freaking sassy*


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*after you’ve both gotten up due to your unfortunate *or not so unfortunate* tumble into him*

“Watch where you’re going next time.” (Playfully though, because, Taehyung.)

Rap Monster:

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(insert immature and playful namjoon here)

*You run into him head-on, causing you both to fall. He takes this opportunity to embarrass you as revenge and picks up your books for you, but instead of handing them to you, he runs down the hall throwing your papers everywhere.*

*but he picks them up shortly after*


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*after you trip in front of him, dropping your books*

“I would help but… gif” sugA YOU ASS


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*You’re pushed into him causing you to drop your books and fall to the ground as everyone starts to laugh at you. Jungkook notices your embarrassment and starts dancing around wildly, taking everyone’s attention off of you long enough for you to gather your things and run off to class. Soon followed by Jungkook.* i’m so sorry i’m such trash why did i write that??? it isn’t even midnight


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*activate pervy jimin*

*you’ve just started to walk away after being pushed into him*

“And where do you think you’re going, pretty lady?”


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*you’re pushed from behind, making you lose your footing and falling*

“Here, let me help you!” jin stop my heart just pooped itself

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NaruHina headcanon 54 : Daddy's Girl / Mama's Boy
  • Bolt: Mama! Are you ready?!
  • Hinata: Yes. Bolt, you'd better not hold anything back. You said you wanted to inherit the Hyuga house, didn't you?
  • Bolt: Of course! Because mama's blood runs through me too!
  • *Both of them get in stance*
  • Bolt: Byakugan~!
  • Hinata: Byakugan!
  • Hanabi: Senbon Kumite...begin!
  • Hiashi: Hana, he's like..6. Is he ready?
  • Meanwhile, at the hokage's office...
  • Himawari: Daddy, look what I can do! Kuchiyose-no...
  • Naruto: Sweetie, don't!
  • Himawari: ...jutsu~!
  • *toads summoned*
  • Gamakichi: Yo, Naruto. It's been ages. You called?
  • Naruto: That would be my daughter.
  • Himawari: You're small.
  • Gamakichi: HEY! GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES KID. But you're cute so I'll let this slide.
  • *Himawari picks him up*
  • Himawari: Can I keep him daddy?! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?!?
  • Naruto:, he's gotta go home back to Toad mountain. Say bye bye now!
  • Himwari: Bye toad-kun!
  • Naruto: (She's only 5. And she can summon already? Oh boy....) Hima-baby?
  • Himawari: Yes daddy?
  • Naruto: Don't tell mama.
  • Himawari: *mischevous Naruto grin* Okay!
12/clara: is it like an addiction?

 tl;dr “no”

I saw someone expressing reservations about people applying the “addiction” metaphor to 12 & Clara’s relationship, and I was thinking about why it feels so ill-fitted to their dynamic. After all, it’s something Clara herself articulates clearly–after her last-ditch effort to break things off cleanly with the Doctor, she begins to think it’s some moral failing on her part that makes her want to stay with him. Maybe, she thinks, it’s all about the adrenaline rush, that she has a life so far removed from her normal routine that she can’t imagine going without it. And a lot of Clara’s and 12′s behavior throughout S8 looks, on the surface, like a couple of addicts desperately trying to justify their behavior–they’re constantly lying, manipulating, and lashing out, both to each other and to everyone around them. Of course this relationship is awful and unhealthy and toxic for both of them, and they’d be much better off without each other. Right? WRONG.

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rick asking if michonne made it back and then wiping his eye after being told she didn’t is still the worst thing to ever happen to me i can’t believe i had to witness it