because i don't want to run up to him like

Okay, but an AU were Draco went to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts because Lucius didn’t want him going to a school run by Dumbledore.

And Draco shows up for the Triwizard tournament with his school right when Harry is in his awkward “holy fuck I’m bi as hell” phase. 

Draco is excited to meet Harry Potter and he isn’t a little shit like he was in first year, but he’s still kind of a shit. Draco is impressed by Harry getting his name in the Goblet of Fire and roots for him over Krum. 

Draco asks Harry to the Yule Ball and Harry doesn’t know what to say because he hasn’t asked anyone and no one has asked him. 

Ron and Harry still have their fight, but Ron is also upset by the fact that both his friends are falling for Durmstrang guys, like what the hell! 

Draco kisses Harry before the Durmstrang ship leaves and asks Harry to write to him.

Just gay as fuck Durmstrang!Draco trying to woo Harry during his year at Hogwarts.


“Love between siblings grow when you are rough with each other. If you see her from afar, what should you do? Run up to her, just run. Lock her, lock her in first. Act as if you will pet her, and keep locking her in. Hold her down till she surrenders.”
- Advice from SooHo, an Experience Brother.

Nearly a full day passed between when the Whomping Willow took its last blows and Davey woke up in the Hospital Wing. Immediately met with his siblings, and a lecture from Galvin to boot, he had been sleeping on and off in the moments since. One bout of wakefulness left him alone with Madam Pomfrey who was all too quick to give a second lecture and pile on a week of detention even though he had broken know rules, but with her, it surely wouldn’t be too bad. Finally on the third, he was able to convince her to let people visit other than his siblings with the promise of attempting a few more hours of sleep himself before she opened it up.

It couldn’t have been much worse, or so he was told. She had done as much as she could for the bones surrounding his heart and lungs, but with so much magic holding him together, there was always the concern of what spells could be placed on him without affecting those keeping him alive. Once again, Davey would be stuck lying about how too many concussions made healing harder, not that many would doubt the excuse between having been concussed twice as many times as anyone else in the school and the brutal head injury he sustained this time. Partially cracked from the last blow, he’d been lucky he had a hard head and the hit was placed so she had been able to save his eye and keep the damage to a minimum. 

Still, he couldn’t remember what happened. He was filled in on the day itself, but the further he thought back, the more concerned he became. The lockdown was clear, and he knew every detail from the match and the next practice. Everything after was fuzzy, a fact he’d yet to share with anyone but Pomf who gave him a concerned and pitying look and said the memories should come back. What he had to focus on was healing the rest of him. There would be no flying or Quidditch until his head and leg healed, the latter shattered at his hip and knee, which would take the longest.

He’d be lucky if there would be Quidditch at all. His captaincy already stripped from him, so soon off a huge victory, and given to Gwenog. There was no denying the bubble of anger at himself, at her, even if there was nothing either of them could do about it. This was over. He was told he couldn’t handle it. He would miss too many practices; he couldn’t lead from his hospital bed.

Footsteps pulled him out of his thoughts before he could get too far into that particular spiral again. There was no regrets. He attempted it. More importantly, he succeeded. That was what he clung onto as he tried to turn towards the door. A large bandage covered the eye closest, the one he was lucky to have kept and sent him into panic when he couldn’t see upon first waking up, so there was no knowing who had come until they made it to his good side. already propped up on pillows, he still tried to shift but the still healing cuts on his side pulled painfully.

“Come to visit the cripple?” he asked, resigning to dropping down because there was no figuring out who was approaching. “My one rule is no lectures. I’m at two for the day and expecting a Howler from my parents.”