because i don't understand why someone you don't know would ask you if you want coffee

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Fickyfuck kid here. That's my best sentence I've ever written in my life and I used to write stories. (Writers block is a bitch and I have no where to write so it's just like I give my life to learning Russian... HOLD UP IDEA MAN y'all could do a reaction of the RFA to MC that just starts randomly talking in Russian not even realizing it. Holy fuck I wasn't planning this to happen, y'all don't need to write it (I totally get if you don't want to)) ~Your local fickyfuck

A/N: fickyfuck is still on my list of all time favourite sayings iloveyou  AAAAAAAAA I ONLY KNOW A FEW DIFFERENT (and very…very random) PHRASES IN RUSSIAN SO I HOPE I SPELT THEM RIGHT AND YA KNOW DIDN’T SAY SOMETHING REALLY RUDE OR WEIRD WITHOUT KNOWING IT (tho let’s be honest here, this is ME we’re talking about….) ^^;;;;; ~Admin 404



           -He came home early from class one day and found you playing video games!

           -Though, he wasn’t sure what game because???? He kept hearing another language?

           -Wait that…sounds like your voice

           -Maybe you’re speaking along to the game? Some made up language?

           -He walked into the room behind you and looked at the screen but there weren’t any characters talking

           -You were just running around, fighting whatever monsters popped up, but he still heard this muttering? Where in the world could this be coming from???

           -“Возьми это! Ты тупой монстр … Я истинный рыцарь этого мира … Ешь мой меч !!”

           -“Um.. MC? What was that?”

           -HE SCARED THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!! -which, incidentally, scared him too- and you had to have him explain what he was hearing. Maybe he was just hearing things??

           -After describing what he heard you realized that you were mumbling in Russian, and had to explain to him that you were the one talking. You were just trash talking the monsters in the game! He was really impressed that you knew Russian, and can’t believe he never knew!!! Completely amazed every time you switch to it, no matter how often he’s heard it


           -It was after a performance from his, and you were star struck!!

           -It was the best show you’ve seen in your life!

           -His singing!!!! It’s amazing at home but seeing it oN STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOLE DIFFERENT THING!!

           -You ran up to him once he was off stage and your mind was running so fast that you didn’t even realize you switched to Russian when congratulating him

           -“Это было удивительно! Так хорошо! Я так горжусь тобой!”

           -He was happy to see you! You look so cute when you’re that excited!

           -Though he had NO idea what you were saying, he kind of went along with it

           -Full of smiles, nods, and “Yeah!”

           -Until you finally realized he had no idea what you were saying and said the whole thing again so he could understand you

           -He loves when you switch to Russian because that means you’re really excited!!! And really excited MC is a really cute MC!! Also really appreciates that you’ll say everything again just so he can understand what you’re so excited about! literally sprints to the other room when he hears any sort of russian because??? what if he misses his MC looking cute


           -When working for Jumin, one must know a few different languages

           -Well, at least have some sort of understanding of them

           -So when you switched to Russian while telling her what kind of coffee you wanted, it took her a little bit to realize you had switched

           -The only reason she knew you switched is because you started to say some uncommon words that she didn’t understand

           -She knows the basics such as “hello”, “how are you”, you know, smaller phrases!

           -Not…whatever you had told her

           -“Я хочу, чтобы этот кофе … это своего рода вкус … поджаренный зефир!”

           -“I’m… I’m sorry, MC, what is it that you want?”

           -???? OH SORRY BAEHEE

           -It was really no problem for her, but seeing how embarrassed you tended to get when you switch languages made her wish you did it more often!! She thinks its adorable! Also, secretly studies more Russian to understand you!


           -He’s done business with other people who speak Russian as well

           -So, of course, he’s taught himself Russian!

           - among other languages as well

           -What he didn’t know, though, is that you know Russian as well??

           -When he came home one day to hear someone speaking Russian, he was extremely confused

           - who the fuck got past my guards

           -Until he recognized your lovely voice! What made him smile was the fact that you were complimenting Elizabeth, and showing her your love

           -“Вы очаровательны! Так мило! Я люблю тебя!”

           -So, of course, he walks into the room and compliments her in Russian as well! It may have startled you a little bit, but you quickly got over it!

           -He usually has to point out when you’re speaking Russian to others, and enjoys seeing how flustered you get when you apologize. When the two of you are at home, however, he doesn’t mind if you accidently switch to Russian because??? He understands it, why would it be a bother? He just responds normally to whatever you say!


           -He had to learn a BUNCH of different languages when he was an agent!

           -So…. of course he knows Russian!

           -But the real question here is….

           -When did YOU learn Russian??

           -He didn’t see anywhere on your record that you spoke Russian!!!!

           -So when you randomly switched to Russian while mid-conversation with him, he didn’t even blink an eye

           -“Есть что-нибудь вы хотите на обед, кроме чипсов?”

           -When you asked him if he wanted anything for lunch besides chips, he responded right back in Russian!

           -It doesn’t faze him at all! Never hesitates to respond back to you, and doesn’t care if you do it in public, in fact, he makes a game out of it. “How many people can we confuse?: Park edition”

           -Sucks for the people around you who can’t speak Russian! ESPECIALLY if you do it in the group chat! Refuses to translate for everyone else! Also loves messing with everyone by telling you inappropriate things in Russian in front of everyone else but refuses if Jumin’s there because he knows he can speak it as well


           -It actually really surprised him!!

           -He’s picked up a few phrases here and there from travelling, but WOW

           -You knew the whole language!!!

           -He asked you to describe what you felt when you looked at a photograph he just took

           -But did not expect you to respond back in RUSSIAN??

           -“Это заставляет меня чувствовать себя сухо и комфортно!”

           -“I’m…I’m sorry sweetheart, what was that? I only know a few basic words in Russian…”


           -IMMEDIATELY TAKES A PICTURE. Also vows to take a picture of you each time you realize you’re speaking in Russian. He wants to make a whole photo album about it!!

           -Honestly loves when you’re speaking Russian!! He’s starting to actually pick up on a few words here and there because of you! Believes if he listens to you mumble to yourself enough, he’ll learn the whole language too!


           -What the hell did you just say to me

           -Honestly has no idea what you’re saying

           -Isn’t even sure what language it was??? MC??? Explain??

           -He was just innocently sitting on the couch, watching some TV when you walked behind him and spouted off what he thought was nonsense

           -“Эй, что новое шоу вы хотите смотреть приходит на несколько минут.”

           -“What the fuck does that meAN”

           -Took you longer than you wanted to admit to realize you told him in Russian

           -After you translated for him, he pouts

           -He’ll go out later that day and buy a ton of books to learn Russian


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i don't know if you take prompts atm but I found this and immediatelly think of jikook lol: "seriously if one more FUckIN person comes to me to ask for permission to ask you out I’ll-I’ll- KISS YOU IN FRONT OF THEM."can you write a drabble about this please? :D have a nice day Alison XD

jungkook stares. the boy in front of him blinks nervously at him. 

“why the fuck would you ask me if you could ask jimin out?”

“because uh… well…you’re always hanging around him and he seems to really care about what you think so…i guess…i just…”

inside, jungkook feels a hot flash of satisfaction. of course they had to ask his permission. jimin couldn’t be allowed to date just any sort of random trash. only the best for jimin, jungkook would make sure of it. which is why…

“no, you can’t date him. have a nice day.”

the second time, it’s a girl. jungkook blinks at her as she sits nervously down in front of him as he’s waiting for jimin at the library. 

“do you need something?” he asks when she doesn’t say anything, just fidgets in front of him. “you’ll need to move soon because that’s jimin’s seat.”

“i…um…what would you think of me and jimin-oppa dating?” 

jungkook’s face turns thunderous. “you’re what?”

ah, not yet, not yet,” she amends quickly and jungkook relaxes a bit. “i confessed and he said i should ask you too because you’re important to him and he wants us to get along if we’re going to – “

“you’re not going to,” jungkook says, smiling. he looks past her and waves. “jimin-hyung, over here!” turning back to her, his smile turns a bit malicious. “you can leave now. like i said, that seat’s for jimin.”

by the end of the week, the news is spreading like wildfire through the school. to date park jimin, you have to ask jeon jungkook first. 

“this is ridiculous,” jungkook says to jimin during lunch. “i’ve been asked seven times just today if they can date you.”

jimin giggles. “and you didn’t say yes to a single one?”

jungkook rolls his eyes. “of course not.” he doesn’t see the way jimin’s lips curl into a fond smile around his straw. “four of them were too ugly, two of them were too stupid, and the last one…no. you can do way better than that.”

“maybe you should lower your standards,” jimin says. “i wouldn’t mind dating someone who wasn’t doing too well in math or ate gumballs after they’ve dropped on the floor.”

“the three-second rule is scientifically proven somewhere otherwise it wouldn’t exist,” jungkook replies. “speaking of which, can you help me with my calc homework later?”


“why can’t i?” 

“because i said so,” jungkook says, daring him to go on. honestly, no means no, who did this guy think he was? jimin held jungkook’s opinion in the highest esteem and that was that. if jungkook didn’t like you, you had to go. simple enough to understand, right?

apparently not to this one.

“give me a good reason.”

“i don’t have to give you anything.”

“fuck this. i’m going to ask jimin myself. i don’t understand why you have to police everyone he talks to. he doesn’t belong to you.”

“yes he does,” jungkook finds himself saying. “he’s mine and you can’t have him. no one can have him, he’s mine.”

there’s a pause. 

“oh, i see,” the guy says. “wow. what a joke you guys’ve been playing. didn’t have to put up with all this bullshit if you guys were already dating. that’s sick.”

jungkook’s face goes bright red at the insinuation “we’re not – “

“we’re not dating,” jimin says, sliding into the seat next to jungkook. “i’m single.” he turns to the guy. “so, you wanna go get coffee over the weekend?”

jungkook turns to him in shock. “hyung?” he can’t help the betrayal that seeps into his voice.

“what?” jimin turns to him, eyes dancing. “is there a reason i can’t?”

“you can’t,” jungkook says, scarily close to whining. “because…because…”

jimin flutters his eyelashes. “because i’m yours?”

jungkook freezes. “that’s…” jimin hums, taking a sip from his drink. “that’s…”

“use your words, jungkookie.” jimin looks thoughtful for a bit. “or don’t.”

and jungkook’s never been good with words anyways so he leans in and smashes his lips against jimin’s. it’s clumsy and unprepared and more teeth than anything else but it feels so, so right and they don’t even notice the guy leaving with a disgusted huff. 

when he pulls back, jungkook stares blankly at jimin, wondering at what he just did. 

he’d always been a little slow when it came to these things, jimin thinks fondly, watching as jungkook processed his impulse action. 

“you’re mine,” jungkook repeats. “mine.” 

jimin hums and sips at his drink again. “yours,” he agrees. “coffee on saturday?”

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if.. you're feeling up for some angst/heart-breaking, how about some hc of MC falling in love with one of the RFA boys and they don't return her feelings? this is... theoretically impossible(?) so i'll understand if you don't answer lolol - maybe a comeback could be that someone else(who actually has feelings for them) would comfort the MC?

don’t worry nonnie, i get the gist of what you’re asking! i’m going to add some of my interpretation to your ask so this is the prompt below:

How would the RFA comfort MC who’s been rejected by her crush?

i’m gonna make a quick note here and say that for each of the imagines, MC outright confessed to her crush, to which they turn her down. and it’s kind of AU-ish in this post, cuz MC is not living in Rika’s apartment, but she is apart of the RFA. let’s get on with the post!

Yoosung begins crying the moment he sees your teary and heartbroken face. He’s all over you like a confused puppy - he wants to comfort you the best he can, but he has no clue what to do. He’s a bit scared he’ll only mess up and do something stupid yet again right in front of you. You’re just so great and wonderful and awesome, he doesn’t understand why anyone would reject you! O-oh? Did he say that out loud? Oh…Even though Yoosung technically half-confessed his feelings, his top priority is you. Next thing you knew, he’s bringing all the junk food he can find in his house, dumps it on the floor, and cries with you just to make you feel better. Such a simple cinnamon roll

Zen’s immediate reaction is anger, when he hears you sobbing over the phone about how your crush rejected you. At first he’d say, “That jerk! I’ll give them a piece of my mind!” He quickly realizes though, what you really need right now is a shoulder to cry on. He jumps on his motorcycle and drive all the way to your place, while making some quick stops along the way. In the middle of the night, he shows up at your doorstep with a couple of tissue boxes, a tub of chocolate ice cream, and a few cheesy rom-com movies. You sit together on the couch and he lets you lean your head on him, as you vent your heartbroken feelings. He says, “They don’t know what they lost. MC, you’re a gem, and I won’t let you forget that.” Crap! He came out more intimate than he intended! But he sort of hopes you noticed…He doesn’t ever want you to feel worthless because of some rejection.

Jumin notices you’re not as lively when you came over to his place. You didn’t even smile when Elizabeth appeared and rubbed her head affectionately against your feet. He cuts straight to the point and asks you if anything’s wrong. If you say no, Jumin would be quick to point out that yes, something is bothering you, but won’t push the subject any further. If you admit yes, something’s been bothering you all day, he sits down to listen. After you finish telling him about your failed confession, he’s actually frowning. “A shame,” he tells you, pulling you into a light hug. “If I were in their place, I would’ve immediately said yes.” Wow, Jumin, smooth moves

Jaehee immediately observes you were nearly silent this entire time you came over to her house to have a cup of her savory coffee. She gently asks if anything was wrong. The moment she sees your shiny eyes or hears a muffled sob from you, look out, cuz Jaehee switches to mother hen mode. Pulls out any sweets lying around, pours you a fresh cup of coffee, brings out a spare box of tissue, and pulls a chair next to you. She lets you vent on for hours, without a complaint on her end. Definitely insists for you to sleepover, because she doesn’t want to let you be left alone. She even tucks you into her bed, and works on anything for her job beside you. As you were dozing off, you swear someone kisses you on the forehead. 

707/Saeyoung can’t stand the sight of your sad face and wrapping his mind around the fact someone rejected you. You! He knows he doesn’t deserve you, but he can’t let you sink into despair…so he does what he does best. Make you laugh. “MC…” He says all seriously at first. “Seeing you cry like this is pretty…tear-able!” He smiles so hard it hurts his cheeks, when you laughed at the horrible pun. He brings you into a tight hug. “Don’t worry about that person, MC. You’ll definitely find someone who deserves someone like you.” He hates letting you go After that, he secretly emails your ex-crush an automatic virus. Because Saeyoung can be a petty fuck at times, especially if the few people he loves gets hurt by somebody.

Real-time fandub highlights:
  • RIP Ryan
  • Lucia is Amethyst
  • #AntHunt
  • Dipper: "I can smell my brain."
  • Waluigia
  • Dipper: "I don't want my breakfast to kill me."
  • Soos: "Hey did you know that Chalupas and Tacos are the same food? It's a conspiracy."
  • Dipper: "Stop drinking coffee, switch to de-caf."
  • Sheriff Blubs: "I'm already hot chocolate. get it? cuz I'm hot and attractive? That has nothing to do with race."
  • Mabel: "Are you sure the footprints didn't do it?"
  • Dipper: "Yeah, it was the invisible wizard, with an axe!"
  • Soos: "You can't chop a chalupa with an axe."
  • Dipper: "This is just like the Spongebob movie"
  • Mabel: "hey, are you a corner?"
  • Manly Dan: "the clock insulted my fandom."
  • Dipper: "I can understand that."
  • Durland: "HE'S A GOBLIN IN LOVE!"
  • Toby: "Your little legs must be tired-no wait not yet."
  • Blubs: "Can we just kill him because Goblin lives don't mater."
  • Blubs: "This new season of Breaking Bad is really weird."
  • Stan: "Some may say it's wrong for a man to love a meme about himself."
  • Random breaking out into songs from "Aladdin-The Return of Jafar."
  • The *horrific* Karaoke of "All Star" during the break.
  • Oscar: "If that karaoke was a politician, it would be Trump."
  • "That was far too coherent to be Trump"
  • The Ukulele cover of Peanut Butter Jelly in tribute to Dogan.
  • The recitation of the History of Japan.
  • "Lapis, Peridot, Jasper, Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, Bismuth, and Garnet all fused to make Dogan."
  • "Peridot is actually Larry King"
  • "The Cameo of Steven's brother."
  • "The Cameo of an ant."
  • "Bismuth and Greg got together and Bismuth revealed herself to be Stan."
  • Soos: "Is this a mushroom? No that's a doorknob."
  • Wax Sherlock Homes: "I would say the dying scene from 'Blaze Runner' but I forget it."
  • Wax Sherlock Holmes: "laughy laughy laugh and die"
  • Sheriff Blubs: "Let's all go get some HOT CHOOOOCLOLATE"
  • Dipper: "We used coffee to kill a man."
  • Wax Larry King Head: "Hey, you should kill me."
  • Cash Wheel Announcer: "Welcome to cash wheel: the show with a wheel with cash in it."
  • Wallet Dad: "ha ha don't puke all over the ground."
  • Announcer: "I sure hope your questions are answered cuz were back."
  • Stan: "yada yada yada, I have a big nose."
  • "If a girl online says she's Asian is she Asian?"
  • "What if she's Russian?"
  • "Asians are like the Weeping Angels."
  • "The Weeping Asians."
  • Mabel: "Ok, well the real #1 is YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!"
  • Stan: "Time to use my old man powers: AAAAHHHH BUILD A WALL!!!!11 BUILD A WALL!!!!11"
  • "Um, sir we have Donald Trump on the premises"
  • "ah, uh, um, PUT HIM ON TV!!"
  • Stan: "I'm a cartoon stereotype"
  • "I shouldn't have gone back"
  • Dipper: "Hey, here's my girlfriend, she's Asian and Russian!"
  • Guy (after seeing his worst nightmare): "TRUMP IS PRESIDENT, TRUMP IS PRESIDENT TRUMP IS PRESIDENT!"
  • Mabel *helping someone with the vending machine*"hey, there's a portal behind there, did you know that?"
  • "We'll be right back to Real-Time Fandub on Dogan TV."
  • Ant Hunt Clue #1: "vlpjjanps onoeodyoncexxl"
  • Mabel: "Is a Capricorn a unicorn in a cap or is it a unicorn who drank a Caprisun?"
  • Dipper: "Mabel you have crazy ADHD."
  • Mabel: "Not a wo-manattee?"
  • Mabel: "My whiskers aren't nearly that big."
  • Dipper: "Thank you for randomly handing me a bottle."
  • Mabel: "'McGuckett labs?' Is that a band name?"
  • Dipper: "He has a McGuckett face."
  • Lil Big Dawg: "Oh, hey, I'm here and I'm eatn' my pants."
  • Lil Big Dawg: "Gotta go fast gotta go fast"
  • Soos: "Looks like Sonic's my overlord"
  • Dipper: McGuckett, come here boy!"
  • McGuckett: "Don't tell me not to vote for Trump!"
  • why did that page fall so slowly
  • Mabel: "If you suck all the water out of a watermelon does that make it a regular melon?"
  • Dipper: "THAT'S A NEWSPAPER!"
  • Dipper: "He did vanishified! Or did he?????"
  • Dipper: "This is like a Zelda Puzzle."
  • Soos: "Man that was a lot easier than a water temple."
  • Blind Ivan: "What is it you have seen?"
  • Lazy Susan: "i saw ghost busters the remake and it was ok i guess"
  • "Mabel was asking SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!111"
  • Dipper: "OH WAIT I'M DIPPER!"
  • Lazy Susan: "I feel like a feeling."
  • Dipper: "Your hat's gonna get there before us!"
  • Dipper: "To the Bat Cave!"
  • Mabel: "What's the difference between pie and cake????"
  • Robbie: "My Chemical Romance felt like My Little Pony to me."
  • "What are you Scallywags doing here?"
  • Blind Ivan: "There's a duck and there's an eye but not any more! hahaha!"
  • Mabel: "If evolution is real-"
  • Dipper: "Mabel! Don't erase our minds, and, yep that's my plea, yep that good!"
  • Mabel: "If evolution is real why can't Aquaman tale to all animals? It doesn't make sense???"
  • Soos: "Mabel is a bottle if maple syrup."
  • Mabel: "Polly Pockets are just tiny barbies."
  • Toot-Toot-Mc-Bumbersnazzle: "I love Polly Pockets!"
  • Mabel: "It's okay, we can all go play Pokemon Go."
  • *Young Fiddleford's monologue*
  • Young Fiddelford: "Scare Crow Brother."
  • Mabel: "Adventure Time got weird! That was the Ice King, right?"
  • Stan: "Whoop! There goes a Rick and Morty cameo!"
  • Stn: "Time to make this a running joke for the next few episodes."
  • dudududuududududuududuududuuduududuedededededeedlellelelldldldldajdededeldeasdaddaedededeaarrfatffeddetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Steven Universe Real-Time Fandub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Break In (Ray/Reader)

Who: Reader/Ray
What: Your apartment was robbed and you got clobbered in the process. Ray lives below you and is one of your good friends so he takes care of you.
Rating: Mostly PG, some swearing, some pain/blood/sexual suggestions but nothing big. Ray is too adorable I am sorry.
Author’s note: May continue with this later because I feel like good guy Ray needs more love. Part two here.
Words: 5,000+

You felt cold. There was a metallic taste in your mouth. But you were cold. You had never felt this cold in bed. Slowly you opened your eyes, the light was blinding. You squinted at the blurry whiteness. Slowly it started to come more and more into focus. The white walls were not your room. The ceiling wasn’t your ceiling. You went from cold and sleepy, to cold and wide awake. You jerked up in bed and looked around. You rubbed your eyes and your head ached. Beside you was a small table with a little vase full of flowers. They were still wrapped in their plastic. Hastily bought. The little beeps and noises meant only one thing. A hospital? You looked around more. There were no IV’s in your arm, but the small heart monitor was attached to your finger either way. Well..

You hadn’t had an allergic reaction to anything at least. But why were you here. Why were you in the.. You reached up and felt your head again, it was killing you now but all you felt was a bandage. It ached there. Why. Your arms were littered in what looked like day old bruises. You weren’t in your clothes but in a gown. Other parts of you ached enough that you felt like you needed to lay back down but now your heart was beating rapidly. You couldn’t stop it. Why were you HERE? You opened your mouth to speak but only a soft little sound came out. Your voice was worn. Why? You tried to yell but it was scratchy and faded to the point that it didn’t even carry to the door.

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Can someone make a translator that translates whatever is considered social normalcy to whatever goes on in my head?

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Um hi. I don't think this is the sort of thing you usually do, but I wanted to ask just in case because I feel horrible and need comfort from les amis. I just had a bit of a breakdown and I can't stop crying, I don't know why, so I was wondering if you could make a post about how each barricade boy would comfort someone when they're upset? I understand if it's not your thing, but posts like that help me when I'm sad. I hope you're having a great day, you're amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Enjolras - Would comfort you by reminding you of all the things you have accomplished and the people around you you helped and impacted in a positive way
  • Combeferre - Would speak softly, find the right words, listen to you talk it out and let you explain how you feel and why you feel this way
  • Courfeyrac - Would take you out to change your mind, to the movies, a nice coffee shop, a friend date, shopping
  • Grantaire - Would list you all the reasons why he’s more of a fuck-up than you are to make you feel better
  • Joly - Would make you tea and make you watch kitty vines for 5 hours
  • Bossuet - Would tell you jokes to make you smile, tell you about all the scars he has from accidents and share the little nugget of wisdom he’s gained from each of them
  • Jehan - Would show you so many pretty things. Small, insignificant things but pretty things. And would show you how to use what you’re feeling for art, for catharsis
  • Feuilly - Would hug you. Real tight. He has the best and warmest hugs. He would probably bake you something to make you feel warm inside
  • Bahorel - Would tell you stories to change your mind, historical things. Would probably offer himself as a human punching bag if you need to exteriorise what you’re feeling. 
Erased - (Part 2/3)

Read Part 1 Here. 

Part 2- It takes about 0.3 seconds for Robin to be completely infatuated with Regina. Again. 


Regina had had to act quickly and smartly. Lest Marian start asking Robin questions he wouldn’t understand. About her. About him and her. So, the next day she had Mary Margaret pull Marian away from her happy little family in the diner, telling her something about an official mayoral welcome, only to meet Regina outside.

‘You.’ Marian said, her eyes narrow and suspicious. 'What are you doing here? He saved me with true loves kiss you know? Whatever the two of you had was meaningless.’

The remarked burned. Regina knew it had been anything but meaningless, and the mere thought of someone thinking so little of what they had hurt. But she couldn’t let Marian of all people see that.

'Relax.’ Regina scoffed. 'I just wanted to let you know that… your precious husband has no memory of his relationship with me.’

'What?’ She asked.

'He knows about as much about me as you do. I’m the evil queen, the one who terrorised villages and tortured hostages. No more no less. Though I hope someday you will both start to see who I am now. The two of you will be very happy together I’m sure.’

'How? I don’t understand.’

Regina ever so briefly wondered if this was why Robin was unable to fall back in love with his wife on his own accord. The girl’s questions were irritating. Regina felt as though she had said everything she needed to.  But she also knew she couldn’t afford to think that way. She needed to start dismissing all thoughts of Marian and Robin, in any capacity. The sooner this conversation was over, the better.

Regina waved a hand. 'It doesn’t matter how, or why. It is what it is. Please do not bring it up with him as you will just confuse him.’

'What did you do to him?’ Marian demanded.

'Only what was necessary to save you.’ Regina said. 'It is definitely not necessary for you know the details. Just know it was with saving you in mind, so, you’re welcome.’ The last part was said with a bite of sarcasm that went largely unnoticed by both Marian and Mary Margaret.

Marian nodded. 'He really doesn’t remember you?’


'And Roland?’

'Does. But I’m sure he’s just happy to have his mother back. I doubt it’s much of an issue.’

Marian still looked at her warily. But eventually nodded. 'Ok. Thank you for helping to save me.’

Regina couldn’t bring herself to say the words you’re welcome sincerely. So said nothing as she watched Marian walk back into the diner to join her family again. She could feel Snow’s sympathetic gaze.

'Don’t.’ She growled. 'I do not want your pity.’

She stormed away. Thankfully the girl had enough sense to not follow her.

It was a week after rescuing his wife from the curse that had befallen her he spotted the woman.


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anonymous asked:

Hey, found your blog today randomly and love it:) I don't ship Touken because I just can't see it happening. I don't generally agree with Tokyo Ghoul shipping. You seem to be a polite person (that's what I have read so far). I'm just curious — why do you ship Touken? May I ask why? You don't have to answer.

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for leaving such a positive feedback! (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

I must confess that I have a problem of answering questions like that. Some months ago, I got invited to a barbecue. I met some Tokyo Ghouls fans, we had a nice conversation and at some point we ended up at the shipping discussion. While everyone was talking about their OTP (if i remember correctly, I was surrounded by “Shuuneki” and “Hidekane” supporter, haha) I remained silent; it’s not that I felt lonely, but they were able to put their thoughts in a short shape and form. And I couldn’t help, I wasn’t able to do my job in a few sentences… orz. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ But listen to the shipping opinions of others was kind of interesting.

Huhm, getting emotionally attached to something or someone is a process that takes a while. It’s not that I had a *click* moment where I suddenly started loving them. I just found myself joining their journey in an instant of eternity. Usually I don’t start shipping two (fictional) characters… but if something did happen, it happened. Whether it’s right or wrong. And some part of me will always be loving them… the two are basically separate characters anyway and I love them like that as well. I love them for many reasons; for personal reasons, their character, their development,…

Well, I think I might have said this somewhere before, but one factor that influenced my “shipping decision” is their nonverbal communication; simply facial expressions. The way they look at each other is worth more than a thousand words. I actually enjoy (”enjoy”; more like “Okay, this is causing me serious emotional harm…”) these moments more than their actual conversation. 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。

➊ “This is all my fault… I’m sorry.” (Kaneki, Chapter 72) [On my first manga run] The first thing I did after seeing this: I went into my kitchen and made a pot of my favorite coffee. And I have drunk it. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. This little boy was being tortured 2 or 3 times everyday for 10+ days and he took the blame for her injuries she received by her brother. That facial expression… and her reaction…

“See you later, Touka-chan…” (Kaneki, Chapter 79) When he is forcing himself to smile, because he is trying to stop her from joining his group. And he felt so bad about the whole situation that he had to look away. Why are you always lying? Please, stop lying! 

➌ Their first reaction when they haven’t seen or talked to each other for several months…

➍ Kaneki’s reaction when Touka told him quite emotional hurt that he shouldn’t return to Anteiku anymore. This always got me. According to his reaction, he never really expected to hear that of the least of her. 。゚(*´□`)゚。

➎ The crying face of Touka. “Why did you have to change?” (Touka, Chapter 120) She always had a tough time passing emotional boundaries with others. That was a face burned into his memory like no other. And it had positively an influence on his decision.

➏ An amnesiac Kaneki/Haise entered unsuspecting a certain coffee shop. He just wanted to drink a cup of coffee with “his kids”. Then a certain waitress appeared from the front door and…

.+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ That being said… to a degree, I believe in fate. I believe, some things happen, and were ment to happen, but not all things are determined by fate. We make are own decisions, but actual things that happen to us, like we were at the ‘right place at the right time’, is fate. That’s my personal opinion. And that’s why I also believe in John Gay’s (English Dramatist and Poet) famous words: “We only part to meet again.”

I think, Kaneki and Touka deserve the golden pride award in this discipline. To be honest, I wish, they would stop repeating this quote over and over again… (ಥ__ಥ) Sensei, make your mind up!

Another important reason is perhaps their relationship development itself. They started out as strangers who didn’t know how to deal with each other. They didn’t get along well together; they are different as night and day, but at the same time they complement each other perfectly. He deals with the rough side of her tongue and her tomboyish behavior without complaining. And he who plants kindness gathers her acceptance/respect/trust, because it caused Touka to think about her behavior. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ One reason why she was softening later. While Kaneki’s mother almost never had the time to spend with him, he stayed in his father’s study room. His mother didn’t have the strength, the resolve to turn back. And that’s why he never got an ability to gain strength. But with Touka he had the chance to change that to a certain degree, because she spent a long time training with him. He needs someone to push his limits. The once strangers became close.

I am in love all these little things. Sorry, I couldn’t have written a shorter response. Somehow I can’t explain it simply; maybe the roots of my OTP love began to grow too deep. I’m pretty sure there are other things I could list, but the reply is already so long. You may understand me better when you have read it. After all this only my opinion. People see it differently and I’m absolutely fine with their thoughts. If you don’t like them in this way, you are free to do so, sweety. ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I must say, I’m embarrassed by the way I answer it, because it sounds a little bit sentimental. They ruined me. No, Sensei ruined me. Though, I’m quite proud to support them. One major reason why I started “choukoto” over a month ago. If i think about it long enough, I could cry… lol. Narw, it was impossible to formulate a perfectly unbiased opinion with “this kind of question”: I want to apologize, if I offended someone.