because i don't think the fandom actually wants it

Um… do like Billy haters realize that they’re being actually even worse then the character they hate so much? They’re literally sending hate messages and tell innocent people to kill themselves over a FICTIONAL character?? (no jokes here, I saw it myself). Like are you for real?

Seriously, this needs to stop! If you get so angry over a fictional character, and can’t get over it, why in the first place you’re looking through the tag of this character and then go and send hate messages to people who actually like him?? This’s literal bylling, do you realize that? Just stay aside, no one forces you to like him. But what you’re doing here is in a whole different level, cause this’s fucking real! You can’t just go and tell people to kill themselves! And you’re thinking that we’re so bad for simply liking a character, when in fact it’s the other way around.

STOP bullying and harrasing real people, please! (Billy haters, you’re the worst, I swear to god).

What I've been through

Person : *talking about a certain character*

Me : what are you talking about

Person: how stupid this guy is ?

Me: why is he stupid.

Person : Cause he’s in a hetero relationship. I mean why can’t he be gay.

Me: how do you know he’s hetero.

Person: because he dated a girl !!! Man why can’t he be gay!!??

Me: you know there are other sexualities right.

Person: * very angry* no he has to be gay !!!!!


This is happened all over the internet in many fandoms. Where they constantly complain the person is hetero just because they dates the opposite sex. Fans will complain that this person wasn’t gay while I just sit here and say that there are other sexualities in the world. But no the person clearly will not stop complaining and saying “ homosexual is the only sexuality this person should be!!”

It get annoying tbh.

I can’t believe I have to explain this but since I’ve seen 2 posts trying to compare the Last Jedi teaser poster to the theatrical posters of all the others I guess I do. The top row are the teaser posters. They are released far in advance of actual release and often tease the major conflict or theme of the film. This is especially true for the Phantom Menace (teases the beginnings of Vader), Attack of the Clones (the love story), and Return of the Jedi (Luke’s rise to be the first new Jedi). The Last Jedi’s first poster seems to be going that direction as well, including the familial conflict, Rey’s training under Luke, and this “balance” mentioned in the trailer. The whole cast is never on the teaser poster (that TFA poster is an outlier for the number of characters usually on a teaser). The theatrical posters are released just a couple months before the film releases and tend to have all the major players featured (with the exception of this version of the New Hope poster which has very few characters). It’s busy, it’s exciting, it shows everyone who’s anyone in the movie. It’s about the universe as a whole rather than the central conflict. That’s the poster that will be everywhere when the film releases, not the teaser. This seems to be the poster everyone (read as “some Tumblr users”) wanted at Celebration. This poster is still coming, probably in October. To compare the current Last Jedi posters to the theatrical ones from previous movies doesn’t work and is a flawed comparison, because they aren’t the same thing. Now if only those 3 are on the theatrical poster, go burn down LucasFilm I don’t care. But in the mean time remember, this poster wasn’t supposed to show you everybody. Its purpose is a first taste and to put all the new characters, and show the other more secretive story line would give the game away too soon. So please fandom, for the love of everything, calm down and think.

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so which queens are problematic (and why if you have the time to write it down)? im new to the fandom and i don't want to be stanning shitty people

okay i don’t actually have a lot of time right now because i have to pick @shaecoulee up from work soon and i’m sure i’m not going to remember everyone so here are the people that come to mind first. if anyone has any to add please feel free!!

Sharon Needles - has done blackface multiple times, has worn swastikas on on her clothes and body, signed a black fans autograph with the N word, has burnt a fan with a cigarette and more im sure i can’t think of everything right now but here’s some proof for ya 

Charlie Hides - also did blackface for years, made up a disgustingly stereotypical character and only stopped doing so when a petition was made for her to get kicked out of the bar she did her shows at. even after she stopped she stood by her racist character and completely thinks its okay. 

Nina Bo’nina Brown - was calling people w*tb*cks and other racial slurs on instagram, has been serophobic, fatphobic and transphobic. 

Bianca Del Rio - here’s a post i made about her in the past

that’s all i can think of right now but i’m sure there’s more. 

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I need ur help pls (for the sake of the yoonmin fandom) my sister, a heavy jikook shipper (jikook is her life I swear) wants me to rec her some yoonmin fics (we watched a serendipity x yoonmin fmv haha) and I don't think I have enough exp to rec her anything good? I rly want something that'll blow her mind. I think she'll like fluffy/angsty fics (w/ a happy ending ofc), and preferably one that doesn't show JK in a bad light cuz she loves JK. Pls and thank you so much 💜💜💜

First of all, I can actually relate to your sister because Ji Kook was my original ship in bangtan (I know, Shocking isn’t it?) but YoonMin came for my ass, and boy, did they get it lmao.  i don’t know if What i rec will necessarily blow her mind but there are a few that i loved a lot. also, don’t worry i love Jungkook too much (Kid’s my phone’s home screen after all) to have anything with him in a bad light!

Yoonmin Fics

ten things i love about you

Baby Blue (I’ll Bloom For You)

Black Cat

Legitimately ANY fic by  Elemir

need a little sweetness in my life

i don’t care if you’re not sorry, i forgive you

The Devil Wears A Leather Jacket (Not Prada)

Just A Set Of Lips

give me a sign

The 100-Day Love Challenge

when you’re in love all the lines get blurred

Heroes, we come in all shapes and sizes

Yoonmin Fics, with good Kook characterization/cameos 

(Because i love him)

Vocal Princess

Pickup Lines


half feral, but just right

If You Get The Chance

Impractical Magic

Meeting Us Was What I Wanted

Out of My System

Ice Cream Friday Rides


I hope this helped, and that she enjoys them, and that they’re what you were expecting/hoping for! maybe even turn her into a yoomin shipper ;) lol good luck! (Also, maybe send me the link to the serendipity yoonmin fan MV??)

Stop Hating Emma Swan

Look yes the ep was ridiculous and Emma was slightly out of character for it.. because no she would never give up on Killian that quickly.. 

but I hate the fact that the fandom is already hating on her and calling her cruel and saying things like “she doesn’t deserve Killian Jones” … umm put yourself in her shoes for a change.. I know it’s hard but give it a try

  • Killian was planning to leave, maybe he changed his mind at the last sec but the point was he was gonna leave without letting anyone know (and yet I haven’t seen ANYONE hating on him for that…wonder why)… if he hadn’t intended to leave this wouldn’t have happened
  • Hell I’ll go one further, if he had TOLD THE TRUTH when it mattered the whole fight would have never happened and they would be happy and together..but no you we all focused on “but she went through his things!! how dare!!
  • They had a huge fucking fight and then he didn’t come home, she waited for hours for him to come home and he didn’t (it doesn’t matter that he was trying to I know that, you know that but Emma doesn’t bc he didn’t even leave a fucking note).. For someone w/ the abandonment issues that she has? It would have been a huge blow.. 
  • She loves him more than anything in this world, hell she went to the UNDERWORLD for him, she let down ALL her walls for him, she was so happy about the idea of marrying the one she loves and it came crashing down in one second. Like this probably reaffirmed every idea she’s had that she’s not worthy, that she can’t have even a bit of happiness because it all goes to hell… 
  • From her point of view, she found out from LEROY of all people that the man she loves left without saying goodbye.. And for everyone saying “she should have known!” I’m sorry the woman is dealing w/ like 30 yrs of abandonment issues and just found out the ONE PERSON who promised would never leave her, actually LEFT her.. How would YOU react? Would you think logically about it? Or just be as heartbroken as Emma was?
  • Yes the putting his things away was shitty writing and mostly there so she’d find the shell.. But hey maybe it was her way of coping? She just knows he left?? So yeah I’d try to put my mind into other things.. I hated the plot and thought it was ooc as fuck but like I said if you’re gonna villanize her for this, you better do the same to killian wanting to leave because they’re along the same lines of shitty writing. 
  • I mean I put more blame on Snow/Regina/Henry, even my deep love Charming for not being like WAIT there’s something off here, because right now Emma is absolutely heartbroken, she’s not thinking straight so no her superpower isn’t working either, everyone else doesn’t have that excuse it’s just shitty writing..  

I know this fandom loves Killian, hell I love Killian Jones more than anything, he’s one of male characters I truly love and understand. But you don’t have to make Emma the villain in order to defend him, both of them were in the wrong and both fucked up.

Just remember if Killian Jones actually saw the things you were saying about Emma Swan he’d be so disappointed in you..

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Since I'm a salty baby who loves the taste of tea, can you please elaborate on Keith not liking Allura, because I don't think fandom has realized that yet.

{i actually wrote an entire meta about their body language around each other which demonstrates exactly why i think they don’t like each other romantically}

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Hey Sam - doing on this on anon because I don't want inadvertent blow-back, but it seems some on tumblr are planning to do a "boycott" by not posting/logging off/etc on Sept 1st (because staff is doing nothing re nazis and their ilk on tumblr). For some reason I want to say you've commented before on how while their hearts are in the right place it actually won't do anything that is noticed by staff etc? Or am I wrong? What do you think, Fandom Dad/Brother? Is this idea useful? What should we do

As far as I can recall I’ve never talked about how in general protest won’t do anything – I don’t actually know enough about how tumblr measures metrics to say that, and I wouldn’t feel at all comfortable telling people not to boycott just because I thought it wouldn’t help, unless I had a better idea to share. So I think on that score you may be confusing me with someone else. Or misremembering something I said about how staff doesn’t seem to give a fuck about what we say. Tough to say. My memory is poor. *squints at own journal* 

In re: what you should do, I don’t feel comfortable telling people what to do about a boycott without actually having seen discussion of it, which I haven’t – I wasn’t aware it was in the works. A boycott to protest @staff inaction over white supremacists on Tumblr is something I would be in favor of in a general sense, but without more information on who is suggesting it and what people are saying I can’t speak to this specific boycott. (By all means if you guys have links feel free to drop them in comments.) 

However, generally speaking, when situations like this come up, what you should do is stop and think about what your participation will demonstrate about you and your values. Whether or not it causes  immediate or long-term change, participating will demonstrate solidarity with and support for those who have planned it. So I guess the question to ask yourself is where you want to stand. That may not always be with the protesters. Not every march is a march you want to join. The tiki-torch fascists were “protesting” too, after all.

So I always believe you should look at who’s protesting, look at what values they’re presenting (particularly as regards intersectionality, looking at you Chicago Dyke March), and look at “what good” it will do as a distant third. Make your choice based on whether you think your voice should be part of that particular shouting, whether or not the shouting has any effect. 

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I saw a lot of ARMYs becoming multifandom. That's really great, but the fact that they actually stated that they won't vote for BTS because they can't choose between them and the other groups leaves me like... what? Vote for everyone then. I think this fandom is confused right now, a lot of people are new and don't understand all the voting's dynamics in K-pop, a lot lost interest since the American hype, some fans are only active during comebacks... there's a strange mood around idek.

OK honesty/ rant hour. I think majority of BTS fans are fake (don’t hurt me pls). I think majority of them are all people who want to jump on the hype of the “next big thing” and now that the next big thing is settling down they have no interest in it. I get multifandoms like yes do you like whoever you like, hell I Stan like 20 different groups like they’re my life, but that doesn’t mean I neglect a group that’s up for an IMPORTANT award. if you’re multifandom that means you’re still apart of this fandom so you can still help them achieve success. This in turn doesn’t help BTS because unlike EXO fans, BTS fans don’t stay for the long haul. sure you say you “love your oppa’s!!1!!!” but that’s only because they’re becoming mainstream and people are starting to talk about them which makes them feel relevant. Them being mainstream also makes them loses OG fans because they don’t want to be a part of the “new” BTS (like fuck off pls I’m sure we’d LOVE going back to the “good old days” when BTS where living in a shitty dorm, questioning whether they’d ever debut or succeed and when Jimin starved himself and Tae and Jin had to pretend they were people they werent yup yUP YUP. ) . I think BTS is kinda like an opening ground for a lot of people into kpop and once they’re in they switch instantly. now that BTS is well known in western countries people are more fixed on helping them expand their music EVEN THOUGH THEYVE SAID THEY WANT TO BE KNOWN IN KOREA. It also doesn’t help that majority of other fandom’s hate BTS because of their success and purposefully try to fail them (ie voting against them in many awards. MANY.) idk its just sad and I hope people wake the fuck up and start supporting BTS for all their hard work before its too late.

lmao wait this turned into an essay sorry

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but that's the thing, it's *not* a big enough fandom to warrant the "big fandoms attract assholes by raw probability" phenomenon, and it's almost always a specific type of bigot, and it's a much higher percentage than I've seen in the majority of other fandoms, with the exception of like ... I don't want to compare the actual *shows* in terms of quality, but the *fandom* most closely matches up with, dare I say it, The Big Bang Theory. I don't know what the, like, common cause is, though

Different shows have different target audiences, or in the case of Rick and Morty, accidental target audiences. A type of asshole that particularly identifies with the show’s message, tone, or characters.

In the case of Rick and Morty it’s the asshole nihilists who think themselves better than other people because they identify with the character of Rick. In the case of other shows like Steven Universe or Voltron it’s the type of asshole that prides themselves on “purity” of thought and often harasses people for having the wrong opinions or headcanons.

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This is stupid but I seriously need help. I desperately want to get into the Marvel Comics, but I'm slightly OCD and things ~bug~ me when I don't start from the beginning. No way to do that here--too much history--and I got shamed out of my local comic store when I asked for help. There are so many arcs and reboots and I'm feeling lost and have no idea where to start things off. Any suggestions? Please? I don't want getting laughed out of the store to hold me back from enjoying this fandom. :/

Hi, anon! It’s not stupid! I am here to help you! Many people are here to help you, and we all love talking about comics! First, I think you should maybe find a different comic store if that is at all an option, because people who want to make you feel bad when all you want to do is be excited about comics are LOUSY and do not deserve your money.

Second, I actually have a guide for people in your situation! I am one of the mods of @besafesteve‘s 18+ 616 Steve/Tony Discord server (come see us, we’re nice!) and we all actually wrote up a guide for for How To Get Into Steve/Tony Comics. We also summarize a bunch of the major arcs in the guide there. But you should join us anyway because it’s an awesome server and we have weekly book clubs.

(I assume you are asking me because you want Steve and Tony recs specifically; if there is something else you want, please let me know.)

Third! I get the whole “wanting to start from the beginning” thing! I wanted to do that too. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend reading everything from the beginning, but you could certainly grab the beginning couple Epic Collections of Avengers, Cap, and IM, and see if you like it. Or subscribe to Marvel Unlimited. (My plan was to read everything in order. I have given up. I read what I need to read to write fic.) But if the early stuff turns out not to be your thing, that’s cool too. There are a lot of comics out there!

Fourth! As for specific recs, it depends on what you’re looking for. There are runs that I really enjoy (like Avengers v3) but that I don’t think are particularly newbie-friendly. (Like, the second drinking arc in Iron Man is probably my favorite Iron Man arc ever – with Director of SHIELD a close second – but I would not rec either if you hadn’t read IM and didn’t already know what was going on and/or (in the case of the drinking arc) already knew you liked comics from the 80s.) There’s Marvel Adventures, which is sweet and I love it but it’s not 616, if 616 is what you want. There are shorter arcs (One Night in Madripoor) and collections (the Iron Man/Captain America TPB) that will give you an idea of Steve and Tony’s dynamic but they’re… well, kind of short. If you do want something short and sweet to start with, I highly recommend Captain America: Man Out of Time, which is a miniseries retelling Steve’s early days in the future (when the Avengers find him) that updates it for a more modern sensibility and it has a lovely scene of Tony taking Steve to the Smithsonian and showing him the future.

What I actually started with was New Avengers v1 (available in various trades; you will want ones that say they are the Bendis run, from 2004, and the first arc is called Breakout), which I will still defend as A Good Place To Start. It’s relatively recent, so the art style and pacing are all modern and probably a little easier to follow than the early stuff. The team is small and for the most part made up of people you will know even without having read that many comics (Cap, Iron Man, Spidey, Wolverine…) and they all get along well and have an excellent team dynamic. There’s maybe 15 issues of this and then Civil War starts. And I know some people will say not to read Civil War – but, let’s face it, we owe the entire 616 Steve/Tony fandom to Civil War. And now that you’re invested, you might as well see how you like the heartbreak. You can just read the Steve and Tony highlights if you want; I can rec a very abbreviated reading order if you’re interested. 

If you want to go back and read Steve and Tony’s BFF years, you can also do that (I mean, the great thing about this pairing is that they are ALSO great friends in addition to all the times they have attempted to murder each other recently), but you should probably at least see Tony crying over Steve’s body. (I recommend Garrideb’s vid Downfall. It got me into this fandom.)

It’s all angst from there on out, basically. When I decided that I was enough into this pairing to actually go to my comic book store and buy a real comic book, it was the week that Avengers v5 #29 came out, so, uh. Yeah. Angst.

I hope that helps!

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Man I haven't or seen anything of Fairy Tail for almost 2 years until now. I think the fandom is trying to pull me back in again.

Hahah welcome back~ I never actually wanted to join the fandom because I can’t keep up with the spoilers. But then I heard Fairy Tail is going to end soon (which makes me very very sad), so I decided that I’d join the fandom before it’s too late! ;n;

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Hi Jess :) first I want to say that I love your blog and your twitter so much and that I'm thankful people like you exist in the fandom because you give me hope about SC! I do believe they're together, but I thought of something. I was wondering, if they were actually dating, don't you think we would have had like paparazzi pictures of them going out together or something by now? :(

Thank you lovely anon!! No, honestly I don’t. They live in Scotland for the majority of the year. Things are very different over here. Celebrities live quiet, private lives and aren’t hounded by the press unless they’re extremely famous. Sam and Cait aren’t at that level yet.

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"Did Cait promote this con?" Not at all. And I think that's part of the problem with her, she doesn't like the promo part of her job, we barely ever hear anything from/about her. Sam always promotes everything he can about himself, the show AND Cait, but then we blame him for doing it, saying he wants to take the spotlight off her. I think most fans are all about Sam because he's the one who interacts more with them, while they don't actually know how to approach Cait. It's not always his fault.

She might not have promoted this particular con actively but it does not take away from the fundamental focus of this fandom, which is Mr. Heughan himself or S/C together.

I beg to differ regarding OL promotion; Cait does the work and she does it beautifully. She is always witty, articulate and funny in interviews. She interacts graciously with fans. The only difference is that samonly, samwhores and sammommies focus exclusively on him, and makes OL all about him. A con without him might be considered an apocalypse. Are you sure you’re not one of them?

This is not about pitting Cait against Sam. It is about the overwhelming focus on him that drowns out the equally important and talented lead of the show - Caitriona Balfe.


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I feel so bad about the twins theory. The truth is a part of me was excited about it, but I mostly wanted our!Ciel to be real!Ciel. Because I've grown up reading it. I'm 16 and I've been reading it since I was 9. I've been in love with our!Ciel this whole time... And with the whole spoilers things lately I just don't want to log in Tumblr. I used to love Kuroshitsuji blogs. I used to love the fandom. And right now I feel so ashamed. You think the theory is legit or maybe Yana's playing with us?

Mmm, no, I don’t think Yana is just toying with her fans. Actually, the 2CT is a very well thought out concept she has been planning and preparing thoroughly since the very early chapters as stated by herself in this post. It might not be your cup of tea and by no means, am I telling you to like it, I just hope you will at least acknowledge that it’s not something Yana randomly came up with just recently. A lot of fans complained about the 2ct on Yana’s twitter and I think that’s so disrespectful towards her :/

Anyway, as for your concerns about our!Ciel being not “Ciel” anymore, I’ll just refer you to these two great posts ( X , X) by @her-majestys-watchdog ! :D

Just don’t worry too much, I know 2CT is a big plot twist, but our!Ciel will forever be “Ciel” to us and he and Sebastian still are and will always be the main characters of this series! :)

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Can I just thank you for standing up for adults. I love Kingdom Hearts and cosplay but feel like I don't belong because I'm 38 and "too old". Hell I feel too old for people in their 20's. I do my best to respect people's spaces but I also want to have friends. My love for a lot of things hasn't died with age nor should it.

No problem, I think that targeting what they are is some dumb bs, esp when there’s bigger problems in this fandom than older fans. Like, you know, performative and often hypocritical antis who actually don’t really do anything to contribute to keeping irl people and survivors safe? Or the bizarre but prevalent sexualization of Kairi, almost always her kh1 design, and Sora and Riku in general too? Or the homophobia and gay fetishization that still exists in circles in this fandom? Maybe start with those.

I mean, who tf do teenagers think drew all that fanart and wrote all those fics they were obsessing over back in the 2000′s? And all those AMV’s, esp the ones made with things other than movie maker? Most of them were older teens or into adulthood. Now they’d be in their late 20′s, 30s, and a good handful are in their 40′s or older. The idea that they could contribute back then but can’t now, when there’s so much new cool kh content and characters they may want to celebrate and interpret with other fans, is…wow. If anything, a lot of those fans and content creators are better people than they were then (getting out of the whole internalized misogyny, homophobia, jokes about rape, etc.), so what’s the issue?

Honestly, if this series wasn’t as old as it was and didn’t have fans who are/were in it for the long-haul for 5-10+ years, it’d probably be up in flames like a lot of newer fandoms. There are and were really shitty older fans (and there are PLENTY of newer ones too!), but the amount of people who witnessed the evolution of this series and try to improve the fandom further are still pretty important. The last thing we want is to become a clone of a new popular fandom.

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I remember reading before that you don't watch anime? What was it about YOI that made you want to watch it and soon make fanfics of it (and create a fandom within a fandom :D)? Was it because it was talked about a lot? Especially in the Phandom? (which I think you are in?)

I’m not in the Phandom no, I’ve watched Dan’s videos for several years now but I don’t really get invested in real people fandoms and I don’t read rpf fic. I actually first saw YOI on tumblr about episode 2 and I got drawn in initially because it was about figure skating and I wanted to be a skater when I was younger but couldn’t afford lessons. I thought I’d give it a try and then I got really invested in the characters and just kept going. And then I finally got to see good LGBT+ representation in a canonical relationship and as a member of that community that was pretty much me gone. I started writing fic just over a week after the first kiss and never looked back 

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Sonja, can I ask you a question? Do you really think that you know more about Louis' career thant Louis himself? Do you think that you love Louis more than Harry? Because that's what I'm reading. Don't get me wrong I don't like some things about Harry's promo and I share some opinions with you. How the Azoff's manipulated the fandom? Did thet pay bloggers? They inflitrated here? Why Liam can't speak how he wants about Zayn. Do you know what happened between them? Cause idk and I think you don't

what is this condescending nonsense. how many times do i have do say i don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and that i am reacting to what limited information we do have before people like you actually read what i’m saying.

the azoffs infiltrated the fandom via harry in 2013 (people got anons talking about how irving was going to take over the band) and made sure we all kept talking about them like the ‘saviors of the fandom’ when in reality it’s clear they’ve only ever cared about harry. they’ve done nothing for the band and they’ve especially done nothing for louis and if you can’t see that then i wish you luck with the serious case of cognitive dissonance you’re dealing with but i can’t help you.

and you’re right - you don’t know either. so why don’t you keep your patronizing tone to yourself and stay out of my inbox. and don’t forget, my track record lately has been far better than most of the blogs here when it comes to predicting and speculating what’s going to happen. i may not be privy to all of the behind the scenes details but my head’s not firmly lodged up jeff’s ass so i can actually look at things more objectively.

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am I the only person that personally dislikes the show? I don't want to hate on the actors because they all seem like genuine nice people but as a die hard fan of the books the discontinuity from the story and completely different story kinda bothers me. I feel like I'm the only person in the fandom who feels like this though :/

honey…. you’re definitely not the only person that feels this…

I agree, the actors seem like super nice people, but I don’t think I could like the actual script and show any less :( you can scroll through my anti shadowhunters tag if you want, and there are definitely lots of people that feel this way that you can talk to.