because i don't think anyone posted this one yet

It takes courage to exist. So you, reading this right now, thank you for existing. No matter what anyone says, you are so strong and I’m proud of you.
—  ~Me to each and every one of you individually 💕

I love Real Madrid because we’re the team that didn’t do too well in preseason and lost two matches at the beginning of the season, but then hasn’t lost a game since then. I love Real Madrid because everybody thought La Decima was not going to happen, but then Sergio Ramos- Sergio Ramos the defender- scored at the very last minute and we did win. I love Real Madrid because one of our most important players was injured today, yet we still managed to win against our biggest rival - one of the strongest clubs in the world. I love Real Madrid because we are the phoenix that rises from its ashes, we are a family - strong and proud, but also humble and appreciative of every win. I love Real Madrid because when I talk about this team, I don’t say they, I say we. I just love Real Madrid.