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how each ascendant takes compliments
  • (take with a grain of salt)
  • aries ascendant: "i know right?"
  • taurus ascendant: "awww stop it.."
  • gemini ascendant: "hah yeah! true and i read something the other day that said exactly that and also can i borrow your phone?"
  • cancer ascendant: "awwww thanks!!" *blushes*
  • leo ascendant: *dies inside* "btw did i say i love being around you more than anyone else?? you're the actual best!"
  • virgo ascendant: *hates that you even noticed something that they didn't* "thank you."
  • libra ascendant: "nooo stop it! i'm not but YOU are!"
  • scorpio ascendant: *feels like they need to hide because something got pointed out* "thanks."
  • sagittarius ascendant: "don't be silly, i'm just your average joe! nothing to see here!" *cracks joke*
  • capricorn ascendant: *freezes, puts whole life on hold for a minute* "really?"
  • aquarius ascendant: "i'm a dork tho"
  • pisces ascendant: "thanks love! i do try my best! i always mess up somehow though! *flails* *is a hot mess*

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Y'know, I'm really bitter at the ending of Naruto because they extinguished the sunrays out of Naruto's eyes and he gave me an air of being dead inside. And the other thing that really disappointed me was how Sakura ended paired up with Sasuke and forgotten in the village alone with her child. Like, don't get me wrong, Sarada is actually a pretty good character but do you know what I would have wanted to see? [1/2]

Sakura overcoming her romantic feelings for Sasuke, and making her own way to achieve more greatness and finding /love/ somewhere else. I wanted her to have a pink haired child. Could you imagine! A pink haired boy/girl looking up to his badass mama and wanting to be very very strong and break walls (even mountains) like Sakura. Who’s the father? Who knows, but Sakura has her smol copy of herself and is very damn proud of her child.



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so I'm nearly 18 ftm, considering T, i read on an educational article online i read that going on T can change your sexuality and personality. this scares me because i have a really wonderful boyfriend that i love and i don't want to lose him to that. how likely is it that it will change me that much?

Your sexuality is something inside of you and going in T won’t change that. Going on T however does tend to increase someone’s sex DRIVE, meaning more likely to want to have sex. And once again, with your personality, it doesn’t physically change your personality, it does make you more emotional and makes you feel the emotions you have a lot stronger than before. So if you’re prone to being sad as a normal reaction then you’ll probably cry more often, if anger is a go to reaction then you’ll have temper problems more likely. Thing of going on T as just a second puberty. Increased sex drive, and increased emotions. I’ve never read or seen anywhere where it literally changes your personality or your sexuality. You have nothing to worry about on that front

Branch totally getting ecstatic on the inside when people compliment and praise him is what I live for ?? He hasn’t had nice things said about him in YEARS and suddenly there are people saying good morning to him and saying “keep up the good work” and it’s just, such a nice feeling to not be all alone anymore.

He loves it when people compliment him in his planning abilities and how prepared he is because this is his talent and he’s finally being SEEN. Poppy’s compliments are some of the best because it makes him feel like he’s making progress and it’s an amazing feeling all by itself. He doesn’t like making mistakes or relapsing into feeling terrible again but she reminds him of how far he’s come and that he has to accept all his emotions, the good and the bad and that he’ll get there.

I love them a lot heck me up inside

Ok I’m still thinking about Josephine and her “irrational fears” and I’m pretty sure this was said before, but the more I think about them, the less irrational they seem? I mean, most of them are related with fire

also, some of them are very specific

one would expect that the reason behind being afraid of traveling in automobiles would be something like car accidents or something? Not “being trapped inside” one? It’s almost as if something like this has happened to her before? But what really got me what this sentence:

… what if they never had children because they were afraid of losing them to VFD’s apprenticeship system?

how i see each sign (cancer 🌙)
  • aries: you're always laughing, or talking to someone. you're usually pretty popular, but i know you and me don't mix well together. trust me, i've had some experiences. you're able to stand up and defend yourself so easily, and i admire that. you can get really moody though. try to control your emotions as much as possible.
  • taurus: you're super easy to talk to. i always click with you guys because we're able to understand each other so easily. you guys always have the best advice too. my best friend is a taurus, and i love her so much. you can get super stubborn though. try to let things go, and not hold a grudge.
  • gemini: you're super popular, and i always see you involved in some kind of drama. everyone likes hanging out with you, but i feel like nobody has really seen the real you deep inside. open up to people you trust, and don't be so scared that they'll judge you. you're so beautiful, and everyone should know that.
  • cancer: you're so sweet and people love you because of your kind personality. children are magically attracted to you, and you're just so generous. you're super likable, but i feel like someone always has to be there for you. try being independent and just appreciate who you are.
  • leo: well what can i say. you dream of having the spotlight shine on you, and most of the times, it is. you're super social and you're all so funny. you're pretty much the only sign that's made me laugh so hard, but you and i, like aries, don't mix well together. but please don't start any drama whether you think it's fun or not.
  • virgo: you're so sweet, and even if times are hard, you stick with me. even though people treat you wrong, you still stay with them and that makes me sad because you deserve so much better. i promise you'll meet better people along the way.
  • libra: you're super giving, and you're so loyal to your friends. you laugh really easily at my crappy jokes, and that makes me feel special lmao. but a lot of people try to take advantage of you. defend yourself when you need to.
  • scorpio: you're so misunderstood because you're actually really sweet to your friends and people you care about in general. you're super nice, but you have a tendency to admire from afar when you should really just talk to the person you want to be friends with.
  • sagittarius: you're so funny, and i love your bubbly personality. you're honesty is so refreshing, but it can also hurt a lot of people's feelings because you don't know when to stop. you get irritated a lot, but you get over it quickly. you can be annoying too at times, but everything about you makes it up.
  • capricorn: you're so smart and logical! you always have a plan b, c, or even d. you're always ready to strike, and people look up to you. you're super nice too. but your bluntness can be a bit hurtful, and you tend to be super closed off. express your feelings whenever you need to.
  • aquarius: god, all of you are just so good looking. you're really funny, and you can spark a conversation with anyone. you're personality is just so charming. i've had so many crushes on aquarius's. but you can super stubborn, and your god complex is really a turn off. let it go once in a while.
  • pisces: you're all so nice to me, and you make me feel as though we're already best friends. you're able to make everyone feel so special, but you have a tendency to get hurt easily. brush it off and just ignore it because the other person probably didn't mean to hurt you.

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hiiiiii so here's the thing I love you so much like I don't think you understand you're literally my favorite like I want you to adopt me but I was wondering if you could do a blurb about Sebastian if he was dating someone younger than him because I can see it ( b/c I enjoyed your one for mgg) thank you and I love all your work

this made me feel all mushy inside. thank u kind anon. if u come out i will adopt u. hmu.
ANYHOOOO. for some reason i do see seb with someone younger than him. i feel like he would really love being the more dominant one and ‘showing you new things’ and crap like that you know. with someone younger i feel like hed be very protective and loving of, always taking the best care of you and treating you to spontaneous fun experiences and expensive gifts only to just emphasise how much he loved you. even just a fresh coffee hed bring over to your apartment very early on a Wednesday morning before an important meeting or exam or whatever. even a napkin he left in your kitchen with a sweet i love you note or a good morning text. hed just always want to make sure you know hes always thinking of you

Me: *finds old beat up lamp half sticking out of the mud and picks it up.  Rubs the mud off, thereby releasing the genie that is of course inside*

Genie: Master! You have freed me from my lamp.  I will now grant you three wishes!

Me: Excellent.

Genie: So, any thoughts on what you’re going to wish for?

Me: Well, I definitely want time to think about my last two wishes but I know without a doubt what I want for my first wish.

Genie: Okay! So, what do you want? Money, fame, power…?

Me: A primary pairing button for AO3.

Genie: …………………………………..excuse me?

Me: I want you to change the website Archive of Our Own so that when authors are uploading their fic they have to pick a main pairing.  Only one. 

Genie: ……..okay…..and why do you want to do that?

Me: Because when I filter by a pairing, I want to find fics focused on that pairing.  Like, I don’t care if the setting of your fic is the long awaited union of North and South Dakota, if your fic is all about the angsty long distance love affair between Cali and George, fucking tag your fic California/Georgia and leave it at that.  Don’t get poor North and South shippers all excited that someone might be writing about their ship only to click on the link and find out that you fucking skipped over the wedding entirely and the Dakotas got like a two second snippet for their toast before you decided to make it all about Cali and George making goo goo eyes at each other from across the Continental Divide.

Genie:  I think I need to see this website before I grant this wish.

Me: Fine! *pulls up AO3*

*ten hours later*

*Genie looks up from screen, eyes bloodshot, face full of disbelief*

Me: ….so?

Genie: What. The. Fuck?

Me: ……you’re going to have to be more specific.

Genie: What is this bullshit?  There are 4562 fics in the North and South Dakota tag and, like, seventy of them are ACTUAL fics about that ship?  The rest are about fucking Cali and George, and what the hell kind of ship name is Golden Peaches?  Although it’s not as bad as Cali and Al - and why the fuck would Cali want to be with Al?  He’s so fucking cold all the time?

Me: I know, right?!

Genie: And don’t even get me started on this whole SouthWest bullshit.  These punk ass authors who lure me in with the promise of North and South fic and then use that ship just so South Dakota can realize she’s fucking in love with West Virginia?  What the hell kind of messed up shit is that?!

Me: Um, Genie, your face is getting really red.  And I think you might be foaming at the mouth a little?

Genie:  No, no.  I’m fine.  It’s cool.  You know why it’s cool?  Because we are going to fix this bullshit RIGHT. NOW.

Me:  So you’re going to grant me my first wish?

Genie: Nuh uh, bb.  You save your wish.  This one’s on the house.

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Reaper is way too hype about Halloween, and McCree isn't, so back in the day, when Reaper was basically raising him, I bet McCree was just silently seething on the inside because it's July and there's fucking Halloween shit around. And since McCree doesn't really care about early Christmas stuff, while Reaper HATES it, I feel like McCree would get back at him during Christmas. Like "I don't even care about decorating early but just because it pisses you off I'm gonna do it"

McCree being a little shit and setting up the entire base in extreme Christmas decorations while Gabriel is gone, and when he comes back, McCree is dressed as Santa with a shit eating grin on his face and Gabriel implodes.

My Experiences with the Signs
  • Aries: I like you! I get along with almost every Aries I know. YOu can stand up for yourself and your friends and I really admire that. You're never afraid to say what's on your mind. You're very direct and competetive, just like me. Usually you have a reason for your anger. But you don't always have to turn down a person's opinion because you disagree.
  • Taurus: My best friend is a Taurus. Good at handling money. Chill and loyal. Big procrastinator but can get shit done. You are the MOST STUBBORN PERSON ON EARTH!! You give the best hugs. You're very honest and you always say what's on your mind. You don't get angry easily but you can be destructive when you are.
  • Gemini: A very fun person to be with. You always want to make other people laugh and you have a good humour. Social and witted people. You don't want to be involved in drama, you only want to know 100% of what happened lol. You can say mean things sometimes but you don't mean to be rude. You're that kind of person I can always go to if I want to bitch about someone. I love it.
  • Cancer: Emotional people who easily get mood swings. But you're caring and protective, not only of others but also of yourself. People think you're weak but you have a hard core and a hidden strength when provoked. I get along with you well, and I can always talk about my emotions with you. You know how to make a person feel special. Selfish and selfless at the same time, does that make sense?
  • Leo: Generous and energetic people. You are SO dramatic and emotional sometimes. You are experts at complimenting others and creating a good atmosphere. When you fight with someone you to turn your friends against your enemies. Very affectionate and good at inspiring others. You can be bossy and you don't like it when you don't get attention.
  • Virgo: I haven't met many so...anyway: I've fought with you for my cousin. The thing is, you didn't know that it was a fight...and it wasn't...but to me, it was. And then I felt like a loser because you were still nice to me and I hate you for that!! You need to be needed and always try to lowkey help your friends with little things. You're thoughful and reliable.
  • Libra: Friendly people. You want everyone to get along and dislike conflict. You love fashion. You tend to cause drama without meaning to. Manipulative and shady. You like peace, and you're loyal. It's hard to know whether you're flirting or just being friendly. You're easily offended, and I've gotten the most hate from you. You try to treat everyone equally, but you're biased sometimes.
  • Scorpio: My experiences with Scorpios were THE WORST (you're still my 3rd favorite Sign though??). You're very passionate and intense. You are very loyal. You stand up for your friends, but you can be possessive. Secretive. You like power and you're stubborn. You're mysterious, and I love that. Ambitious and daring. But honestly...stop being manipulative and stop blaming other people for everything.
  • Sagittarius: Funny and honest people. Brutally honest even. You are very open-minded and you can laugh with anyone. You get angry easily but it doesn't last long. You don't like being tied down. You may have many friends but I feel like you only have a few best friends. Carefree, generous and tactless. I dont think we'll become best friends but you can stand your ground and I admire that.
  • Capricorn: My 2nd favorite Sign (because I like my own Sign the most)!! Responsible and hard-working. Procrastinators and Perfectionaists. You appear cold, but you can be very emotional inside. You don't like showing your emotions. You only talk about personal things when you're around people you really trust. Loyal, detached and almost never satisfied. Patient. Pessimistic and disciplined.
  • Aquarius: Some of you have a God complex. You're friendly and unique and I think that's great. You don't often show your emotions. Unpredictable and independent. You fear commitment but at the same time you don't like being alone? You can be stubborn and tactless. You do things your own way and you're generous. Do you like me or are you silently judging me...idk. Analytical.
  • Pisces: Imaginative and sensitive people. You daydream and listen to music a lot because you need to escape from reality. But really, stop running away from your problems. You're selfless but that's why people take advantage of you. Learn to say no. *insert Shia Labeouf* Not everyone wants to kill you?? You look innocent but you can kill someone and then look innocent You're great at understanding others.
  • If you want to know more about my experiences with the Signs you can always ask me.

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Can I offer stuff to people working in my house? I want to because it's how I was raised and its always been something nice to do but I don't want them to think I'm a creep though!? I'm going to have cleaners coming in soon and it's like 105 outside and inside it's like 80 so would it be weird if I offered them tea or lemonade or something?

That’s completely okay! It’s called being a gracious host. If I were working outside in that heat, I’d certainly offer some lemonade. You don’t need to feel obligated to do it, but it’d be really nice to do so if you wanted to. The only thing is that you can’t feel bad if they decline your offer. As long as you don’t make them uncomfortable or feel like they absolutely must have something, you’re totally okay and totally cute.

Like if Jonghyun or Jinki go solo we are going to have them sitting on a stool or standing there being fine as hell in a button up and jeans, just melting us with their voices. No funky pop tune. Just them, soft music and their voices.

And I will be a puddle of feels on the floor. I will melt. I will melt like ice cream in the july sun. I will be a puddle of liquid feels because thats what they cause me to do.

ugh just thinking about it makes me a little warm inside.

Should You Fight This Person, CHIKARA Edition, Part 1
  • UltraMantis Black: You could, and may very well win, but literally everyone in the entire world would hate you for it. I'm not kidding. He's that popular.
  • Icarus: At one time, you could fight Icarus and everyone would be behind you, one hundred percent, but now? Don't fight Icarus. Dude saved CHIKARA. If he ever takes his shirt off again, fight him, but not now.
  • Eddie Kingston: Oof, I hope you made reservations with the funeral home first, buddy.
  • Chuck Taylor: Mmmmm...yeah, fight him, he's being kind of a weiner lately. He's actually pretty tough when he wants to be though, and he's got a swamp monster in his squad, so watch out.
  • Hallowicked: Nobody would fault you if you did, but you'll probably feel a certain sadness inside, and you won't really know why.
  • Frightmare: Why don't you just go hit the nearest child, it'd have the exact same effect.
  • Fire Ant: Dude will have run around you like three times before you even throw the first punch, do not engage.
  • Silver Ant: I hope you're flexible, because he will stretch you. I mean, you could fight him, and maybe win, but the hassle seems greater than the reward.
  • Worker Ant: He's a dad, so chances are he'll go full papa bear on you. I'm gonna advise against it, and also his son is adorable, so why would you make him sad? You monster.
  • Jervis Cottonbelly: NO
  • Dasher Hatfield: Five years ago I'd have told you to go ahead, he's a nice guy, if a little oafish, but not too tough, but now? Time and experience have made him a force. You can try it, but don't be surprised if he hands your butt to you.
  • Mr. Touchdown: I'm gonna say fight him. He's good, but he needs backup, and if you catch him without Icarus or Dasher around, you could probably take him down, but run as soon as you see anything that looks like a baseball.
  • Ophidian: Probably unwise, but if you do manage to put him down, just know that his wife will be ready to scratch your eyes out.
  • Amasis: See above.
  • Kevin Condron: Kick him in the nuts, then spin him around to kick him in the ass, then spin him around to kick him in the nuts again. A lot of women are going to be upset at you, but you're doing god's work.
Thoughts on certain people of the signs from @heyhoroscopes (a taurean)
  • Aries: you told me you were my friend but you don't even act like it
  • Taurus: tell me something about yourself that you are passionate about, being so reserved to yourself isn't that fun
  • Gemini: please make up your mind, you made me feel on top of the world and then you let me fall to hell
  • Cancer: your words really do hurt, but I stay with you because I know there's a good person inside you
  • Leo: I like being with you but you certainly don't seem to like being with me
  • Virgo: can't you tell me the truth? do you not trust me? I trust you so much.
  • Libra: am I your best friend or your worst enemy?
  • Scorpio: open up to me, I will keep your secrets safe. I like you, you know. I would not want you to suffer.
  • Sagittarius: if you do like me, then stay with me.
  • Capricorn: I wish you would laugh like you did before
  • Aquarius: you've trampled over my feelings and then you've blamed me for leaving, can't you ever look at yourself in the mirror? I have scars I won't show you because I know you will deny they're from you.
  • Pisces: a cold glare or a nasty word from you feels like glass shattering on my skin.
  • DISCLAIMER: do not take offence, this is from my personal experience.

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helloo, can i ask a question about moisturizers? i have pretty dry skin, which i know means i should use a really rich moisturizer, but something about my skin chemistry means a lot of moisturizers just sit on my skin and make it feel sorta gross, so i often avoid moisturizing. i really like serums and gel formulas, but i feel that a lot of those don't moisturize enough? are there any products you can recommend? thank u ^_^ this blog has saved my face

You are indeed correct that many gel moisturizers do not do a good job moisturizing. This could be because they contain hyaluronic acid, which is water binding. This can be good if it is drawing water from the environment but on some occasions it just draws your moisturizer from deep inside your skin. Kind of like a beauty product water vampire. Here’s more on that.  

That being said, I totally love and have been happy with the effects of hyaluronic acid on my very dry skin and I have very dry sensitive skin in the winter. So sometimes I just stare at the science that goes against me and say NAHHHHHHHH. 

But if you want to avoid it and think your gel moisturizers aren’t doing the trick, I can recommend Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque. It’s more of your traditional cream, and it hyrates my skin so much that like, it tingles? But not unpleasantly, just like it’s forcing moisture in. That, combined with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream (a daily moisturizer) your skin should be good. I honestly skip daily moisturizer sometimes and just use an overnight masque and I’m okay. I recommend both these products to my friends with severe dry skin and eczema.