because i don't make much money as it is

Hello! My name is Valk, and I’m not a big fan of making these posts because I don’t like asking people for help and money, but I am a nonbinary person who is currently experiencing some very bad dysphoria, and I’d very much appreciate it if anyone would be able to donate to my paypal ( so that I am able to do things such as buying binders, affording doctor’s appointments and buying clothing I’m comfortable with wearing. I’m unable to afford these things on my own because I have no income due to being unable to obtain proper ID. Even a reblog and donating a dollar helps significantly - every little bit helps!

Honestly the reason rich guys aren’t sexy is because like if they buy you something who care? They’re rich it doesn’t matter to them like yeah gimme but like…. A guy w no money if he buys your dinner or a present doesn’t it feel like he cares about you? He’s making his own sacrifices he’s budgeting you into his life

idk if i can maintain being vegan right now. i find it all overwhelming and im not enjoying the food i eat. i’m not good at cooking at all and i’m such a picky eater. i still want to be vegan, but i have to learn how to cook vegan meals, build up my diet with foods i know how to make and enjoy eating (because too many times have i spent money on stuff to makes and either didn’t do it right or ended up tasting not to my liking and wasting food, money, energy, and time. i can’t do this to myself) 

i wish i could keep it up, ive been doing grand right now, just dropping all animal based foods, but i’m going hungry many nights because i don’t have food to eat or im too depressed to prepare anything. i wish a vegan lifestyle was easy for everyone, but it’s not. i feel so rotten, but i need to take care of myself. 

I dont understand the taboo surrounding discussing how much money u make????? is it supposed to make poor people feel better? because i am a poor person and if u or ur family has more money than me, i know. or is there another reason?????? why is everyone so weird about this