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My Fire Emblem Heroes Team! ★★★★★
I put Roy as my leader because I’m an asshole to people in Arena

Draco is definitely not gay, part six.  (Except that he really, really is.)
  • Draco, sneering: Heard about your breakup, Potter. I guess the she-Weasel wasn't quite *man* enough for you.
  • Harry: ...Not really, no.
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: ...So what are you doing tomorrow night?

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy


i’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherrybomb

can I get some good vibes, pls?

I sent in my application (about a week ago) to a job at one of the libraries in Tulsa. it’s full-time, includes benefits, and pays a salary that would let me afford a NICE apartment. not just like, nice-for-our-broken-millenial-dreams


this bitch has a pool, a yoga studio, a fitness room with exercise equipment, a tv lounge / mini library / open kitchen space

every apartment has a 17 x 9 balcony I could put planters in for flowers

all stainless steel appliances AND pets are allowed

I would only be 1 mile (~5 min by car) away from the library, right next to the riverside with jogging paths, and tulsa is a very liberal city in a very red state!

so yeah, this could be life-changing and a huge improvement for me and I’d really appreciate prayer, well-wishes, just any sort of positive thought you could send out for me


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???


“I left a trail of breadcrumbs. A way for you to find me. And I waited…and I waited. Dawes? You didn’t even answer. Why didn’t you come?

Noise (Part 1)

Summary: (Chris Evans x Reader for now) you’re moving into an apartment on your own, ready to start fresh in someplace new. However, your new neighbor upstairs seemingly isn’t the quietest person in the world.
Warnings: none
Word count: 1444
A/N: As I was spending Christmas Day moving into an apartment and I heard my neighbor upstairs make some ruckus, a fic idea came to mind. Original, I know. 

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~~ You see, I found Persona 5 by one of my favouriteyoutubers playing the game. And since then, I have been watching one of his walk throughs. And now! After how many months of wanting the game myself, I’ve got the game! And it was bought by one of my friends, which I’m not gonna lie, I actually cried over, and wasn’t expecting it at all.

So yes! I’m gonna be playing the game myself, finally! Aaaah I’m so excited!

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Ok so I’ve been avoiding talking about it because it’s still gonna be a long wait, but I’m working on a new film. I might’ve mentioned a new film before but this is a better different new film and it’s gonna be really good and better than whatever the last dumb film you saw was. Especially if it was one of mine. It has these cuties in it. Hello cuties!


Guess who I finally collected yesterday


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sotinycynthia-17  asked:

Hello! So here's something that popped into my head. What if instead of chaining him to the mast, Lizzie pushed jack into the longboat? How do you think he would've reacted to her taking his place in the locker?

Hiya hon,

Sorry, I wasn’t ignoring your other ask that was similar to this, I’ve just been puzzling it out. As much as I love the idea of the grand gesture, it wouldn’t have worked. The Kraken was after Jack. It would not stop until it devoured him. So putting him in the lifeboat would have just endangered the remaining crew, and Lizzy knew that. I don’t think she would have gone to the locker, she would have just died.

Furthermore, part of the reason why the scene in which Lizzy chains Jack to the mast is so powerful is because Elizabeth, even though she is fascinated by him, lusts for him, and some of us argue loves him, is NOT willing to make herself a sacrifice for Jack. She makes him pay the debt he owes in a way that no one else in these movies ever manages to. She saves herself and the rest of the crew. She does what she has to do.

In this time period women were expected to endure the fates men placed upon them, to be pious and endure in a saintly fashion all the indignities that came with being a woman in 18th century western culture. But Elizabeth put her foot down and said no, I will not be a martyr. She did the hard thing, DESPITE her feelings for Jack, and his for her—and he was proud of her for it.


There was such a backlash about Elizabeth’s “betrayal” of Jack back in the day, and I sense that in the fandom even now. But as much as I love Jack, and well, that’s A LOT—I’ve never seen it that way. Though this is a wildly fantastical story about pirates in the 1700s, the essence of this tale rings true in so many ways to so many of us in this modern day. So this is what I say to all you young girls out there.

1) Don’t ever let them leave you on that fucking island.

2) Don’t let them dupe you into paying a debt that’s not yours.

3) And always know it is your RIGHT to do what you have to do to see to your own well being. The sea is full of monsters, but you are not Kraken food.