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Not to start this conversation again, but like is it okay that I'm just not sold on Liam's situation. I feel like a bad fan because so many people seem to think differently then me. Just looking for advice. Thanks!

Hi! never feel bad just because your opinion is different from other people’s opinions! Better to think for yourself and be confident about the basis of the conclusions you reach than blindly follow the group like a sheep! :)

My personal opinion about Liam at the moment is ???, for instance. 


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

alright listen up. we don’t even know who half of harry’s friends are. there’s a reason for that. harry (and the rest of the boys) have a whole life outside of 1D and their public personas or whatever. i’m sure all those people who know about harry’s plans have texted him, emailed him, sent him handwritten letters of support or whatever, because that’s what you do when you’re proud of someone and reach out to them. point is we don’t know about it because they don’t talk about it every chance they get. they don’t run to the press or tweet about it. so far everyone that has spoken about harry’s album is someone who is known for their association with harry; nick grimshaw, ed sheeran, sony, various publications with connections to their teams. but there are a whole lot of people who know who haven’t said anything. don’t you wonder why?

this isn’t so much about how i feel about nick grimshaw (though i really don’t like them) as it is about all these people unnecessarily talking about harry’s album when there’s an obvious public relationship between harry and them. that’s what rubs me the wrong way. i don’t care if you like nick grimshaw or are his no1 fan or think XYZ about harry’s album. i care about all these people sounding like attention seekers or like they have some ulterior motive. i could be wrong but from where i’m sitting that’s what it looks like, and i don’t like that.

Why have I been missing?

Hi, I think I owe everyone following me (thank you all for following me btw omg!! 💞) an explanation on why I’ve been missing. Lately I’ve been very depressed and I haven’t been able to age regress a lot (thank you to the anon btw that send so much positivity I literally look at it all the time) — also I know I have to be careful here because my mother doesn’t exactly have a good opinion about age regression which makes me feel bad. (although it’s the most pure thing anyone can do!) a lot has been going on not to mention I’m almost 18 so stress is upon me. I also will mention as no one knows that my brother has autism 💙so he intimately age regresses too but part of me feels like maybe I shouldn’t be because I’m older and simply do it as a stress reliever etc. everyone says I should grow up… but yeah. Those are my reasons. I hope to come back more often soon things just have been a bit hard. In the meantime though I hope I’m making you all feel loved @caringtime and that you guys like the blog! I figured since I’m having a hard time feeling small that I could at least make others feel so and just be a carer for you all (: take care everyone

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I'd be glad to know the good "big Larries" your anon follows because I actually agree with your first anon Some/most of them are so fucking ugly and nasty towards harry which is so sad and unreasonable? And there's been so many of them recently? Idk I'd love to be recommended with the good part of this "big Larries" community lol

me, trying to be tactful: uhhh I mean… I personally avoid certain blogs like the plague for those reasons and various others and a fair number of them would I’m sure be considered to have a large following but! it’s always up to interpretation who would fit that criteria I guess gkfjfj 🙂🏃🏻

Telling someone who’s trying to figure out their mental issues that they’re just hypochondriacs and “looking for problems to have” is honesty so disgusting because trust me, I tell myself that every single day and I have to remind myself over and over that the things I experience are real, and when you say it’s all made up, you just set me back twenty steps so I have to start over again, so fuck off

I really want a pandora hearts and fairy tail crossover
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