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i wish it were easy to describe what depression feels like. i wish i could explain why i do things like lay in the dark under a blanket it. it’s too hot under the blanket but too cold outside of it. i don’t do anything about it. netflix is prompting me to press the “i’m still here” button but i haven’t worked up the energy to do it. it’s kind of ironic because sometimes with depression it feels like you’re not here or there or anywhere at all. sometimes you lay under a blanket where it’s too hot with tears running down your face. you’re not crying though, you don’t know why you’ve got tears. you’re tired, you’re bored. you’ve got your phone in your hand but refreshing the same apps over and over isn’t enough to distract you. you want to do something to get out of your head but nothing will help. you’ll still be bored. you’ll still be depressed. you just want to close your eyes and go to sleep forever. i wish it were easy to explain why i feel like this but it’s not. any explanation of what i do or how i feel is never as easy as it seems. i’m not laying in the dark doing nothing and listening to my ears ring because i want to. i want to do other things. i want to get up. fuck, i just want to have the willpower enough to watch the next episode but i don’t. i just… don’t.


I’m not sure these gifs even get across what I want to say, but while watching Rogue One I had such a fangirl moment looking at Vader’s fighting style.

Not that I know anything of Lightsaber forms, mind you. Because that’s probably not what I mean. I mean the cute little thing he does by raising his left arm to his chest when fighting one-handed. He only does it very slightly in the second gif, so, maybe a picture comparison can get across what I noticed better:


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I know you're currently not doing prompts, but I'm having the worst day ever School sucks and I feel like everyone hates me So could you maybe when you have the time write something really fluffy? Like SUPER fluffy? Bc I just need some sanvers in my life right now. Have a great day, and of course you don't have to write anything (I'm surprised I was brave enough to even ask tbh)

I’m so proud of you for asking, darling. You’re amazing <3 <3 <3


She watches the Danvers girl from a distance, because she’s beautiful and she’s the radiantly intelligent and she’s a massive nerd and she’s just got this incredibly sexy haircut and she’s fiercely protective of that blonde freshman girl and she’s everything Maggie wants and she’s nothing Maggie deserves.

So she just watches. “Not in the creepy way,” she defends herself to her roommate, who’s sharp as a whip and doesn’t miss a thing. “No, come on, Lena. We have classes together, that’s all. And she lives just down the hall, so of course I’m gonna see her all the time – “

“Yes. Exactly, Maggie. She lives right down the hall. So why don’t you go talk to her?”

Maggie clams up and Maggie takes a deep breath, and Lena knows, and nods, and slides her the half-eaten box of donuts.

But it turns out that she doesn’t have to bury herself in late night donuts and laughs with her roommate, and it turns out she doesn’t have to work up the courage to go up to her, doesn’t have to practice what she’ll say over and over and over again.

Because the next morning, Alex Danvers comes up to her on the quad.

“Hi. Um… It’s Sawyer, right? I’m Alex. Danvers. Alex Danvers.”

Her voice is higher than it is in class, and it makes Maggie fall even harder, because lowering the octave of your voice to make sure you’re heard is a strategy she knows far too well herself.

She stares and she splutters because she realizes, all too late, that Alex is holding her hand out to shake hers, and Maggie clears her throat, and gulps, and tries to remember that she learned the alphabet many years ago and really should have a better grasp on it by now.

“Yeah. Maggie. Uh – hi.”

Nice, Sawyer, she scolds, but Alex doesn’t seem to notice. In fact, Alex seems to…like it.

“So um. Maggie. I noticed… I noticed you’re always the only one other than me to actually get the right answers in chem lab.”

Maggie looks down and grins, because Alex Danvers noticed me, Alex Danvers noticed me, Alex Danvers noticed me.

“So I thought, you know, we could study together. If you want. Keep each other company. During… studying. And there’s this great pinball bar I know, in town. We could… study. Together. And maybe play some pinball.”

Alex’s spluttering – Alex-best-at-everything-at-all-times-Danvers’s spluttering – somehow makes Maggie like her even more.

“You asking me out, Danvers?”

Alex blushes and shifts her feet and wrings her hands and pffts a little.

“Do you want me to be, Sawyer?”

“Heads up!!!” The shout from the quad makes both girls jump, and they both reach up to catch the football spiraling chaotically their way. Alex’s hands close around it first, and Maggie thinks to be embarrassed because of her height, but Alex is beaming and Alex caught the damn thing and fuck is Maggie more than a little turned on.

“Watch where you’re throwing, Schott!” Alex laughs as she chucks the ball back.

“Oh, Winn didn’t throw that! Winn couldn’t’ve thrown that, are you kidding?” a boy that Maggie thinks is called Jimmy calls, and Winn laughs but doesn’t deny it.

“Friends of yours?” Maggie asks as Alex extends her arm to her, and Maggie nearly swoons, and loops her arm through Alex’s to steady herself.

“Of my sister’s,” Alex explains as she waves laughingly as James and Winn both whoop on seeing Maggie and Alex’s arms linked.

“On your way to bio lecture?” Maggie asks, and Alex grins down at her.

“You too, right?” Maggie nods because she’s forgotten about words again.

Alex opens doors for her and Alex sits next to her and Alex scribbles little notes to her in the margins of her otherwise extremely detailed, extremely meticulous notebook.

It’s been two hours since Alex first revealed that she even knew who Maggie was, and already Maggie feels more cared for, more respected, more fun, than she had in any of her relationships – if you could call them that – in high school.And bio lecture had never quite been this incredible.

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Why is that everyone on the YOI fandom throws a fit when somebody suggests Yuri on Ice is a yaoi? Because honestly speaking I don't see why it should not be considered as such...

First of all I want to clarify that I don’t feel myself into that group of people that throws a fit (even when I DO agree that it’s not yaoi), but I will reply to you anyways.

Secondly, I’m by no means an expertise on the field but I’ve watched enough series that fall under the category of yaoi to know that YOI is not one. The only thing that links both “genres” if you want is that the protagonist/s have a love interest on somebody of the same gender and that’s all of it.
Yuri on Ice is a sports anime since the plot revolves around the sport practiced by the protagonist/s and advances with it while everything else (in this case Yuuri and Victor having a relationship) adds to that from a secondary place. Actual yaoi series like Junjou Romantica and Sekaichi Hatsukoi to name some have the same gender relationships of the protagonists as the central topic AND are the reason the plot advances (or not).

Also being honest, something I’ve realized all of these series have in common is that sexual advances are used 90% of the time in order to resolve issues, ranging it from an uncalled-for kiss to a raw sex session because suddenly one or both of them had an uncontrollable sexual urgency idk??? That one point specifically is something Yuri on Ice took and treated in 2 whole episodes (episode 4 and episode 7) and smashed it on the floor in favor of a healthy, organic development in the relationship of two adults that love each other while accepting their flaws and respecting their boundaries.

Unlike a yaoi series, YOI is not meant to appeal the viewers obscure kinks or fantasies (like your average soap opera if you want), but to portray something organic and that people would see as achievable or #goals (at the risk that people might not find it intense enough welp they were so wrong ♥)

Originally posted by yandereatheart

Finally, here’s some things that would be different if Yuri on Ice was a yaoi series:

  • The fact Yuuri idolizes Victor would DEFINITELY benefit the later in his advances (aka Yuuri would let him do as he pleases just because he admires him, and by ‘as he pleases’ I’m totally talking about sexual stuff).
  • Yuuri’s anxiety would be played as something cute and a thing Victor would innocently take advantage of.
  • Victor would definitely be a seme, lone-wolf type character and have possessiveness issues and rage fits because of it (instead of the immature, 100% marshmallow-hearted dork we have in canon).
  • Something sexual and DOUBTFULLY consented would have happened in the onsen before the Cup of China hands down.
  • Episode 4 would have never happened (at least not in the way it did).
  • Victor would have kissed Yuuri there in the parking lot during the Cup of China without even asking, and would have done the same every time Yuuri felt uneasy instead of listening to him.
  • Yuuri would spend half of each episode aroused because of Victor.
  • We would have a hard time remembering either of them skate because each episode is full of the drama going on between them and their unresolved sexual urgencies.
  • Yuuri would either have an arranged marriage with Yuuko or be enemies out of resentment with the whole Nishigori family.
  • Yurio would have serious problems with being called ‘androgynous’ instead of using it as a personal strength like in canon.
  • The female cast of the series would be reduced to the half and the characterization of each woman would be super shallow in contrast to the wonderful ladies we have (for one thing, according to the yaoi formula Mila would probably be Victor’s ex and be a bitch towards Yuuri; Minako would be squeeing around about Victuuri all the time; Mari would ‘sell’ private data about Yuuri to Victor uncaring of exposing him).
  • The Banquet night would have ended up in sex between Victor and a beyond drunk Yuuri (and on-camera).
  • The main pairing would probably change to either of the following things:
        -Yuuri x Yurio.

        -Yurio x Victor.

    ( ^ with Yurio having an insane -and obviously sexual- obsession on the adult person of each pair and the later letting him advance).

       -Deaged!Yuuri x Victor (Yuuri would be like 18 or even less).

       -A romantic triangle between the 3 of them.
  • There wouldn’t be rings, at all, because if it’s not illicit it would lose its charm.
  • Phichit would probably be a trigger to Victor’s possessiveness and bitter personality, as in at some point Yuuri would have to resign hanging out with Phichit once or twice because Victor was too jealous.
  • Chris would definitely try something sexual on Yuuri.
  • The rest of the skaters would be background characters we could barely remember unless they do something to spice things up between Yuuri and Victor and their unresolved sexual tension.

let the flames of your passion grow.

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yo!! so i've been dealing with a lot of anxiety during the past few weeks and it's been hard to calm down, can you maybe give me some advice on how to calm down? i've already asked different people and they've given help and told me about different methods of calming down! i just think you're a good person to talk to about this!! it's alright if you don't want to! but if there's anybody that could help me with this kind of stuff that would be amazing!!! thanks! -🍂 (sorry this is long!)

hello! :o

hm personally I just try anything that keeps me occupied enough so I don’t have to think of other stuff as much, like reading or binge watching series, movies and whatever I can think of (mostly watching tho because it can be hard to stay focused on reading in those cases), i think that would be the main thing for me, then other relaxing things can be spending some time with a pet if you have one, or even if you have a stuffed animal big enough to hold or something, hot chocolate/tea, or talking about it with your friends sometimes can help rationalize some thoughts ;v;

hope you find a way to feel better!

wishlist for sense8 S3 kalagang edition:

  • WOLFGANG AND KALA MEET IRL AND THE SHOW WON’T SKIP!!! THAT!!!! BUT WILL ACTUALLY SHOW IT (i s2g if y’all deprive us of this i will SUE)
  • wolfgang and kala will go to paris and be happy and carefree
  • kala will also get a storyline that is about her and won’t have anything to do with the men in her life
  • kala will stop blaming herself because she couldn’t be happy with the man she didn’t love (honestly wtf writers????)
  • NO GOD DAMN ANGSTY CLIFFHANGER WITH THESE TWO (you’ve done this to us TWO times!! ENOUGH!!!!)
Sense8 - season two // why I could only barely make it through episode 2.01

I have a feeling a lot of people who are not native English speakers, myself included, didn’t watch season two of sense8 because they made the single most crucial mistake they could have and that was making the non-English speaking characters speak English. 

When I first became interested in sense8, when season one came out, I was so happy to find a show where the non-native English speakers spoke their native languages. The show was advertised as “we filmed this show all over the world, in the native countries of these actors” and a huge part of the diversity was that they spoke their own languages and I felt so proud of Netflix for having created a show like that. The characters were super diverse in so many ways I felt like it was the best show in the world because that’s what draws me in. Diversity.

I’m a lesbian. I know what it feels like to get thrilled at a new show with lesbian representation. I loved sense8.

The mistake that turned my stomach was when I heard old Korean women, people in Kenya, Germany, Mexico and India speak English among themselves as if the US had colonized the entire planet. 

People who come from non-English speaking countries speak their own languages. Can you believe it? Korean people, especially Korean grandmas in prison, speak Korean, German people speak German, Kenyan people speak Swahili (yes and their other official language is English “thanks” to you guessed it Great Britain but their native language is Swahili), Mexican people speak Spanish (believe it) and Indian people speak Hindi and English (again “thanks” to Great Britain) plus a bunch of other languages (as in hundreds). 

The show is directed at Americans. I get it. But this is what you’ll get. Other countries have Netflix, people watch these shows outside of America (*gasp*) and people will fucking drop these kind of shows like a hot fucking potato if there is this kind of “representation”. Get with the program and learn to read subtitles like the rest of us. Maybe your country wouldn’t be so fucking racist if you did. 

So I just called Netflix, and put in a complaint expressing my dissatisfaction with the cancelling of Sense8, and she said that it could be possible that if enough people call in things could change.  

She said that the powers that be do read the complaints, and that the people in the call center weren’t told why it changed.  

The articles I’ve read only seem to say that the CEO wants a higher cancel rate.  I don’t really understand why you would basically want to create shows that fail, but then again I’m not a raging capitalist and head of a giant media corporation.  

I encourage everyone to call (866) 579-7172 and say “I’d like to express my dissatisfaction with the cancelling of the show Sense8″  

You guys cheered for a very long time, and that’s a nice thing to do for somebody. I love getting to see you and come here and be with you, which unfortunately doesn’t happen as often as I’d like it to, you know, I don’t get to come to Atlanta as often as I should get to come to Atlanta, but when I’m not here, one of the coolest things about existing when we exist in 2015, is that I can check up on you. I can go on Instagram or Tumblr or Twitter and check out what you’re doing. And keep in touch, even though we don’t live in the same place, and I love that because I love checking out your outfit before the show and pictures you took when we met before the show or after the show, and by getting to check up on you, it doesn’t feel that we’re so far apart as we are geographically because we get to keep in touch. And that’s my favorite part of existing in 2015.

I’ll tell you my least favorite part of this technology era that we live in. When I go on your picture and I’m checking out just something you posted and I go to the comments and read and I’ll see that maybe somebody has left you a really cruel, thoughtless comment, criticizing you, telling you in some way that you're not good enough, and I think that’s my least favorite part of the whole thing is that somebody can ruin your day, and they don't have to watch the expression on your face after they ruin your day, after leaving a comment like that. I wish that never happened to any of the 56,000 people in this room because you have been so kind to us. You know what I’m seeing as I’m looking out into the crowd? I am seeing people who are probably seated around strangers they’ve never met before, but I’m seeing people dance as if they are completely alone. Just absolute reckless abandon. I’m hearing you sing at the top of your lungs. And these days we know a lot of people, we all do, have a lot of people telling us what’s cool, what’s beautiful, what we should be, how we should act, and a lot of the time the message we are fed is that what is cool is to be bored and unaffected and unexcitable and chill and kind of unmoved by life, even if your life is really a happy moment that you're excited about. And I just wanted to tell you that I’m so happy that I’m not seeing that attitude here tonight because  you know what’s better than being cool? The thing that I think is better than being cool, and chill, and bored and unaffected, I think the thing that’s better than all of that is being happy, and that’s what I’m seeing a lot of here tonight.

You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you, and the truth doesn’t come from a random comment on your Instagram picture telling you that you don’t look good. That is NOT what the truth is, it’s not real. And I struggled with this a long time because how can we not be curious about what other people think about us? And it was a few years ago that I decided that I wasn’t going to prioritize that anymore and I think the moment when you can take your idea of yourself and remove what other people have told you isn’t good about you and look in the mirror and not see any of that, I think in that moment, you’re finally Clean.

—  Taylor Swift, Clean Speech in Atlanta, GA on 10/24/2015

Just watched Tucker Carlson complain for like 20 minutes about CNN not having enough coverage of the Manchester attack (they did cover it, of course, just not as much as he thinks they should have), saying it’s because they refuse to cover terrorist activities perpetrated by Muslims. Which is pretty surreal, considering that CNN is one of only two reputable American news sources that I’ve seen covering the events in Marawi (only on their website, though), while FOX and the other cable news channels do not appear to have said anything about it (that I or anyone else in the house has seen, anyway, though the TV’s been on for something like 6 hours)

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⭐️ because you're my beautiful and wonderful hockey mama who gave me her shiny hat and fed me and let me hang a ton and taught me to love first the leafs rookies and then cabbie and next thing I know I'm saying "all it takes is one hungry alligator" and watch hip check videos to feel better

i would apologize for sucking you into my world but i’m really not sorry at all bc you’re one of the most important people in my life and i’m thankful every single day that i know you

tbt to when we sat next to each other at a game and you complained about line boy to me. i remember after that game i told catherine that i was adopting you and i’m so, so glad i did. Love you, kid 💖

Congrats on this crazy huge milestone, Jack!

I want to say something, because I haven’t ever properly done it before… so uh. Jack, if you see this. I want you to know that you honestly saved my life. Probably several times. I can’t remember when I started watching your videos, and I don’t know if that’s just because I feel like I always have been or if my sense of time is really that bad. But in any case… I can say with confidence that you have been a beacon of light at my darkest moments. I don’t watch your videos as much as I’d like to, because I’m sorta convinced that I’ll ruin it for myself somehow, but every time that I do watch I can’t help but feel happy at least for a little while. Thank you doesn’t seem good enough, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And thank you to everyone in the community that has ever given me support as well. I appreciate it more than you could ever know.

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shy adam and aggresice nigel that is all

‘Well, hello gorgeous.' 
'I’m talkin to you. You see anybody else down here?' 
'My name’s Nigel. What’s yours?’  
'A….I haven’t seen you down here before.' 
'Girlfriend used to do the laundry.’   
'But I don’t want to talk about that bitch with you, darling.’  
'I think you deserve a little better conversation than that.' 
'Theres an eclipse tonight.' 
'Oh yeah!?' 
'A penumbral eclipse.’    
'You into that kinda shit?' 
'You’re a shy one aren’t you, darling?’  
'I have Aspergers.' 
'No shit.’  
'Never heard of it. What’s that mean?' 
'I’m on the autism spectrum. Aspies classically have high IQ’s but lack in social understanding in various ways. I don’t usually pick up on non-verbal queues. Unless someone directly tells me how they are feeling or what they are thinking I don’t know. A lot of NT’s think that it’s because I don’t care about how they feel, but that’s just because they don’t understand what Aspergers means and take things personally that actually have nothing to do with them. It’s just the way that my brain is. I can’t help–’   
'Are you going to go see the eclipse tonight?’    
'The pen umbrella eclipse?' 
'Yeah, like you said. Are you gonna go watch it?’  
'Penumbral eclipses are often almost unnoticeable to the naked-' 
'I want to fuck you.' 
'Not direct enough?' 
'Do you want to fuck me?’   
'I haven’t decided yet. You are attractive but you look unwashed and I don’t like your tattoo. You also smell like cigarettes, which I don’t like either. Also I think you might be rude, but I’m not sure.’   
'That’s part of my charm, darling.' 
'Also I have a lot of things I have to do and I do them in a certain order and-' 
'I live at 35A. Can I have your number? We’ll talk about it.’  
'Talk about what?' 
'The penumbral eclipse. Me fucking you. Anything you want. I’m an accommodating guy. Here’s my mobile. Put your number in.' 
'Thank you, darling.’
'It’s under Adam Raki because that’s me.’  

  • What they say: I'm fine
  • What they mean: Mitch's Birthday was yesterday and so my dash is 100% Happy Birthday Mitch posts and I am too happy about that. But seriously though when is s**n. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEW MUSIC! Like, what's the album gonna be called? What is they start playing the songs on the radio? Our fandom is going to spontaneously combust if that happens and i am not a paramedic so i can't help them aah! Also Jake and Jess have a youtube channel and Alex has a vine account and Kirstie has a youtube channel but none of these things actually have any content on them. UGGH! I'm always so terrified that an episode of Superfruit will be missed again and honestly that is one of the few things that makes my week happy and I don't know if I can deal. I mean, last time that happened I watched older episodes of Superfruit for 6 hours straight. Do you think this fandom needs more Scomiche fanfics? I'm not talking about the one-shot books because LORD KNOWS we have enough of those. No I'm talking about the long stories, not necessarily AU's, but something that is updated often and is ongoing with an ever evolving story. (i know we have the alpha and the Omega but... I NEED MORE). I don't think you understand. I once got home from school, started reading fanfics at about 4pm and kept reading them until 4:30 am only breaks were dinner and a shower. It. is. an. obsession.
I don't think Odo is hollow.

Here’s my speculation. Don’t take it as canon. Let’s have some fun.

People who watch DS9 wrote speculations of Odo being hollow inside, but that just doesn’t make sense to me. If he was hollow inside, he’d dent in and regain his shape like memory foam if you squeezed his arm hard enough or punched him in the stomach. I didn’t see his skin or hair get shoved inward when he got smacked in the head by rocks in Vortex. I do recall the statement “you’re heavier than you look!" This is because things that are full of fluid tend to be heavy. :)

I think Odo is "solid” on the surface as much as necessary to mimic skin, eyes, fingernails, clothes, etc. But I think on the inside he’s more like gelatin.

What I imagine Odo’s interior is like…

He’s got a very basic esophagus(according to the Star Trek Encyclopedia) which is why he can’t eat or drink. Maybe food falls right through him. Maybe the fluids he tries to drink just circulate right back out as foreign material. Maybe Odo can’t swallow at all, period, so he ends up spitting stuff back out. Swallowing takes muscles and reflexes, both of which he lacks. He is only humanoid on the surface. Inside, he has no heart, lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys, intestines, bones, etc. (Yes folks, that means he doesn’t pee or poop!)

Now, we get to the episode Facets. I believe Curzon!Odo bypassed Odo’s lack of internal organs because having Curzon in his head let Odo form organs he didn’t normally have(this happened when his physical appearance changed), and Curzon’s consciousness gave him a sense of taste and the ability to eat and drink. This all went away once Curzon left, but Odo remembered tasting everything Curzon ate and drank. (I’d hate to imagine the mess after Curzon left. All that undigested matter! Eww! Poor Odo.)

I think Odo does have a rudimentary airway leading to air sacs that let him take in air for speech. There is no gas exchange. They’re basically balloons, nothing more. Odo can’t die from a lack of oxygen because his species doesn’t need it to survive.

It’s been shown in closeups that Odo’s chest rises and falls like ours. (Mostly due to Rene needing to breathe, but let’s have fun with it!) Maybe Odo “breathes” to keep his internal temperature closer to what’s optimal for shape shifting in warmer environments. In cooler environments, he can circulate his inner substance at high speeds to keep himself warm since he can’t shiver like humanoids if he’s cold. (It IS stated in canon that there is an optimal temperature for shape shifting!) Since he doesn’t have a diaphragm, I imagine he has just one low-density hollow in his chest to house the air sacs. The density of his chest wall decreases to suck air in and increases to push it back out. He has complete control of this, there is no reflex. But while he consciously breathes, he doesn’t think about it much, just like we don’t think about our own breathing unless attention is called to it. (And while he can stop if he wants and not feel any urgent desire to breathe, our bodies will force us to take in air eventually!)

Another question people ask is if Odo has private parts. He shape shifted what he needs well enough if Arissa couldn’t tell it was his first time in A Simple Investigation. I imagine his brief time stuck as a humanoid let him “explore” a little… >_>;; 

Now for the jello part!

Every time a Changeling takes humanoid form, they build themselves into a gelatinous, vaguely humanoid shape before the skin and such appears. If this surface is disturbed enough, it reveals the gooey stuff underneath. These pictures are what tells me the skin is only a surface facsimile covering a jelly-like interior.

Here’s the female Founder taking humanoid form. Her shape is female by her choice and not because of specific gender identity. Maybe she thought a female body would be less threatening. (Oh but she’s one of the Big Bads in the series. Her delicate appearance hides a LOT of badness!)

Odo “gets naked” for Kira by literally letting his surface disappear to show his liquid interior before he turns into glowing fog.

More instances of gelatinous material being visible. The first image is a prime example showing us he’s a jello mold behind his imitated skin!

So, as you can see, I think Odo and the Founders are walking, talking, intelligent jello molds while in humanoid form. :)

A humanoid form is pretty complicated. We’ve got all those folds and dimples and hairs and pimples and…JUST SO MUCH STUFF!

Objects are probably easier to shape shift into more precisely, but I’ll be here all night trying to write that down.

tl;dr version: ODO IS JELLO.

Ok so you all knew it was coming.  Yes Campwolfe Fandom Nan™ just has to weigh in on the shenanigans and current angst-fest unfolding on Holby City for our Goddess Serena Campbell oh her anguish someone hold me intrepid couple Serena and Bernie.  Many things I will say have likely already been said. Some perhaps not.  As per usual, I shall pop it under a read more because I am wordy as shit to save y’all’s dash. 

Buckle up

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Kagepro Song M!As
  • Imagination Forest: Your Muse has been isolated in a house in the middle of the woods, with no memories of the world outside of it.
  • Yuukei Yesterday: Your Muse is now in love with another of your choice but cannot find the courage to tell them.
  • Headphone Actor: The world is ending and your Muse has a voice in their head telling them how to survive
  • Heat Haze Days: Your Muse is now stuck in a time-loop where they have to watch the closest person to them die repeatedly.
  • Toumei Answer: Your Muse feels like they have lost someone close to them.
  • Ayano’s Theory of Happiness: Your Muse is now an older sibling! But it seems their little brothers and sisters don’t quite trust them yet …
  • Summertime Record: Your Muse is slowly forgetting their friends and loved ones.
  • Lost Time Memory: Your Muse is suddenly having trouble accepting a tragedy in their past.
  • Yobanashi Decieve: Your Muse just can’t stop lying, even about their own emotions, and this mask won’t be easy to break.
  • Otsukimi Recital: Your Muse seems on the brink of crying, and not much is gonna cheer them up …
  • Kisaragi Attention: Your muse suddenly attracts a lot of unwanted attention! I wonder if it’s positive or negative attention.
  • Shonen Brave: Your Muse is hearing voices, and they don’t say very nice things.
  • Mary’s Fictional World: Your Muse now has the power to stay with the person they love forever, but only by repeating the same day forever. Do they choose to sacrifice life for love?
  • Blindfold Code: People suddenly do not notice your Muse unless they touch your muse. And not the other way around.
  • Ene’s Cyber Journey: Your Muse’s body and mind have been separated, and their mind is lost in the internet to find someone they know to help get them back to normal.
  • Konoha’s State of the World: Your Muse is watching someone suffer and can’t do anything about it, despite how much they want to …

(I left out a few because I couldn’t think of something for them.)


today’s gmm covers some pretty important stuff, and i cannot stress enough how much i think you need to watch it.

(79) Let's interact! (Even if you haven't rped with me before, I don't care)

Starters based on mood:


“If you’d have been there. If you’d have seen it. I betcha you would have done the same”
“I don’t need you constantly hovering me”
“Either you stay away from me, or I will put you under a restraint order”
“Watch your tone or I’ll rip out your vocal cords”
“You do that and the next thing you’ll know is ____”
“Ow! What did you do that for, shrimp?”
“Just because you’re taller doesn’t give you rights! I’m the older one here!”
“Let me handle this myself, you’ve done enough damage.”


“I will fight to the last of my energy”
“If you can’t do it, then I will”
“I got this, don’t look down on me”
“I can do way better than that”
“Race ya to the tree all the way over there!”
“Come on! Just laugh already!”
“Bet you I’m better at _____ than you." 
"I’m almost positive you’re wrong”


“I’m sorry for breaking all the promises”
“I still can’t believe that you’re gone”
“This is all your fault”
“I’m as good as the next person”
“Happiness is short lived”
“Stay… If you leave… I… I…”
“My life is like a play”
“I miss you so much… Where have you been?”
“What we had was just too good to last”
“The thought of never seeing you again scares me”
“Aren’t you proud of me? I thought I was up to your expectation…”


“Thanks for leaving me out there, I was able to fend for myself without a problem”
“Yes, you should definitely go through with your stupid plan”
“Look at what you did, good going”
“Yeah, like I would be nice to them”
“Oh right~ Great night~ Let’s go and soak in the rain so we can catch a cold”
“You have to give flowers in order to be friends”
“Wow, it only took you forever~!”
“You made up a plan that actually works”


“G-get out!”
“I did not want to see that”
“HOLY- Why did you do that?!”
“You got the wrong person" 
"There’s a/n (insert subject of fear)!”
“Was I really that helpless?”
“You were riding that… Before you killed it?”


“Work that body”
“I got a whole bunch of girls’/boys’ number, but yours is the one I want most”
“You look simply nice today, are you going to ask me out?" 
"Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good, ya know?”
“Cause you are so beautiful, why don’t you let me kiss you so I can confirm that you’re real”
“You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket”


“Today is a better day”
“Not everyone’s going to like me… But as long as you’re here, I don’t mind”
“Sleepy head, wake up! It’s time!”
“Thank you for being there”
“Keep that smile up! I like it”
“Look! I did it!”
“Throw that in and you get a recipe for happiness~”


“Happy birthday to you”
“You go girl/boy!”
“Let’s go party”
“Congratulations! (optional insert what ever you want after this)”


“Wait- You- I- That- What?!”
“So you didn’t break… it…?”
“I’m not a monster… Right? Please, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“Where is this place?”
“I thought you were (insert whatever ex. family member, friend, etc)”
“So where should I begin?”

No specific/varied (specify if you want to):

“This is my show”
“I am just a dream”
“Look at you, passing that with flying colors”
“I’m tired, let me rest”
“Let’s go for a drink”
“I remember”
“Let me hope you tight”
“I’m the baddest bitch”
“There’s a (shit) ton of problems around me, but you are not one”
“Shut up”
“Just take a break”
“Your soul is anything but pitiful.”
“Don’t press it!”
“Please don’t treat me like I’m royalty”
“Look away! You’re not suppose to see this yet.”
“Move! I’m trying to sell this first!”
“Don’t you think you’re being a bit… too much?”